Hello world!

[03/03/2015 05:27:03] Jared: Backlinks?
[03/03/2015 13:13:02 | Edited 13:13:06] Jared: Ryan Deiss ‏@ryandeiss 3 minutes ago
I’ve been saying it for years…there’s no such thing as a “duplicate content penalty” http://flip.it/mKLLH
[03/03/2015 13:18:41] Jared: “Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results.” — Google
[05/03/2015 13:03:52] New York Amir: big r
[05/03/2015 13:04:02] New York Amir: big R did he throw in the towel again?
[05/03/2015 13:12:11] Robin: yo
[05/03/2015 13:12:13] Robin: nah
[05/03/2015 13:12:17] Robin: still at it
[05/03/2015 13:12:30] New York Amir: really
[05/03/2015 13:12:32] New York Amir: where u at LOL
[05/03/2015 13:12:34] New York Amir: now
[05/03/2015 13:12:42] New York Amir: tell me
[05/03/2015 13:17:42] Robin: learning to build a website
[05/03/2015 13:18:10] New York Amir: how
[05/03/2015 13:18:15] New York Amir: code wp?
[05/03/2015 13:20:06] Robin: just messing around with different themes
[05/03/2015 13:20:06] Jared: Me and A have been busy.
[05/03/2015 13:20:09] Robin: learning to use different ones
[05/03/2015 13:20:22] Robin: also building my local seo site
[05/03/2015 13:34:08] New York Amir: PPC u wont
[05/03/2015 13:34:15] New York Amir: big themes
[05/03/2015 14:53:56] New York Amir: go to adwords
[05/03/2015 14:53:57] New York Amir: see what i did
[05/03/2015 14:54:20] New York Amir: thats for one adgroup
[05/03/2015 14:54:23] Jared: Wrong window.
[05/03/2015 14:54:25] Jared: Lol.
[05/03/2015 14:54:29] New York Amir: i still need to add 2 more
[05/03/2015 14:54:33] New York Amir: i thought i did
[05/03/2015 15:00:37] Jared: Big mastering PPC.
[05/03/2015 15:00:45] Jared: We have $1k a month to play with.
[05/03/2015 15:01:22] New York Amir: game over
[05/03/2015 15:01:28] New York Amir: it is
[05/03/2015 15:01:41] New York Amir: big Z how do u find ur kw
[05/03/2015 15:01:50] New York Amir: for big ads
[05/03/2015 15:35:44] silentassumptions: Yo.
[05/03/2015 15:36:07] silentassumptions: K/W Research for PPC – Always segment your groups.
[05/03/2015 15:36:15] silentassumptions: Having groups of similar keywords under one ad-group.
[05/03/2015 15:36:34] silentassumptions: Have different campaigns targeting different geo-graphical areas. Don’t just have “national” campaign.
[05/03/2015 15:36:40] silentassumptions: The beauty of PPC is you can be targeted, so leverage it.
[05/03/2015 15:37:19] silentassumptions: For example, you may identify that some random town in America has very little search volume for SEO related phrases, e.g. SEO Cumberland

which therefore reflects on the CPC, i.e. low.
[05/03/2015 15:37:46] silentassumptions: So having a load of campaigns setup with correct regional areas, that are well researched. You can go a step beyond this and also look at cities with highest GPAs and see how you can incorporate that into different segmented Ad-groups.
[05/03/2015 15:37:55] silentassumptions: Ensure you’re using dynamic keywords when setting up an ad-group.
[05/03/2015 15:38:00] silentassumptions: E.g. if you an ad-group with the following keywords
[05/03/2015 15:38:23] silentassumptions: SEO Cumberland
SEO in Cumberland
Cumberland SEO
Need SEO Cumberland
Optimise my site Cumberland
[05/03/2015 15:38:32] New York Amir: big z big z
[05/03/2015 15:38:41] New York Amir: are u using dynamic keyword inserter?
[05/03/2015 15:38:43] silentassumptions: When a user types in any of the above keywords, then the title that is displayed on the SERP correlates with the entry you put in.
[05/03/2015 15:38:54] silentassumptions: I don’t know what that is, but it’s a command you can use within Adwords.
[05/03/2015 15:38:59] New York Amir: ok
[05/03/2015 15:39:00] New York Amir: lol
[05/03/2015 15:39:06] silentassumptions: {KeyWord: SEO in Cumberland}
[05/03/2015 15:39:18] New York Amir: we learning it big z dont worry
[05/03/2015 15:39:22] New York Amir: got tons of input
[05/03/2015 15:39:29] New York Amir: did u double filter your kw?
[05/03/2015 15:39:31] New York Amir: in planner?
[05/03/2015 15:39:35] silentassumptions: What that does is, it makes all the keywords within the group dynamic, and IF for any reason the keyword is not applicable, e.g. too long, then it will render the default title “SEO in Cumberland”
[05/03/2015 15:39:47] silentassumptions: No.
[05/03/2015 15:39:52] New York Amir: ok
[05/03/2015 15:39:53] silentassumptions: I filter it with negative keywords, though.
[05/03/2015 15:39:58] New York Amir: ya thast a given
[05/03/2015 15:40:00] New York Amir: thats
[05/03/2015 15:40:01] *** ***
[05/03/2015 15:40:07] silentassumptions: Here’s the generic list we use at our agency.
[05/03/2015 15:40:31] silentassumptions: You only need negative keywords when you have broad or match type phrases.
[05/03/2015 15:40:48] silentassumptions: In an ideal PPC world, you’d have everything exact match, but to get to that stage, you need lots of broad and phrase match keywords.
[05/03/2015 15:41:00] silentassumptions: Anyway, brb 🙂
[05/03/2015 15:45:24] Jared: Yeah, we’ve got it pretty much covered.
[05/03/2015 15:46:10] Jared: Our Ad Groups are grouped by semantic relatedness so the ad copy is laser-targeted.
[05/03/2015 15:46:54] Jared: I did a thorough search for keywords, probably enough to justify making them all exact match only without losing many valuable impressions.
[05/03/2015 15:47:03] New York Amir: that way you can ad multiple campaigns
[05/03/2015 15:47:07] New York Amir: and adgroups
[05/03/2015 15:47:10] New York Amir: add*
[05/03/2015 15:47:35 | Edited 15:47:39] Jared: A, set your campaign to Search only. If you want to do Display, too, run it as a separate campaign.
[05/03/2015 15:48:12] New York Amir: 3 ad grups for this campaign double filtetered
[05/03/2015 15:48:13] Jared: We just have to finishing touches on everything now.
[05/03/2015 15:48:17] New York Amir: to fidn those exact matches
[05/03/2015 15:48:22] Jared: Yeah
[05/03/2015 15:48:23] New York Amir: big z u shoud
[05/03/2015 15:48:26] New York Amir: read some stuff
[05/03/2015 15:48:29] New York Amir: on unbounce.com
[05/03/2015 15:52:43 | Edited 15:58:18] Jared: We have a WordPress plugin that works like AdWords’ Dynamic Keyword Insertion.
[05/03/2015 15:53:34] Jared: You can use it in any text on your site. We’re using it in our landing page headline. This creates message match, which (allegedly) lowers bounce rate and increases conversions.
[05/03/2015 15:54:48 | Edited 15:59:03] Jared: Basically, people click your ad, land on your page, and see their search term right there in your headline. This lowers friction/heightens comfort by reassuring them they’ve landed on a page which addresses their needs/wants.
[05/03/2015 15:58:10] Jared: We’ve not gotten a chance to test if with AdWords yet, though. It works with Bing, though, since they usually don’t hide referring keywords, and it should work anywhere the referring search query is discernible, so I’m fairly confident it’ll work fine.
[05/03/2015 15:59:11 | Edited 15:59:23] Jared: I think we can conquer PPC.
[05/03/2015 16:01:34] New York Amir: ya we should be able to destroy PPC
[05/03/2015 16:01:39] New York Amir: he gets sales we get some loot
[05/03/2015 16:01:41] New York Amir: big money
[05/03/2015 16:02:03] Jared: 50/25/25
[05/03/2015 16:02:23] New York Amir: that’s fair
[05/03/2015 16:02:35] New York Amir: he pays for funding
[05/03/2015 16:03:27 | Edited 16:03:47] Jared: Ideally, we gain valuable experience and money from this, and then reinvest a big portion of it into other projects.
[05/03/2015 16:04:25] Jared: Eventually doing PPC affiliate marketing. Fuck slow, tedious, unstable SEO.
[05/03/2015 16:04:50] New York Amir: big seo
[05/03/2015 16:04:55] New York Amir: i still wan tto do seo on the side
[05/03/2015 16:04:57] Jared: Why earn over months what I can buy in a day?
[05/03/2015 16:04:59] New York Amir: learn how to build a blog
[05/03/2015 16:05:06] New York Amir: good to always know
[05/03/2015 16:05:15] New York Amir: ppc i can take funds and do some seo
[05/03/2015 16:05:17] New York Amir: quikcly fast
[05/03/2015 16:05:18] Jared: Yeah, I’m not quitting SEO, but I do think there’s more potential in PPC affiliate marketing, like Charles Ngo.
[05/03/2015 16:05:34] New York Amir: i want to laern blogger outreach etc..
[05/03/2015 16:05:47] New York Amir: and get authority links going to use jon morrows blogge outreahc method
[05/03/2015 16:05:47] Jared: It’s just a matter of picking the right products, finding your target demo, and creating persuasive ads.
[05/03/2015 16:05:48] New York Amir: its the best
[05/03/2015 16:05:49] New York Amir: i’ve read
[05/03/2015 16:05:50] New York Amir: so far
[05/03/2015 16:05:52] New York Amir: out of any
[05/03/2015 16:05:53] New York Amir: one
[05/03/2015 16:06:05] Jared: As long as you’re taking in more than you’re spending, you’re profiting.
[05/03/2015 16:06:05] New York Amir: im still collecting domains
[05/03/2015 16:06:08] New York Amir: for blogger outrach
[05/03/2015 16:06:14] New York Amir: big put a hault on it
[05/03/2015 16:06:21] New York Amir: big ppc big ppc
[05/03/2015 16:06:35] Jared: We really need to consider email marketing, too.
[05/03/2015 16:06:40] New York Amir: ya i know
[05/03/2015 16:06:45] New York Amir: u need help
[05/03/2015 16:06:46] New York Amir: with that
[05/03/2015 16:07:04] New York Amir: we’re going to collect emails
[05/03/2015 16:07:08] New York Amir: on his landing page
[05/03/2015 16:07:17] New York Amir: need that opt in bait
[05/03/2015 16:07:30] New York Amir: big samples of his product in a week or 2
[05/03/2015 16:07:41] New York Amir: for email opt ins we already talked about that
[05/03/2015 16:08:09 | Edited 16:08:48] Jared: 1. People are more likely to give up their email than make a purchase. Thus, more of our traffic (paid or otherwise) will turn into something tangible and valuable, rather than bounces.

2. With email marketing, you’ll have multiple opportunities to sell. As long as they stay on your list, you can repeatedly market to them, for nothing but the cost of bulk emails (dirt cheap).
[05/03/2015 16:08:14] New York Amir: we should send them study tactics and case studies
[05/03/2015 16:08:18] New York Amir: then slip an an affilate
[05/03/2015 16:08:24] New York Amir: useful content
[05/03/2015 16:08:35] New York Amir: have someoone blog it
[05/03/2015 16:08:36] New York Amir: and send it
[05/03/2015 16:08:51] New York Amir: he said he wants a blog as well
[05/03/2015 16:08:55] New York Amir: eventually
[05/03/2015 16:09:09] New York Amir: that helps too actually and raise him in organic seo
[05/03/2015 16:09:25] New York Amir: good adwords as well helps you rank in organic serp
[05/03/2015 16:09:39] New York Amir: big moz
[05/03/2015 16:09:48] Jared: Yeah, of course.
[05/03/2015 16:09:54] New York Amir: big useful content
[05/03/2015 16:10:02] New York Amir: buid trust engage with his customers
[05/03/2015 16:10:13] New York Amir: his returnig customres is giong to be our number 1 drivers
[05/03/2015 16:10:19] New York Amir: big email marketing
[05/03/2015 16:10:27] Jared: Any time you bring awareness to your site, in any way, you’re increasing the probability of an SEO payoff; mention, share, backlink, etc.
[05/03/2015 16:10:29] New York Amir: are we so fucking good
[05/03/2015 16:10:31] New York Amir: we are
[05/03/2015 16:10:35] New York Amir: god its insane the shit
[05/03/2015 16:10:35] New York Amir: we know
[05/03/2015 16:10:43] New York Amir: i dont know how much stuff i have stored in my head
[05/03/2015 16:10:51] New York Amir: not sure how im holdign it all
[05/03/2015 16:11:03] Jared: uzr
[05/03/2015 16:11:05] New York Amir: lol
[05/03/2015 16:11:09] New York Amir: think of the stuf fwe know?
[05/03/2015 16:11:10] New York Amir: serious
[05/03/2015 16:11:12] New York Amir: we know probalby
[05/03/2015 16:11:16] New York Amir: more thank 98 percent
[05/03/2015 16:11:17] Jared: I’m seriously considering SAPEing WHN.
[05/03/2015 16:11:18] New York Amir: than*
[05/03/2015 16:11:21] New York Amir: gsa
[05/03/2015 16:11:22] New York Amir: gsa
[05/03/2015 16:11:50] Jared: A small handful of hacked PR6 backlinks would catapult me to the top, I’m sure.
[05/03/2015 16:12:03] New York Amir: big pr
[05/03/2015 16:12:12] New York Amir: big russians
[05/03/2015 16:12:16] New York Amir: gsa gsa u wont
[05/03/2015 16:12:24] Jared: I’ve put the site off for so long.
[05/03/2015 16:12:27] Jared: I hate the niche.
[05/03/2015 16:12:28] New York Amir: should use your knowledge
[05/03/2015 16:12:29] Jared: God, do I hate it.
[05/03/2015 16:12:32] New York Amir: to boost the rankings
[05/03/2015 16:12:32] New York Amir: man
[05/03/2015 16:12:36] New York Amir: not buy them
[05/03/2015 16:12:36] Jared: Nails
[05/03/2015 16:12:38] New York Amir: gsa gsa
[05/03/2015 16:12:39] New York Amir: im telilng u
[05/03/2015 16:12:40] Jared: Cosmetics
[05/03/2015 16:12:41] Jared: wtf
[05/03/2015 16:12:41] New York Amir: it’ll work
[05/03/2015 16:12:43] New York Amir: lol
[05/03/2015 16:12:49] Jared: I might try GSA, yeah.
[05/03/2015 16:12:51] New York Amir: did we choose the wrong niche
[05/03/2015 16:12:52] New York Amir: it’ll work
[05/03/2015 16:12:56] New York Amir: dont rely on them
[05/03/2015 16:12:58] New York Amir: this way
[05/03/2015 16:13:00] New York Amir: if u master GSA
[05/03/2015 16:13:02] Jared: There’s money in it, without question.
[05/03/2015 16:13:06] New York Amir: for sure it works
[05/03/2015 16:13:09] New York Amir: king is killing it
[05/03/2015 16:13:20] Jared: It’s just something I hate, which makes working with it 1,000x harder than it should be.
[05/03/2015 16:13:25] New York Amir: just gsa the fucker
[05/03/2015 16:13:27] New York Amir: use general blogs
[05/03/2015 16:13:28] Jared: Lol
[05/03/2015 16:13:33] New York Amir: then scrape for tier 2
[05/03/2015 16:13:35] New York Amir: and blast 3
[05/03/2015 16:13:41] New York Amir: read up more on king
[05/03/2015 16:13:46] New York Amir: get that shit to 1
[05/03/2015 16:13:47] Jared: I’m seriously considering it.
[05/03/2015 16:13:50] New York Amir: lok at that guy on focus pill
[05/03/2015 16:13:52] New York Amir: he got it to 2
[05/03/2015 16:13:54] New York Amir: he probalby used gsa
[05/03/2015 16:13:55] New York Amir: or something
[05/03/2015 16:13:56] Jared: Spam is so much easier
[05/03/2015 16:13:58] New York Amir: bakclinking tool
[05/03/2015 16:13:59] New York Amir: it is
[05/03/2015 16:14:02] New York Amir: just master GSA
[05/03/2015 16:14:10] New York Amir: u didn pretty good
[05/03/2015 16:14:12] Jared: Become the greatest spammer of all time.
[05/03/2015 16:14:16] New York Amir: the first ime even though we didnt do it right
[05/03/2015 16:14:22] New York Amir: but now that we’re more knwledgab
[05/03/2015 16:14:25] New York Amir: about spam seo
[05/03/2015 16:14:29] Jared: So good at spamming, Google will never catch on.
[05/03/2015 16:14:32] New York Amir: knoweledgable*
[05/03/2015 16:14:35] New York Amir: exactly
[05/03/2015 16:14:38] New York Amir: look at whn
[05/03/2015 16:14:44] New York Amir: yoiu’re still at page 1
[05/03/2015 16:14:50] New York Amir: u didnt do it totally right
[05/03/2015 16:14:55] New York Amir: but u didnt do it totally wrong either
[05/03/2015 16:15:18] New York Amir: even blue kaiser did the same mistake he said
[05/03/2015 16:15:25] New York Amir: he doesnt understand why u need more tiers lol
[05/03/2015 16:15:30] New York Amir: big works for an agency
[05/03/2015 16:15:33] New York Amir: i had toe xplain to him
[05/03/2015 16:15:36] New York Amir: the other day
[05/03/2015 16:15:51 | Edited 16:16:13] Jared: He doesn’t understand the concept of powering up your backlinks with other backlinks?
[05/03/2015 16:15:55] Jared: So simple.
[05/03/2015 16:16:02] Jared: Even Robin understood it, lol
[05/03/2015 16:16:07] New York Amir: works for an seo agencey doesnt understand how link juice actually works
[05/03/2015 16:16:14] New York Amir: no he didnt
[05/03/2015 16:16:14] New York Amir: lol
[05/03/2015 16:16:23] New York Amir: we made the same mistake but we were amatuers
[05/03/2015 16:16:28] New York Amir: he’s been doing seo for 6 years
[05/03/2015 16:16:36] New York Amir: and we did tier linking back around march
[05/03/2015 16:19:06] Jared: Can you add him in here?
[05/03/2015 16:19:12] Jared: We need fresh blood.
[05/03/2015 16:19:21] *** New York Amir added thesmartexecutive ***
[05/03/2015 16:19:21] New York Amir: big blue
[05/03/2015 16:19:23] New York Amir: never around
[05/03/2015 16:21:13] Jared: His site is password protected, lol
[05/03/2015 16:21:35] New York Amir: big blue
[05/03/2015 16:36:28] *** New York Amir has left ***
[07/03/2015 22:36:23] silentassumptions: I’ve convinced my agency to build a PBN for link building purposes moving forward, with a spin. Each of the sites within the PBN will also generate some buck, so they’re self sustained. It’s an intricate setup.
[07/03/2015 22:36:36] silentassumptions: Though there’s something in the vicinity of 50 WordPress Websites that need designing.
[07/03/2015 22:37:48] silentassumptions: They’ll all be basic sites with minimal branding, with essential plugins. Content will be delivered in the initial setup but maintained by us afterwards. I need a price, if anyone is interested in doing this.
[07/03/2015 22:38:07] silentassumptions: And also a proposition in terms of payment structure.
[07/03/2015 22:38:24] silentassumptions: e.g. 1/4 installments, 25% before. 50% during. 25% upon completion.
[08/03/2015 11:42:45] Jared: No time, my friend, no time.
[08/03/2015 17:06:55] silentassumptions: In a way, I’m glad.
[08/03/2015 17:07:07] silentassumptions: Things are definitely going in the right direction if you’re turning down offers like that.
[08/03/2015 17:07:22] silentassumptions: Just don’t forget me when you become a millionaire.
[08/03/2015 17:11:06] Robin: silent i can do that
[08/03/2015 17:12:40] silentassumptions: where u at LOL
[08/03/2015 17:12:43] silentassumptions: learning to build a website
[08/03/2015 17:12:52] silentassumptions: I’m not sure you’d be the best person for the job, Robin.
[08/03/2015 17:13:50] Robin: I’ve built a few websites
[08/03/2015 17:14:02] Robin: http://www.happycondoms.net
[08/03/2015 17:14:04] Robin: http://www.seoptimointi.fi
[08/03/2015 17:14:21] Robin: they are pbn sites
[08/03/2015 17:14:27] Robin: so you don’t need perfect design
[08/03/2015 17:39:01] silentassumptions: They need to look half decent though, Robin, minimal amounts of decent branding is required.
[08/03/2015 17:39:29 | Edited 17:39:39] silentassumptions: How much would you charge for 50 basic WP sites with branding, that includes a logo for each one and say on average 3 slides of graphic design information.
[08/03/2015 18:55:25] Robin: i dono man
[08/03/2015 18:55:28] Robin: how much u offer
[08/03/2015 20:08:34] Jared: Can you handle it, Robin?
[08/03/2015 20:29:59] Robin: do i need to do brand back linking?
[08/03/2015 20:30:36] Robin: and what do you mean y graphic design info?
[08/03/2015 20:41:30] silentassumptions: I’m not sure what you mean by brand backlinking.
[08/03/2015 20:41:35] silentassumptions: There’s no backlinking involved.
[08/03/2015 20:41:55] silentassumptions: Graphic Design info – Basically on the home page of every site, you can assume each one has a slider. You will need to design up to 3 slides for it.
[08/03/2015 20:44:37] Robin: thats fine
[08/03/2015 20:45:05] Robin: what i mean is building branded backlinks, using the brand as an anchor text
[08/03/2015 20:54:32] silentassumptions: No, don’t worry about that.
[08/03/2015 20:54:50] Robin: how much u willing to pay
[09/03/2015 14:14:32] Jared: Big Robinski.
[09/03/2015 14:17:43] Robin: yo silent
[09/03/2015 14:17:49] Robin: how much?
[09/03/2015 14:53:10] silentassumptions: Hi Robin.
[09/03/2015 14:53:13] silentassumptions: I’m at work now.
[09/03/2015 14:54:04] silentassumptions: Robin, honestly it’s easier if you give me a price – I have something in mind but I want to see what you would pitch in at.
[09/03/2015 14:54:27] Robin: how much do you estimate the time to build one site
[09/03/2015 15:01:06] silentassumptions: Robin, this is information you should be providing me. I’m not sure of your capabilities.
[09/03/2015 15:01:21] Robin: so you want
[09/03/2015 15:01:24] silentassumptions: It would take me approximately about an hour per website, making the assumption we don’t take into account pointless uploads.
[09/03/2015 15:01:24] Robin: plugin install
[09/03/2015 15:01:37] Robin: how many empty pages
[09/03/2015 15:01:39] silentassumptions: That’s without content.
[09/03/2015 15:01:57] Robin: so plugins, slider with 3 images
[09/03/2015 15:02:00] silentassumptions: We’ll provide you with a sitemap for each website, it may be easier if I provide you with a template for one website and you can extrapolate that for 50 sites.
[09/03/2015 15:02:01] Robin: and a logo
[09/03/2015 15:02:17] Robin: of using different themes?
[09/03/2015 15:02:19] silentassumptions: Dummy content, too. Lorem Ipsum.
[09/03/2015 15:02:21] Robin: ofc*
[09/03/2015 15:02:29] silentassumptions: That is at your discretion. Preferably nulled themes that work.
[09/03/2015 15:02:36] Robin: nulled?
[09/03/2015 15:03:13] silentassumptions: Premium themes that have the developer call to home actions removed.
[09/03/2015 15:03:23] Robin: okay
[09/03/2015 15:03:29] Robin: i provide themes and plugins
[09/03/2015 15:03:37] Robin: but i don’t have a stock photo account
[09/03/2015 15:03:44] Robin: and I’m not gonna buy one
[09/03/2015 15:03:54] Robin: so you’ll have to give me stock photo access
[09/03/2015 15:04:01] silentassumptions: We use DreamsTime.com at our agency.
[09/03/2015 15:04:17] silentassumptions: Just point out the images you need and we will download them on your behalf.
[09/03/2015 15:04:22] Robin: ok
[09/03/2015 15:04:32] Robin: so thats approx 50 hours of work
[09/03/2015 15:04:37] Robin: a bit more
[09/03/2015 15:04:46] Robin: since i need the list of domains and logins
[09/03/2015 15:04:51] Robin: lets say 55 hours of work
[09/03/2015 15:04:55] silentassumptions: Hopefully a bit less, by your 20th website, I’m sure you’d be churning these out like a motherfucker on steroids.
[09/03/2015 15:05:04] Robin: haha
[09/03/2015 15:05:07] Robin: ok well 50 hours
[09/03/2015 15:05:08] silentassumptions: WordPress will be second nature to you after around your 20th site.
[09/03/2015 15:05:23] Robin: how about 500€
[09/03/2015 15:05:30] Robin: 400 € is my minimum go
[09/03/2015 15:05:35] Robin: cheaper than that i won’t do it
[09/03/2015 15:05:42] silentassumptions: That sounds reasonable.
[09/03/2015 15:05:54] Robin: ill be working 10€ / hour
[09/03/2015 15:05:59] silentassumptions: That works out to be around £350.
[09/03/2015 15:06:07] Robin: allright
[09/03/2015 15:06:16] Robin: can i start today?
[09/03/2015 15:06:33] Robin: do you have the domains ready?
[09/03/2015 15:06:37] silentassumptions: Okay. Let me get a plan of action together, it will probably take me around 3 days to compile.

Moreover, though, our agency are shit hot on quality control, they’d expect to talk to you on microphone.
[09/03/2015 15:06:48] Robin: thats fine
[09/03/2015 15:06:51] silentassumptions: I need to get price estimates for my marketing director so she can sign it off.
[09/03/2015 15:06:58] Robin: ok
[09/03/2015 15:07:00] silentassumptions: So I have to compile a plan of action with projections.
[09/03/2015 15:07:08] silentassumptions: Give me 3 days, but I’ll have you down as the front line man, Robin.
[09/03/2015 15:07:14] Robin: allright
[09/03/2015 15:07:15] Robin: thanks
[10/03/2015 11:46:53] Jared: I’m sure there’s a way to really speed up the process, Robin.
[10/03/2015 11:47:54] Robin: yah i don’t think it’ll take 50 hours
[10/03/2015 11:47:59] Robin: depends on the slider though
[10/03/2015 11:48:02] Robin: how well they want it done
[10/03/2015 11:48:11] Robin: you can spend hours on making a good revolution slider
[10/03/2015 11:48:34] Jared: I’m not sure the exact setup
[10/03/2015 11:48:40] Jared: Will you need 50 different themes?
[10/03/2015 11:48:48] Robin: i dono
[10/03/2015 11:48:49] Jared: Do you have to install WordPress?
[10/03/2015 11:48:55] Robin: i dono
[10/03/2015 11:49:02] Robin: haven’t talked with silent more than in this conv
[10/03/2015 11:49:03] Jared: Is FTP and all of that already setup?
[10/03/2015 11:49:56] Jared: One thing you can do is take plugins and put them in the WordPress installation files, and they’ll already be installed with WordPress.
[10/03/2015 14:48:56] silentassumptions: Not necessarily 50 different themes, but 50 websites that look different.
[10/03/2015 14:49:24] Robin: silent hows it going?
[10/03/2015 14:49:26] Jared: You’ll have to worry about footprints.
[10/03/2015 14:49:27] silentassumptions: I know with certain themes, you can customise them so extensively that you can churn out a bespoke design everytime. Not sure at what point you start running into duplicate aesthetic issues.
[10/03/2015 14:49:28] Robin: when will i start work
[10/03/2015 14:49:39] Jared: I’d imagine a lot of themes will leave footprints.
[10/03/2015 14:49:43] Jared: Plugins, too.
[10/03/2015 14:49:56] Robin: plugin footprints are nothing to worry becker said
[10/03/2015 14:49:58] Jared: Not sure how close of attention Google pays to that sort of thing.
[10/03/2015 14:50:01] silentassumptions: Yeah, to be honest, it may be that the agency just buys 10 themes from themeforest and you use those 10 on a rinse and repeat basis.
[10/03/2015 14:50:05] Robin: so many wordpress sites with those plugins
[10/03/2015 14:50:15] Robin: say them to buy avada
[10/03/2015 14:50:16] Robin: as one of them
[10/03/2015 14:50:30] silentassumptions: Yes, but you can have a designated “plugins” folder that has all of the necessary plugins on there. You can upload that for each website.
[10/03/2015 14:50:37] Jared: Yeah, Robin, but if every single one of these sites show the exact same footprints, bells will be ringin’.
[10/03/2015 14:51:04] silentassumptions: Robin, out of interest, I know you were setting up a PBN. Is there any wisdom you can pass?
[10/03/2015 14:51:21] silentassumptions: The setup I have is intricate, and I’ll provide some Photoshop documents to demonstrate the PBN I had in mind.
[10/03/2015 14:51:29] Robin: not much really
[10/03/2015 14:51:33] Robin: i followed backers advice
[10/03/2015 14:51:36] Robin: on SourceROI
[10/03/2015 14:51:52] silentassumptions: What did he have to say?
[10/03/2015 14:52:51] Robin: he taught a system of setting them up
[10/03/2015 14:52:56] Robin: link only 3 times to one site
[10/03/2015 14:53:01] Robin: use spyderspanker plugin
[10/03/2015 14:53:19] Robin: the point is i watched a matthew woodward
[10/03/2015 14:53:27] Robin: that there was no google update to destroy a pbn
[10/03/2015 14:53:40] Robin: its just that google manually split tested sites
[10/03/2015 14:53:47] Robin: and the ones that didn’t pass
[10/03/2015 14:53:50] Robin: got de indexed
[10/03/2015 14:54:16] silentassumptions: I’ve been following the link profiles for a plethora of sites. They’re usually competitors for the sites we’re working on at the agency; One noteable thing, there’s a distinct pattern going on. The best websites with the best rankings have PBNs.
[10/03/2015 14:54:21] silentassumptions: Chat Avenue is a classic example.
[10/03/2015 14:54:49] silentassumptions: Chat Avenue are smart though, in that all of their orphan websites are generating passive income, too.
[10/03/2015 14:54:56] silentassumptions: That’s almost the idea I had.
[10/03/2015 14:55:11] silentassumptions: 3 Orphan Websites per Money Website.
[10/03/2015 14:55:56] silentassumptions: 1 out of each 3 orphan websites will generate passive income, the other two will be content driven purely. One out of each orphan site will also generate a backlink towards AyeSL.
[10/03/2015 14:56:46] silentassumptions: I’ll show you what I mean by Friday, at the very latest.
[10/03/2015 15:38:25] *** Jared added New York Amir ***
[11/03/2015 16:26:03] Robin: Hey Silent
[11/03/2015 16:26:14] Robin: any updates?
[11/03/2015 16:47:00] New York Amir: big r
[11/03/2015 16:47:28] Jared: Silent updates
[11/03/2015 16:47:33] Jared: Big Robin
[11/03/2015 16:47:35] Jared: 50 websites
[11/03/2015 16:47:46] Jared: 5 years later, he still won’t be finished, lol.
[11/03/2015 16:47:48] New York Amir: big tons big good practice
[11/03/2015 16:47:52] New York Amir: lol
[11/03/2015 16:47:55] Jared: Dude’s been creating that one condom site for 2 years now.
[11/03/2015 16:48:02] New York Amir: big r big r
[11/03/2015 16:48:06] New York Amir: big condom heads
[11/03/2015 16:50:24] Robin: lol
[11/03/2015 16:50:32] Robin: i created it in few months last year
[11/03/2015 16:50:34] Robin: haven’t touched it since
[11/03/2015 16:50:40] Robin: the a hole mode strikes again’
[11/03/2015 20:03:19] Jared: MyCool King ‏@iPullRank 1 hour ago
Remember when SEOs used to bold keywords on pages? That was silly.

Jon Cooper ‏@PointBlankSEO 1 hour ago
@iPullRank …oh, we should stop? Let me guess, the meta keywords tag is all but useless too?
[11/03/2015 20:07:39] Jared: Don’t forget to underline the keywords, too, lol.
[11/03/2015 20:11:03] Jared: Me and A are about to give up on AdWords.
[11/03/2015 20:11:18] Jared: I don’t think we can succeed given the situation we’re in.
[11/03/2015 20:18:34 | Edited 20:18:49] Jared: We’re in a niche with an expensive cost per click (the cheaper clicks go for around $1.50, while the more expensive clicks go for $6), yet we only profit $15 per sale. You can see the problem. We’d need a sky-high conversion rate just to for marginal profits per sale.
[11/03/2015 20:22:33] Robin: mmm
[11/03/2015 20:22:45] Jared: We’re trying to raise our Quality Score to lower the cost, but Google doesn’t seem to be playing ball.
[11/03/2015 20:28:57] Jared: Hmm is when you’re thinking.
[11/03/2015 20:29:03] Jared: Mmm is when you see something that looks good.
[11/03/2015 20:29:57] Jared: “I’m trying to figure out the best way to turn a profit with AdWords… hmm…”
[11/03/2015 20:30:07] Jared: “That steak looks so good… mmm…”
[11/03/2015 20:30:12] Robin: lol
[11/03/2015 20:30:40] Robin: mmmm
[11/03/2015 20:30:46] Robin: :p
[11/03/2015 20:36:41] Jared: We can’t seem to get our Quality Score above 6.
[11/03/2015 22:51:58] silentassumptions: Hello good people.
[11/03/2015 22:52:20] silentassumptions: Jared, do you mind if I look at your PPC setup?
[11/03/2015 22:52:46] silentassumptions: Robin, when it comes to talking to my managing director, I’m hoping for responses that are a little more sharp than “mmmmm”
[11/03/2015 22:53:06] silentassumptions: It seems like you’re touching yourself when acknowleding a point.
[11/03/2015 22:53:15] New York Amir: sorry big s
[11/03/2015 22:53:22] New York Amir: cant its my friends adcampaign
[11/03/2015 22:53:35] silentassumptions: No worries.
[11/03/2015 22:54:23] silentassumptions: One word of advice with Adwords though, you should run a campaign for enough time to compile metrics, then tweak. You’ll never get it right first time.
[11/03/2015 22:54:59] silentassumptions: You may notice that one keyword has a CTR of 10% whilst another has 1%, both with equal impressions. Take one out, then add variations to the one that has 10%
[11/03/2015 22:55:01] silentassumptions: That sort of thing.
[11/03/2015 22:55:40] silentassumptions: Robin, I’m going to get you to do a trial website at some point tomorrow, I’ll forward you a brief around lunch time.
[12/03/2015 06:08:47] Robin: of course Silent
[12/03/2015 10:41:13] New York Amir: big r big r
[12/03/2015 17:25:43] Jared: Google is gonna start penalizing non-mobile sites on April 21st.
[12/03/2015 17:25:47] Jared: As long as we make sure our sites are mobile-friendly, we should see a bump.
[12/03/2015 17:25:52] Jared: All of the non-mobile sites ahead of us will come tumbling down.
[12/03/2015 17:51:03] silentassumptions: Jared, where did you read that?
[12/03/2015 17:54:20] Jared: It’s been all over the place for about a month now.
[12/03/2015 17:54:21] Jared: http://wraltechwire.com/google-expanding-mobile-friendly-ranking-signals/14504236/
[12/03/2015 17:54:24] Jared: There’s one source.
[12/03/2015 17:54:35 | Edited 17:54:40] Jared: Google Webmaster Central says:

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”
[12/03/2015 17:55:09] New York Amir: big s you should set up google alerts
[12/03/2015 17:55:10] Jared: Okay, it looks like it may not affect desktop search rankings, only mobile, but that’s a large number, and it continues to grow.
[12/03/2015 17:55:16] New York Amir: to keep track of updates
[12/03/2015 17:55:21] Jared: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/
[12/03/2015 17:55:27] Robin: well silent?
[12/03/2015 17:55:30] Jared: There’s Google’s mobile-friendly test.
[12/03/2015 17:55:34] Robin: are you gonna make me do a demo site today?
[12/03/2015 17:55:41] silentassumptions: Hey Robin, I’ll be with you shortly, I’ve not forgot about you.
[12/03/2015 17:55:43] Jared: I’m gonna test out my site and my competitors.
[12/03/2015 17:55:55] New York Amir: big r gone with the wind
[12/03/2015 17:57:55] New York Amir: mobile friendly should always be good
[12/03/2015 17:57:59] New York Amir: for QS
[12/03/2015 18:01:18] Jared: 4 of the 7 sites ranking ahead of me for Manicure Tables have non-mobile-friendly sites according to Google.
[12/03/2015 18:01:19] Jared: Nice.
[12/03/2015 18:01:40] New York Amir: big 10 sales today u wont
[12/03/2015 18:01:53] Jared: I could see a big bump if they don’t get their shit in order within the next 5 weeks.
[12/03/2015 18:01:54] Jared: 10?
[12/03/2015 18:02:04] Jared: 3 more since I last checked?
[12/03/2015 18:02:06] New York Amir: big puts up 100 + up
[12/03/2015 18:02:09] New York Amir: each
[12/03/2015 18:02:14] New York Amir: big millions soon we might
[12/03/2015 18:02:38] New York Amir: big moving on up to the east side
[12/03/2015 18:03:26] Jared: Lol
[12/03/2015 18:03:38] Jared: Deluxe apartment in the sky, we might.
[12/03/2015 18:07:09] New York Amir: lol
[12/03/2015 18:07:27] New York Amir: big are we goign to hit up a marketing conference
[12/03/2015 18:07:32] New York Amir: in vegas this year we might
[12/03/2015 18:07:40] New York Amir: big after party everyone hitting up the clubs
[12/03/2015 18:07:43] New York Amir: big sluts
[12/03/2015 19:27:13] Robin: silent id want to do the demo site today
[12/03/2015 19:27:17] Robin: so i can get to real work sooner
[12/03/2015 19:27:24] Robin: whats taking so long?
[13/03/2015 23:25:51] Jared: Big Robinski
[13/03/2015 23:26:02] Jared: Was he not man enough for the job, he wasn’t.
[13/03/2015 23:26:04] Jared: Lol
[13/03/2015 23:26:21] New York Amir: big r bigr ll
[14/03/2015 13:44:57] Robin: it is silent who is not man enough
[14/03/2015 13:45:25] Robin: ” you fool ” – the egg man – sonic adventures
[15/03/2015 00:30:07] Jared: Silent, what are your Quality Scores with AdWords?
[16/03/2015 03:32:36] silentassumptions: Robin, I have a task for you if you’re good to go.
[16/03/2015 03:32:45] silentassumptions: I’ll PM you in a seperate conversion.
[16/03/2015 03:33:02] silentassumptions: Usually between 7-9, Jared.
[16/03/2015 03:33:15] silentassumptions: The rare 10.
[16/03/2015 03:33:46] silentassumptions: There’s limitations to what you can do with quality score unless you start compromising user experience just to ass lick some algorithm.
[16/03/2015 03:34:31] silentassumptions: If you want a really successful Adwords campaign, you need to drill it right down. Use Analytics.
[16/03/2015 03:34:48] silentassumptions: For example, you may discover that your conversions on tablets and mobiles is significantly higher than desktops.
[16/03/2015 03:34:53] silentassumptions: In which case, setup your campaigns to reflect that.
[16/03/2015 03:35:12] silentassumptions: You may realise that We Heart Nails has significantly higher conversions in California than it does in other states in the US.
[16/03/2015 03:35:16] silentassumptions: So create a localised campaign.
[16/03/2015 03:37:50] silentassumptions: Use bid modifiers, if you realise that one keyword is doing really well then you allocate a higher percentage of your budget so it maximises clicks around those phrases.
[16/03/2015 03:38:58 | Edited 03:39:41] silentassumptions: Analytics is really important though, if you have a sequence that you can follow for organic traffic that (at some point) also applies for PPC then scrutinise the fuck out of it.
[16/03/2015 03:39:09] silentassumptions: e.g. if one (shared) page has a really high bounce rate.
[16/03/2015 03:39:15] silentassumptions: You can look to see why that could be the case.
[16/03/2015 03:41:34] silentassumptions: In summary, there’s little you can do to get the utoptian 10/10 quality score, but there’s a lot you can do to ensure you’re driving quality, targeted, highly convertible traffic.
[16/03/2015 03:43:50] silentassumptions: On a site note: We aim for 7-9, a lot of our campaigns have poor quality scores because we don’t have full control over some of our client’s websites.
[16/03/2015 03:45:56] silentassumptions: I can say it from experience, you can make decent money from Adwords. It does require time and effort though, both initially and maintaining it during the first wave.
[16/03/2015 03:46:20] silentassumptions: Once you have the right balance and you’re making a good profit, you can let it run, but there’s always ways you can improve a campaign.
[16/03/2015 03:47:02] silentassumptions: Can I ask what quality scores you’re getting Jared?
[16/03/2015 04:02:21] New York Amir: big 8/10
[16/03/2015 04:02:22] New York Amir: u wont
[16/03/2015 04:02:40] New York Amir: have 5/10 on some
[16/03/2015 04:02:42] New York Amir: but they still
[16/03/2015 04:02:43] New York Amir: out rank
[16/03/2015 04:02:45] New York Amir: the ads
[16/03/2015 04:02:47] New York Amir: so its still good
[16/03/2015 04:02:52] New York Amir: and get on first page
[16/03/2015 04:02:58] New York Amir: at a 50 cent cpc
[16/03/2015 04:03:07] New York Amir: way under the first page limit
[16/03/2015 04:03:10] New York Amir: i dont really pay attention
[16/03/2015 04:03:14] New York Amir: u shouldnt
[16/03/2015 04:03:16] New York Amir: as i noticed
[16/03/2015 04:03:25] New York Amir: the their “estimates” so much
[16/03/2015 04:03:27] New York Amir: to*
[16/03/2015 04:08:11] Jared: I’m no longer handling AdWords. Amir took over while I work on Facebook Ads.
[16/03/2015 04:50:25] Jared: Do you run any email marketing campaigns?
[16/03/2015 04:50:55] New York Amir: big remarketing
[16/03/2015 06:53:37] Robin: i don’t know silent
[16/03/2015 06:53:39] Robin: go ahead
[16/03/2015 06:53:44] Robin: you seem a bit unreliable though
[16/03/2015 10:12:29] silentassumptions: Robin, unavailable, yes. unreliable, no. You’ve not been contracted to anything yet. And with all due respect, this happens all the time in freelance up until project guidelines are established.

As a side note for customer relation purposes, you say “Hey Silent, alright no worries – I’m available when you’re ready to delegate the work to me” or “Hey Silent, I anticipate I’m going to be busy between [Date Range], are we ready to start?”
[16/03/2015 10:13:24] silentassumptions: Jared can certainly vouch for my unavailability, but not unreliable. I’m not here to screw you about.
[16/03/2015 10:13:37] silentassumptions: Jared, we’ve done a couple of email marketing campaigns.
[16/03/2015 10:56:20] Robin: haha
[16/03/2015 10:56:39] Robin: Jared can vouch that what was suppose to be a two hour project, ended up to be a 10 day project
[16/03/2015 10:57:14] Robin: oh amir has a lot of stories where you screwed jared about
[16/03/2015 10:58:45] Robin: last week you said
[16/03/2015 10:58:54] Robin: today ill make you do a demo site
[16/03/2015 10:58:58] Robin: have you made me do it
[16/03/2015 10:58:59] Robin: no
[16/03/2015 10:59:06] Robin: thats what is called unreliable
[16/03/2015 13:20:23] Robin: and silent
[16/03/2015 13:20:26] Robin: i misguide you
[16/03/2015 13:20:31] Robin: msgd*
[16/03/2015 13:20:41] Robin: you haven’t taken the time to reply
[16/03/2015 13:21:51] silentassumptions: Robin, do you remember that time I wired you $10 just to use your license TBS whilst giving you free access to my Themeforest account?
[16/03/2015 13:22:03] silentassumptions: “Oh but Amir said you fucked Jared, despite the fact we’re all ironically in the same room”
[16/03/2015 13:22:07] silentassumptions: Robin, I’m going to wire you another tenna.
[16/03/2015 13:22:13] silentassumptions: Your services are no longer required.
[16/03/2015 13:22:25] Robin: aight
[16/03/2015 13:22:36] Robin: you’ve been using my TBS?
[16/03/2015 13:22:58] Robin: i haven’t used your themeforest
[16/03/2015 13:23:04] Robin: i don’t even remember
[16/03/2015 13:23:07] silentassumptions: I used it on a couple of occasions going back a long time ago, I wired you a tenna for it because I’m a nice guy.
[16/03/2015 13:23:15] Robin: oh yeah
[16/03/2015 13:23:47] Robin: silent i could work for u
[16/03/2015 13:23:51] Robin: but i got other work starting next month
[16/03/2015 13:24:00] Robin: i was hoping i was already working on ur project
[16/03/2015 13:24:12] Robin: but it’ll probably take a long time before you actually are ready to start it
[16/03/2015 21:45:28] Jared: http://www.sbnation.com/2015/3/15/8218435/worst-internet-things-bracket
[16/03/2015 21:45:37] Jared: (5) GCHATTERS WHO HIT ENTER AFTER EVERY THIRD WORD. You step away from your computer. From the other room, you hear it: DINK. DINK. DINK DINK DINK. DINK. DINK DINK. DINK. Maybe all your friends just saw the President tweet at you and ask you if you want to eat pizza and play Mario Kart! Or maybe Brandon from work is thinking about watching Chopped.
[16/03/2015 21:45:44] Jared: Ha… no comment.
[18/03/2015 07:09:37] Robin: this is what i mean silent
[18/03/2015 07:09:49] Robin: again i don’t hear from you in days
[18/03/2015 15:56:18] *** New York Amir added Muhammad ilyas ***
[19/03/2015 00:54:26] Jared: Silence, lol.
[19/03/2015 00:54:40] New York Amir: big silence
[19/03/2015 00:54:41] New York Amir: big r big r
[19/03/2015 06:41:39] Robin: silent goes silent
[19/03/2015 06:43:47] Jared: I think that’s his way of saying, “fuck off, Robin.”
[19/03/2015 06:46:38] Robin: whatever
[19/03/2015 06:46:44] Robin: cause this is my united states of whatevaa
[19/03/2015 18:12:42] Muhammad ilyas: hi dude !
[20/03/2015 00:30:38] Jared: Hello
[20/03/2015 04:32:43] Muhammad ilyas: hi
[20/03/2015 04:32:51] Muhammad ilyas: MY name is Ilyas
[20/03/2015 04:33:00] Muhammad ilyas: i”m from pakistan
[20/03/2015 04:33:03] Muhammad ilyas: and you ?
[20/03/2015 04:33:40] Jared: My name is Robin and I am from Finland or Norway.
[20/03/2015 04:33:44] Jared: I forget which.
[20/03/2015 04:33:56] Muhammad ilyas: ok !
[20/03/2015 04:34:01] Muhammad ilyas: i”m 23 year old
[20/03/2015 04:34:02] Muhammad ilyas: and you ?
[20/03/2015 06:30:35] Robin: shut up jared
[20/03/2015 06:40:23] Jared: Okay, ripoff Robin.
[20/03/2015 06:40:48] Muhammad ilyas: ayyyyye dude
[20/03/2015 06:40:54] Muhammad ilyas: chat me 🙂
[20/03/2015 06:41:14] Jared: Chat you?
[20/03/2015 06:41:50] Muhammad ilyas: welcome jared
[20/03/2015 06:41:54] Muhammad ilyas: i”m ilyas
[20/03/2015 06:41:58] Muhammad ilyas: from pakistan
[20/03/2015 06:42:02] Muhammad ilyas: and you ?
[20/03/2015 06:42:03] Jared: Hi
[20/03/2015 06:42:26] Jared: Yes, you told us all of this about two hours ago.
[20/03/2015 06:42:47] Muhammad ilyas: yep 🙂
[20/03/2015 06:42:58] Muhammad ilyas: what do you do ?
[20/03/2015 06:43:23] Jared: Struggling future Internet millionaire.
[20/03/2015 06:44:39] Muhammad ilyas: ok good !
[20/03/2015 06:45:05] Muhammad ilyas: i”m a Webdevolper and SEO/SEM/SMM
[20/03/2015 06:45:10] Muhammad ilyas: expert !
[20/03/2015 06:45:14] Muhammad ilyas: 🙂
[20/03/2015 06:45:48] Jared: Nice.
[20/03/2015 06:45:51] Jared: Do you earn a lot?
[20/03/2015 06:46:17] Muhammad ilyas: no at this time little
[20/03/2015 06:46:25] Muhammad ilyas: you earn a lot ?
[20/03/2015 06:46:39] Jared: No.
[20/03/2015 06:46:49] Jared: I’ve been into SEO almost exactly one year.
[20/03/2015 06:47:09] Muhammad ilyas: ok
[20/03/2015 06:47:10] Jared: Less than 2 weeks away from my one year anniversary. It’s time I start earning the big bucks.
[20/03/2015 06:47:48 | Edited 06:47:55] Muhammad ilyas: big bucks (website name) ?
[20/03/2015 06:48:05] Muhammad ilyas: bro you have owb website ?
[20/03/2015 06:48:13] Muhammad ilyas: i wana seen your latest project
[20/03/2015 06:48:13] Muhammad ilyas: ?
[20/03/2015 11:06:21] New York Amir: muhammed
[20/03/2015 11:06:24] New York Amir: no one is going ot p ay u
[20/03/2015 11:06:32] New York Amir: when u cant even rank dog shit
[20/03/2015 11:06:42] New York Amir: you been doing seo for 5 years
[20/03/2015 11:06:47] New York Amir: u shoiuld be making 10 million dollars a year
[20/03/2015 11:06:56] New York Amir: thats not showing us u got the skills u need
[20/03/2015 11:07:10] New York Amir: what have u been doing beating th meat?
[20/03/2015 11:07:14] New York Amir: the*
[20/03/2015 11:07:20] Jared: It might be time to give up on SEO and just join ISIS.
[20/03/2015 11:07:23] Jared: Maybe that’s more your thing.
[20/03/2015 11:07:24] New York Amir: lol
[20/03/2015 11:07:36] New York Amir: big wake ups
[20/03/2015 16:55:08] Robin: fugging racists
[20/03/2015 16:55:14] Robin: amir is iranian
[20/03/2015 16:55:27] Robin: yet US has made him a racist against the muslums
[20/03/2015 16:55:35] Robin: TROLOLOL
[20/03/2015 16:55:44] New York Amir: robin u really are stupid
[20/03/2015 16:55:46] New York Amir: did u know american
[20/03/2015 16:55:51] New York Amir: join isis?
[20/03/2015 16:56:00] New York Amir: did u know people from finland LOL
[20/03/2015 16:56:10] New York Amir: are joining isis nothing to do with race
[20/03/2015 16:56:12] New York Amir: or color
[20/03/2015 16:56:22] Robin: whatevaa
[20/03/2015 16:56:27] New York Amir: idiots
[20/03/2015 16:56:29] Robin: cause this is my united states of whatevaa
[20/03/2015 16:56:35] New York Amir: dont assume things
[20/03/2015 16:56:43] New York Amir: when you’re clueless lol
[20/03/2015 16:56:47] Robin: frankly i don’t give a dog shit
[20/03/2015 16:57:23] silentassumptions: Let’s chill beans.
[20/03/2015 16:57:47] silentassumptions: Casual racism is hilarious, by the way. Don’t take it to heart, I don’t think anyone here is actually racist.
[20/03/2015 21:55:29] Jared: I just scraped Facebook and used it to upload a custom audience.
[20/03/2015 21:55:41] Jared: It’s risky, but I’ve heard it’s incredibly effective.
[21/03/2015 01:14:48] silentassumptions: Chat Avenue has been hacked.
[21/03/2015 12:38:32] Muhammad ilyas: hahahahaha
[21/03/2015 18:21:04] Jared: Chat Avenue was hacked?
[21/03/2015 18:21:06] Jared: In what way?
[21/03/2015 18:22:12 | Edited 18:22:24] Muhammad ilyas: wait bessy
[22/03/2015 04:13:25] Jared: Site’s dropping.
[22/03/2015 04:13:27] Jared: Not good.
[22/03/2015 17:53:35] silentassumptions: Your site is dropping, Jared?
[22/03/2015 17:53:51] silentassumptions: In relation to Chat Ave, all their chatrooms were connecting to some random Spanish flash chat room.
[22/03/2015 17:54:55] silentassumptions: Not according to Search Metrics.
[24/03/2015 10:44:56] silentassumptions: Robin, what’s your PP?
[24/03/2015 10:46:20] New York Amir: big r big r
[24/03/2015 10:46:31] New York Amir: big search ads zueski
[24/03/2015 10:46:35] New York Amir: didnt work out that well
[24/03/2015 10:46:39] New York Amir: bidders apying too much
[24/03/2015 10:46:46] New York Amir: have to settle for display
[24/03/2015 10:47:00] New York Amir: tons if impressions
[24/03/2015 10:47:03] New York Amir: of8
[24/03/2015 10:47:04] New York Amir: of*
[24/03/2015 10:48:28] New York Amir: http://www.jonloomer.com/2015/03/23/facebook-organic-reach-links/
[24/03/2015 11:00:04] silentassumptions: Why did the PPC campaign flop?
[24/03/2015 11:00:35] New York Amir: didnt flop
[24/03/2015 11:00:45] New York Amir: just the bidders are willing to pay too much
[24/03/2015 11:00:52] New York Amir: even with a huge QS
[24/03/2015 11:01:00] New York Amir: can only spend what u can make
[24/03/2015 11:01:13] New York Amir: not spend more than what we profit
[24/03/2015 11:01:15] New York Amir: or ROI
[24/03/2015 11:01:19] New York Amir: i mean revenue*
[24/03/2015 11:01:27] Robin: silent ill send u pm
[24/03/2015 11:01:33] New York Amir: big r big r
[24/03/2015 11:01:36] New York Amir: seo master
[24/03/2015 11:01:46] New York Amir: big r doing big websites now he might
[24/03/2015 11:01:53] silentassumptions: What sort of keywords were you targeting, Amir?
[24/03/2015 11:01:54] Robin: is the gig still on silent?
[24/03/2015 11:01:59] silentassumptions: I don’t even know the industry you guys were in.
[24/03/2015 11:02:07] silentassumptions: No, Robin, but I’ll wire you $10 for doing jack shit.
[24/03/2015 11:02:08] New York Amir: cognitive enchancers
[24/03/2015 11:02:14] New York Amir: lol
[24/03/2015 11:02:39 | Edited 11:02:43] silentassumptions: Were you selling drugs?
[24/03/2015 11:02:47] Robin: why not silent?
[24/03/2015 11:02:53] New York Amir: big r wants work when the guy takes years to make a site
[24/03/2015 11:02:53] silentassumptions: Pretty sure you can market MDMA as a cognitive enhancer.
[24/03/2015 11:02:55] Robin: did u get a pakistani to do it for u
[24/03/2015 11:03:01] New York Amir: “pay me millions please”
[24/03/2015 11:03:13] New York Amir: its a legal one lol
[24/03/2015 11:03:16] New York Amir: big legals
[24/03/2015 11:03:23] silentassumptions: Big deep web 😉
[24/03/2015 11:03:28] New York Amir: FDA ingredient approve
[24/03/2015 11:03:31] New York Amir: big jail time
[24/03/2015 11:03:34] silentassumptions: Lol
[24/03/2015 11:03:34] New York Amir: with big bubba
[24/03/2015 11:03:43] New York Amir: FDA will kill us
[24/03/2015 11:03:48] New York Amir: they got more poewr than god
[24/03/2015 11:03:57] Robin: haha i got 14 envelopes seized by the customs last year
[24/03/2015 11:04:03] Robin: from messing around in deep web
[24/03/2015 11:04:12] Robin: all containing drugs
[24/03/2015 11:04:13] Robin: 😀
[24/03/2015 11:04:14] New York Amir: big black deep web
[24/03/2015 11:04:16] New York Amir: big r big r
[24/03/2015 11:04:24] New York Amir: big r i got a clients site
[24/03/2015 11:04:26] New York Amir: for you
[24/03/2015 11:04:27] New York Amir: 10 bucks
[24/03/2015 11:04:34] New York Amir: if uw ant the job
[24/03/2015 11:04:40] Robin: 100 bucks
[24/03/2015 11:04:42] New York Amir: no
[24/03/2015 11:04:45] New York Amir: u have no skills
[24/03/2015 11:04:46] Robin: so i can get a ticket to sensation white
[24/03/2015 11:04:46] New York Amir: wtf
[24/03/2015 11:04:53] New York Amir: would i pay u 100 bucks? lol
[24/03/2015 11:04:56] Robin: lol
[24/03/2015 11:05:01] Robin: big a big a
[24/03/2015 11:05:04] Jared: It flopped because the product earns $15 profit per sale, yet the average CPC for our keywords was around $3, with some of them going over $6. There just wasn’t enough margin of error. We’d need an unrealistic conversion rate just to turn a moderate profit.
[24/03/2015 11:05:09] New York Amir: im sorry your web design skills
[24/03/2015 11:05:15] New York Amir: are not worth 100 bucks
[24/03/2015 11:05:47] silentassumptions: Yeah, I wouldn’t do PPC for anything that doesn’t have a decent ROI.
[24/03/2015 11:05:55] New York Amir: search ads has a nice ROI
[24/03/2015 11:05:58] New York Amir: dirty cirt cheap
[24/03/2015 11:06:01] New York Amir: 15 cents
[24/03/2015 11:06:05] New York Amir: so we’re doing that now
[24/03/2015 11:06:15] New York Amir: search ads too much competion even we blew
[24/03/2015 11:06:18] New York Amir: our competion away
[24/03/2015 11:06:22] New York Amir: in QS
[24/03/2015 11:06:25] silentassumptions: You guys have a lot of ventures. What exactly are you working on at the moment?
[24/03/2015 11:06:26] New York Amir: managed to get on page 1 still
[24/03/2015 11:06:28] Jared: Couple in the fact that after you take into account CTR and conversion rate, the number of potential customers is fairly low, and it just wasn’t productive. We’re trying the Display Network now. We’re getting 17 cent clicks, so as long as we can convert at anything over 1.2%, we’ll turn a profit. There’s also far more impressions
[24/03/2015 11:06:30] New York Amir: with a shitty CPC
[24/03/2015 11:06:36] New York Amir: we went a dollar below the estimated CPC
[24/03/2015 11:06:40] New York Amir: for some KW
[24/03/2015 11:06:44] New York Amir: stil managed to get to page 1
[24/03/2015 11:06:49] New York Amir: and out rank
[24/03/2015 11:06:56] New York Amir: it would fluctuate though
[24/03/2015 11:06:57] New York Amir: too much
[24/03/2015 11:07:08] New York Amir: in the end we had no choice but to up the bid
[24/03/2015 11:07:13] New York Amir: no matter how good the QS is
[24/03/2015 11:07:18] New York Amir: the last thing u can do is up the bid
[24/03/2015 11:07:30] New York Amir: game over
[24/03/2015 11:07:31] silentassumptions: The good thing about PPC is, once you’ve found an industry that makes profit, you can scale it immediately.
[24/03/2015 11:07:32] New York Amir: serach ads now
[24/03/2015 11:07:42] New York Amir: im going to go for KW
[24/03/2015 11:07:47] New York Amir: now like “how to focus well”
[24/03/2015 11:07:53] New York Amir: the ones that have no compeition
[24/03/2015 11:07:58] New York Amir: maybe a lower CTR
[24/03/2015 11:08:12] New York Amir: they get tons of search volume
[24/03/2015 11:08:19] New York Amir: tons no ad compeitoin
[24/03/2015 11:08:22] Jared: I set up a Display Network campaign using customized sites I scraped. It seems promising so far.
[24/03/2015 11:08:24] New York Amir: yet tehey’re not buyer intent
[24/03/2015 11:08:25] silentassumptions: You need to keep at it, PPC is mostly A/B testing. Bid modifiers are great. Also, reference Analytics. That is key.
[24/03/2015 11:08:25] New York Amir: KW
[24/03/2015 11:08:28] New York Amir: thats the yrpoblem
[24/03/2015 11:08:33] New York Amir: i use bid modifers
[24/03/2015 11:08:35] New York Amir: but the problem is
[24/03/2015 11:08:36] silentassumptions: Jared, there’s a custom Analytic Dashboard you NEED to have.
[24/03/2015 11:08:38] New York Amir: the bidders
[24/03/2015 11:08:40] New York Amir: are bididng
[24/03/2015 11:08:44] New York Amir: a lot of teh bid modiffers
[24/03/2015 11:08:45] silentassumptions: Shall I provide you the URL?
[24/03/2015 11:08:48] New York Amir: u cant compeoted against the
[24/03/2015 11:08:51] New York Amir: if the adveristers
[24/03/2015 11:08:53] Jared: Sure.
[24/03/2015 11:09:04] New York Amir: are all attacking the phrase match ty pe
[24/03/2015 11:09:09] New York Amir: for exampoe they were all attacking
[24/03/2015 11:09:14] New York Amir: my exact and phrsase match types
[24/03/2015 11:09:19] New York Amir: huge CPC estimated bid
[24/03/2015 11:09:25] New York Amir: so what i do to do to go aroun dthat?
[24/03/2015 11:09:29] New York Amir: even teh bid modifrer was rose
[24/03/2015 11:09:30] New York Amir: worse
[24/03/2015 11:09:35] New York Amir: the estimated cpcp was higher
[24/03/2015 11:09:41] New York Amir: i just uplaed a shit ton of negative KW
[24/03/2015 11:09:51] New York Amir: and used broad match so its like im using phrase match
[24/03/2015 11:09:54] New York Amir: or exatch match
[24/03/2015 11:10:01] New York Amir: big loop hole paid much lower cpc
[24/03/2015 11:10:08] New York Amir: and got on page 1 for dirt cheap
[24/03/2015 11:10:10] New York Amir: 50 cents
[24/03/2015 11:10:18] New York Amir: while bidders were paying 2.44
[24/03/2015 11:10:20] New York Amir: on page 1
[24/03/2015 11:10:24] New York Amir: even more
[24/03/2015 11:10:39] New York Amir: thats the loophole i found if u find to omuch compeition on phrase or exactc match
[24/03/2015 11:10:44] silentassumptions: https://www.google.com/analytics/web/template?uid=vJ64OXK9STCCDFEuoJCdQg
[24/03/2015 11:10:47] New York Amir: or broad moifer
[24/03/2015 11:10:51] silentassumptions: Synch it to your current Analytic Profile.
[24/03/2015 11:11:00] silentassumptions: It will provide some excellent insight into your Adword campaign.
[24/03/2015 11:11:00] New York Amir: big r i pay u 100 bucks if build a 20 page site
[24/03/2015 11:11:07] New York Amir: in 1 day
[24/03/2015 11:11:26] New York Amir: way ahead of you
[24/03/2015 11:11:27] New York Amir: zueski
[24/03/2015 11:11:31] New York Amir: i already have ti linked
[24/03/2015 11:11:35] New York Amir: to my adwords account
[24/03/2015 11:11:37] New York Amir: terackin etc..
[24/03/2015 11:11:38] New York Amir: all of it
[24/03/2015 11:11:43] New York Amir: webmasters tools hooked to it
[24/03/2015 11:11:47] New York Amir: so i can see wembasetr metrics
[24/03/2015 11:11:53] New York Amir: all connected
[24/03/2015 11:12:00] New York Amir: im in analytics like a mad man
[24/03/2015 11:12:05] New York Amir: stydying every metric
[24/03/2015 11:12:12] New York Amir: mastering it slowly
[24/03/2015 11:12:19] New York Amir: used just about evey metric
[24/03/2015 11:12:26] silentassumptions: The best way to use Analytics is by creating custom dashboards that are applicable to your campaign.
[24/03/2015 11:12:28] New York Amir: secondary metrics used goal conversions
[24/03/2015 11:12:36] New York Amir: set up behavrio event action tracking
[24/03/2015 11:12:45] silentassumptions: You can essentially summarise everything that Analytics offers in about 6 customised Dashboards.
[24/03/2015 11:12:46] New York Amir: for CTA clicks
[24/03/2015 11:13:01] silentassumptions: Google Drive is very impressive, too.
[24/03/2015 11:13:07] silentassumptions: You can import data from Analytics into Google Drive.
[24/03/2015 11:13:19] New York Amir: ya i know
[24/03/2015 11:13:22] silentassumptions: Essentially, you can have a Drive document that automatically updates, and gives you all the key information you want about a campaign.
[24/03/2015 11:13:23] New York Amir: i use it for my spreadsheets
[24/03/2015 11:13:26] New York Amir: all the time
[24/03/2015 11:13:41] silentassumptions: You can send email lists through Google Drive.
[24/03/2015 11:13:49] silentassumptions: Best way of outreaching without having to pay for mail servers.
[24/03/2015 11:13:49] New York Amir: big bulk
[24/03/2015 11:14:03] silentassumptions: There’s an entire XML programming language around Google Drive.
[24/03/2015 11:15:19] New York Amir: big xml
[24/03/2015 11:15:21] New York Amir: coffee time
[24/03/2015 11:15:33] New York Amir: made soem sales from his supplement
[24/03/2015 11:15:42] New York Amir: we did turn his busiens around
[24/03/2015 11:15:49] New York Amir: his friend burned 70 bucks thorugh ads
[24/03/2015 11:15:50] New York Amir: ads
[24/03/2015 11:15:51] New York Amir: no sales
[24/03/2015 11:15:53] New York Amir: a week
[24/03/2015 13:23:09] Jared: Big sleeps
[26/03/2015 02:25:01] Jared: http://moz.com/community/q/google-s-mobile-update-what-we-know-so-far-updated-3-25
[26/03/2015 02:25:25] Jared: Make sure your sites are mobile-friendly by April 21st and you could see a nice bump in mobile traffic.
[30/03/2015 10:39:04] silentassumptions: http://searchengineland.com/yoast-wordpress-seo-plugin-vulnerable-to-hackers-216656
[30/03/2015 10:39:11] silentassumptions: Make sure to update your Yoast SEO plugin.
[30/03/2015 10:49:47] New York Amir: big seo big seo
[30/03/2015 10:49:56] New York Amir: big robin big robin
[30/03/2015 11:21:03] Jared: WordPress autoupdated the plugin once the vulnerability was discovered.
[01/04/2015 11:52:12] New York Amir: BIG FUcKING SALES
[01/04/2015 11:52:19] New York Amir: did we make 5 k this week WE DID
[01/04/2015 11:52:37] New York Amir: turning this company into a multimillion dollar company
[01/04/2015 11:52:44] Muhammad ilyas: ok
[01/04/2015 11:52:57] New York Amir: muhammed u still doing seo
[01/04/2015 11:53:01] New York Amir: like its 1995?
[01/04/2015 11:53:05] New York Amir: directory sites?
[01/04/2015 11:53:17] Muhammad ilyas: yes you can seen on google
[01/04/2015 11:53:19] New York Amir: LOL
[01/04/2015 11:53:23] New York Amir: take 9 years
[01/04/2015 11:53:25] New York Amir: of muhammed to rank
[01/04/2015 11:53:30] Muhammad ilyas: you can search google top directory site
[01/04/2015 11:53:32] Muhammad ilyas: lol
[01/04/2015 11:53:33] New York Amir: LOL
[01/04/2015 11:53:36] New York Amir: muahmmed
[01/04/2015 11:53:42] New York Amir: no one uses directory anymore
[01/04/2015 11:53:44] Muhammad ilyas: Lol amir
[01/04/2015 11:53:46] New York Amir: thats like 20 years ago
[01/04/2015 11:53:48] New York Amir: my friend
[01/04/2015 11:53:54] New York Amir: thats the worse way
[01/04/2015 11:53:56] New York Amir: u can seo a site now
[01/04/2015 11:54:08] New York Amir: those days are gone
[01/04/2015 11:54:28] New York Amir: blogger outreach muhammed
[01/04/2015 11:54:32] New York Amir: and gsa
[01/04/2015 11:54:42] Muhammad ilyas: ok !
[01/04/2015 11:54:52] New York Amir: blogger outreach u can rank a site in one month
[01/04/2015 11:54:53] Muhammad ilyas: but bro this time i can work a australia website
[01/04/2015 11:54:54] New York Amir: and be number 1
[01/04/2015 11:54:56] New York Amir: directly site
[01/04/2015 11:54:58] Muhammad ilyas: ok !
[01/04/2015 11:54:59] New York Amir: = 5 months
[01/04/2015 11:55:06] New York Amir: big austrialia
[01/04/2015 11:55:06] Muhammad ilyas: ok
[01/04/2015 11:55:16] silentassumptions: Amir, you make $5K through PPC?
[01/04/2015 11:55:19] New York Amir: ya
[01/04/2015 11:55:22] New York Amir: just made 5 k
[01/04/2015 11:55:36] New York Amir: not all the 5 k is from PPC
[01/04/2015 11:55:39] Muhammad ilyas: not need ppc becasue i have some local ads website
[01/04/2015 11:55:42] New York Amir: its from organic methods
[01/04/2015 11:55:45] New York Amir: we’re using
[01/04/2015 11:55:48] silentassumptions: Wow, what the fuck?
[01/04/2015 11:55:50] New York Amir: to get direct sales as well
[01/04/2015 11:55:52] New York Amir: ya
[01/04/2015 11:55:59] Muhammad ilyas: yea
[01/04/2015 11:56:02] New York Amir: 45 percent of it is from ppc
[01/04/2015 11:56:11] New York Amir: rest is organic and social media
[01/04/2015 11:56:14] Muhammad ilyas: ya
[01/04/2015 11:56:15] Muhammad ilyas: dear amir at this time
[01/04/2015 11:56:17] New York Amir: and from returning customers
[01/04/2015 11:56:19] silentassumptions: 5K Profit / Sales?
[01/04/2015 11:56:25] Muhammad ilyas: you countnry time
[01/04/2015 11:56:30] New York Amir: 40 % of our profit is
[01/04/2015 11:56:33] New York Amir: coming from returning
[01/04/2015 11:56:34] New York Amir: 60 new
[01/04/2015 11:56:42] silentassumptions: Does anyone here use Joomla by any chance?
[01/04/2015 11:56:44] New York Amir: 5 k
[01/04/2015 11:56:45 | Edited 11:56:53] Muhammad ilyas: dear amir your country how many $/hours SEO work ?
[01/04/2015 11:56:52] New York Amir: 5k net profit after revenue
[01/04/2015 11:57:00] Muhammad ilyas: [01 April 2015 11:56] Muhammad ilyas:

<<< dear amir your country how many $/hours SEO work ?
[01/04/2015 11:57:01] silentassumptions: Fucking hell.
[01/04/2015 11:57:06] Muhammad ilyas: [01 April 2015 11:56] Muhammad ilyas:

<<< dear amir your country how many $/hours SEO work ?
[01/04/2015 11:57:13] New York Amir: muhammed
[01/04/2015 11:57:14] silentassumptions: Which Amir are you on about?
[01/04/2015 11:57:15] New York Amir: i dont know
[01/04/2015 11:57:25] New York Amir: how many hourse seo peolpe make
[01/04/2015 11:57:27] New York Amir: i just do my own shit
[01/04/2015 11:57:31] New York Amir: and make money
[01/04/2015 11:57:37] Muhammad ilyas: ok!
[01/04/2015 11:57:38] New York Amir: the supplement
[01/04/2015 11:57:43] New York Amir: for my friends site
[01/04/2015 11:57:43] Muhammad ilyas: ok !
[01/04/2015 11:57:45] New York Amir: i have another client
[01/04/2015 11:57:49] New York Amir: who wasnts me to ppc
[01/04/2015 11:57:52] New York Amir: his fishing tackle
[01/04/2015 11:57:59] New York Amir: he has fishing gear
[01/04/2015 11:58:01] New York Amir: made in china sent to the usa
[01/04/2015 11:58:14] New York Amir: big 5k
[01/04/2015 11:58:26] New York Amir: big all those times reaind over 4000 pages
[01/04/2015 11:58:31] New York Amir: paid off
[01/04/2015 11:58:33] New York Amir: reading*
[01/04/2015 11:58:51] New York Amir: we’re using gueriall online marketing tactic
[01/04/2015 11:58:58] New York Amir: non-orthodox
[01/04/2015 11:59:02] New York Amir: guerilla
[01/04/2015 11:59:45] New York Amir: big muhammed
[01/04/2015 11:59:53] New York Amir: big gsa my friend black hat seo i dare you
[01/04/2015 12:03:13] Robin: congrats amir
[01/04/2015 12:03:52] Muhammad ilyas: ok
[01/04/2015 12:04:04] Muhammad ilyas: you have SEO client ?
[01/04/2015 12:04:05 | Edited 12:04:10] Jared: Global Smart Pills Market Worth $8.98 Billion by 2024 http://www.marketwatch.com/story/global-smart-pills-market-worth-898-billion-by-2024-2015-03-25
[01/04/2015 12:04:19] Jared: We’re aiming for at least a 1% marketshare.
[01/04/2015 12:04:25] Muhammad ilyas: wait a minut i seen link
[01/04/2015 12:05:29] Jared: $89.8 million is decent money.
[01/04/2015 12:10:16] Muhammad ilyas: ok
[01/04/2015 12:10:55] Muhammad ilyas: (y)
[01/04/2015 12:11:34 | Edited 12:11:59] Muhammad ilyas: if you have client about SEO i can work for your client and can give you 50% comession !
[01/04/2015 12:11:46] Muhammad ilyas: i have 3 year SEO exprince !
[01/04/2015 12:25:32 | Removed 12:25:44] Jared: This message has been removed.
[01/04/2015 12:25:56] Jared: ilyas6462, type /leave
[01/04/2015 12:26:18] Muhammad ilyas: yes brother
[01/04/2015 12:26:30] Muhammad ilyas: ilyas6462 is my skype adress !
[01/04/2015 12:26:32] Muhammad ilyas: 🙂
[01/04/2015 12:26:51] Robin: lol
[01/04/2015 12:28:03] Muhammad ilyas: lol2
[01/04/2015 12:33:12] silentassumptions: lol3
[01/04/2015 12:33:25] Muhammad ilyas: lol4
[01/04/2015 12:36:37] New York Amir: LOL
[01/04/2015 12:36:41] New York Amir: 50 % comimission?
[01/04/2015 12:36:43] New York Amir: lol
[01/04/2015 12:36:48] New York Amir: big muhammed jared is workign with me
[01/04/2015 12:36:53] New York Amir: he’s my associate
[01/04/2015 12:36:57] New York Amir: for the same client
[01/04/2015 12:37:01] New York Amir: 50 lool
[01/04/2015 12:37:03] New York Amir: are unuts
[01/04/2015 12:37:16] New York Amir: big give u .50 percent commission
[01/04/2015 12:37:20] New York Amir: if u can rank and make sales
[01/04/2015 12:37:31] New York Amir: wont pay u until u do some big seo
[01/04/2015 12:41:42] Jared: Muhammed, my Aladding-looking friend, would you be willing to work on a pay-per-performance basis?
[01/04/2015 12:41:50] Jared: The better you do, the more you earn.
[01/04/2015 12:42:14] New York Amir: lol
[01/04/2015 12:42:15] Jared: If you fail, as I’m told you would, you’d earn the same as Robin: $0.00.
[01/04/2015 12:42:20] New York Amir: lolol
[01/04/2015 12:42:31] Jared: Zero dollars and zero cents.
[01/04/2015 13:29:48] Jared: https://com.google/
[01/04/2015 13:29:57] Jared: Google trying to get cute for April Fools Day.
[01/04/2015 14:01:53] silentassumptions: So that’s where the Russian alphabet derives from.
[06/04/2015 16:20:45] Jared: God, Monday’s suck.
[14/04/2015 16:05:15] silentassumptions: How’s everyone doing? We making big bucks yet people?
[14/04/2015 16:56:38] Jared: Sorry for the delayed response, I was busy counting my money.
[14/04/2015 17:07:33] Jared: $4.53, all in pennies (hence why it took a while).
[14/04/2015 19:13:40] *** Jared added White British Heterosexual Male ***
[14/04/2015 19:18:47] Jared: What’s the easiest way to earn $200 a month?
[14/04/2015 20:38:11] silentassumptions: Why do you ask, Jared?
[14/04/2015 20:38:35] silentassumptions: Have you rinsed your capital?
[14/04/2015 20:39:22] silentassumptions: I have some projects you can get involved in if you want some quick cash.
[14/04/2015 20:39:44] silentassumptions: Will you be available to talk about it? I have a date to attend.
[14/04/2015 20:40:39] silentassumptions: With my finance manager, ironically. She could spam my inbox all night and I still wouldn’t hit unsuscribe. 😉
[19/04/2015 22:49:23] Jared: Sites that use LiveFyre and Disqus comments are a great way to bring in traffic.
[19/04/2015 22:49:40] Jared: Clickable links, and very rarely moderated.
[19/04/2015 22:50:47] Jared: Lots of high-traffic sites use them, too. We’ve (me and Amir) are getting probably one-third of our nootropics sales from comments left on a few relevant CNN pages.
[19/04/2015 22:59:33] Jared: http://web.livefyre.com/customers/
[19/04/2015 23:01:02] Jared: Some major sites that use LiveFyre. If you see any that are relevant to any site your promoting, it’s well worth leaving comments on their articles. I use subtle spam.
[19/04/2015 23:02:42 | Edited 23:03:11] Jared: For example, me and Amir are (very slowly) doing a luxury lifestyle e-commerce site. So, Livefyre-enabled sites like Fortune, GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Wall Street Journal can bring us good, relevant traffic.
[20/04/2015 00:29:23] silentassumptions: I’ve never looked into it, to be fair. Are you generating backlinks in the process?
[20/04/2015 00:30:05] silentassumptions: I’m assuming they’d be no-follow links, even then, it gives any linking portfolio a boost of credibility. I’ll look into this tomorrow at work.
[20/04/2015 00:56:18] Jared: Yeah, it’s all no-follow stuff, but you’re doing it for the traffic, not direct SEO benefits.
[20/04/2015 00:56:33 | Edited 00:56:45] Jared: Think of it as free PPC, depending on how targeted the page is.
[20/04/2015 00:56:47] Jared: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Acnn.com+nootropics&gws_rd=ssl
[20/04/2015 00:57:29] Jared: CNN has quite a few articles specifically about nootropics/smart pills, so leaving comments on these articles can get someone selling smart pills pretty targeted traffic.
[20/04/2015 00:58:20] Jared: In fact, if you view most of those pages, you’ll see my comments.
[20/04/2015 00:58:22] Jared: http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/25/technology/nootropics-smart-drugs/
[20/04/2015 00:58:47] Jared: JaredJammer Mar 29, 2015
Smart drugs really are taking over Silicon Valley. I’m talking drugs which increase focus and memory, and, basically, give you a “brain boost.” I’ve been taken them for a while, and in my humble opinion they work. My favorite is EPIC FOCUS due to it being extremely effective and probably the most affordable smart pill out there.
You can order it here: http://synergenixlabs.com/
[20/04/2015 01:02:54] Jared: If you do enough comments, I’m confident you can get 1,000+ visitors a day at the expense of nothing more than a little time.
[20/04/2015 01:03:33] Jared: I just wish there was a way to automate the process; I haven’t found any Disqus/LiveFyre comment bots.
[20/04/2015 01:04:47] Jared: Also, Facebook comments are 100% instant and undermoderated, so those can work, too. The ony flaw with them is that the links aren’t clickable, although an added benefit is that you can comment as a Facebook page, bringing more attention to it. I’ve not had as much luck with Facebookcomments, though.
[20/04/2015 01:05:20] Jared: “Powered by Livefyre”
“Add Disqus to your site”
“Also post on Facebook”
[20/04/2015 01:05:28] Jared: ^Footprints
[20/04/2015 01:45:11] Jared: If you’re doing fine with PPC stuff, there may be no point in any of this. This is just an alternative to PPC traffic, basically.
[22/04/2015 09:30:50 | Edited 09:30:56] silentassumptions: I would be interested in knowing more about this.
[22/04/2015 09:31:11] silentassumptions: I forwarded this onto my marketing director, to get her thoughts on it.
[22/04/2015 09:31:42] silentassumptions: I think it’s not going to work so much for our clients, we were going to run an experiment on Allens Caravans.
[22/04/2015 09:32:45] silentassumptions: “I’d definitely be interested to hear more about this. The example that you/Jared gave is a health pill isn’t it – an industry that’s quite saturated and I would imagine there’s quite a lot of opportunity, however could the same be said for the likes of the caravan/park home industry? I think it would be a bit harder would it not?

Also, my other concern is extra traffic is great but will it really be relevant or will it be the type of traffic that just bounces straight off results in a big increase in the site bounce rate?

Would be interested to hear more though ”
[22/04/2015 09:34:20] silentassumptions: I guess what we’re trying to identify is how much topics/ground is covered, as I assume this is method of generating traffic is very niche specific.
[22/04/2015 10:47:02] New York Amir: not really
[22/04/2015 10:47:09] New York Amir: what we’re really trying to do is go firal
[22/04/2015 10:47:24] New York Amir: we have 2 target audiences 3 actualyl
[22/04/2015 10:47:34] New York Amir: the third 3 is for brand expsosure in general
[22/04/2015 10:47:39] New York Amir: to get really good PR
[22/04/2015 10:47:43] New York Amir: public relations
[22/04/2015 10:47:47] New York Amir: press release etc..
[22/04/2015 10:47:59] New York Amir: first target auidence is for riche people
[22/04/2015 10:48:26] New York Amir: the second is basically targetitn shopppers
[22/04/2015 10:48:34] New York Amir: 3rd just to gain brand exposure
[22/04/2015 11:25:10] silentassumptions: Yeah, what I want to know though is that the topic of drugs / pills / supplement enhancers is a largely discussed subject.
[22/04/2015 11:25:12] silentassumptions: But caravans isn’t.
[22/04/2015 11:25:27] New York Amir: not that site
[22/04/2015 11:25:28] silentassumptions: Is there much scope of opportunity for clients who are in very specific niches?
[22/04/2015 11:25:33] New York Amir: we’re doing a different site
[22/04/2015 11:25:55] New York Amir: ya why wouldnt there be?
[22/04/2015 11:26:03] New York Amir: there’s always consumers
[22/04/2015 11:26:10] New York Amir: interested in that particlur one
[22/04/2015 11:26:31] New York Amir: we’re doing another site youaintrich.com
[22/04/2015 11:26:39] New York Amir: trying to find ways to make it go virla
[22/04/2015 11:26:42] New York Amir: if we get good PR
[22/04/2015 11:26:43] New York Amir: its game over
[22/04/2015 11:26:53] New York Amir: and leavig links on big money sites
[22/04/2015 11:27:04] New York Amir: and possible mingling on twitter with celebrities
[22/04/2015 11:27:12] New York Amir: selling items that’s one of theirs or something like it
[22/04/2015 11:27:25] New York Amir: i mean the site itself the theme
[22/04/2015 11:27:30] New York Amir: itself has potential to go viral
[22/04/2015 11:27:39] New York Amir: “a new site made that provokes rich people to buy shit”
[22/04/2015 11:27:47] New York Amir: that seems a little newsworthy to me
[22/04/2015 11:27:51] New York Amir: original
[22/04/2015 11:28:33] New York Amir: if u can master virla marketing u cna take a company and make it a corp with millions in revenue
[22/04/2015 11:28:35] New York Amir: within a year
[22/04/2015 11:28:39] New York Amir: viral*
[22/04/2015 11:29:09] New York Amir: for syner im trying to do the same thing
[22/04/2015 11:29:18] New York Amir: maybe have his friend jump out a plane
[22/04/2015 11:29:24] New York Amir: into a ring of fire
[22/04/2015 11:29:30] New York Amir: with epic focus tattood on his back
[22/04/2015 11:29:47] New York Amir: science to it
[23/04/2015 12:44:19] Jared: Is anyone still using GSA?
[23/04/2015 12:54:25] Run_good_Brah: Lol
[23/04/2015 12:54:37] Run_good_Brah: Big ace yooooo
[23/04/2015 12:54:56] silentassumptions: Yes, I’ve been using GSA for Tier 2 links.
[23/04/2015 12:55:02] silentassumptions: Not me per say, someone at our agency is using it.
[23/04/2015 12:55:15] Jared: Yeah, I think me and Amir are gonna do it.
[23/04/2015 12:55:23] Run_good_Brah: big gsa
[23/04/2015 12:55:26] Run_good_Brah: lol
[23/04/2015 12:55:27] Jared: Apparently, if done right, you can still clean up with it.
[23/04/2015 12:55:44] silentassumptions: GSA is really good. It’s the crème de la crème of SEO software.
[23/04/2015 12:55:55] Jared: I’ve been too big of a pussy to use an all-out spam attack so far.
[23/04/2015 12:55:57] silentassumptions: If you know how to use it properly, you can build some really good links.
[23/04/2015 12:56:07] Jared: Yeah, I’m reading up on it now.
[23/04/2015 12:56:07] silentassumptions: You’re going to spam your way to page one?
[23/04/2015 12:56:20] Jared: http://www.blackhatunderground.net/forum/blackhat-seo-marketing-and-traffic-generation/anyone-ranking-with-gsa-long-term/
[23/04/2015 12:56:25] Jared: Not Nails, no.
[23/04/2015 12:56:31] Jared: A new site.
[23/04/2015 12:56:49] Jared: Although, if this works, I may work up the nerve to do it with Nails, too.
[23/04/2015 12:56:53] silentassumptions: Use black hat and reinforce with white hat, that works.
[23/04/2015 12:57:10] Jared: I’m gonna perfect spam.
[23/04/2015 12:57:15] silentassumptions: Lol
[23/04/2015 12:57:32] Jared: God, there’s so much money in this line of work.
[23/04/2015 12:57:34] Jared: It’s sickening.
[23/04/2015 12:57:35] silentassumptions: Jared’s going to change his name to Sanjay Patel.
[23/04/2015 12:57:39] Jared: Lol
[23/04/2015 12:58:10] silentassumptions: Use Google Drive for spam. You can essentially do mass email marketing under a gmail account.
[23/04/2015 12:58:19] Jared: Apparently, the new way to spam is just a few, h igh-quality tier 1’s, manually created.
[23/04/2015 13:20:18] New York Amir: game over with spam
[23/04/2015 13:20:26] New York Amir: web 2.0 only
[23/04/2015 13:20:28] New York Amir: for tier 1
[23/04/2015 13:20:31] New York Amir: general blogs
[23/04/2015 13:20:39] New York Amir: wp blogger etcc
[23/04/2015 13:58:47] silentassumptions: Who recommends web 2.0’s only for Tier 1 links?
[23/04/2015 13:59:01] silentassumptions: You’d be fucked if your link profile was purely web 2.0’s.
[23/04/2015 13:59:38] New York Amir: this was last years tier linking method
[23/04/2015 13:59:44] New York Amir: guy did all his web 2.0
[23/04/2015 13:59:45] New York Amir: it was fine
[23/04/2015 13:59:50] New York Amir: why woudl it be?
[23/04/2015 13:59:54] New York Amir: web 2.0 is basically
[23/04/2015 13:59:55] New York Amir: eveyr damn blog
[23/04/2015 13:59:56] New York Amir: out there
[23/04/2015 13:59:59] New York Amir: that lets u sign up
[23/04/2015 14:00:44] New York Amir: 10 web 2.0 backed up scraped tier 2 and 3
[23/04/2015 14:00:51] New York Amir: web 2.0 they said right now
[23/04/2015 14:00:58] New York Amir: is the best way to go for tier 1
[23/04/2015 14:01:01] New York Amir: safest
[23/04/2015 14:01:21] New York Amir: article submission comment on 1 is the worst
[23/04/2015 14:01:24] silentassumptions: I try to avoid keeping my eggs all in one basket. What works for one person may not work for the next.
[23/04/2015 14:01:35] New York Amir: things change
[23/04/2015 14:01:50] New York Amir: from the past onw i dont see any article submission sits
[23/04/2015 14:01:52] New York Amir: sites
[23/04/2015 14:01:55] New York Amir: even ranking
[23/04/2015 14:02:00] New York Amir: they’re gone
[23/04/2015 14:02:09] silentassumptions: We avoid those types of links, and yeah, Google has heavily clamped on them.
[23/04/2015 14:02:37] silentassumptions: You could argue that Google are giving web 2.0’s less emphasis with the amount of controversy surrounding them.
[23/04/2015 14:02:48] New York Amir: there’s too many of them out there
[23/04/2015 14:02:50] silentassumptions: They may not necessarily penalise a website, because as you said, anyone can obtain them.
[23/04/2015 14:03:03] silentassumptions: The fact that anyone can generate a web 2.0 backlink is the reason why they’re de-valued.
[23/04/2015 14:03:19] New York Amir: meh
[23/04/2015 14:03:19] silentassumptions: Moreover, a linking profile mostly composed of web 2.0’s meaning very likely that no one is linking to you.
[23/04/2015 14:03:21] New York Amir: thats up to theory
[23/04/2015 14:03:22] silentassumptions: You’re just linking to yourself.
[23/04/2015 14:03:23] New York Amir: not really
[23/04/2015 14:03:27] New York Amir: exactly
[23/04/2015 14:03:32] New York Amir: with high web 2.0
[23/04/2015 14:03:34] New York Amir: are you saying
[23/04/2015 14:03:36] New York Amir: that wp
[23/04/2015 14:03:42] New York Amir: has no link power?
[23/04/2015 14:03:45] silentassumptions: Which is not what Google wants. They use the voting analogy. Backlinks are votes.
[23/04/2015 14:03:48] silentassumptions: You can’t vote for yourself.
[23/04/2015 14:04:00] New York Amir: exactly
[23/04/2015 14:04:05] New York Amir: thast why we use proxies
[23/04/2015 14:04:06] New York Amir: etcc
[23/04/2015 14:04:08] New York Amir: looks like a real human
[23/04/2015 14:04:10] New York Amir: backlinking
[23/04/2015 14:04:15] silentassumptions: Web 2.0s can have domain authority, don’t get me wrong.
[23/04/2015 14:04:17] New York Amir: regardless google is not
[23/04/2015 14:04:19] New York Amir: goign to devalue
[23/04/2015 14:04:24] New York Amir: that in any shape
[23/04/2015 14:04:25] New York Amir: why?
[23/04/2015 14:04:29] silentassumptions: The point I’m making is that I wouldn’t rely on a fortified level of web 2.0s.
[23/04/2015 14:04:31] New York Amir: because they are monster sites
[23/04/2015 14:04:37] New York Amir: that have huge DA authority
[23/04/2015 14:04:47] New York Amir: and they’re only goign to be fuckign with the alogorithm
[23/04/2015 14:04:50] New York Amir: the algorithim
[23/04/2015 14:04:55] New York Amir: doesnt “devalue”
[23/04/2015 14:04:57] New York Amir: anything
[23/04/2015 14:05:12] New York Amir: it just puts empashizes on which links are valuable
[23/04/2015 14:05:13] silentassumptions: Can you refer me to the site that you read about web 2.0s being the god send of SEO linking strategy?
[23/04/2015 14:05:16] New York Amir: due to the trust citation
[23/04/2015 14:05:20] New York Amir: of the site
[23/04/2015 14:05:33] New York Amir: it doesnt “devalue”
[23/04/2015 14:05:37] New York Amir: any times of sites
[23/04/2015 14:05:40] New York Amir: not how the algo works
[23/04/2015 14:05:46 | Edited 14:05:56] silentassumptions: The theory can very well be argued, but I would like to see experimental data verifying it, and moreso than just one guy’s recommendation.
[23/04/2015 14:05:59] New York Amir: ima bout to run one now
[23/04/2015 14:06:05] New York Amir: itll work
[23/04/2015 14:06:12] New York Amir: in fact it hink all our pags
[23/04/2015 14:06:15] New York Amir: for whn
[23/04/2015 14:06:17] New York Amir: are mostly blogs
[23/04/2015 14:06:19] silentassumptions: Enshallah. Let me know man.
[23/04/2015 14:06:27] New York Amir: still mix in wiki jacker
[23/04/2015 14:06:35] New York Amir: and dead smo pages like tumblr
[23/04/2015 14:06:43] New York Amir: u can reactiave the link and redirect the 301
[23/04/2015 14:07:04] silentassumptions: I’d want to read up more on that.
[23/04/2015 14:07:32] silentassumptions: I’m not entirely clued up on the logistics to comment.
[23/04/2015 14:08:05] Jared: Basically, we’re doing more up-to-date automated tiered linking.
[23/04/2015 14:08:52] Jared: We use a much smaller number of tier 1 sites, aiming for quality over quantity.
[23/04/2015 14:09:23] Jared: We make our tier 1’s as high a quality as possible — good, trustworthy domains, good content, etc.
[23/04/2015 14:09:44] Jared: We then power up these sites with typical tiered linking.
[23/04/2015 14:10:15 | Edited 14:10:30] Jared: It’s pretty much the same ol’ tiered linking, just with more emphasis on tier 1 being quality.
[23/04/2015 14:10:59] silentassumptions: That’s interesting.
[23/04/2015 14:12:24] silentassumptions: We’re building a private blog network at work, a network of websites that each generate some revenue, purchasing authoritative expired domains with cleaning linking profiles as a catalyst, then using that PBN to generate the Tier 1 links.
[23/04/2015 14:12:32] Jared: Yeah, it’s based on the idea that a small number of links can be highly effective as long as those links are powerful. We power them up via a lot of spam. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but there are still people who swear you can rank just about anything this way.
[23/04/2015 14:13:01] silentassumptions: Under this umbrella of websites includes, Clean That Carpet, AyeSL, Scrap Car Sumo, and some other ventures that were abandoned during my freelance career.
[23/04/2015 14:13:02] Jared: There are enough people saying it for me to believe it.
[23/04/2015 14:13:40] Jared: And I know WHN’s rankings came almost entirely though spam, first-time spam, too. I didn’t even do it particularly well.
[23/04/2015 14:13:47] Jared: It’s stayed steady for going on a year now.
[23/04/2015 14:14:08] silentassumptions: You were going to get slapped though, had there not of been some intervention.
[23/04/2015 14:14:09] Jared: Google’s algorithm may be improving, but it can still be outdone.
[23/04/2015 14:14:15] silentassumptions: A few months ago, your trust and citation flow was critical.
[23/04/2015 14:14:36] silentassumptions: The issue is that, if the rankings are not sustainable, the capital and time investment just isn’t worth it.
[23/04/2015 14:14:45] silentassumptions: For the sake of a few conversions.
[23/04/2015 14:14:48] silentassumptions: Which is why black hat really has to be taken with a pinch of salt.
[23/04/2015 14:15:19] silentassumptions: I’m regimented at work, and we have a team. To demonstrate a point of how successful we are at SEO, we had taken the keyword “caravans” which was ranked 66 5 months ago, and is now at the bottom of page one.
[23/04/2015 14:15:36] silentassumptions: Here’s an opportunity for you, and Amir.
[23/04/2015 14:16:03] Jared: There’s not a lot of time or money in churn & burn.
[23/04/2015 14:16:04] silentassumptions: If you want to optimise your websites under our agency’s umbrella, you can do, I can make it happen. We will pay for all of the overheads, but we have a stake in the revenue generated.
[23/04/2015 14:16:34] silentassumptions: You just need to present your pitch in a document that I can forward to my Managing Director.
[23/04/2015 14:16:43] Jared: A domain, cheap hosting, a few proxies — all in all, it’s probably $30 and 30 hours or so.
[23/04/2015 14:16:55] Jared: Maybe not even 30 hours.
[23/04/2015 14:16:58] silentassumptions: We’re buying expired domains up to $500.
[23/04/2015 14:17:04] silentassumptions: With solid authority and trust flow.
[23/04/2015 14:17:10] silentassumptions: Wouldn’t you guys want to experiment with data like this?
[23/04/2015 14:17:26] silentassumptions: Wouldn’t you guys want in house UK content writers generating all of your content?
[23/04/2015 14:17:28] silentassumptions: Updating your blogs?
[23/04/2015 14:17:34] silentassumptions: Updating your social media?
[23/04/2015 14:17:44] silentassumptions: Etc.
[23/04/2015 14:17:46] silentassumptions: Think about it.
[23/04/2015 14:17:49] silentassumptions: Brb.
[23/04/2015 14:19:02] Jared: It’s up to Amir #2.
[23/04/2015 14:19:07] Jared: Or #1 . . . whichever.
[23/04/2015 14:19:17] New York Amir: we’re good right nw
[23/04/2015 14:19:18] New York Amir: actually
[23/04/2015 14:19:23] New York Amir: we have a client that funds
[23/04/2015 14:19:24] New York Amir: stuff
[23/04/2015 14:19:30] New York Amir: and getting a social media engager
[23/04/2015 14:19:35] New York Amir: but thanks
[23/04/2015 14:22:44] Jared: Hmm
[23/04/2015 14:23:49] Jared: There are people who say that if you do tiered linking properly, with clean tier 1 links, it’s permanent. Maybe that’s wishful think. We’ll see.
[23/04/2015 14:24:17] New York Amir: difficult to catch on
[23/04/2015 14:24:22] New York Amir: how to follow links throughout links
[23/04/2015 14:24:34] New York Amir: web of links its too mcuh
[23/04/2015 14:24:35] New York Amir: much
[23/04/2015 14:24:47] New York Amir: needa new state of the art engine
[23/04/2015 14:24:49] Jared: Google can still be outsmarted.
[23/04/2015 14:24:52] New York Amir: which googls isnt there yet
[23/04/2015 14:24:57] New York Amir: and secondly anytime they update something
[23/04/2015 14:25:00] New York Amir: a new spam technique
[23/04/2015 14:25:06] New York Amir: always comes out
[23/04/2015 14:25:24] New York Amir: always will be spam tech
[23/04/2015 14:25:26] New York Amir: that will never stop
[23/04/2015 14:25:32] New York Amir: just liek how youcant stop hacking
[23/04/2015 14:25:33] New York Amir: like
[23/04/2015 14:25:52] Jared: Churn & burn is worth a shot.
[23/04/2015 14:26:01] Jared: We’ll see how things go.
[23/04/2015 14:26:36 | Edited 14:26:50] Jared: I definitely want stable sites in the long run; I don’t want to build my future on spam, but if it’s possible to earn good money through spam, I’m all for it.
[23/04/2015 14:26:41] New York Amir: just keep on the churn
[23/04/2015 14:26:46] New York Amir: looplines sites lasted years
[23/04/2015 14:26:53] New York Amir: just set up multip sites
[23/04/2015 14:26:58] New York Amir: spam if it gets shot down
[23/04/2015 14:26:59] New York Amir: new sites
[23/04/2015 14:27:00] Jared: I do like the idea.
[23/04/2015 14:27:02] New York Amir: back up sites
[23/04/2015 14:27:10] New York Amir: all birning in mad money
[23/04/2015 14:27:12] New York Amir: from affliate marketing
[23/04/2015 14:27:14] New York Amir: its game over
[23/04/2015 14:27:19] Jared: Tier 1 links on powerful sites that will be able to withstand the spam of tier 2.
[23/04/2015 14:27:23] New York Amir: 10 sites
[23/04/2015 14:27:26] New York Amir: at least 20 k each
[23/04/2015 14:27:31] New York Amir: 10 k each site
[23/04/2015 14:27:36] New York Amir: spam that shit to hell
[23/04/2015 14:28:00] Jared: Our idea is to rank for easy-to-moderate longtail product keywords using this method.
[23/04/2015 14:28:15] New York Amir: easy preferrable
[23/04/2015 14:28:17] New York Amir: to none
[23/04/2015 14:28:21] Jared: Yeah.
[23/04/2015 14:28:23] New York Amir: we want the least
[23/04/2015 14:28:26] New York Amir: backlinking
[23/04/2015 14:28:28] New York Amir: amount of possible
[23/04/2015 14:28:35] New York Amir: thats why kw research
[23/04/2015 14:28:38] New York Amir: is so important
[23/04/2015 14:29:04] Jared: I’m going to throw in a few tougher keywords just to more thoroughly test the effectiveness of the method.
[23/04/2015 14:29:17] New York Amir: tougher the kw the more link poweru need
[23/04/2015 14:29:39] silentassumptions: That’s cool, I think it would be a really good opportunity, so I’m going to do one of my infamous Amir ball ache paragraph pitches, hopefully I can persuade you.

As it stands, Amir, our agency has licenses for some of the most desired software / apps in the digital marketing industry, including but not limited to: SearchMetrics, Majestic SEO, AnalyticsSEO, CrazyEgg, custom CRMs, custom Keyword Research tools, every GSA Software…

We all have a crazy amount of ventures, and trying to maintain X, Y and Z whilst fantasising about ideas A, B and C isn’t going to get much accomplished.

I would suggest we amalgamate our projects, identify which ones are the most profitable, and optimise the fuck out of them with a strategy we can collectively refine, all with the financial backing of our agency and the resources they have, especially the content writers.

No amount of funding can justify funding, resource and expertise.
[23/04/2015 14:29:41] Jared: There are so many different makes and models of cameras, televisions, laptops, etc., that there’s plenty of opportunity.
[23/04/2015 14:29:51] silentassumptions: Don’t just make a decision now, think about it and let me know tomorrow.
[23/04/2015 14:30:06] New York Amir: i stricty
[23/04/2015 14:30:08] New York Amir: do not
[23/04/2015 14:30:12] New York Amir: want to work with any agency
[23/04/2015 14:30:13] New York Amir: at all
[23/04/2015 14:30:20] New York Amir: no offense
[23/04/2015 14:30:42] silentassumptions: You’d be working with me, through an agency. Either way, why?
[23/04/2015 14:30:48] New York Amir: doesnt matter
[23/04/2015 14:30:52] New York Amir: we got our stuff giong
[23/04/2015 14:30:54] New York Amir: we making bak
[23/04/2015 14:30:55] New York Amir: bank
[23/04/2015 14:30:59] New York Amir: decent amount
[23/04/2015 14:31:03] New York Amir: and we’re just goign to make more
[23/04/2015 14:31:10] New York Amir: we really dont need the agency’s help
[23/04/2015 14:31:22] New York Amir: we plus
[23/04/2015 14:31:27] New York Amir: all our ads are funded
[23/04/2015 14:31:31] silentassumptions: I do remember the other day that Jared was pleading for $200, I can’t imagine it’s going all that well.
[23/04/2015 14:31:33] silentassumptions: But okay.
[23/04/2015 14:31:33] New York Amir: we dont really pay for antying
[23/04/2015 14:31:36] New York Amir: at all
[23/04/2015 14:31:40] New York Amir: everything is paid for
[23/04/2015 14:31:43] silentassumptions: Sorry, that was low blow.
[23/04/2015 14:31:47] silentassumptions: But okay, I respect that.
[23/04/2015 14:31:58] New York Amir: we just got paid
[23/04/2015 14:32:05] New York Amir: dude late on the payment
[23/04/2015 14:32:07] New York Amir: and plus
[23/04/2015 14:32:12] New York Amir: we’re still waiting on affliate money
[23/04/2015 14:32:16] New York Amir: u know how long that takes right?
[23/04/2015 14:32:19] New York Amir: most take amonth
[23/04/2015 14:32:38] Jared: Pleading?
[23/04/2015 14:32:49] silentassumptions: Enquiring.
[23/04/2015 14:33:01] New York Amir: jared just got a nice 300 dollar
[23/04/2015 14:33:03] New York Amir: this week
[23/04/2015 14:33:15] Jared: [14 April 2015 19:18] Jared:

<<< What’s the easiest way to earn $200 a month?
[23/04/2015 14:33:15] New York Amir: just paid him this monring
[23/04/2015 14:33:21] New York Amir: through paypal
[23/04/2015 14:33:22] Jared: Actually, I was asking that for Tom.
[23/04/2015 14:33:35] Jared: He was wanting to find a way to earn around $200 a month online.
[23/04/2015 14:33:40] silentassumptions: Oh, right. I asked you in PM about it and thought you were in a tight spot.
[23/04/2015 14:33:43 | Edited 14:33:45] Jared: I told him it’s not much, and it shouldn’t be that hard.
[23/04/2015 14:33:51] silentassumptions: Which is why I offered you to do CTC and other tings.
[23/04/2015 14:34:28] silentassumptions: Well, if times ever get bad (and they will, I was drained financially on and off during my freelance days), and you need extra work, PM me.
[23/04/2015 14:35:24] silentassumptions: I still have a task of 10 WP sites to the same calibre of http://cleanthatcarpet.co.uk (which Jared designed pretty much in under a day), for $500
[23/04/2015 14:36:11] silentassumptions: It does take someone pretty talented to churn sites out that quickly and make them look that good, if you do an all day operation you can probably finish it in 3 days.
[23/04/2015 14:36:33] silentassumptions: Let me know, I need a decision by Monday on that one otherwise we’ll outsource it to Pakistan, i3’s good a pretty good team there.
[23/04/2015 14:38:27] Jared: if you mean me, I doubt I have the time.
[23/04/2015 14:39:03] Jared: 10 sites?
[23/04/2015 14:39:08] silentassumptions: Yea.
[23/04/2015 14:39:12] Jared: How much content?
[23/04/2015 14:39:22] silentassumptions: To the same standard as Clean That Carpet.
[23/04/2015 14:39:26] silentassumptions: You will just be porting it through.
[23/04/2015 14:39:49] New York Amir: jrod wont have time
[23/04/2015 14:39:52] Jared: Porting it through?
[23/04/2015 14:40:00] Jared: Importing?
[23/04/2015 14:40:03] Jared: Big time
[23/04/2015 14:40:05] New York Amir: got too stuff the labelign guy we have to meet
[23/04/2015 14:40:15] silentassumptions: You guys meeting up in real time?
[23/04/2015 14:40:15] New York Amir: tomorrow and the new ad page
[23/04/2015 14:40:22] New York Amir: conference call
[23/04/2015 14:40:29] silentassumptions: Jared will be talking?
[23/04/2015 14:40:36] New York Amir: big listens
[23/04/2015 14:40:46] Jared: I have a computer that speaks for me now
[23/04/2015 14:40:48] silentassumptions: Porting / importing.
[23/04/2015 14:40:52] Jared: Stephen Hawking model
[23/04/2015 14:40:52] silentassumptions: Lol
[23/04/2015 14:40:58] New York Amir: ya we have to go over tons of crap this week
[23/04/2015 14:41:04] New York Amir: set up new landing pages
[23/04/2015 14:41:11] Jared: There is lots of shit to do.
[23/04/2015 14:41:20] New York Amir: cant have u doing 10 ties
[23/04/2015 14:41:21] New York Amir: sites
[23/04/2015 14:41:23] Jared: We have to hit it big soon.
[23/04/2015 14:41:28] Jared: This shit is killing me, lol.
[23/04/2015 14:41:44] New York Amir: we got mad crap
[23/04/2015 14:41:52] Jared: I want to learn how to apply the 80/20 principle to SEO.
[23/04/2015 14:42:35] silentassumptions: Well, Jared, the option’s there until Monday, let me know either way in PM.
[23/04/2015 14:43:05] Jared: 20% of your work leads to 80% of your success. Figure out what that 20% is in SEO and Internet Marketing, make it a priority, and learn to optimize.
[23/04/2015 14:43:34] Jared: Yeah, the money could come in handy, but I really need to focus on these projects.
[23/04/2015 14:43:49] Jared: Robin can handle it, I’m sure.
[23/04/2015 14:43:59] silentassumptions: Fuck that.
[23/04/2015 14:44:03] silentassumptions: No offense, Robin.
[23/04/2015 14:44:03] Jared: Lol
[23/04/2015 14:44:52] Jared: Are comment links still of worth?
[23/04/2015 14:45:10] silentassumptions: Yes, in moderation.
[23/04/2015 14:45:13] Jared: I’m looking through Allen’s Caravans’ backlinks and the first two I see are comment links, albeit from a few years back.
[23/04/2015 14:45:32] silentassumptions: They’re better moreso to restore a more natural linking profile.
[23/04/2015 14:45:37] silentassumptions: That’s what I did for you.
[23/04/2015 14:45:50] silentassumptions: So your best links are giving you the targeted anchor text you want.
[23/04/2015 14:46:11] silentassumptions: Whilst you rack up a lot of generic and branding related anchor text through things like blog comments.
[23/04/2015 14:48:15] Jared: “I think RadiantDarkness summed just about everything up with ‘GSA works if your not an idiot'” –Loopline
[23/04/2015 14:49:28] silentassumptions: Conclusion :

In a short simple phrase, quality over quantity.

Look for hidden places with high quality PR, google are working on an old-new system called Trust Rank or TR which is the same thing that is know as PR, trust is authority what makes them different is quality !

Afford that and forgot about any new SEO headache, only if they remove backlinks dependency which is years to be implemented ( more than 10 years then they will remove them, maybe if they find something logical to do)

For anyone advanced or novice here is the best backlinks structure you can do :

Money site < Tier One (PR 5-10) anything except bookmarks and comments also piggyback or link repost
also use just a handful sites or posts in high PR sites depends on our budget.

< Tier Two (PR 3-7) anything you can put your hands on, spun articles most
have more than 90% of uniqueness and you can use bookmarks,
comments and link repost but don’t direct them to your first Tier.

< Tier Three, Four, Five or even Teen you can use spam but make it more
quality than just spamming the whole universe !
[23/04/2015 14:49:29] New York Amir: http://www.jacobking.com/gsa-ser-fail
[23/04/2015 14:49:32] silentassumptions: I like that guys comment.
[23/04/2015 14:49:34] New York Amir: http://www.jacobking.com/gsa-ser-fail
[23/04/2015 14:49:44] silentassumptions: That’s on the URL you posted earlier, Jared.
[23/04/2015 14:49:49] New York Amir: 5. You suck.

you-suck-at-seoLet’s get real, maybe you just suck. We can’t all be good spammers and most people just won’t work hard enough.

Like I mentioned above, if you expect results with GSA, you better expect to put in the grind to get there.
[23/04/2015 14:49:53] Jared: Jacob King proudly declares himself the king of spam.
[23/04/2015 14:50:00] Jared: I saw the guy’s house in New York City.
[23/04/2015 14:50:01] New York Amir: he’s killing google
[23/04/2015 14:50:03] Jared: He’s doing something right.
[23/04/2015 14:50:07] New York Amir: he’s murdering them
[23/04/2015 14:50:13] silentassumptions: When I think spam, I think Chat Avenue.
[23/04/2015 14:50:44] silentassumptions: And when I think Chat Avenue, I think fuck, don’t DDoS me.
[23/04/2015 14:50:48] Jared: Lol
[23/04/2015 14:51:33] Jared: If you can get at, or near, the top of Google for good keywords, even if it’s only for a few months, you can still make a shitload of money.
[23/04/2015 14:52:05] New York Amir: 8. You’re not using enough authority links relative to your domain.

It’s 2015, can’t just spam angela and paul’s backlinks anymore bros. Linkvana, BMR, those days have long gone. GSA is still a crucial part of the ranking puzzle, but you need other links to establish some authority to your domain. Then you have parasite pages like a Facebook page for example where you can get more aggressive but still need authoritative links to power ranks and keep things from getting to close to the danger zone.
[23/04/2015 14:52:17] Jared: If you get the method down, it’s possible you could have a churn & burn site from nothing to up and running in a couple of days.
[23/04/2015 14:52:36] Jared: Linkvana
[23/04/2015 14:52:37] Jared: Lol
[23/04/2015 14:53:23] New York Amir: 10. You’re not using DBC or some secondary captcha service.

recaptchaHow are you solving captchas? Just using GSA captcha breaker? If so, you need a secondary solver bro, I use Deathbycaptcha. It costs money yes, but if I want to get enough verified to get the job done I need it. Especially when you consider a lot of higher quality sites are
[23/04/2015 14:53:33] Jared: Parasite pages . . . pages where you can create your own page on, and leech off of the domain authority and trust.
[23/04/2015 14:53:38] silentassumptions: Lol
[23/04/2015 14:53:39] New York Amir: you consider a lot of higher quality sites are going to be using recaptcha and tougher methods of spam prevention.
[23/04/2015 14:53:40] Jared: Like Tumblr, WordPress, etc.
[23/04/2015 14:53:43] silentassumptions: Linkvana works when you buy links from there.
[23/04/2015 14:53:46] silentassumptions: And not using their PBN
[23/04/2015 14:54:10] silentassumptions: Paid links are the best.
[23/04/2015 14:54:15] silentassumptions: Why build links when you can just pay someone to do it?
[23/04/2015 14:54:23] New York Amir: cause youre’ not
[23/04/2015 14:54:26] New York Amir: really doing seo
[23/04/2015 14:54:28] New York Amir: then are you?
[23/04/2015 14:54:31] New York Amir: then just dependant
[23/04/2015 14:54:31] silentassumptions: Well you are. Lol
[23/04/2015 14:54:33] New York Amir: on peoel getting you links
[23/04/2015 14:54:35] New York Amir: no you’re not
[23/04/2015 14:54:37] New York Amir: thats not seo
[23/04/2015 14:54:44] New York Amir: thast paying someone to rank for you
[23/04/2015 14:54:54] New York Amir: to “buy links” is buying your way
[23/04/2015 14:54:56] New York Amir: through the rankings
[23/04/2015 14:55:00] silentassumptions: If we take the definition of SEO as search engine optimisation, and you’re taking a website to the top of Google by buying links, then it’s still SEO. Lol
[23/04/2015 14:55:02] New York Amir: yoiu’re outsourching your backlinking
[23/04/2015 14:55:03] New York Amir: meaning
[23/04/2015 14:55:06] New York Amir: you yourself
[23/04/2015 14:55:06] silentassumptions: Amir, it’s actually called black hat SEO.
[23/04/2015 14:55:10] silentassumptions: Which is exactly what you’re doing.
[23/04/2015 14:55:12] silentassumptions: Lol
[23/04/2015 14:55:16] New York Amir: yes “you are”
[23/04/2015 14:55:19] New York Amir: not someone else
[23/04/2015 14:55:22] New York Amir: depending on someone else
[23/04/2015 14:55:29] New York Amir: to do the backlinking for you
[23/04/2015 14:55:33] New York Amir: wont make you an seo expert
[23/04/2015 14:55:38] New York Amir: what happens if all the link farms died out
[23/04/2015 14:55:41] New York Amir: what will u do then??
[23/04/2015 14:55:42] Jared: Eh . . .
[23/04/2015 14:55:43] New York Amir: exactly
[23/04/2015 14:55:47] silentassumptions: Oh my days. Lol
[23/04/2015 14:55:49] Jared: Me and A have been over this.
[23/04/2015 14:55:53] New York Amir: exactly
[23/04/2015 14:55:59] Jared: I’m of the mindset that all I care about is the end result.
[23/04/2015 14:56:12] New York Amir: end result is only as good as being reliable
[23/04/2015 14:56:12] Jared: If buying links turns a nice ROI, I’ll happily buy links.
[23/04/2015 14:56:19] silentassumptions: Exactly, lol.
[23/04/2015 14:56:28] New York Amir: yes then what happens when that fails?
[23/04/2015 14:56:38] New York Amir: you’re stuck doing it all by yourself
[23/04/2015 14:56:44] silentassumptions: Where does the crusade stop? As long as you know what sort of links you’re getting and you know they work, does it matter if you build them?
[23/04/2015 14:56:49] Jared: You buy links from someone who knows the new method that works.
[23/04/2015 14:56:51] silentassumptions: Just to give yourself a false “SEO Expert” status?
[23/04/2015 14:57:04] silentassumptions: If you’re able to buy links and cut out the labour, you’re more of an expert rather than doing the donkey.
[23/04/2015 14:57:08] Jared: It’s good to know how to do SEO and do it yourself, but ultimately I just want to make money.
[23/04/2015 14:57:21] New York Amir: no to truly understand how to gain backlinks yourself and create them makes u knowledgabe in the game and when that fails when it coems to “backlinks”
[23/04/2015 14:57:22] silentassumptions: donkey work*
[23/04/2015 14:57:25] New York Amir: then all your sites go down
[23/04/2015 14:57:30] New York Amir: and when the other person
[23/04/2015 14:57:32] New York Amir: whe PROPERLY
[23/04/2015 14:57:37] New York Amir: decided to learn himself
[23/04/2015 14:57:42] New York Amir: is making 100 times more than you
[23/04/2015 14:57:48] New York Amir: now thats the diffference
[23/04/2015 14:57:54] New York Amir: between someone who “buys” links
[23/04/2015 14:58:01] silentassumptions: If your sites go down, you disavow and start again. Your websites stand just as much chance as failing if you do it yourself rather than someone adopting your strategy and you paying for it. Lol
[23/04/2015 14:58:05] New York Amir: and someone who understands how to actually and obtian links
[23/04/2015 14:58:10] New York Amir: there’ sno arguing that
[23/04/2015 14:58:18] silentassumptions: Amir, don’t get me wrong, I think you’re very talented at SEO, but your business and commercial savviness is not that sharp. Lol
[23/04/2015 14:58:37] New York Amir: ya yours is? LOL
[23/04/2015 14:58:46] New York Amir: how many projecs have yo ucreated
[23/04/2015 14:58:49] New York Amir: that made u tons of money?
[23/04/2015 14:58:50] New York Amir: ….
[23/04/2015 14:58:59] New York Amir: over the past what 7 years of doing seo?
[23/04/2015 14:59:06] New York Amir: u should be a millionare right now
[23/04/2015 14:59:08] silentassumptions: Well, put it this way, I can fund my own SEO projects, but let’s not make this personal.
[23/04/2015 14:59:08] New York Amir: no offense…
[23/04/2015 14:59:20] New York Amir: im just saying before u go
[23/04/2015 14:59:25] New York Amir: making criticsim on thers
[23/04/2015 14:59:25] New York Amir: others
[23/04/2015 14:59:30] New York Amir: you need to self reflect
[23/04/2015 14:59:34] New York Amir: on all the stuff you’ve been doing
[23/04/2015 14:59:37] New York Amir: in the past 7 years
[23/04/2015 14:59:46] New York Amir: what have you really accomplished
[23/04/2015 14:59:53] silentassumptions: No criticism here, I just wouldn’t you to nurture a business with Jared by not outsourcing work based on being “experts” in your field. So I gave an opinion and you got very personal over it.
[23/04/2015 14:59:55] New York Amir: none of ur business
[23/04/2015 14:59:58] New York Amir: ever succeeded
[23/04/2015 15:00:01] silentassumptions: Wow, lol. Alright, brb.
[23/04/2015 15:00:03] New York Amir: you wanted for christ sake lol
[23/04/2015 15:00:07] New York Amir: to email people
[23/04/2015 15:00:12] New York Amir: abuot your aunt dying lol
[23/04/2015 15:00:17] New York Amir: just to sell sites lol
[23/04/2015 15:00:21] New York Amir: i mean come on?
[23/04/2015 15:00:26] New York Amir: those are your “marketing” ideas
[23/04/2015 15:00:28] New York Amir: lol
[23/04/2015 15:00:46] New York Amir: hence why 7 years of seo and marketing u should be a billionare
[23/04/2015 15:00:49] New York Amir: by now
[23/04/2015 15:02:48] Jared: Big fights.
[23/04/2015 15:03:46] Jared: I don’t see the problem with buying links as long as they work. I mean, we’re doing spam right now. Not exactly the most skilled and graceful of tactics, but if it makes the bank account go up, who cares?
[23/04/2015 15:04:43] Jared: Link earning, spam, bought links . . . whatever. Just get me targeted traffic that I can convert.
[23/04/2015 15:06:29] Jared: For anyone advanced or novice here is the best backlinks structure you can do :

Money site < Tier One (PR 5-10) anything except bookmarks and comments also piggyback or link repost
also use just a handful sites or posts in high PR sites depends on our budget.

< Tier Two (PR 3-7) anything you can put your hands on, spun articles most
have more than 90% of uniqueness and you can use bookmarks,
comments and link repost but don’t direct them to your first Tier.

< Tier Three, Four, Five or even Teen you can use spam but make it more
quality than just spamming the whole universe !
[23/04/2015 15:07:17] Jared: Piggyback or link repost? What the hell does that mean?
[23/04/2015 16:23:19] silentassumptions: Alright, I’m back. Amir, I’ve apologised in PM so we can maintain the peace here.
[23/04/2015 16:23:41] silentassumptions: Piggyback or link repost? What the hell does that mean?
[23/04/2015 16:24:00 | Edited 16:24:17] silentassumptions: I’m assuming he means looking at your competitors link profile, piggybacking off it and reposting links to sites in that niche*
[23/04/2015 18:58:41] Jared: http://www.wickedfire.com/enlightened-members/177893-traffic-leaks-final-level.html
[24/04/2015 07:57:24] Jared: “I’m earning a good living and keeping a roof over my families head by doing the exact opposite of what matt cunts says!”
[24/04/2015 07:57:25] Jared: Lol
[24/04/2015 10:46:03] Jared: Robin, do you still Kontent Machine 3? Me and Amir could really use it right about now.
[24/04/2015 10:59:17] New York Amir: big seo
[24/04/2015 11:00:16] Robin: i can help u with it
[24/04/2015 11:00:33] Robin: will it cover the rest of the payment for GSA
[24/04/2015 11:01:04] Robin: my laptop broke
[24/04/2015 11:01:09] Robin: so my Skype won’t work
[24/04/2015 11:01:21] Robin: ill give the login details to amir at some point today on facebook
[24/04/2015 11:01:27] New York Amir: big seo u wont big r
[24/04/2015 11:01:44] Robin: amir i will send you the login info on Facebook at some point
[24/04/2015 11:01:46] Robin: for GSA
[24/04/2015 11:01:48] Robin: i mean
[24/04/2015 11:01:50] Robin: KM3
[24/04/2015 11:02:05] New York Amir: back to spamming
[24/04/2015 11:02:08] New York Amir: we might
[24/04/2015 11:02:11] New York Amir: game over
[24/04/2015 11:02:33] New York Amir: coverned just about everytying in ranking a site even the unorthodox methods
[24/04/2015 11:02:40] New York Amir: big time for big mastery big r
[24/04/2015 11:02:52] Robin: cool
[24/04/2015 11:03:03] New York Amir: big br big r
[24/04/2015 11:03:31] silentassumptions: Can you install KM3 on multiple PCs under one license?
[24/04/2015 14:40:55] Jared: No idea.
[24/04/2015 14:41:01] Jared: Robin, KM3?
[24/04/2015 14:48:54] silentassumptions: I have a Math Question:

• SEO has generated 52% more revenue than PPC.
• PPC has cost 56.6% more than SEO.

How much better is SEO performing than PPC?
[24/04/2015 14:49:24] New York Amir: they said
[24/04/2015 14:49:29] New York Amir: 65 % of product specifk
[24/04/2015 14:49:30] New York Amir: kw
[24/04/2015 14:49:34] New York Amir: gets clicked on the PPC section
[24/04/2015 14:49:51] silentassumptions: Mental arithmetic past one variable is missions.
[24/04/2015 14:50:16] silentassumptions: Would it just be 52 + 56.6 divided by 2. i.e. 54.3%
[24/04/2015 14:50:56] silentassumptions: Or would it be 52+56.6 i.e. 108% better
[24/04/2015 14:52:37] Jared: I think you’d divide.
[24/04/2015 14:52:45] Jared: 56.6%/52%
[24/04/2015 14:52:49] Jared: 108.8%?
[24/04/2015 14:52:56] Jared: 8.8% better?
[24/04/2015 14:53:20] Jared: Looks about right . . . pretty close on spend and revenue.
[24/04/2015 14:55:22] silentassumptions: I thought because the SEO is performing 56.6% better on a capital front, and 52% on a revenue front, then 54.3% doesn’t give it enough justice.
[24/04/2015 14:55:51] New York Amir: depends on the kw
[24/04/2015 14:56:00] New York Amir: average who knows
[24/04/2015 14:56:07] New York Amir: regardless people are making a killing from it
[24/04/2015 14:56:10] New York Amir: just got to find teh right kw
[24/04/2015 14:56:15] New York Amir: to captizlie with
[24/04/2015 14:56:37] New York Amir: like something thats no product kw
[24/04/2015 14:56:40] Jared: Big A
[24/04/2015 14:56:41] New York Amir: gets lower ad clicks
[24/04/2015 14:56:45] Jared: Is he lost, he might be.
[24/04/2015 14:57:02] Jared: We need to gather a list of tier 1-worthy sites.
[24/04/2015 14:57:20] New York Amir: gnereal sites
[24/04/2015 14:57:22] New York Amir: how many do u want
[24/04/2015 14:57:30] New York Amir: use the top general web 2.0
[24/04/2015 14:57:38] New York Amir: non specific blog related
[24/04/2015 14:57:43] New York Amir: aka blogger wp etc
[24/04/2015 14:57:48] New York Amir: the best DA
[24/04/2015 14:57:50] New York Amir: are those sites
[24/04/2015 14:58:14] New York Amir: didnt u scrape gsa tier 1
[24/04/2015 14:58:18] New York Amir: with kings method?
[24/04/2015 14:58:36] Jared: What’s his method?
[24/04/2015 14:58:51] New York Amir: the method you told me lol
[24/04/2015 14:59:01] New York Amir: the one you said where it gets really good tier backlinks
[24/04/2015 14:59:05] New York Amir: big jrod forgets
[24/04/2015 14:59:18] New York Amir: using gsa to scrape
[24/04/2015 14:59:25] New York Amir: high authority
[24/04/2015 14:59:35] Jared: Big amnesia.
[24/04/2015 14:59:44] New York Amir: i have it saved
[24/04/2015 14:59:49] New York Amir: somehwere i think in the bookmakr
[24/04/2015 15:00:00] New York Amir: u were just talking about the other day
[24/04/2015 15:00:25] *** ***
[24/04/2015 15:00:32] Jared: Some of those sites may be possibilities.
[24/04/2015 15:00:42] New York Amir: big apple.com
[24/04/2015 15:00:43] New York Amir: lol
[24/04/2015 15:00:46] Jared: Those are sites that these elite blackhatters have been using as parasite sites.
[24/04/2015 15:00:54] New York Amir: huffintonpost we might
[24/04/2015 15:01:06] New York Amir: imdb.com godo parasite page
[24/04/2015 15:01:13] New York Amir: do we boost the hell out of them
[24/04/2015 15:01:15] New York Amir: we do
[24/04/2015 15:01:23] Jared: I figure parasite sites should be good for tier 1, too, as long as they’re do-follow.
[24/04/2015 15:01:32] New York Amir: ya def
[24/04/2015 15:01:44] Jared: I already have a ton of tier 2+ sites from my old projects and from scraping.
[24/04/2015 15:02:01] New York Amir: we can always re use them
[24/04/2015 15:02:05] Jared: The new Scrapebox is such a beast you can scrape hundreds of thousands of sites in minutes.
[24/04/2015 15:02:07] New York Amir: until some of them get deleted
[24/04/2015 15:02:11] Jared: As long as we don’t get banned.
[24/04/2015 15:02:18] New York Amir: spam our way
[24/04/2015 15:02:22] Jared: You may have to scrape some, too. We need the extra IP.
[24/04/2015 15:02:31] New York Amir: i’ll have to collect proxies
[24/04/2015 15:02:43] New York Amir: big scrape proxy i imght
[24/04/2015 15:02:45] New York Amir: proxy scraper
[24/04/2015 15:02:53] New York Amir: box got a decent list too
[24/04/2015 15:02:59] New York Amir: just slow as hell
[24/04/2015 15:03:02] New York Amir: obviyls everyone runnig them
[24/04/2015 15:03:09] New York Amir: u can get some good ones
[24/04/2015 15:03:27] New York Amir: got to eat
[24/04/2015 15:03:32] New York Amir: going to add my products
[24/04/2015 15:03:42] New York Amir: im going to add 3 u can have the rest of the 3 from the list
[24/04/2015 15:03:50] New York Amir: there’s 6 more items left on that leave them for later
[24/04/2015 15:04:16] *** ***
[24/04/2015 17:20:46] Robin: KM3
[24/04/2015 17:20:50] Robin: kontent machine 3
[24/04/2015 17:34:46] silentassumptions: Lol
[24/04/2015 17:35:19] silentassumptions: You know KM is built to be a pure spamming machine when they intentionally spell content wrong.
[24/04/2015 17:35:43] silentassumptions: I should stop doubting Robin’s English.
[24/04/2015 17:35:45] silentassumptions: Just joking, lol.
[25/04/2015 10:50:51] Jared: What’s Hrefer?
[25/04/2015 10:51:12] Jared: “Xrumer is the king of links and Hrefer is the king of harvesting.

Scrapebox is no where close to what Hrefer can do. ”
[25/04/2015 10:51:22] Jared: I’m hearing good things about it.
[25/04/2015 10:51:45] Jared: Trying to learn how to create awesome GSA sitelists using Scrapebox.
[25/04/2015 12:59:22] Jared: Robin, what’s up with KM3?
[25/04/2015 12:59:32] Jared: Our WordAI trial ends tonight, so we need it asap, please.
[25/04/2015 17:03:55] Jared: Big Robinski
[25/04/2015 17:30:17] silentassumptions: Does anyone here know of any good graphic designers, who can design logos in vector format?
[25/04/2015 17:30:39] silentassumptions: I’ve never heard of Hrefer.
[25/04/2015 17:31:19] silentassumptions: Xrumer is deadly. It’s the undisputed best black hat software.
[25/04/2015 17:59:45] Robin: Jared do you need TBS with the KM3
[25/04/2015 17:59:55] Robin: silent should have the pw
[25/04/2015 18:03:07] silentassumptions: Yup, I’ll PM it to him.
[25/04/2015 18:14:42] Robin: olry
[25/04/2015 19:14:14] Jared: Any mobile SERP movements?
[25/04/2015 19:14:41] Jared: I’m running Rank Tracker now to see if there’s been any movement for my keywords.
[25/04/2015 20:30:02] Jared: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/seo-link-building/735952-gsa-platform-identifier-filter-your-link-lists-niche-relevance-obl-platform-more.html
[25/04/2015 20:30:11] Jared: GSA Platform Identifider . . . looks interesting.
[25/04/2015 20:34:08 | Edited 20:34:16] silentassumptions: According to AWR, the mobile update has only seen minor flucuations in the first 20 positions, everything thereon after hasn’t really budged.
[25/04/2015 20:34:26] silentassumptions: I was talking to someone about it last night.
[25/04/2015 20:43:52] silentassumptions: I can buy that bit of kit for you at work on Monday. You can play around with it for a month to see if it’s any good before you decide to buy your own.
[25/04/2015 20:43:56] silentassumptions: It looks pretty good.
[25/04/2015 22:10:17] silentassumptions: Can I ask someone here for a quick favour? My VPN is being gay, I want to watch a film called Interstellar but every torrent site is locked off in the UK. Can someone send me just the .torrent file and I can download it from here?
[25/04/2015 22:14:13] *** ***
[25/04/2015 22:14:15] *** ***
[25/04/2015 22:15:28] silentassumptions: Awesome, thanks man.
[26/04/2015 11:07:46] Jared: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/756723-newbie-question-churn-burn-w-email-marketing.html
[26/04/2015 11:14:31] Jared: I’m thinking . . .
[26/04/2015 11:14:47] Jared: Churn & burn with list building could bring in a nice, stable income, longterm.
[26/04/2015 11:15:44] Jared: Sure, your site might get wrecked by Google, but if you’ve acquired a nice list with all the traffic you brought in while you were ranking highly, you can legally and successfully market to these people even without SEO traffic.
[26/04/2015 11:16:04] Jared: Remember: The money’s in the list.
[26/04/2015 11:23:57] New York Amir: money list
[26/04/2015 11:24:04] New York Amir: keep the partying going even if the club gets shut down
[26/04/2015 11:24:13] New York Amir: party*
[26/04/2015 11:25:51] Jared: Look at this jackass’ response: “email marketing is not churn&burn”
[26/04/2015 11:25:56] Jared: God, I want to punch people like that.
[26/04/2015 11:26:13] New York Amir: big burns
[26/04/2015 11:26:20 | Edited 11:27:34] Jared: “Yeah, I realize email marketing and churn & burn are two entirely distinct things. What I’m asking about is COMBINING them in order to stabilize your income, i.e., acquiring a list while your site is ranking to sell to after your site gets penalized.”
[26/04/2015 11:26:29] Jared: It took great restraint not to troll him.
[26/04/2015 11:26:35] New York Amir: lol
[26/04/2015 11:26:37] Jared: He’s Romanian, too. Another Gabi.
[26/04/2015 11:26:40] New York Amir: LOL
[26/04/2015 11:26:43] Jared: it might actually be Gabi.
[26/04/2015 11:26:43] New York Amir: big bum
[26/04/2015 11:26:46] New York Amir: LOL
[26/04/2015 11:26:48] New York Amir: probably
[26/04/2015 11:26:51] New York Amir: she has her mba right
[26/04/2015 11:27:07] New York Amir: ended up working at a bar giving head shots
[26/04/2015 11:27:10] New York Amir: what a bum
[26/04/2015 11:27:14] New York Amir: in ireland
[26/04/2015 11:28:12] Jared: I just realized the guy’s username is BigTroll.
[26/04/2015 11:28:21] New York Amir: LOL
[26/04/2015 11:28:25] New York Amir: big trollling
[26/04/2015 11:28:30] Jared: Is it you
[26/04/2015 11:28:33] Jared: Under a fake account
[26/04/2015 11:28:34] New York Amir: nah lol
[26/04/2015 11:28:36] Jared: It might be
[26/04/2015 11:28:38] New York Amir: LOOL
[26/04/2015 11:28:41] New York Amir: big paranoid he is
[26/04/2015 11:28:52] Jared: Is he out to get me, he might be.
[26/04/2015 11:28:55] New York Amir: lol
[26/04/2015 11:29:02] *** Jared logs in and changes all of the passwords on the sites. ***
[26/04/2015 11:29:11] New York Amir: does he have paranoid delusional like arnold in total recall he does
[26/04/2015 11:29:15] New York Amir: delusions*
[26/04/2015 11:29:22] New York Amir: lol
[26/04/2015 11:34:21] Jared: Lol
[26/04/2015 11:34:31] Jared: I’m gonna be like Howard Hughes.
[26/04/2015 11:34:40] Jared: Living alone in my huge mansion paid for with black hat money.
[26/04/2015 11:34:50] Jared: Too paranoid to associate with the ouside world.
[26/04/2015 11:34:57 | Edited 11:34:59] Jared: Basically, just a rich version of my current self.
[26/04/2015 11:43:44] silentassumptions: Further to your churn and burn tactic, once you have the emails collected, you can setup another site, rinse and repeat and collect a new set of emails. Do this a few times. Then just open up a final website, let everyone in the seperate email lists know that you’ve moved to newdomain.com, and optimise that with white hat.
[26/04/2015 11:44:32] silentassumptions: Another thing to consider is selling the domain on places like flippa.com, before you anticipate anything will burn.
[26/04/2015 11:44:41] silentassumptions: But just take the emails with you.
[26/04/2015 11:46:20] silentassumptions: https://flippa.com/3002821-pr-2-site-with-2-174-uniques-mo <– I sold that website with not all that much SEO done to it going back ages ago. If I had waited it out, I’m sure I could’ve got it for a better price.
[26/04/2015 11:52:41] Jared: Sounds good.
[27/04/2015 10:29:47] Jared: Over 1,000,000 URL’s scraped in under 30 miunutes. I’m telling you, if you’re not yet using Scrapebox v2, you’re missing out. It’s literally 100x faster than Scrapebox v1.
[27/04/2015 10:30:03] Robin: where did u get sbox 2
[27/04/2015 10:30:16] New York Amir: robin you’re not there yet
[27/04/2015 10:30:26] New York Amir: first just read what a footprint is
[27/04/2015 10:30:29] Jared: Robin, it’s been up on their website for months.
[27/04/2015 10:30:32] New York Amir: LOL
[27/04/2015 10:30:41] New York Amir: he’s been too busy eating molly
[27/04/2015 10:30:44] New York Amir: and raving in his room
[27/04/2015 10:30:50] Jared: Lol
[27/04/2015 10:30:50] Robin: lol
[27/04/2015 10:31:00] New York Amir: big gsa big gsa
[27/04/2015 10:31:06] New York Amir: reading it now
[27/04/2015 10:31:09] New York Amir: about to scrape
[27/04/2015 10:31:16] New York Amir: have to set upall this crap
[27/04/2015 10:31:45] Jared: I’m almost confident we can make great money via smart spam.
[27/04/2015 10:31:50] New York Amir: we are
[27/04/2015 10:31:54] New York Amir: we already did
[27/04/2015 10:32:02] New York Amir: make money as noob spammers
[27/04/2015 10:32:02] Jared: I can’t believe we wasted so much time on annoying whitehat B.S.
[27/04/2015 10:32:10] Jared: Suckered in by bastards like Rand Fishkin.
[27/04/2015 10:32:11] New York Amir: it wasnt wasted time
[27/04/2015 10:32:17] New York Amir: blogger outreach is exteremlyu powerufl
[27/04/2015 10:32:25] New York Amir: 10000tx more stable
[27/04/2015 10:32:28] New York Amir: than spam
[27/04/2015 10:32:37] Robin: big A schools jared
[27/04/2015 10:32:47] New York Amir: jared knows about blogger outreach already
[27/04/2015 10:32:55] New York Amir: we covered every theory
[27/04/2015 10:32:55] Robin: yeah but u are schooling him
[27/04/2015 10:33:02] New York Amir: in white black and grey
[27/04/2015 10:33:05] Jared: http://www.reddit.com/r/bigseo/comments/25rkod/black_hat_seos_say_moz_etc_is_full_of_it_and_that/
[27/04/2015 10:33:08] New York Amir: literally everything
[27/04/2015 10:33:19] Jared: Yeah, we’re becoming very well-rounded.
[27/04/2015 10:33:26] New York Amir: i honestly never listened
[27/04/2015 10:33:29] New York Amir: to moz tactics
[27/04/2015 10:33:34] New York Amir: morrow i like
[27/04/2015 10:33:34] Jared: I just want skills that will last a lifetime.
[27/04/2015 10:33:39] Jared: I have nothing to fall back on.
[27/04/2015 10:33:51] New York Amir: our skills i nmarketing is extremely
[27/04/2015 10:33:52 | Edited 10:34:35] Jared: McDonald’s, maybe.
[27/04/2015 10:33:52] New York Amir: well rounded
[27/04/2015 10:34:04] New York Amir: we covered just about everything in online marketing
[27/04/2015 10:34:10] New York Amir: includiing unorthodox wasy
[27/04/2015 10:34:13] New York Amir: that no one knows about
[27/04/2015 10:34:15] New York Amir: smo too
[27/04/2015 10:34:25] New York Amir: now its just mastering it
[27/04/2015 10:34:28] New York Amir: all thats left
[27/04/2015 10:34:32] New York Amir: and learning while going along
[27/04/2015 10:34:36] New York Amir: but not as much
[27/04/2015 10:34:53] Jared: True.
[27/04/2015 10:35:17] Jared: I don’t know, there are people who claim their blackhat sites have lasted longer than their white hat sites.
[27/04/2015 10:35:19] New York Amir: i expreiemted with FB for like a month
[27/04/2015 10:35:23] New York Amir: that shit was anoying
[27/04/2015 10:35:29] New York Amir: every day i would collect data
[27/04/2015 10:35:34] New York Amir: every hour
[27/04/2015 10:35:43] New York Amir: but i learned a lot bout their alog
[27/04/2015 10:35:45] New York Amir: algo
[27/04/2015 10:35:56] Jared: Quality spam is the key to riches.
[27/04/2015 10:36:00] New York Amir: tier 1
[27/04/2015 10:36:03] Jared: I’m almost positive of it.
[27/04/2015 10:36:03] New York Amir: quality
[27/04/2015 10:36:16] New York Amir: quality authiryt links
[27/04/2015 10:36:18] New York Amir: king says
[27/04/2015 10:36:19] New York Amir: tier 1
[27/04/2015 10:36:39] New York Amir: if this works im going to spam 100 more pdocuts
[27/04/2015 10:38:12] Jared: 1. Start by building a quality-looking site. Make it look legit, like a brand.
2. Use ONLY quality tier 1 links, with good anchor text ratios, etc. — basically, make it impossible for Google to distinguish between your spam links and legit links.
3. Up the quality for each lower tier. They all don’t have to be great, of course, but don’t go into full-blow garbage spam mode.
Bonus: Learn to become a brillliant scraper. Do that, and you can find sites that haven’t been spammed to death, helping build higher-quality spam.
[27/04/2015 10:38:51 | Edited 10:38:54] Jared: ^ I’m about 99% confident the above is the key to becoming a blackhat millionaire, like Jacob King, CCarter, etc.
[27/04/2015 10:39:39] Jared: That’s not even churn & burn, really. That’s the type of spam that should have staying power, like white hat.
[27/04/2015 10:40:07] Jared: Oh, I forgot to add set up soecial media profiles. I guess that would fall under making it look like a legit brand.
[27/04/2015 10:42:13] silentassumptions: Are you preparing spun articles for this venture to populate the Tier 1’s?
[27/04/2015 10:42:43] Jared: It’s all done. We used KM3 and the WordAI Turing spinner.
[27/04/2015 10:42:53] New York Amir: i jus thave to use my bio
[27/04/2015 10:42:57] New York Amir: its time boys
[27/04/2015 10:42:57] Jared: Actually, I manually wrote a couple of articles, too.
[27/04/2015 10:42:59] New York Amir: back to spam city
[27/04/2015 10:43:02] New York Amir: get rich quick
[27/04/2015 10:43:09] Jared: We’ll keep everyone updated to how we do.
[27/04/2015 10:43:20] New York Amir: later on we’re focusing on builiding authority
[27/04/2015 10:43:21] Jared: This is something even Robin might be able to do.
[27/04/2015 10:43:26] Jared: True.
[27/04/2015 10:43:37] New York Amir: arash wants to build an authority
[27/04/2015 10:43:43] New York Amir: so we’re going to experiement with his
[27/04/2015 10:43:50] Jared: I’d still like to build a handful of authority sites to act as a safety net.
[27/04/2015 10:43:53] New York Amir: but im not creaing articles
[27/04/2015 10:43:53] New York Amir: fuck that
[27/04/2015 10:43:57] New York Amir: someone else do it
[27/04/2015 10:44:09] New York Amir: he wants authority pay up
[27/04/2015 10:44:12] Jared: But, that would be much easier to do with good money to finance it, which hopefully smart spamming will bring in.
[27/04/2015 10:44:17] New York Amir: it is
[27/04/2015 10:44:22] New York Amir: spam will always be around
[27/04/2015 10:44:24] New York Amir: forever
[27/04/2015 10:44:36] New York Amir: and improving
[27/04/2015 10:44:46] New York Amir: just cuase the engine gets better
[27/04/2015 10:44:49] Jared: I realized spamming was still paying off big time when I saw Jacob King’s house in New York City.
[27/04/2015 10:44:53] New York Amir: doesnt mean spam will
[27/04/2015 10:44:57] New York Amir: wont*
[27/04/2015 10:45:04] New York Amir: loopline has sites
[27/04/2015 10:45:06] New York Amir: over 3 years
[27/04/2015 10:45:08] New York Amir: spammed to hell
[27/04/2015 10:45:10] New York Amir: still up
[27/04/2015 10:45:13] New York Amir: becker
[27/04/2015 10:45:18] New York Amir: sites spammed to hell
[27/04/2015 10:45:25] New York Amir: still up after 2012 update
[27/04/2015 10:45:49] New York Amir: spam and authority clost alomst the same
[27/04/2015 10:45:57] New York Amir: i would say authoriyt might be a little more money
[27/04/2015 10:46:00] New York Amir: spam is faster
[27/04/2015 10:46:16] New York Amir: with authority u need social media engager blogger etcc.
[27/04/2015 10:46:25] New York Amir: which my client wants
[27/04/2015 10:46:26] silentassumptions: Spam your little hearts out. It’s satisfying as fuck.
[27/04/2015 10:46:29] New York Amir: i told him tist dumb right now
[27/04/2015 10:46:37] New York Amir: when we can just convert on paid traffic
[27/04/2015 10:46:39] New York Amir: fast
[27/04/2015 10:46:54] New York Amir: i still want to build an authority site
[27/04/2015 10:46:57] New York Amir: slowly
[27/04/2015 10:47:25] silentassumptions: I would spam to begin with and as soon as the site seens tangible rankings, I would buy high quality authorative links just to counteract the damage, so to speak. That’s my two cents.
[27/04/2015 10:48:22] silentassumptions: To do this day, I’m still adament you can’t get good links through scraping, just mediocre links that help get you rankings quickly, but nothing stable.
[27/04/2015 10:48:42] New York Amir: whn is still up
[27/04/2015 10:48:49] New York Amir: with not so good links
[27/04/2015 10:48:59] silentassumptions: Sure, but WHN had over $300 worth of paid links from me.
[27/04/2015 10:49:05] New York Amir: you can get great links froms craping
[27/04/2015 10:49:07] New York Amir: just need to find them
[27/04/2015 10:49:27] New York Amir: whn was up
[27/04/2015 10:49:28] New York Amir: way before
[27/04/2015 10:49:31] silentassumptions: Jared’s website was at a critical stage at one point. Trust flow 2, Citation Flow: 20
[27/04/2015 10:49:32] New York Amir: your links was on there
[27/04/2015 10:49:35] New York Amir: way before
[27/04/2015 10:49:39] New York Amir: im sorry but i dont think
[27/04/2015 10:49:42] New York Amir: its your links
[27/04/2015 10:49:42] silentassumptions: “I’m still adament you can’t get good links through scraping, just mediocre links that help get you rankings quickly, but nothing stable.”
[27/04/2015 10:49:45] New York Amir: thats keeping it stable
[27/04/2015 10:49:52] New York Amir: and there was no movment
[27/04/2015 10:49:54] New York Amir: in rankings
[27/04/2015 10:50:00] New York Amir: barely
[27/04/2015 10:50:09] silentassumptions: I wasn’t looking to get him ranks, just to give him a more organic linking profile.
[27/04/2015 10:50:10] New York Amir: whn was up for a year
[27/04/2015 10:50:15] New York Amir: without any links
[27/04/2015 10:50:18] New York Amir: paid links
[27/04/2015 10:50:34] New York Amir: i honely think
[27/04/2015 10:50:38] New York Amir: wouldnt makea difference
[27/04/2015 10:50:46] New York Amir: maybe a “natural” looking
[27/04/2015 10:50:49] New York Amir: profile
[27/04/2015 10:50:54] New York Amir: we already have boomarks
[27/04/2015 10:50:56] New York Amir: going twards it
[27/04/2015 10:50:58] New York Amir: made it look natural
[27/04/2015 10:51:02] New York Amir: hence why
[27/04/2015 10:51:05] New York Amir: we never stilll
[27/04/2015 10:51:08] New York Amir: got penalized
[27/04/2015 10:51:21] silentassumptions: Okay Amir 🙂
[27/04/2015 10:51:51] silentassumptions: I need to find a server side specialist if anyone knows of any good contacts.
[27/04/2015 10:52:02] New York Amir: i need a social media engager for 10 bucks
[27/04/2015 10:52:06] New York Amir: if u know someone
[27/04/2015 10:52:09] New York Amir: an hour
[27/04/2015 10:52:33] silentassumptions: Yeah, I have few people that might fill the bill.
[27/04/2015 10:52:36] silentassumptions: fit*
[27/04/2015 10:52:39] New York Amir: ask them its esy work
[27/04/2015 10:52:42] New York Amir: just post on FB
[27/04/2015 10:52:44] New York Amir: and leave links
[27/04/2015 10:52:52] New York Amir: scrapign leaving links on big sites
[27/04/2015 10:52:57] New York Amir: easy google scraping
[27/04/2015 10:52:58] Jared: Big TBird.
[27/04/2015 10:53:02] Jared: I wonder if he’d do it?
[27/04/2015 10:53:06] New York Amir: we can ask
[27/04/2015 10:53:08] Jared: He was wanting $200 a month.
[27/04/2015 10:53:10] New York Amir: if she’s game
[27/04/2015 10:53:12 | Edited 10:53:17] Jared: $10 an hour.
[27/04/2015 10:53:13] New York Amir: he*’s
[27/04/2015 10:53:15] New York Amir: brb coffee
[27/04/2015 10:53:17] silentassumptions: TBird?
[27/04/2015 10:53:21] Jared: Tom.
[27/04/2015 10:53:32] Jared: $20 a day for two hour’s work.
[27/04/2015 10:53:37] Jared: Shit, I might do that myself.
[27/04/2015 10:53:58] silentassumptions: Why not just seduce some well spoken bitch from chat and pay her $5 instead?
[27/04/2015 10:53:59] silentassumptions: 😉
[27/04/2015 10:54:00] Jared: Twitter in one tab, spam in the other.
[27/04/2015 10:54:38] silentassumptions: You want to find yourself a single Mom, whos house bound, has a lot of time, and is articulate.
[27/04/2015 10:54:57] Jared: A single mom? On chat?
[27/04/2015 10:55:03] Jared: No way.
[27/04/2015 10:55:08] silentassumptions: Lol
[27/04/2015 10:55:09] Jared: We’ll have to look elsewhere.
[27/04/2015 10:55:21] silentassumptions: LOL!
[27/04/2015 10:55:35] silentassumptions: I do miss Valarie, you know.
[27/04/2015 10:55:44] silentassumptions: As chubby as she was, she was fucking good.
[27/04/2015 10:55:58] silentassumptions: She was the best content writer I had ever worked with.
[27/04/2015 10:56:25] silentassumptions: I haven’t spoke to her for the best part of 8 months, she hated you that much that as soon as she realised we were still kind of working together, she literally fucked off.
[27/04/2015 10:56:46] silentassumptions: I need another fatty aurora in my life.
[27/04/2015 10:57:17] New York Amir: big spam city
[27/04/2015 10:57:21] New York Amir: master spam
[27/04/2015 10:57:24] New York Amir: it really is about getting good sites
[27/04/2015 10:57:33] New York Amir: big blogs
[27/04/2015 10:57:34] New York Amir: tier 1
[27/04/2015 10:57:40] New York Amir: i was reading patel they said its fine
[27/04/2015 10:57:41] silentassumptions: Does anyone know of any decent content writers, to Hazen’s standards?
[27/04/2015 10:57:44] New York Amir: to use tier 1
[27/04/2015 10:57:44] New York Amir: as blogs
[27/04/2015 10:57:50] New York Amir: u should use it as your web2.0
[27/04/2015 10:57:50] silentassumptions: Do you still need a “social media engager”, by the way?
[27/04/2015 10:57:54] New York Amir: ya i do
[27/04/2015 10:58:18] New York Amir: they will be starting work probaby next week
[27/04/2015 10:58:23] New York Amir: or this week
[27/04/2015 10:58:50] New York Amir: be nice if someone has basica
[27/04/2015 10:58:53] New York Amir: understanding of smo
[27/04/2015 10:58:55] New York Amir: and scraping
[27/04/2015 10:59:02] New York Amir: basic basic scraping
[27/04/2015 10:59:35] silentassumptions: There’s someone I know who would offer to help out, for free. He wants the experience moreso than anything but he is a newb at SMO. Has mild knowledge in SEO.
[27/04/2015 10:59:43] silentassumptions: You want?
[27/04/2015 10:59:54] silentassumptions: You’d have to teach him the ropes.
[27/04/2015 11:00:01] Jared: Big A, make sure Arash gets a subscription to one of these social media hub sites.
[27/04/2015 11:00:10] Jared: That’ll make the work much more effective.
[27/04/2015 11:00:21] Jared: They don’t cost much. Maybe $10-20 a month, I think.
[27/04/2015 11:00:32] New York Amir: the hubs ya i know
[27/04/2015 11:00:39] Jared: HootSuite
[27/04/2015 11:00:40] Jared: What’s the other one?
[27/04/2015 11:00:47] New York Amir: hoot is good as a freebee
[27/04/2015 11:00:51] Jared: Big drawing a blank.
[27/04/2015 11:00:52] New York Amir: but the problem with hoot
[27/04/2015 11:00:54] New York Amir: is FB
[27/04/2015 11:00:57] Jared: HootSuite and . . .
[27/04/2015 11:00:58] New York Amir: thrid party
[27/04/2015 11:00:59] New York Amir: posts
[27/04/2015 11:01:02] New York Amir: effect th readh
[27/04/2015 11:01:03] New York Amir: of FB
[27/04/2015 11:01:10] New York Amir: so u cant use any third party
[27/04/2015 11:01:20] New York Amir: u hav to use the FB scehduler
[27/04/2015 11:01:21] New York Amir: i ran this test
[27/04/2015 11:01:26] New York Amir: multipe times
[27/04/2015 11:01:38] New York Amir: i love testing shit
[27/04/2015 11:01:42] New York Amir: then u know first hand
[27/04/2015 11:01:45] New York Amir: wtf is going on
[27/04/2015 11:01:46] Jared: Buffer?
[27/04/2015 11:01:49] Jared: Sprout Social
[27/04/2015 11:01:50] New York Amir: none
[27/04/2015 11:01:56] New York Amir: FB kills reach
[27/04/2015 11:02:05] New York Amir: you have to use their scheduler
[27/04/2015 11:02:11] New York Amir: its easy as shit
[27/04/2015 11:02:18] New York Amir: hoot u can use
[27/04/2015 11:02:22] New York Amir: to find all the shit
[27/04/2015 11:02:23] New York Amir: or buzz
[27/04/2015 11:02:32] New York Amir: FB is a pain with posting
[27/04/2015 11:02:35] New York Amir: from thrid party
[27/04/2015 11:02:40] New York Amir: they want u to use their own
[27/04/2015 11:02:46] silentassumptions: Oi Amir, I don’t want to keep up with all the logs.
[27/04/2015 11:02:48] silentassumptions: You want/
[27/04/2015 11:02:56] New York Amir: is he from the uk
[27/04/2015 11:02:59] silentassumptions: Yea.
[27/04/2015 11:03:04] New York Amir: u can tell him to cal me
[27/04/2015 11:03:04] silentassumptions: White boy.
[27/04/2015 11:03:05] New York Amir: on skype
[27/04/2015 11:03:05] Jared: https://hootsuite.com/plans
[27/04/2015 11:03:19] silentassumptions: It would be after 6:30PM
[27/04/2015 11:03:21] silentassumptions: He works 9-6
[27/04/2015 11:03:26] silentassumptions: Whatever time that is in the US.
[27/04/2015 11:03:39] New York Amir: 6 will be 1 here
[27/04/2015 11:03:45] New York Amir: what does he do
[27/04/2015 11:03:49] New York Amir: work for an agency?
[27/04/2015 11:03:58] silentassumptions: He’s a Junior SEO executive.
[27/04/2015 11:04:03] New York Amir: nice
[27/04/2015 11:04:13] New York Amir: so many of these seo people working for companies
[27/04/2015 11:04:14] silentassumptions: Originally introduced as a content writer to the agency, but I pulled him into the SEO team.
[27/04/2015 11:04:43] silentassumptions: He works for the same agency I do, it would be good for him to expand his skill set. He’s a good kid, very fucking articulate.
[27/04/2015 11:04:48] silentassumptions: You teach him he do.
[27/04/2015 11:05:00] New York Amir: it easy work the stuff he has to do
[27/04/2015 11:05:03] New York Amir: so it wouldnt take long to teach him
[27/04/2015 11:05:24] silentassumptions: Okay I invite him here.
[27/04/2015 11:05:38] New York Amir: ok
[27/04/2015 11:05:51] *** silentassumptions added CM ***
[27/04/2015 11:06:19] New York Amir: hello
[27/04/2015 11:07:07] silentassumptions: He’s not online, he’s usually on after 6:30PM.
[27/04/2015 11:07:14] New York Amir: k
[27/04/2015 11:07:24] silentassumptions: I’ll be talking to him later today and will tell him why he was invited here, so it doesn’t come as that much of a shock lol.
[27/04/2015 11:07:31] New York Amir: big works
[27/04/2015 11:07:37] New York Amir: i want to spam to hell
[27/04/2015 11:07:41] New York Amir: these sites
[27/04/2015 11:08:10] silentassumptions: It would be good if any of you guys could recommend me either a) Server Side Specialist, just someone who can transfer sites from host to host (it’s not entirely difficult but it’s tedious).
[27/04/2015 11:08:34] silentassumptions: and b) A graphic designer, I ned someone who can churn out sexy logos. Ben’s a distant memory. RIP.
[27/04/2015 11:08:48] New York Amir: i can probably get a designer
[27/04/2015 11:08:49] silentassumptions: or c) An amazing content writer to Valarie’s ability.
[27/04/2015 11:08:49] New York Amir: graphic
[27/04/2015 11:08:55] silentassumptions: Oh Amir that would be grand.
[27/04/2015 11:08:56] New York Amir: dont know any server side people
[27/04/2015 11:09:10] silentassumptions: Daste chomah dard nakone.
[27/04/2015 11:09:15] New York Amir: lol
[27/04/2015 11:09:27] silentassumptions: Lol
[27/04/2015 11:10:10] New York Amir: big server side
[27/04/2015 11:10:12] New York Amir: is aweosme
[27/04/2015 11:10:24] New York Amir: i put a hault on learning server side scpriting
[27/04/2015 11:10:25] New York Amir: due to soe
[27/04/2015 11:10:26] New York Amir: seo
[27/04/2015 11:10:35] New York Amir: im going to go back to it once i master marketing
[27/04/2015 11:10:38] New York Amir: just for shits and giggles
[27/04/2015 11:10:54] New York Amir: i feel like i have to complete it
[27/04/2015 11:10:59] New York Amir: even if i make bank
[27/04/2015 11:11:01] New York Amir: big bank
[27/04/2015 11:11:07] New York Amir: big hacks
[27/04/2015 11:11:21] New York Amir: assembly language would be awesome too
[27/04/2015 12:32:30] silentassumptions: It’s official: one.com are the worst hosting providers in existence, ever. Right after Tahir.
[27/04/2015 12:32:49] New York Amir: big tahir mahal
[27/04/2015 12:33:01] New York Amir: big s u still banging out gsa
[27/04/2015 12:33:08] silentassumptions: Tahir’s server happened to be a giant fucking popadom.
[27/04/2015 12:33:21] New York Amir: big tah
[27/04/2015 12:33:32] silentassumptions: Yes, but I’m only using it for Tier 2 purposes.
[27/04/2015 12:33:42] New York Amir: big gsa
[27/04/2015 12:33:43 | Edited 12:33:52] silentassumptions: I’m not using it to its full potential, by any stretch of the mile.
[27/04/2015 12:34:07] New York Amir: u should try wiki jacker
[27/04/2015 12:34:13] New York Amir: big tumblr jazz
[27/04/2015 12:34:23] silentassumptions: I haven’t heard of it. I’m guessing it’s good for scraping and posting onto Wiki sites?
[27/04/2015 12:34:30] New York Amir: i havent used it ya
[27/04/2015 12:34:31] New York Amir: big links
[27/04/2015 12:34:40] silentassumptions: Wiki links are good for Tier 1’s.
[27/04/2015 12:34:42] New York Amir: jazz for dead old urls
[27/04/2015 12:34:50] New York Amir: with link juice
[27/04/2015 12:34:55] New York Amir: they are
[27/04/2015 12:34:57] silentassumptions: I would probably chuck a couple of Wiki’s with your Web 2.0’s just for link diversity.
[27/04/2015 12:35:05] New York Amir: wiki perfect parasite pages
[27/04/2015 12:35:32] New York Amir: for tier 1 throwing in everything to make it look natural
[27/04/2015 12:35:36] silentassumptions: Dead old URLS, I use GSA Redirecter.
[27/04/2015 12:35:38] New York Amir: bookmarks
[27/04/2015 12:35:46] New York Amir: big lies
[27/04/2015 12:35:52] silentassumptions: It’s pretty good, you can filter the URLs by PageRank. (an expired metric but still gives you a half decent insight)
[27/04/2015 12:36:01] New York Amir: big pr gone with the wind
[27/04/2015 12:36:07] New York Amir: do u guys do any public relation
[27/04/2015 12:36:16] silentassumptions: Some of the older software don’t really filter sites out by Domain Authority / Trust Flow.
[27/04/2015 12:36:20] New York Amir: big brands
[27/04/2015 12:36:22] silentassumptions: They still work with PR unfortunately.
[27/04/2015 12:36:41] silentassumptions: How do you mean by public relation?
[27/04/2015 12:36:42] New York Amir: ya i know
[27/04/2015 12:36:48] New York Amir: marketing tactic
[27/04/2015 12:36:51] New York Amir: press releases
[27/04/2015 12:36:59] New York Amir: getting publicity
[27/04/2015 12:37:07] New York Amir: instead of paying throug ads
[27/04/2015 12:37:20] New York Amir: doing something newsworhty
[27/04/2015 12:37:35] New York Amir: people usually do some like cancer donating funding
[27/04/2015 12:37:39] New York Amir: shit like that
[27/04/2015 12:37:41] New York Amir: thats one way
[27/04/2015 12:37:48] New York Amir: local stuff
[27/04/2015 12:38:20] New York Amir: Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organisation) and the public.
[27/04/2015 12:38:33] silentassumptions: Ah.
[27/04/2015 12:38:38] silentassumptions: No, we don’t do anything like that.
[27/04/2015 12:38:57] New York Amir: Financial public relations – communicating financial results and business strategy
Consumer/lifestyle public relations – gaining publicity for a particular product or service
Crisis communication – responding in a crisis
Internal communications – communicating within the company itself
Government relations – engaging government departments to influence public policy
Food-centric relations – communicating specific information centered on foods, beverages and wine.
Media Relations – a public relations function that involves building and maintaining close relationships with the news media so that they can sell and promote a business.
[27/04/2015 12:39:12] New York Amir: big tacticx
[27/04/2015 12:39:22 | Edited 12:42:31] silentassumptions: We do other forms of marketing outside of SEO, PPC in second. The odd email marketing campaigns, though we buy our own lists from places like thompsonlocal.com, rather than scraping them.
[27/04/2015 12:40:27] silentassumptions: We do a lot of management of clients themselves. Direct communication with the client, giving them that personal touch. We have an account manager who’s on it all the time. CRM is really important and probably the best way of generating new leads after you have a client base established.
[27/04/2015 12:40:40] New York Amir: it is
[27/04/2015 12:41:10] New York Amir: get the most bang for ur buck
[27/04/2015 12:41:25] silentassumptions: It’s good because if you build up a very good rapport with the client, they’ll give you pretty good leeway if their campaign goes tits up.
[27/04/2015 12:41:55] silentassumptions: Likewise, if you do a good job, you’ll be the first they recommend to friends and associates.
[27/04/2015 12:43:00] New York Amir: big marketing game
[27/04/2015 12:43:02] New York Amir: is it fun it is
[27/04/2015 13:38:34] Jared: Smart, crafty spam is more effective than ever, since Google’s now better able to take care of more blatant examples of spam. Basically, Google bitchslapping the older spam methods has opened up more room at the top.
[27/04/2015 21:07:10] Jared: Anyone know the best way to bulk check the quality of domains?
[27/04/2015 21:29:07] Jared: http://i.imgur.com/eOO8z9S.png
[28/04/2015 11:53:07] silentassumptions: Scrapebox, it has a plugin that gives you the Trust Flow of the domains, does it not?
[28/04/2015 11:53:49] silentassumptions: There’s a plugin called Page Authority
[28/04/2015 11:56:22] New York Amir: same thing i was thiking
[28/04/2015 11:56:37] New York Amir: nto sure about trust flow
[28/04/2015 11:56:40] New York Amir: PA is new
[28/04/2015 11:56:48] New York Amir: majestic only one i know trust flow
[28/04/2015 11:56:49] Jared: It’s for Moz. From what I’m reading, Moz’s DA/PA isn’t much of a metric, as it doesn’t take into account quality, only quantity. Basically, I could flood a site with a hundreds-of-thousands of the shittiest links in the world, and Moz would recognize that site as being authoritative.
[28/04/2015 11:57:10] Jared: I wish the bastards at Google wouldn’t have stopped using PR.
[28/04/2015 11:57:19] New York Amir: pr was the same shit
[28/04/2015 11:57:26] New York Amir: didnt matter if you had a high pr
[28/04/2015 11:57:35] New York Amir: spammy sites had high pr
[28/04/2015 11:57:57] New York Amir: i did hear the quality links
[28/04/2015 11:58:01] New York Amir: in moz did matter
[28/04/2015 11:58:05] New York Amir: they take in accoutn the trust
[28/04/2015 11:58:06] New York Amir: of the links
[28/04/2015 11:58:19] New York Amir: those high DA sites have good authority links
[28/04/2015 11:59:06] Jared: There is another metric with Moz, Moz Rank (I think that’s what it’s called).
[28/04/2015 11:59:10] Jared: Let me look into it.
[28/04/2015 11:59:18] New York Amir: yes the moz rank
[28/04/2015 11:59:23] New York Amir: that’s kind of like pr
[28/04/2015 11:59:30] New York Amir: forgot what metric thats based on
[28/04/2015 11:59:50] Jared: Let me think of some good domains to test it with.
[28/04/2015 11:59:54] New York Amir: they gave u a basic breakdown on how PA and DA is done though he doesnt go into details
[28/04/2015 12:00:02] New York Amir: in moz
[28/04/2015 12:00:09] New York Amir: and talk about moz rank
[28/04/2015 12:00:24] New York Amir: but im sure the backlink profile
[28/04/2015 12:00:33] New York Amir: is incorported as the trust of the inks
[28/04/2015 12:00:38] New York Amir: links
[28/04/2015 12:00:50] New York Amir: big shits
[28/04/2015 12:00:52] Jared: I’m reading now that Market Samurai has access to Majestic metrics.
[28/04/2015 12:00:55] Jared: Let me check.
[28/04/2015 12:00:58] New York Amir: sick
[28/04/2015 12:00:58] New York Amir: oh y a
[28/04/2015 12:01:00] New York Amir: we can use that
[28/04/2015 12:01:05] New York Amir: upload a bunch of url
[28/04/2015 12:01:06] New York Amir: game over
[28/04/2015 12:01:13] New York Amir: all the scraped sits
[28/04/2015 12:01:15] New York Amir: sites*
[28/04/2015 12:01:58] New York Amir: big ace big genius
[28/04/2015 12:02:14] New York Amir: is he disgracing the iranians
[28/04/2015 12:02:51] Jared: Iran Sheik
[28/04/2015 12:03:06] New York Amir: big seo big scrapes
[28/04/2015 12:03:10] Jared: Do I say screw it and just stick with PR, I might.
[28/04/2015 12:03:17] New York Amir: nah pr is outdated
[28/04/2015 12:03:18] Jared: When’s the last time PR was updated?
[28/04/2015 12:03:23] New York Amir: 3 years ago
[28/04/2015 12:03:28] Jared: God
[28/04/2015 12:03:30] New York Amir: lol
[28/04/2015 12:03:36] Jared: PR is older than some of the girls I talk to online.
[28/04/2015 12:03:39] New York Amir: dont touch pr
[28/04/2015 12:03:39] silentassumptions: MajesticSEO has the facility to bulk check domains, up to 300 URLs at a time.
[28/04/2015 12:03:44] New York Amir: nice
[28/04/2015 12:03:46] silentassumptions: You need a paid license for it, though.
[28/04/2015 12:03:53] New York Amir: we’ll get it form big arash
[28/04/2015 12:03:58] New York Amir: from
[28/04/2015 12:04:04] silentassumptions: Up to 100,000 URLs from a file upload.
[28/04/2015 12:04:21] New York Amir: big citation flow
[28/04/2015 12:04:35] silentassumptions: How many URLs do you need sorting?
[28/04/2015 12:04:47] Jared: I just found it in Market Samurai.
[28/04/2015 12:04:51] New York Amir: nice
[28/04/2015 12:04:54] New York Amir: we can use that
[28/04/2015 12:04:56] New York Amir: api?
[28/04/2015 12:05:03] Jared: I think they include API access as part of buying the software.
[28/04/2015 12:05:07] New York Amir: sick
[28/04/2015 12:05:11] Jared: Or cracking the software.
[28/04/2015 12:05:12] Jared: Whichever.
[28/04/2015 12:05:13] New York Amir: game over
[28/04/2015 12:05:17] New York Amir: i have ms still i think
[28/04/2015 12:05:55] New York Amir: high quality tier 1 sites
[28/04/2015 12:06:01] New York Amir: im using general blogs
[28/04/2015 12:06:02] Jared: We need to learn how to create custom site lists for GSA.
[28/04/2015 12:06:02] New York Amir: for backlinking
[28/04/2015 12:06:05] New York Amir: i already got 10 links
[28/04/2015 12:06:06] New York Amir: ready
[28/04/2015 12:06:09] New York Amir: for my tier 1
[28/04/2015 12:06:19] Jared: Custom, quality site lists that don’t get worn out like an old hooker.
[28/04/2015 12:06:31] New York Amir: one thing
[28/04/2015 12:06:32] Jared: Public sitelists get burnt out quickly.
[28/04/2015 12:06:34] New York Amir: are we goign to seo one page
[28/04/2015 12:06:36] New York Amir: or multiple
[28/04/2015 12:06:41] New York Amir: easier to do on page
[28/04/2015 12:06:45] New York Amir: and funnel the link juice
[28/04/2015 12:06:52] Jared: And the problem is, pretty much every bought sitelist is going to end up public sooner than later.
[28/04/2015 12:06:56] New York Amir: it is
[28/04/2015 12:07:03] New York Amir: thats why u need to be footrpiritn guy
[28/04/2015 12:07:05] New York Amir: find your own
[28/04/2015 12:07:06] Jared: We only have a few hurdles left.
[28/04/2015 12:07:16] New York Amir: i say we seo one page
[28/04/2015 12:07:24] Jared: We’re almost at the end of the rainbow.
[28/04/2015 12:07:32 | Edited 12:07:36] Jared: The pot of gold is within sight.
[28/04/2015 12:07:38] New York Amir: homepage is probably the best option
[28/04/2015 12:07:49] New York Amir: and have 10 products up
[28/04/2015 12:07:56] New York Amir: in tthe content body
[28/04/2015 12:08:04] New York Amir: thats all contextual
[28/04/2015 12:08:16] New York Amir: interal link to the product pages
[28/04/2015 12:08:20] New York Amir: that guy was right
[28/04/2015 12:08:58] New York Amir: the internal link structure as well
[28/04/2015 12:09:02] New York Amir: of an ecommerce site
[28/04/2015 12:09:11] New York Amir: helps the seo drastically
[28/04/2015 12:09:16] Jared: Yeah, I noticed you wen’t a bit crazy with the categories.
[28/04/2015 12:09:22] Jared: We should fix that up before we start.
[28/04/2015 12:09:27] Jared: We need better product structure.
[28/04/2015 12:09:37] New York Amir: the site needs to have great interal structure
[28/04/2015 12:09:44] New York Amir: easy navigation and userinterface
[28/04/2015 12:09:55] New York Amir: too many categories
[28/04/2015 12:09:58] New York Amir: have to get rid of them
[28/04/2015 12:10:06] New York Amir: i have to write this out on paper
[28/04/2015 12:10:09] New York Amir: structure it
[28/04/2015 12:10:13] New York Amir: like a tree
[28/04/2015 12:10:31] Jared: I’ve heard the best metric to test a website’s power is a ratio of Trustflow-to-Citation Flow.
[28/04/2015 12:10:51] New York Amir: for tier 1 i need them blog comments social bookmarking
[28/04/2015 12:10:55] New York Amir: blogs
[28/04/2015 12:11:01] New York Amir: and maybe some no follow links
[28/04/2015 12:11:06] New York Amir: to make it look super natural
[28/04/2015 12:11:30] New York Amir: trust flow and citation flow tells u a lot of things
[28/04/2015 12:11:37] New York Amir: can tell if a site is spammed
[28/04/2015 12:11:44] New York Amir: have this great article on it
[28/04/2015 12:11:53] Jared: I’ve found where to gather Majestic metris in Market Samurai.
[28/04/2015 12:12:02] Jared: Let me see if it actually works.
[28/04/2015 12:12:03] New York Amir: bulk upload ?
[28/04/2015 12:12:07] New York Amir: for all the sites
[28/04/2015 12:12:19] New York Amir: coffee brb
[28/04/2015 12:12:19] Jared: It doesn’t ask for API access anywhere I can see, so I’m assuming it’s built into Market Samurai.
[28/04/2015 12:14:02] Jared: I’m going to try to modifiy Sick Platform Identifier so it’ll identify GSA-useable sites.
[28/04/2015 12:14:15] Jared: That’ll cut down on how many domains we’ll have to check.
[28/04/2015 12:14:53] New York Amir: gsa backlinking
[28/04/2015 12:15:19] Jared: http://www.noblesamurai.com/share/seo-competition/2indyscqwnswskcok0wg
[28/04/2015 12:15:21] Jared: Shit
[28/04/2015 12:15:33] Jared: Those are my results.
[28/04/2015 12:15:40] silentassumptions: I’ve heard the best metric to test a website’s power is a ratio of Trustflow-to-Citation Flow.
[28/04/2015 12:15:42] silentassumptions: Yup.
[28/04/2015 12:15:48] silentassumptions: I’ve read the same thing, too.
[28/04/2015 12:16:01] silentassumptions: That’s how I always benchmark to identify how authoritative a site is.
[28/04/2015 12:16:10] New York Amir: huge citations no trust
[28/04/2015 12:16:13] New York Amir: big no no
[28/04/2015 12:17:04] New York Amir: http://www.gobloggingtips.com/citation-and-trust-flow-metrics/
[28/04/2015 12:17:21] New York Amir: What is trust flow?
A metric designed to decide how trustworthy the link is. Based on the QUALITY of backlinks pointing to the site.
[28/04/2015 12:17:32] New York Amir: What is citation flow?
A metric designed to predict how influential a link in a site might be, by considering the links pointing to it. It does not bother about the quality of links. If there are more domains pointing to a blog post, then the more influential it is.
[28/04/2015 12:18:00] Jared: Nice.
[28/04/2015 12:18:09] New York Amir: A site may have tons of backlinks. But, not all of them are high quality and have TRUST. Even though you strictly make sure that you have only quality backlinks, there will be low-quality backlinks that are generated automatically by various directories or other sorts of backlinks.

In simple words, there is less chance of getting all high-quality backlinks. Hence, TRUST FLOW cannot overtake CITATION FLOW in most of the times.

Also, it is observed that there is a direct correlation between the rust flow of a domain and the amount of organic traffic it is getting.

If a site has high trust flow, then it means that it has a high-quality backlink profile. High-quality backlinks give Google rankings boost.
[28/04/2015 12:18:13] Jared: So, a quality-to-quantity ratio.
[28/04/2015 12:19:20] New York Amir: yea
[28/04/2015 12:19:33] New York Amir: trust quality, citations qauanity
[28/04/2015 12:19:58] New York Amir: Trust flow and citation flow ratio
The ratio between the above two metrics matters a lot in determining the overall trust of the site.

If a site has a citation flow of 40 and trust flow of 20 then the ratio is 2:1 or 0.5. The maximum ratio possible is 0.9. However, Google is an exception, it has the ratio of 98:99.

Nearing to the ratio of 1 is desirable. Average trust to citation flow ratio should be 0.50. More the authority and trustworthy the site, the ratio is higher.

If the trust flow is greatly lesser than the citation flow, then it is clear that the site is having low-quality large amount of backlinks.
[28/04/2015 12:20:41] Jared: If you can master gaming the system . . .
[28/04/2015 12:20:54] New York Amir: so we need both metrics the turst flow
[28/04/2015 12:20:58] New York Amir: will be from parasite pages
[28/04/2015 12:21:02] New York Amir: feeding off the DA
[28/04/2015 12:21:41] New York Amir: tehn again how much backlinks does one page need depending on the kw competition
[28/04/2015 12:21:48] New York Amir: and how many kw
[28/04/2015 12:22:03] New York Amir: how many u want to seo
[28/04/2015 12:22:04] New York Amir: 6?
[28/04/2015 12:22:06] New York Amir: start low
[28/04/2015 12:22:31] New York Amir: its either seo 6 pages or one page and pass link power
[28/04/2015 12:23:11] New York Amir: i do like the homepage idea
[28/04/2015 12:23:13] New York Amir: so much better
[28/04/2015 12:23:19] New York Amir: less anchor texting
[28/04/2015 12:24:27] New York Amir: 6 wouldn be hard iether
[28/04/2015 12:24:51] New York Amir: a lot of poeple seo mutlipe pages in one compaign
[28/04/2015 12:24:56] New York Amir: if its relevant and makes sense
[28/04/2015 13:27:28] Jared: GSA Platform Identifier is fantastic. Lightning quick and very accurate. I’ve heard you can significantly improve your backlinking if you filter your list beforehand.
[28/04/2015 13:27:37] Jared: Sort your sites by platform type.
[28/04/2015 13:28:51] Jared: I went through 2,000 URL’s in about 5 minutes, and this is with just 15 threads due to my piece of shit ISP throttling my connection if I go any higher than that.
[28/04/2015 13:29:36 | Edited 13:29:48] Jared: The default thread count is 64, so you should be about to go through about 50K URL’s an hour at default settings.
[28/04/2015 13:49:04] Jared: Bing is good to scrape. They’re far less ban-happy than Google.
[28/04/2015 13:49:23] Jared: I guess they’re at the point where they’ll take any traffic they can get, even scrapers.
[28/04/2015 20:56:35] silentassumptions: I’m looking at ebay, for selling websites. I was reading a Warrior Forum thread earlier about how people have flipped sites on there with success.
[28/04/2015 20:57:25] silentassumptions: I happen to have an exceptional ebay rating from buying and selling lots of gadgets.
[28/04/2015 20:58:15] silentassumptions: http://www.ebay.com/sch/Websites-Businesses-for-Sale-
[28/04/2015 20:58:18] silentassumptions: Sort by price.
[28/04/2015 20:58:30] silentassumptions: View Completed Listings only.
[28/04/2015 20:58:36] silentassumptions: Seems like there could be potential.
[28/04/2015 20:59:57] silentassumptions: It could only work with an exceptional ebay rating.
[28/04/2015 21:02:17 | Edited 21:02:32] silentassumptions: What do you guys think is a better option for a sales pitch:

One Sales Pitch that encompasses a lot of premium domains with a price that reflects a nice discount for bulk purchase.


A seperate pitch for each domain name, the value of each domain being higher than what it would be going for an all in one pitch.
[28/04/2015 21:26:21] Jared: The latter.
[28/04/2015 21:26:35] Jared: Far more potential buyers.
[29/04/2015 08:41:10] Jared: I’ve tried to sell domains on eBay before but with no luck.
[29/04/2015 08:41:16] Jared: Of course, I never tried too hard.
[29/04/2015 09:28:34] silentassumptions: I’ve been writing condensed, attractive pitches for 5 of my premium domains, I’ll list the auctions when I finish work. It’s swings and round abouts, it’s probably not going to result in a conversion but if a conversionw erto materialise then I’d be a very happy man.
[29/04/2015 10:30:19] Jared: The 301 spam method is interesting.
[29/04/2015 13:06:59] Jared: Anyone remember the trick to get all Hotmail emails to arrive in your inbox?
[29/04/2015 13:07:42] Новый Человек: I’m pretty busy with other stuff for the next month, but I figure it’s worth pointing out a new potential marketing platform: Yik Yak.
[29/04/2015 13:08:05] Новый Человек: It’s huge in the UK. Constant activity of young people, even in the smaller cities.
[29/04/2015 13:08:22] Новый Человек: It’s recent and has a lot of potential in my opinion.
[29/04/2015 13:09:01] Новый Человек: It’s basically a live twitter for everyone in a certain area.
[29/04/2015 13:09:55] Новый Человек: Each ‘yak’ (tweet) has a number rating, which depends on how many up or down votes it gets.
[29/04/2015 13:10:06] Новый Человек: And there are no moderators.
[29/04/2015 13:14:17] Jared: I’ll look into, thanks.
[29/04/2015 13:14:35] Jared: No moderators . . .
[29/04/2015 13:14:40] Jared: It’s like music to my ears.
[29/04/2015 13:15:41] Jared: Looks like you have to register with a cell number.
[29/04/2015 13:15:42] Jared: Shit.
[29/04/2015 13:28:04] Jared: Anyone remember the trick to get all Hotmail emails to arrive in your inbox?Never mind; I got it.
[29/04/2015 13:57:31] Jared: Does anyone know any examples of some junky, spammed-out websites?
[29/04/2015 13:57:50] Jared: I need to test the accuracy of MozRank, and I need different tiers of website to test against it.
[29/04/2015 14:54:37] Jared: I’m available for more slavework if needed.
[29/04/2015 15:51:34] silentassumptions: If you can do content writing with your SEO stuff, I have about $300’s worth of work over the course of the next few days. But there is quite a bit of content writing involved.
[29/04/2015 16:24:31] Jared: Eh . . . not too keen on copywriting.
[30/04/2015 12:13:39] silentassumptions: Does anyone here know of any webmasters with a portfolio of websites that will allow us to do guest posting? We will pay depending on the authority of the site.
[30/04/2015 12:13:47] silentassumptions: And provide the content.
[30/04/2015 12:14:28] silentassumptions: Jared, I’ll have some work lined up for you, none copywriting. I can set you up after 6PM, I have another site that needs building.
[30/04/2015 12:16:35] silentassumptions: We’re swamped at the agency today, though there’s an opportunity for any of you webmasters to make a bit of dough if you have some half decent authority sites.
[30/04/2015 15:11:13] silentassumptions: Does anyone know if there is a way to include a blog into a static page on WordPress.
[30/04/2015 15:11:44 | Edited 15:11:50] silentassumptions: http://loveconstructions.com/blog/

I can’t get this fucker to pull blogs through from the posts, even though the template is set to blog.
[30/04/2015 15:32:07] silentassumptions: Sorted the above, btw.
[30/04/2015 15:41:44] Jared: My motivation is in the toilet today.
[30/04/2015 15:42:03] Jared: I’ve been sitting here falling asleep for about two hours.
[30/04/2015 15:42:08] Jared: How do I remotivated myself?
[30/04/2015 15:43:06] silentassumptions: LOL.
[30/04/2015 15:43:45] silentassumptions: Have a game plan bro. I’d start with WHN. That’s a little gem. That site would only take a solid two hours to get all the on-site to speed.
[30/04/2015 15:43:52] silentassumptions: Your offsite ventures are pretty much taken care of.
[06/05/2015 03:05:36] Jared: GSA Platform Identifier is a fantastic tool.
[06/05/2015 03:25:58] Jared: I’m also using FCS Networker, which is a tool which automates creating profiles (with content) for major web 2.0 sites. These sites will act as the foundation of your tier 1 links.
[06/05/2015 03:26:24] Jared: I’m going to master spam.
[06/05/2015 03:27:05] Jared: Spam so good Google will never be able to distinguish between it and legit links. Do that, and the sky is the limit.
[06/05/2015 17:59:56] Jared: Still contemplating how to determine which sites to use for tier 1.
[06/05/2015 18:00:49] Jared: I’m thinking about just using PR for now. Sure, it’s not been updated in several months, but it may still be more accurate than relying on hard-to-get third-party metrics.
[06/05/2015 18:02:29] silentassumptions: TF CF are the only metrics I rely on. PR is really out-dated, I have some spammy websites that have decent PR’s. I have a paid version of Majestic if you want to sort out your URLs on those criterion without having to fork the $$$ out.
[06/05/2015 18:14:12] Jared: Are there limitations to it? I have quite a lot of URL’s scraped and checked with GSA PI. Probably too much for it to handle.
[06/05/2015 18:51:26] Jared: I’m thinking about just saying to hell with it, and doing an all-out blitz. Most of these sites won’t produce verified backlinks, even though they’re built on GSA-compatible platforms.
[06/05/2015 18:52:01] Jared: That would cull the list way down, making it much easier to work with.
[06/05/2015 18:53:22] Jared: Actually, I’ll create a smallish list of tier 1 sites first, then do the all-out backlinking on them.
[06/05/2015 23:01:39] Jared: You can add your own engines to GSA — seems moderately difficult, but definitely doable. If you could add some good, unique engines, I’m sure you could find a lot of sites which have yet to be abused to death.
[07/05/2015 16:51:02] Jared: Amir’s been gone for over a week now and it’s slowing THE FUCK out of our project.
[07/05/2015 16:56:13] silentassumptions: I’m here bro.
[07/05/2015 16:56:15] silentassumptions: Just jk.
[07/05/2015 16:56:40] silentassumptions: Jared, with regards to Majestic, I don’t know, I’ve never used the facility.
[07/05/2015 16:56:53] silentassumptions: Just give me as many URLs as you want and I’ll run it through Majestic and see what it pulls out.
[07/05/2015 16:59:37] Jared: I’m thinking about just ordering Majestic Silver for a month.
[07/05/2015 16:59:50] Jared: $80, but you can check up to 5 million URL’s.
[07/05/2015 18:00:01] silentassumptions: $80 PCM?
[07/05/2015 18:00:07] silentassumptions: or oen off?
[07/05/2015 18:00:17] silentassumptions: I’ll get our login details for you tomorrow bro.
[07/05/2015 18:04:46] Jared: Monthly
[07/05/2015 18:05:13] Jared: Perry Marshall & Mike Rhodes – AdWords Bootcamp 2015
[07/05/2015 18:25:19] silentassumptions: Okay, don’t buy it.
[07/05/2015 18:25:24] silentassumptions: Don’t waste your money unnecessarily.
[07/05/2015 18:25:51] silentassumptions: I’ll provide you login credentials tomorrow, I have to let my Technical Director know first as releasing any passwords has to go through him at all times.
[07/05/2015 18:26:04] silentassumptions: But he’ll fine with it, you’re a hidden celebrity at i3.
[07/05/2015 21:51:28] Jared: Nice.
[07/05/2015 21:51:33] Jared: I can share my lists
[07/05/2015 21:51:54] Jared: I’ve got scraping down, now it’s just a matter of determining what is, and isn’t, worth a damn.
[07/05/2015 22:53:16] silentassumptions: Awesome, yeah, we’d be appreciate that. I know you’re aching to go now but we’ll sort it tomorrow.
[07/05/2015 22:54:41] silentassumptions: I have a great rapport with all of the directors at i3 so I know they’ll be cool with it but I wouldn’t want to jeapordise anything giving you logins at this stage.
[08/05/2015 10:38:26] silentassumptions: Query:

Can all of those URLs be disallowed with the following command:

Disallow: /team-building-news/?*
[08/05/2015 10:38:52] silentassumptions: I don’t want to disallow team-building-news, just anything that has a ? after the URL.
[09/05/2015 01:56:11 | Edited 01:56:46] Jared: Yeah, I’m sure it would work given that * is a wildcard.
[09/05/2015 23:06:43] Jared: http://www.trafficleaks.com/bot-army

CCarter has a lot of good stuff. He says he has 50,000 Twitter accounts (bought for cheap), each one with 1,000+ followers (via automation). He claims to run affiliate offers through them every 2-3 days, where they earn around $7,200 each time. Do the math, and you’ll see that’s around $100K a month.
[09/05/2015 23:06:55] Jared: Just from Twitter. The guy has a ton of methods.
[09/05/2015 23:07:29] Jared: If he’s even close to being truthful (he seems to be), he’s making absurd money. I’d guess over one million a month.
[09/05/2015 23:15:35] Jared: If anyone wants to speed up their sites: http://blackhat.community/forums/free-discussion/1056-3-plugin-punch-faster-wordpress-site.html
[09/05/2015 23:18:38] Jared: 1. Better WordPress Minify: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bwp-minify/ (combines your CSS and javascript files for much faster loading)
2. Plugin Organizer: https://wordpress.org/plugins/plugin-organizer/ (let’s you set plugins to only run on certain pages)
3. WP Fastest Cache: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-fastest-cache/ (basic caching)
4. Ewww Image Optimizer: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer/ (reduces the size of images with minimal quality loss)
[10/05/2015 17:32:24] silentassumptions: Cheers Jared, just caught up with the logs.
[10/05/2015 17:33:06] silentassumptions: Cheers for the plugins, every now and again I google the absolute best WordPress plugins for SEO.
[10/05/2015 17:33:36] silentassumptions: No. 1 and 4 from that list look really good.
[10/05/2015 17:35:22] silentassumptions: Were you able to derive what you needed from Majestic?
[10/05/2015 17:58:18] Jared: Yeah
[10/05/2015 17:58:29] Jared: I have a nice sized list of URL’s with all of their metrics.
[10/05/2015 17:58:55] Jared: Trying to figure out how to make Excel do math so I can quickly get the Trust-to-Citation ratio.
[10/05/2015 17:59:36] Jared: If Amir will finally get his ass in gear, we can start backlinking either tonight or tomorrow. No more delays. We should be rich by now.
[10/05/2015 18:01:12] silentassumptions: What exactly are you trying to figure out in Excel? I’m pretty good with it.
[10/05/2015 18:01:32] silentassumptions: Something where you can determine the gap between Trust and Citation?
[10/05/2015 18:02:05] Jared: Yeah
[10/05/2015 18:03:07] Jared: Two columns, one is Trust Flow, the other is Citation Flow.
[10/05/2015 18:03:18] Jared: One domain per row.
[10/05/2015 18:03:41] Jared: I need to divide the Trust Flow by the Citation Flow per each line.
[10/05/2015 18:03:49] Jared: It seems like something Excel would be able to do.
[10/05/2015 18:03:56] silentassumptions: Send me the list please.
[10/05/2015 18:04:22] *** ***
[10/05/2015 18:04:38] silentassumptions: Why would you want to divide the Trust Flow by the Citation Flow?
[10/05/2015 18:04:47] silentassumptions: That could lead to all sorts of complications.
[10/05/2015 18:04:54] silentassumptions: It would give you an indicator of some spam sites.
[10/05/2015 18:05:00] silentassumptions: But also some legit ones, too.
[10/05/2015 18:05:33] silentassumptions: You would be better off minusing the values rather than dividing.
[10/05/2015 18:05:48] silentassumptions: I think so anyway, we’ll see.
[10/05/2015 18:06:51] silentassumptions: I’ll share screens. One second.
[10/05/2015 18:07:10] silentassumptions: Let me call, it might be easier.
[10/05/2015 18:07:32] silentassumptions: 2 mins.
[10/05/2015 18:08:11] *** Group call, no answer. ***
[10/05/2015 18:15:35] Jared: What I’ve read is, you want you Trust Flow to be no less than 0.5 your Citation Flow.
[10/05/2015 18:16:12] silentassumptions: How refined do you want this list?
[10/05/2015 18:16:17] silentassumptions: I’ve deleted all the obvious anomalies.
[10/05/2015 18:16:29] Jared: I guess Citation Flow measures quantity, whereas, Trust Flow measures quality. High Citation Flow with a sub-0.5 Trust Flow would likely mean sites with lots of low-quality spam links.
[10/05/2015 18:16:29] silentassumptions: There were 270,000 to start.
[10/05/2015 18:16:41] Jared: I may just say screw it and just go by Trust Flow.
[10/05/2015 18:16:59] Jared: If a site has a decent Trust Flow, I’ll try to backlink with it.
[10/05/2015 18:17:43] silentassumptions: I wouldn’t do that. I’ll filter this list down for you for sites with high trust flow with a relatively close citation flow.
[10/05/2015 18:17:48] silentassumptions: Are you watching my screen right now?
[10/05/2015 18:18:41] silentassumptions: Before I continue with trimming this list, I’m not sure what your method is.
[10/05/2015 18:18:48] silentassumptions: Are you trying to blast shit load of websites?
[10/05/2015 18:18:53] silentassumptions: Or just be left with a handful?
[10/05/2015 18:19:43] Jared: I’m going for quality over quantity for Tier 1, and then lowering my standards for each additional tier.
[10/05/2015 18:20:18] Jared: Keep in mind, these are just sites that have been identified as being useable by GSA.
[10/05/2015 18:20:26] Jared: There’s three levels . . .
[10/05/2015 18:21:12] Jared: Identified = sites that have been identified as being useable by GSA.
Submitted = sites which GSA has successfully registered to.
Verified = sites which GSA has verified you’ve gotten a link on.
[10/05/2015 18:21:42] Jared: I’m not sure what percentage of Identified will reach Submitted, and what percentage of Submitted will actually become Verified.
[10/05/2015 18:21:49] silentassumptions: Okay, I can get you a nice set of Tier 1’s. Say around 200 sites which you can filter through manually.
[10/05/2015 18:21:57] silentassumptions: You can proably get a shit load more from this list to be fair.
[10/05/2015 18:21:57] Jared: Alright
[10/05/2015 18:22:02] silentassumptions: I’ll just include all of the decent links.
[10/05/2015 18:22:26 | Edited 18:22:34] Jared: Anything with a TF >0.5 CF should work, from what I’ve read.
[10/05/2015 18:22:55] Jared: If TF is 30, then a CF of 60 or less should be okay.
[10/05/2015 18:23:07] silentassumptions: All of these websites are pretty much decent.
[10/05/2015 18:23:17] silentassumptions: I see what you mean.
[10/05/2015 18:23:27] silentassumptions: TF 20 CF 40
[10/05/2015 18:24:07] silentassumptions: You have 15000 websites from this list that all fall under that criteria.
[10/05/2015 18:24:19] silentassumptions: I deleted some before that also fell under this category, but these are really amongst the best now.
[10/05/2015 18:24:26] silentassumptions: Shall I send you this over and you can trim it some more?
[10/05/2015 18:24:40] silentassumptions: I mean, some of these sites like vimeo and twitter…
[10/05/2015 18:25:00] silentassumptions: I’m not sure if during your scrape it’s just picked up a load of sites that you can’t actually get do follow links from.
[10/05/2015 18:25:06] silentassumptions: Either way, two secs. My brew is ready.
[10/05/2015 18:25:45] *** ***
[10/05/2015 18:32:01] silentassumptions: I’m back.
[10/05/2015 18:32:25] silentassumptions: It would be good to know if there’s a way of trimming this list even further: Do Follow vs No follow.
[10/05/2015 18:42:43] Jared: I just let GSA handle that.
[10/05/2015 18:42:51] Jared: It’s all built into the options.
[10/05/2015 19:02:55] Jared: Hmm . . .
[10/05/2015 19:03:19] Jared: One method for finding potentially valuable expired domains . . .
[10/05/2015 19:04:13] Jared: Use Scrapebox’s Link Extractor add on to crawl powerful sites (BBC.co.uk, CNN.com, etc.), collecting any domains they link to. Bulk check those domains to find ones that may be unregistered.
[10/05/2015 19:04:37] Jared: It could be a way to build a dirt-cheap PBN.
[10/05/2015 19:28:30] silentassumptions: Good idea.
[10/05/2015 19:29:56] silentassumptions: The ideas are endless really.
[10/05/2015 19:30:30] silentassumptions: That’s the beauty of the web, there’s just a lot of ways of making money, and so many creative, unpublished ways of taking the best short cuts.
[10/05/2015 19:31:41] Robin: don’t talk shit
[10/05/2015 19:31:42] Robin: do shit
[10/05/2015 19:34:05] silentassumptions: I think it would be a great idea for us to document what we’ve tried and tested in some sort of Google Drive document.
[10/05/2015 19:34:23] silentassumptions: There’s lots of things that Jared and Amir have discussed which I would like to try out.
[10/05/2015 19:52:06] Jared: The Internet is a goldmine, no doubt about it.
[10/05/2015 19:52:21] Jared: Honestly, I wish I had wasted less time studying white hat and just went black hat from day one.
[11/05/2015 01:46:34] Jared: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1427079050916498/
[11/05/2015 01:46:47] Jared: The Black Hat Community Facebook Group is pretty good.
[11/05/2015 09:12:43] silentassumptions: My request is pending, though straight off the bat I saw ‘Kara Bell’ as part of the members. Lol
[11/05/2015 09:28:46] silentassumptions: Disallow: /*?

This is a great command to include in your robots.txt
[11/05/2015 09:29:10] silentassumptions: This blocks access to all URLs that include question marks (?). i.e it will blocks URLs that begin with http://www.teamchallenge-company.co.uk/, followed by any string, followed by a question mark, and ending with any string e.g. /team-building-news/?amp%3Bp=1&year=2014&month=02
[11/05/2015 15:59:43] silentassumptions: dunno if youve ever seen this
not bad for making keyword lists
[11/05/2015 20:17:31] Jared: Nice.
[11/05/2015 20:18:32] Jared: Scrapebox is good for creating keywords lists, too.
[11/05/2015 20:18:50] *** ***
[11/05/2015 20:19:22] Jared: Basically: If you create a list of phrases with %kw% in them, you can merge this list with any keywords you have.
[11/05/2015 20:21:23] Jared: For example:

%kw% coupons
%kw% deal
%kw% deals
%kw% discount

If I put in 50 product names into the Scrapebox keyword box, then merge it with a text file containing the above four lines of text, it will create 200 keywords – those four phrases with each of the 50 product names.
[11/05/2015 20:22:43] Jared: If I find an interesting product, I’ll merge it with my Buyer Intent.txt file, which contains 210 buyer-intent phrases. I’ll then toss the end result into the Google Keyword Planner to check for search volume.
[12/05/2015 05:57:54] Jared: First Product I’m GSAing: http://youaintrich.com/product/tamron-150-600/
[12/05/2015 05:58:59 | Edited 05:59:11] Jared: The primary keyword and the top 15 longtails for it bring in about 15,000 U.S. searches a month to Google. Probably another 3,000 or so if we toss in Yahoo! and Bing.
[12/05/2015 05:59:52] Jared: I’m going to set up campaigns in Rank Tracker to keep track of movement.
[12/05/2015 21:35:18] Jared: GSA has been a failure so far.
[12/05/2015 21:35:39] Jared: Only 12 links out of over 700 submissions and thousands and thousands of identified sites.
[12/05/2015 21:36:11] Jared: Also, I forgot to remove a major footprint Kontent Machine 3 added, but I can log into the accounts and do that manually.
[12/05/2015 21:36:22] Jared: I’d grade myself a D+.
[12/05/2015 22:13:25] Jared: Alright, error corrected.
[13/05/2015 02:17:54] Jared: Email marketing, my friends.
[13/05/2015 02:18:04] Jared: “The money is in the list.”
[13/05/2015 02:18:45] Jared: Sell to a large group of people any time you feel like it with a single push of a button. Best of all, that list is yours; it doesn’t rely on Google, or any social network, etc.
[13/05/2015 02:19:55 | Edited 02:20:08] Jared: I’m 99.9999999% positive creating niche sites and then building lists on these sites is the best, safest way to bring in major, long-term income.
[13/05/2015 02:25:26] Jared: Anyone up for a joint venture? We create a website with one goal in mind: To collect as many emails as possible.
[13/05/2015 02:25:45] Jared: We can then share the email list.
[13/05/2015 02:26:14] Jared: Each one of us gets, say, 1-2 sends a month, with any content we want.
[13/05/2015 02:28:20] Jared: I want $30,000 a month.
[13/05/2015 07:16:48] Jared: Anyone know of a program to quickly and easily make videos?
[13/05/2015 07:16:58] Jared: I have a plan.
[13/05/2015 07:30:19] Robin: powtoons
[13/05/2015 07:30:24] Robin: makes simple videos
[13/05/2015 07:30:42] Robin: drag and drop video builder
[13/05/2015 08:58:52] silentassumptions: Sounds interesting, Jared. I’ve just got to work, I’ll catch up with the thread properly shortly.
[13/05/2015 21:39:45] Jared: The money’s in the list.
[13/05/2015 21:39:57] Jared: It’s easy to bring in traffic, too.
[13/05/2015 21:40:05 | Edited 21:40:11] Jared: Non-search engine traffic.
[13/05/2015 21:40:55] Jared: I’ve gotten a lot more aggressive towards actually earning money the past week or so. My reading days are in the past.
[13/05/2015 21:50:07] Jared: But, yeah, when pretty much every single one of the top marketing experts say their #1 priority is growing their lists, that’s probably a hint as to the direction we should all be going.
[14/05/2015 09:10:15] silentassumptions: Jared, I’d be interested – as long as you’re no longer subservient to Google and making decent passive income then I don’t see why not.
[14/05/2015 09:11:01] silentassumptions: Draw up a plan of action and outline how i3 can contribute. We have content writers, a tech team and capital at our disposal.
[14/05/2015 22:15:22] Jared: One thing with growing email lists, you can do it with any traffic. Obviously, targerred traffic is best, but I’ve been reading about traffic leaks. Basically, just methods you can use to bring in huge traffic: http://www.trafficleaks.com/

The site’s by a guy calling himself CCarter — a mysterious legend in IM. There are so many ways to bring in enormous traffic. Enormous traffic + good opt-in rate = big list, quickly. These guys talk about getting hundreds-of-thousands of visitors a day just from Reddit.
[14/05/2015 22:16:45 | Edited 22:28:44] Jared: By the way, one of the best tips I’ve learned for long-term success: Diversify. Never put all of your eggs into one basket. If that basket gets toppled — and Google’s quite fond of basket toppling — you’ll be shit outta luck.
[14/05/2015 22:17:57 | Edited 22:28:54] Jared: 1. Multiple sites.
2. Multiple sources of traffic. (SEO, PPC, Email Marketing [#1 earner], Social Media, Traffic leaks.)
3. Multiple sources of income.
[14/05/2015 22:21:04] Jared: Also, affiliate marketing is huge. There are stories of regular joes becoming multimillionaires solely through big league affiliate marketing.
[14/05/2015 22:21:24 | Edited 22:21:49] Jared: How 3 Guys Made Over $10,000,000 Last Year Without a Single Backlink http://www.viperchill.com/no-backlinks/
[14/05/2015 22:22:32] Jared: These guys talk about working in a cafeteria, barely making rent, before discovering affiliate marketing.
[14/05/2015 22:26:28] Jared: Also, Tony Robbins’ Asymmetrical Risks is worth knowing. Basically: Everything you do, financially, make it endeavors where the potential reward greatly outweighs the potential risk. Do only things where you earn a lot more if you win than you’ll lose if you don’t. If you do that, you’re stacking the deck in your favor. Do it right, and you could fail, say, 80% of the time, and still make a big profit.
[14/05/2015 22:26:50] Jared: Does anyone even read my ramblings? I’m starting to feel like Woody . . .
[14/05/2015 23:01:32 | Edited 23:01:38] Jared: “A traffic leak is when you go to a site, community, or area where people are congregating and funnel that traffic to your own website. Its a technique us Ancients used before internet marketers thought Google was and end all be all to online market. The goal is to have visitors continue to visit your site on a regular basis through each traffic leak you implement around the web, creating a torrent of direct and referring traffic.”
[14/05/2015 23:14:05] Jared: http://www.wickedfire.com/enlightened-members/177893-traffic-leaks-final-level.html
[15/05/2015 03:43:50] *** ***
[15/05/2015 03:44:18] Jared: Tier 1-quality sites.
GSA won’t work with these sites, so they may have to be created manually.
FCS Networker Sites + Manual Tier 1 Sites + A Handful of Quality Normal GSA-Useable Sites = Solid Tier 1 Foundation
I’ve only done GSA links for the Tamron 150-600 lens so far. I’m building tier 2 to them now using GSA, and while I do that I’m going to create some using FCS Networker (automated) and then use the list I’m sending you to manually create some. Then I guess it’s just sit back and wait and see what happens. Hope it all works. If it does, we’re in for some serious, SERIOUS fucking money.
[15/05/2015 03:45:57] Jared: If this method works, and it can be rinsed and repeated (and if it works once, there’s no reason it can’t work again and again), then I’ve hit the jackpot.
[15/05/2015 03:47:19 | Edited 03:47:32] Jared: It really is crazy how easy it is to earn riches online on paper. Build a site/page selling something valuable. Build links to that site/page. Wait. Profit.
[15/05/2015 03:47:48] Jared: Can one of you at least confirm you’re reading this? I feel like a crazy man ranting to myself, lol.
[15/05/2015 05:26:10] Jared: https://www.google.com/search?num=100&safe=off&q=links%3Aayesl.com&oq=links%3Aayesl.com&gs_l=serp.3…2404.2404.0.2620.…0…1c.1.64.serp..
[15/05/2015 05:26:19] Jared: Just not discovered the links: operator in Google.
[15/05/2015 05:27:11] Jared: Enter links:domain.com and it’ll bring back a sample list of sites which link to that domain.
[15/05/2015 05:28:07] Jared: Not really needed if you have access to Majestic, ahrefs, etc., but a neat little trick nonetheless.
[15/05/2015 08:57:07] silentassumptions: Just catching up with the thread.
[15/05/2015 08:58:04] silentassumptions: I read everything on here Jared.
[15/05/2015 08:58:14] silentassumptions: Where’s Amir these days anyway? I haven’t heard him talk in here for a bit.
[15/05/2015 09:16:51] silentassumptions: So all we need to do at this stage is a pick a niche that can horde lots of emails, and optimise it.
[15/05/2015 09:22:48 | Removed 09:25:00] silentassumptions: This message has been removed.
[15/05/2015 09:22:58 | Removed 09:25:05] silentassumptions: This message has been removed.
[15/05/2015 09:23:07 | Removed 09:25:09] silentassumptions: This message has been removed.
[15/05/2015 09:23:34 | Removed 09:25:11] silentassumptions: This message has been removed.
[15/05/2015 09:24:15 | Removed 09:25:35] silentassumptions: This message has been removed.
[15/05/2015 09:24:22 | Removed 09:25:38] silentassumptions: This message has been removed.
[15/05/2015 09:24:54 | Removed 09:25:43] silentassumptions: This message has been removed.
[15/05/2015 09:27:43] Robin: why don’t u use an email scraper
[15/05/2015 09:27:58] Robin: and search targeted groups
[15/05/2015 09:30:02] silentassumptions: I do have a couple of GSA email related applications, if it is of any use to anyone here.
[15/05/2015 09:30:11] silentassumptions: I haven’t actually got round to using them.
[15/05/2015 09:30:14] silentassumptions: We buy all of our email lists here.
[15/05/2015 09:32:38] Robin: facebook ID scraper
[15/05/2015 09:32:49] Robin: youll get an ID converter forfree
[15/05/2015 09:32:57] Robin: of atomic email extractor
[15/05/2015 09:34:25] Jared: Buy emails lists? Are they unique, or being sold around?
[15/05/2015 09:34:54] silentassumptions: Being sold around, but unique in that they’re expensive, so only a handful of people will have them.
[15/05/2015 09:34:57] silentassumptions: Billy India wouldn’t have a clue.
[15/05/2015 09:35:10] Jared: Lol
[15/05/2015 09:39:05] silentassumptions: So Jared, what do we go from here to pursue your idea?
[15/05/2015 09:39:09] silentassumptions: Who’s in?
[15/05/2015 09:39:10] silentassumptions: Who’s doing what?
[15/05/2015 09:39:16] silentassumptions: This is your project so you delegate.
[15/05/2015 09:39:19] Robin: play with your balls
[15/05/2015 09:39:23] Robin: its more productive
[15/05/2015 09:39:30] silentassumptions: LOL.
[15/05/2015 09:40:42] silentassumptions: Cheers Robin, profound advise.
[15/05/2015 10:30:39] silentassumptions: Jared, when I say who’s doing what, you have various content writers at your disposal, too.
[15/05/2015 10:34:50] Jared: [15 May 2015 10:26] Jared:

<<< I may have stumbled into an amazing, 100% legal money-making scheme.
Arbitrage + Dropshipping.
Arbitrage: Buying items and then selling them for a profit.
Dropshipping: Selling a product to someone, and then buying that product elsewhere (Walmart, Amazon, etc.) and having it shipped to the person who bought it from you.
Now, combine the two.
I’ve just seen someone sell a patio set on eBay for $1,300. The same patio set is sold at Walmart for $600. They sold it on eBay, immediately ordered it on Walmart.com, and set the shipping address to the eBay buyer’s home.
Easiest money in the world.
Something else to keep in mind . . .
When you sell on eBay, as soon as the buyer pays for the item, the money goes into your Paypal. Walmart (and most ecommerce sites) accept Paypal.
Are you fine people seeing where I’m going with this?
You don’t even initially need the money to buy the item. Just list it on eBay as a Buy Now, and if it sells, you can then buy it with the money you earn, and then keep the profits.
If it sells? You profit.
If it doesn’t sell? You’re out nothing.
[15/05/2015 10:35:00] Jared: Sorry, I was busy scheming in another room.
[15/05/2015 10:35:32] Jared: No idea, Amir. No one seems interested in the idea.
[15/05/2015 10:35:46] Jared: I mean, besides me and you.
[15/05/2015 10:35:54] Jared: Robin’s his usual self.
[15/05/2015 10:36:03] Jared: Amir’s gone with the wind.
[15/05/2015 10:36:09] Jared: Ace is . . . no comment.
[15/05/2015 10:36:13] Robin: why don’t u just create your own product and make affiliates do the marketing for u
[15/05/2015 10:36:18] Jared: Tom’s busy elsewhere, I’m sure.
[15/05/2015 10:36:43] Jared: The arbitrage + dropshipping method is fucking brilliant.
[15/05/2015 10:36:57] Jared: It’s brilliant because it’s more or less zero risk.
[15/05/2015 10:37:29] Jared: If the product doesn’t sell, you move on. If it sells, you buy it elsewhere and dropship it.
[15/05/2015 10:38:54] Jared: I think I’m going to take a quick browse through Walmart.com just to see if I can find any items with potential.
[15/05/2015 10:41:31] Jared: Clearance and special one-time deals are also great to profit with. Say, Dell runs a one-day special on laptops — 40% off. You can get a $1,000 laptop on Dell.com for $600 that will sell on eBay for probably $900-1,000 (brand new items typically go for full retail price, or very near it).
[15/05/2015 10:41:47] silentassumptions: I think a good sales tactic is mix and match items, e.g. a TV from PC world and a TV stand from Curries. Two special offers and sell together with big buck.
[15/05/2015 10:42:00] Jared: Nice
[15/05/2015 10:42:31] silentassumptions: That’s a really clever idea, Jared.
[15/05/2015 10:42:34] silentassumptions: Really fucking clever.
[15/05/2015 10:42:35] Jared: I’m trying to think of a way to automate this process.
[15/05/2015 10:42:38] silentassumptions: Virtual stock, too.
[15/05/2015 10:43:07] silentassumptions: Jared, we have a team of developers at i3. you should see some of the things they’ve built…
[15/05/2015 10:43:11] Jared: Yeah, I’ve heard of people doing it with digital products.
[15/05/2015 10:43:13] silentassumptions: We have our own custom CMS at i3.
[15/05/2015 10:43:17] silentassumptions: Do this if you want.
[15/05/2015 10:43:21] silentassumptions: Run it manually on a few products.
[15/05/2015 10:43:26] silentassumptions: If it works, we’ll build something automated.
[15/05/2015 10:48:17] silentassumptions: Exciting times.
[15/05/2015 10:50:38] Jared: I’ve already found something selling at a moderate profit.
[15/05/2015 10:51:33 | Edited 10:51:48] Jared: Walmart http://www.walmart.com/ip/Char-Broil-Tru-Infrared-3-Burner-Grill-Stainless-Steel-Black/39073045 ($258.00)
eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Char-Broil-Tru-Infrared-3-Burner-Grill-Gas-Grills-Stainless-Steel-Black-/131415143613?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e98f3f4bd ($327.87)
[15/05/2015 10:51:35 | Removed 10:51:51] Jared: This message has been removed.
[15/05/2015 10:52:11 | Edited 10:52:24] Jared: They’ve sold 9. $70 profit for each one.
[15/05/2015 10:53:04 | Edited 10:53:19] Jared: Considering all you have to do is log into Walmart and order it with the eBay buyer’s details — probably 10-15 minutes work — that’s pretty damn good.
[15/05/2015 10:53:59] Jared: This was just in a couple of minutes searching. I’m sure there are much bigger potential profits out there.
[15/05/2015 10:55:28] Jared: In the event that someone ordered something, and you could no longer get it at the lower price, you could just cancel the order. Tell them you’re out of stock, or whatever. It shouldn’t be an issue, and if you do things carefully, it’ll rarely happen.
[15/05/2015 10:56:39] silentassumptions: What happens if you order someone a laptop from Walmart, directly to their house, and they have an issue with the laptop and they want a refund through ebay.
[15/05/2015 10:56:55] Robin: jared
[15/05/2015 10:57:00] Robin: don’t try to find wormholes
[15/05/2015 10:57:05] silentassumptions: Don’t listen to Robin.
[15/05/2015 10:57:12] silentassumptions: Wormholes FTW.
[15/05/2015 10:57:19] silentassumptions: This could be one of the easiest ways to make money.
[15/05/2015 10:57:19] Robin: you’ll never succeed with this kind of thinking
[15/05/2015 10:57:38] silentassumptions: “Innovation leads to failure” – Robin.
[15/05/2015 10:57:38] Robin: youll been playing with your balls for years with SEO
[15/05/2015 10:57:42] Robin: and you are yet to make a dime
[15/05/2015 10:58:19] silentassumptions: Back to the balls. Lol
[15/05/2015 11:00:59] Jared: Robin, this is tried and true method.
[15/05/2015 11:01:08 | Edited 11:01:14] Jared: Arbitrage. Dropshipping. Google it.
[15/05/2015 11:02:19] silentassumptions: Jared what happens in the event of a buyer seller dispute where the buyer wants a refund?
[15/05/2015 11:02:33] Jared: You change your name and flee to Mexico.
[15/05/2015 11:02:37] silentassumptions: LOLLLLLLLLLL
[15/05/2015 11:02:42] Jared: They bring it up.
[15/05/2015 11:02:45] silentassumptions: Ahahahahahaha
[15/05/2015 11:03:01] Robin: where amir
[15/05/2015 11:03:02] Jared: You can just refund the asshole.
[15/05/2015 11:03:03] Robin: and how is he doing
[15/05/2015 11:03:16] Robin: is he working still
[15/05/2015 11:03:18] Robin: or out of the game
[15/05/2015 11:03:24] Jared: Just like anything else you sell on eBay.
[15/05/2015 11:03:49] Jared: You can then return the item to Walmart.
[15/05/2015 11:03:58] silentassumptions: But wouldn’t the buyer clock you ordered it directly from Walmart, return it ot walmart and pocket the extra himself?
[15/05/2015 11:03:59] Jared: They have a full moneyback refund, I believe.
[15/05/2015 11:04:51] *** ***
[15/05/2015 11:05:01 | Edited 11:05:27] Jared: Short video.
[15/05/2015 11:05:04] Jared: 8 minutes.
[15/05/2015 11:05:07] Jared: He brings up returns.
[15/05/2015 11:05:12] Jared: He says it’s not an issue.
[15/05/2015 11:05:22] silentassumptions: “Big Daddy”. Lol
[15/05/2015 11:05:29] Jared: Lol
[15/05/2015 11:09:18] Jared: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Apple-iPad-Air-16GB-WiFi-Space-Gray/40712755?action=product_interest&action_type=title&item_id=40712755&placement_id=irs-6-b2&strategy=TRND1&visitor_id=FROmvYq_VCvkdgEveDCB5Q&category=&client_guid=42f7c2d6-244f-4e33-8cc7-9aec0d57adaf&customer_id_enc=&config_id=6&parent_item_id=37450620,5018509,5334814,10975715,14971886,21576375,32427496,10448047,31345997,31346449&parent_anchor_item_id=TREND1&guid=dd4efcd2-bfd5-40b5-aec3-ce8132fd9453&bucket_id=irsbucketdefault&beacon_version=1.0.1&findingMethod=p13n
[15/05/2015 11:09:27] Jared: $349.00
[15/05/2015 11:09:38] Jared: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-iPad-Air-1st-Gen-16GB-WiFi-9-7in-Retina-Space-Gray-Black-or-White-Silver-/281672101978?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item4194f7305a
[15/05/2015 11:09:51] Jared: $489.99 — 42 sold.
[15/05/2015 11:10:00] Jared: Looks like the exact same product to me.
[15/05/2015 11:10:27] Jared: $140 profit per each one sold. 42 sold? $5,880 profit.
[15/05/2015 11:11:28] Jared: Christ, this is a potential goldmine.
[15/05/2015 11:12:21] Jared: Very next item I checked out . . .
[15/05/2015 11:12:22] Jared: http://www.walmart.com/ip/General-Electric-AEY05LS-5-050-BTU-Mechanical-Control-Window-Air-Conditioner-White/34390674?action=product_interest&action_type=title&item_id=34390674&placement_id=irs-6-b2&strategy=TRND1&visitor_id=FROmvYq_VCvkdgEveDCB5Q&category=&client_guid=42f7c2d6-244f-4e33-8cc7-9aec0d57adaf&customer_id_enc=&config_id=6&parent_item_id=37450620,5018509,5334814,10975715,14971886,21576375,32427496,10448047,31345997,31346449&parent_anchor_item_id=TREND1&guid=dd4efcd2-bfd5-40b5-aec3-ce8132fd9453&bucket_id=irsbucketdefault&beacon_version=1.0.1&findingMethod=p13n
[15/05/2015 11:12:30] Jared: Walmart: $126.00
[15/05/2015 11:12:42] Jared: http://www.ebay.com/itm/General-Electric-5-050-BTU-Mechanical-Control-Window-Air-Conditioner-White-New-/161705446180?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25a6654b24
[15/05/2015 11:12:54] Jared: eBay: $166.43
[15/05/2015 11:13:35] Jared: Let me find something really expensive at Walmart . . . something in the thousands.
[15/05/2015 11:14:32] Jared: Very next item . . .
[15/05/2015 11:15:37] Jared: Toshiba Satin Gold 11.6″ Satellite Radius 11 2-in-1 Laptop

Walmart: $269.00

eBay: $375.99
[15/05/2015 11:20:56] Jared: You can do this with any store, obviously. From what I understand, some of them (including Amazon) will actually conceal the price you paid for the item.
[15/05/2015 11:21:14] Robin: if u want to make a lot of money
[15/05/2015 11:21:21] Robin: buy ayurveda products in the bulk from alibaba
[15/05/2015 11:21:24] Robin: and sell them on amazon
[15/05/2015 11:21:33] Robin: you can get 200-350% ROI
[15/05/2015 11:21:55] Robin: i don’t remember what was the name of the most profitable ayurveda herb
[15/05/2015 11:27:30] Jared: I’ve got more videos if anyone wants them.
[15/05/2015 11:28:07] *** ***
[15/05/2015 11:28:29] silentassumptions: I’ll download this on my work PC, I’m just on the work laptop.
[15/05/2015 11:28:32] silentassumptions: Cheers Jared.
[15/05/2015 11:28:55] silentassumptions: I appreciate all of this research jazz you provide from time to time.
[15/05/2015 11:29:24] Jared: I’m constantly hustling.
[15/05/2015 11:29:29] Jared: Eventually, I’m gonna strike gold.
[15/05/2015 11:30:29] Jared: I think I’m getting close. I’m feeling positive about GSA.
[15/05/2015 11:30:45] Robin: whats A upto?
[15/05/2015 11:31:32] Jared: I don’t know
[15/05/2015 11:32:31] Robin: i thought you were working together?
[15/05/2015 11:32:40] Robin: gone with the wind
[15/05/2015 11:32:44] Robin: did big a give up
[16/05/2015 01:35:13] Jared: Another scheme.
[16/05/2015 01:35:20] Jared: Clickbank. YouTube.
[16/05/2015 01:37:31] Jared: 1. I’ve put together a list of quality Clickbank products.
2. I’ve done some quick bulk keyword research to get some search volume numbers.
3. I picked out 3 of the better products/keywords, leeched a video for each one, and tossed it onto YouTube with my affiliate link attached.
[16/05/2015 01:38:35] Jared: So far, it’s earned nothing, but the whole process took around an hour, probably a little less. It’s a good experiment.
[16/05/2015 01:39:57] Jared: I may toss some GSA backlinks at one of the videos. I know Google loves ranking YouTube videos in the top 10 (Google owns YouTube). Also, I need to look around and see if there’s a way SEO YouTube searches. If so, my views — and potential clicks & buys — would go up significantly.
[16/05/2015 01:40:41 | Edited 01:41:47] Jared: How To Give A Blow Job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9TuxrBkjWM
[16/05/2015 01:44:51] Jared: 40,000+ monthly U.S. Google searches. If I can get that video ranked on page 1, it could be a damn nice chunk of change.
[16/05/2015 01:45:16] Jared: I’m going full-blown spam with it. 100% exact-match anchor text, garbage content, etc.
[16/05/2015 01:49:37] Jared: how to give a blow job 33,100
how to suck dick 27,100
blow job tips 8,100
how to suck cock 5,400
[16/05/2015 01:50:28 | Edited 01:50:34] Jared: 74K, Google alone. Probably over 100K once you toss in Yahoo!, Bing, and the huge assortment of longtail keywords.
[16/05/2015 01:50:56] Jared: Robin, this is right up your ally. Want to get involved? You can create a video sharing your tips.
[16/05/2015 17:58:12] silentassumptions: Lol
[16/05/2015 17:58:48] Robin: jared its not me who wants to make money with blow jobs tips
[16/05/2015 17:58:54] Robin: you sound like a whore
[16/05/2015 17:59:06] Robin: if you want to make money with it
[16/05/2015 17:59:13] Robin: u better give ur prospects some value
[16/05/2015 18:00:05] Robin: I’m yet to witness another failure
[16/05/2015 18:00:09] Robin: let me know how it goes
[16/05/2015 18:00:51] *** Robin has left ***
[16/05/2015 18:23:42] silentassumptions: Rage quit. Lol
[16/05/2015 18:23:58] silentassumptions: He’s probably gone to play with his balls.
[17/05/2015 02:20:04] Jared: “YouTube is currently the second largest search engine after Google.”
[17/05/2015 02:20:30] *** Jared added Robin ***
[17/05/2015 03:06:49] Jared: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1427079050916498/permalink/1471807303110339/
[17/05/2015 03:07:06] Jared: Charles Floate I worked too much, then I got rich, then I worked even more, then I was forced to not work, now I’ve automated 90% of my earnings.. Now I can procrastinate.
Yesterday at 12:08pm · Like · 5
[17/05/2015 03:07:32] Jared: Automated 90% of his earnings . . . passive income . . . the dream.
[17/05/2015 03:07:51] Jared: Earn while you sleep. Earn while you eat. Earn while you relax on the beaches of Tahiti.
[17/05/2015 03:08:35] Jared: Earn while you’re having an orgy with the 2015 Swedish beach volleyball team.
[17/05/2015 03:08:47] Jared: Passive income truly is the dream life.
[17/05/2015 05:44:36] Jared: Anonymous said:
Your blog is crap, all the images are of shit resolution, and they’re unprepossessing and homely.
[18/05/2015 04:51:07 | Edited 04:51:13] Jared: “‘Properly Exploited…One Good Idea That Occurs To You While Walking On The Beach Is Worth More Than 10 Lifetimes Of Hard Work!'”
–Gary Halbert
[18/05/2015 04:51:57 | Edited 04:52:18] Jared: A Little Smart Work > A Lot of Not-So-Smart Hard Work
[18/05/2015 06:56:26] Jared: http://www.wickedfire.com/enlightened-members/165991-my-1000th-post-permission-based-marketing.html
[18/05/2015 06:56:34 | Edited 07:04:23] Jared: Really good read.
[18/05/2015 09:22:11] Jared: http://www.wickedfire.com/enlightened-members/180464-monetization-generating-revenue.html
[19/05/2015 01:52:55] Jared: I’m going to start my own IM/SEO website. I need a catchy name.
[19/05/2015 01:52:58] Jared: Any ideas?
[19/05/2015 01:53:48 | Edited 01:53:50] Jared: Eseeoh.com?
[19/05/2015 10:41:56] Jared: https://twitter.com/manicure_tables
[19/05/2015 10:44:46] Jared: I’ve managed to snatch up both of those Twitter accounts. I’ve filled out the profiles and pinned a link to the manicure tables page to the top of both timelines. This should give us more exposure/traffic.
[19/05/2015 10:45:41] Jared: Anytime someone searches “manicure table(s)” into Twitter, those two accounts should be right at, or at least near, the top. It’s also very possible both could end up getting haldway decent rankings in Google just based on the domain authority of Twitter.
[19/05/2015 10:46:26] silentassumptions: Legend.
[19/05/2015 10:46:38] Jared: I’ve done the same for Pinterest and Tumblr.
[19/05/2015 10:46:50] Jared: Basically, anywhere anyone types in manicure tables, we want to show up.
[19/05/2015 10:47:03] Jared: We want to dominate the term.
[19/05/2015 10:47:06] Jared: Same with pedicure chairs.
[19/05/2015 10:47:27] Jared: Eventually, once the site and pages are completed, I’ll do some forum postings.
[19/05/2015 10:48:05] Jared: I browsed around a few months back, and there were lots of topics which basically came down to, “which table should I buy?”
[19/05/2015 10:50:36] Jared: As long as I’m not too spammy with it, I should be able to add links to those topics. Simple little:

“Hey, I wrote a nice piece on this very subject. If it’s alright, here’s a link to it: http://weheartnails.com/manicure-tables/ — hope it helps!”

This will help bring in direct traffic and help grow brand awareness.
[19/05/2015 10:51:29] Jared: The site has the potential to be a really good money maker. It’s a pretty lucrative industry, and there’s not a lot of competition. The monetization-to-competition ratio is really favorable.
[19/05/2015 11:18:16] Jared: God, I hate writing about this shit.
[20/05/2015 06:59:07] Jared: WE HEART NAILS THOUGHTS


–We can switch off the “trending” shit and just use a normal, customizeable menu if needed.

–I don’t think it’s worth stressing over. Why? Because there are plenty of areas elsewhere to highlight any page we need highlighted. If somebody needs to find the Manicure Tables page, they’re gong to be able to, with or without the menu. It looks good, sure, but it no way is it a crucial element.

–Further, almost everyone we’ll be selling to will be arriving via the landing pages (hence the name), NOT the homepage. This further marginalizes the importance of the navigation.


–The homepage setup is a bit of a tricky at first due to its uniqueness, but once you understand it, it’s pretty easy. Like I said above, it just uses the Homepage Widgets for each section. These can all be edited like any other widgets, in the widget section of the site. Added, removed, reordered, renamed, etc.

–We need to determine what content be on the homepage (categories, tags, etc.), and in what order/layout. Once that’s determined, it should only take a matter of minutes to set it all up.

–You can add sidebar widgets to the homepage. These will only apply on the homepage once you scroll down a certain distance (you can see it on the demo: http://www.mvpthemes.com/devoe/).

–There are Ad Code sections where you can add AdSense code, etc. It seems ANY HTML will work in these (images, etc.), so these sections could be used to add more customized styling/features if needed. I’ve added a generic BUY MANICURE TABLES image with a link to the landing page as an example.

–The Must Read slider-like section at the top of the homepage. You can determine what goes here by using post tags. Say you only want “offers” to go here. You add the “offer” tag to your offer pages, then change the widget settings to show anything tagged “offer.” Also, the “must read” text can be changed, just like any other widget.


–Our landing pages are normal post pages. They had to be made this way to be added to the homepage content widgets, which only work with posts, not pages (annoying).

–The big problem with this is that they’re way too busy. Busy is fine for normal posts (articles, etc.), but it doesn’t work with landing pages.

–One of the biggest rules of landing pages is to reduce clutter. You don’t want your visitor to be distracted, or to wander off of the page. You have one goal — get them to convert. Everything on the page should aide in that one goal. Anything which does not should be removed.

–While we could strip down the landing pages in the options panel (good), it would strip down ALL posts (bad).

–But, there is some good news. I should be able to use CSS on a page-by-page basis to hide the distracting elements on the landing pages. If this doesn’t work, I may be able to create a custom landing page template using the post template.
[20/05/2015 09:03:53] Jared: Question: Does anyone know how long it should take a page to really start ranking in Google? I GSAed a page over a week ago, and it’s floating around spot 200. This was good quality spam (TF 20+ sites), and not an overly-difficult keyword (tamron 150-600; it’s a $1,000+ zoom lens). Is it just Google screwing with me?
[20/05/2015 09:46:29] silentassumptions: Not long. With paid links, starting on a fresh campaign, after a month you can see some level of progression.
[20/05/2015 09:46:36] silentassumptions: Two months and it’s really detectable.
[20/05/2015 09:46:50] silentassumptions: 3 months and you can have page one rankings for moderately competitive keywords.
[20/05/2015 13:25:11] Jared: https://whichtestwon.com/test/does-button-color-matter-on-mobile/
[20/05/2015 13:27:02 | Edited 13:27:19] Jared: Which Test Won? is a good site focused on conversions, testing, etc. You can sign up to have their weekly tests mailed to you. They show you two sites, tell you the differences, and you make an educated guess as to which version of the site converted at a higher rate.
[20/05/2015 13:28:23] Jared: Went with Version B. It was correct.
[20/05/2015 13:28:39] silentassumptions: Who’d have thought having an orange button could induce such a massive CTR>
[20/05/2015 13:28:53] Jared: For CTA’s, you always want them to stand out. If it’s a button, make it contrast with the rest of the page.
[20/05/2015 13:29:11] Jared: Early on I tried to make my buttons match the rest of the site.
[20/05/2015 13:29:15] Jared: That’s a mistake.
[20/05/2015 13:32:35] Jared: I’m gonna try to stay up all day and get my sleeping pattern back on track.
[20/05/2015 13:32:41] Jared: Anyway, I’ll finish the landing page and get the products gathered in a bit. I need to work on another site (Syngergenix) a little bit, then take a fresher.
[20/05/2015 13:39:00] silentassumptions: Alright, no worries.
[20/05/2015 13:39:05] silentassumptions: Syngergenix? Sounds high tech.
[20/05/2015 13:39:06] silentassumptions: What’s the site about?
[20/05/2015 13:39:11] Jared: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0089YGMRE
[20/05/2015 13:39:30] Jared: God, Amazon slows the hell out of Firefox
[20/05/2015 13:39:31] Jared: I
[20/05/2015 13:40:37] silentassumptions: If you’re building sites, my Dad needs one for his laser business by the way. Same agreement with other sites. $50 baseline $50 for mods, and up to another $50 is the mods are pretty demanding. He’s prepped all the content.

Once you’ve got the foundations for WHN in place where Amazon products are concerned, I can take over with the aesthetics and design for that.
[20/05/2015 13:47:51] Jared: This rack is $189 — way more expensive than the rest: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QL9VZYY
[20/05/2015 13:48:33] Jared: 1 review. 5 stars. We can toss it in as a luxury option. Selling one of it will pay out more than selling 6 of the normal-priced $30 racks.
[20/05/2015 13:49:44] New York Amir: zue u want in on the site
[20/05/2015 13:49:52] New York Amir: u can have a piece of the products
[20/05/2015 13:50:00] New York Amir: since u hookoing up jrod
[20/05/2015 13:50:17] New York Amir: take whateve rproducts u want add it to the site
[20/05/2015 13:50:25] New York Amir: use ur own amazon ID
[20/05/2015 13:51:31] Robin: big a pops up
[20/05/2015 13:51:43] Robin: what u been upto
[20/05/2015 13:51:44] Robin: nigga
[20/05/2015 13:53:58] Jared: Anyone in here can have a piece of the pie if they want it.
[20/05/2015 13:54:10] Jared: There’s plenty of products to go around.
[20/05/2015 13:54:44] Jared: How many product choices can you typically add before analysis paralysis sets in?
[20/05/2015 13:54:49] Robin: not interested in cheating
[20/05/2015 13:54:58] Robin: everyone who makes millions actually gives a lot of value
[20/05/2015 13:55:00] Robin: not just fake it
[20/05/2015 13:55:17] Robin: if u can make a 5k MONTHLY steady income
[20/05/2015 13:55:20] Robin: i congratulate you
[20/05/2015 13:55:31] Robin: then maybe you can pay some seo to seo your site
[20/05/2015 13:55:33] Robin: :p
[20/05/2015 13:55:36] Robin: 😀
[20/05/2015 13:56:04] New York Amir: a piece of the puzzle
[20/05/2015 13:56:31] Jared: Cheating?
[20/05/2015 13:56:49] Jared: This is hard work and over a year of intense studying.
[20/05/2015 13:57:10] Jared: silent’s been in the game for, like, 10 years now.
[20/05/2015 13:57:17] Jared: Any success we find, we’ve earned.
[20/05/2015 13:57:18] New York Amir: robin you think bulidng an authority site is easy?
[20/05/2015 13:57:28] New York Amir: try the not cheating way
[20/05/2015 13:57:31] New York Amir: see how far you get lol
[20/05/2015 13:57:37] Jared: Lol
[20/05/2015 13:57:40] New York Amir: and the cheating part is not easy too
[20/05/2015 13:57:44] New York Amir: none of it is
[20/05/2015 13:57:45] New York Amir: NONE
[20/05/2015 13:58:02] Robin: ahuh
[20/05/2015 13:58:09] Robin: call me
[20/05/2015 13:58:20] New York Amir: big later
[20/05/2015 13:58:26] Robin: now
[20/05/2015 13:58:27] Robin: bitch
[20/05/2015 14:02:36] silentassumptions: Sorry man, was called into a meeting.
[20/05/2015 14:02:57] New York Amir: big s
[20/05/2015 14:03:11] New York Amir: u want apiece of uaint rich
[20/05/2015 14:03:14] New York Amir: add ur products
[20/05/2015 14:03:30] silentassumptions: What exactly is the website about? I’ve only heard about it in passing conversation.
[20/05/2015 14:03:37] New York Amir: seeling shit on amazon
[20/05/2015 14:03:46] New York Amir: we tryign to make it go viral not yet though
[20/05/2015 14:03:56] silentassumptions: What’s the URL?
[20/05/2015 14:03:57] New York Amir: provokign rich people to buy shit but targetting them
[20/05/2015 14:04:01] New York Amir: youaintrich.com
[20/05/2015 14:04:11] New York Amir: u can seo wahtever u want
[20/05/2015 14:04:16] New York Amir: just use your own amazon ID
[20/05/2015 14:04:26] New York Amir: and make sure its not a product thats up
[20/05/2015 14:04:30] New York Amir: already on the site
[20/05/2015 14:04:41] New York Amir: seo ur on pages or do watever uwant
[20/05/2015 14:04:51] New York Amir: to get them to ur product pages smo
[20/05/2015 14:04:52] New York Amir: whtatever
[20/05/2015 14:04:59] New York Amir: leaving links at sites that talk about your product
[20/05/2015 14:05:02] New York Amir: is alos a great way
[20/05/2015 14:05:05] New York Amir: without any seo
[20/05/2015 14:05:11] New York Amir: social media too
[20/05/2015 14:05:23] New York Amir: for example jrod got hogan boots
[20/05/2015 14:05:32] New York Amir: he can find tons of sites that talk about hogan or hogan fanatics
[20/05/2015 14:05:34] New York Amir: of wreslting
[20/05/2015 14:05:36] New York Amir: maybe drop a link
[20/05/2015 14:05:42] New York Amir: if allowed on disquis
[20/05/2015 14:05:51] New York Amir: or any auto approved commenting
[20/05/2015 14:05:54] New York Amir: especially FB
[20/05/2015 14:06:04] silentassumptions: It sounds interesting, but I would be dabbling in too many ventures.
[20/05/2015 14:06:16] silentassumptions: I want to stick to a couple of projects outside of the agency.
[20/05/2015 14:06:16] New York Amir: cant take on too much
[20/05/2015 14:06:18] New York Amir: overwhelimng
[20/05/2015 14:06:23] silentassumptions: It’s literally that.
[20/05/2015 14:06:26] silentassumptions: I’ve dropped AyeSL now.
[20/05/2015 14:06:27] New York Amir: u can do it whenver u want
[20/05/2015 14:06:30] New York Amir: just add prodcts
[20/05/2015 14:06:33] New York Amir: when uever u feel like it
[20/05/2015 14:07:15] silentassumptions: I got one of my personal projects onto page one pretty quickly, Clean That Carpet. I now have another client who wants SEO for a scrap car website. There’s two projects and also WHN, I think the latter could prove to be the most lucrative, albeit, the most time consuming and capital intensive.
[20/05/2015 14:07:23] silentassumptions: That’s a nice offer.
[20/05/2015 14:07:28] silentassumptions: Robin, you should definitely take them up on it.
[20/05/2015 14:07:37] New York Amir: nice
[20/05/2015 14:08:17] silentassumptions: Not sure how collaborating with other webmasters is considered cheating.
[20/05/2015 14:08:43] silentassumptions: But if you look past the weird logic, there’s a good opportunity in it for you Robin.
[20/05/2015 14:08:54] silentassumptions: You’d be working with knowledgeable webmasters who have been studying this shit pretty intensely.
[20/05/2015 14:09:23] silentassumptions: And at the end of it, you’ll have so much money that you can retire and play with your balls all day.
[20/05/2015 14:09:55] silentassumptions: Nice site by the way/
[20/05/2015 14:10:31] New York Amir: trying to figure a way to make it go viral
[20/05/2015 14:10:39] New York Amir: the name itself the whole theme
[20/05/2015 14:10:42] New York Amir: has viral potential
[20/05/2015 14:10:52] New York Amir: its unique somewhat PR news worthy
[20/05/2015 14:11:02] New York Amir: def hit the channel 5 news it gorws
[20/05/2015 14:11:06] New York Amir: through social media
[20/05/2015 14:11:14] New York Amir: a guy did the same thing we did
[20/05/2015 14:11:21] New York Amir: we took his idea basiically
[20/05/2015 14:11:31] New York Amir: we didnt do so much social media marketin yet
[20/05/2015 14:11:37] New York Amir: the guy is makign 30 k off
[20/05/2015 14:11:41] New York Amir: whyimbroke.com
[20/05/2015 14:11:41] New York Amir: a month
[20/05/2015 14:11:46] New York Amir: no seo
[20/05/2015 14:11:54] New York Amir: all social media and leaving links
[20/05/2015 14:12:43] silentassumptions: I have an idea for a website. Again, one of those things that I haven’t tried.
[20/05/2015 14:12:47] silentassumptions: The million dollar home page, remake.
[20/05/2015 14:12:56] silentassumptions: Other people have replicated it and made money.
[20/05/2015 14:13:10] silentassumptions: Doing the same thing, and scraping a fuck load of emails and sending out a massive email marketing campaign.
[20/05/2015 14:13:17] silentassumptions: That’s it.
[20/05/2015 14:13:44] New York Amir: i want to make some web design jobs
[20/05/2015 14:13:45] silentassumptions: My only issue with SEO is; I’m impatient.
[20/05/2015 14:13:47] New York Amir: but not myself just get teh jobs
[20/05/2015 14:13:51] New York Amir: and outsource them
[20/05/2015 14:14:00] New York Amir: u know whats good have somoene call local busiensss
[20/05/2015 14:14:04] New York Amir: and pitch them why they need a site
[20/05/2015 14:14:12] New York Amir: or find shitty sites and ptich them about redoing it
[20/05/2015 14:14:32] New York Amir: web design is a decent business cause u can outsourc everytng
[20/05/2015 14:14:33] silentassumptions: That’s what we do here.
[20/05/2015 14:14:34] New York Amir: and just take a cut
[20/05/2015 14:14:42] New York Amir: which tactic local?
[20/05/2015 14:14:47] New York Amir: both are good to grab
[20/05/2015 14:14:47] silentassumptions: Yes.
[20/05/2015 14:14:50] New York Amir: tons of great leads
[20/05/2015 14:14:52] New York Amir: tons
[20/05/2015 14:14:57] New York Amir: espcialy local bsinesses
[20/05/2015 14:15:00] New York Amir: and just tell them why
[20/05/2015 14:15:03] New York Amir: and how muchu can save thm
[20/05/2015 14:15:04] New York Amir: in $$$
[20/05/2015 14:15:18] New York Amir: a great pitch u can def get a sale
[20/05/2015 14:15:22] New York Amir: i might start doing taht
[20/05/2015 14:15:30] New York Amir: and outoursce all the projects
[20/05/2015 14:15:40] silentassumptions: It works. It’s the most safe guarded method of getting new clients.
[20/05/2015 14:15:41] New York Amir: jus bring in the ork
[20/05/2015 14:15:41] silentassumptions: Cold calling.
[20/05/2015 14:15:44] New York Amir: it is
[20/05/2015 14:15:49] New York Amir: its not juat cold calling though
[20/05/2015 14:15:51] New York Amir: its targetted
[20/05/2015 14:15:53] New York Amir: and with good reason
[20/05/2015 14:16:03] New York Amir: you give them a pitch tell them how it’llmake thier life easier
[20/05/2015 14:16:07] New York Amir: its game over
[20/05/2015 14:22:55] silentassumptions: It’s still cold calling bro.
[20/05/2015 14:23:22] New York Amir: targetted cold calling
[20/05/2015 14:23:24] silentassumptions: Unsolicited calls to someone in an attempt to sell something is a cold call, however good the pitch.
[20/05/2015 14:23:25] silentassumptions: Yea.
[20/05/2015 14:23:31] New York Amir: ya targeted
[20/05/2015 14:23:33] New York Amir: makes it better
[20/05/2015 14:23:42] silentassumptions: You can make shit loads through cold calling if you’re able to present a really good pitch.
[20/05/2015 14:23:46] silentassumptions: All our phone calls start with.
[20/05/2015 14:23:55] silentassumptions: “Hi there, can I speak to the person who deals with your online marketing?”
[20/05/2015 14:24:03] Jared: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NH25OXG
[20/05/2015 14:24:07] New York Amir: big pitches
[20/05/2015 14:24:09] Jared: Look at that bad boy.
[20/05/2015 14:24:32] silentassumptions: Home Page WHN.
[20/05/2015 14:24:34] silentassumptions: Special Offer.
[20/05/2015 14:24:36] Jared: Lol
[20/05/2015 14:24:38] silentassumptions: Lol
[20/05/2015 14:24:53] Jared: “$2,751.30 Off!”
[20/05/2015 14:24:58] Jared: Make it sound like a huge steal.
[20/05/2015 14:28:34] silentassumptions: Yeah, like a squeeze page, with the price scratched out in a red pen and the new price highlighted in a badly drawn circle.
[20/05/2015 14:29:00] silentassumptions: I love a good squeeze page.
[20/05/2015 14:32:34] Jared: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/27/your-money/27shortcuts.html?_r=0
[20/05/2015 14:32:58] Jared: “In a California gourmet market, Professor Iyengar and her research assistants set up a booth of samples of Wilkin & Sons jams. Every few hours, they switched from offering a selection of 24 jams to a group of six jams. On average, customers tasted two jams, regardless of the size of the assortment, and each one received a coupon good for $1 off one Wilkin & Sons jam.

Here’s the interesting part. Sixty percent of customers were drawn to the large assortment, while only 40 percent stopped by the small one. But 30 percent of the people who had sampled from the small assortment decided to buy jam, while only 3 percent of those confronted with the two dozen jams purchased a jar.”
[20/05/2015 14:33:57 | Edited 14:34:31] Jared: From a 30% conversion rate amongst a small selection [6], plummeted down to a 3% conversion rate when offered 24 choices.
[20/05/2015 14:34:59] Jared: Too many choices = too hard to make a decision = walking away
[20/05/2015 14:35:45] Jared: There’s so much crazy psychology in marketing.
[20/05/2015 14:35:54] Jared: If you can master it, you can become filthy rich.
[20/05/2015 14:35:55] silentassumptions: That’s a good stat to know. It’d be good to know how it effects e-commerce websites, e.g. how many products should be advertised under a paricular category.
[20/05/2015 14:36:03 | Edited 14:36:10] silentassumptions: E.g. Summer Mens T-Shirts.
[20/05/2015 14:36:14] silentassumptions: Just to make it a bit more narrow.
[20/05/2015 14:40:43] New York Amir: its all about psychology
[20/05/2015 14:40:46] New York Amir: human psychlogy
[20/05/2015 14:46:27] Jared: For pedicure chairs, I may do it the same way I did tables: 3 categories, broken into two items each.
[20/05/2015 14:47:53] Jared: Something Like: Luxury Chairs ($5K+), Non-Luxury Chairs ($1,000-4,999), Budgeted Chairs (Under $1,000)
[20/05/2015 14:48:13] New York Amir: big r socila media engager
[20/05/2015 14:48:17 | Edited 14:48:23] Jared: Big R
[20/05/2015 14:48:29] New York Amir: arash needs one
[20/05/2015 14:48:34] Jared: Might be too tough of a job for Robin.
[20/05/2015 14:48:37] New York Amir: lol
[20/05/2015 14:48:47] New York Amir: leaving links and posting hiqh quality content
[20/05/2015 14:48:52] New York Amir: on fb and twitter
[20/05/2015 14:48:59] Jared: High-quality content . . . Robin???
[20/05/2015 14:49:02] New York Amir: lol
[20/05/2015 14:49:08] Jared: April fools?
[20/05/2015 14:49:14] New York Amir: big april lol
[20/05/2015 14:49:17] silentassumptions: LOL
[20/05/2015 14:49:46] New York Amir: ya big brand exposure
[20/05/2015 14:49:53] New York Amir: do we have him do our youaintrich too
[20/05/2015 14:49:57] New York Amir: on arashs behalf
[20/05/2015 14:49:59] Jared: What’s the deal with the Google Web Designer tool for creating AdWords ads?
[20/05/2015 14:50:24] Jared: I checked it out for about 5 minutes. Seems like a clunky version of Photoshop.
[20/05/2015 14:50:44] Jared: Can you created ads in Photoshop, export them, then import them into AdWords?
[20/05/2015 14:50:53] Jared: Actually, let me Google this question.
[20/05/2015 14:53:54] silentassumptions: You can create your own PPC ads?
[20/05/2015 14:54:04] silentassumptions: Are you sure that’s not for Adsense?
[20/05/2015 14:54:10] Jared: Yeah, it looks like it’s possible. By the way, there are premade ad templates available for purchase: http://graphicriver.net/category/web-elements/banners-ads
[20/05/2015 14:54:18] Jared: Nope, AdWords.
[20/05/2015 14:54:29] Jared: https://www.reddit.com/r/webdev/comments/2l9jra/how_to_create_display_ads_for_google_adwords/
[20/05/2015 14:54:32] silentassumptions: Is this for the Display network?
[20/05/2015 14:54:34] silentassumptions: Yeah.
[20/05/2015 14:55:31] Jared: Yeah, we’ve been strictly using the Display Network and retargeting. We simply couldn’t afford to compete in the search network.
[20/05/2015 14:55:35] silentassumptions: I’ve never targeted Display Network before, we have a couple of our clients who are running Search and Display campaigns.
[20/05/2015 14:55:40] Jared: We’re getting around 8 cent clicks.
[20/05/2015 14:55:42] silentassumptions: The conversion rate is usually shockingly shit on Display.
[20/05/2015 14:55:46] New York Amir: big cheap
[20/05/2015 14:55:48] silentassumptions: Which is why I focus on Search.
[20/05/2015 14:55:50] New York Amir: it is
[20/05/2015 14:55:52] New York Amir: real bad
[20/05/2015 14:55:56] New York Amir: 3 %
[20/05/2015 14:56:00] New York Amir: search cost more though
[20/05/2015 14:56:03] New York Amir: usually
[20/05/2015 14:56:04] Jared: We’re getting decent.
[20/05/2015 14:56:05] New York Amir: depending onthe kw
[20/05/2015 14:56:13] New York Amir: we’re getting 6
[20/05/2015 14:56:17] New York Amir: on displayl
[20/05/2015 14:56:19] New York Amir: 506
[20/05/2015 14:56:21] New York Amir: 5-6
[20/05/2015 14:56:24] silentassumptions: 6% CTR is really good.
[20/05/2015 14:56:27] Jared: We’re making a nice profit off of it, to the point we’re about to double the daily budget.
[20/05/2015 14:56:28] New York Amir: not the ctr
[20/05/2015 14:56:30] New York Amir: CR
[20/05/2015 14:56:48] silentassumptions: CR?
[20/05/2015 14:56:52] New York Amir: converstion rate
[20/05/2015 14:56:55] silentassumptions: Ah.
[20/05/2015 14:56:59] New York Amir: conversion
[20/05/2015 14:56:59] silentassumptions: That’s even better.
[20/05/2015 14:57:06] New York Amir: ya
[20/05/2015 14:58:19] Jared: We’re not selling the product directly from the website, so it’s much tougher to track the site’s conversion rate.
[20/05/2015 14:58:43] New York Amir: it is much harder
[20/05/2015 14:58:47] New York Amir: i have to deduct evertying
[20/05/2015 14:58:48] Jared: uzr
[20/05/2015 14:58:53] New York Amir: by looking at 4 doffer metrics
[20/05/2015 14:59:01] New York Amir: takes me like 10 min but annoying as hell
[20/05/2015 14:59:03] New York Amir: lol
[20/05/2015 14:59:06] New York Amir: have to look at statecounter
[20/05/2015 14:59:09] New York Amir: amazon serller
[20/05/2015 14:59:10] New York Amir: and antlyics
[20/05/2015 14:59:12] New York Amir: to get a true read
[20/05/2015 14:59:25] New York Amir: unforturnatly there is no script to track your records in amazon
[20/05/2015 14:59:27] New York Amir: piece of shits
[20/05/2015 15:00:19] New York Amir: they keep taking more money from us too
[20/05/2015 15:00:21] New York Amir: faggots
[20/05/2015 15:00:24] New York Amir: cause we increased sales
[20/05/2015 15:00:30] New York Amir: and t heyr’e allowed to take as much as they want
[20/05/2015 15:00:35] New York Amir: without any reason they said
[20/05/2015 15:00:45] New York Amir: once the bottls is done
[20/05/2015 15:00:48] New York Amir: we’re finished with amaozn
[20/05/2015 15:00:50] New York Amir: fuck them
[20/05/2015 15:00:53] New York Amir: ecommerce
[20/05/2015 15:00:54] New York Amir: only
[20/05/2015 15:00:55] Jared: Basically, we’re having to match up buyer info to our visitors to see the source for the conversion.
[20/05/2015 15:00:55] New York Amir: dont care
[20/05/2015 15:01:00] New York Amir: dont need them either
[20/05/2015 15:01:02] New York Amir: for creitblity
[20/05/2015 15:01:03] New York Amir: bullshit
[20/05/2015 15:01:07] New York Amir: credibiltiy
[20/05/2015 15:01:22] New York Amir: we’re going to cancel our business with them
[20/05/2015 15:01:26] New York Amir: godo thing is now wer’ll be able to trakc
[20/05/2015 15:01:28] New York Amir: everythign
[20/05/2015 15:01:33] New York Amir: and not oonly that get more profit
[20/05/2015 15:01:47] New York Amir: they got 200 bottles left
[20/05/2015 15:02:04] New York Amir: we can easily distrubute it
[20/05/2015 15:02:07] New York Amir: without them
[20/05/2015 15:02:09] New York Amir: for much much cheaper
[20/05/2015 15:02:20] New York Amir: they’re a rip off
[20/05/2015 15:02:48] Jared: You’ll want to keep the product on Amazon.
[20/05/2015 15:02:59] New York Amir: they’re taking way too much
[20/05/2015 15:03:04] New York Amir: and plus they have the right
[20/05/2015 15:03:05] Jared: It’s great exposure, and an extra source of sells.
[20/05/2015 15:03:08] New York Amir: to take as much as theuy want
[20/05/2015 15:03:11] New York Amir: we dont need them
[20/05/2015 15:03:12] New York Amir: thats crap
[20/05/2015 15:03:21] New York Amir: u really think amazon is going thehelp us
[20/05/2015 15:03:27] New York Amir: the exposure we get too is minimal
[20/05/2015 15:03:30] New York Amir: very minimal
[20/05/2015 15:03:38] Jared: Yeah, I’m saying, even if he does start processing his own sales from the website, it’s still good to keep Amazon.
[20/05/2015 15:03:41] New York Amir: they’re taking way too much money out and without any reason they’re allowed
[20/05/2015 15:03:43] New York Amir: to take out wahtever theywant
[20/05/2015 15:03:46] New York Amir: it says it in their site
[20/05/2015 15:03:50] New York Amir: we’re done with them
[20/05/2015 15:03:55] New York Amir: after all the bottles are gone
[20/05/2015 15:04:05] New York Amir: not really
[20/05/2015 15:04:10] New York Amir: there tons of omanies
[20/05/2015 15:04:18] New York Amir: amazon is not a big help
[20/05/2015 15:04:21] New York Amir: we can do without them
[20/05/2015 15:04:27] New York Amir: not liek they were bring in hge
[20/05/2015 15:04:29] New York Amir: exposure in the first place
[20/05/2015 15:04:43] New York Amir: the page just needs to bconvincn
[20/05/2015 15:04:51] New York Amir: doesnt need amazon for that
[20/05/2015 15:05:00] New York Amir: thy’re taking a lot
[20/05/2015 15:05:06] New York Amir: and its going to get worse
[20/05/2015 15:05:21] New York Amir: they see us selling alot they’ll take more
[20/05/2015 15:05:26] New York Amir: weo both agreed arash
[20/05/2015 15:05:36] New York Amir: doesnt want to do bsuiness with them anymore
[20/05/2015 15:06:06] New York Amir: big r calling me for teh job
[20/05/2015 15:06:10] New York Amir: not sure i fhe can handle it
[20/05/2015 15:06:18] New York Amir: need someone exprience with smo
[20/05/2015 15:07:06 | Edited 15:07:12] Jared: Robin has a questionable work ethic, questionable attitude, questionable intelligence, and questionable sexual preference. I’m not sure he’s the man for the job.
[20/05/2015 15:07:24] New York Amir: lol
[20/05/2015 15:07:29] New York Amir: big “man”
[20/05/2015 15:07:30] Robin: niga
[20/05/2015 15:07:59] Robin: I’ve discovered why jared has never shown his pictures to anyone
[20/05/2015 15:08:01] Robin: his a nigero
[20/05/2015 15:08:02] Jared: Does anyone want any of these premade AdWords templates? I’ve found some on BestBlackhatForum.com
[20/05/2015 15:08:17] New York Amir: do we use that hot girl
[20/05/2015 15:08:25] New York Amir: i was thinking abputt
[20/05/2015 15:08:30] New York Amir: NOW only 29.99
[20/05/2015 15:08:39] New York Amir: indicating it was more before and getting a deal
[20/05/2015 15:08:51] Jared: https://0.s3.envato.com/files/129427822/APT-531-Fitness%20Banners_Preview.jpg
[20/05/2015 15:08:53] New York Amir: big now
[20/05/2015 15:09:12] Jared: “Now only $29.99? Why’d they lower the price? Couldn’t they sell it before? The product must suck.”
[20/05/2015 15:09:14] New York Amir: big ads
[20/05/2015 15:09:16] Jared: Big psychology
[20/05/2015 15:09:20] New York Amir: loololol
[20/05/2015 15:09:25] New York Amir: nah not true
[20/05/2015 15:09:26] Jared: Do we reverse it
[20/05/2015 15:09:31] New York Amir: “oh im getting a great deal!”
[20/05/2015 15:09:38] New York Amir: “dropped in prices!”
[20/05/2015 15:09:44] New York Amir: i dont think peole like it all that
[20/05/2015 15:09:49] New York Amir: thats why that tactic
[20/05/2015 15:09:51] New York Amir: is widely used all the time
[20/05/2015 15:09:59] Jared: “The product is SO AMAZING we can afford to raise the price to $99.99!”
[20/05/2015 15:10:04] New York Amir: big amazon does it
[20/05/2015 15:10:05] New York Amir: automiacally
[20/05/2015 15:10:12] New York Amir: crosses off the higher price
[20/05/2015 15:10:21] New York Amir: lol
[20/05/2015 15:10:32] New York Amir: “this product is way too go we had to jump the price up”
[20/05/2015 15:10:40] New York Amir: limited supply
[20/05/2015 15:10:49] New York Amir: get yorus now
[20/05/2015 15:10:52] New York Amir: just in case
[20/05/2015 15:10:57] New York Amir: they’re undecided to get it
[20/05/2015 15:11:01] New York Amir: “fuck it i’ll geti only a few left”
[20/05/2015 15:12:59] Jared: Lol
[20/05/2015 15:13:09] Jared: Shit load of Graphic River stuff: http://at.arabtube.tv/gr/
[20/05/2015 15:13:44] New York Amir: big templates
[20/05/2015 15:19:10] silentassumptions: Hahahaha
[20/05/2015 15:19:13] silentassumptions: Nice one.
[20/05/2015 15:53:21] silentassumptions: How did you come across that link?
[20/05/2015 15:53:33] silentassumptions: I’m downloading everything on the T1 line we have at work.
[20/05/2015 17:02:14] *** ***
[20/05/2015 17:02:31] Jared: 1 gigabyte of AdWords/Facebook Ads templates.
[20/05/2015 17:02:37] silentassumptions: Send again, I cancelled inadvertently.
[20/05/2015 17:02:58] *** ***
[20/05/2015 17:03:24] Jared: Spent almost 2 hours downloading it all, renaming it, etc.
[20/05/2015 17:03:29] Jared: God, what tedious work.
[20/05/2015 17:04:04] silentassumptions: Cheers man. 95% of it we probably wouldn’t use, but that 5% always counts.
[20/05/2015 17:04:10] silentassumptions: I have a massive folder of Graphic River shared stuff.
[20/05/2015 17:04:18] silentassumptions: We should look to create a Google Drive document.
[20/05/2015 17:04:28] silentassumptions: Cheers though, I definitely want to experiment with display network.
[20/05/2015 17:04:54] Jared: It’s very cheap clicks.
[20/05/2015 17:07:09] Jared: Two things . . .

1. You can add code to your website for retargeting. Anyone who visits your site gets added to your retargeting list and will see your ads across the Google Display Network. if they’ve visited your site before, they’ve at least shown somewhat of an interest in it, increasing the chances they’re somebody who might convert.

2. You can choose the site categories your ads are displayed on, or even add a list of specific sites (you could try scraping relevant sites).
[20/05/2015 17:07:45] Jared: But, yeah. Cheap clicks should give you a nice ROI even if your conversion rate is low. It also brings more awareness to your site.
[20/05/2015 17:08:59] Jared: http://weheartnails.com/GraphicRiver%20-%20Ads%20&%20Banners.zip
[20/05/2015 17:09:03] Jared: That may be quicker.
[20/05/2015 17:09:19] silentassumptions: Cheers.
[21/05/2015 01:59:43] silentassumptions: I’m buying some links for WHN if anyone wants to watch how it’s done over my shoulder. I’ll be starting in 5 minutes.
[21/05/2015 01:59:52] silentassumptions: It should only take about 15 mins.
[21/05/2015 02:01:24] silentassumptions: I figure it’s better to have some links being processed in teh background, whilst we focus on redesigning the site, by the time the content is generated and uploaded too, it should be done by Saturday.
[21/05/2015 02:01:28] silentassumptions: Any later would be a let down.
[21/05/2015 02:11:24] silentassumptions: In other news: http://searchengineland.com/google-twitter-deal-live-221148

News just in: Social signals from Twitter will carry more weight.
[21/05/2015 02:45:13] Jared: Nice.
[21/05/2015 02:54:06 | Removed 02:57:57] Jared: This message has been removed.
[21/05/2015 03:10:33] Jared: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFfpzLlUMAARJ3i.jpg
[21/05/2015 03:12:46] Robin: (y)
[21/05/2015 05:17:10] Jared: I’m gonna go try to get a few more hours sleep in and hopefully wake up remotivated.
[21/05/2015 05:29:52] Jared: http://www.perrymarshall.com/google/scorecard/
[21/05/2015 12:18:44] Robin: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi/details/
[21/05/2015 12:18:48] Robin: jared can u get this theme for me
[21/05/2015 13:17:48] *** ***
[21/05/2015 13:39:54] Jared: There you go, Robin.
[21/05/2015 14:24:05] silentassumptions: Legend.
[21/05/2015 14:24:12] silentassumptions: Robin, templatep2p.com
[21/05/2015 14:24:18] silentassumptions: You can use my logins, they have decent themes on there.
[21/05/2015 14:24:22] silentassumptions: user: silentassumptions
[21/05/2015 14:24:28] silentassumptions: pass: Amiramir44t
[21/05/2015 16:53:03] silentassumptions: New discovery.
[21/05/2015 16:53:05] silentassumptions: Google Tag Manager.
[21/05/2015 16:53:14] silentassumptions: Has anyone used it yet?
[22/05/2015 05:03:28] Jared: I’ve heard of it, but never looked into it.
[22/05/2015 05:04:01] Jared: $3,200 in Sales Off of $65 Worth of Facebook Ads http://www.postplanner.com/how-facebook-boost-post-feature-got-me-3200-in-sales/
[22/05/2015 05:04:11] Jared: I have no doubts that I can master PPC.
[22/05/2015 05:21:26] Jared: Are those legit email subscribers? If so, we got three in one day, which is decent.
[22/05/2015 05:22:14 | Edited 05:22:52] Jared: This is with a mediocre pitch. Toss in something decent as bait and it should go up.
[22/05/2015 05:22:39] Jared: In fact, I’m gonna offer the infographic and see how well it does over the next 24 hours (assuming the site won’t be up by then).
[22/05/2015 06:53:44] Jared: Neat Tip I Read Somewhere Once: When you’re creating a site, a lot of times you’ll want to make the site/brand/company come across bigger than they actually are. You’ll just assume that bigger = more authoritative = more trustworthy, etc. This appears to not be the case. It seems people trust small-time brands more than bigger brands, which they view as evil, faceless, money-grubbing bastards. So, don’t be afraid to let it be known that you’re a small-time business. People will like you more for it.
[22/05/2015 10:00:20] Jared: Why the FUCK is AdWords telling me wrong dimension size on these images?
[22/05/2015 10:00:27] Jared: They’re 100% the correct size.
[22/05/2015 10:00:30] Jared: Triple checked.
[22/05/2015 10:01:06] *** ***
[22/05/2015 10:01:31] silentassumptions: 300 DPI?
[22/05/2015 10:01:33] silentassumptions: CMYK?
[22/05/2015 10:01:51] silentassumptions: No idea.
[22/05/2015 10:04:06] silentassumptions: Not like Google to get glitchy. The apocalypse must be imminent.
[22/05/2015 10:05:07] silentassumptions: Neat Tip I Read Somewhere Once: When you’re creating a site, a lot of times you’ll want to make the site/brand/company come across bigger than they actually are. You’ll just assume that bigger = more authoritative = more trustworthy, etc. This appears to not be the case. It seems people trust small-time brands more than bigger brands, which they view as evil, faceless, money-grubbing bastards. So, don’t be afraid to let it be known that you’re a small-time business. People will like you more for it.
[22/05/2015 10:05:14] silentassumptions: In other words, I should be getting Robin to design my sites?
[22/05/2015 11:29:33] Jared: Lol
[22/05/2015 11:29:57] Jared: Robin’s young girl-like innocence could be a huge conversion booster.
[22/05/2015 11:30:12] *** ***
[22/05/2015 11:30:14] Jared: Not bad.
[22/05/2015 11:30:49] Jared: “Need To Get Focused? Then Get Epic Focus.”
[22/05/2015 11:31:12] Jared: Nice little catchphrase off the top of ol’ JRodski’s noggin’.
[22/05/2015 11:31:29] Jared: We all need to get rich, and soon.
[22/05/2015 12:49:01] Jared: Question: Is there still a boost for an exact-match domain name?
[22/05/2015 12:52:34] New York Amir: yep
[22/05/2015 12:52:41] New York Amir: it goes back and forth
[22/05/2015 12:52:48] New York Amir: seems liek if peole abuse it
[22/05/2015 12:52:50] New York Amir: there isnt
[22/05/2015 12:52:56] New York Amir: seems like if no one is doing it
[22/05/2015 12:52:58] New York Amir: then they reward you
[22/05/2015 12:53:05] New York Amir: that exd is rough waters
[22/05/2015 12:53:07] New York Amir: and dangerious
[22/05/2015 12:53:15] New York Amir: they kee changing the rules for that
[22/05/2015 13:22:19] Jared: Two good, available domains:
[22/05/2015 13:27:49 | Edited 13:28:53] Jared: WhatToDoWithAMillionDollars.com – 590 U.S. exact-match searches
Could have potential as a site where you list things to do and buy with a million dollars, with links to affiliate accounts, of course. You’d have to think some of the people searching that keyword are being serious. One conversion from these people could set you up for a year, lol.

HowDoPeopleGetRich.com – 480 U.S. exact-match searches, fairly expensive AdWords CPC, so somebody’s profiting off of the keyword
Would make a nice marketing site. I’m thinking of registering it myself.
[22/05/2015 15:30:04] *** ***
[22/05/2015 17:25:32] Jared: Just read a great tip from Noah Kagan.
The 1 Minute Double-Open
Double your email open rate in 1 minute.
Real simple: Once you send an email out, wait a week, then resend it with a new title to the people who never opened it the first time.
EMAIL => 40% Opened => Wait a Week => New Title => Resend to the 60% Unopened => Get 40% of Them to Open = 64% Open Rate
Smooth move.
This is the kind of shit the brilliant marketers do.
[23/05/2015 06:04:33] Jared: (tumbleweed)
[23/05/2015 06:42:18] Jared: I’ve installed a plugin called Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress on We Heart Nails. It has a ton of options related to security, branding, navigation, etc. — I’ve branded the backend of the site a little, including the login page, and have hidden most mentions of WordPress. It helps make the site feel more professional and less generic.

[23/05/2015 06:47:09] Jared: Intresting little read: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/05/pretty-websites.html
[23/05/2015 12:30:49] silentassumptions: Yo, so much to catch up on. Luckily it’s a bank holiday weekend so I have nothing but sideline ventures to work on for the next three day
[23/05/2015 12:30:51] silentassumptions: days*
[23/05/2015 12:31:05] silentassumptions: I’m trying to get in touch with Amy who’s a content writer at i3 so she can come down and smash out a shit load of content.
[23/05/2015 12:31:20] silentassumptions: Give me 30 mins to have breakfast, take a shower, and procure this bitch for the weekend.
[23/05/2015 13:57:40] Jared: Alright
[23/05/2015 13:57:42] Jared: Holy hell
[23/05/2015 13:57:51] Jared: I’ve never seen a human being sweat as much as I do.
[23/05/2015 13:58:00] Jared: I’m tempted to take a photo of this.
[23/05/2015 13:58:03] Jared: This can’t be normal.
[23/05/2015 13:58:08] silentassumptions: Do it Jared.
[23/05/2015 13:58:19] silentassumptions: C’mon man, it’s got to a stage where you have to show us who you are.
[23/05/2015 14:02:27] Jared: Lol
[23/05/2015 14:02:37] Jared: I didn’t mean to excite anyone.
[23/05/2015 14:02:39] Jared: My bad.
[23/05/2015 14:02:40] Jared: http://demo.mailwizz.com/backend/dashboard/index
[23/05/2015 14:02:47] Jared: I have that. Looks fascinating.
[23/05/2015 14:02:50] Jared: Mailserver.
[23/05/2015 14:03:00] Jared: Fantastic reviews.
[23/05/2015 14:03:18] Jared: Not sure what use there is for it at the moment, but it looks like a nice ltitle spam setup.
[23/05/2015 14:05:31] Jared: Irony: Nails it starting to look like a big league site at the same time I read that looking like a big league site is probably a bad thing.
[23/05/2015 14:06:09] silentassumptions: It looks as big league as it can get.
[23/05/2015 14:06:23] silentassumptions: But remember, WHN is not selling anything.
[23/05/2015 14:06:26] silentassumptions: It recommending.
[23/05/2015 14:06:40] silentassumptions: To be fair, on second thoughts, the site is SO good that it doesn’t look like “Kara’s personal blog”
[23/05/2015 14:06:46] silentassumptions: It looks like a full corporate fucking company.
[23/05/2015 14:07:32] silentassumptions: Definitely had a metropoltian feel to it, but very authoratitive.
[23/05/2015 14:07:38] Jared: The landing pages will be stripped down.
[23/05/2015 14:07:56] Jared: Very basic, distraction-free.
[23/05/2015 14:08:02] silentassumptions: I need a reliable full time content writer who doesn’t work at the agency, their availability during weekends is shyte.
[23/05/2015 14:08:06] Jared: Won’t look nearly as glamorous.
[23/05/2015 14:08:43] silentassumptions: During week days they’re sound but they don’t always have time to work on my ventures that indirectly benefit the agency, too.
[23/05/2015 14:09:09] silentassumptions: I have money for a decent content writer, basically another Hazen. She was really good.
[23/05/2015 14:09:13] silentassumptions: Do you know of anyone, Jared?
[23/05/2015 14:09:42] silentassumptions: The content writers I’ve worked with in the past have either fell for me or fell for you. I think I need a reliable male content writer.
[23/05/2015 14:09:49] Jared: Preferably a female I can stalk and harass.
[23/05/2015 14:09:56] Jared: Just kidding.
[23/05/2015 14:10:01] silentassumptions: We’re victims of our own charisma so we can’t work with female content writers.
[23/05/2015 14:10:04] silentassumptions: They just fall for our charm.
[23/05/2015 14:10:10] silentassumptions: Then it gets messy.
[23/05/2015 14:10:14] Jared: Lol
[23/05/2015 14:10:24] silentassumptions: Lol
[23/05/2015 14:11:00] silentassumptions: Jared, do you know of any semi articulate content writers that want to get paid? I want them to start working on WHN and also the Scrap Car site that you built.
[23/05/2015 14:12:02] Jared: I know of no one semi-articulate.
[23/05/2015 14:12:59] silentassumptions: Anyone else in here know of any freelance content writers?
[23/05/2015 14:13:17] silentassumptions: There’s a part of me that wants to go into a chat room and just prowl for some talent to come up.
[23/05/2015 14:13:51] silentassumptions: I need vast amounts of content being churned out today.
[23/05/2015 14:15:41] silentassumptions: Is there any site you can go to to talk to content writers live and establish a price?
[23/05/2015 14:19:59] Jared: Fiverr.
[23/05/2015 14:20:39] Jared: Quality content writing is absurd.
[23/05/2015 14:21:30] Jared: https://scripted.com/products-pricing/
[23/05/2015 14:21:37] Jared: That place is outrageous.
[23/05/2015 14:21:58] Jared: $99 for a 350-400-word article. $149 if you want it to be from a specialist.
[23/05/2015 14:22:04] Jared: 25 Tweets? Same price.
[23/05/2015 14:22:16] Jared: Are these bastards really getting paid this much?
[23/05/2015 14:22:38] silentassumptions: Fucking hell.
[23/05/2015 14:22:49] silentassumptions: Fuck that, that’d make me go bankrupt overnight.
[23/05/2015 14:23:00] Jared: Might be time to start up a content creation site.
[23/05/2015 14:23:31] Jared: http://www.writeraccess.com/clients-about/?creative=59380551751&keyword=get%20a%20copy%20writer&matchtype=&network=g&device=c
[23/05/2015 14:23:49] Jared: Up to $2 per word.
[23/05/2015 14:24:13] Jared: I’ve heard of copywriters getting six-figures for a single longform salespage.
[23/05/2015 14:24:14] silentassumptions: Fiverr is expensive too. If you want a quality 500 word article, it’s not actually a fiverr. It’s more like 15 dollars otehrwise you’ll be waiting 7 days for it.

Even then, the content isn’t guaranteed to be quality in terms of relevance.

I tried messaging a load of writers on fiver once, these were new gigs so I could capitalise on the upcoming talent quickly.
[23/05/2015 14:24:28] silentassumptions: I tried to get them to add me to Skipe, as in our line of work, it’s not easy to communicate through emails.
[23/05/2015 14:24:34] silentassumptions: It has to be dialogue as questions and queries pop up all the time.
[23/05/2015 14:24:55] silentassumptions: When I started receiving messages like “Thanks you I would be very much interesting in this”, I gave up.
[23/05/2015 14:25:20] Jared: Lol
[23/05/2015 14:26:28] silentassumptions: 10 cents to $2 per word, so a 500 word article could cost you up to $1,000 lol.
[23/05/2015 14:26:41] silentassumptions: That’s sickening.
[23/05/2015 14:27:02] silentassumptions: Jared, do you want to seduce some insecure, well spoken bitches on chat with me?
[23/05/2015 14:27:32] silentassumptions: We need a content writer moving forward, and someone who’s not going to charge us an arm and a leg.
[23/05/2015 14:28:11] Jared: What’s the going rate? I can go recruit someone, I’m sure.
[23/05/2015 14:28:19] Jared: Or, we can just hold off until next week.
[23/05/2015 14:28:48 | Edited 14:30:06] silentassumptions: Well, we have all the content for WHN that needs producing. There’s quite a lot. And some trivial modifications to the Scrap Cars site. That’s all I need for now, so it’s just a one off.
[23/05/2015 14:28:57] silentassumptions: Ideally I want to get all the content writing done with a budget of $100
[23/05/2015 14:29:03] silentassumptions: Nah, I don’t want to hold off.
[23/05/2015 14:29:13] silentassumptions: We can kill two birds this way, whilst we focus on other elements on the site.
[23/05/2015 14:29:39] silentassumptions: I’m busy during week days as the work I do for the agency is very demanding, and after I finish work, I go to the gym, see my gf etc, that I dno’t have much free time.
[23/05/2015 14:29:47] silentassumptions: Weekends are a blessing for me.
[23/05/2015 14:30:13] Jared: Once the site grows, we can offer guest posting opportunities.
[23/05/2015 14:30:23] Jared: Free exposure for them. Free content for us.
[23/05/2015 14:30:37] silentassumptions: Yup, exactly.
[23/05/2015 14:30:57 | Edited 14:31:06] Jared: I know about 90% of everything posted on Matthew Woodward’s site is a guest post, and that rat-faced little drunkard is bringing in around $30K a month.
[23/05/2015 14:31:06] silentassumptions: Once we have a portfolio of websites (we much pretty do between us), that have decent authority between them, there’s really good ways of getting backlinks at that point.
[23/05/2015 14:31:27] Jared: People love to share the things they’ve written, too.
[23/05/2015 14:31:43] Jared: So, not only free content, but free marketing, since you know most will share it around.
[23/05/2015 14:32:10] silentassumptions: For example, I had this thought that once you’re at taht stage when you have a portfolio of optimised sites, you approach another SEO agency, and ask them if they want to swap backlinks between their client sites and ours. For example, if we have a website that’s in the automotive industry, and if the SEO agency has a client in the same industry, it’d be beneficial to do a reciprical link exchange through the blogs.
[23/05/2015 14:32:15] silentassumptions: That happens through contextual backlinks.
[23/05/2015 14:32:38] Jared: Ryan Deiss has some good material on this. Basically, he points out that it’s how people like Oprah became so powerful. Oprah isn’t the authority, she just uses her show as a platform for authorities, and it rubs off on her.
[23/05/2015 14:33:37] Jared: Create a powerful platform, and people will be more than happy to use it.
[23/05/2015 14:33:47] silentassumptions: I’m convinced we’re all gonig to become millionaires very shortly. Some of the thigs we’ve discussed can transpire into lots of money if we mould the ideas properly.
[23/05/2015 14:33:49] silentassumptions: Exactly.
[23/05/2015 14:33:49] Jared: In fact, some sites will actually charge YOU for posting to them.
[23/05/2015 14:34:14] Jared: I tried outreach a while back, and got one skank telling me she charges $250 for a guest post.
[23/05/2015 14:34:23] silentassumptions: Geez.
[23/05/2015 14:35:06] Jared: Yeah, it’s another potential avenue of revenue, although I think I prefer the idea of just letting them post in exchange for nothing but the content.
[23/05/2015 14:35:34] silentassumptions: So, let’s get our bearings established with WHN as I really don’t want the site to see too much down time
[23/05/2015 14:35:40] silentassumptions: a) It will hurt the rankings it already has
[23/05/2015 14:36:00] silentassumptions: b) the backlinks I’ve ordered recently will be clearing soon. I want the site to be launched when they go through.
[23/05/2015 14:36:04] silentassumptions: c) I want to make money as soon as possible.
[23/05/2015 14:36:24] silentassumptions: So we have the navigation mapped out, and we’re both happy with that.
[23/05/2015 14:37:43] silentassumptions: The home page is done in my opinion, it looks really good. The only thing pending is the content side of things.
[23/05/2015 14:37:51] silentassumptions: Do you think there’s anything else left for the home page?
[23/05/2015 14:39:07] Jared: Nothing major, no.
[23/05/2015 14:39:29] silentassumptions: I may change the background for the manicure tables slide, it doesn’t work that well with the text, but I can play around with that way later.
[23/05/2015 14:39:55] silentassumptions: Alright, so home page and navigation are good.
[23/05/2015 14:39:59] silentassumptions: Love the heart you put by featured.
[23/05/2015 14:40:07] silentassumptions: Just saw that now.
[23/05/2015 14:40:09] silentassumptions: Nice touch.
[23/05/2015 14:40:36] silentassumptions: So going through the site in terms of navigation.
[23/05/2015 14:41:11] silentassumptions: Home (Done)
Featured (Place Holder)
– Manicure Tables
[23/05/2015 14:41:18] silentassumptions: So the Manicure Tables page: http://weheartnails.com/manicure-tables-for-sale-which-one-to-go-with/
[23/05/2015 14:41:22] silentassumptions: The permalink changed.
[23/05/2015 14:42:17] silentassumptions: Is there anyway to get rid of the featuerd image on the actual blog itself? It clutters the page, and forces a user to scroll down to see the content.
[23/05/2015 14:42:25] silentassumptions: On mobile devices, they’d probably land on the page and just see a massive image.
[23/05/2015 14:42:44] silentassumptions: The page looks finished minus that one image at the top.
[23/05/2015 14:43:22] Jared: Yeah, like I said, I’m gonna trim it all down using CSS.
[23/05/2015 14:43:37] Jared: I already have the code ready, I’m just waiting until the site’s ready to go live.
[23/05/2015 14:43:42] silentassumptions: I would include a button under the the text for each product, that says “Buy the {Product} now!” – Making the button orange.
[23/05/2015 14:43:57] silentassumptions: I only discovered how powerful orange is an a CTA after the link you provided the other day.
[23/05/2015 14:44:09] Jared: I’ve read contextual links get clicked the most.
[23/05/2015 14:44:24] Jared: –Title
–Contextual Link
[23/05/2015 14:44:32] Jared: All three linking to the Amazon page.
[23/05/2015 14:44:37] Jared: That should do.
[23/05/2015 14:44:53] silentassumptions: Alright, we can go with that, but I can’t spot any contextual links in the content.
[23/05/2015 14:44:58] silentassumptions: Are they hidden links?
[23/05/2015 14:45:00] Jared: I can add them.
[23/05/2015 14:45:01] Jared: No.
[23/05/2015 14:45:15] silentassumptions: Alright, awesome.
[23/05/2015 14:45:31] Jared: URL’s fixed
[23/05/2015 14:45:38] silentassumptions: Sweet.
[23/05/2015 14:45:38] Jared: Original was tables, not table, right?
[23/05/2015 14:45:49] Jared: 716 Shares
[23/05/2015 14:45:50] Jared: Lol
[23/05/2015 14:45:51] silentassumptions: Yup.
[23/05/2015 14:45:54] Jared: 709 Pins
[23/05/2015 14:46:14] silentassumptions: Shall we disable comments on the page?
[23/05/2015 14:46:18] silentassumptions: It’s nice to have people comment.
[23/05/2015 14:46:24] Jared: The theme is really nice.
[23/05/2015 14:46:31] silentassumptions: But the lack of comments at this stage might deter future buyers
[23/05/2015 14:46:41] Jared: It’s almost a shame to strip the landing pages down, but they should convert better that way.
[23/05/2015 14:46:53] Jared: Comments would likely be distracting.
[23/05/2015 14:47:23] silentassumptions: Alright, we can disable them for all our landing pages but enable comments for the light hearted blogs.
[23/05/2015 14:47:26] silentassumptions: Like the tutorials.
[23/05/2015 14:47:40] silentassumptions: What do you think?
[23/05/2015 14:47:51] Jared: Yeah, comments can be set on a per-post basis.
[23/05/2015 14:47:57] silentassumptions: Yup.
[23/05/2015 14:48:33] Jared: I’d strip the landing pages down, removing more of less everything but the content, and I’d keep everything in tact for all the other pages.
[23/05/2015 14:49:08] Jared: Landing Page Goal = Sales
Other Page Goals = Links, Social Shares, Comments, Opt-Ins, etc.
[23/05/2015 14:49:21] silentassumptions: Does that include the images? On second thoughts, they do consume massive amount of space.
[23/05/2015 14:49:45] Jared: I was going to leave the images, but I’m not sure.
[23/05/2015 14:50:19] silentassumptions: Why is there so much white space at the right of the page? It’s like there’s supposed to be a sidebar there but there’s no widgets.
[23/05/2015 14:51:08] Jared: There’s a rule in copywriting. Take what you’ve written, trim it in half, then trim it in half again. Pretty extreme, but being as succinct as possible is important.
[23/05/2015 14:52:07] Jared: “Write as much as it takes to make the sell, and not a word more.”
[23/05/2015 14:52:16] Jared: I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the general gist.
[23/05/2015 14:52:57] Jared: There’s a real science to it.
[23/05/2015 14:53:00] silentassumptions: I love that you can quote all of this theory from the top of your head. You’d be worth loads at an agency.
[23/05/2015 14:53:58] silentassumptions: I was referring to that.
[23/05/2015 14:54:03] silentassumptions: I don’t have an issue with the length of the content.
[23/05/2015 14:54:10] silentassumptions: I’m just trying to determine how to stylise the page.
[23/05/2015 14:55:09] silentassumptions: http://weheartnails.com/manicure-tables
[23/05/2015 14:55:10] silentassumptions: Refresh.
[23/05/2015 14:55:31] silentassumptions: Let me make a couple of changes to the page, give me 2 mins.
[23/05/2015 15:00:28] silentassumptions: Alright, refresh.
[23/05/2015 15:00:45] silentassumptions: It’s a rough approximation, but I’ve trimmed the images and aligned them with the text.
[23/05/2015 15:00:50] silentassumptions: I think it looks better, what do you reckonn?
[23/05/2015 15:01:13] Jared: The whitespace?
[23/05/2015 15:01:16] Jared: Whitespace is good.
[23/05/2015 15:01:54] Jared: With some of these, it feels like it may be better to have the text to the right of the image. It’ll condense the pages a little.
Although, whitespace is always good.
That’s something I’ve learned over time. Cramped pages using every available inch of screen = bad.
[23/05/2015 15:02:15] silentassumptions: Alright, I concur. Refresh the page, it does actually look better.
[23/05/2015 15:02:28] silentassumptions: Good shout
[23/05/2015 15:02:48] Jared: A lot of pages have even started using really narrow content areas.
[23/05/2015 15:02:51] silentassumptions: We can afford to make the images a little smaller still, but having them aligned with the text looks good.
[23/05/2015 15:03:01] silentassumptions: With the white space.
[23/05/2015 15:04:01] silentassumptions: I think a divider between each product would finalise teh page nicely.
[23/05/2015 15:04:08] silentassumptions: Either a line break between each product.
[23/05/2015 15:04:13] silentassumptions: Or a number next to each product.
[23/05/2015 15:04:24] silentassumptions: What are your thoughts?
[23/05/2015 15:04:32] silentassumptions: Once this lannding page is finalised, we’ve finalised the template for every other page.
[23/05/2015 15:09:53] silentassumptions: I’m going on the prowl for a content writer.
[23/05/2015 15:22:16] silentassumptions: Where’s the conventional place people go to to hire a content writer?
[23/05/2015 15:22:20] silentassumptions: Without forking lots out
[23/05/2015 15:24:53] silentassumptions: There’s gotta be better places than fiver.
[23/05/2015 15:26:48] silentassumptions: HelloIsItMeYoureLookingFor: Are there any non-retarded people in here who are willing to write content for money?
[23/05/2015 15:26:49] silentassumptions: LOL
[23/05/2015 15:27:37] silentassumptions: I tried CC.
[23/05/2015 15:28:46] Jared: Christ, the amount of time and typing I’m doing in recruiting I could just write the shit myself.
[23/05/2015 15:29:24] silentassumptions: I miss fatty.
[23/05/2015 15:29:44] Jared: I recognize none of these people.
[23/05/2015 15:30:16] Jared: It’s like the old CCers have graduated and been replaced by a whole new class of chatters.
[23/05/2015 15:30:25] silentassumptions: I’m onto a winner.
[23/05/2015 15:30:54] Jared: Not bad.
[23/05/2015 15:31:01] Jared: I bet she’s Filipino.
[23/05/2015 15:31:11] Jared: They seem to be a step above most Asians.
[23/05/2015 15:31:13] silentassumptions: LOL
[23/05/2015 15:31:40] Jared: I remember Matthew Woodward saying he hired really skilled Filipino copywriters for $2 an hour.
[23/05/2015 15:32:29] silentassumptions: Fucking Woodward.
[23/05/2015 15:33:12] Jared: Got a PM.
[23/05/2015 15:33:21] Jared: I thought it may have been someone interested.
[23/05/2015 15:33:26] Jared: roy20: Lionel Richie…whatcha doing here man.? 😛
[23/05/2015 15:33:32] Jared: Some jackass trying to be clever.
[23/05/2015 15:33:49] silentassumptions: The fucking Asian turned my offer down.
[23/05/2015 15:33:55] silentassumptions: I almost feel like getting abusive with her.
[23/05/2015 15:33:58] Jared: Lol
[23/05/2015 15:34:34] silentassumptions: I might just pretend to be a woman.
[23/05/2015 15:34:38] silentassumptions: WHN is such a female oriented niche.
[23/05/2015 15:34:48] silentassumptions: Work for me and I’ll flash my tits, he says streaming a cam.
[23/05/2015 15:35:18] Jared: Lol
[23/05/2015 15:36:56] silentassumptions: The ideal (realistic) target is a well spoken single Mom from the US, who can’t work but is housebound.
[23/05/2015 15:37:04] silentassumptions: They spring about on chat from time to time.
[23/05/2015 15:37:55] silentassumptions: You can seriously save a hell of a lot of money recruiting content writers in chat.
[23/05/2015 15:38:00] silentassumptions: It’s just hit and miss.
[23/05/2015 15:38:51 | Edited 15:39:17] silentassumptions: I have one female content writer who can work Monday onwards.
[23/05/2015 15:39:00] silentassumptions: She’s a lesbian who I built a Yoga site for ages ago.
[23/05/2015 15:39:11] silentassumptions: Or you may have built it Jared, I can’t remember. Urban Lotus Yoga.
[23/05/2015 15:42:03] silentassumptions: I’m going to search for content writers on Facebook.
[23/05/2015 15:42:06] silentassumptions: In my city.
[23/05/2015 15:42:15] silentassumptions: It’s really creepy but desperate times.
[23/05/2015 15:46:38] silentassumptions: Apparently you can’t search for people by profession unless typing in a name. Which doesn’t work.
[23/05/2015 15:51:15] Jared: Copywriter groups
[23/05/2015 15:52:32] Jared: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/copywriter/keywords_groups
[23/05/2015 15:58:47] silentassumptions: I spoke to one content writer now off Google, who lives in Peterborough, who charges £800 for 10x 500 word articles.
[23/05/2015 15:58:52] silentassumptions: Alright, Ill check it out.
[23/05/2015 15:59:33] silentassumptions: :/
[23/05/2015 16:29:07] Jared: Some jackass gave up his OptinMonster license. I snatched it up. It’s a $500 license. Let’s see how long it works for.
[23/05/2015 16:29:38] silentassumptions: Found a content writer, potentially.
[23/05/2015 16:29:49] *** silentassumptions added Tristan Richard Alec Dry ***
[23/05/2015 16:29:59] Jared: A lot of names.
[23/05/2015 16:30:23] silentassumptions: Hi Tristan, I appreciate this is a bit of the blue, so there’s a few webamsters in this conversation, Jared and I are looking for a content writer.
[23/05/2015 16:30:46] silentassumptions: I’ll go through what needs to be done through a voice call, Jared feel free to join.
[23/05/2015 16:30:49] *** Group call ***
[23/05/2015 16:39:14] *** Call ended, duration 08:18 ***
[23/05/2015 16:39:28] *** Muhammad ilyas added CaptainLive ***
[23/05/2015 16:39:40] silentassumptions: Someone kick Tristan out.
[23/05/2015 16:39:45] silentassumptions: No offense bro, you don’t need to be here anymore.
[23/05/2015 16:40:11] Tristan Richard Alec Dry: That’s what you have to go through, if you want to find people through chat rooms, who will work for cheap
[23/05/2015 16:40:16] Tristan Richard Alec Dry: Good luck, hope it all goes well
[23/05/2015 16:40:57] *** Tristan Richard Alec Dry has left ***
[23/05/2015 16:41:58] silentassumptions: Valarie accepted my friend request on FB.
[23/05/2015 16:47:04] Jared: Lol
[23/05/2015 16:47:15] Jared: What’s the dealwith Tristan? I sensed hostility.
[23/05/2015 16:47:38] silentassumptions: He thinks he’s worth more than he is.
[23/05/2015 16:55:47] silentassumptions: Valarie is’t interested.
[23/05/2015 16:55:59] silentassumptions: She’s earning $40K per annum at some hot shot publishing company.
[23/05/2015 17:00:50] silentassumptions: Found another content writer.
[23/05/2015 17:01:02] silentassumptions: if I bring him to here, can you explain what’s needed for WHN? This guy seems really enthusiastic.
[23/05/2015 17:01:22] silentassumptions: What do you reckon is a fair price to pay a content for the WHN stuff only?
[23/05/2015 17:10:00] silentassumptions: I’m going to invite you into a group conversation shortly with some other webmasters. Before I do, tell me a bit about yourself, your aspirations, hobbies etc…
[17:03:10] silentassumptions: But do so whilst paying attention to grammar 🙂
[17:03:19] Jonathan Neev: Oh my.
[17:03:52] Jonathan Neev: I have get my mic
[17:05:50] Jonathan Neev: I don’t know where my mic is right now.
[17:06:07] silentassumptions: You don’t need a mic bro.
[17:06:09] silentassumptions: Just type it out.
[17:06:49] Jonathan Neev: Well, I’m primarily interested in philosophy, psychology and mysticism
[17:07:29] Jonathan Neev: I’ve been studying on my own for years without much of a life.
[17:07:58] Jonathan Neev: I have an associates degree in psychology, and am considering if I will attend further.
[17:08:24] Jonathan Neev: I’m not a professional writer by any means.
[17:08:50] silentassumptions: I see, and what do you for a living currently?
[17:09:03] Jonathan Neev: I was thinking if you wanted something like essays on your website I could try and write something and if you liked it you could use it.
[17:09:28] Jonathan Neev: I’m currently unemployed, about to move out to California.
[23/05/2015 17:10:25] silentassumptions: “I’m currently unemployed” :$
[23/05/2015 17:21:59] *** silentassumptions added Jonathan Neev ***
[23/05/2015 17:22:11] silentassumptions: Alright Jonathan, there’s a fella in here called Jared.
[23/05/2015 17:22:17] silentassumptions: He’s going to go through the task with you.
[23/05/2015 17:22:22] Jonathan Neev: OK
[23/05/2015 17:22:29] Jonathan Neev: Sounds good.
[23/05/2015 17:23:10] Jonathan Neev: Hello, Jared?
[23/05/2015 17:23:53] Jared: Hello.
[23/05/2015 17:25:17] Jared: Basically, we’re running an affiliate marketing site. We sell other people’s products, and get a small piece of their pie for our troubles.
[23/05/2015 17:25:49] Jared: We have a few product pages that need filled out.
[23/05/2015 17:26:02] Jonathan Neev: I see.
[23/05/2015 17:26:22] Jared: http://weheartnails.com/manicure-tables/
[23/05/2015 17:26:30] Jared: That’s a sample page.
[23/05/2015 17:26:48] Jared: All you have to do is add a little text for each product.
[23/05/2015 17:27:01] Jonathan Neev: I see.
[23/05/2015 17:27:22] Jonathan Neev: So I’m not necessarily a professional or what not, but just thought about giving it a shot.
[23/05/2015 17:27:39] Jonathan Neev: Could perhaps see what I come up with and if you like it we can work something out.
[23/05/2015 17:27:40] Jared: None of us are really professionals.
[23/05/2015 17:27:57] Jonathan Neev: I would just be doing the writing right?
[23/05/2015 17:28:19] Jared: Sounds fine. I started out working for silentassumptions doing even less and am now making quite a bit online.
[23/05/2015 17:28:33] Jonathan Neev: Ah, nice.
[23/05/2015 17:29:12] Jared: http://weheartnails.com/manicure-tables/
[23/05/2015 17:29:18] Jared: There, it should work now.
[23/05/2015 17:29:46] Jared: Yeah, you’ll only need to do the write ups.
[23/05/2015 17:29:56] Jared: We can handle the rest.
[23/05/2015 17:30:00] silentassumptions: Inevitably, Johnathon, like Jared said, none of us are professionals, but what we do need is someone with good common sense and pretty afluent in English to help us on the content side of things.
[23/05/2015 17:30:10] silentassumptions: Depending on performance, there’s definitely opportunites we can throw your way.
[23/05/2015 17:30:35] Jonathan Neev: Honestly even my grammar and spelling need work.
[23/05/2015 17:30:51] Jonathan Neev: I would have to use microsoft word for corrections.
[23/05/2015 17:30:52] silentassumptions: You’ll be fine. Use MS Word.
[23/05/2015 17:31:00] silentassumptions: As long as there’s no squiggly lines under your content, you’re fine.
[23/05/2015 17:31:16] Jared: Have you ever used WordPress before?
[23/05/2015 17:31:26] Jonathan Neev: Only word.
[23/05/2015 17:31:34] Jonathan Neev: MS Word
[23/05/2015 17:31:47] silentassumptions: John, we’ll get you to do some content writing on a trial basis for now given your lack of experience in the field, depending on performance, we look to increase your skill-set and pay you for it.
[23/05/2015 17:31:59] silentassumptions: How does that sound?
[23/05/2015 17:32:39] Jonathan Neev: you look to increase my skill-set?
[23/05/2015 17:32:49] silentassumptions: Yes, so you can upload the content you do directly on WordPress.
[23/05/2015 17:32:57] Jonathan Neev: That sounds fine.
[23/05/2015 17:33:05] silentassumptions: WordPress is just a content management system you can update content on a website without having to know all of the technical nitty gritty stuff.
[23/05/2015 17:33:06] silentassumptions: Great.
[23/05/2015 17:33:32] silentassumptions: Then Jared will go through exactly what you need to write about. Anything that needs submitting in a word doc can be sent through here dude.
[23/05/2015 17:33:52] Jonathan Neev: OK, cool.
[23/05/2015 17:39:24] Jared: Right. The gist is, we’re trying to convince people to buy the crap on our site. What we need for each product is a short, but hopefully convincing, little write up explaining why each product is worth buying. You can see the examples on the Manicure Tables page. I think silent is looking for around 100 words for each item.
[23/05/2015 17:40:00] Jonathan Neev: I was wondering if you guys pretty much just sell junk.
[23/05/2015 17:40:09] Jonathan Neev: OK
[23/05/2015 17:40:39] Jonathan Neev: So like is this pyramidal in some way?
[23/05/2015 17:40:42] Jared: We sell through Amazon, It’s not really junk; I did research and found quality products.
[23/05/2015 17:40:49] Jonathan Neev: ok
[23/05/2015 17:40:58] Jared: No. It’s affiliate marketing. 100% legit.
[23/05/2015 17:41:04] Jonathan Neev: I see
[23/05/2015 17:42:01] Jonathan Neev: So you guys basically sell products for other companies by making websites and advertisements and stuff.
[23/05/2015 17:42:01] *** CaptainLive has left ***
[23/05/2015 17:42:18] Jared: Page 1: http://weheartnails.com/nail-polish-rack/
Page 2: http://weheartnails.com/spa-pedicure-chairs-for-sale/
[23/05/2015 17:42:20] Jared: Yep.
[23/05/2015 17:42:32] Jonathan Neev: So you said these are examples?
[23/05/2015 17:42:42] Jonathan Neev: Would I be writing for different products then or?
[23/05/2015 17:42:53] Jared: You can see how the pages are already setup with generic lorem ipsum text under the products. Your job is to simply fill in that text.
[23/05/2015 17:42:54] Jonathan Neev: *So I would be
[23/05/2015 17:42:59] Jared: These are the products.
[23/05/2015 17:43:08] Jonathan Neev: I see.
[23/05/2015 17:43:32] Jonathan Neev: It sounds like the writing describing each product is already pretty good, but its copyrighted?
[23/05/2015 17:44:42] Jared: Yeah. We build niche websites using WordPress, and bring targeted traffic (people interested in the products) to them through Google, Facebook, etc. We sell the products, and Amazon gives us between 4-8% of each sale.
[23/05/2015 17:44:59] Jared: It’s just generic lorem ipsum text right now; placeholder Latin.
[23/05/2015 17:45:13] Jared: What Makes It A Great Chair? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
[23/05/2015 17:46:01] Jared: You mean on the Amazon page? If so, yeah, you can’t reuse it.
[23/05/2015 17:46:19] Jonathan Neev: Oh OK the link with the chairs.
[23/05/2015 17:46:26] Jared: Yeah
[23/05/2015 17:46:35] Jared: Those are the pags we went ahead and setup.
[23/05/2015 17:46:51] Jonathan Neev: OK, I’ll have to research the chairs then.
[23/05/2015 17:46:53] Jared: The Manicure Tables page, I’ve already done. I just posted it so you’d have an example of what we need.
[23/05/2015 17:47:26] Jared: We don’t need anything really in-depth. Just something that sounds convincing.
[23/05/2015 17:47:26] Jonathan Neev: Yeah, got it.
[23/05/2015 17:47:45] Jared: “This chair is a beautiful white leather. Your clients will love it”
[23/05/2015 17:47:51] Jared: etc.
[23/05/2015 17:47:55] Jonathan Neev: And if you like what I write, what would you pay me for the page?
[23/05/2015 17:48:11] silentassumptions: I will.
[23/05/2015 17:48:31] silentassumptions: I don’t know how much content you’ll generate but I’ll pay you something fair.
[23/05/2015 17:48:55] Jonathan Neev: OK
[23/05/2015 17:49:49] silentassumptions: Remember: All content must be original.
[23/05/2015 17:49:55] Jonathan Neev: Right.
[23/05/2015 17:50:14] silentassumptions: You can cross reference other websites but if you’re going to use the content they have, reword it.
[23/05/2015 17:50:23] Jonathan Neev: Yeah, for sure.
[23/05/2015 17:50:26] silentassumptions: Cheers bro.
[23/05/2015 17:50:30] Jonathan Neev: Cheers.
[23/05/2015 18:09:22] Jared: If you need any help, advice, whatever, just let us know.
[23/05/2015 18:09:34] Jonathan Neev: OK will do.
[23/05/2015 18:09:50] Jared: On a sidenote, I just realized how much the theme looks like MSN’s website: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/dutch-immigrant-kids-take-to-street-demanding-white-classmates/ar-BBk9gkw?ocid=mailsignout
[23/05/2015 18:09:57] Jared: Sorry, that was to Silent.
[23/05/2015 18:10:07] Jonathan Neev: Oh, ok.
[23/05/2015 18:10:16] Jared: I meant, about the theme.
[23/05/2015 18:10:21] Jonathan Neev: gotcha
[23/05/2015 18:11:42] Jared: Silent. maybe we should use Facebook comments on the site?
[23/05/2015 18:12:08] Jared: They’re popular, plus whenever someone comments, it’ll be posted on their timeline (I think), giving us more exposure.
[23/05/2015 18:21:45] silentassumptions: John, there’s a lot of dialogue that happens in this room, you’ll get used to it bro. We’ll address you directly if it concerns you dude, though you are free to give feedback on anything we talk about if you want to give an opinion.
[23/05/2015 18:22:04] silentassumptions: Yeah, Facebook comments are defintiely preferrential to WP comments.
[23/05/2015 18:22:05] Jonathan Neev: Sounds good.
[23/05/2015 18:31:55] silentassumptions: We’ve bought the plugin, we’re going to include it for WHN, we’ll see what sort of results it yields. I can only see it being an amazing tool.
[23/05/2015 18:55:13] silentassumptions: How are you getting on, Jonathon?
[23/05/2015 18:55:27] silentassumptions: I realise I keep typoing your name. This is why I’m not a content writer.
[23/05/2015 18:55:57] Jonathan Neev: I barely got started. Then decided to clear my mind and was about to go at it again.
[23/05/2015 18:56:15] Jonathan Neev: U can call my Jon bro.
[23/05/2015 18:56:28] silentassumptions: Alright Jon, keep us updated.
[23/05/2015 18:56:57] Jonathan Neev: Feels a little funny suddenly having this work on my plate.
[23/05/2015 18:57:09] Jonathan Neev: But yeah, I’ll keep you updated.
[23/05/2015 18:57:21] silentassumptions: It does for everyone at first.
[23/05/2015 18:57:22] silentassumptions: Cheers.
[23/05/2015 19:34:34] *** Robin has left ***
[23/05/2015 20:23:26] silentassumptions: How’s it going Jon?
[23/05/2015 20:24:08] Jonathan Neev: Better, I’m about on the last product of the nail polish racks.
[23/05/2015 20:26:04] Jonathan Neev: I was a little stressed initially trying to make each one perfect, but after reading the content on the chairs I got a little more relaxed.
[23/05/2015 20:27:21] Jonathan Neev: *I mean tables.
[23/05/2015 20:29:04] Jonathan Neev: BTW, does the, “What makes this product great” question have to stay for each product? I was assuming not, but I saw it on the table descriptions so I was wondering.
[23/05/2015 20:29:33] Jonathan Neev: I’m thinking it probably won’t make a difference either way.
[23/05/2015 20:57:10] silentassumptions: Sorry dude.
[23/05/2015 20:57:15] silentassumptions: I was AFK.
[23/05/2015 20:57:36] silentassumptions: Jon, you don’t need to be a perfectionist for this task.
[23/05/2015 20:57:36] Jonathan Neev: oh ok, was getting worried
[23/05/2015 20:57:45] Jonathan Neev: yeah, i figured that out finally.
[23/05/2015 20:57:48] silentassumptions: Just let it flow, bro.
[23/05/2015 20:58:07] silentassumptions: If you understand the product you’re talking about, it’s quite easy to waffle about an array of universal traits.
[23/05/2015 20:58:18] silentassumptions: It’s your first attempt so I’d say you’ve done pretty well.
[23/05/2015 20:58:33] Jonathan Neev: heh, hard to say without seeing what I wrote, but yeah.
[23/05/2015 20:58:43] silentassumptions: In response to your question, you can be creative with it. Just show us what you got bro.
[23/05/2015 20:58:43] Jonathan Neev: is kara somebody real btw?
[23/05/2015 20:58:47] silentassumptions: Whatever you think helps sell the product.
[23/05/2015 20:58:58] silentassumptions: Yeah, she’s Jared part time gf.
[23/05/2015 20:59:23] silentassumptions: I say part time because he’s like to dabble around 😉
[23/05/2015 20:59:24] Jonathan Neev: part time gf eh. lol i don’t know what part time means but ok.
[23/05/2015 20:59:30] Jonathan Neev: oh ok
[23/05/2015 21:00:17] Jonathan Neev: not sure this is the rightl ine of work for me but we’ll see what i come out with.
[23/05/2015 21:01:41] silentassumptions: You never know, Jon.
[23/05/2015 21:02:08] Jonathan Neev: btw, kinda new here to offer my pov, but I’m not a big fan of how all the categories have almost the exact same introductions.
[23/05/2015 21:02:47] Jonathan Neev: it might not really matter. it just sounds a little overly premeditated.
[23/05/2015 21:02:49] silentassumptions: Criticism is always welcome here.
[23/05/2015 21:03:02] silentassumptions: I agree with you.
[23/05/2015 21:03:16] silentassumptions: I never paid that much attention to detail, but it’s a valid point.
[23/05/2015 21:04:07] Jonathan Neev: I forgot to mention I used to be a door to door sales man for a little while, so I have a tiny bit of experience with sales. It was only for a few months though.
[23/05/2015 21:04:12] silentassumptions: After you’ve completed the task you’re on, at some point I’ll get you to do a full audit on the website and you make corrections from a content side of things.
[23/05/2015 21:04:22] silentassumptions: That’s good to know man.
[23/05/2015 21:04:30] Jonathan Neev: ok cool dude
[23/05/2015 21:04:42] silentassumptions: The internet is vast, your skillset will definitely translate to something tangible online.
[23/05/2015 21:04:50] Jonathan Neev: its a little boring coming up with all this great stuff to say about a simple rack.
[23/05/2015 21:04:52] silentassumptions: We’re good people here, we’re also very afluent in the industry.
[23/05/2015 21:05:09] silentassumptions: Not only can you benefit from the passive income, but you can always reference me to bolster your CV.
[23/05/2015 21:05:18] Jonathan Neev: good point.
[23/05/2015 21:05:19] silentassumptions: You’re writing content on websites that receive surplus traffic.
[23/05/2015 21:05:29] silentassumptions: On-site content, not content that’s archived nowhere.
[23/05/2015 21:05:46] silentassumptions: (Y)
[23/05/2015 21:05:58] Jonathan Neev: scratches head Uh, ok.
[23/05/2015 21:06:24] silentassumptions: Lol, onsite content refers to content you’ll be modifying on pagse that matter.
[23/05/2015 21:06:46] Jonathan Neev: Ah, gotcha =)
[23/05/2015 21:07:15] silentassumptions: Do you want to send over what you’ve done so far and I can give it a quick skim?
[23/05/2015 21:07:47] Jonathan Neev: I guess. I started changing my approach part way in. At first I was trying to include every fact.
[23/05/2015 21:08:16] Jonathan Neev: Give me a sec, I’ll send.
[23/05/2015 21:08:29] silentassumptions: No worries man, take your time.
[23/05/2015 21:10:08] Jonathan Neev: I think I might be making them a little too short.
[23/05/2015 21:10:16] Jonathan Neev: Display your nail polish collection the stylish way with this fancy nail polish organizer.
This elegant nail polish holder has a 3-tiered, wedding cake-style design, including scrollwork metal hearts. Rotates from the center giving you easy access to the shade of nail polish you’re looking for. Simple, effective, and well priced at only ___. Holds up to 44 nail polish bottles. (1.5″ diameter each)
[23/05/2015 21:10:34] silentassumptions: Perfect.
[23/05/2015 21:10:43] silentassumptions: What you’ve done there is really good.
[23/05/2015 21:10:47] Jonathan Neev: So you think its long enough?
[23/05/2015 21:10:57] silentassumptions: How many products do you have to write about?
[23/05/2015 21:10:57] Jonathan Neev: Like I said, its hard to say a whole lot about a rack.
[23/05/2015 21:11:09] silentassumptions: I can’t remember what Jared tasked you.
[23/05/2015 21:11:15] Jonathan Neev: You mean how many left?
[23/05/2015 21:11:18] silentassumptions: Yea.
[23/05/2015 21:11:19] Jonathan Neev: oh
[23/05/2015 21:11:45] Jonathan Neev: 5 racks
[23/05/2015 21:11:59] Jonathan Neev: 6 chairs.
[23/05/2015 21:13:14] Jonathan Neev: I have been borrowing some ideas from amazong
[23/05/2015 21:13:29] Jonathan Neev: (thats total actually…not what I have left)
[23/05/2015 21:14:22] Jonathan Neev: Got 1 rack left. But I want to work more on some that i’ve already done because they were too much about the plain facts and not enough nice sounding words.
[23/05/2015 21:14:40] silentassumptions: Yeah, the amount of content you’ve done there is fine. You’re simulating Kara, so after you have done the product descriptoin (which you wrapped up elegantly and beautifully), close the description with a recommendation.

So going off the last part of your description.

“[23 May 2015 21:10] Jonathan Neev:

<<< Simple, effective, and well priced at only ___. Holds up to 44 nail polish bottles. (1.5” diameter each)
This is an absolute must-have for anyone who takes their nail polish collection seriously so be sure to order yours today.
[23/05/2015 21:14:48] silentassumptions: Done.
[23/05/2015 21:15:16] silentassumptions: Dude, don’t be so critical.
[23/05/2015 21:15:33] silentassumptions: We’ll evaluate the content for you.
[23/05/2015 21:15:36] Jonathan Neev: Ah, right.
[23/05/2015 21:15:39] silentassumptions: You sound like a perfectionist.
[23/05/2015 21:15:43] silentassumptions: Jared is a perfectionist, too.
[23/05/2015 21:15:49] silentassumptions: Perfectionism can be an absolute nightmare to manage.
[23/05/2015 21:16:28] Jonathan Neev: Like “So if you are looking for a stylish rack that could fit your budget, this would be the one for you”.
[23/05/2015 21:16:35] silentassumptions: Perfect.
[23/05/2015 21:16:54] Jonathan Neev: Yeah man, I’ve sufferered a lot from perfectionism.
[23/05/2015 21:17:00] silentassumptions: You’re getting the hang of this 🙂
[23/05/2015 21:17:07] silentassumptions: I can tell, I’m guilty of it too.
[23/05/2015 21:17:18] Jonathan Neev: I was relieved to read the descriptions of the tables tbh, because they were pretty straight-forward.
[23/05/2015 21:17:23] silentassumptions: We’re all very proud of our work, it shows great insight into someones personality.
[23/05/2015 21:17:30] Jonathan Neev: Wish I read the examples before I got started.
[23/05/2015 21:17:46] silentassumptions: Haha, you’ll only profit from experience.
[23/05/2015 21:18:00] Jonathan Neev: Hmmm. Yeah work is a reflection of a person.
[23/05/2015 21:18:22] Jonathan Neev: On a completely unrelated note…are you into philosophy
[23/05/2015 21:18:36] Jonathan Neev: Since you were talking in the philosophy room heh.
[23/05/2015 21:18:54] silentassumptions: Yes, Jared and I are massively into philosophy. There’s another webmaster on here too, his name is also Amir.
[23/05/2015 21:19:24] silentassumptions: He’s into philosophy and spirtuality.
[23/05/2015 21:19:24] Jonathan Neev: OK cool. I didn’t know if you were just there because you thought you could find someone smart to work for you…which would make sense.
[23/05/2015 21:19:29] silentassumptions: Haha.
[23/05/2015 21:19:39] silentassumptions: Well, there was that too…
[23/05/2015 21:19:46] Jonathan Neev: I kind of figured with what you said in the room and your username.
[23/05/2015 21:20:17] silentassumptions: Dude, I just use big words I don’t always fully understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis.
[23/05/2015 21:20:29] Jonathan Neev: lol
[23/05/2015 21:21:24] Jonathan Neev: I agree with what you said about interpreting everything as meaningless is itself actually giving a meaning though. lol
[23/05/2015 21:21:54] Jonathan Neev: Anyway that’s cool. Wanted to get a small sense of who i’m working with.
[23/05/2015 21:22:02] silentassumptions: Oh, cheers. I didn’t even realise anyone was paying attention to the main room.
[23/05/2015 21:22:19] silentassumptions: No worries man 🙂
[23/05/2015 21:52:52] Jared: I’m trying to think of a name for a new marketing blog.
[23/05/2015 21:53:04] Jared: Something brandable.
[23/05/2015 21:56:01] silentassumptions: OptimiseThat.com – If you want take over the site.
[23/05/2015 21:56:07] silentassumptions: It’s got a pretty nice theme.
[23/05/2015 22:02:44] Jared: I want to start from scratch and make a name for myself.
[23/05/2015 22:03:19] Jared: I’m thinking something along the lines of: ExBum.com – From Rags To Internet Riches
[23/05/2015 22:03:54] Jared: Then I just detail ways to make money online, tool tutorials (with affiliates), etc.
[23/05/2015 22:04:05 | Edited 22:04:08] Jared: Basically, like Matthew Woodward’s site.
[23/05/2015 22:04:39] silentassumptions: ExBum – From Fags To Titties.
[23/05/2015 22:04:42] silentassumptions: That’s a good idea.
[23/05/2015 22:04:49] Jared: Lol
[23/05/2015 22:05:29] silentassumptions: How many ventures are you juggling atm?
[23/05/2015 22:06:18] Jared: 4, I think. This would be 5.
[23/05/2015 22:06:21] Jared: I can handle it.
[23/05/2015 22:07:53] silentassumptions: Fair play.
[23/05/2015 22:08:04] silentassumptions: Jon, how are we looking bro?
[23/05/2015 22:08:24] silentassumptions: “Just doing my nails at the moment, I want to get a better insight into the products I’m writing about”
[23/05/2015 22:09:03] silentassumptions: “Just ordered myself a $5,000 Pedicure Chair so I can write the perfect product description. I assume I’m getting reimbursed, right?”
[23/05/2015 22:09:10] Jared: Lol
[23/05/2015 22:09:40] Jared: I just went to check out at GoDaddy . . . they’re trying to upsell an SSL certificate. Only $69.99 a year. Jesus.
[23/05/2015 22:09:58] silentassumptions: Did you check out that link I sent you in PM?
[23/05/2015 22:13:33] Jared: Domain + 1 year hosting for $12.18
[23/05/2015 22:13:39] Jared: Originally $60.
[23/05/2015 22:13:57] Jared: (L) GoDaddy’s coupon codes.
[23/05/2015 22:14:34] silentassumptions: How much is it to renew?
[23/05/2015 22:15:28] Jared: I don’t know. Probably around the original price ($14.99).
[23/05/2015 22:15:42] Jared: Still . . .
[23/05/2015 22:15:52] Jared: If the site’s an earner, renewing it won’t be an issue.
[23/05/2015 22:16:06] Jared: If the site’s not an earner, it can die and burn in hell for all I care.
[23/05/2015 22:16:08] silentassumptions: That’s well good. I have so many domains that I need to transfer to Godaddy.com
[23/05/2015 22:16:20] silentassumptions: One.com are expensive as hell.
[23/05/2015 22:16:26] silentassumptions: I don’t even use their hosting half of the time.
[23/05/2015 22:16:28] Jared: Crappy cpanel, too.
[23/05/2015 22:16:32] silentassumptions: Tell me about it.
[23/05/2015 22:16:39] silentassumptions: Customer care is the worse.
[23/05/2015 22:42:39] Jared: DeVoe’s developers have updated it.
[23/05/2015 22:42:46] Jared: Shall I update the site with the new version?
[23/05/2015 22:43:06] silentassumptions: Yup, definitely whilst we’re in early operations.
[23/05/2015 22:43:20] silentassumptions: Ah, that’s reassuring, I like it when they update themes.
[23/05/2015 22:43:25] silentassumptions: Nice to know the developers give a shit.
[23/05/2015 22:44:07] silentassumptions: Jon, have you had a wank and passed out?
[23/05/2015 22:44:19] Jonathan Neev: I’m here.
[23/05/2015 22:44:30] Jonathan Neev: My nails are all pretty.
[23/05/2015 22:44:33] silentassumptions: Yo. How’s it looking bro?
[23/05/2015 22:44:34] silentassumptions: Lol
[23/05/2015 22:45:33] Jared: v1.04 – May 22, 2015

New Feature! – Adds Full-width Featured Image to posts
Fixes bug with disabling social buttons for pages
Fixes bug with menu and navigation on iPhones
[23/05/2015 22:45:34] Jonathan Neev: I had to go for a walk to clear my head some more. I’m calm and collected now
[23/05/2015 22:46:27] silentassumptions: The last bug was critical, glad they addressed that.
[23/05/2015 22:47:18] Jonathan Neev: …gettin done slowly but surely. Should be able to pick up the pace some now.
[23/05/2015 22:47:19] Jared: Alright, updated.
[23/05/2015 22:47:23] silentassumptions: Jon, I see. I hope the work pressure isn’t getting to you. You’re writing for a nail website and not compiling a book on literature so keep that in mind.
[23/05/2015 22:47:46] silentassumptions: Cheers Jared.
[23/05/2015 22:48:06] Jonathan Neev: Yes sir e bob
[23/05/2015 22:48:28] silentassumptions: bob?
[23/05/2015 22:48:35] Jonathan Neev: its an american saying
[23/05/2015 22:48:53] silentassumptions: Ah.
[23/05/2015 22:48:58] Jonathan Neev: Another version of Bob’s your uncle I guess.
[23/05/2015 22:49:14] silentassumptions: Alright, lol
[23/05/2015 22:49:30] Jonathan Neev: yep yep
[23/05/2015 23:43:27 | Edited 23:43:42] silentassumptions: I’m off to the gym. I’ll be back in about an hour. Jon, if you can wrap up what you’ve done and send it to me when I’m back for an initial review then that would be much appreciated.
[23/05/2015 23:49:34] Jonathan Neev: OK, I should be done by then for sure.
[24/05/2015 01:02:32] *** ***
[24/05/2015 01:02:50] *** ***
[24/05/2015 01:04:24] *** ***
[24/05/2015 01:04:49] silentassumptions: Hey man, I’m back now. Give me 10 mins to have a protein shake and a cigarette.
[24/05/2015 01:04:57] Jonathan Neev: No prob
[24/05/2015 01:08:56] silentassumptions: Jonathon, this is really impressive stuff. Well done, hats off to you.
[24/05/2015 01:09:10] Jonathan Neev: Thank you good sir.
[24/05/2015 01:09:16] silentassumptions: There are some minor grammatical errors that you don’t need to worry about, but for a first attempt, this is really good.
[24/05/2015 01:09:20] silentassumptions: What’s your Paypal?
[24/05/2015 01:09:49] silentassumptions: I’m not sure if Jared has gone to sleep, but he’ll certainly be thrilled to read it.
[24/05/2015 01:09:49] Jonathan Neev: I’m actually editing the pedicure chairs a little more. I’m going to re-upload in a minute.
[24/05/2015 01:10:03] silentassumptions: Alright, drop me your Paypal email and I’ll wire you some dough shortly.
[24/05/2015 01:10:19] Jonathan Neev: Yeah, paypal. I was a little worried about that. I don’t have an account right now.
[24/05/2015 01:10:34] silentassumptions: How do you propose payment bro?
[24/05/2015 01:10:56] silentassumptions: Don’t ask for a cheque. I’m in the UK.
[24/05/2015 01:11:08] Jonathan Neev: Right right. That would be annoying too.
[24/05/2015 01:11:21] silentassumptions: Very, lol.
[24/05/2015 01:11:31] Jonathan Neev: I don’t know, I might have to bug paypall again to let me open a new account again.
[24/05/2015 01:12:00] Jonathan Neev: My account was hacked a long time ago, and paypall has ignored 3 emails about letting me use the account or change it.
[24/05/2015 01:12:17] Jonathan Neev: Even though it was me who told them it was hacked.
[24/05/2015 01:12:20] silentassumptions: Paypal is how I pay everyone else on here. All I need is your email address for it to work.
[24/05/2015 01:12:26] silentassumptions: That’s strange.
[24/05/2015 01:12:30] silentassumptions: Paypal take things like that very seriously.
[24/05/2015 01:12:43] Jonathan Neev: I don’t know if its possible through my amazon account somehow.
[24/05/2015 01:13:11] Jonathan Neev: Yeah, its like they put my email on ignore or something. Maybe I’ll try emailing them with a different address.
[24/05/2015 01:13:53] Jonathan Neev: So hopefully I can get it resolved in a next couple days and you can pay me then?
[24/05/2015 01:14:03] silentassumptions: That’s fine with me.
[24/05/2015 01:14:19] silentassumptions: Do you want to continue working with us until then or would you rather wait for your first payment?
[24/05/2015 01:14:31] silentassumptions: Anything until then can just accumulate.
[24/05/2015 01:14:53] silentassumptions: You’ve proven your worth to me, I’m sure Jared will vouch for that too when he reads what you wrote.
[24/05/2015 01:15:10] Jonathan Neev: Glad you like it dude.
[24/05/2015 01:16:31] Jonathan Neev: I have to prepare for a move in 4 days, but I’m open to some other work options. Something light-weight perhaps.
[24/05/2015 01:17:23] silentassumptions: Alright, for sure.
[24/05/2015 01:17:56] silentassumptions: How would you like to write a blog? You can be very versatile in what you write about. And we’re going to go for a different genre of website completely.
[24/05/2015 01:18:11] silentassumptions: For example, we have a cleaning website (it currently ranks page one of Google for carpet cleaning services in London)
[24/05/2015 01:18:15] silentassumptions: http://cleanthatcarpet.co.uk
[24/05/2015 01:18:29] silentassumptions: If you go over to the blog section of the site, you’ll get an idea of the sort of things you could write about.
[24/05/2015 01:18:36] silentassumptions: As you can see, you can be very creative in what you go for.
[24/05/2015 01:18:44] silentassumptions: Another example is this website:
[24/05/2015 01:18:49] silentassumptions: http://www.zarax.co.uk
[24/05/2015 01:19:19] silentassumptions: That’s an electronic website, Zarax buy gadgets from people looking to sell. If you head on over to the blog, you can see examples of things you can write about and the scope of flexibility you have.
[24/05/2015 01:19:24] silentassumptions: How does that sound?
[24/05/2015 01:19:40] Jonathan Neev: I’ll definitely consider it.
[24/05/2015 01:19:57] silentassumptions: Alright man, have a tinker and let me know.
[24/05/2015 01:20:31] Jonathan Neev: heh, alright.
[24/05/2015 01:23:46] Jonathan Neev: OK, that about does it.
[24/05/2015 01:23:52] *** ***
[24/05/2015 01:27:23] silentassumptions: Thanks Jon, you’ve done really well tonight. So, I would usually pay a content writer $15 for this (as they are able to churn out content a lot quicker), though given it’s your first attempt and I appreciate you made a sincere effort, I’ll wire you $20. Is that ok?
[24/05/2015 01:27:59] Jonathan Neev: I guess that sounds alright.
[24/05/2015 01:29:24] silentassumptions: Alright man, well let me know when you’re ready to start your next project. Feel free to hang out in here. We discuss internet related projects all the time. You may not have a technical insight into some of the things we’re discussing, but feel free to voice an opinion where you feel its necessary.
[24/05/2015 01:29:36] silentassumptions: Like you did earlier, that was a nice touch with the critique (y)
[24/05/2015 01:31:02] Jonathan Neev: If I were to work on a blog, I would put forth a lot of time to write it out well. I’m not sure if it would be lucrative.
[24/05/2015 01:31:39] silentassumptions: The blogs don’t need to be that good. We keep our sites updated moreso to appease search engines than users, not to say we’re generating shit.
[24/05/2015 01:31:51] silentassumptions: I mean, you can be creative in which case, if you can find something you like talking about, it should flow naturally.
[24/05/2015 01:32:11] silentassumptions: Say for example, with a cleaning website, a relevant blog piece should be something titled “How to keep yourself organised”
[24/05/2015 01:32:22] silentassumptions: From that, you can rattle off on array of things you do in your own life to keep yourself organised.
[24/05/2015 01:33:00] silentassumptions: With the gadget genre, you could write a piece about Where you think the future is heading in the future? Then break the piece down: 5 years, 10 years, 50 years.

Just random predictions.
[24/05/2015 01:33:11] silentassumptions: I’m just pulling this shit out the depths of my ass right now.
[24/05/2015 01:33:15] silentassumptions: But yeah, let it flow.
[24/05/2015 01:33:41] silentassumptions: Perfectionism doesn’t need to manifest in these blogs, just something half decent.
[24/05/2015 01:33:42] Jonathan Neev: Its kind of hard to assess what the work is worth is all.
[24/05/2015 01:34:05] Jonathan Neev: Considering I’m only receiving one time payment
[24/05/2015 01:34:25] silentassumptions: There’s always work that needs to be done.
[24/05/2015 01:34:53] silentassumptions: If you were able to do double the work you did today, that would be $40. If you multiply that by 30 days worth of work (hypothetically), that’s $1,200.
[24/05/2015 01:35:05] Jonathan Neev: I don’t know, I kind of feel like my work on the racks and chairs is at least worth 30 dollars. A professional would make hundreds.
[24/05/2015 01:35:16] silentassumptions: I’m not saying you’ll get paid $1,200, I’m just saying there’s money in it if there’s commitment and skill on your half.
[24/05/2015 01:37:31] Jonathan Neev: It shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did, but at the same time even if its fast work it takes some creative talent which has its worth.
[24/05/2015 01:37:39] silentassumptions: We don’t need a professional, thats the thing. The quality of content doesn’t need to be exceptional, which justifies the pay. Your perfectionist streak shouldn’t be a negiotiating factor.
[24/05/2015 01:37:57] silentassumptions: If the content needs to be exceptional, that correlates with the pay.
[24/05/2015 01:38:08] Jonathan Neev: OK, I’ll take that into consideration.
[24/05/2015 01:39:09] Jonathan Neev: Its always wiser to name the price up front. I’ll think about that next time.
[24/05/2015 01:39:11] silentassumptions: It would take most content writers 2 hours to churn out the content you did. $10 at the comfort of your own home is pretty good, tax free.
[24/05/2015 01:39:14] silentassumptions: For sure.
[24/05/2015 01:39:21] silentassumptions: Though you wouldn’t have known how long it would take you.
[24/05/2015 01:39:30] Jonathan Neev: True.
[24/05/2015 01:40:03] Jonathan Neev: I just might ad a caveate to not underestimate the persuasive power of word.
[24/05/2015 01:40:47] Jonathan Neev: There’s no telling how much more money u could make if something is written out better than mere average.
[24/05/2015 01:40:53] silentassumptions: Bare in mind dude, what you’ve produced still has grammatical errors, not to say it wasn’t a good piece. We still have to pay external content writers to proof read everything.
[24/05/2015 01:41:11] Jonathan Neev: Right right.
[24/05/2015 01:41:50] silentassumptions: The grammatical errors are fine by the way, I asked for half decent content and you delivered.
[24/05/2015 01:42:08] Jonathan Neev: That’s cool. I’m kind of wondering what major errors I made.
[24/05/2015 01:42:19] Jonathan Neev: You are talking of more than incomplete sentences right?
[24/05/2015 01:42:24] silentassumptions: Nothing major, I’ll get a content writer to send you an edited version for your own reference.
[24/05/2015 01:42:33] Jonathan Neev: Cause I think sometimes it sounds better to not write out complete sentences.
[24/05/2015 01:42:38] silentassumptions: It’s not that.
[24/05/2015 01:42:41] silentassumptions: The word play is really good.
[24/05/2015 01:42:48] silentassumptions: It’s minor things like commas and capital letters.
[24/05/2015 01:42:50] silentassumptions: Quick fixes.
[24/05/2015 01:43:01] Jonathan Neev: Gotcha
[24/05/2015 02:47:56] Jonathan Neev: OK, so my new paypal is working now; Jonathanneev@gmail.com
[24/05/2015 02:56:51] silentassumptions: Sorry dude, I was AFK.
[24/05/2015 02:56:52] Jonathan Neev: What you are paying me is probably fair. I just get a little paranoid of getting ripped off online, and don’t always know what certain work may be worth. I guess near minimum wage is what to expect at the bottom rung of the ladder in business.
[24/05/2015 02:57:08] silentassumptions: I’ll wire that now.
[24/05/2015 02:57:28] Jonathan Neev: And at the very least I am getting free experience in this forum, so that’s worth something.
[24/05/2015 02:58:07] Jonathan Neev: Thanks
[24/05/2015 03:00:31] silentassumptions: You’ve got funds.
[24/05/2015 03:00:49] Jonathan Neev: Sweet deal.
[24/05/2015 03:01:06] silentassumptions: Dude, it’s very rare to come across opportunities like this.
[24/05/2015 03:01:12] silentassumptions: We’re transparent and honest people.
[24/05/2015 03:02:07 | Edited 03:03:16] silentassumptions: If someone tells you you can make a fortune overnight on the internet, they’re lying. If you want to make money in life, in any pursuit you go down, you have to put in the work, acquire and build on your skill-set, move up the ladder like you said. Once you’re at a stage where you have enough money saved up, you start making calculated risks.
[24/05/2015 03:02:22] silentassumptions: Thankfully you’re in a room full of educated webmasters who make their living entirely online.
[24/05/2015 03:02:54] silentassumptions: You’ll benefit from our experience, and without bigging the people in here up too much, you can’t put a price on that.
[24/05/2015 03:03:35] Jonathan Neev: Yeah, its cool.
[24/05/2015 03:03:52] Jonathan Neev: thum up
[24/05/2015 03:03:59] silentassumptions: (y)
[24/05/2015 03:04:00] silentassumptions: Lol
[24/05/2015 03:04:10] Jonathan Neev: haha =)
[24/05/2015 08:06:21] Jared: I’m a 9th-grade drop out who’s failed for the overwhelming majority of his life.
[24/05/2015 08:07:52] Jared: Has anyone in here ever used Ubot? I keep seeing it mentioned. Apparently, it’s a great automation tool. You train it with your own actions, and it repeats them. I’m going to try to use it to set up bulk Google Alerts.
[24/05/2015 11:32:04] silentassumptions: Yo. I’m up.
[24/05/2015 11:32:17] silentassumptions: I haven’t used Ubot
[24/05/2015 11:32:19] silentassumptions: Sweet.
[24/05/2015 11:32:39] silentassumptions: That’s pretty good for things like WordPress uploads with all the essential plugins.
[24/05/2015 11:33:19] New York Amir: big chills
[24/05/2015 11:33:23] New York Amir: big works
[24/05/2015 11:33:29] New York Amir: double the profit for syner we did
[24/05/2015 11:33:39] silentassumptions: Jared, I’m having an i3 content writer come round later to finish any pending content (not that we’ve forgot about you Jon, there’s still work available if you want it).
[24/05/2015 11:33:51] silentassumptions: Let’s look to upload what Jon’s done and we can determine what’s left.
[24/05/2015 11:33:52] New York Amir: u want a piece of beyond
[24/05/2015 11:33:54] silentassumptions: Hey Amir.
[24/05/2015 11:33:56] New York Amir: sup
[24/05/2015 11:34:08] New York Amir: im gsa it soon funny thing is my page was ranking
[24/05/2015 11:34:09] silentassumptions: Fuck all man, just wasting another weekend working.
[24/05/2015 11:34:16] New York Amir: and i didnt do shit do itlol
[24/05/2015 11:34:21] New York Amir: such an easy kw that my onapge
[24/05/2015 11:34:24] New York Amir: put the page on 50
[24/05/2015 11:34:28] silentassumptions: What’s Beyond about bro?
[24/05/2015 11:34:34] New York Amir: anything esoteric
[24/05/2015 11:34:38] New York Amir: im an affliate
[24/05/2015 11:34:39] New York Amir: for a company
[24/05/2015 11:34:45] New York Amir: they pay me 100 bucks
[24/05/2015 11:34:48] New York Amir: each new client
[24/05/2015 11:34:55] New York Amir: i was goin to put a shit ton
[24/05/2015 11:34:59] New York Amir: of amazn prodcutds on it
[24/05/2015 11:35:01] New York Amir: esoteric shit
[24/05/2015 11:35:08] silentassumptions: What do you have to do to refer a new client?
[24/05/2015 11:35:15] silentassumptions: Fill out a form?
[24/05/2015 11:35:19] New York Amir: just have them go to the site
[24/05/2015 11:35:24] New York Amir: and fill buy a reaidng
[24/05/2015 11:35:25] New York Amir: thats it
[24/05/2015 11:35:29] New York Amir: they need to get a reading
[24/05/2015 11:35:31] silentassumptions: How much are the readings?
[24/05/2015 11:35:32] New York Amir: once they get a reading
[24/05/2015 11:35:35] New York Amir: 66 cents i think per min
[24/05/2015 11:35:38] New York Amir: for promo code
[24/05/2015 11:35:40] New York Amir: with
[24/05/2015 11:35:44] New York Amir: i took the page down though
[24/05/2015 11:35:47] New York Amir: a while back
[24/05/2015 11:35:50] New York Amir: the page was ranking
[24/05/2015 11:35:52] New York Amir: on 50
[24/05/2015 11:35:56] silentassumptions: There are people who fork our shit loads of money on psychic calls.
[24/05/2015 11:35:58] New York Amir: page 50
[24/05/2015 11:35:59] New York Amir: i know
[24/05/2015 11:36:04] New York Amir: they’re fucking suckers
[24/05/2015 11:36:07] New York Amir: if ur agency wants ap iece
[24/05/2015 11:36:11] New York Amir: i’ll give u guys most of it
[24/05/2015 11:36:36] New York Amir: need maye 1 writer
[24/05/2015 11:36:37] silentassumptions: What sort of keywords are you looking to optimise?
[24/05/2015 11:36:45] New York Amir: ican u talk
[24/05/2015 11:36:47] New York Amir: too mcuh
[24/05/2015 11:36:50] New York Amir: to type
[24/05/2015 11:36:53] New York Amir: for 4 min
[24/05/2015 11:37:00] silentassumptions: Yeah, call me in PM.
[24/05/2015 11:37:01] New York Amir: or when youre free
[24/05/2015 11:37:02] New York Amir: ok
[24/05/2015 11:57:24] Jared: http://exbum.com/
[24/05/2015 11:58:24] Jared: “I make money online by talking about how I make money online.”
[24/05/2015 12:05:21] Jared: Anyone have any idea for marketing posts?
[24/05/2015 12:05:34] New York Amir: i should write my FB post
[24/05/2015 12:05:39] New York Amir: big guets post on it
[24/05/2015 12:05:42] New York Amir: i bet you that shit would get
[24/05/2015 12:05:45] New York Amir: more attention
[24/05/2015 12:05:47] New York Amir: than any post on FB
[24/05/2015 12:05:53] New York Amir: i have it actually
[24/05/2015 12:05:57] New York Amir: just needs editing
[24/05/2015 12:06:10] New York Amir: i really dive into the FB algorithim
[24/05/2015 12:06:16] New York Amir: big case study
[24/05/2015 12:07:28] *** ***
[24/05/2015 13:16:31] silentassumptions: Yo.
[24/05/2015 14:01:07] Jared: Thought Making Money Onlike Was A Myth? Think Again.
The Best Damn Scrapebox Tutorial, Period.
How To Get A Head Start On Tumblr
GSA Search Engine Ranker? Yep, It Still Works.*
BuzzBundle: White Hat Done Right.
How Amazon Associates Can Be Big Bucks
Email Marketing: Stability In An Unstable World
My Teachers: A List Of IM Bloggers I Learned From (And You Can, Too)
How To Create A Sleek Website In Under 2 Hours
[24/05/2015 14:01:39] Jared: I need to come up with as many articles as possible. If there’s an affiliate program with it, I’ll promote it.
[24/05/2015 14:01:47] Jared: Anyway, what’s up with Nails?
[24/05/2015 14:06:39] silentassumptions: I was about to say.
[24/05/2015 14:06:47] silentassumptions: So matey boy Jon sent over the content.
[24/05/2015 14:06:48] silentassumptions: Have you seen it?
[24/05/2015 14:10:13] silentassumptions: The content just needs uploading and stylised. Don’t worry about the grammatical issues.
[24/05/2015 14:10:22] silentassumptions: Amy (content writer at i3) is coming round mine later.
[24/05/2015 14:10:31] silentassumptions: She’ll proof read and smash out the remaining content
[24/05/2015 14:10:38] silentassumptions: She’s also going to finish the content off for the scrap car site.
[24/05/2015 14:10:47] silentassumptions: After that’s done, at some ponit today that needs to be transferred to the live site.
[24/05/2015 14:11:04] silentassumptions: I don’t see why we can’t box off WHN today.
[24/05/2015 14:12:13] silentassumptions: She’ll make live edits on WordPress as she’s pretty good with it.
[24/05/2015 14:12:58] silentassumptions: After you’ve uploaded the products Jon wrote, we’ll go through the site together and compile all the pending content remaining in a document to give to Amy.
[24/05/2015 14:13:08] silentassumptions: She’ll smash out meta descriptions and titles, too.
[24/05/2015 14:13:15] silentassumptions: She knows how all that works with keyword placement.
[24/05/2015 14:13:45] silentassumptions: So yeah, today we’ll put the campaign on nitorous oxide.
[24/05/2015 14:14:04] silentassumptions: Give me a shout when the products are uploaded. Also let me know what we’re doing with SSL.
[24/05/2015 14:16:08] silentassumptions: Fuck, there’s a lot of meta titles and descriptions that need sorting.
[24/05/2015 14:16:10] silentassumptions: Not to worry.
[24/05/2015 14:16:35] Jared: I’l handle the meta titles and descriptions.
[24/05/2015 14:16:50] silentassumptions: You don’t need to, Jared, trust me, Amy is really good at this.
[24/05/2015 14:17:12] silentassumptions: 120WPM Content Writer. You can focus on stylising the landing pages.
[24/05/2015 14:17:19] silentassumptions: It’ll be a waste of your time.
[24/05/2015 14:17:32] silentassumptions: Your time is way too precious.
[24/05/2015 14:17:40] silentassumptions: Are we buying that $6.99 SSL certificate?
[24/05/2015 14:21:00] silentassumptions: You can add the meta descriptions for the landing pages as they’re important if you want but all of the other pages she can do.
[24/05/2015 14:21:09] silentassumptions: And titles.
[24/05/2015 14:21:22] silentassumptions: Bare in mind she also has a vagina so this genre is right up her street.
[24/05/2015 14:21:47] Jared: Lol
[24/05/2015 14:24:11] Jared: Alright, done.
[24/05/2015 14:24:25] Jared: Yeah, I’ll get the meta titles and descriptions for the landing pages.
[24/05/2015 14:24:37 | Edited 14:26:11] silentassumptions: So, priority:

1) Upload the content Jon provided, and stylise those pages. (You)

2) Determine what content is left and compile instructions for Amy. (Me + You)

3) Amy comes round and finishes content for Scrap Cars site. (Amy)

4) Transfer the site over to the live domain upon completion for Scrap Cars (You)

5) All pending content on WHN is finished (Amy)

6) Last checks and tweaks on Scrap Cars (Me + You)

7) Last checks and tweaks on WHN (Me + You)

Launch x2
[24/05/2015 14:24:52] Jared: One thing to remember . . . you’re selling benefits, not features.
[24/05/2015 14:25:25] silentassumptions: Wait, let me edit that.
[24/05/2015 14:25:31] Jared: https://blog.bufferapp.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/mario1.gif
[24/05/2015 14:25:44] Jared: One of the greatest copywriting images ever.
[24/05/2015 14:25:51] Jared: So simple, yet it explains it perfectly.
[24/05/2015 14:26:42] silentassumptions: Lol
[24/05/2015 14:27:01] silentassumptions: How does the plan of action above sound?
[24/05/2015 14:27:18] silentassumptions: Once WHN is finished, I’m going to smash the shit out of its off-site SEO.
[24/05/2015 14:28:03] silentassumptions: The first month will definitely restore a natural linking profile and increase Domain Authority, the second month we’ll target LSI keywords and build links to our blogs that optimise long tail phrases.
[24/05/2015 14:39:45] Jared: Yeah, sounds fine.
[24/05/2015 14:55:17] Jared: http://weheartnails.com/wholesale-nail-polish/
[24/05/2015 15:08:45] Jared: I’m filling out the template for the Wholesale Nail Polish page now.
[24/05/2015 15:08:56] Jared: No idea what’s up with Nail Salon Furniture.
[24/05/2015 15:58:13] Jared: Wholesale Nail Polish is done.
[24/05/2015 17:59:59] Jared: http://www.wickedfire.com/shooting-the-shit/183713-google-counts-no-follow-links-ranking.html
[24/05/2015 18:13:46] Jared: Link Assistant has a really nice affiliate program: http://www.link-assistant.com/partners/affiliates.html

33% cut — pretty damn good. Really nice software, too.
[24/05/2015 18:29:07] silentassumptions: What product descriptions need writing out for the Nail Salon Furniture?
[24/05/2015 18:29:35] silentassumptions: You may have already sent it to me.
[24/05/2015 18:29:38] silentassumptions: I’ve lost track.
[24/05/2015 19:12:47] Jared: I’m not sure what to put on the nail salon furniture page. The keyword I sent you was salon furniture — which includes any type of salon. Any major nail salon-specific furniture, we already have a page for (hence why those landing pages were chosen). There are three reasonable options:
[24/05/2015 19:14:07] Jared: 1. Make the page about generic salon furniture, ignoring the nails theme.
2. Make the page a portal for the other landing pages.
3. Use it for lesser-quality nails-related products (LED Lights, etc.).
[24/05/2015 19:16:56] Jared: Actually, I’ve found another expensive product: Salon Reception Desks.
[24/05/2015 19:17:00] Jared: Example: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U2Z3R2Q
[24/05/2015 19:19:00 | Edited 19:19:12] Jared: Now that I think about it, we could always combine two and three, or all three for that matter.
[24/05/2015 19:19:29 | Edited 19:19:38] Jared: Just a page chock full of salon furniture of all varieties.
[24/05/2015 19:59:08] silentassumptions: I’m here now with the content writer.
[24/05/2015 19:59:15] silentassumptions: We’re going to make a start on the scrap car site first.
[24/05/2015 19:59:21] silentassumptions: I’ll let you know when we’re going to start WHN.
[24/05/2015 20:17:46] silentassumptions: Make a decision bro, just compile the instructions, we’ll be starting on the website soon.

If we don’t have a decision by then, we’ll just have generic nalon furniture so we can get the landing page to rank before we decide what to do with it.
[24/05/2015 20:17:56] silentassumptions: So let’s reiterate the content that needs to be done.
[24/05/2015 20:18:03] silentassumptions: – Home Page (the bits at the top and bottom)
[24/05/2015 20:18:08] silentassumptions: – About Us (From scratch)
[24/05/2015 20:18:30] silentassumptions: – Minus the Furniture Salon page, is there any content pending on the other landing pages?
[24/05/2015 20:22:15] Jared: If I was writing it, I’d just make an article which acts as a portal to the other landing pages. If we have success with it, we can add to it in the future.
[24/05/2015 20:22:25] Jared: http://weheartnails.com/wholesale-nail-polish/
[24/05/2015 20:22:41] Jared: Everything’s setup except the descriptions.
[24/05/2015 20:29:20] silentassumptions: Alright.
[24/05/2015 20:29:24] silentassumptions: I’ll relay the instructions.
[24/05/2015 20:30:42] silentassumptions: Amy is almost finished with the content for Scrap Cars. There’s some pending web changes which I will send you in PM. If you work on that, I’ll then get Amy to quicky finish a couple of bits for Mop It Like Its Hot before starting WHN.
[24/05/2015 21:33:33 | Removed 21:33:46] silentassumptions: This message has been removed.
[25/05/2015 12:01:37] Jared: Has everyone died?
[25/05/2015 12:14:34] Jared: I can do the Nail Salon Furniture page.
[25/05/2015 12:14:46] Jared: I’m sure I could churn out 800+ words in an hour.
[25/05/2015 13:56:56] silentassumptions: I’m up.
[25/05/2015 13:57:11] silentassumptions: Have you started that content? Amy’s coming round again later and she’s going working strictly on WHN.
[25/05/2015 13:57:52] silentassumptions: Scrap Cars / Mop It Like Its Hot are done now, so I’m going to start optimising them.
[25/05/2015 14:07:42] Jared: Nail Salon Furniture only gets 480 monthly U.S. searches. I’m not even sure optmizing for it is worth it.
[25/05/2015 14:18:31] silentassumptions: It all adds up, that doesn’t take into account long tail variations which make up for the bulk of traffic.
[25/05/2015 14:18:36] silentassumptions: E.g. we’re on page one for sell my laptop (Zarax)
[25/05/2015 14:19:09] silentassumptions: Though most of the enquires come through by people typing in:

sell laptop today uk
i want to sell my laptop now
best place to sell laptop
where to sell laptop online
[25/05/2015 14:19:21] silentassumptions: Very few enquires are generated through ‘sell my laptop’ directly.
[25/05/2015 14:19:44] silentassumptions: I guess some varations are covered given the fact it’s reporting on a broad match keyword.
[25/05/2015 14:20:04] silentassumptions: Don’t worry about optimising the page. I’ll get Amy to do it. You can take out the page for the time being and we can add it back to the menu later.
[25/05/2015 14:20:19] silentassumptions: I saw your post in Blackhat SEO FB Group. Lol
[25/05/2015 14:20:25] silentassumptions: Those guys are hungry for Kara.
[25/05/2015 14:44:25] Jared: Ha
[25/05/2015 14:44:53] Jared: I get bombarded with friend requests, most of them Asians. I usually ignore them, but it might be worth adding them. It could somehow come in handy, I’m sure.
[25/05/2015 14:45:24] Jared: Jeff Gilden Definitely. Set your goal at $50k/month and with the proper training you’ll be good to go. It’s easier than you think.
[25/05/2015 14:45:53] Jared: “it’s easier than you think” — I like the sound of that.
[25/05/2015 14:48:03] silentassumptions: Yeah, befriend them, it’s good to build up contacts in the industry, even if they are after your imaginary set of tits.
[25/05/2015 14:48:13] silentassumptions: I saw that, it’s quite inspiring.
[25/05/2015 15:07:32] Jared: My motivation is low today. Confidence is down.
[25/05/2015 15:08:18] silentassumptions: And mine. I went out yesterday and after solidly hitting the gym for a month, I didn’t get laid.
[25/05/2015 15:08:33] silentassumptions: Some fatty was well into me but I would’ve been letting my standards slip.
[25/05/2015 15:08:59] Jared: Lol
[25/05/2015 15:09:47] silentassumptions: Jared do you bring bare ho’s back to yours?
[25/05/2015 15:09:52] silentassumptions: I could just see you creaming it on POF.
[25/05/2015 15:09:56] silentassumptions: The silent assasin.
[25/05/2015 16:30:40] silentassumptions: We should put our products up on Facebook
[25/05/2015 16:30:51] silentassumptions: We don’t have to worry about original product descriptions.
[25/05/2015 16:32:12] Jared: What do you mean?
[25/05/2015 17:24:59] Jared: Want me to make you an admin of the Facebook Page?
[25/05/2015 17:25:28] Jared: I need to get up and run or something . . . anything to get me stimulated. I’ve done nothing today but read. I’m in a funk.
[25/05/2015 17:29:18] silentassumptions: Remember oriental Kit?
[25/05/2015 17:29:23] silentassumptions: She’s going to smash out the content for WHN.
[25/05/2015 17:31:10] Jared: Is she legal yet?
[25/05/2015 17:31:35] Jared: I hope not. (yn)
[25/05/2015 17:31:40] silentassumptions: I’d risk jail time for that.
[25/05/2015 17:31:44] Jared: Lol
[25/05/2015 17:32:06] Jared: Is she actually from Japan?
[25/05/2015 17:32:20] silentassumptions: Yeah, she moved over not long ago
[25/05/2015 17:37:12] silentassumptions: Yeah, make me an admin for the FB page please.
[25/05/2015 17:37:50] silentassumptions: I’m getting her to write the content for the home page, nail salon page, and then I’m going to create her another admin account so she can fill out titles and descriptoins.
[25/05/2015 17:40:26] silentassumptions: One more question. Home page is about both Kara and what the website is about?
[17:37:48] Kit: Or is it just her/just the website?
[17:38:09] silentassumptions: Yeah, it’s her website. Or supposed to come across that way.
[17:38:17] silentassumptions: She owns the site so she’s the one recommending shit and publishing all of this stuff.
[17:38:27] silentassumptions: She doesn’t exist, it’s just a creation that Jared and I came up with.
[17:39:55] Kit: I mean like which direction should I be going in? I feel like I should tell a little more about this Kara girl and then list a little about the website. Because if this site is going public, you’ve gotta know girls are pretty nosy about other girls
[17:40:11] silentassumptions: Good question.
[17:40:13] silentassumptions: Let me find out.
[25/05/2015 17:41:49] silentassumptions: Jared, I’ll set up a three way conversation. Don’t stalk her pretty please.
[25/05/2015 18:18:11] Jared: Nail Polish Rack – 14,800
Nail Polish Racks – 720
[25/05/2015 18:19:00] Jared: That’s a hell of a discrepancy over singular/plural.
[25/05/2015 18:19:25] Jared: Anyway, I’m going to try to snatch up some Facebook Pages that match our landing pages.
[25/05/2015 18:19:34] Jared: Potentially an extra avenue of traffic.
[25/05/2015 19:04:00] silentassumptions: http://www.ucg.org/the-good-news/dna-the-tiny-code-thats-toppling-evolution
[25/05/2015 20:34:19] Jared: The cost of dental care in the U.S. is a goddamned crime.
[25/05/2015 21:27:03] Jared: $30K.
[25/05/2015 21:27:05] Jared: Jesus.
[26/05/2015 10:38:24 | Edited 10:52:24] silentassumptions: Would anyone know why the date is showing next to that SERP listing?
[26/05/2015 10:38:28] silentassumptions: It’s a WordPress website.
[26/05/2015 10:39:09] silentassumptions: But the home page isn’t a blog. :/
[26/05/2015 10:49:00] Jared: I see nothing in the source code. Are we sure it’s nothing Google’s added, maybe to show that the content is (relatively) fresh?
[26/05/2015 10:52:03] silentassumptions: I don’t know, I’ve never known Google to do that before unless the URL is a blog.
[26/05/2015 10:53:18] silentassumptions: http://www.wpsquare.com/remove-date-meta-description-search-results/
[26/05/2015 10:53:31] silentassumptions: I’m going to follow that tutorial and see if it works.
[26/05/2015 10:53:57] silentassumptions: Cheers Jared.
[26/05/2015 17:48:39] Jared: http://www.spasalon.us/
[26/05/2015 17:48:50] Jared: Clearly a spam backlink portfilio; not even well done, either.
[26/05/2015 17:49:34] Jared: Ranking in the top-5 for Pedicure Chairs — a potential $200,000-a-month keyword.
[26/05/2015 17:50:11] Jared: TF7, CF31 — Jesus.
[26/05/2015 17:50:42] Jared: Anyone who says spam can’t still work in a big way is either a liar of an idiot.
[26/05/2015 17:54:29] Jared: Quite a few of these sites in the top 10 have suspect portfilios.
[26/05/2015 17:55:18] Jared: I’m starting to think Google’s algorithm isn’t quite as smart as it’s being made out to be.
[26/05/2015 18:38:05] silentassumptions: Do you know if that site has ranked there for long?
[26/05/2015 18:38:28] silentassumptions: I’ve indulged in black hat, and got a shit load of sites penalised.
[26/05/2015 18:38:31] silentassumptions: Clean That Carpet inclusive.
[26/05/2015 18:38:41] silentassumptions: They ranked for a while, though.
[26/05/2015 18:38:56] silentassumptions: The average life span of a black hat campaign was about 4-6 months, I’d say.
[26/05/2015 18:38:58] silentassumptions: After it hit page one.
[26/05/2015 18:39:03] Jared: By the way, I said a $200,000-a-month keyword, as I’m assuming they’re actually selling the products, not just affiliate marketing, which means they’re earning probably 10x much per sale.
[26/05/2015 18:39:08] Jared: Let me try to find out.
[26/05/2015 18:39:24] silentassumptions: Which definitely gives you enough time to fortify a site with decent links.
[26/05/2015 18:39:27] Jared: I saw http://www.worldpedispa.com/, too.
[26/05/2015 18:39:36] silentassumptions: That was in my experience, though, I can’t speak on behalf of other webmasters.
[26/05/2015 18:39:38] Jared: Ranking #2.
[26/05/2015 18:40:05] Jared: Not quite as spammy as the previous site, but again, a little dodgy (TF17, CF31).
[26/05/2015 18:40:47] silentassumptions: In my experience, and this also includes looking at sites at our agency, the gap between the TF and CF is important based on their starting positions.
[26/05/2015 18:40:50] silentassumptions: With the above example, say.
[26/05/2015 18:40:54] silentassumptions: So TF 17, CF 31.
[26/05/2015 18:41:03] silentassumptions: The difference is 14.
[26/05/2015 18:41:04] Jared: http://www.beautyspaexpo.com/blog/pedicure-chairs-for-sale/
[26/05/2015 18:41:18] silentassumptions: If the had TF 0, CF 14, it’s a much bigger cause for concern.
[26/05/2015 18:41:29] silentassumptions: Similarly, 30, CF 44
[26/05/2015 18:41:35] silentassumptions: Is a site that wouldn’t be considered spammy.
[26/05/2015 18:41:39] Jared: Yeah, it seems to be ratio, not difference.
[26/05/2015 18:41:47] silentassumptions: Where as 0 14 definitely is.
[26/05/2015 18:41:55] Jared: As long as the TF is at least 0.5 of CF, it seems fine.
[26/05/2015 18:41:59] silentassumptions: The ratio is the same in the above examples.
[26/05/2015 18:42:05] silentassumptions: It’s hard to explain
[26/05/2015 18:42:08] silentassumptions: I’m not a mathematician
[26/05/2015 18:42:56] silentassumptions: Basically though, TF / CF is your best benchmark for identifying how authoratitive / spammy a site is.
[26/05/2015 18:43:08] Jared: TF17, CF31 = 0.55 Ratio
TF0, CF14 = 0 Ratio
[26/05/2015 18:43:08] silentassumptions: No other metric really comes close imo
[26/05/2015 18:43:17] silentassumptions: Say TF1 CF15
[26/05/2015 18:43:26] silentassumptions: Yeah, you’re right.
[26/05/2015 18:43:30] Jared: Just divide TF by CF and you’ve got your ratio.
[26/05/2015 18:43:46] Jared: As long as your TF is at least half your CF, I think you’ll be fine.
[26/05/2015 18:43:57] Jared: Maybe even one-third.
[26/05/2015 18:44:19] Jared: I think if you GSA with only quality sites, tested in Majestic, you should be able to clean up with spam.
[26/05/2015 18:44:28] silentassumptions: I think black hat is great if it is ensued by white hat, which comes out of the initial profits the site make.
[26/05/2015 18:44:29] Jared: How will they know if the sites are all quality?
[26/05/2015 18:44:43] Jared: True.
[26/05/2015 18:45:15] Jared: I’m only going after big-money keywords.
[26/05/2015 18:45:32 | Edited 18:45:34] Jared: If I don’t think it can bring in at least $5K a month, I’m not even fucking with it.
[26/05/2015 18:45:33] silentassumptions: As long as you can replicate a white hat campaign along the way (i.e. not spamming the shit out of one anchor text), but leverage automation e.g. GSA, then you’re onto a winner.
[26/05/2015 18:45:43] Jared: Exactly.
[26/05/2015 18:46:06] Jared: Decent spun content, solid sitelist to backlink with, and a natural anchor text ratio.
[26/05/2015 18:46:22] silentassumptions: Pretty much, yeah.
[26/05/2015 18:46:38] silentassumptions: On that note, is there a forum / market place for having spun content written?
[26/05/2015 18:46:42] Jared: Master the art of backlinking, and the potential is almost unlimited.
[26/05/2015 18:46:42] silentassumptions: Woody mentioned it in a tutorial once.
[26/05/2015 18:46:58] Jared: I’ve seen places, but they’re all expensive.
[26/05/2015 18:47:04] Jared: WordAI is probably your best best.
[26/05/2015 18:47:18] silentassumptions: Ball park figure?
[26/05/2015 18:47:18] Jared: It’s considered by far the best automated spinner.
[26/05/2015 18:48:05] Jared: http://www.articlecontentspinners.com/order-now-300word/
[26/05/2015 18:48:12] Jared: Not as expensive as I was expecting.
[26/05/2015 18:48:18] silentassumptions: I don’t have to worry about price so much as the agency can dish out. It’s really good experiment data. I can justify almost any expenditure as long as it is in pursuit of establishing the best, most cost effective way of optimising a site.
[26/05/2015 18:48:48] silentassumptions: Are you fucking shitting me?
[26/05/2015 18:48:51] silentassumptions: That’s really cheap.
[26/05/2015 18:49:24] silentassumptions: Wow.
[26/05/2015 18:49:45] silentassumptions: I was paying Jess whatsherface like $60 per pop for an article.
[26/05/2015 18:49:49] silentassumptions: Which took about a month to generate.
[26/05/2015 18:49:56] silentassumptions: And still had grammatical issues all over the place.
[26/05/2015 18:51:11] silentassumptions: Between us, we have a really good portfolio of websites.
[26/05/2015 18:51:32] silentassumptions: I’m thinking about opening up a web design agency (I have a few kickass portfolio sites), setting up long tail pages that target cities / towns with very small populations.
[26/05/2015 18:51:39] silentassumptions: But create a shit storm of landing pages.
[26/05/2015 18:51:44] silentassumptions: One super spun article.
[26/05/2015 18:51:51] silentassumptions: $2K worth of paid links.
[26/05/2015 18:51:53] silentassumptions: Boom.
[26/05/2015 18:52:15] silentassumptions: It sickens me to know there’s so many ways you can make good money online.
[26/05/2015 18:52:24] silentassumptions: The choices lead to depression.
[26/05/2015 18:52:43] silentassumptions: You end up trying to indulge in too many pursuits that you inevitably neglect them to jump onto something better that’s turned up.
[26/05/2015 19:01:01] Jared: I’ve seen many, many say $50K+ a month is not only doable, it’s not even all that hard once you know how to do it.
[26/05/2015 19:01:13 | Edited 19:01:21] Jared: Learning is the pain, not the execution of the knowledge.
[26/05/2015 19:02:40] Jared: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B3iCchJCIAEo4UE.jpg:large
[26/05/2015 19:38:09] silentassumptions: Are these $50K per month ecommerce sites through Amazon?
[26/05/2015 19:43:23] Jared: No idea.
[26/05/2015 19:43:38] Jared: I’ve just seen people say they’re earning $50K+ a month.
[26/05/2015 19:43:42] Jared: Probably multuple sites.
[26/05/2015 19:43:50] Jared: Affiliate marketing is huge.
[26/05/2015 19:44:00] Jared: It extends way beyond Amazon.
[26/05/2015 19:44:09] Jared: In fact, Amazon’s notorious for their tiny payouts.
[26/05/2015 19:44:26] Jared: Like, BuzzBundle, which I was looking into affiliating, pays out 33%.
[26/05/2015 19:45:11] Jared: A guy I follow, Charles Ngo, started out with nothing and profited OVER $1M in his first year.
[26/05/2015 19:45:24] Jared: He does affiliate marketing combined with PPC/advertising.
[26/05/2015 19:45:30] Jared: It’s something I hope to get into eventually.
[26/05/2015 19:45:30] New York Amir: to make that money
[26/05/2015 19:45:32] New York Amir: u need to study
[26/05/2015 19:45:36] Jared: You do.
[26/05/2015 19:45:36] New York Amir: your ass off
[26/05/2015 19:45:41] New York Amir: not enough jsut to do what u think it works
[26/05/2015 19:45:51] Jared: PPC + Affiliate could be huge.
[26/05/2015 19:45:53] New York Amir: if u want to make that $$$ u nneed that knowledge
[26/05/2015 19:45:55] New York Amir: first
[26/05/2015 19:46:01] Jared: Ngo
[26/05/2015 19:46:24] Jared: With PPC and affiliate marketing, you just run tests.
[26/05/2015 19:46:30] Jared: If you find something that works, you scale up.
[26/05/2015 19:47:03] Jared: If you find something that’s paying you $50 for every $5 spent, put as much money in it as possible.
[26/05/2015 19:47:51] Jared: But, yeah, PPC + Affiliate Marketing can blow SEO out of the water. No more waiting. No more Google. Far less risky.
[26/05/2015 19:50:05] silentassumptions: If that’s true, and you can cut out SEO, then whoa.
[26/05/2015 19:50:37] Jared: It’s definitely true.
[26/05/2015 19:51:16] silentassumptions: The perfect PPC campaign could yield massive conversions.
[26/05/2015 19:51:20] silentassumptions: The initial setup would take ages.
[26/05/2015 19:51:25] silentassumptions: I might just try something, tonight.
[26/05/2015 19:52:55] Jared: http://charlesngo.com/
[26/05/2015 19:53:35] Jared: My holdback from getting into is that it’s not cheap.
[26/05/2015 19:53:46] Jared: I’ll eventually do it, though, I’m sure.
[26/05/2015 19:56:02] Jared: In terms of easiness and profitability, I’d rank them:

1. Email marketing
2. PPC marketing
3. SEO marketing.
[26/05/2015 19:58:55] silentassumptions: Isn’t 1) only accomplished through 3)
[26/05/2015 19:59:01] silentassumptions: It depends on what route you take.
[26/05/2015 19:59:23] silentassumptions: I mean, if you’re building an emial list up, you’d have to do SEO to get that list in the first place.
[26/05/2015 19:59:37] silentassumptions: Unless you’re going down a completely different avenue.
[26/05/2015 19:59:51] Jared: Yeah, you’d need traffic to build an email list.
[26/05/2015 20:00:15] Jared: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Traffic Leaks . . . anything that brings in traffic has the potential to grow your email list.
[26/05/2015 20:00:59 | Edited 20:01:10] Jared: Ideally, you’d setup your opt-in form to try to grab 10-20% of your visitors.
[26/05/2015 20:01:16] Jared: Do that, and your list will grow in a hurry.
[26/05/2015 20:01:47] Jared: Traffic isn’t hard to get, as long as it’s not too specific.
[26/05/2015 20:02:26] Jared: For example, getting tons of people who love nails to We Heart Nails wouldn’t be too hard. Getting people who want to buy pedicure chairs . . . a lot more difficult.
[26/05/2015 20:03:41] Jared: 100,000 uniques in a month + 10% opt-in rate = 10,000 subscribers in one month.
[26/05/2015 20:04:00] silentassumptions: Yeah, I see what you’re saying. I’m interested in PPC if the results are instant. There’s not that much to know about PPC.

I’d want to find a niche in Affiliate Marketing that justifies the cost per clicks in PPC
[26/05/2015 20:04:43] Jared: 100,000 uniques could be had with some combination of decent SEO and traffic leaks (aka, going to sites that already have your target audience and find ways to bring them to your site).
[26/05/2015 20:04:58] Jared: Niche-specific forums, Facebook Pages/Groups, comments, etc.
[26/05/2015 20:05:15] silentassumptions: AyeSL would be good for that.
[26/05/2015 20:05:29] silentassumptions: I should’ve invested my marketing efforts into social media, the issue is the administration side of the site.
[26/05/2015 20:05:30] silentassumptions: It’s too much to handle.
[26/05/2015 20:05:41] silentassumptions: It was a bad niche to get into because the people management was excruciating.
[26/05/2015 21:40:14] Jared: If Ayesl is still getting traffic, I’d setup a squeeze page.
[26/05/2015 21:40:17] Jared: Collect emails.
[26/05/2015 21:42:42] Jared: Have you considered trying to buy a domain off an auction?
[26/05/2015 21:42:55] Jared: If you invest enough, you can find some real gems.
[26/05/2015 22:00:27] Jared: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/03/27/one_man_operated_750000_twitter_accounts/
[26/05/2015 22:02:21] Jared: “The tactic using obviously fake profiles with avatars of attractive women to score reciprocal follows is sadly “remarkably effective”, Narang says.”
[27/05/2015 09:26:35] Jared: http://www.wickedfire.com/enlightened-members/165861-case-study-additional-traffic-sources.html
[27/05/2015 09:26:39] Jared: Really good read.
[27/05/2015 09:39:24] Jared: Long Story Kind of Short:

–A guy (CCarter) got a domain in a GoDaddy auction for around $900.
–The domain’s not as powerful as he originally rhought, but it’s still bringing in around 25,000 unique visitors a month at the time or purchase.
–Mmost of the traffic is the stay-at-home mom demo, which is a pretty solid demo (decent household income thanks to their husbands, and very willing spenders [sluts]).
–He setup a squeeze page on the domain strictly to collect emails. In the first 2 hours of having it setup, he collected 4 emails (3.6% opt-in rate).
–This works out to about 48 opt-ins a day, but that 3.6% opt-in rate could easily be doubled, if not tripled, with a few smart moves.
–Remember the rule of thumb: You should bring in around 50 cents to $4 per each email subscriber on your list, depending on the demo.
–His email list is growing to the point it will quickly be an earner that will dwarf his initial purcahse price of the domain.
–If he does double his opt-in rate to around 7%, and traffic remains steady, he’ll be looking at around 100 opt-ins a day; 3,000 a month.
–Within 6 months, that’s 18,000 email subscribers. At 50 cents too $4 per month, per subscriber, that’s $9,000-72,000 per month.
–The beauty of it all is that his work will be mininal once the site is setup and optimized. He just has to sit back and collect emails, with the only real work being putting his emails together.
[27/05/2015 09:52:06] Jared: Here’s another CCarter gem I read recently:

–Start your own URL shortening service, and eventually, over time, freeze inactive accounts, or even phase the whole system out, whatever.
–Find a way to keep the niche of the links organized. For example, if somebody’s created a shortened URL to link to a funny image, put it under the category of comedy, etc.
–Any link created on your URL shorterning service will be controlled entirely by you. You have free reign to change the destination URL. Are you seeing where this is going?
–In the end, all of those people created shortened URL’s and placing them all over the net will be your own oblivious team of worker bees, plating your seeds all over the net, eventually giving your sites huge traffic.
–Once you’re ready, you simply redirect all of the shortened URL’s to your own sites/affiliate links/etc. Notice this isn’t for SEO benefits, but for direct traffic coming from the links.
–This is why you organize the links by category. Say you have a site or an affiliate in the medical field. You would redirect the shortened URL’s originally pointing to medical sites to your site/affiliate.
–Anyone who is coming across the shortened URL, wherever it was posted by the original user, and clicking on it, will be showing an interest in the medical industry, i.e., they’ll be targeted traffic.
–Depending on the popularity of your URL shortening service, and how well you execute the plan, this could be an ENORMOUS earner.
[27/05/2015 09:56:40] Jared: I really think it’s time we all shoot for the stars with Internet marketing. There are people out there making $100K+ a month, and I guarantee a significant percentage don’t know as much as we do, they’re simply more aggressive and more focused than we’ve been.
[27/05/2015 09:58:48 | Edited 09:59:10] Jared: My goal is a minimum of $20K a month within the next 6 months or so, and truthfully, that should be very doable. Nails itself could do most of that, and a marketing blog like Matthew Woodward’s should be able to do $10K+ a month (Woodward’s doing around $20K a month). Throw in some good, smartly-done spam sites on top of it all, and that $20K a month shouldn’t be hard it all.
[27/05/2015 10:11:53] Jared: There’s nothing better than working out in the morning, before the sun even rises.
[27/05/2015 10:13:38] Jared: That’s a good tip, by the way. If you’re a procrastinator about working out, just set up a schedule to do it first thing in the morning. You’ll have it done and over with before your day’s even started. Also, exercise stimulates your mind in a major way. It’ll help put you in a good, more energetic mood for the rest of the day.
[27/05/2015 10:14:22] silentassumptions: A work out in the morning for me involves a power wank and a frantic trip to work because I’m cutting it in fine by 5 mins.
[27/05/2015 10:14:22] Jared: While others are still in bed, you’ll already be on your way to having the body of a Greek god.
[27/05/2015 10:14:30] Jared: Lol
[27/05/2015 10:20:30] Jared: John Gilmore 11 hrs
3 sites making 3-4 hundred a day thats your 30k month
[27/05/2015 10:21:01] Jared: These guys make it sound so easy.
[27/05/2015 10:22:22] Jared: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spicommunity/permalink/1588942664693037/
[27/05/2015 10:22:33] Jared: This fat twat says she’s doing 500+ email opt-ins a day.
[27/05/2015 10:22:56 | Edited 10:23:05] Jared: And she sounds completely clueless, asking what to do with them all.
[27/05/2015 10:23:12] Jared: There’s your new partnet, Amir.
[27/05/2015 10:23:20] Jared: Get the bank account ready.
[27/05/2015 10:24:14] Jared: Christ . . . 500 a day.
[27/05/2015 10:24:20] Jared: This bitch is sitting on a goldmine.
[27/05/2015 10:25:12] silentassumptions: I feel sick.
[27/05/2015 10:25:13] silentassumptions: Lol
[27/05/2015 10:25:34] Jared: Danielle Sabrina I’m honestly baffled you’re getting that many subscribers and don’t know how to make $ off it? How are you getting those leads…and how the heck do you have time to enter 500 a day manually?
[27/05/2015 10:26:01] Jared: Jeff Snider
At least partner with someone for some help temporarily until you can get this sorted out. You are sitting on a potential gold mine with that kind of traffic, and it would be a shame not to be able to make the most of the opportunity. You’ve got to be able to act on it, and you’ve got to be able to sustain it – and cutting and pasting email addresses isn’t what you should be about right now. You’re about to blow up, whether you’re ready for it or not!
[27/05/2015 10:26:04] Jared: There’s your cue.
[27/05/2015 10:26:11] silentassumptions: Danielle Sabrina is probably a made up character, like Kara.
[27/05/2015 10:26:27] Jared: It’s possible.
[27/05/2015 10:26:44] Jared: Maybe she’s trying to sucker someone into partnering with her
[27/05/2015 10:27:11] Jared: She posted her site.
[27/05/2015 10:27:12] Jared: http://littlehousekindergarten.com/
[27/05/2015 10:29:12 | Edited 10:32:34] Jared: Tony Dorman 2 hrs
What Melissa said. Also, $15 is way too low a charge for your service; people aren’t taking it seriously at that price. Up the price to $99 and offer your list a 20% discount; the money will start rolling in.
[27/05/2015 10:32:26] Jared: Really wise advice. Perception is huge. There’s a great TedTalk on it: https://www.ted.com/talks/rory_sutherland_perspective_is_everything?language=en
[27/05/2015 11:05:34] Jared: Running stairs = the ultimate cardio.
[27/05/2015 11:05:47] Jared: Far more effective than simply running.
[27/05/2015 11:26:52] Jared: _____________________________________________
Do you see this website? It’s not too bad, right? A clean design. A solid user experience. How long do you think it took me to build this site, from beginning to finish?

Maybe a few months? Nope.

A few weeks? Nah.

A few days? Not quite.

Try a few hours.

Okay, so I must be some sort of coding and/or design expert. I’ve had years of training. Wrong. I have absolutely zero formal experience in coding nor in any type of designing. Sure, I’ve watched a few YouTube videos on it, but nothing extensive.

So, how did I do it?

Here’s my secret: 90% of the work is done by others.

When I say that, i don’t mean outsourcing. I’m a one-man team; I have no employees. What I mean is, I use WordPress, a premade template, and demo data.
[27/05/2015 11:27:17] Jared: Decent writing? I’m trying to space it out into small sentences to make it more digestable.
[27/05/2015 11:28:09] Jared: I’m gonna do a video tutorial showing me turning a blank WordPress installation into a nice looking site with demo data in under 5 minutes.
[27/05/2015 11:28:25] Jared: Then I’m gonna affiliate that shit out like there’s no tomorrow.
[27/05/2015 11:28:38] Jared: Web hosting affiliates pay big money. Most are over $100 per sign up.
[27/05/2015 11:30:34] Jared: Pat Flyyn made $124K last month. $40K of that was from web hosting affiliate money.
[27/05/2015 11:38:50] Jared: 143 words in 10 minutes. Not bad. I can do a 2,000-word article in probably 3 hours.
[27/05/2015 11:38:53] Jared: Damn
[27/05/2015 11:38:58] Jared: That’s pretty good.
[27/05/2015 11:48:35] Jared: I have a cracked version of Camstasia if anyone’s interested. It’s a brilliant desktop recording software.
[27/05/2015 12:38:43] Jared: http://youaintrich.com/product/hobart-dishwasher-cl44e/
[27/05/2015 12:39:38] Jared: I just created that page yesterday. It’s already ranking #76 for hobart dishwasher. It might not seem like much, but these are $10K+ dishwashers, and it’s a 3K-searches-a-month keyword.
[27/05/2015 12:39:59] Jared: Selling 10-15 of these bastards a month could bring in $10K+.
[27/05/2015 12:40:15] Jared: A decent first page ranking should do it.
[27/05/2015 12:40:30] New York Amir: products are ranking effectively
[27/05/2015 12:40:37] New York Amir: choosing kw
[27/05/2015 12:40:40] New York Amir: easy to rank for
[27/05/2015 12:40:46] New York Amir: are we going ot get rich of youaintrich
[27/05/2015 12:40:47] New York Amir: we are
[27/05/2015 12:41:03] New York Amir: queried product kw intent thta no site is targettting
[27/05/2015 12:41:07] New York Amir: rankign without any backlinking
[27/05/2015 12:41:25] New York Amir: i remmber cheap psychi readings
[27/05/2015 12:41:28] New York Amir: ranking on page 50
[27/05/2015 12:41:31] New York Amir: not one backlink
[27/05/2015 12:41:36] New York Amir: to that page
[27/05/2015 12:41:44] New York Amir: its all about kw reasearch
[27/05/2015 15:38:46] Jared: Whch Test Won’s Test of the Week https://whichtestwon.com/test/whats-the-best-form-format/
[27/05/2015 16:12:15] Jared: Camstasia Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjmdH-az7Qc
[27/05/2015 16:12:50] Jared: Really easy to use. You can add effects (highlight the mouse, visual effects when you click, zoom in, annotations, etc.) with ease, too.
[27/05/2015 16:13:58] silentassumptions: Cheers Jared.
[27/05/2015 16:14:14] silentassumptions: I love these updates, they’re really good.
[27/05/2015 16:15:29] silentassumptions: Wow.
[27/05/2015 18:18:00] Jared: $20K a month, minimum.
[27/05/2015 18:18:11] Jared: Me, you, and Amir 2 should each be earning that a month.
[27/05/2015 18:18:18 | Edited 18:18:23] Jared: We have the skills.
[27/05/2015 19:11:27] Jared: Fascinating Process:

–Gather up all of your competitors’ backlinks.
–Put them in separate text files.
–Scrapebox has the ability to search through them and find URL’s which appear in one or more of those files.
–These will be links that MULTIPLE competitors have gotten; you should be able to get them, too.
–You can also just check out individual competitor’s backlinks. Sort them by TF and make the most powerful links your highest priority.
[27/05/2015 19:57:32] silentassumptions: Jared, I fucking love you.
[27/05/2015 19:57:55] silentassumptions: That’s probably one of the best ways to get backlinks — in theory.
[27/05/2015 20:05:06] *** ***
[27/05/2015 20:05:23] Jared: There’s a useful little tool that will combine multiple spreadsheets into one
[27/05/2015 20:16:18] Jared: It’s not a keylogger, I swear.
[27/05/2015 20:16:21] Jared: “I spent over $40,000 creating that guide.”
[27/05/2015 20:16:28] Jared: http://www.quicksprout.com/the-beginners-guide-to-online-marketing/
[27/05/2015 20:16:34] Jared: God, I’d like to punch Neil Patel.
[27/05/2015 20:17:47 | Edited 20:17:49] Jared: Look at the guide. It’s nice, but nothing special. 14 chapters.
[27/05/2015 22:57:35] Jared: Majestic SEO has something called Clique Hunter: https://majestic.com/reports/cliquehunter
[27/05/2015 22:57:56] Jared: You paste in up to 10 URL’s, and it’ll find sites that link to at least two of them.
[28/05/2015 08:56:06] silentassumptions: Jared, send the software again.
[28/05/2015 11:13:18] silentassumptions: Yo, Jared, have you got that program?
[28/05/2015 11:47:30] *** ***
[28/05/2015 11:47:42] silentassumptions: Thanks man.
[28/05/2015 12:24:26] silentassumptions: Does anyone here know a good tool / software for competitor analysis?
[28/05/2015 12:24:38] silentassumptions: Just derives all the essentials and make a point of comparison with your specified site.
[28/05/2015 12:25:21] silentassumptions: Search Metrics is pretty good, but I’m sure there’s better.
[28/05/2015 13:35:05] Jared: http://inbound.org/post/view/confessions-of-a-google-spammer
[28/05/2015 13:35:19] New York Amir: uzr
[28/05/2015 13:36:01] New York Amir: black hat is it the best
[28/05/2015 13:36:03] New York Amir: it might be
[28/05/2015 13:36:15] New York Amir: will spam always be around forever
[28/05/2015 13:36:16] New York Amir: it will
[28/05/2015 13:36:19] silentassumptions: What’s the summary of the article?
[28/05/2015 13:36:25] silentassumptions: Black Hat for the win?
[28/05/2015 13:36:28] New York Amir: im guessing even though google ina few years
[28/05/2015 13:36:31] New York Amir: will probably
[28/05/2015 13:36:35] New York Amir: change their SE
[28/05/2015 13:36:42] New York Amir: completely to crack down on black hat
[28/05/2015 13:37:00] New York Amir: new state of the art engine but always there’s people who make software for such things
[28/05/2015 13:37:04] New York Amir: spam will never die out
[28/05/2015 13:37:09] New York Amir: just like how u cant stop hacking
[28/05/2015 13:37:12] New York Amir: impossible
[28/05/2015 13:37:33] New York Amir: gsa is a perfect example
[28/05/2015 13:37:48] New York Amir: evolutionary black hat tools and new methods of spam city
[28/05/2015 14:26:23] Jared: Guy made an absolutel killing with blackhat from 2009-2012. We’re talking millions, while working 10 hours a week. Buys apartments in islands off the coast of China. Dates a beautiful Chinese model. Has a personal chef. Lives like a rockstar.
[28/05/2015 14:26:45] Jared: Google murders his scheme in 2012. It all comes crashing down. Forced to become whitehat and kiss Google’s ass.
[28/05/2015 14:26:53] Jared: His message: Blackhat isn’t worth it.
[28/05/2015 14:27:02] Jared: I actually think his reasoning is completely fucked up.
[28/05/2015 14:27:06] Jared: I’m going to leave a comment.
[28/05/2015 14:28:02] Jared: “It’s like the stereotypical athlete who makes a fortune during his career, yet is broke 5 years later. The issue isn’t the short-term influx of cash; the issue is the way it’s used.”
[28/05/2015 14:28:28] Jared: Making millions in a few years, working 10 hours a week = fucking brilliant
[28/05/2015 14:28:57] Jared: Not living smartly and saving that money up, and instead living like a rockstar = fucking idiotic
[28/05/2015 15:10:57] Jared: ______________________________________
Jared The ExBum @TheExBum

With all due respect, Jeff, the biggest lesson I see in this story is to not live like an idiot. Had you been wise with your earnings, you could’ve easily set yourself up for a lifetime of comfort.

Glamor, no. Comfort, yes.

Instead, you wanted to live like a rockstar, and it ended up biting you in the Fishkin. It’s like the stereotypical athlete who makes a fortune during his career, yet is broke a few years later.

The issue isn’t the short-term influx of cash — there are few scenarios in which earning millions working 10 hours a week is a bad thing. This isn’t one of them. The issue is the way that money is used, and not adequately preparing for a time when that cash stream dries up.

I’ll happily take your scenario, and instead of buying overpriced homes on islands, and wooing shallow women, I’ll reinvest it and save it up.

As for spam, my take is sweet and simple: If it works, even only in the short-term, do it.

Please note that this statement doesn’t entail placing your entire livelihood in spam. Whitehat or blackhat is only a valid dichotomy when running a single project; running multiple projects gives one opportunity to do both.

Here’s my question: As an extra source of income, and something to build up the savings with . . . why not spam? As long as it remains a viable option for bringing in easy money, even if that influx of cash is far more short-term than long-term, where’s the harm?
[28/05/2015 15:11:28] Jared: I love it. Everyone’s kissing the guy’s ass, agreeing with him, and I come in like a jackass and disagree with them all. Big contrversy.
[28/05/2015 15:11:34] Jared: Do I use controversy to make a name for myself, I do.
[28/05/2015 15:11:52] Jared: God, some of these people are so fucking stupid.
[28/05/2015 15:24:07] silentassumptions: Lol
[28/05/2015 15:24:28] Jared: Jared The ExBum @TheExBum

I just read this on WickedFire:

“JeffD on this forum. There’s a lot more to the story than he told, if my memory holds true.” —Grindstone, WickedFire Member

Any idea what he’s referring to?

Note: I’m not making any sort of accusations. I’ve been a lurker at WikedFire for a few months now, and have never heard of this story until today. I just find it interesting, and Grindstone’s comment leads me to believe there’s even more to it.
[28/05/2015 15:24:37] Jared: Stirring the pot.
[28/05/2015 15:24:49] silentassumptions: WHN is taken off the radar. Some cunt replies to the thread. “This is why we advise against spam”.
[28/05/2015 15:24:58] Jared: lol
[28/05/2015 15:25:11] silentassumptions: lol
[28/05/2015 15:26:09] Jared: “During the boring times, my other spammer buddies and I would BS on Skype about our lives. One guy made $100k a week for a time selling garcinia cambogia pills after Dr. Oz fraudulently proclaimed them to be a magic weight loss supplement.”
[28/05/2015 15:26:40] Jared: He’s talking about someone on WickedFire, really smart guys I’ve started to mingle with a little bit.
[28/05/2015 15:26:42] Jared: $100K a week.
[28/05/2015 15:26:44] Jared: Jesus.
[28/05/2015 15:27:24] Jared: “Yet another guy (also in China, like me) was working with prison wardens who forced their inmates to mine World of Warcraft gold for sale online.”
[28/05/2015 15:27:27] Jared: What the fuck?
[28/05/2015 22:52:30] Jared: I just spent 6 hours reading a 200-page book cover to cover.
[28/05/2015 22:54:08] Jared: CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone
[28/05/2015 22:54:39 | Edited 22:54:53] Jared: Considered a modern classic; probably the best book out there for leaning marketing psychology.
[29/05/2015 04:46:28] silentassumptions: Fair play, Jared.
[29/05/2015 04:46:30] silentassumptions: That’s good on you.
[29/05/2015 04:47:24] silentassumptions: I’m trying to come up with an idea to pursue – any ideas are welcome.
[29/05/2015 04:47:44] silentassumptions: Affiliate marketing or an ecommerce site.
[29/05/2015 04:47:57] silentassumptions: Virtual stock as I don’t want to invest time in maintaining anything.
[29/05/2015 10:31:55] Jared: The preppers market seems to be an enormous monkeymaker.
[29/05/2015 10:32:20] Jared: Preppers = Survivalists
[29/05/2015 10:32:53] Jared: Ryan Deiss has a preppers site he claims is bringing in well over $1M a month.
[29/05/2015 10:33:19] Jared: Do just 1% of that, and you’re looking at $10K+.
[29/05/2015 10:34:32 | Edited 10:34:39] Jared: His Site: http://survivallife.com/
[29/05/2015 10:35:52] Jared: If not, just look for a really big-money niche.
[29/05/2015 10:36:50] Jared: Golf, polo, luxury watches, etc. — anything with a lot of money in it.
[29/05/2015 10:52:04] silentassumptions: Ryan Deiss spams my inbox 😦
[29/05/2015 10:52:19] silentassumptions: I think he sends an email out every other day, at least.
[29/05/2015 12:01:00] Jared: I’m in desperate need of $15. I’ve accidentally overcharged my sister’s PayPal $17, and she’s gonna rage at me bigtime when she finds out. I’m currently on the market to do any work, no matter how demeaning, for $15.
[29/05/2015 12:34:59] Jared: Silent, if you want a good affiliate site, try something like TV’s. There are so many makes and models, that the amount of longtails you could rank for would almost be too much to handle.
[29/05/2015 12:35:50] Jared: I can tell you this, I just threw up a single long-tail TV model — a $2,000+ version — on YAR, and the page is already in the top 15 or so. This is with zero onsite or offsite SEO.
[29/05/2015 12:37:06] Jared: That’s actually a really clever way of gauging competition. Just buld a dummy site and toss up thousands and thousands of auto-generated product pages, then see which ones get decent rankings with zero SEO — onsite or offsite.
[29/05/2015 12:37:48] Jared: You should be able to find several hundred super-easy keywords to rank for.
[29/05/2015 12:42:20] Jared: Here’s the product: http://youaintrich.com/product/vizio-m70-c3-70-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-hdtv/
[29/05/2015 12:44:43] Jared: I’m not sure Amazon’s exact comission rate on TV’s. It may be the default, which is between 4-8%, depending on number of items sold. If it is, each one of those TV’s would pay out from $88 to $176.
[29/05/2015 12:46:57] Jared: http://youaintrich.com/product/samsung-un88js9500-curved-88-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-tv/
[29/05/2015 12:47:07] Jared: We’ve got a decent ranking for that, too.
[29/05/2015 12:48:19 | Edited 12:48:22] Jared: A $23,000 TV. Payouts would be between $920 and $1,840 per sale.
[29/05/2015 12:49:57] Jared: Anyway, that would be my suggestion. A site dedicated to televisions, with pages for almost all makes and models.
[29/05/2015 14:12:44] Jared: If not televisions, then a similar product: Reasonably, popular item, with different makes and models to give you lots of longtails to rank. Computers, stereos, etc. — hell, you could even try automobiles if you found a good affiliate for them.
[29/05/2015 14:12:57] Jared: Interesting Book: http://guestblogging.com/public/book/
[29/05/2015 14:14:01] Jared: Long story, short: Morrow talks about how many huge sites will except guest blogs. The Huffington Post is one. Their links are typically nofollow (although it seems nofollows may be a little more powerful than most think), but it will bring your site great publicity and traffic.
[29/05/2015 14:16:20] silentassumptions: I’m in desperate need of $15.
[29/05/2015 14:16:23] silentassumptions: You still need?
[29/05/2015 14:16:26] silentassumptions: I was on a lunch break.
[29/05/2015 14:16:45] Jared: Jon Morrow claims to have gained 13,000 email subscribers in two months this way, all while working 80 hours a week. Basically, he created a squeeze page (small page with an opt-in form) with a good lead magnet (incentive for signing up; small ebook, or whatever), then guest blogged to build traffic to the squeeze page.
[29/05/2015 14:17:10] New York Amir: big morrrow
[29/05/2015 14:17:12] Jared: It’s a really good idea.
[29/05/2015 14:17:23] silentassumptions: Dude I have to jump into a meeting in 5.
[29/05/2015 14:17:25] silentassumptions: Do you need $15?
[29/05/2015 14:17:29] Jared: Sure.
[29/05/2015 14:17:35] Jared: What needs done?
[29/05/2015 14:17:40] silentassumptions: Nothing.
[29/05/2015 14:17:48] *** Jared gets up off of his knees. ***
[29/05/2015 14:17:53] Jared: Okay then.
[29/05/2015 14:17:53] silentassumptions: Just call it an IOU.
[29/05/2015 14:17:56] New York Amir: uzr
[29/05/2015 14:17:58] Jared: Lol
[29/05/2015 14:18:01] New York Amir: times infinity
[29/05/2015 14:18:09] silentassumptions: You said to needed it to clear some Paypal overdraft?
[29/05/2015 14:18:17] silentassumptions: I’m not going to wire you $15 for shits and giggles.
[29/05/2015 14:19:17] silentassumptions: Jared, let me set you up with a task. There are some things to do, but this encompasses a lot more work than $15, but follows on from our agreement previously.
[29/05/2015 14:19:20] silentassumptions: I’ll wire that first.
[29/05/2015 14:19:22] silentassumptions: Two secs.
[29/05/2015 14:19:30] silentassumptions: Just so you avoid a bollocking.
[29/05/2015 14:20:41] Jared: Alright
[29/05/2015 14:21:22] silentassumptions: I’ve wired you $16 which covers the PP fee too
[29/05/2015 14:21:34] silentassumptions: Let me have my meeting and I’ll set you up with a task in about an hour.
[29/05/2015 14:22:03] Jared: Alright
[29/05/2015 22:55:18] Jared: I swear to God, everytime this guy asks for a revision to his site, it looks worse.
[29/05/2015 22:55:54] Jared: It looked fine from the beginning. Now it’s slowly drifting into shittiness. These people really should just let those with some experience handle things.
[30/05/2015 01:03:06] Jared: http://www.abelleinbrooklyn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Success.jpg
[30/05/2015 13:41:39] Jared: “Now, we know from experience and testing that click-through rate is or appears to have a very direct impact on rankings. If lots of people are performing a search and they click on your website in position number four or five, and they’re not clicking on position one, two, or three, you can bet that you’re going to be moving up those rankings very, very quickly.”
[30/05/2015 13:42:05 | Edited 13:42:10] Jared: Great titles and meta descriptions = great CTR = big SEO boost.
[30/05/2015 13:43:37] Jared: Also, I read about something called dwelltime. It’s very similar to bouncerate, but there seemed to be a few difference. The idea is, if someone clicks on your site from a search, and very shortly returns to that same search, that’s telling Google your site didn’t satisfy their need.
[30/05/2015 13:44:33] Jared: If that happens repeatedly, it sends the signal to Google that your site probably isn’t a quality site for the search query, and will cause a drop in the rankings.
[30/05/2015 13:45:03] Jared: These are two major user experience signals used in search. Learn to master them, my friends.
[30/05/2015 13:56:12] Jared: This is, I suspect, why almost all research shows longer content ranks better.
[30/05/2015 13:56:55 | Edited 13:58:32] Jared: It’s not simply because it’s long (uzr), it’s because longer content will naturally increase dwelltime, sending the signal to Google that this page satisfied the searcher’s needs.
[30/05/2015 19:07:05] Jared: http://www.adamvowles.co.uk/tutorials/how-to-find-expired-domains-with-screaming-frog/
[30/05/2015 19:11:35] silentassumptions: YO.
[30/05/2015 19:11:45] silentassumptions: What does UZR mean?
[30/05/2015 19:11:54] silentassumptions: I see the acryonm used all the time.
[30/05/2015 19:31:19] Jared: Uncomfortable Zone Rising. It’s when somebody says something that could be interpreted as sounding gay.
[30/05/2015 19:31:50] Jared: I’m gonna try to figure out how to use Screaming Frog to scrape the Internet for good expired domains.
[30/05/2015 19:32:12] Jared: There are expensive services that do it that the big dogs use, so I assume somebody’s making good cash with them.
[30/05/2015 19:32:52] Jared: Flipping the domain, building a site on it and flipping the site, using it as a part of a PBN, or just building a new, monetized website on it.
[30/05/2015 20:53:58 | Edited 20:54:34] Jared: How to Launch an Online Course and Make $220,750 in 10 Days http://blog.videofruit.com/online-course-sell/
[30/05/2015 20:54:59] Jared: “18 months ago this blog didn’t exist.

Then last month I used it to launch a new course that produced more revenue than my entire gross income from 2008-2011 combined.


I’m still in shock at what happened.”
[30/05/2015 20:55:14] Jared: Guy sold 262 copies of his $800 course in 10 days.
[30/05/2015 20:55:35] Jared: Really in-depth courses are huge money-earners.
[30/05/2015 20:56:05] Jared: I’m going to eventually do some in IM once I get more comfortable and continue to gain more knowledge.
[01/06/2015 00:57:30] silentassumptions: Hey, can I submit a guest post to Syngerix Labs, with one link to a site?
[01/06/2015 00:57:34] silentassumptions: Quality blog.
[01/06/2015 00:58:05] silentassumptions: It will be embedded in the anchot text and not a direct advertisement as such.
[01/06/2015 01:48:15] Jared: T’aint my site.
[01/06/2015 01:48:25] Jared: It’s Amir’s buddy’s, so it’s up to Amir.
[01/06/2015 01:48:29] Jared: I have no problem with it.
[01/06/2015 03:51:44] silentassumptions: Big A, could I submit a blog to the site? It’s entirely relevant to your industry, and I can give you a choice to choose of titles to choose from if you want to make it even more relevant.
[01/06/2015 14:31:49] Jared: I don’t know what’s up with Amir. You can send it over, and I’ll upload it.
[01/06/2015 14:31:52] Jared: “The commission is higher than on Amazon (up to 50%) but the products at AliExpress are cheaper. However, there are many wholesale buyers and it helps greatly. Another advantage that you can target the whole world when Amazon is usually good only for US traffic.”
[01/06/2015 14:33:46] silentassumptions: Thanks Jared, that’s much appreciated.
[01/06/2015 14:33:54] silentassumptions: Give me a second and I’ll have that fired over to you.
[01/06/2015 14:37:10] New York Amir: no amir
[01/06/2015 14:37:12] New York Amir: sorry
[01/06/2015 14:37:18] New York Amir: not will do anything
[01/06/2015 14:37:24] New York Amir: without even consulting
[01/06/2015 14:37:27] New York Amir: with my friend
[01/06/2015 14:37:29] New York Amir: sorry
[01/06/2015 14:37:31] New York Amir: not how we do things
[01/06/2015 14:37:41] New York Amir: and secondly we have our own stuff do to
[01/06/2015 14:37:46] New York Amir: please dont ask anything for syner anymore
[01/06/2015 14:37:47] New York Amir: thanks
[01/06/2015 15:00:36] Jared: Time for the morning keyword rank checker.
[01/06/2015 15:00:58] Jared: This is it. This is the day the keywords skyrocket into the top 10. I can feel it in my soul.
[01/06/2015 15:44:17] silentassumptions: Okay then Amir.
[01/06/2015 15:45:51] Jared: Simon Stafferton 19 hrs
I’m getting close to your target Kara, and aiming higher. So as many have said very doable. In my experience client SEO easier to reach this kind of level quite quickly compared to affiliate, but as also mentioned clients can be a real headache. Key thing is to have clearly defined processes and systems and stick to them. This way you can do it all yourself and still sleep/eat/socialise.. a bit… or much easier, have the tight processes and outsource the more mundane stuff to trained VAs…
[01/06/2015 15:46:49] Jared: There’s nothing more motivating than seeing normal people succeeding in a big way. If a regular guy or average intelligence can bring in $30K+ a month, there’s no reason any of us couldn’t.*
[01/06/2015 15:46:57 | Edited 15:47:08] Jared: *excluding Robin, if he’s still in here
[01/06/2015 16:43:58] *** Jared added Robin ***
[01/06/2015 16:44:27] Robin: thanks
[01/06/2015 16:44:44] Robin: is anyone here in the spirituality / new age niche
[01/06/2015 16:44:53] Robin: and want to be an affiliate for me?
[01/06/2015 16:45:12] Jared: There’s only three people in here who ever talk.
[01/06/2015 16:45:18] Jared: Me, and the two Amir’s.
[01/06/2015 16:45:20] Robin: ah
[01/06/2015 16:45:26] Jared: So, take a guess
[01/06/2015 16:45:31] Robin: okay
[01/06/2015 16:45:34] Robin: its a nay
[01/06/2015 16:45:36] Robin: :p
[01/06/2015 16:45:41] Jared: I can expand this room if you people want me to.
[01/06/2015 16:45:47] Robin: yeah
[01/06/2015 16:45:48] Jared: I can post the link to it on forums.
[01/06/2015 16:45:48] Robin: do so
[01/06/2015 16:45:54] Robin: go ahead
[01/06/2015 16:46:01] Robin: lets network
[01/06/2015 16:46:05] Jared: If you type: /get uri
[01/06/2015 16:46:16] Jared: It’ll show you a link to allow people to join.
[01/06/2015 16:46:34] Robin: Link-based joining not enabled, to enable: /set options +JOINING_ENABLED
[01/06/2015 16:47:02] Jared: Zue is the creator.
[01/06/2015 16:47:06] Robin: Jared have you heard of PLR products?
[01/06/2015 16:47:15] Jared: He’ll have to type: /set options +JOINING_ENABLED
[01/06/2015 16:47:21] Jared: If he wants people to be able to join.
[01/06/2015 16:47:23] Jared: Yes.
[01/06/2015 16:47:25] Robin: ply = private label rights
[01/06/2015 16:47:37] Jared: It’s where you buy something and have the rights to do with it anything you please.
[01/06/2015 16:47:39] Robin: why not create a lsales page
[01/06/2015 16:47:48] Robin: and do a JV zoo and clicbank launch
[01/06/2015 16:47:58] Robin: and get affiliates drive traffic to your PLR product
[01/06/2015 16:48:23] Jared: I’m doing other things at the moment, but it’s not a bad idea if you have a good product.
[01/06/2015 16:48:34] Jared: I’ve told Tom about it.
[01/06/2015 16:48:40] Robin: mmmm
[01/06/2015 16:48:57 | Edited 16:49:10] Jared: He could write a good book, create a good landing page for it, then let other people market it for him for a cut of the sales.
[01/06/2015 16:49:06] Robin: book about what
[01/06/2015 16:49:15] Jared: Whatever.
[01/06/2015 16:49:17] Jared: Dating.
[01/06/2015 16:49:20] Jared: Weight loss.
[01/06/2015 16:49:21] Robin: I have few PLR ebooks I’m giving for free in my future FB PPC campaigns
[01/06/2015 16:49:24] Jared: Dating + weight loss.
[01/06/2015 16:49:27] Robin: to build an email list
[01/06/2015 16:49:30] Jared: Those are always hot subjects.
[01/06/2015 16:49:35] Robin: then market affiliate offers
[01/06/2015 16:49:47] Robin: for yoga and astral projection
[01/06/2015 16:49:52] Robin: I’m starting in a few weeks
[01/06/2015 16:49:56] Robin: once i get money
[01/06/2015 16:50:00] silentassumptions: /set options +JOINING_ENABLED
[01/06/2015 16:50:18] silentassumptions: Alright, done.
[01/06/2015 16:50:24] silentassumptions: Good shout, by the way to invite people here.
[01/06/2015 16:50:42] Robin: silent
[01/06/2015 16:50:45] Robin: how much u banking at the moment
[01/06/2015 16:50:47] Robin: if i may ask
[01/06/2015 16:51:17] silentassumptions: About £3,500PCM after tax.
[01/06/2015 16:51:24] Robin: cool
[01/06/2015 16:51:28] Robin: want to do JV with me
[01/06/2015 16:51:32] silentassumptions: Nah.
[01/06/2015 16:51:36] silentassumptions: What’s JV?
[01/06/2015 16:51:39] Robin: joint venture
[01/06/2015 16:51:45] Robin: i have plr products
[01/06/2015 16:51:55] Robin: both of us invests 100 pounds per month on FB PPC
[01/06/2015 16:51:58] Robin: build an email list
[01/06/2015 16:52:01] Robin: then market
[01/06/2015 16:52:01] silentassumptions: Would have to be a really good pitch, Robin, you carry a reputation of being quite lazy.
[01/06/2015 16:52:09] Robin: okay
[01/06/2015 16:52:12] Robin: ill give u my pitch
[01/06/2015 16:52:28 | Removed 17:00:39] Robin: This message has been removed.
[01/06/2015 16:52:30 | Removed 17:00:45] Robin: This message has been removed.
[01/06/2015 16:52:34] Robin: can’t afford to be lazy
[01/06/2015 16:52:43] Robin: i got my first product basically ready
[01/06/2015 16:52:47] Robin: need one day to work on it
[01/06/2015 16:52:50] Robin: two landing pages ready
[01/06/2015 16:53:04] Robin: email subs with free ebook squeeze pages ready
[01/06/2015 16:53:06] Robin: I’m ready to go
[01/06/2015 16:53:18] Robin: i just need to wait till 15th to get some money for FB ppc
[01/06/2015 16:53:24] silentassumptions: Projections? What needs marketing? Tell me more about your product.
[01/06/2015 16:53:49] Robin: its law of attraction / christ consciousness / new age paradigm shift ascension spiritual crash course
[01/06/2015 16:53:51] Robin: basically
[01/06/2015 16:53:53] Robin: it has 10 modules
[01/06/2015 16:53:58] Robin: plus membership area
[01/06/2015 16:54:06] Robin: which has weekly spiritual lectures
[01/06/2015 16:54:24] silentassumptions: What’s the search volume around these phrases, and what industry insight do you have into conversion rates?
[01/06/2015 16:54:24] Robin: membership for monthly fee
[01/06/2015 16:54:45] Robin: Alex Jeffreys has about 5-15% conversion rate
[01/06/2015 16:54:51] Robin: for his products
[01/06/2015 16:55:00] silentassumptions: Are his products about spirituality?
[01/06/2015 16:55:01] Robin: he banks over 100k per product launch in front end offer
[01/06/2015 16:55:03] Robin: no
[01/06/2015 16:55:05] Robin: dude
[01/06/2015 16:55:09] Robin: i know the spirituality niche inside out
[01/06/2015 16:55:10] silentassumptions: So it’s an irrelevant point of comparison.
[01/06/2015 16:55:19] Robin: i know the new age niche inside out
[01/06/2015 16:55:29] Robin: paradigm shift is about 50k searches per month
[01/06/2015 16:55:39] silentassumptions: If you knew the spirituality niche inside out, you’d be a spiritual healer. I want figures dude.
[01/06/2015 16:55:45] Robin: i want to advertise in on http://www.in5d.com
[01/06/2015 16:55:51] silentassumptions: That’s good search volume, but what’s the competition like? Astronomical, I’m guessing.
[01/06/2015 16:55:52] Robin: it is top 25k websites in US
[01/06/2015 16:55:54] Robin: and growing
[01/06/2015 16:55:57] Robin: I’m not looking for SEO
[01/06/2015 16:56:00] silentassumptions: Also, what percentage of users will be convertible based on the keyword?
[01/06/2015 16:56:04] Robin: im just looking for a partner in FB ppc
[01/06/2015 16:56:10] Robin: we will market affiliate offers
[01/06/2015 16:56:12] Robin: and yoga courses
[01/06/2015 16:56:15] Robin: we can buy PLR for yoga courses
[01/06/2015 16:56:24] Robin: actually i have 70 part hatha yoga course PLR
[01/06/2015 16:56:39] Robin: quite a big percentage because i know how to pitch to them
[01/06/2015 16:56:45] Robin: i was that person 5 years ago
[01/06/2015 16:56:52] Robin: i know whats in their hea
[01/06/2015 16:56:53] Robin: head*
[01/06/2015 16:57:01] Robin: i know their secret desires
[01/06/2015 16:57:06] Robin: and what keeps them awake at night
[01/06/2015 16:57:32] Robin: it will be a good asset
[01/06/2015 16:57:34] Robin: an email list
[01/06/2015 16:57:40] Robin: you can market affiliate offers
[01/06/2015 16:57:57] Jared: Is your #1 goal to directly sale the product from your landing page, or to collect emails?
[01/06/2015 16:58:12] Robin: I’m having many different strategies
[01/06/2015 16:58:17] Robin: this FB PPC
[01/06/2015 16:58:22] Robin: what I’m trying to get silent in
[01/06/2015 16:58:27] Robin: the purpose is to collect email list
[01/06/2015 16:58:32] Robin: as what comes to my own product
[01/06/2015 16:58:34] silentassumptions: From my experience, FB ads isn’t good for sales, at all.
[01/06/2015 16:58:37] Robin: it will go to click bank and JV zoo
[01/06/2015 16:58:39] silentassumptions: It’s good for brand exposure though.
[01/06/2015 16:58:54] Robin: thats why we collect emails
[01/06/2015 16:59:04] Robin: and then give them unfrefusable offers
[01/06/2015 16:59:18] Robin: i got social lead freak
[01/06/2015 16:59:24] Robin: i can make targeted ads
[01/06/2015 16:59:27] silentassumptions: If you’re collecting emails, you may as well drive the traffic to a landing page that converts the users.
[01/06/2015 16:59:36] Robin: i can’t afford Nanacast
[01/06/2015 16:59:45] Robin: so i can’t make a sales funnel
[01/06/2015 16:59:49] Robin: i can have an exit popup
[01/06/2015 16:59:56] silentassumptions: I’m sorry Robin, it doesn’t seem like something I’d be interested.
[01/06/2015 17:00:00] silentassumptions: interested in*
[01/06/2015 17:00:09] Robin: ok
[01/06/2015 17:00:11] Robin: no problem
[01/06/2015 17:00:18] silentassumptions: I do wish you all the best with it, though.
[01/06/2015 17:00:25] Robin: thanks
[01/06/2015 17:02:15] Robin: what about
[01/06/2015 17:02:21] Robin: if i assess the marketplace
[01/06/2015 17:02:29] Robin: do a jv in app creation
[01/06/2015 17:02:35] Robin: we pay some dude to create an app
[01/06/2015 17:02:41] Robin: i will assess the marketplace
[01/06/2015 17:02:48] Robin: to see what the people want
[01/06/2015 17:02:53] Jared: Create your own product is definitely a good way to earn.
[01/06/2015 17:02:57] Robin: yeah
[01/06/2015 17:02:58] silentassumptions: FB advertising is not my area of expertise, unfortunately.
[01/06/2015 17:03:08] silentassumptions: In my experience though, it’s difficult to sell through FB.
[01/06/2015 17:03:09] Robin: dude listen to what I’m saying
[01/06/2015 17:03:13] Jared: http://blog.videofruit.com/online-course-sell/
[01/06/2015 17:03:26] Jared: “How to launch an online course and make $220,750 in 10 days”
[01/06/2015 17:03:39] Jared: I wish I knew coding.
[01/06/2015 17:03:53] Jared: You can rake in the cash with a good WordPress plugin, Facebook app, etc.
[01/06/2015 17:03:54] silentassumptions: The tag line screams bullshit, Robin.
[01/06/2015 17:04:07] silentassumptions: I like to think people have evolved beyond taking bait lines like that.
[01/06/2015 17:04:14] Robin: what?
[01/06/2015 17:04:22] Robin: what tagline?
[01/06/2015 17:04:30] silentassumptions: “How to launch an online course and make $220,750 in 10 days”
[01/06/2015 17:04:38] Robin: that was jare
[01/06/2015 17:04:40] Robin: dd
[01/06/2015 17:04:43] Robin: man you are unfocused
[01/06/2015 17:04:48] silentassumptions: Whoops.
[01/06/2015 17:04:55] Jared: It’s Bryan Harris, he’s a credible guy.
[01/06/2015 17:05:21] Robin: Jared do you want to make a JV with me
[01/06/2015 17:05:21] Jared: He built an email list of 10,000+, then launched a video course on list building.
[01/06/2015 17:05:29] Robin: creating ” how to make money online ” niche
[01/06/2015 17:05:35] Robin: meant for beginners
[01/06/2015 17:05:35] Jared: He charged $800 for it. 262 of his readers bought it.
[01/06/2015 17:05:50] Jared: He says he spent 90 days creating the course.
[01/06/2015 17:06:01] Jared: So, the 10 days is a bit of an exaggeration.
[01/06/2015 17:06:06] Jared: More like 100 days.
[01/06/2015 17:06:19] silentassumptions: So, why not just scrape emails for sites on page one / two / three of Google for an assortment of industries, and email them with some marketing template along the lines of “Buy this ebook and learn how to do SEO from home. NO need to outsource your SEO to agencies!”
[01/06/2015 17:06:21] Jared: Brian Dean does the same thing.
[01/06/2015 17:06:33] silentassumptions: There’s theoretically an infinite amount of emails you can reap using that process.
[01/06/2015 17:06:46] Robin: scraping emails doesn’t work
[01/06/2015 17:06:47] silentassumptions: The conversions will be significantly lower than having people opt in, but it’s a number games.
[01/06/2015 17:06:54] Robin: because you can’t use the main bulk email services
[01/06/2015 17:07:00] Robin: thus your delivery rate sucks
[01/06/2015 17:07:05] Jared: That’s how he earns. Builds a great SEO site, which he uses to collect contacts, which he then pitches his expensive $1,000~) course to every so many months.
[01/06/2015 17:07:07] Robin: and will end up as spam
[01/06/2015 17:07:18] silentassumptions: You can work it with an SMTP server.
[01/06/2015 17:07:29] Robin: i used an SMTP server
[01/06/2015 17:07:32] Robin: sent 40k emails
[01/06/2015 17:07:34] Robin: made zero sales
[01/06/2015 17:07:38] Robin: or if i made any sales
[01/06/2015 17:07:40] Jared: Silent, you’re underestimating the power of trust.
[01/06/2015 17:07:49] Robin: the affiliate sites didn’t give me any money
[01/06/2015 17:08:03] silentassumptions: In what way dude?
[01/06/2015 17:08:05] Jared: The sites these guys build not only allow them to gain contacts, it also builds trust.
[01/06/2015 17:08:46] Jared: Their blog posts prove to their readers they know what they’re talking about, and just reading someone’s stuff repeatedly will lead to you gaining trust for them.
[01/06/2015 17:08:58] Jared: As opposed to just randomly emailing people out of the blue.
[01/06/2015 17:09:04] Robin: right
[01/06/2015 17:09:19] Robin: you need to give them value also
[01/06/2015 17:09:23] Robin: giving value gains trust
[01/06/2015 17:09:30] Robin: give a free ebook that is actually really good
[01/06/2015 17:09:32] Robin: trust gained
[01/06/2015 17:09:37] Robin: then they will buy from you
[01/06/2015 17:10:15] Jared: It’s possible you could get some conversions from just, more or less, mass spamming.
[01/06/2015 17:10:23] Robin: i tried that
[01/06/2015 17:10:23] Jared: But, look at with the domains.
[01/06/2015 17:10:25] Robin: doesn’t work
[01/06/2015 17:10:31] Jared: Look at all of the emails sent out.
[01/06/2015 17:10:36] Jared: What was it?
[01/06/2015 17:10:40] Jared: Tens of thousands?
[01/06/2015 17:10:42] Robin: yeah
[01/06/2015 17:10:45] Robin: like 40k
[01/06/2015 17:10:46] Jared: There’s the FTC.
[01/06/2015 17:10:50] Jared: There’s spam filters.
[01/06/2015 17:10:56] Jared: There’s a lack of trust.
[01/06/2015 17:11:08] Robin: it just doesn’t work
[01/06/2015 17:11:09] Jared: It’s just not that effective.
[01/06/2015 17:11:11] Robin: so no point in trying
[01/06/2015 17:11:17] Robin: maybe it would work
[01/06/2015 17:11:22] Robin: if you would send them good value content
[01/06/2015 17:11:25] Robin: to their inbox
[01/06/2015 17:11:26] Robin: for months
[01/06/2015 17:11:29] Robin: every week
[01/06/2015 17:11:34] Robin: you would get a few white lists
[01/06/2015 17:11:39] Robin: then few sales
[01/06/2015 17:11:46] Robin: but its a pain
[01/06/2015 17:11:49] Robin: not really the wffort
[01/06/2015 17:12:04] Jared: One thing I’ve really learned is the power of trust.
[01/06/2015 17:12:08] Jared: And familiarity.
[01/06/2015 17:12:27] Jared: People are very wary of dealing online.
[01/06/2015 17:12:46] Robin: not if you give them a good enough promise
[01/06/2015 17:12:53] Robin: the shiny object syndrome never dissapears
[01/06/2015 17:12:59] Robin: lol
[01/06/2015 17:13:57] Robin: when i make money
[01/06/2015 17:13:57] Robin: I’m gonna go drink ayahuasca again
[01/06/2015 17:13:59] Robin: and then go into that niche
[01/06/2015 17:14:03] Robin: i got contacts in that niche
[01/06/2015 17:14:19] Robin: ill give you a secret
[01/06/2015 17:14:21] Robin: LAT
[01/06/2015 17:14:30] Robin: Learn / Apply / Teach
[01/06/2015 17:14:32] Robin: I’m telling you guys
[01/06/2015 17:14:37] Robin: its easier to create a good product
[01/06/2015 17:14:46] Robin: let the affiliates drive the traffic FOR you
[01/06/2015 17:15:08] Robin: A and Jared could create a info product
[01/06/2015 17:15:12] Robin: on the make money online niche
[01/06/2015 17:15:15] Robin: choose a subniche in there
[01/06/2015 17:15:20] Robin: how to make money with SEO
[01/06/2015 17:15:26] Robin: how to make money with guerrilla tactics
[01/06/2015 17:15:31] Robin: or somethinf
[01/06/2015 17:15:35] Robin: create a product
[01/06/2015 17:15:37] Robin: and let the money come in
[01/06/2015 17:16:00] Robin: best thing 1 copy = infinite copies
[01/06/2015 17:16:11] Robin: one product can be sold infinte amounts of times
[01/06/2015 17:16:26] Jared: True.
[01/06/2015 17:16:56] Jared: I’m not ready for that yet, but I’d love to do a really in-depth course in the future.
[01/06/2015 17:17:04] Robin: i recommend
[01/06/2015 17:17:11] Robin: get your hand on Alex Jeffreys Inner Circle
[01/06/2015 17:17:16] Robin: marketinwithyou
[01/06/2015 17:19:10] Robin: just to show you the backend of the site
[01/06/2015 17:19:14 | Edited 17:19:17] Jared: “In fact if you are on BBHF you are better off checking out here some of the usual crap launches churned out every day by the likes of Alex Jeffreys, who’s aim is to draw you in with false promises of riches, then get you to join his inner circle at $27 per month and then sell you high end coaching at $997+ so you can emulate him!”
[01/06/2015 17:19:44] Jared: Alex Jeffreys doesn’t have the best reputation. It seems he’s closer to a scammer than a legit marketing mind.
[01/06/2015 17:19:58] Jared: With all due respect, Robin, you were preaching the value of WSO’s earlier.
[01/06/2015 17:19:59] Robin: he knows his shit though
[01/06/2015 17:20:08] Jared: WSO’s are known to be 99% pure shit.
[01/06/2015 17:20:09] Robin: he’s made millions with WSO’s
[01/06/2015 17:20:36] Jared: Think about it: If these guys are really raking in the money, would they be selling their “secrets” in $9 PDF files? Lol.
[01/06/2015 17:20:45] Robin: its just a funnel
[01/06/2015 17:20:46] silentassumptions: ^ Exactly.
[01/06/2015 17:20:48] Robin: he explains everything
[01/06/2015 17:20:55] Robin: its to collect an email
[01/06/2015 17:20:58] Robin: so he can make more money out of them
[01/06/2015 17:21:12] Robin: his 10 dollar products are ” one problem, one solution ”
[01/06/2015 17:21:44] Robin: and he gives 200% commission from the first sale
[01/06/2015 17:21:51] Robin: to his affilaites
[01/06/2015 17:22:24] Robin: Jared
[01/06/2015 17:22:30] Robin: if i want to make an affiliate offer notification
[01/06/2015 17:22:38] Robin: to gather affiliates
[01/06/2015 17:22:40] Robin: through WF
[01/06/2015 17:22:54] Robin: what is the right section in the forum to post a notification thread
[01/06/2015 17:23:58] Jared: I don’t use WF, Robin.
[01/06/2015 17:24:49] Jared: http://www.warriorforum.com/affiliate-program-database/
[01/06/2015 17:26:54] Jared: http://tinyurl.com/im-masterminds
[01/06/2015 17:27:04] Jared: That URL will allow people to join this room.
[01/06/2015 17:29:33] Robin: i don’t go to forums
[01/06/2015 17:30:08] Jared: What?
[01/06/2015 17:30:16] Jared: if i want to make an affiliate offer notification
to gather affiliates
through WF
what is the right section in the forum to post a notification thread
[01/06/2015 17:32:07] Robin: yeah thats why i asked
[01/06/2015 17:32:13] Robin: i don’t have WF account
[01/06/2015 17:32:21] Robin: but I’m gonna post there when my launch is
[01/06/2015 17:32:48] silentassumptions: Jared, you should offer SEO consultancy. You can borrow my CV if you want to.
[01/06/2015 17:32:57] silentassumptions: If it helps you land a good job as an freelancer.
[01/06/2015 17:33:44] silentassumptions: Robin, I do admire the fact you’ve suddenly pulled your finger out your ass.
[01/06/2015 17:33:47] silentassumptions: Keep up the enthusiasm.
[01/06/2015 17:34:04] silentassumptions: Like Jared and others have pointed out, there are some very dense people who know a fraction of what we know and are making a killing from the web.
[01/06/2015 17:35:09] Jared: I’d offer SEO services, but I despise working with people.
[01/06/2015 17:35:26] Jared: I’m gonna stick it out alone and just try to build up my own monetized sites.
[01/06/2015 17:36:19] Robin: networking is a key factor jared
[01/06/2015 17:37:48] Jared: Look, we all know all of the real action happens in Skype chats. We’ve seen the big wigs mention it.

There’s just one problem: We bottom-feeding scumbuckets aren’t allowed in them. Sure, we occasionally get cockteased with a screenshot or a copy-and-paste, but that’s as far as it goes. We’re left out in the dark.

So, here is my proposed solution: Our own Skype Not-So-Mastermind Group.

Sure, we’re not gonna learn all the brilliant secrets of IM riches — none of us have them. But, it is a start.

Here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/im-masterminds

If the tiny URL doesn’t here, here’s the Skype URI:

[01/06/2015 17:38:18] Jared: I’m gonna post that on WickedFire.
[01/06/2015 17:38:26] Jared: We might get some decent people in here.
[01/06/2015 17:38:34] Robin: cool
[01/06/2015 17:39:45] silentassumptions: Good shout, Jared.
[01/06/2015 17:53:22] Jared: I would post the link on the BHC Facebook Page, but when people join and don’t see Kara, suspicions may grow.
[01/06/2015 17:53:46] Jared: Unless I bring in a fake Kara . . . :^)
[01/06/2015 17:53:48] silentassumptions: You should rock out the alias.
[01/06/2015 17:54:54] Jared: https://www.facebook.com/groups/595138070592732/
[01/06/2015 17:55:15] Jared: Another good group. People buying and selling links, even niche-specific links.
[01/06/2015 17:59:14] Robin: go to IM, SEO , PBN marketplace
[01/06/2015 17:59:16] Robin: in fb
[01/06/2015 18:10:20 | Edited 18:10:51] Jared: I’ve started a new Skype Mastermind Group open to anyone who speaks English at a high level.

You don’t have to be a brilliant marketer to join; anyone of any level is welcome. All we ask is that you speak the English language at a high level.

Here’s the link: Skype Mastermind Group

If the tiny URL doesn’t work, here’s the Skype URI:

skype:?chat&blob=xXCY4dl_V2OhpC57TEg-LtaD6GAtE2nLt8EjXlTeqIGuawzOezirkBdhGWmjvK9BkYQ2Vj L-qrJf2J7EeaM

Thanks. We look forward to your contributions! 🙂
[01/06/2015 18:10:24] Jared: Lol
[01/06/2015 18:11:07] Jared: God, I hope we’re not bombarded with Indians and Pakis.
[01/06/2015 18:11:20] Jared: No offense to any Indians and Pakis who may already be in here.
[01/06/2015 18:29:39] silentassumptions: None takings.
[01/06/2015 18:29:43] silentassumptions: Lol
[01/06/2015 18:43:54] Jared: Lol
[01/06/2015 20:52:04] Jared: Good Inspiration . . .
[01/06/2015 20:52:15] Jared: How Bold Entrepreneurs Are Breaking $1 Million In One-Person Businesses
[01/06/2015 20:55:09] Jared: “He’s not a graduate of an elite business school. “I was a high school failure,” says Walton. “I had a 2.9 GPA.” Before starting the business, he worked in a security camera store for $11 an hour. But he was a quick study of the spy-camera business and tapped what he learned create a store that sells about 100 products he is confident his customers want.”
[01/06/2015 20:55:51] Jared: From an $11-an-hour store job, to his own self-made, one-man million-dollar business in a year.
[01/06/2015 21:06:40] Jared: In the U.S., there are over 30,000 “nonemployer” (one-man) companies that brought in $1M+ in 2014. That’s a little less than 0.1% of the population — a little less than 1 in 1,000 people. So, not all that uncommon.
[01/06/2015 21:07:23] Jared: It’s very doable if you put in the time and dedication to learn the craft, and execute it properly.
[01/06/2015 21:14:28] Jared: “And there are many more nonemployer businesses getting close to the $1 million mark. In 2013, there were 221,815 bringing in $500,000 to $999,999, a number that held steady since 2012.”
[01/06/2015 23:26:05] Jared: http://www.spyguysecurity.com/
[01/06/2015 23:26:15] Jared: $1M site. Jesus.
[01/06/2015 23:26:25] Jared: It looks like Robin designed it.
[02/06/2015 00:18:56] Jared: Robin, Deiss has a $1 trial.
[02/06/2015 00:18:58] Jared: http://www.digitalmarketer.com/lp/lab-trial/
[02/06/2015 00:19:26] Jared: 30-day access to his Digital Marketing Lab. It’ll blow Jeffreys’ shit out of the water, guaranteed.
[02/06/2015 00:20:48 | Edited 00:20:50] Jared: I have about 80% of it downloaded, but it’s over 15 gigs.
[02/06/2015 01:43:57] *** Borut Udovič joined. ***
[02/06/2015 01:54:26] *** Group call ***
[02/06/2015 03:19:04] *** Rodrigo Morais joined. ***
[02/06/2015 03:20:02] Rodrigo Morais: hi
[02/06/2015 07:26:25] *** Danny S joined. ***
[02/06/2015 08:47:06] silentassumptions: Hi to all the newcomers.
[02/06/2015 08:47:20] silentassumptions: Robin, Deiss has a $1 trial.
30-day access to his Digital Marketing Lab. It’ll blow Jeffreys’ shit out of the water, guaranteed.
[02/06/2015 08:47:48] silentassumptions: I paid for that a while ago, it’s not very useful, and you end up forgetting about it so it rolls over to a monthly subscription.
[02/06/2015 11:27:00] *** Jason@Viper joined. ***
[02/06/2015 12:02:03] Jason@Viper: What’s happening folks?
[02/06/2015 12:08:26] New York Amir: smoking a blunt
[02/06/2015 12:08:29] New York Amir: sup
[02/06/2015 12:08:42] Jason@Viper: ha ha working hard here
[02/06/2015 12:08:44] New York Amir: about to get this unbounce thing
[02/06/2015 12:08:49] New York Amir: for a high converting
[02/06/2015 12:08:52] New York Amir: landing page
[02/06/2015 12:08:55] New York Amir: for my clients product
[02/06/2015 12:08:57] New York Amir: oli gardenre
[02/06/2015 12:08:59] New York Amir: is pretty good
[02/06/2015 12:09:02] New York Amir: google him
[02/06/2015 12:09:16] New York Amir: adwords certified
[02/06/2015 12:09:22] New York Amir: oli gardener
[02/06/2015 12:09:26] Jason@Viper: (y)
[02/06/2015 12:09:28] New York Amir: selling nootropics for a client
[02/06/2015 12:09:33] New York Amir: smart pills
[02/06/2015 12:09:47] New York Amir: trying to get fully optimzla PPC conversions
[02/06/2015 12:09:53] New York Amir: then moving onto FB ads
[02/06/2015 12:10:03] New York Amir: next is campus marketing
[02/06/2015 12:10:07] New York Amir: at colleges
[02/06/2015 12:10:10] New York Amir: offline marketing
[02/06/2015 12:10:30] *** Jason@Viper has left ***
[02/06/2015 12:10:55] New York Amir: guess that was too much for him to handle
[02/06/2015 12:10:58] New York Amir: start at noob level
[02/06/2015 12:41:22] Robin: lol
[02/06/2015 14:05:20] Borut Udovič: Hi all
[02/06/2015 14:12:14] silentassumptions: Hey Borut.
[02/06/2015 14:13:02] Borut Udovič: hey, how are you?
[02/06/2015 14:14:19] silentassumptions: Not too bad thanks, how are you Borut?
[02/06/2015 14:14:32] silentassumptions: Tell us a bit about yourself, I take it you’re a webmaster?
[02/06/2015 14:15:04] Borut Udovič: I’m Borut from Slovenia. Currently working on my first TeeSpring campaing.
[02/06/2015 14:15:29] silentassumptions: What’s that about?
[02/06/2015 14:15:36] silentassumptions: I’ve never heard of TeeSpring before.
[02/06/2015 14:15:42] Borut Udovič: selling t-shirts…
[02/06/2015 14:16:02] Jared: I’ve heard of people making a mint with TeeSpring & Facebook.
[02/06/2015 14:16:11] Jared: Setting up their own little t-shirt shops.
[02/06/2015 14:16:54] Borut Udovič: yeah… you make design and you need to advertise product… It’s not that easy, but I want to learn facebook advertising… that’s why
[02/06/2015 14:18:08] Jared: Good luck, friend.
[02/06/2015 14:18:55] silentassumptions: As above ^
[02/06/2015 14:19:55] Borut Udovič: thanks, I appreciate.
[02/06/2015 14:20:31] Robin: yelloo
[02/06/2015 14:26:07] Jared: Hello.
[02/06/2015 14:31:18] Jared: I like to start my day out giving to others, so is there anything anyone in here wants or needs?
[02/06/2015 14:32:00] Robin: yes
[02/06/2015 14:32:06] Robin: i would like you to create your own product
[02/06/2015 14:32:08] Jared: No acid, Robin.
[02/06/2015 14:32:14] Jared: Not at this point in time.
[02/06/2015 14:32:15] Robin: lmao
[02/06/2015 14:32:19] Robin: okay
[02/06/2015 14:32:23] Robin: well when u can
[02/06/2015 14:32:26] Robin: make on
[02/06/2015 14:32:29] Robin: make one*
[02/06/2015 14:32:50] Jared: Like I said, it’s definitely something I’ll look into once I’m more established. There’s definitely excellent money to be made from creating your own products.
[02/06/2015 14:33:04] Jared: I’ve also heard of people buying failed products and remarketing them.
[02/06/2015 14:35:22] Jared: I’m going to share a few of my favorite books. Anyone who wants them, feel free to download them.
[02/06/2015 14:35:26] *** ***
[02/06/2015 14:35:44] *** ***
[02/06/2015 14:36:20] Borut Udovič: can’t download second book, I need to add you as friend
[02/06/2015 14:36:50] Robin: cashverttising is good
[02/06/2015 14:37:17] *** ***
[02/06/2015 14:39:13] *** ***
[02/06/2015 14:39:22] Jared: Let me find one more . . .
[02/06/2015 14:39:51] Borut Udovič: thanks
[02/06/2015 14:41:00] silentassumptions: Thanks Jared.
[02/06/2015 14:41:03 | Edited 14:41:06] Jared: Is there any area in particular anyone in here needs a good read on?
[02/06/2015 14:42:15 | Edited 14:42:29] silentassumptions: Procuring backlinks, a nice PDF to follow, preferably non-whitehat methods.
[02/06/2015 14:51:04] Jared: There’s not a lot of material available on that.
[02/06/2015 14:55:00] Jared: 1. Automated Link Building (GSA, etc.)
2. SAPE Links (hackers who have access to many powerful sites and can drop a link for a monthly fee)
3. PBN (network of sites you [secretly] own and use to prop each other, and other sites, up)
4. Paid Guest Blogging (you pay a fee and [usually, but not always] provide the content; they post it)

One method I’ve discovered recently, that I plan on doing myself, is Scritty’s greyhat method: http://www.demondemon.com/members/effective-link-building-after-penguin-2-1/
[02/06/2015 14:56:49] Jared: It’s aggressive link building, in a GSA fashion, only you do it manually and make sure to stick to quality sites, preferably niche-relevant. You write your own content as you go, usually no more than a few hundred words.
[02/06/2015 14:57:03] Jared: He says he can get 8-10 authority links in a single morning with this method.
[02/06/2015 14:58:25] Jared: 40-70 authority links a week is going to give you some very nice rankings, dependng on the competition level.
[02/06/2015 14:59:50] *** Farhan Shah joined. ***
[02/06/2015 15:01:17] Farhan Shah: Hello Everyone, This is Farhan Shah, Looking to join the mastermind group. Sourced it from WF.
[02/06/2015 15:02:29] Robin: welcome
[02/06/2015 15:02:57] Farhan Shah: How this works Robin?
[02/06/2015 15:03:31] Robin: Ask Jared
[02/06/2015 15:03:46] Robin: :p
[02/06/2015 15:03:50] silentassumptions: It’s networking, there’s nothing as such that “works” here.
[02/06/2015 15:03:58] silentassumptions: It’s just good to have a gathering of internet marketers in one room.
[02/06/2015 15:04:04] Robin: right
[02/06/2015 15:04:12 | Edited 15:05:58] silentassumptions: People can come up with ideas all the time, and it would be good to leverage such contacts.
[02/06/2015 15:05:00] silentassumptions: I had a thought of creating a PBN amongst us. For example, content is king in SEO and thus to compete for competitive keywords, we all need blogs. Blogs need to incorporate contextual links, i.e. links to other sites.

In that sense, we can exchange links between our network of sites, based on relevance, DA, and what not.
[02/06/2015 15:05:01] Farhan Shah: Cool. This is Farhan recently founded a non profit “Empower Pakistan”. My core skills and Twitter marketing specifically for B2B. Let me know if I can be of any help.
[02/06/2015 15:05:43] silentassumptions: Cool, cheers Farhan, wasalam aliekum.
[02/06/2015 15:17:28] Jared: You can use Screaming Frog, Scrapebox, or specially-designed programs to scrape the web for expired domains. You can find some real gems that have slipped through the cracks, that can be registered for a normal registration fee. A good way to build up a PBN for less money (although more time and effort), or if you’re just building a single website, to get a good headstart on it.
[02/06/2015 15:18:13] *** Farhan Shah added khurram jamil, salman baig ***
[02/06/2015 15:18:25] *** Farhan Shah added Syed Irfan ***
[02/06/2015 15:18:27] silentassumptions: Jared, can I schedule some time with you over the weekend for a over the shoulder tutorial with Screaming Frog & Scrapebox to find expired domains?
[02/06/2015 15:18:46] Jared: No, no you can not.
[02/06/2015 15:18:56] Jared: Lol
[02/06/2015 15:19:12] silentassumptions: 😥
[02/06/2015 15:19:15] Jared: Sure, if I’m free. I can also use Camstasia to record a video, which might be easier.
[02/06/2015 15:19:49] silentassumptions: I’ll do it with you as I’m sure I’d have questions at some point, I’ll be really grateful.

Anything that comes from me building a PBN will be in your benefit too as I’ll let you post links to your money sites at any time.
[02/06/2015 15:20:23] silentassumptions: Jared’s websites get penalised
[02/06/2015 15:20:35] Jared: Lol
[02/06/2015 15:20:52] Jared: If you’re going to build a PBN, just do it very slowly, and very carefully.
[02/06/2015 15:20:59] Jared: It’s too important to rush.
[02/06/2015 15:21:09] Borut Udovič: PBN is dead
[02/06/2015 15:21:19] silentassumptions: Absolutely, the setup is quite intricate.
[02/06/2015 15:21:26] silentassumptions: Borut, that’s controversial, what makes you think so?
[02/06/2015 15:21:45] Borut Udovič: haha I don’t have a clue, sorry. I was just reading some posts about that.
[02/06/2015 15:21:49] Jared: Google did a crackdown on PBN’s a while back and a lot of big timers got slapped.
[02/06/2015 15:22:03] Jared: You just have to be extra careful with setting them up.
[02/06/2015 15:22:19] Jared: Don’t let Google sniff you out.
[02/06/2015 15:22:48] silentassumptions: Lol Borut.
[02/06/2015 15:23:04] silentassumptions: Yeah, absolutely, but the crackdown was on a massive scale.
[02/06/2015 15:23:07] silentassumptions: E.g. Build My Rank
[02/06/2015 15:23:12] silentassumptions: Where 1000’s of sites were interlinking.
[02/06/2015 15:23:35] silentassumptions: This is a small time operation. Some Tier 1’s will overlap but the Tier 2’s will be completely different.
[02/06/2015 15:23:43] silentassumptions: Google says it’s okay to link your websites in moderation.
[02/06/2015 15:24:05] silentassumptions: PBN’s are the most effective way of generating exposure in SEO, in my opinion, this is studying hundreds of linking profiles in my line of work and appreciating that people leverage this.
[02/06/2015 15:24:13] silentassumptions: One notable example that some people in here could relate to is chat-avenue.com
[02/06/2015 15:28:08] Borut Udovič: interesting, I’m not really doing SEO. I know like basics, I’ve done some SEO for one website ranked second for custom furniture and 4 more keywords in my country. But that was quite easy.
[02/06/2015 15:29:46] Borut Udovič: I know that SEO is not easy.. for example to be ranked #1 on furniture is hard for sure.
[02/06/2015 15:30:34] Jared: Silent, people have pointed out the hypocrisy of Google, when there are several “brands” that interlink their websites. For example, large media corporations will often interlink their TV networks’ websites, i.e., ESPN, Disney Channel, ABC, etc.
[02/06/2015 15:40:09] silentassumptions: That’s right, Borut, SEO isn’t easy though, certainly, if mastered, you can make unfathomable money from it.
[02/06/2015 15:40:18] silentassumptions: Indeed it’s a great skillset because you can market anything through it.
[02/06/2015 15:40:49] silentassumptions: Jared, yes, that’s probably what compelled Matt Cutts to come out with one of his short clips where he says it’s okay to link sites together as long as you don’t go overboard.
[02/06/2015 15:41:02] silentassumptions: But it’s pretty obvious when something is organic and when it isn’t.
[02/06/2015 15:41:28] silentassumptions: Large Media Corporations need to link out to their subsets, but you can be assured they’re not linking to 50 other websites that share a very similar linking profile.
[02/06/2015 15:46:04] Borut Udovič: My goal currently is to sell 10 T-shirts on TeeSpring
[02/06/2015 15:47:44] Jared: It’s a good first goal.
[02/06/2015 15:48:00] Jared: From 10, to 100, to 1,000.
[02/06/2015 15:48:33] silentassumptions: From 10, to 100, to 1,000, to exploiting Indians in a warehouse.
[02/06/2015 15:48:33] silentassumptions: (y)
[02/06/2015 15:48:46] Borut Udovič: haha, I don’t know… But I’m little “scared”. Today I need to send money to my paypal, because I don’t have allot of money on paypal.
[02/06/2015 15:49:17] Borut Udovič: hehe… we’ll see, first time doing FB advertising.
[02/06/2015 15:51:03] Borut Udovič: Here’s the add : http://puu.sh/i9Gl6/0e12f5def7.jpg (I blured t-shirt). What do you think?
[02/06/2015 15:56:13] Jared: TeeInspector Course + Tee Profit Spy + Tee Marketing
[02/06/2015 15:56:32] Robin: i wouldn’t say that you would make a lot of sales with that ad
[02/06/2015 15:56:34] Robin: its ok
[02/06/2015 15:56:36] Robin: just being honest
[02/06/2015 15:56:46] Robin: you need some sorta hook
[02/06/2015 15:56:50] Robin: like a really cool t shirt
[02/06/2015 15:56:57] Jared: What did you use to create the ad, Borut?
[02/06/2015 15:56:57] Robin: and not blur it out
[02/06/2015 15:57:13] Jared: I’m pretty sure the actual ad isn’t blurred out, lol.
[02/06/2015 15:57:18] Borut Udovič: I blured it… here I don’t want to show what it is..
[02/06/2015 15:57:24] Borut Udovič: actual ad isn’t blurred
[02/06/2015 15:57:29] Jared: Robin is a bit . . . slow.
[02/06/2015 15:57:45] Borut Udovič: I used Adobe Photoshop…
[02/06/2015 15:57:58] Borut Udovič: But it’s not black behind it’s red border
[02/06/2015 15:58:10] Borut Udovič: black is background of Photoshop*
[02/06/2015 15:58:51] Borut Udovič: I’m downloading what you send. Thank you
[02/06/2015 16:03:59] Borut Udovič: So yeah when they click on add the description will be :

This XY SHIRT is our best seller for a reason. Relaxed, tailored and ultra-comfortable.

Wear it Proud, Wear it Loud!

IMPORTANT: This Ends Jun 11th, So don’t miss out on a Limited Edition Tee! NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES **

1. Select your style and color.
2. Click “Buy it Now”
3. Select size and quantity.
TIP: Order two or more to save money on shipping.
Order with friends or just buy a shirt for a good friend.
4. Enter shipping and billing information.
5. Boom! “That was easy”

Guaranteed safe and secure checkout via:
Need Help Ordering?
Call Support 1-855-833-7774
Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
Email: support@teespring.com
[02/06/2015 16:07:10] Borut Udovič: so what do you think guys? Is it okay?
[02/06/2015 16:08:07] Jared: None of us have really done much with Facebook Ads, so we can’t say much.
[02/06/2015 16:08:09] silentassumptions: It’s nice man.
[02/06/2015 16:08:24] Jared: To me, the ad looks okay. Nothing great, but I’ve seen worst.
[02/06/2015 16:08:42] silentassumptions: I was being polite to be fair, I should avoid that.
[02/06/2015 16:08:45] silentassumptions: Jared’s comment over mine.
[02/06/2015 16:08:54] Jared: I would think using an actual person wearing the t-shirt would be better, if possible.
[02/06/2015 16:09:10] silentassumptions: Jared will offer to model for the right price.
[02/06/2015 16:09:21] Borut Udovič: you mean like buying on photodune stock photo?
[02/06/2015 16:09:27] Jared: I know there are Photohop t-shirt PSD’s, where you can just edit the t-shirt design and keep the person.
[02/06/2015 16:09:34] silentassumptions: Borut, you can use action files that create realistic mock ups.
[02/06/2015 16:09:51] silentassumptions: Have a look at GraphicRiver.net, and search for T-shirt mockup.
[02/06/2015 16:09:57] Borut Udovič: yeah, I know… So it would look more real by using real person, interesting
[02/06/2015 16:10:07] Jared: https://d3ui957tjb5bqd.cloudfront.net/images/screenshots/products/45/458/458384/bg3-f.png?1429827116
[02/06/2015 16:10:09] Borut Udovič: actually I agree
[02/06/2015 16:10:18] silentassumptions: It’s better marketing, mannequins wouldn’t exist if they wasn’t effective.
[02/06/2015 16:10:21] Jared: https://0.s3.envato.com/files/61611933/preview.jpg
[02/06/2015 16:10:45] Jared: http://bestblackhatforum.com/Forum-Design-Templates-Themes
[02/06/2015 16:10:53] Jared: You can find a lot of stuff there, Borut.
[02/06/2015 16:11:31] Jared: I mean, if you want it for free. If you have the cash, just find the one you like best and buy it.
[02/06/2015 16:11:52] Borut Udovič: I don’t have, I usually when I have money… support the author.
[02/06/2015 16:12:43] Borut Udovič: thanks, I’ll look at some t-shirt mockups
[02/06/2015 16:20:17] Robin: can someone create a logo for me
[02/06/2015 16:21:38] silentassumptions: $$$ ?
[02/06/2015 16:22:03] silentassumptions: I’m sure Jared could knock up something nice for $50
[02/06/2015 16:22:16] Borut Udovič: I can make logo for 50$
[02/06/2015 16:22:30] Robin: fuck u
[02/06/2015 16:22:33] Robin: ill get a good one from fiverr
[02/06/2015 16:22:36] Robin: for a fiver
[02/06/2015 16:22:43] Borut Udovič: watch your words.
[02/06/2015 16:22:53] Robin: lol
[02/06/2015 16:22:55] Borut Udovič: Yeah stolen logo
[02/06/2015 16:23:00] Robin: sry didn’t mean to offend u
[02/06/2015 16:23:10] Robin: i actually should have my own logo here somewhere
[02/06/2015 16:23:12] Borut Udovič: I was graphic designer… but I hate people like you
[02/06/2015 16:23:17] Robin: oh rly
[02/06/2015 16:23:22] Borut Udovič: respect designers
[02/06/2015 16:23:27] Robin: did i offend u
[02/06/2015 16:23:30] Borut Udovič: logo is not even 50$
[02/06/2015 16:23:34] Robin: dude id love to pay 50
[02/06/2015 16:23:40] Robin: the thing is i don’t have that much money
[02/06/2015 16:23:48] Borut Udovič: but I can make a logo for 5$ I’ll steal it from internet
[02/06/2015 16:23:56] Robin: i know free logo sites
[02/06/2015 16:23:59] Borut Udovič: do you think that people actually do logo for 5$ haha
[02/06/2015 16:24:06] Robin: yeah indians too
[02/06/2015 16:24:12] Robin: I’ve used fiver many times
[02/06/2015 16:24:14] Borut Udovič: http://justcreative.com/2008/05/22/why-logo-design-does-not-cost-5-dollars/
[02/06/2015 16:24:26] Borut Udovič: https://medium.com/@sachagreif/in-the-past-couple-years-startups-have-started-realizing-that-good-design-can-make-the-difference-2fdeb90d390a
[02/06/2015 16:24:40] Robin: whateva
[02/06/2015 16:24:48] Robin: i ve got a good logo many times
[02/06/2015 16:24:54] Robin: look at http://www.happycondoms.net
[02/06/2015 16:24:59] silentassumptions: Borut makes a point.
[02/06/2015 16:25:41] Borut Udovič: I heard that someone from warrior forum needed to take down 10 sites because the company sued him… He get his logos for 5$
[02/06/2015 16:25:44] Robin: that logo is good for a giver
[02/06/2015 16:25:59] Robin: lmao
[02/06/2015 16:26:02] Robin: poor guy
[02/06/2015 16:26:56] silentassumptions: Borut, don’t worry, Robin and I have known each other for a while. When he says fuck off, he’s being social.
[02/06/2015 16:27:58] Borut Udovič: yeah, yeah … it’s okay. But respect designers. I know that for 5$ you can’t get L from Logo.
[02/06/2015 16:28:21] silentassumptions: True ^
[02/06/2015 16:28:52] Borut Udovič: they don’t even know (aka calling themselves “designers”) what vector is most of the time;)
[02/06/2015 16:29:12] Robin: bout make me a logo
[02/06/2015 16:29:17] Robin: I will give you a free ebook
[02/06/2015 16:29:19] Robin: you can sell
[02/06/2015 16:29:24] Robin: or give away for free for emails
[02/06/2015 16:29:31] Borut Udovič: I don’t need it, sorry.
[02/06/2015 16:29:36] Robin: okay
[02/06/2015 16:29:40] Robin: in any niche
[02/06/2015 16:29:53] Robin: building an email list is a big asset
[02/06/2015 16:29:55] Robin: good asset
[02/06/2015 16:29:57] Borut Udovič: I’m just not working for free.
[02/06/2015 16:30:09] Robin: i wouldnt either
[02/06/2015 16:30:18] Robin: but I’m giving you MRR PLR rights ebook
[02/06/2015 16:30:21] Robin: Master resale right
[02/06/2015 16:30:26] Robin: and private label rights
[02/06/2015 16:30:36] Borut Udovič: what book?
[02/06/2015 16:30:46] Borut Udovič: what’s about?
[02/06/2015 16:30:47] Robin: just say a niche
[02/06/2015 16:30:52] Robin: what kind of book u want
[02/06/2015 16:30:59] Borut Udovič: none 😀
[02/06/2015 16:31:03] Robin: okay
[02/06/2015 16:31:12] Robin: u can buy PLR books for less than 5 bucks
[02/06/2015 16:31:17] Robin: and sell them yourself
[02/06/2015 16:31:17] Borut Udovič: sorry, but I don’t want that kind…
[02/06/2015 16:31:20] Robin: 😀
[02/06/2015 16:31:22] Borut Udovič: I know
[02/06/2015 16:31:42] Borut Udovič: PLR books are not that good, make some effor learn, be the best in niche.
[02/06/2015 16:31:49] Robin: I am
[02/06/2015 16:31:51] Borut Udovič: that’s what I think sales the best
[02/06/2015 16:31:55] Borut Udovič: in which?
[02/06/2015 16:32:01] Robin: new age / spirituality
[02/06/2015 16:32:10] Borut Udovič: what the hell is that? 🙂
[02/06/2015 16:32:17] Новый Человек: What’s the best place to outsource web design?
[02/06/2015 16:32:19] Robin: a niche
[02/06/2015 16:32:24] Новый Человек: It will be relatively simple web design.
[02/06/2015 16:32:29] Borut Udovič: the best place is me
[02/06/2015 16:32:40] Новый Человек: No complicated features and I will have a basic template with all the content already provided.
[02/06/2015 16:32:55] Borut Udovič: price?
[02/06/2015 16:33:34] Borut Udovič: Robin, I know it’s niche
[02/06/2015 16:34:31] Borut Udovič: so do you have a landing page or anything like that?’
[02/06/2015 16:41:24] silentassumptions: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/seo-link-building/524532-safer-stronger-faster-rankings-high-google-page-ranking-solutions-evolved-high-google-page-ranking-pa-da-cf-tf-links.html
[02/06/2015 16:41:29] silentassumptions: Has anyone reviewed this properly?
[02/06/2015 16:41:53] silentassumptions: A testimonial from here would give me 10x more reassurance than the ones that rack up on the bottom of these threads.
[02/06/2015 17:20:27] Borut Udovič: what are some good ways to get email – optins?
[02/06/2015 17:23:57] Jared: 1. Prominent opt-in forms — pop-up, top bar, bottom of posts — all at once,
2. A great lead magnet — something quick and easy that will give people instant benefits if they opt-in.
3. Good traffic flow — preferably targeted traffic, and people who aren’t afraid to buy.
[02/06/2015 17:24:02] Jared: That’s it, really.
[02/06/2015 17:24:23] Borut Udovič: what about traffic?
[02/06/2015 17:24:29] Borut Udovič: facebook advertising or SEO?
[02/06/2015 17:24:47] Jared: Bring them in, give them a good reason to opt-in, and make opting in as physically easy as possible.
[02/06/2015 17:24:51] Jared: Yeah
[02/06/2015 17:25:05] Jared: PPC is the easiest if you have the money for it.
[02/06/2015 17:25:19] Jared: SEO takes time but has a huge payoff if done properly.
[02/06/2015 17:25:24] Jared: Traffic leaks is another way.
[02/06/2015 17:25:42] Borut Udovič: how’s with giveaways?
[02/06/2015 17:25:49] Borut Udovič: giveaway – landing page
[02/06/2015 17:25:56] Jared: Go to sites that already cater to the type of traffic you want, and try to find ways to funnel that site’s traffic into your own site.
[02/06/2015 17:26:06] Jared: Comments work good.
[02/06/2015 17:26:11] Jared: Forums.
[02/06/2015 17:26:18] Borut Udovič: that takes so much time :/
[02/06/2015 17:26:22] Jared: Drive people from niche-relevant forums to your site.
[02/06/2015 17:26:30] Jared: Robin v2.0
[02/06/2015 17:26:31] Borut Udovič: I’ve got site with 2000 likes on FB
[02/06/2015 17:26:33] Jared: Lol.
[02/06/2015 17:26:49] Jared: That’s a great start.
[02/06/2015 17:26:51] Borut Udovič: zero advertising
[02/06/2015 17:27:00] Jared: Get those people sharing your stuff to bring in added exposure.
[02/06/2015 17:27:09] Jared: Ask them to share it.
[02/06/2015 17:27:11] Borut Udovič: Check it out : https://www.facebook.com/photoshop4creative?fref=ts
[02/06/2015 17:27:20] Borut Udovič: 1,354 post reach this week
[02/06/2015 17:29:39] Jared: Create a squeeze page on your website, and bring those Facebook users to it and get them to opt-in with a good lead magnet. A good lead magnet would be something short, sweet, with very specific benefits that can be gained quickly. Being want instant gratification. If they’re gonna take the time to opt-in to your email, they want a pay off right then and there.
[02/06/2015 17:30:08] Jared: There’s also a Facebook App that allows you to embed opt-in forms on your Facebook Page, but I’ve never had much luck with it.
[02/06/2015 17:30:20] Borut Udovič: I’ve got that opt-in
[02/06/2015 17:30:23] Borut Udovič: inside fb
[02/06/2015 17:30:33] Borut Udovič: https://www.facebook.com/photoshop4creative?sk=app_190322544333196&app_data=visitor_mode
[02/06/2015 17:30:51] Robin: create a squeeze page
[02/06/2015 17:30:55] Robin: give them a free ebook
[02/06/2015 17:31:21] Borut Udovič: what after that? What could I sell? hmm
[02/06/2015 17:31:54] Robin: create your own product
[02/06/2015 17:32:14] Borut Udovič: yeah I thought same – how to promote yourself as designer
[02/06/2015 17:32:32] Borut Udovič: or something like that, I’ve got some experiences with that
[02/06/2015 17:33:33] Jared: A method Ryan Deiss uses is called the tripwire. He offers his visitors a really great deal — something too good to pass up. These deals get a high conversion rate. The reason he does this is, once somebody buys something from you, the chances of them buying in the future skyrocket vs. somebody who’s never bought from you before.

Basically, the tripwire offer is just a tactic to turn visitors into customers, which he hopes to turn into long-term repeat customers.
[02/06/2015 17:34:05] *** ***
[02/06/2015 17:34:06] *** ***
[02/06/2015 17:34:17] Jared: A couple of good little charts.
[02/06/2015 17:34:33] Borut Udovič: thanks
[02/06/2015 17:34:40] Robin: i got my first product ready!!!!
[02/06/2015 17:34:45] Robin: just uploading it to the members area
[02/06/2015 17:35:28] Borut Udovič: so It would be like -> landing page -> free-ebook samples -> ebook + video tutorials selling
[02/06/2015 17:36:45] Borut Udovič: nice *Robin
[02/06/2015 17:36:48] Robin: Jared do you know how you can upload big video files on wordpress
[02/06/2015 17:37:00] Robin: seems like the file uploader is restricted to 64mb
[02/06/2015 17:37:06] Jared: 1. Bring People In (SEO, PPC, whatever)
2. Come up with a great lead magnet to get them on your list
3. Send them a tripwire offer — a too-good-to-say-no offer — to turn them into customers.
4. Offer them your higher-priced product — they’ve bought before, they’re ready to buy again.
5. Toss in some extras — upsells — to milk them of even more of their money.
[02/06/2015 17:37:28] Jared: Robin, your upload limit is determined by your host’s PHP settings.
[02/06/2015 17:37:30] Robin: yeh thats what Alex Jeffreys does
[02/06/2015 17:37:37] Robin: how can i change that
[02/06/2015 17:37:44] Jared: Is it shared hosting or what?
[02/06/2015 17:37:47] Borut Udovič: What is tripwire offer?
[02/06/2015 17:37:48] Robin: yes
[02/06/2015 17:37:53] Robin: do i need to get private
[02/06/2015 17:37:54] Robin: fuck
[02/06/2015 17:37:55] Jared: [02 June 2015 17:37] Jared:

<<< a too-good-to-say-no offer
[02/06/2015 17:37:59] Robin: this sucks
[02/06/2015 17:38:17] Borut Udovič: but I want to make own product – like trip wire (with count-down special price)
[02/06/2015 17:38:20] Jared: Robin, just upload it on YouTube or somewhere and embed the video onto your site.
[02/06/2015 17:38:22] Borut Udovič: Robin…
[02/06/2015 17:38:31] Jared: You don’t need to host it on your site, do you?
[02/06/2015 17:38:33] Borut Udovič: upload it on youte and make it private
[02/06/2015 17:38:38] Borut Udovič: youtube*
[02/06/2015 17:39:05] Borut Udovič: but even if it’s private it’s sharable.
[02/06/2015 17:39:11] Robin: nah i can upload the files in small pars
[02/06/2015 17:39:27] Robin: well they can download all the products on the members are
[02/06/2015 17:39:29] Robin: area
[02/06/2015 17:39:36] Robin: now i gotta start creating membership products
[02/06/2015 17:39:43] Robin: to get a monthly recurring payment from my customers
[02/06/2015 17:40:40] Jared: Robin, if it’s something you want hosted on your site and you want your members to download, just upload it via FTP, not through WordPress.
[02/06/2015 17:41:00] Robin: okay
[02/06/2015 17:41:24] Robin: is amir doing any work anymore?
[02/06/2015 17:41:52] Jared: Borut, make your tripwire offer something good and affordable. The goal is to turn as many people as possible into customers. Once someone makes that first buy from you, the chances of future buys skyrockets.
[02/06/2015 17:42:32] Jared: Ryan Deiss will sometimes sell the tripwire offer at a loss just because he knows he’s going to make up for it many times over when the buyers come back for more.
[02/06/2015 17:43:46] Borut Udovič: nice, but what about option #2 – make a monthly fee for example ebook free for emails sure, after that ebook full pages for 5$ after that -> monthly fee for videos for only 4,95$
[02/06/2015 17:44:06] Jared: . . . what?
[02/06/2015 17:44:20] Borut Udovič: I’ll explain.. sorry I was writing way too fast:)
[02/06/2015 17:45:31] Jared: You’re just moving people down the funnel, Borut. Give them a little of something good for free or for cheap, with the promise of much more if they pay up.
[02/06/2015 17:45:58] Borut Udovič: They optin for email first… they’ll get first email thank you + download e-book. Second mail would be for 5$ e-book purchase… after that if they would purchase the e-book they’ll get after several weeks new offer for monthly fee for video tutorials example 9,95$ / month
[02/06/2015 17:46:12] Jared: It’s just like a movie trailer. Show them snippets of the movie to pique their interest, then get their cash by drawing them into the theater for the full film.
[02/06/2015 17:46:49] Jared: Yeah, just don’t overdo it with the sales letters.
[02/06/2015 17:47:48] Jared: I have a really good video course on emails if you want it. Also, The Invisible Machine book I sent earlier covers pretty much every question you have or will have.
[02/06/2015 17:48:19] Borut Udovič: yeah you can send it. Damn this teespring campaing is still downloading
[02/06/2015 17:49:16] Borut Udovič: 2.2 GB already downloaded… I think something is wrong with that http://puu.sh/i9NuM/7ddfed9ab5.png
[02/06/2015 17:54:15] Jared: Yeah, the Machine course is 16GB. Too big (uzr).
[02/06/2015 17:54:18] *** ***
[02/06/2015 17:54:51] Jared: Look at that idea. Rather than guest blogging on others sites, get people to guest blog on yours.
[02/06/2015 17:55:18] Borut Udovič: I don’t have site
[02/06/2015 17:55:33] Jared: Even if you have to pay a little for it. It’s content, and — depending on their popularity (Twitter followers, etc.) — it’s good traffic and exposure.
[02/06/2015 17:55:38] Jared: What? I thought you had a site?
[02/06/2015 17:55:52] Borut Udovič: no only facebook page. I wanted to make… before
[02/06/2015 17:56:33] Borut Udovič: but I just kept adding on facebook interesting links and infos… I get daily to 10-30 likes that’s why I didn’t stopped…
[02/06/2015 17:58:10] Jared: It’s growing nice, so definitely don’t stop, but, you should add a site.
[02/06/2015 17:58:42] Jared: You never want to rely solely on a third-party for traffic. You want total control of it.
[02/06/2015 17:58:52] Borut Udovič: I know… but I don’t have time:/ I’ve got so much other things to do
[02/06/2015 17:58:55] Jared: I would build a site and then funnel that Facebook to it.
[02/06/2015 17:59:07] Borut Udovič: I need to finish at least middle school;)
[02/06/2015 17:59:32] Borut Udovič: 2 months left hehe
[02/06/2015 18:02:02] Robin: how old ru ?
[02/06/2015 18:02:10] Borut Udovič: 18
[02/06/2015 18:02:14] Robin: cool
[02/06/2015 18:02:21] Robin: good age to start internet marketing
[02/06/2015 18:02:30] Borut Udovič: I started haha at 15
[02/06/2015 18:02:36] Borut Udovič: but with graphic design
[02/06/2015 18:02:38] Robin: thats cool
[02/06/2015 18:02:46] Robin: i started little bit over a year ago
[02/06/2015 18:02:53] Robin: im 23 now
[02/06/2015 18:02:54] Borut Udovič: My first job… hmm I don’t know was on elance I think
[02/06/2015 18:03:03] Robin: cool
[02/06/2015 18:03:59] Borut Udovič: yeah I was “hooked” into that and I still am.
[02/06/2015 18:04:24] Borut Udovič: I really like doing this, but sometimes I just want to do 10 things at once
[02/06/2015 18:04:52] Borut Udovič: … that’s why I made #1 goal TeeSpring 10 sales
[02/06/2015 18:05:31] Borut Udovič: so Robin… do you get any income?
[02/06/2015 18:14:30] Robin: not at the moment
[02/06/2015 18:14:41] Robin: but soon i will
[02/06/2015 18:14:46] Robin: i got 3 product launches coming
[02/06/2015 18:14:47] Borut Udovič: you will, soon. But it takes time
[02/06/2015 18:14:54] Robin: yeah
[02/06/2015 18:14:54] Borut Udovič: really? nice
[02/06/2015 18:14:56] Robin: I’m almost there
[02/06/2015 18:14:57] Robin: yeah
[02/06/2015 18:14:58] Robin: 🙂
[02/06/2015 19:53:29] silentassumptions: Would 1TB bandwidth for a server take on a site that averages out 50,000 hits a month? Very little data would be downloaded from the site.
[02/06/2015 20:45:31] Jared: What’s the math?
[02/06/2015 20:47:12] Jared: A giga is 1,024 megabytes, and a tera is 1,024 giga bytes, so a tera would be 1,048,576 megabytes.
[02/06/2015 20:47:49] Jared: That’s about 21MB of data per each hit — should be fine.
[02/06/2015 21:36:42] Robin: jared is coding in drug language
[02/06/2015 21:36:52] Robin: calculating the money he’s gonna get from his kilo of cocaine
[02/06/2015 22:21:43] *** ***
[02/06/2015 22:29:08] Jared: Borat, if you’re interested in going into email marketing, this is worth watching.

Ryan Deiss – The Machine
Link 1: https://mega.co.nz/#!hQ8lGbyA!fktzfjGNN7SX-8lkNRLkICWD1D03f4Ym3UrRo3Q3Uyw
Link 2: https://www.copy.com/s/t%3AJzIgl797wbQkj441%3Bp%3A%252FRD-TM-full
[02/06/2015 22:29:27] Jared: That’s the same course on both links. I’m not sure which is faster.
[02/06/2015 22:30:25] Jared: He’s very good. His teams sent out over half a BILLION emails over the past year, and they do a lot of testing, so they know their stuff.
[02/06/2015 22:31:03] Jared: He’ll tell you exactly how to approach your audience, how to segment them, the exact number of times you should email them (around 5x a week, I believe), etc.
[02/06/2015 22:31:11] Borut Udovič: Borut!
[02/06/2015 22:31:16] Jared: Sorry.
[02/06/2015 22:31:30] Borut Udovič: dude
[02/06/2015 22:31:36] Borut Udovič: I was downloading teespring
[02/06/2015 22:31:50] Borut Udovič: and it was loading 3GB for more than 2 hours, than failed to load -_-
[02/06/2015 22:33:04] Jared: No idea.
[02/06/2015 22:33:16] Jared: Probably your connection. Slovenia . . . yikes.
[02/06/2015 22:33:18] Jared: No offense.
[02/06/2015 22:33:30] Borut Udovič: nope It’s like 10Mbs
[02/06/2015 22:46:48] Borut Udovič: 240 Kb/s download speed, 😐
[02/06/2015 22:47:35] Borut Udovič: mega.co’s got 1000kb/s works good
[03/06/2015 00:30:43] Jared: http://www.wickedfire.com/shooting-the-shit/183775-do-you-block-chinese-traffic.html
[03/06/2015 00:31:01] Jared: These guys block off all of China. One blocks off all of Asia, bar Japan.
[03/06/2015 00:31:41] Jared: A huge percentage of spam is from Asia, especially China, and have you ever had any conversions from China? Probably not.
[03/06/2015 00:31:53] Jared: They’re pretty much entirely a negative.
[03/06/2015 00:52:17 | Edited 00:53:09] Jared: LIFETIME ACCESS TO LYNDA.COM

1. http://jabberwock.slq.qld.gov.au/lynda/lynda_ipswich/login.asp

2. Enter one of the below codes:


3. Enter and sign up for a new Lynda.com account.

4. You’re done. Log in here anytime: https://wwwlyndacom.ezystate.slq.qld.gov.au/Login/
[03/06/2015 01:16:10] Jared: Lynda.com is full great info; tons of course on almost everything, and they’re structured in an easily-digestable way: chapters, which short, specific videos making up each chapter.
[03/06/2015 01:17:18] Jared: I just clicked on a course called The Science of Sales, and the very first chapter is all about trust.
[03/06/2015 01:18:08] Jared: You can’t sell without trust, hence why random emails almost never work.
[03/06/2015 01:18:34] Jared: Random emails proposing business transactions are shady as hell.
[03/06/2015 05:31:30] Jared: One, Tiny Change, 91% Increase In Conversions https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CBNNXdNXEAAjuHj.png
[03/06/2015 05:33:45 | Edited 05:33:53] Jared: Remember: Landing pages need to be distraction-free. You need one goal, and everything on the page, whether text or image, should be helping to persuade your visitor towards that goal. No outside directions. No non-goal-oriented links for them to click on and wander off.
[03/06/2015 06:36:27] Borut Udovič: thanks Jared 😉
[03/06/2015 08:51:41] silentassumptions: The Chronicles of Jared.
[03/06/2015 08:59:37] Robin: he really should make a product
[03/06/2015 08:59:44] Robin: he could make a membership site
[03/06/2015 09:02:07] silentassumptions: Does anyone have the downloaded copy of Jared’s SEO Cheat Sheet?
[03/06/2015 09:02:21] Robin: http://petersims.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/littlebets1.pdf
[03/06/2015 09:02:25] Robin: Jared, you would love this book
[03/06/2015 09:02:29] Robin: if you haven’t read it already
[03/06/2015 09:02:33] Robin: silent too
[03/06/2015 09:02:35] Robin: and Amir
[03/06/2015 11:21:21] New York Amir: robin i read more shit
[03/06/2015 11:21:27] New York Amir: than you wiped your ass with
[03/06/2015 13:40:57] silentassumptions: Lol
[03/06/2015 15:18:58] Jared: https://whichtestwon.com/test/never-enough-or-way-too-many/
[03/06/2015 15:22:51] Jared: The SEO Cheat Sheet was just a thing from Moz with different whitehat best practices.
[03/06/2015 15:23:41] *** ***
[03/06/2015 15:43:25] Farhan Shah: Hello, I need help. I am not sure if this is something very relevent but if someone can help.
[03/06/2015 15:44:25] Farhan Shah: I have a great team specialize in SEO based out of Pakistan. We have been working on our own niche sites. Now looking to provide SEO services to other businesses.
[03/06/2015 15:44:54] Farhan Shah: Any ideas on how to get promote to small businesses?
[03/06/2015 15:45:30] Run_good_Brah: Hello.
[03/06/2015 15:45:31] Borut Udovič: If you know SEO so well make website and optimize it..
[03/06/2015 15:45:39] Run_good_Brah: Busy in here.
[03/06/2015 16:15:24 | Edited 16:15:45] Jared: I’ve snatched up http://UKChatters.net — it’s just sitting on a doctored-up Tumblr page right now, but I may expand on it later on. The UKChatters brand name actually gets 22,000+ searches a month, with very little competition. Even UKChatters itself isn’t very strong. I’m sure I could overtake the #1 spot with quality spam. Throw in the UKChatterbox keywords, and it’s a nice monthly intake that could build up in a hurry.
[03/06/2015 16:19:59] silentassumptions: LOL
[03/06/2015 16:20:01] silentassumptions: Nice.
[03/06/2015 16:21:08] Jared: Remember when the cocksucker snatched up the Ayesl domain?
[03/06/2015 16:21:27] Jared: I think I’m going to use GSA and try to knock his site off of the top spot.
[03/06/2015 16:29:32] silentassumptions: Yup.
[03/06/2015 16:29:39] silentassumptions: Good shout.
[03/06/2015 16:29:41] silentassumptions: Do it.
[03/06/2015 16:30:02] silentassumptions: When it’s at the piont of tippling, offer to clean up his link profile 😉
[03/06/2015 16:31:23] Jared: I snuck a peak at his site in Majestic. It looks like someone’s already tried to hit them with negative SEO. A good chunk of his anchor text is things like “xxx porn,” “tranny sex,” etc.
[03/06/2015 16:31:45] Jared: Also, the TF is 4 and CF is 23 — a horrific ratio.
[03/06/2015 16:31:53] Borut Udovič: why would you even do that? Make own good quality site:)
[03/06/2015 16:33:05] Jared: The site’s clearly been spammed, both positively and negatively. I’m surprised it’s not yet been slapped it’s so blatant. A quality spam campaign would knock it down to #2, I’m sure.
[03/06/2015 16:33:54] silentassumptions: It’s fair game.
[03/06/2015 16:34:17] silentassumptions: I’d black hat a competitor if I had to.
[03/06/2015 16:34:17] Jared: Borat, I don’t mean negative SEOing his site, I mean spamming my site to surpass his. He can still have spot #2, just not spot #1. 🙂
[03/06/2015 16:35:12] Borut Udovič: Borut ass*ole
[03/06/2015 16:35:17] Borut Udovič: I already said
[03/06/2015 16:35:53] Borut Udovič: borUt!*****
Ah I thought you’ll spam his site
[03/06/2015 16:39:33] silentassumptions: Lol
[03/06/2015 16:39:55] silentassumptions: Go on easy on him Jared, Boris has feelings just like everyone else in here.
[03/06/2015 16:43:38] Borut Udovič: stop trolling..
[03/06/2015 16:46:40] silentassumptions: Sorry dude.
[03/06/2015 16:46:54] Run_good_Brah: Yo
[03/06/2015 16:47:01] silentassumptions: Yo.
[03/06/2015 16:47:02] Run_good_Brah: lets make big bucks
[03/06/2015 16:47:09] Run_good_Brah: lol
[03/06/2015 16:47:14] silentassumptions: Okay. Wire me £100,000
[03/06/2015 16:47:21] silentassumptions: :$
[03/06/2015 16:47:29] Run_good_Brah: £10,000 is do-able.
[03/06/2015 16:47:30] Run_good_Brah: Lol
[03/06/2015 16:47:41] silentassumptions: Give me £10K and I’ll give you £20K in 12 months.
[03/06/2015 16:48:12] Run_good_Brah: how can I take your word of it?
[03/06/2015 16:48:13] Run_good_Brah: LOL
[03/06/2015 16:48:20] Run_good_Brah: FOR*
[03/06/2015 16:48:24] silentassumptions: Contracts bro.
[03/06/2015 16:48:32] silentassumptions: I wasn’t just expecting you to wire me £10K out the blue.
[03/06/2015 16:48:43] Jared: I have been reading up on compound interest.
[03/06/2015 16:48:49] Run_good_Brah: You’ll be surprised , I’ve got poker income bro.
[03/06/2015 16:48:50] Run_good_Brah: Lol.
[03/06/2015 16:49:08] silentassumptions: Lol, nice.
[03/06/2015 16:49:10] Jared: Have you heard of the penny, doubling in value every day for 31 days?
[03/06/2015 16:49:22] silentassumptions: No.
[03/06/2015 16:49:28] Jared: By the end of the 31 days, it’s ballooned up to over $10,000,000.
[03/06/2015 16:49:38] Run_good_Brah: I might have to read into this SEO stuff , i’d like to do something part time.
[03/06/2015 16:49:43] Jared: Day 1: 1 cent
Day 2: 2 cents
Day 3: 4 cents
[03/06/2015 16:49:45] Run_good_Brah: is it good money?
[03/06/2015 16:49:50] silentassumptions: Oh, right.
[03/06/2015 16:50:01] Run_good_Brah: seems like you guys are really doing well here.
[03/06/2015 16:50:10] Jared: The interesting thing is, compound interest works similarly.
[03/06/2015 16:50:25] Jared: It’s where your interest also grows interest.
[03/06/2015 16:51:45 | Edited 16:52:00] Jared: Say, you put $100,000 into the bank with 8% interest. In a year, you’ll have $108,000. But, rather than a flat growth of $8,000 every year, with compound interest, the growth will continue to rise, like the penny doubling in value.
[03/06/2015 16:52:06] *** Run_good_Brah reads up ***
[03/06/2015 16:52:25] Jared: In 20 years, a $100,000 investment will grow to $500,000.
[03/06/2015 16:52:34] Run_good_Brah: lol sounds good , but the question is how the fuck do you put $100,000 into your bank.
[03/06/2015 16:52:35] Jared: In 30 years, it will grow to $1,000,000.
[03/06/2015 16:52:42] Run_good_Brah: the richer get richer, just how it goes.
[03/06/2015 16:52:53] Jared: The more it grows, the faster it grows, just like the penny.
[03/06/2015 16:53:21] Run_good_Brah: what’s the negatives of compound interests?
[03/06/2015 16:53:26] Jared: Just an interesting thought. I’ve been reading up on financial gurus on the side, and compound interest is the one thing they all seem to mention.
[03/06/2015 16:54:12] Jared: It’s not a get-rich-quick idea, but it’s a way to secure yourself into old age, and to leave a nice big chunk of change to your family when you pass away.
[03/06/2015 16:57:22] Run_good_Brah: The disadvantage is that the practice of compounding in credit card. As we all know, interest charged to outstanding balances can be very high. Not only that, unless you read the small print you aren’t going to be prepared for the way interest is charged on your card. For example, if you move a balance across from one card to another that transfer will be at a very low rate. But if you go out and purchase something else with that same card the new purchase will be at a very high rate and it won’t ever shift off your card until the balance transfer sum has been completely paid off.

And so, as you whittle away each month at the balance, interest will be charged on top of interest and that’s compound interest; which is a great thing when you are investing, but not when you are trying to pay off a debt.
[03/06/2015 16:58:12] Run_good_Brah: that’s all I can find on that.
[03/06/2015 16:58:13] Run_good_Brah: Lol.
[03/06/2015 16:59:23] Run_good_Brah: yeah , but you need reasonable amount of money.
[03/06/2015 17:02:01 | Edited 17:02:43] Jared: DAYS 1-5 .01 – .02 – .04 – .08 – .16 (18 cents)
DAYS 6-10 .32 – .64 – 1.28 – 2.56 – 5.12 ($5.12)
DAYS 11-15 10.24 – 20.48 – 40.96 – 81.92 – 163.84 ($163.84)
DAYS 16-20 327.68 – 655.36 – 1310.72 – 2621.44 – 5242.88 ($5,242.88)
DAYS 21-25 10485.76 – 20971.52 – 41943.04 – 83886.08 – 167772.16 ($1,677,772.16)
DAYS 26-30 335544.32 – 671088.64 – 1342177.28 – 2684354.56 – 5368709.12 ($5,368,709.12)
DAY 31 10737418.24 ($10,737,418.24)
[03/06/2015 17:04:17 | Edited 17:04:27] Jared: The growth slowly gains momentum, as the dollar amount of that 8% growth continually rises as the interest accumulates, before it eventually blows up.
[03/06/2015 17:04:33] silentassumptions: Somethng doesn’t add up.
[03/06/2015 17:04:46] Jared: I may have fucked up.
[03/06/2015 17:04:50] Jared: I did it all off the top of my head.
[03/06/2015 17:04:52 | Edited 17:05:01] silentassumptions: You’ve effectively proven how compound interest generates 10 Million pounds in 30 days, starting with penny.
[03/06/2015 17:05:13] Jared: That’s with a daily interest rate of 100%.
[03/06/2015 17:05:37] Jared: 1. Compound interest is annual, not daily.
2. It’s usually more around 5-20%, not 100%.
[03/06/2015 17:06:02] Jared: So, it adds up much slower. The penny was just an extreme example of compound interest to show how it works.
[03/06/2015 17:06:18] silentassumptions: Mhmm, you’re defo right thoug.
[03/06/2015 17:06:29] Jared: Yeah
[03/06/2015 17:06:32] silentassumptions: Compound investment makes a lot of money, you just need to save up in the first place.
[03/06/2015 17:06:38] silentassumptions: Saving is a bitch.
[03/06/2015 17:06:53] Jared: If you plan on having kids, just saving up a little now could result in a nice chunk of change for them when they become adults.
[03/06/2015 17:06:59] Jared: Something to give them a nice headstart on life.
[03/06/2015 17:23:58] Robin: right
[03/06/2015 18:15:40] Run_good_Brah: lol
[03/06/2015 18:15:48] Run_good_Brah: yeah not a bad idea at all.
[03/06/2015 19:11:44] Jared: Is there room for UKChatters on the Silent VPS? I don’t like to ask, as I feel like a bum, but the domain is a .net, so the assholes didn’t give me one year of free hosting.
[03/06/2015 22:00:42] Jared: New Optin Pop-Up Form: http://weheartnails.com/
[03/06/2015 22:01:03] Jared: I was doing about a 1% opt-in rate with no lead magnet — awful.
[03/06/2015 22:01:14] Jared: Let’s hope this gives me a lift.
[03/06/2015 22:04:55] Robin: whats a good free option pop up
[03/06/2015 22:05:04] Robin: can you get me opt in lock for free jared?
[03/06/2015 22:12:38] silentassumptions: Yes @ Hosting, if anyone can get me any decent links, I’ll happily host your site too.
[03/06/2015 22:14:44] silentassumptions: Reasonable traffic only.
[03/06/2015 22:18:04] Jared: SumoMe is alright, Robin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/sumome/
[03/06/2015 22:18:31] Jared: https://wordpress.org/plugins/sumome/screenshots/
[04/06/2015 01:24:04] Jared: Your TBS account has expired, Robin. Time for manual spinning.
[04/06/2015 02:41:08] Jared: Silent, I plan on spamming this UKChatters site. Will that be okay with your VPS? No side effects?
[04/06/2015 04:38:49] Robin: yah not gonna renew it
[04/06/2015 06:08:24] Jared: http://whattodowithamilliondollars.com/
[04/06/2015 06:09:03] Jared: I think I’m going to turn that Tumblr page into an account where people submit their ideas for what they’d do with a million dollars.
[04/06/2015 06:09:47] Jared: Those types of Tumblrs — user-generated content shit — can become very popular. If it takes off, then I’ll figure out a way to monetize it.
[04/06/2015 06:44:19] *** ***
[04/06/2015 06:44:22] *** ***
[04/06/2015 08:01:32] *** Danny S has left ***
[04/06/2015 11:00:33] khurram jamil: kithy phasa dita ey me menu zalma 😛
[04/06/2015 11:02:34] silentassumptions: English only please. 🙂
[04/06/2015 11:02:51] silentassumptions: Jared, when you’re back online, can you send those PDFs over again?
[04/06/2015 11:02:52] silentassumptions: Cheers.
[04/06/2015 13:36:03] *** M M Y joined. ***
[04/06/2015 14:40:21] *** Mike joined. ***
[04/06/2015 15:42:14 | Edited 15:43:36] Jared: The mockups or just the cards?
[04/06/2015 15:42:28] silentassumptions: E?
[04/06/2015 15:42:30] silentassumptions: Eh?*
[04/06/2015 15:42:40] silentassumptions: I wasn’t enquiring about ecstasy.
[04/06/2015 16:32:58] silentassumptions: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-pXjCNdDIZZE/U6hA69mMV5I/AAAAAAAAAL4/6urCkn0jGho/w600-h1800/infographic-comparing-printed-flyers-vs-seo-for-marketing.png
[04/06/2015 16:33:01] silentassumptions: This is nice.
[04/06/2015 16:37:12] silentassumptions: Traditional marketing vs Digital.
[04/06/2015 16:37:25] silentassumptions: Clearly digital is the way forward, but we all know that already.
[04/06/2015 19:33:11] silentassumptions: Just to bring it to everyone’s attention, the only thing that really matters about your XML sitemaps is the timestamp.
[04/06/2015 19:33:15] silentassumptions: i.e. when the URL was last modified.
[04/06/2015 19:33:22] silentassumptions: Prioritise and change frequencies are no longer valued.
[04/06/2015 19:33:31] silentassumptions: I know some perfectionists can take weeks perfecting it.
[04/06/2015 19:33:49] silentassumptions: For those of you that use WordPress, you don’t have to worry.
[04/06/2015 19:33:57] silentassumptions: Yoast Sitemap covers it.
[04/06/2015 19:34:57] silentassumptions: In other news, LSI keywords are certainly something you need to consider in your linking profiles.
[04/06/2015 19:36:00] silentassumptions: I’ll give you a notable example. If you’re trying to rank for the phrase ‘carpet cleaning services in London’, which is competitive, you’d be better off having anchor text targetting:

– carpet cleaning
– cleaning services
– London
[04/06/2015 19:37:10] silentassumptions: LSI Keywords are basically a way of diluting your link profile with something organic (which is what Google loves), whilst establishing something relevant for it to work with.
[04/06/2015 19:37:52] silentassumptions: With the amount of money gone into powering that algorithms (billions…), we have to stop looking at Google as something mechanical, rather, something sentient.
[04/06/2015 19:38:25] silentassumptions: In that sense, if you are looking to rank for the above keyword, it would be very rare for someone to link to you with exact anchor text (even if you are diluting the rest of the anchor text with branding and generic).
[04/06/2015 19:38:30] silentassumptions: Keeping it organic on that front just isn’t enough anymore.
[04/06/2015 19:38:40] silentassumptions: LSI Keywords go a long way, so definitely incorporate it within your internal links.
[04/06/2015 19:38:46] silentassumptions: (Y)
[04/06/2015 19:40:08] silentassumptions: By the way, I’m not saying you should stop using exact keyword anchor text in your linking efforts, just do so in extreme moderation and pay attention to the ratios of links going to the URL and the rest of the website.
[04/06/2015 19:40:37] silentassumptions: You can harness the power of autormation through grey and black hat if you know what a white hat result looks like.
[04/06/2015 19:43:21] silentassumptions: There’s a lot of educated webmasters in this room, make the msot out of the resources being shared and share where possible.
[04/06/2015 19:43:26] silentassumptions: Tips / strategies /; advise go a long way.
[04/06/2015 19:43:31] silentassumptions: We don’t talk explictly about SEO.
[04/06/2015 19:44:41] Jared: CHOOSING YOUR ANCHOR TEXT LIKE A PRO
Part 1: http://diggitymarketing.com/how-you-should-start-choosing-anchor-text-starting-now/
Part 2: http://diggitymarketing.com/choosing-your-anchor-text-like-a-pro-part-2/
[04/06/2015 19:44:48] Jared: That’s pretty good.
[04/06/2015 19:45:13] Jared: His method is to find the anchor text ratios of the top 5 sites for the keyword you want to rank for.
[04/06/2015 19:45:39 | Edited 19:45:46] Jared: This tells you what Google likes to see and finds natural for that niche, as it can and does change on a niche-to-niche basis.
[04/06/2015 19:47:47] silentassumptions: There’s an issue with that I find, for example, you may find that the top 1, 2 and 3 spots belong to massive corporate companies (not true for all industries), and a particular URL is ranking for that keyword.

Often you find thse corporate giants have only given about 1-2% emphasis on the keyword and variations thereof, but can justify such impressive ranks given the authority that’s passed through from the root.
[04/06/2015 19:48:24] silentassumptions: Kind of like Wikipedia, it could publish a page now, about anything, and only have one inbound link from itself and be rank #1 for most keywords.
[04/06/2015 19:48:50] silentassumptions: It’s good to do competitor link analysis though, for sure.
[04/06/2015 19:50:31] silentassumptions: I don’t really look at anchor text deviation from competitors, but I do look at their links to identify how much emphasis they have put on the keyword, and how much authority is passed from parent pages.

I also look at the quality of the URLs that deliver that the targetted anchor text.

A quality backlink with an anchor that says ‘read more’ isn’t as effective as a mediocre link with targetted anchor text.
[04/06/2015 19:50:40] silentassumptions: This is only where optimisation is concerned, generic anchor text is still a given.
[04/06/2015 19:51:30] silentassumptions: In that sense, there’s actually very little mimicking of competitor link profiles, you just abide by the guidelines that have verified, experimental data behind it.
[04/06/2015 19:51:44] silentassumptions: You should aim to have 10% of your linking profile aimed at keywords and thereof (that’s safe, some people say 15)
[04/06/2015 19:51:52] silentassumptions: And the remaining 90% split between generic and anchor.
[04/06/2015 19:52:30] silentassumptions: If you’re using that as a point of reference and then scrutinise linking profiles then it’s better rather than assuming their linking profile for that URL is the gospel way of doing it when so many other variables come into play.
[04/06/2015 19:52:38] silentassumptions: Anyway, brb!
[04/06/2015 22:03:51] Robin: JAre
[04/06/2015 22:03:52] Robin: d
[04/06/2015 22:04:00] Robin: can u send keyword researcher to Borut
[04/06/2015 22:04:13] Robin: and give him your top five pick on softwares
[05/06/2015 03:30:45] Jared: Silence, monkey.
[05/06/2015 03:31:06] *** ***
[05/06/2015 03:33:06] New York Amir: big unbounce ready to go
[05/06/2015 03:33:20] New York Amir: robin hush up you purple hair potato head
[05/06/2015 03:33:42] New York Amir: i wish they made a BOB out of robin those dummies you can just beat on all day
[05/06/2015 03:37:05] Jared: Assuming, by tools, you mean locally installed software:

1. Scrapebox (obviously)

2. BuzzBundle (whitehat outreach)

3. Keyword Researcher (easy way to scrape trhe hell out of Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Bing)

4. GSA Search Engine Ranker (a little smart spam can give you a big headstart, just don’t overdo it)

5. ScreamingFrog (only touched the surface of this, but lots of SEO’s rave about using it to audit sites, find broken links, dead domains, etc.)
[05/06/2015 03:37:31] Jared: Big Gob Rob
[05/06/2015 03:38:22] Jared: The Prince song Purple Rain is abut Robin glittering up his hair. All that glitter flies through the air like rain.
[05/06/2015 03:38:41] Jared: Big Robin, did he abandon heterosexuality, he did.
[05/06/2015 03:38:53] Jared: Just wasn’t working out for him.
[05/06/2015 03:38:55] New York Amir: lol
[05/06/2015 03:39:02] New York Amir: big time to get unbounce
[05/06/2015 03:39:15] New York Amir: big 100 k reloaded back on the card
[05/06/2015 03:57:42] *** ***
[05/06/2015 03:58:19] Jared: Everything I’m reading at the moment.
[05/06/2015 08:55:21] silentassumptions: Did anyone catch Jared’s Reading List download?
[05/06/2015 08:55:32] silentassumptions: Was afk when he sent.
[05/06/2015 08:55:59] Robin: read ” little bets ”
[05/06/2015 08:56:03] Robin: by peter sims
[05/06/2015 08:56:11] Robin: all be surprised how good book it is
[05/06/2015 08:56:12] silentassumptions: What’s it about?
[05/06/2015 08:56:17] Robin: marketing
[05/06/2015 08:56:25] Robin: inside information about all the big companies
[05/06/2015 08:56:28] Robin: good stuff
[05/06/2015 08:56:47] Robin: its worth reading
[05/06/2015 08:56:48] silentassumptions: Do you have it?
[05/06/2015 08:56:57] Robin: i have the audio book
[05/06/2015 08:57:05] Robin: ill upload it to copy.com
[05/06/2015 08:57:11] silentassumptions: Cheers man, much appreciated.
[05/06/2015 08:57:15] Robin: cool
[05/06/2015 08:58:40] Robin: it seems i don’t have it anymore
[05/06/2015 08:58:45] Robin: let me download the torrent again
[05/06/2015 08:59:59] silentassumptions: Alright.
[05/06/2015 09:00:39] Robin: u will have it this evening
[05/06/2015 09:00:48] silentassumptions: Thanks.
[05/06/2015 09:00:49] Robin: i need to download it myself i accidentally deleted the files
[05/06/2015 09:01:02] Robin: i have only finished half of the book
[05/06/2015 09:01:04] Robin: its super good stuff
[05/06/2015 09:01:23] Robin: really gives you good entrepeneurs knowledge
[05/06/2015 09:01:26] Robin: and mindset
[05/06/2015 09:01:33] Robin: i like audio books more
[05/06/2015 09:01:47] silentassumptions: I have some money to play with – if has anyone has good marketing ideas they wish to pursue but need capital to back their project, then fire me over a message with your proposal and projections and we can talk.
[05/06/2015 09:02:04] silentassumptions: Cheers Robin.
[05/06/2015 14:18:56] Borut Udovič: Jared can you resend KeywordResearcher.exe please, thanks for your opinions..
[05/06/2015 14:26:25] silentassumptions: He’s offline, but I’m sure he’ll make an appearance shortly.
[05/06/2015 15:08:44] *** ***
[05/06/2015 15:41:59] Jared: http://eyeondesign.aiga.org/can-a-font-make-us-believe-something-is-true/
[05/06/2015 15:42:14] Jared: “As it turns out, people are much more likely to believe something written in Baskerville than any of the other fonts.”
[05/06/2015 15:42:18] Jared: wtf
[05/06/2015 15:51:03] Borut Udovič: I put my first facebook adsense why the hell is not working, I scheduled for
[05/06/2015 15:51:07] Borut Udovič: 4:30 pm
[05/06/2015 15:51:53] Borut Udovič: http://puu.sh/idp7v/5284c7aa30.png
[05/06/2015 15:51:56] Borut Udovič: http://puu.sh/idp6V/3254126d86.png
[05/06/2015 15:57:09] Borut Udovič: oh damn it was because of different GMT
[05/06/2015 16:02:03] Jared: Lol
[05/06/2015 16:02:13] Robin: jared
[05/06/2015 16:02:18] Jared: http://www.digitalmarketer.com/lp/content/uploads/2015/06/JonMorrowDMLab.png
[05/06/2015 16:02:20] Jared: ?
[05/06/2015 16:02:21] Robin: can you give me feedback on my landing pages
[05/06/2015 16:02:33] Robin: they are draft versions
[05/06/2015 16:02:37] Jared: It sucks.
[05/06/2015 16:02:37] Robin: http://myzenlifestyle.com/practic2/
[05/06/2015 16:02:41] Jared: There we go.
[05/06/2015 16:02:46] Robin: http://myzenlifestyle.com/5dmembership/
[05/06/2015 16:03:09] Borut Udovič: I don’t like background
[05/06/2015 16:03:26] Robin: fuck u
[05/06/2015 16:03:35] Robin: lmao
[05/06/2015 16:03:36] Borut Udovič: what’s wrong with you dude
[05/06/2015 16:03:40] Borut Udovič: I said my opinion
[05/06/2015 16:03:44] Robin: im joking
[05/06/2015 16:03:48] Robin: don’t take shit so seriously
[05/06/2015 16:03:51] Borut Udovič: if you don’t want opinions than I’m off this page
[05/06/2015 16:04:01] Robin: i want feedback
[05/06/2015 16:04:03] Robin: not opinions
[05/06/2015 16:04:05] White British Heterosexual Male: Robin is a troll.
[05/06/2015 16:04:06] Borut Udovič: your behaviour is shity
[05/06/2015 16:04:16] White British Heterosexual Male: Borut is right.
[05/06/2015 16:04:21] Robin: LMAOOOO
[05/06/2015 16:04:25] White British Heterosexual Male: Robin has purple hair.
[05/06/2015 16:04:27] Robin: dude takes things too seriously
[05/06/2015 16:04:29] White British Heterosexual Male: Just remember that.
[05/06/2015 16:04:41] Borut Udovič: http://myzenlifestyle.com/practic2/ <— I would change the background
[05/06/2015 16:04:55] Robin: is it because its pixely
[05/06/2015 16:04:59] Robin: or other reason
[05/06/2015 16:05:05] Borut Udovič: other reason
[05/06/2015 16:05:07] White British Heterosexual Male: Whose website is that?
[05/06/2015 16:05:16] Robin: mine
[05/06/2015 16:05:29] White British Heterosexual Male: It’s garbage.
[05/06/2015 16:05:44] White British Heterosexual Male: Just stop doing it right now.
[05/06/2015 16:05:52] Robin: shut up russian dude
[05/06/2015 16:06:00] White British Heterosexual Male: You’re wasting precious moments of your life on a really stupid website.
[05/06/2015 16:06:07] White British Heterosexual Male: Just go milk the cows or something.
[05/06/2015 16:06:10] Borut Udovič: it’s way too much … contrast and yeah .. striking background
[05/06/2015 16:06:22] Robin: thats why i like it
[05/06/2015 16:06:26] White British Heterosexual Male: Robin’s hair is the background.
[05/06/2015 16:06:28] Robin: maybe i should make it golden
[05/06/2015 16:06:31] Borut Udovič: The point is that people need to read text
[05/06/2015 16:06:34] Borut Udovič: not background
[05/06/2015 16:06:35] Robin: right
[05/06/2015 16:06:41] Robin: maybe i would make it golden
[05/06/2015 16:07:15] White British Heterosexual Male: Robin, it’s awful. Please understand this.
[05/06/2015 16:07:24] White British Heterosexual Male: It’s irredeemably awful.
[05/06/2015 16:07:25] Robin: shut the fuck up bitch
[05/06/2015 16:07:27] White British Heterosexual Male: Just stop it.
[05/06/2015 16:07:41] Robin: :/kick Russian asshole
[05/06/2015 16:08:07] White British Heterosexual Male: :/laugh at purple hair
[05/06/2015 16:08:38] White British Heterosexual Male: This is what an actual good website looks like: http://ukchatters.net/
[05/06/2015 16:09:04] Borut Udovič: Jared … this keyword researcher is in trial mode how can i make it full mode, if it’s possible
[05/06/2015 16:09:07] Robin: this is a fucking sales letter
[05/06/2015 16:09:11] Robin: not a website
[05/06/2015 16:09:15] Robin: I have members area
[05/06/2015 16:09:19] Robin: but you fucker needs to buy it
[05/06/2015 16:09:25] Robin: if u want access
[05/06/2015 16:09:28] Robin: BIAATCH
[05/06/2015 16:12:59] *** Artex B. joined. ***
[05/06/2015 16:16:45] White British Heterosexual Male: Robin, find me one successful website which looks anything like yours.
[05/06/2015 16:17:13] White British Heterosexual Male: Image and look is hugely important, you’ve completely failed in that regard from the start.
[05/06/2015 16:17:24] White British Heterosexual Male: You have zero aesthetic sense.
[05/06/2015 16:20:54] Jared: [05 June 2015 16:08] Borut Udovič:

<<< Jared … this keyword researcher is in trial mode how can i make it full mode, if it’s possibleJust click the switch to turn it to full mode. Enter a jibberish email if you have to.
[05/06/2015 16:22:21] Robin: http://www.thirdeyehelp.com/?hop=0
[05/06/2015 16:22:57] Robin: one that looks very similar
[05/06/2015 16:23:24] Robin: Tom, just keep your mouth closed
[05/06/2015 16:23:28] Robin: and leave this conv
[05/06/2015 16:23:30] Robin: your a troll
[05/06/2015 16:23:34] Robin: not an internet marketer
[05/06/2015 16:24:52] Borut Udovič: [05 June 2015 16:21] Jared:

<<< jibberish email what?
[05/06/2015 16:25:00] Borut Udovič: it’s working*
[05/06/2015 16:25:02] Borut Udovič: thanks 😉
[05/06/2015 16:30:52] *** Artex B. has left ***
[05/06/2015 17:56:35] Jared: He didn’t like us.
[05/06/2015 17:57:01] Borut Udovič: Jared do you know fb advertising?
[05/06/2015 17:57:05] Borut Udovič: another strange problem
[05/06/2015 17:57:22] Borut Udovič: My add on facebook is active, but it’s got zero reach
[05/06/2015 17:57:44] Borut Udovič: that’s so strange…
[05/06/2015 17:57:53] Jared: I’ve only used it a few times, Borut. If you’re getting zero reach, it likely means you’re not offering Facebook enough $$$ to be worth their while.
[05/06/2015 17:58:05] Borut Udovič: no it’s not about that
[05/06/2015 17:58:10] Borut Udovič: I think so..
[05/06/2015 17:58:13] Jared: Either use a broader audience, or up your daily budget.
[05/06/2015 17:58:21] Borut Udovič: It’s 10€ for 2 days
[05/06/2015 17:58:24] Borut Udovič: it should be enough
[05/06/2015 18:00:51] Jared: I really don’t know much about Facebook Ads. I used them for less than a week, with a very limited budget.
[05/06/2015 18:00:53] Borut Udovič: now it’s working
[05/06/2015 18:00:58] Borut Udovič: I re-activate
[05/06/2015 18:01:03] Borut Udovič: turn it off and on again
[05/06/2015 18:01:07] Borut Udovič: €0.02
Per Post Engagement
[05/06/2015 18:54:11] Borut Udovič: CTR is 2% is that good?
[05/06/2015 19:18:36] Robin: just talked with my IM friend
[05/06/2015 19:18:41] Robin: CTR 2% is the lowest he got
[05/06/2015 19:18:57] Robin: in fb ads
[05/06/2015 19:19:11] Borut Udovič: ok… anyway I’ll let it run
[05/06/2015 19:19:17] Jared: Borut, it depends on the type of ad you’re using.
[05/06/2015 19:19:23] Jared: Sidebar ads = shitty CTR.
[05/06/2015 19:19:36] Jared: From what I remember, the big wigs only use timeline ads.
[05/06/2015 19:19:36] Robin: u want to post on their timeline
[05/06/2015 19:19:42] Robin: right
[05/06/2015 19:19:49] Robin: if u observe your own fb behavior
[05/06/2015 19:19:53] Robin: that becomes obvious
[05/06/2015 19:19:58] Robin: i click the timeline ads the most
[05/06/2015 19:20:12] Borut Udovič: hmm how can I add to timeline
[05/06/2015 19:20:13] Borut Udovič: ads
[05/06/2015 19:20:21] Robin: create a page
[05/06/2015 19:20:26] Robin: and create an audience
[05/06/2015 19:20:30] Borut Udovič: currently is on news feed
[05/06/2015 19:20:32] Borut Udovič: and right sidebar
[05/06/2015 19:20:36] Robin: and advertise on their timeline
[05/06/2015 19:20:43] Robin: u don’t need to have fans on that page
[05/06/2015 19:20:46] Robin: you boost your post
[05/06/2015 19:20:49] Borut Udovič: i know
[05/06/2015 19:20:50] Robin: and pay to show it on the timeline
[05/06/2015 19:20:53] Borut Udovič: I already did that
[05/06/2015 19:20:59] Borut Udovič: so that is news feed right?
[05/06/2015 19:21:27] Borut Udovič: yep it is
[05/06/2015 19:57:56] Robin: Jared
[05/06/2015 19:58:08] Robin: do you have license key for LeadGeyser
[05/06/2015 21:25:42] *** ***
[05/06/2015 21:25:49] Jared: Just what you need, Borut.
[05/06/2015 21:26:15] Robin: jared
[05/06/2015 21:26:18] Borut Udovič: thank 😉
[05/06/2015 21:26:21] Jared: ?
[05/06/2015 21:26:22] Robin: can you get me TargetEase.Co software
[05/06/2015 21:26:22] Borut Udovič: s*
[05/06/2015 21:26:31] Robin: it costs 150
[05/06/2015 21:26:33] Robin: i can’t afford it
[05/06/2015 21:27:02] Robin: Borut needs it too
[05/06/2015 21:27:16] Robin: http://targetease.co/letter
[05/06/2015 21:28:15] Borut Udovič: all this programs are so expensive, hate that
[05/06/2015 21:55:04] Jared: I can’t find it.
[05/06/2015 21:55:12] Jared: What’s it do, exactly?
[05/06/2015 21:55:48] Jared: http://fbkeywordtool.com/
[05/06/2015 22:11:09] Robin: its the perfect software for creating targeted ads
[05/06/2015 22:11:22] Robin: read the sales letter to find out the details
[05/06/2015 22:11:24] Robin: its a must have
[05/06/2015 22:11:33] Robin: if running a successful ad campaing on fb
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[05/06/2015 23:10:31] New York Amir: big borat
[06/06/2015 00:11:52] *** JM joined. ***
[06/06/2015 01:11:44] Robin: Jared are you here?
[06/06/2015 01:16:53] Jared: No.
[06/06/2015 01:17:13] New York Amir: big jm big jm
[06/06/2015 01:17:32] New York Amir: does this room feel like an outsourced AT&T customer service
[06/06/2015 01:17:34] New York Amir: it does
[06/06/2015 01:20:34] Robin: lol
[06/06/2015 04:51:07] Robin: Jared
[06/06/2015 04:51:17] Robin: oh he’s offline
[06/06/2015 12:20:38] JM: Hi. Thanks for adding me. I am new here. Do you guys meet at any particular time or day to discuss things or you organize this in some other way?
[06/06/2015 12:21:40] New York Amir: just going over a mutli million dollar business plan right now
[06/06/2015 12:21:54] New York Amir: for a company me and my associate are building
[06/06/2015 12:22:38] New York Amir: this is not an official meeting room u discuss as u want
[06/06/2015 12:23:22] JM: Ah, ok, I see. is there any place where I can learn more about you guys?
[06/06/2015 12:23:47] New York Amir: nope
[06/06/2015 12:24:00] New York Amir: why are you doing a biography check?
[06/06/2015 12:24:12] New York Amir: just a room of people putting their tactics and th ougths
[06/06/2015 12:24:52] JM: uhm….ok. It’s not a biography check. I would like precisely to ask a few questions, but Id like to know who I am asking and why
[06/06/2015 12:24:54] New York Amir: look up robin t. moore he’s an elite marketer
[06/06/2015 12:25:16] JM: that’s ok. I guess I’ll watch the group for a few days and see if I fit with you guys then
[06/06/2015 12:25:40] New York Amir: u want to know who you are?
[06/06/2015 12:25:44] New York Amir: only u can know that
[06/06/2015 12:25:57] JM: lol I think I know who I am
[06/06/2015 12:26:52] New York Amir: not everyone does
[06/06/2015 12:27:07] JM: true
[06/06/2015 12:27:08] New York Amir: what questions u have about marketing
[06/06/2015 12:27:19] silentassumptions: Hey JM 🙂
[06/06/2015 12:27:21] silentassumptions: Welcome to the room.
[06/06/2015 12:27:27] JM: I have some about my failings
[06/06/2015 12:27:32] New York Amir: we all fail
[06/06/2015 12:27:46] JM: I am trying to advertise on FB, I get clicks to my landing page, but no results
[06/06/2015 12:27:56] JM: my angle, and probably my lead magnet, is not working properly
[06/06/2015 12:28:32] New York Amir: either your lead page isnt convicing enough
[06/06/2015 12:28:34] JM: I have the knowledge, the tech savvy and the sales ability to deliver an outstanding experience to clients through webinars, but I am new attracting them there in the first place
[06/06/2015 12:28:41] silentassumptions: What’s the URL of your landing page and FB fan page? I’ll have a look over it for you and see if there’s any feedback I can give.
[06/06/2015 12:28:43] New York Amir: is it a squeeeze page to make sales
[06/06/2015 12:28:48] New York Amir: or are you collecting emails
[06/06/2015 12:29:27] JM: at the moment I want to induce micro-commitments, and make them see me in person through video, so my aim is to get enrolments to some webinars
[06/06/2015 12:29:34] JM: for your information, I am JavierMarti.co.uk
[06/06/2015 12:29:49] JM: I am not happy disclosing my info to strangers, but I’ll take the risk with you guys
[06/06/2015 12:30:03] New York Amir: where’s ur landing page
[06/06/2015 12:30:04] JM: maybe we can partner up in the future, so whatever
[06/06/2015 12:30:20] New York Amir: maybe i got to omuch shit to do
[06/06/2015 12:30:22] New York Amir: too many projects
[06/06/2015 12:30:33] JM: ok moment. I’ll try to get you screenshots of FB ads and link to landing page
[06/06/2015 12:30:47] New York Amir: your FB ad needs to offer soemthing free
[06/06/2015 12:30:50] New York Amir: or a % off
[06/06/2015 12:30:50] silentassumptions: Javier, you look very successful.
[06/06/2015 12:31:27] silentassumptions: You’ve got nice content on your website, minus a nice website.
[06/06/2015 12:31:44] JM: yeah. Everything I do must be improved. Suggestions always welcome
[06/06/2015 12:32:22] JM: I like to do most things myself if I have time, at this phase in the business, hence my joining you guys. I need to know more about attracting traffic to my content, because once people are there I know I can sell them
[06/06/2015 12:32:26] JM: getting screenshots now
[06/06/2015 12:33:02] silentassumptions: I would consider a revamping your website if you are using it mostly for driving new business.
[06/06/2015 12:33:07] silentassumptions: The content is excellent.
[06/06/2015 12:33:18 | Edited 12:33:32] silentassumptions: Though in terms of aesthetics, there’s a lot left to be desired.
[06/06/2015 12:33:27] JM: yes, I definitely must.
[06/06/2015 12:33:49] JM: if you have an example that I should emulate or tool I should use to improve my aesthetics, send me the link
[06/06/2015 12:33:52] JM: so
[06/06/2015 12:33:56] JM: issue number 1
[06/06/2015 12:34:30] silentassumptions: There’s isn’t really a go to place for inspiration, there are practises that are general practise but scaling it right down is dependent on your industry and also the brand you want to project.
[06/06/2015 12:34:34] JM: you must understand that my business has three branches. Forget about the speaker angle now. I am trying to promote two pages: HelloMrRight.com (dating and relationship advice for women)
[06/06/2015 12:34:43] New York Amir: lol
[06/06/2015 12:34:47] New York Amir: hello MR RIGHT
[06/06/2015 12:34:51] JM: and HypnoticSales.co.uk (subconscious persuasion training)
[06/06/2015 12:35:02] New York Amir: should call it “how not to meet mr wrong”
[06/06/2015 12:35:12] JM: now, screenshot 1
[06/06/2015 12:35:24] New York Amir: jm doing some jedi tricks
[06/06/2015 12:35:44] JM: this video is an example of a FB campaign
[06/06/2015 12:36:28] JM: lead people to website, but no signups for free webinar training or subscription to newsletter in any considerable number yet (campaigns are fairly recent, last 7 days only)
[06/06/2015 12:36:55] JM: that add leads, at the moment, to the website HelloMrRight.com
[06/06/2015 12:37:16] silentassumptions: The HelloMrRight.com website is a very competitive industry.
[06/06/2015 12:37:24] silentassumptions: Relationship advise, dating tips, etc.
[06/06/2015 12:38:03] JM: I see Silent, thanks. I have not promoted my services online this way before, so any info is valuable
[06/06/2015 12:38:32] silentassumptions: Unless you have a sizable amount of capital, I don’t think you’ll be able to penetrate the industry.
[06/06/2015 12:38:45] silentassumptions: Moreover, your website is targeted at women, which automatically puts massive limitations on your demographic.
[06/06/2015 12:39:11] JM: now an example of campaign/product 2 for HypnoticSales.co.uk. I’ll show you the landing page in a moment
[06/06/2015 12:40:08] JM: this is the landing page for that ad:
[06/06/2015 12:40:10] JM: http://app.webinarjam.net/register/17338/ff51843d1e
[06/06/2015 12:40:25] JM: and I also do it in Spanish:
[06/06/2015 12:40:28] JM: http://app.webinarjam.net/register/17338/5b35791c90
[06/06/2015 12:41:02] New York Amir: it all depends on how you go about it
[06/06/2015 12:41:09] New York Amir: a niche has a tons
[06/06/2015 12:41:11] New York Amir: and tons
[06/06/2015 12:41:13] New York Amir: of kw
[06/06/2015 12:41:16] New York Amir: u can find
[06/06/2015 12:41:17] New York Amir: for example
[06/06/2015 12:41:19] New York Amir: i found great KW
[06/06/2015 12:41:24] New York Amir: for website design
[06/06/2015 12:41:28] New York Amir: that no one is attacking
[06/06/2015 12:41:33] New York Amir: any niche no matter what it is
[06/06/2015 12:41:38] New York Amir: u can find pretty much any KW
[06/06/2015 12:41:42] silentassumptions: Are you currently ranked page one for those keywords?
[06/06/2015 12:41:42] New York Amir: that will optimzie for
[06/06/2015 12:41:53] New York Amir: these are KW that have no compeition
[06/06/2015 12:41:59] New York Amir: its not about “ranking”
[06/06/2015 12:42:01] New York Amir: its about finding KW
[06/06/2015 12:42:04] New York Amir: no one is targetting
[06/06/2015 12:42:17] silentassumptions: Which translates to ranks?
[06/06/2015 12:42:27] New York Amir: jm you’re not doing seo right now
[06/06/2015 12:42:31] JM: Guys, my questions are simple. Let me know how you would improve my ads/websites/lead magnets if you have any suggestions
[06/06/2015 12:42:33] New York Amir: yoiu’re talkigna bout a saturated niche
[06/06/2015 12:42:35] New York Amir: silent
[06/06/2015 12:42:39] New York Amir: im talkigna bout finding golden KW
[06/06/2015 12:42:44] New York Amir: you can find any good KW
[06/06/2015 12:42:48] New York Amir: in any niche
[06/06/2015 12:42:55] silentassumptions: JM, I’d consider website revamps and looking into your industry through SEO insights, and applying that to Facebook.
[06/06/2015 12:42:56] New York Amir: ifu know how to do good kw research…
[06/06/2015 12:43:03] New York Amir: if not then u not sure lol
[06/06/2015 12:43:14] silentassumptions: Experts say that Facebook is good for brand awareness, not so much sales and conversions.
[06/06/2015 12:43:25] JM: A, I have not paid much attention to SEO before at all because it was not my focus. I am not too keen on SEO centric campaigns because I am not sure the ROI would be good if Google changes its mind all the time, but maybe there is something I don’t know…
[06/06/2015 12:43:41] New York Amir: u just want ads
[06/06/2015 12:43:47] New York Amir: paid traffic is fast
[06/06/2015 12:43:47] silentassumptions: That’s a valid point.
[06/06/2015 12:44:29] silentassumptions: SEO is powered by an algorithm that’s evolving towards favours quality and relevance.
[06/06/2015 12:44:34] silentassumptions: White hat driven campaigns.
[06/06/2015 12:44:44] JM: I am not particularly keen on dancing to Google’s tune, so I am looking for some other promotional entry points to my markets
[06/06/2015 12:44:51] silentassumptions: It intimidates a lot of people who want to take short cuts, but in fact, it works out to our advantage (us referring to people in the Western World.)
[06/06/2015 12:45:03] silentassumptions: As our biggest threat in the industry are Indians and Fillipinos.
[06/06/2015 12:45:22] silentassumptions: They can’t keep up if search engines are clamping down on spam and favouring quality.
[06/06/2015 12:45:44] silentassumptions: In that sense, SEO is only going to become more lucrative for us Westeners.
[06/06/2015 12:46:00] JM: when you check the landing page for Hypnotic Sales, what do you guys know/think about that? What do you think my market may think of it? Do you trust me to deliver what I promise there? Would you enrol in such free webinar? If not, why not?
[06/06/2015 12:46:17] silentassumptions: The Fillipinos / Indians have got such a bad reputation now in the industry that you’d notice your inbox being spammed all the time. Anything to hunt for new business.
[06/06/2015 12:47:11] silentassumptions: JM, it’s a very basic template. I’m sure you can hook some people with your bait line but all in all, it doesn’t really give off any credible vibes.
[06/06/2015 12:47:28] JM: Another question. If I have the products and I am good at upselling in webinars, how would I go making joint ventures with others that can drive traffic to my products, for mutual profit?
[06/06/2015 12:48:01] JM: I see. Silent. Do you recommend other landing pages, like Leadpages or you mean something else?
[06/06/2015 12:48:08] JM: have an example of what you think could work?
[06/06/2015 12:48:37] silentassumptions: I’d be happy to do SEO for your site, making the assumption your line of work had a proven track record of success.
[06/06/2015 12:48:47] silentassumptions: We can discuss that nearer the time.
[06/06/2015 12:49:52] silentassumptions: I couldn’t recommend you to a single place, I would do some competitor analysis and have a read in general about what makes a good landing page.

Back to the basics. The thing is though JM, you need to be able to determine what your role is exactly.

Reading a few articles back to back or using some squeeze page building software isn’t going to translate into a really nice, convertible landing page.
[06/06/2015 12:50:12] silentassumptions: There’s an entire branch of NLP and psychology behind the marketing of websites.
[06/06/2015 12:50:16] silentassumptions: So there’s a lot to know.
[06/06/2015 12:50:46] silentassumptions: With that said, if you want to be a web designer, and a dating coach, and a spiritual coach, and marketing expert etc… all under one umbrella, then you’d be setting yourself up for a hell of a task.
[06/06/2015 12:51:23] JM: Trust me, I know a bit about NLP and psychology, and I see some weaknesses already in my marketing endeavours I did not have time to sort out yet, but I thought would be a good idea to ask you guys anyway, In case you see something I don’t see
[06/06/2015 12:51:25] silentassumptions: You should outsource when possible and maintain the role of a project manager if you want to see a quicker ROI.
[06/06/2015 12:51:43] silentassumptions: I can tell you’re clued up.
[06/06/2015 12:51:48] JM: I know. I work 16h a day
[06/06/2015 12:51:52] silentassumptions: You have the fundamentals of a good landing page nailed.
[06/06/2015 12:51:53] JM: and my plans are for the long term
[06/06/2015 12:52:31] silentassumptions: Though, according to GM, they did an email marketing campaign once and noticed that even as much as having the correct font can induce an increase in conversions of up to 13%
[06/06/2015 12:52:37] JM: that’s the problem with workin on more than one front at the same time, takes more time and harder work, but I know I can deliver good value in my talks/presentations/sales pitches
[06/06/2015 12:52:52] JM: Yes, Silent, such things are usually correct
[06/06/2015 12:53:03] silentassumptions: Which goes to show you how important the subtleties are if you truly want to benchmark the scope of potential with your current projects.
[06/06/2015 12:53:12] JM: correct
[06/06/2015 12:53:25] JM: but at the moment, I am on phase 1 of my online marketing action plan
[06/06/2015 12:53:34] JM: I think my lead magnets are not good enough
[06/06/2015 12:53:35] silentassumptions: You’re an interesting guy, Javier.
[06/06/2015 12:53:44] JM: so I’ll worry about the little details later
[06/06/2015 12:53:44] silentassumptions: If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you and what background of work do you come from?
[06/06/2015 12:53:50] JM: haha thanks Silent
[06/06/2015 12:54:01] JM: you can read all about me on JavierMarti.co.uk
[06/06/2015 12:54:03] JM: I am 40
[06/06/2015 12:54:14] JM: born in Uruguay, lived in Spain, England and Ireland
[06/06/2015 12:54:33] JM: always busy and learning in the middle of the fields of psychology/tech/business
[06/06/2015 12:54:45] JM: my strenght is also my weakness: I am not a narrow specialist
[06/06/2015 12:54:50] JM: I am a big picture person
[06/06/2015 12:54:52] silentassumptions: Do you write all of your own content?
[06/06/2015 12:55:07] JM: YES. And my books are real. Not some ghost written crap
[06/06/2015 12:55:12] JM: that’s why I wrote only 3 so far
[06/06/2015 12:55:12] silentassumptions: Well done man.
[06/06/2015 12:55:15] silentassumptions: You’re very articulate.
[06/06/2015 12:55:34] JM: thanks. You can see vids of me on the websites, so you can see I am real
[06/06/2015 12:56:07] JM: anyway, I am also aware that I don’t have all answers. I am always learning. So you guys may know more about these things at the moment than me
[06/06/2015 12:56:27] JM: so any ideas welcome
[06/06/2015 12:56:37] silentassumptions: I’m sure there’s business opportunities in the pipeline if we look to amalgamate skill sets. I’m very impressed by your commitment. It’s reflected in your websites.
[06/06/2015 12:57:01] JM: so far I’ve been concentrating on learning my stuff and writing the books. NOW my focuse comes to marketing online, so I am relatively new to it and must get up to speed
[06/06/2015 12:57:22] JM: well, there is a reason why I specialize in what I do
[06/06/2015 12:57:29] JM: I follow future trends, as seen in trendinews.com
[06/06/2015 12:57:35] JM: for many years now
[06/06/2015 12:57:46] JM: so my markets/products are not a coincidence
[06/06/2015 12:58:10] JM: IT IS going to work, I must jut learn the right angles to reach my markets online now
[06/06/2015 12:58:27] JM: and clients will be very pleased they learnt with me, ’cause I like what I do and I know what I am talking about
[06/06/2015 12:58:48] silentassumptions: I specialise in SEO – I’m only able to market something that has search volume associated around the relevant phrases people would type to find a service you offer.

If the product / service is entirely niche, I wouldn’t be able to help.
[06/06/2015 12:59:02] JM: I don’t work on things I don’t know enough about. My specialty is the mind(psychology)+business+tech
[06/06/2015 12:59:05] silentassumptions: My area of expertise has never been with social media networking, though I do understand there’s lucrative opportunites there, too.
[06/06/2015 12:59:47] JM: well. I understand social media may well be my best chance, because I am better in person than on writing (English not being my mother tongue)
[06/06/2015 13:00:03] JM: and I don’t want to engage in the whole blogging/produce tons of content to get leads
[06/06/2015 13:00:09] JM: I don’t have time and I would not be the best at it
[06/06/2015 13:00:22] JM: so I must extract max value from social media/video
[06/06/2015 13:00:25] silentassumptions: Have you considered PPC over social media?
[06/06/2015 13:00:28] JM: hence the webinars
[06/06/2015 13:00:28] silentassumptions: Adwords.
[06/06/2015 13:00:45] JM: I thought about it. Did some PPC on google years ago, but I heard prices are ridiculous now
[06/06/2015 13:01:03] JM: and since my SEO is not brilliant, I guess my relevance score would suffer too
[06/06/2015 13:01:15] silentassumptions: It depends, it is generally a lot more expensive than Facebook, though much more targeted.
[06/06/2015 13:01:27] silentassumptions: The traffic you’re generating to the site has incomprehensibly more potential to convert.
[06/06/2015 13:01:29] JM: (I mean, Google would downgrade my ads or charge me more until my SEO is much better)
[06/06/2015 13:01:37] silentassumptions: That’s not true.
[06/06/2015 13:01:55] silentassumptions: The price you pay for a click is determined by the quality score.
[06/06/2015 13:01:56] JM: Perfect. So I am wrong. I learnt something new. Thanks
[06/06/2015 13:02:10] JM: exactly. If my SEO is not gret, dont’ they penalize me for it?
[06/06/2015 13:02:16] JM: great)
[06/06/2015 13:02:19] silentassumptions: The quality score is a combination of several factors that look to determine the relevance of the keyword you’re bidding for vs the content on the page (to see if it reflects that).
[06/06/2015 13:02:24] silentassumptions: The more relevant it is, the less you pay.
[06/06/2015 13:02:47] silentassumptions: There’s a reason why Google do that, because usually it correlates with relevance and quality. And naturally, Google only want to deliver the best information.
[06/06/2015 13:03:02] silentassumptions: And so, if they suspect you have poor content, they’ll make you pay the price (literally).
[06/06/2015 13:03:11] JM: I am more interested in pleasing my customers with the right sales copy than pleasing Google, and that’s wht I ‘ve been concentrating on
[06/06/2015 13:03:19] JM: yes, agree
[06/06/2015 13:03:32] silentassumptions: Sure, but there’s no use having the world’s most beautiful billboard banner if it exists in the middle of the desert.
[06/06/2015 13:03:57] JM: Ok. Anyway, going back to work for me. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know!
[06/06/2015 13:04:06] JM: True, Silent. Thanks for your help!
[06/06/2015 13:04:14] silentassumptions: Take it easy dude.
[06/06/2015 13:04:29] JM: Send me more info about you if you want
[06/06/2015 13:04:45] silentassumptions: Sure, I’ll send you a friend request shortly mate.
[06/06/2015 13:04:47] JM: you can contact me through the sites
[06/06/2015 13:04:54] JM: ok no problem. Linkedin is best
[06/06/2015 13:04:59] JM: I do’nt use FB for business
[06/06/2015 13:05:05] JM: (except for ads 😉
[06/06/2015 13:05:09] silentassumptions: I would only converse with you through Skype.
[06/06/2015 13:05:17] JM: ah ok, no problem
[06/06/2015 15:59:30] Jared: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CG0FoydWwAASzW-.jpg
[06/06/2015 16:11:39] Robin: have u talked with Silent Jared
[06/06/2015 16:11:56] Robin: and can you get me a lead generation software/scraper
[06/06/2015 16:12:35] Robin: if i make money with the lead generation software
[06/06/2015 16:12:39] Robin: ill give you a paycheck
[06/06/2015 16:16:53] *** Group call ***
[06/06/2015 16:17:24] *** Missed group call. ***
[06/06/2015 16:19:53] Jared: http://www.pauljames.com/download/
[06/06/2015 16:19:56] Jared: Try that.
[06/06/2015 16:21:48] Robin: thanks
[06/06/2015 16:27:52] Robin: its a bit slow but seems to be doing the job
[06/06/2015 16:45:31] Run_good_Brah: Yo.
[06/06/2015 16:45:43] Run_good_Brah: Edit:Hello
[06/06/2015 16:45:45] Run_good_Brah: lol.
[06/06/2015 16:46:00] Run_good_Brah: its picking up in here , that’s for sure.
[06/06/2015 16:46:15] Robin: what is?
[06/06/2015 16:46:24] Run_good_Brah: many new people joining
[06/06/2015 16:46:30] Robin: ur site?
[06/06/2015 16:46:46] Robin: i haven’t introduced myself, Im Robin, whats your name?
[06/06/2015 16:46:51] Run_good_Brah: I don’t have one…
[06/06/2015 16:46:52] Run_good_Brah: lol
[06/06/2015 16:46:55] Run_good_Brah: I’m Jamie
[06/06/2015 16:47:00] Run_good_Brah: Nice to meet you.
[06/06/2015 16:47:18] Run_good_Brah: what do you do robin?
[06/06/2015 16:47:24] Robin: internet marketing
[06/06/2015 16:47:29] Robin: i have just created my FE product
[06/06/2015 16:47:33] Run_good_Brah: Nice.
[06/06/2015 16:47:33] Robin: now working on the membership site
[06/06/2015 16:47:38] Run_good_Brah: FE product?
[06/06/2015 16:47:41] Robin: front end
[06/06/2015 16:47:52] Run_good_Brah: I see.
[06/06/2015 16:47:57] Run_good_Brah: Hope it goes well.
[06/06/2015 16:47:58] Robin: upsell them to a membership site
[06/06/2015 16:48:01] Robin: yeah me too
[06/06/2015 16:48:03] Robin: long way to go though
[06/06/2015 16:48:12] Robin: need to create shit loads of stuff to the membership site before i can launch
[06/06/2015 16:48:15] Run_good_Brah: I know a little about marketing.
[06/06/2015 16:48:33] Robin: cool
[06/06/2015 16:48:44] Run_good_Brah: If you know there’s demand
[06/06/2015 16:48:47] Run_good_Brah: then why not.
[06/06/2015 16:48:53] Robin: right, market research is important
[06/06/2015 16:48:56] Robin: find a problem in the niche
[06/06/2015 16:48:59] Robin: and create a solution
[06/06/2015 16:49:00] Run_good_Brah: exactly.
[06/06/2015 16:49:04] Run_good_Brah: that’s it.
[06/06/2015 16:49:35] Run_good_Brah: Easier said then done though.
[06/06/2015 16:49:36] Run_good_Brah: lol.
[06/06/2015 16:49:44] Robin: haha, right, you need to LAT
[06/06/2015 16:49:47] Robin: learn , apply, teach
[06/06/2015 16:49:52] Run_good_Brah: Totally.
[06/06/2015 16:50:27] Run_good_Brah: I did look into SEO , but it never interested me tbh.
[06/06/2015 16:50:44] Run_good_Brah: i’d rather do something that I’m passionate about doing.
[06/06/2015 16:51:23] Run_good_Brah: money of course is a motivator , but enjoy what you do makes it worth while.
[06/06/2015 16:51:37] Run_good_Brah: enjoying*
[06/06/2015 16:52:17] Robin: yah I’m not into SEO either
[06/06/2015 16:52:21] Robin: I’m a product creator
[06/06/2015 16:52:24] Robin: / internet marketer
[06/06/2015 16:52:29] Run_good_Brah: I know jared and amir work on seo.
[06/06/2015 16:52:33] Robin: yah
[06/06/2015 16:52:38] Run_good_Brah: and study it.
[06/06/2015 16:52:40] Run_good_Brah: ya
[06/06/2015 16:53:13] Run_good_Brah: there’s so much money in internet marketing.
[06/06/2015 16:53:24] Robin: right
[06/06/2015 16:53:26] Robin: u play poker
[06/06/2015 16:53:31] Robin: create a product around
[06/06/2015 16:53:32] Robin: it
[06/06/2015 16:53:37] Run_good_Brah: Yeah
[06/06/2015 16:53:41] Run_good_Brah: how did u know that? lol
[06/06/2015 16:53:47] Robin: ur Skype says it
[06/06/2015 16:53:54] Run_good_Brah: oo yeah.
[06/06/2015 16:53:57] Robin: and i thought ur the UK poker player Channi talked about
[06/06/2015 16:53:57] Run_good_Brah: it does indeed.
[06/06/2015 16:54:09] Robin: i done if ur the same guy though
[06/06/2015 16:54:13] Robin: dono*
[06/06/2015 16:54:20] Run_good_Brah: maybe lol
[06/06/2015 16:54:24] Robin: lol
[06/06/2015 16:54:38] Robin: you should get to know the niche inside out
[06/06/2015 16:54:42] Run_good_Brah: create a product around it?
[06/06/2015 16:54:45] Robin: yeah
[06/06/2015 16:54:46] Run_good_Brah: can u expand on that
[06/06/2015 16:54:49] Robin: find a problem
[06/06/2015 16:54:52] Robin: create a solution
[06/06/2015 16:54:58] Run_good_Brah: any problem?
[06/06/2015 16:55:04] Robin: any problem
[06/06/2015 16:55:07] Robin: the more pressing problem the better
[06/06/2015 16:55:14] Run_good_Brah: hmm okay.
[06/06/2015 16:55:30] Robin: a problem that people are willing to give you money to make their problem go away
[06/06/2015 16:55:45] Run_good_Brah: ah right.
[06/06/2015 16:55:51] Robin: i bet poker players aren’t thightly spending their money to become a better poker player
[06/06/2015 16:56:06] Robin: create a short ebook to give for an email
[06/06/2015 16:56:14] Robin: then make a video or audio teaching course
[06/06/2015 16:56:19] Robin: like a twelve week program
[06/06/2015 16:56:26] Robin: and charge 3 month intervals
[06/06/2015 16:56:31] Robin: then get new people to join
[06/06/2015 16:56:32] Run_good_Brah: bankroll management is a big problem.
[06/06/2015 16:56:55] Robin: thats a good ebook matter
[06/06/2015 16:56:56] Run_good_Brah: that needs a solution , though there’s already aritcles and video’s on that online.
[06/06/2015 16:57:08] Robin: it doesn’t matter if there is competition
[06/06/2015 16:57:12] Robin: thats actually a good thing
[06/06/2015 16:57:24] Run_good_Brah: why is that a good thing
[06/06/2015 16:57:25] Run_good_Brah: lol
[06/06/2015 16:57:29] Robin: u know people are looking for it
[06/06/2015 16:57:44] Jared: Big Ace, wanna be a mod at the new UKChatters?
[06/06/2015 16:57:46] Robin: if no one writes about something
[06/06/2015 16:57:55] Robin: the chances are theres no money in it
[06/06/2015 16:57:56] Run_good_Brah: Sure thing , that would a dream come true jared.
[06/06/2015 16:57:57] Run_good_Brah: Lol.
[06/06/2015 16:58:35] Run_good_Brah: true robin.
[06/06/2015 16:59:11] Run_good_Brah: I’m on a poker training website currently , you have to pay like $30 p/m though.
[06/06/2015 16:59:17] Run_good_Brah: to watch the training video’s
[06/06/2015 16:59:24] Robin: create a that sorta thing
[06/06/2015 16:59:28] Run_good_Brah: you can also get private coaching….
[06/06/2015 16:59:30] Run_good_Brah: but
[06/06/2015 16:59:35] Robin: thats what i had in mind
[06/06/2015 17:00:01] Run_good_Brah: the pro’s on there charge roughly $200-$550 p/h
[06/06/2015 17:01:00] Run_good_Brah: some charge less like $80 p/h depends who’s training you.
[06/06/2015 17:01:24] Run_good_Brah: I was thinking to create a website to help players improve their game.
[06/06/2015 17:01:53] Jared: It’s a big-money market, Ace.
[06/06/2015 17:01:53] Run_good_Brah: I’ve noticed that most websites make learning the game very difficult.
[06/06/2015 17:02:00] Run_good_Brah: For sure.
[06/06/2015 17:02:00] Jared: If you did it, and did it right, you’d be setup for life.
[06/06/2015 17:02:06] Jared: Big riches.
[06/06/2015 17:02:12] Robin: yeah
[06/06/2015 17:02:28] Jared: You could have your own UKChatters right in your bed.
[06/06/2015 17:02:34] Jared: Just lie in bed, waiting for new girls to log in.
[06/06/2015 17:02:35] Run_good_Brah: I once knew a book author he wanted me to write about poker and he said he would try sell it and give me a cut.
[06/06/2015 17:02:40] Run_good_Brah: but I never did.
[06/06/2015 17:02:50] Run_good_Brah: he wud of probably given me 20%
[06/06/2015 17:02:55] Run_good_Brah: robbing bastard.
[06/06/2015 17:02:56] Run_good_Brah: lol.
[06/06/2015 17:02:58] Robin: i always think and say
[06/06/2015 17:03:05] Robin: that everyone has a skill set or expertise
[06/06/2015 17:03:12] Robin: that they can make a digital information product about
[06/06/2015 17:03:21] Jared: Books, videos, software, membership sites — anything like that can turn into a nice recurring income.
[06/06/2015 17:03:46] Robin: i would go with membership site
[06/06/2015 17:03:58] Run_good_Brah: I’d consider myself intermediate in the game and that’s for sure.
[06/06/2015 17:04:06] Run_good_Brah: I’ve profited quite a bit.
[06/06/2015 17:04:11] Robin: im an intermediate dancer
[06/06/2015 17:04:14] Robin: not top notch
[06/06/2015 17:04:16] Robin: but pretty good
[06/06/2015 17:04:19] Jared: Apps.
[06/06/2015 17:04:21] Robin: and I’m gonna create a street dance course
[06/06/2015 17:04:25] Jared: Huge money in apps.
[06/06/2015 17:04:27] Robin: Apps is a huge growing market
[06/06/2015 17:04:29] Robin: yeah
[06/06/2015 17:04:31] Run_good_Brah: i’ll link you to one website.
[06/06/2015 17:04:33] Jared: Facebook Apps.
[06/06/2015 17:04:33] Robin: only gonna get bigger
[06/06/2015 17:04:36] Run_good_Brah: tell me your thoughts on the layout.
[06/06/2015 17:04:55] Jared: I know a guy (Noah Kagan) who was, at one point in time, making $150,000 a DAY with Facebook Apps.
[06/06/2015 17:05:06] Robin: jared can you find me another lead generation software
[06/06/2015 17:05:10] Run_good_Brah: the coaches on there are idiots though , they take the piss.
[06/06/2015 17:05:11] Robin: this one is shit
[06/06/2015 17:05:30] Robin: it found only 11 contacts in the car niche in whole san francisco
[06/06/2015 17:05:31] Jared: Just sign up to http://BestBlackhatForum.com and run a search.
[06/06/2015 17:05:39] Run_good_Brah: http://www.tournamentpokeredge.com/
[06/06/2015 17:05:40] Jared: It’s much easier than asking me every 10 minutes.
[06/06/2015 17:06:03] Run_good_Brah: When will the chat site be running?
[06/06/2015 17:06:30] Jared: That Poker site is just a basic WordPress sire. Very easy to create.
[06/06/2015 17:06:37] Run_good_Brah: not much effort?
[06/06/2015 17:07:04] Run_good_Brah: how long would it take you to do that?
[06/06/2015 17:07:07] Run_good_Brah: the same sorta layout
[06/06/2015 17:07:09] Jared: Not ure, Ace. Depeends on how focused I am on it. I have bigger things I keep putting off that I should focus on, but it would be nice to get UKChatters up and running.
[06/06/2015 17:07:10] Run_good_Brah: and everything
[06/06/2015 17:07:11] Jared: Yeah
[06/06/2015 17:08:10] Robin: Jared
[06/06/2015 17:08:11] Run_good_Brah: http://floattheturn.com/
[06/06/2015 17:08:16] Run_good_Brah: That’ll be jared within months.
[06/06/2015 17:08:16] Robin: are you member of blackhatgroup
[06/06/2015 17:08:19] Robin: http://www.blackhatgroup.com/f8/%5Bget%5D-power-leads-pro-x-worth-$997-102174.html
[06/06/2015 17:08:23] Robin: dl this for me if u are
[06/06/2015 17:08:24] Run_good_Brah: check the 2ed link.
[06/06/2015 17:08:26] Run_good_Brah: LOL
[06/06/2015 17:08:38] Run_good_Brah: big jared posing in front of camera’s
[06/06/2015 17:08:42] Run_good_Brah: loool
[06/06/2015 17:09:10] Run_good_Brah: see that website its only $10 p/m
[06/06/2015 17:09:14] Run_good_Brah: I pay $20 more.
[06/06/2015 17:09:17] Run_good_Brah: p/m
[06/06/2015 17:09:18] Robin: fuck
[06/06/2015 17:09:18] Run_good_Brah: lol
[06/06/2015 17:09:21] Robin: dont dl that
[06/06/2015 17:09:22] Robin: bad comments
[06/06/2015 17:09:31] Jared: Lol
[06/06/2015 17:10:29] Run_good_Brah: jonathen little is a really good poker player, but in that book ive been reading I disagree with a few things
[06/06/2015 17:10:34] Run_good_Brah: mostly on “bluffing”
[06/06/2015 17:10:39] Run_good_Brah: u know what bluffing is right?
[06/06/2015 17:10:42] Run_good_Brah: lol.
[06/06/2015 17:12:11] Jared: Yeah
[06/06/2015 17:12:17] Run_good_Brah: if you n ever bluff in poker , you’re leaving tons of money on the table.
[06/06/2015 17:12:21] Jared: It’s when you tell Robin he’s a cool guy and you really like him.
[06/06/2015 17:12:25] Run_good_Brah: and that’s for sure.
[06/06/2015 17:12:43] Run_good_Brah: you just become easily exploited.
[06/06/2015 17:12:46] Run_good_Brah: so easy.
[06/06/2015 17:12:49] Robin: i know u like me jared
[06/06/2015 17:12:53] Robin: xoxo
[06/06/2015 17:12:57] Run_good_Brah: lool jared.
[06/06/2015 17:12:59] Robin: ;D
[06/06/2015 17:13:00] Run_good_Brah: that was funny.
[06/06/2015 17:13:03] Run_good_Brah: u gotta give him that.
[06/06/2015 17:13:05] Run_good_Brah: lol.
[06/06/2015 17:13:12] Run_good_Brah: 😛
[06/06/2015 17:13:33] Robin: deadmau5 – raise your weapon (8)
[06/06/2015 17:13:40] Robin: badass song
[06/06/2015 17:13:43] Robin: super good
[06/06/2015 17:13:55] Robin: madden remix is pretty good also
[06/06/2015 17:14:00] Robin: madeon*
[06/06/2015 17:16:33] Robin: Jared
[06/06/2015 17:16:44] Robin: are you interested in developing ” myzenlifestyle ” with me
[06/06/2015 17:16:57] Robin: its a catchy name for any nich
[06/06/2015 17:16:59] Robin: niche*
[06/06/2015 17:20:37] JM: hi guys. Do you know any way to prevent every line here from giving me notifications on my computer? (quitre distracting)
[06/06/2015 17:20:57] Robin: yes
[06/06/2015 17:21:01] Robin: do u operate a windows or mac?
[06/06/2015 17:21:07] JM: win
[06/06/2015 17:21:15] Robin: the sidebar
[06/06/2015 17:21:18] Robin: where the conversation shows
[06/06/2015 17:21:20] Robin: right click it
[06/06/2015 17:21:31] Robin: it should have option ” notification settings ”
[06/06/2015 17:21:37] Robin: u can change the options there
[06/06/2015 17:21:49] JM: ok thanks
[06/06/2015 17:21:59] Robin: np
[06/06/2015 17:22:10] Jared: Type: /alertsoff
[06/06/2015 17:22:25] Jared: If you ant notifications back on, just type: /alertson
[06/06/2015 17:22:38] Robin: jared i want to discuss about the future of myzenlifestyle.com
[06/06/2015 17:22:42] JM: I know, but that would turn them off for everyone, nout just this group, right? 😦
[06/06/2015 17:22:44] Jared: You can also set it to only notify you when certain words are typed.
[06/06/2015 17:22:54] Robin: are u interested in working with me onthat
[06/06/2015 17:23:01] Robin: create a product / products around it
[06/06/2015 17:23:01] Jared: No, JM. It works on a group-by-group basis.
[06/06/2015 17:23:19] Jared: Robin, I’m too busy with my own projects at the moment.
[06/06/2015 17:23:23] Robin: okay
[06/06/2015 17:23:32] Robin: maybe in the future
[06/06/2015 17:23:35] Robin: once i make money
[06/06/2015 17:23:42] Robin: ill make a beginners course on how to make money online
[06/06/2015 17:23:49] Robin: spiritual entrepeneurs
[06/06/2015 17:23:53] Robin: sub niche
[06/06/2015 17:24:04] JM: Thank you gents
[06/06/2015 17:24:33] Robin: your welcome sir
[06/06/2015 21:57:27] *** The Prince joined. ***
[07/06/2015 00:17:04] New York Amir: robin stop calling me like an obssessive psychotic gf
[07/06/2015 00:17:08 | Edited 00:17:36] New York Amir: or i’ll knock the homo out of you
[07/06/2015 02:12:06] Jared: Lol
[07/06/2015 02:12:28] Jared: Homo glitterus
[07/06/2015 02:12:32] Jared: New species of human.
[07/06/2015 14:39:13] Robin: gonna make my FE product better
[07/06/2015 14:39:15] Robin: add lectures
[07/06/2015 14:39:18] Robin: more value
[07/06/2015 16:34:17] *** Bhav joined. ***
[07/06/2015 16:58:18] Bhav: Hey guys
[07/06/2015 17:03:47] Robin: hello
[07/06/2015 17:04:03] Robin: how do u do?
[07/06/2015 17:04:35] Bhav: Not too bad thanks, yourself?
[07/06/2015 17:04:42] Robin: im good
[07/06/2015 17:04:50] Robin: just adding value and creating more modules to my product
[07/06/2015 17:05:01] Robin: its nice to make good progress
[07/06/2015 17:05:04] Robin: and offer value to people
[07/06/2015 17:05:16] Jared: Hello, Bhav.
[07/06/2015 17:05:41] Robin: where you are at in internet marketing bhav
[07/06/2015 17:05:42] Jared: We hope you have a lot to offer the community. Thus far, it’s been mostly freeloaders and self-promoting scum.
[07/06/2015 17:05:54] Robin: don’t be so cruel jared
[07/06/2015 17:05:59] Robin: offering value to others always has benefits
[07/06/2015 17:06:00] Jared: Or, in Robin’s case, both.
[07/06/2015 17:06:17] Robin: i see u troll
[07/06/2015 17:06:32] Robin: this group also has the biggest trolls in the internet
[07/06/2015 17:06:35] Robin: so beware
[07/06/2015 17:06:47] Bhav: Haha, well I’ve been in the internet marketing game for around 13 years now (since I was 11, im 24 now). I’ve done various bits and bobs but currently im in the email marketing scene
[07/06/2015 17:06:57] Robin: do u have a big list?
[07/06/2015 17:07:06] Jared: Watch out for Robin, Bhav. He has purply, glittery hair. Whatever you do, don’t bend over in front of him.
[07/06/2015 17:07:14] Robin: lmao
[07/06/2015 17:07:16] Bhav: LOL
[07/06/2015 17:07:22] Bhav: I’ll avoid
[07/06/2015 17:07:26 | Edited 17:07:27] Bhav: I’m from London btw
[07/06/2015 17:07:32] Robin: cool
[07/06/2015 17:07:43] Bhav: I have a lead generation biz, so huge amount of leads I work with
[07/06/2015 17:07:49] Robin: cool
[07/06/2015 17:07:51] Robin: can you tell us more
[07/06/2015 17:08:23] Robin: like
[07/06/2015 17:08:26] Robin: how do u generate leads
[07/06/2015 17:08:29] Robin: whats you business model
[07/06/2015 17:08:35] Bhav: Well I work within the make money online niche and in particular helping solo ad providers build and promote their lists
[07/06/2015 17:09:05] Bhav: The actual lead generation part is the only thing I cannot reveal, apart from that I can give a lot of whatever knowledge I have lol
[07/06/2015 17:09:07] Robin: cool
[07/06/2015 17:09:27] Robin: hahaha
[07/06/2015 17:09:28] Robin: okay
[07/06/2015 17:09:38] Robin: I’m interested because I’m collecting leads to sell a software
[07/06/2015 17:09:52] Robin: and i wouldn’t mind insider information on how other people generate leads
[07/06/2015 17:10:16] Robin: i can’t do an official launch do to the fact that my partner does not own the software but can sell it
[07/06/2015 17:10:28] Robin: reseller rights
[07/06/2015 17:10:36] Robin: its a nice piece of software
[07/06/2015 17:10:40] Bhav: Ahh I see
[07/06/2015 17:10:40] Robin: meant for high end biz owners
[07/06/2015 17:10:45] Bhav: what is the software for
[07/06/2015 17:10:50] Robin: well for example
[07/06/2015 17:10:53] Robin: you have a car website
[07/06/2015 17:10:56] Robin: you sell cars
[07/06/2015 17:11:02] Robin: you have a phone subs form
[07/06/2015 17:11:08] Robin: when they enter their phone nnumber
[07/06/2015 17:11:13] Robin: they get a call within one minute
[07/06/2015 17:11:18] Robin: from the customer service/salesman
[07/06/2015 17:11:25] Robin: our software automates that process
[07/06/2015 17:11:31] Bhav: Ah okay
[07/06/2015 17:11:33] Robin: it works with all webforms but is US only
[07/06/2015 17:11:43] Bhav: so literally to get the lead while its hot
[07/06/2015 17:11:49] Robin: exactly
[07/06/2015 17:11:59] Bhav: sounds interesting
[07/06/2015 17:12:03] Bhav: USA only based
[07/06/2015 17:12:08] Robin: yes
[07/06/2015 17:12:28] Bhav: Has it been fully developed?
[07/06/2015 17:12:36] Robin: what do u mean by that
[07/06/2015 17:12:52] Bhav: Like has the software been made/tested/ready to use
[07/06/2015 17:13:00] Robin: yes
[07/06/2015 17:13:19] Bhav: Well then I guess your next step would be to start with a city
[07/06/2015 17:13:31] Bhav: target businesses 1 by one
[07/06/2015 17:13:35] Robin: okay
[07/06/2015 17:13:38] Bhav: cold calling
[07/06/2015 17:13:39] Robin: thats what i have in mind
[07/06/2015 17:13:54] Robin: not cold calling but emails
[07/06/2015 17:14:04] Bhav: Email them, then call them
[07/06/2015 17:14:07] Robin: i intend to establish business relationships
[07/06/2015 17:14:08] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:14:13] Bhav: Ask them did you receive my email
[07/06/2015 17:14:16] Robin: because its a monthly fee product
[07/06/2015 17:14:16] Bhav: I’m just following up
[07/06/2015 17:14:20] Robin: yes
[07/06/2015 17:14:21] Robin: good idea
[07/06/2015 17:14:32] Bhav: give them the idea you care
[07/06/2015 17:14:35] Bhav: and want their business
[07/06/2015 17:14:35] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:14:45] Bhav: depending on cost
[07/06/2015 17:14:52] Robin: its high ticket product
[07/06/2015 17:14:54] Bhav: would it be feasible to give them a trial?
[07/06/2015 17:14:57] Robin: yes
[07/06/2015 17:15:00] Robin: 2 week free trial
[07/06/2015 17:15:12] Bhav: Yes, get them hooked onto that
[07/06/2015 17:15:17] Bhav: ” no risk ”
[07/06/2015 17:15:17] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:15:20] Bhav: ” free to try ”
[07/06/2015 17:15:20] Robin: ahuh
[07/06/2015 17:15:29] Robin: i think with what u just said
[07/06/2015 17:15:32] Robin: it is possible to make money
[07/06/2015 17:15:42] Robin: even though doing it with such strategy
[07/06/2015 17:15:46] Robin: cold calling and cold emailing
[07/06/2015 17:15:53] Bhav: yes because
[07/06/2015 17:15:57] Bhav: with high ticket items
[07/06/2015 17:16:00] Bhav: you don’t need mass sales
[07/06/2015 17:16:03] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:16:12] Robin: but if we had the possibility to launch
[07/06/2015 17:16:16] Robin: we would get shit loads of money
[07/06/2015 17:16:20] Bhav: I’m not sure what your margin and profits will be per item sold
[07/06/2015 17:16:22] Bhav: See the thing is
[07/06/2015 17:16:32] Robin: i get like 250dollars per sale
[07/06/2015 17:16:35] Robin: monthly recurring income
[07/06/2015 17:16:36] Bhav: it would need one hell of a lander and converting funnel
[07/06/2015 17:16:44] Robin: http://www.speedyleads.net
[07/06/2015 17:16:46] Bhav: how much is the client paying
[07/06/2015 17:16:51] Robin: 750
[07/06/2015 17:17:04] Bhav: a month?
[07/06/2015 17:17:17] Robin: even if they close one sale they get ROI
[07/06/2015 17:17:26] Bhav: Yes ofcourse
[07/06/2015 17:17:33] Robin: yea a month
[07/06/2015 17:17:50] Bhav: Using maths is always a winner
[07/06/2015 17:17:53] Bhav: What I’d do personally
[07/06/2015 17:17:57] Bhav: reach out locally
[07/06/2015 17:17:59] Bhav: get 10 clients
[07/06/2015 17:18:02] Bhav: for example
[07/06/2015 17:18:07] Bhav: get video tesitmonials
[07/06/2015 17:18:12] Bhav: real life reviews
[07/06/2015 17:18:18] Bhav: a case study of their business
[07/06/2015 17:18:25] Robin: thats what we had in mind
[07/06/2015 17:18:27] Bhav: then use that as a marketing platform for a ” launch ”
[07/06/2015 17:18:30] Robin: but we can’t do a launch
[07/06/2015 17:18:35] Robin: no MRR
[07/06/2015 17:18:42] Bhav: ahh yea
[07/06/2015 17:19:02] Bhav: 250 a month per sale, you need 10 to get to 2.5k recurring
[07/06/2015 17:19:04] Robin: but at some point i will create this software in my own name
[07/06/2015 17:19:30] Bhav: yeah ofc
[07/06/2015 17:19:36] Bhav: I’d start small then
[07/06/2015 17:19:38] Bhav: If im honest
[07/06/2015 17:19:41] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:19:45] Jared: I did have a goal of $20-30K a month (minimum), but I’ve lost the fire.
[07/06/2015 17:19:58] Bhav: Last year
[07/06/2015 17:20:03] Bhav: I did around 20k online
[07/06/2015 17:20:09] Bhav: from Jan 1st this year
[07/06/2015 17:20:14] Bhav: Ive done 120k online to date
[07/06/2015 17:20:19] Robin: wow
[07/06/2015 17:20:28] Jared: So, about $20K a month?
[07/06/2015 17:20:29] Bhav: progression is key
[07/06/2015 17:20:32] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:20:42] Robin: i just got into Alex Jeffreys VIP coaching academy
[07/06/2015 17:20:43] Bhav: yeah avg around 20k or so a month
[07/06/2015 17:20:46] Robin: about 3 weeks ago
[07/06/2015 17:20:52] Robin: its a breakthrough for me
[07/06/2015 17:21:01] Robin: his inner circle stuff is really good
[07/06/2015 17:21:03] Bhav: In my opinion, coaching is a help
[07/06/2015 17:21:06] Robin: yeah
[07/06/2015 17:21:08] Robin: it really is
[07/06/2015 17:21:09] Bhav: but
[07/06/2015 17:21:16] Bhav: desire and motivation beats it all
[07/06/2015 17:21:20] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:21:27] Robin: i have created my FE product
[07/06/2015 17:21:30] Robin: now I’m creating membership site
[07/06/2015 17:21:35] Bhav: yes see
[07/06/2015 17:21:38] Bhav: I like this
[07/06/2015 17:21:42] Bhav: recurring stable incomes
[07/06/2015 17:21:44] Robin: you need to really want it
[07/06/2015 17:21:51] Robin: because if u don’t want it enough
[07/06/2015 17:21:53] Robin: u face roadblocks
[07/06/2015 17:21:56] Robin: due to your lack of motivation
[07/06/2015 17:21:57] Bhav: exactly
[07/06/2015 17:22:00] Bhav: set targets
[07/06/2015 17:22:03] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:22:09] Robin: 10X rule
[07/06/2015 17:22:11] Robin: is great
[07/06/2015 17:22:15] Robin: by Grant Cardone
[07/06/2015 17:22:24] Robin: have heard about it ?
[07/06/2015 17:22:30] Bhav: I can’t say I have
[07/06/2015 17:22:36] Robin: I’m sure you will love it
[07/06/2015 17:22:43] Bhav: I’ll check it out
[07/06/2015 17:22:51] Robin: http://www.grantcardone.com/the-10x-rule/
[07/06/2015 17:23:37] Jared: My unstable motivation is the biggest thing holding me back.
[07/06/2015 17:23:46] Jared: The fire just cannot stay lit.
[07/06/2015 17:23:56] Jared: I don’t know what it is.
[07/06/2015 17:24:00] Jared: I think it might be Robin.
[07/06/2015 17:24:07] Jared: He brings me down.
[07/06/2015 17:24:50] Robin: thats because you don’t know how to network
[07/06/2015 17:24:53] Robin: you guys troll
[07/06/2015 17:24:58] Robin: networking is key
[07/06/2015 17:25:15] Bhav: I agree
[07/06/2015 17:25:35] Bhav: Add me up on fb if your on it
[07/06/2015 17:25:35] Bhav: https://www.facebook.com/bhav.patel.904
[07/06/2015 17:26:05] Robin: there is no ” add friend ” button
[07/06/2015 17:26:12] Robin: so i sent a message to your ” others folder ”
[07/06/2015 17:26:20] Robin: go check it out and add me if u want
[07/06/2015 17:27:01] Bhav: ah yeah
[07/06/2015 17:27:04] Bhav: got ya
[07/06/2015 17:27:09] Robin: okay
[07/06/2015 17:27:18] Robin: Im from Finland
[07/06/2015 17:27:21] Robin: half irish
[07/06/2015 17:27:23] Robin: half finnish
[07/06/2015 17:28:09] Bhav: nicee
[07/06/2015 17:28:11] Bhav: odd mix
[07/06/2015 17:28:13] Bhav: but yeah
[07/06/2015 17:28:13] Bhav: lol
[07/06/2015 17:28:13] Robin: Bhav, have you ever launched a product?
[07/06/2015 17:28:15] Robin: yeah 😀
[07/06/2015 17:28:50] Robin: or helped someone launch?
[07/06/2015 17:29:11] Robin: I’m planning to get into make money online niche
[07/06/2015 17:29:18] Robin: in a year or so
[07/06/2015 17:29:21] Bhav: I’ve done my own mini personal launches to my client base I have
[07/06/2015 17:29:28] Bhav: but I will be launching end of this month
[07/06/2015 17:29:30] Bhav: to JvZoo
[07/06/2015 17:29:38] Robin: whats the producT?
[07/06/2015 17:30:07] Robin: that is after i have made my membership site succesfull
[07/06/2015 17:30:16] Bhav: Front end its an email marketing profile membership platform
[07/06/2015 17:30:52] Robin: cool
[07/06/2015 17:30:53] Bhav: backend: squeeze page plugin, lead generation, coaching
[07/06/2015 17:30:55] Robin: how much?
[07/06/2015 17:31:21] Bhav: front end is $9.99 a month
[07/06/2015 17:31:32] Robin: i might become a customer
[07/06/2015 17:31:33] Bhav: Squeeze page $19.99 am onth
[07/06/2015 17:31:46] Bhav: lead gen all depends on number of leads someone buys
[07/06/2015 17:31:51] Robin: to get into your ” mandala ”
[07/06/2015 17:31:52] Bhav: coaching is high ticket $1k
[07/06/2015 17:31:56] Robin: ah cool
[07/06/2015 17:32:05] Robin: at least i might get the front end
[07/06/2015 17:32:09] Bhav: so pretty good funnel
[07/06/2015 17:32:11] Bhav: well
[07/06/2015 17:32:12] Robin: true
[07/06/2015 17:32:15] Bhav: it’ll be affiliated
[07/06/2015 17:32:32] Bhav: so people get chance to make a shitload
[07/06/2015 17:32:38] Bhav: just by getting members
[07/06/2015 17:32:50] Bhav: as any upsales they buy affiliates get commission on that
[07/06/2015 17:33:13] Robin: cool
[07/06/2015 17:33:19] Robin: nice nice
[07/06/2015 17:33:23] Bhav: that’s the best way launches work
[07/06/2015 17:33:25] Robin: youll probably get a lot of affilaites
[07/06/2015 17:33:26] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:33:36] Bhav: First time doing it big
[07/06/2015 17:33:38] Bhav: so fingers crossed
[07/06/2015 17:33:39] Robin: Alex gives 200% commission on FE
[07/06/2015 17:33:46] Robin: 100% on upsell
[07/06/2015 17:33:47] Robin: etc
[07/06/2015 17:33:57] Robin: but the fact you have monthly recurring
[07/06/2015 17:34:06] Robin: gives the affiliates a super high EPC possibility
[07/06/2015 17:34:11] Robin: cause it multiplies every month 😀
[07/06/2015 17:34:16] Bhav: yeah
[07/06/2015 17:34:26] Robin: so I’m sure it’ll be a success
[07/06/2015 17:34:30] Bhav: what wed be doing is either 100% commission front end
[07/06/2015 17:34:34] Bhav: or 50% recurring
[07/06/2015 17:34:37] Bhav: choice is theres
[07/06/2015 17:34:41] Bhav: Iknow what i’d choose lol
[07/06/2015 17:34:44] Robin: yah
[07/06/2015 17:34:45] Robin: me too
[07/06/2015 17:35:06] Bhav: Its just about building the brand and promoting it well
[07/06/2015 17:35:12] Robin: I’m currently creating a new age / LOA / 5D product
[07/06/2015 17:35:21] Robin: its a sub niche
[07/06/2015 17:35:25] Robin: in the new age movement
[07/06/2015 17:35:31] Robin: 5th dimension
[07/06/2015 17:35:34] Bhav: Oo I see
[07/06/2015 17:35:37] Bhav: what is that lol
[07/06/2015 17:35:40] Robin: basically
[07/06/2015 17:35:49] Robin: i will help them to achieve enlightenment / ascension
[07/06/2015 17:35:56] Robin: its huge actually
[07/06/2015 17:36:04] Bhav: Ah
[07/06/2015 17:36:06] Bhav: that niche
[07/06/2015 17:36:08] Robin: http://www.in5d.com is top 25 k websites in US
[07/06/2015 17:36:13] Bhav: self fulfilment niche?
[07/06/2015 17:36:22] Robin: and it has almost 300k page likes on fb
[07/06/2015 17:36:24] Robin: so its huge
[07/06/2015 17:36:29] Robin: i was on the forefront
[07/06/2015 17:36:37] Robin: when the website was created
[07/06/2015 17:36:40] Robin: so i know the niche inside out
[07/06/2015 17:36:47] Robin: plus im a spiritual practitioner myself
[07/06/2015 17:36:51] Robin: so i can really give them value
[07/06/2015 17:36:56] Robin: dissolve the myths around the niche
[07/06/2015 17:36:58] Robin: and help them
[07/06/2015 17:37:03] Robin: nah
[07/06/2015 17:37:07] Robin: new age / spirituality
[07/06/2015 17:37:14] Robin: but i guess you could label it self fulfilment
[07/06/2015 17:37:19] Robin: but spiritual self fullfilment
[07/06/2015 17:37:48] Robin: http://myzenlifestyle.com/practic2/
[07/06/2015 17:37:52] Robin: draft version of the sales page
[07/06/2015 17:37:53] Bhav: Oo I ee
[07/06/2015 17:37:54] Bhav: that
[07/06/2015 17:37:56] Bhav: is nice
[07/06/2015 17:38:08] Robin: http://myzenlifestyle.com/5dmembership/
[07/06/2015 17:38:13] Robin: this is the upsell to membership
[07/06/2015 17:38:29] Bhav: oo that isnice
[07/06/2015 17:38:34] Bhav: 1 thing straight away
[07/06/2015 17:38:39] Bhav: this is yours right?
[07/06/2015 17:38:41] Robin: yes
[07/06/2015 17:38:46] Robin: i need to change the domain name
[07/06/2015 17:38:52] Robin: if that is your comment
[07/06/2015 17:38:52] Robin: 😀
[07/06/2015 17:38:58] Robin: I’m currently out of OP licenses
[07/06/2015 17:39:13] Bhav: 1. Put your photo on there
2. Brand yourself
3. A video !!
[07/06/2015 17:39:22] Bhav: all this launch shit
[07/06/2015 17:39:26] Bhav: your selling yourself
[07/06/2015 17:39:28] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:39:32] Bhav: the product itself is 2nd
[07/06/2015 17:39:51] Robin: im bad in video though
[07/06/2015 17:40:02] Robin: and i only know how to position myself
[07/06/2015 17:40:10] Robin: branding is a bit more difficult
[07/06/2015 17:40:20] Robin: but its workable
[07/06/2015 17:40:25] Bhav: if you know the niche inside out
[07/06/2015 17:40:27] Bhav: it wont matter
[07/06/2015 17:40:32] Bhav: your value will be your branding
[07/06/2015 17:40:36] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 17:40:42] Robin: so i will give them a free spiritual lecture
[07/06/2015 17:40:44] Jared: The copy is sloppy.
[07/06/2015 17:41:04] Jared: Your words are turds.
[07/06/2015 17:42:09] Jared: Robin, I’ll do a full copy makeover for just $100. Proper grammar. Proper spelling. Proper puncuation. More compelling copy. A stronger CTA. This is a $20,000 value.
[07/06/2015 17:42:20] Robin: not interested
[07/06/2015 17:57:18] Jared: Bhav, whatever you do, don’t get suckered into “networking” with Robin.
[07/06/2015 17:57:25] Jared: He’s been practically begging everyone in here.
[07/06/2015 17:57:29] Jared: Do you know why?
[07/06/2015 17:58:02] Jared: Because Robin is extremely lazy, and he wants somebody to do the work for him — his “networking” partner. I speak from experience. A can back up my claims.
[07/06/2015 18:26:00] Robin: Jared you will never succeed in belittling others
[07/06/2015 18:26:12] Robin: thats how you build trust with the future visitors of your website
[07/06/2015 18:26:16] Robin: by disparaging them
[07/06/2015 18:41:29] Jared: What?
[07/06/2015 18:41:45] Jared: Have I said anything that’s not true?
[07/06/2015 18:42:10] Robin: yes
[07/06/2015 18:42:30] Robin: and I’m not going to even discuss about this
[07/06/2015 20:52:57] New York Amir: true
[07/06/2015 20:53:08] New York Amir: robin needs to get off his lazy ass
[07/06/2015 20:53:22] Robin: I’ve done 5 audios today
[07/06/2015 20:53:30] New York Amir: robin u been doing marketing for a year
[07/06/2015 20:53:30] New York Amir: now
[07/06/2015 20:53:35] New York Amir: and havent made a dime
[07/06/2015 20:53:42] Robin: yeah
[07/06/2015 20:53:43] New York Amir: youre unreliable
[07/06/2015 20:53:44] Robin: i read an article
[07/06/2015 20:53:50] Robin: that if u don’t make money in 2 years
[07/06/2015 20:53:52] Robin: its a hobby
[07/06/2015 20:53:53] New York Amir: cant work together
[07/06/2015 20:53:54] Robin: not a business
[07/06/2015 20:54:02] Robin: right
[07/06/2015 20:54:04] Robin: well ill make a change to that this year
[07/06/2015 20:54:08] New York Amir: we’ll see…
[07/06/2015 20:54:11] New York Amir: u say that ALL
[07/06/2015 20:54:13] New York Amir: time time
[07/06/2015 20:54:14] Robin: we will
[07/06/2015 20:54:16] New York Amir: actions speak
[07/06/2015 20:54:18] New York Amir: loudre than words
[07/06/2015 20:54:21] Robin: ahuh
[07/06/2015 20:54:22] Robin: i hear u
[07/06/2015 20:54:24] New York Amir: remember that
[07/06/2015 20:57:03] Bhav: how much have you earnt A?
[07/06/2015 20:57:12] New York Amir: too much
[07/06/2015 20:57:18] New York Amir: bhavi
[07/06/2015 20:59:08] Robin: big A makes money with PPC
[07/06/2015 21:03:07] Jared: Walk into A’s home, and this is the first thing you see: http://thumbs.trulia-cdn.com/pictures/thumbs_6/ps.73/5/e/1/4/picture-uh=195ce996b25ace4d505320454eaadb64-ps=5e14efab1415dcf3977683f977393f7.jpg
[07/06/2015 21:03:23] Jared: He’s doing alright for himself.
[07/06/2015 21:03:35] New York Amir: ah i remember that pic u took
[07/06/2015 21:03:38] New York Amir: when u visited
[07/06/2015 21:03:43] New York Amir: in bevery hills
[07/06/2015 21:04:03] New York Amir: tom cruise was funny that night
[07/06/2015 21:04:44] Jared: I can’t believe he thought we’d actually join the Church of Scientology.
[07/06/2015 21:04:51] Jared: I told him he couldn’t pay us enough to join.
[07/06/2015 21:04:57] New York Amir: lol
[07/06/2015 21:04:59] New York Amir: oh tommy
[07/06/2015 21:05:08] Jared: Such a naive little man.
[07/06/2015 21:05:20] New York Amir: everytime we hang out with him its the same tory
[07/06/2015 21:05:22] New York Amir: story
[07/06/2015 21:05:40] Jared: I’m glad I talked Stevie Spielberg out of making that new blockbuster with him.
[07/06/2015 21:05:47] New York Amir: ya that was a good move
[07/06/2015 21:05:49] Jared: Steven to the rest of you.
[07/06/2015 21:05:52] New York Amir: lol
[07/06/2015 21:05:57] New York Amir: el steveo
[07/06/2015 21:05:58] Jared: I call him Stevie to show my dominance.
[07/06/2015 21:06:05] New York Amir: big steve
[07/06/2015 21:06:54] Bhav: did you get tom to suck you off?
[07/06/2015 21:07:01] Bhav: and steve to film?
[07/06/2015 21:08:23] Jared: Yeah. It’s scheduled for release next summer.
[07/06/2015 21:08:37] Jared: The biggest summer blockbuster ever — literally.
[07/06/2015 21:08:52] Bhav: lmao
[07/06/2015 21:09:00] Robin: lol
[07/06/2015 21:09:01] Bhav: they blew their nut in the making of the film
[07/06/2015 21:09:18] Robin: LMAOO
[07/06/2015 21:09:27] Robin: some internet masterminds group
[07/06/2015 21:09:33] Robin: talk about nuts
[08/06/2015 10:51:55] silentassumptions: Hey guys.
[08/06/2015 10:52:02] silentassumptions: Is anyone here selling back links?
[08/06/2015 10:52:44] Robin: Silent u blew me off
[08/06/2015 10:52:45] Robin: AGAIN
[08/06/2015 10:53:51] silentassumptions: Robin, I’m busy. I asked you on two occasions to deliver your idea with projections. First time round you gave me a proposal that was filled mostly with Lorem Ipsum content.

Second time you sent it, it still didn’t have projections. I’m not blowing you off, just getting through life based on priorities.
[08/06/2015 10:54:07] silentassumptions: Chill your beans nigga, I’ll get round to viewing your proposal shortly.
[08/06/2015 10:54:18] Robin: we were suppose to have acall
[08/06/2015 10:54:23] Robin: i prepared the projections
[08/06/2015 10:54:26] silentassumptions: Right now I’m looking to buy backlinks for anyone with an authoritative website
[08/06/2015 10:54:33] Robin: the lorem opossum was accidunet
[08/06/2015 10:54:51] silentassumptions: Great, then we’ll catch up when Jared is here, but right now that’s not a priority, we’ll look to schedule something tomorrow.
[08/06/2015 10:54:52] Robin: i took a template
[08/06/2015 10:54:54] Robin: didn’t see the page
[08/06/2015 10:54:59] Robin: okay
[08/06/2015 10:55:11] silentassumptions: Robin, yeah, I didn’t give you a specified time when I would speak to you next after your Lorem Ipsum proposal.
[08/06/2015 10:55:12] Robin: tomorrow it is then
[08/06/2015 10:55:16] silentassumptions: So there was no blowing off.
[08/06/2015 10:55:23] Robin: y there was
[08/06/2015 10:55:29] silentassumptions: I said when Jared and I are both free.
[08/06/2015 10:55:36] Robin: u said ud be back in 2 and half ahours
[08/06/2015 10:55:45] Robin: anywa
[08/06/2015 10:55:51] silentassumptions: Tomorrow bro.
[08/06/2015 10:55:53] Robin: doesn’t matter
[08/06/2015 10:55:55] Robin: okay okay
[08/06/2015 10:56:01] Robin: i got some info as well
[08/06/2015 10:56:04] Robin: advertising costs
[08/06/2015 14:56:39] *** Vin (WordAgents) joined. ***
[08/06/2015 14:57:01] Vin (WordAgents): hey everyone. stackcash here. thought i’d stop by and say hello.
[08/06/2015 14:57:27] Robin: hello
[08/06/2015 15:35:47] silentassumptions: Hey Stackcash.
[08/06/2015 15:37:06] Vin (WordAgents): looks like not much is going on in here
[08/06/2015 15:37:40] silentassumptions: It picks up from time to time, we only really talk when we have something to talk about.
[08/06/2015 15:37:50] silentassumptions: (addressing queries, proposing ideas, etc)
[08/06/2015 15:37:59] silentassumptions: There’s very little dialogue here that’s just talking for the sake of talking.
[08/06/2015 17:42:40] *** CCarter joined. ***
[08/06/2015 17:53:16] CCarter: http://i.imgur.com/PZEBPLY.gif
[08/06/2015 17:56:39] CCarter: So what’s the topic of the day?
[08/06/2015 17:58:43] Robin: hey there
[08/06/2015 17:58:45] Robin: no topic
[08/06/2015 17:58:54] Robin: this isn’t really an active group
[08/06/2015 17:59:27] silentassumptions: Hello.
[08/06/2015 18:00:17] Vin (WordAgents): what are you guys working on right now?
[08/06/2015 18:00:27] Robin: creating a product
[08/06/2015 18:01:30] CCarter: working on some newbie guides for my product as well
[08/06/2015 18:01:40] CCarter: trying to get into the newbie’s head
[08/06/2015 18:01:40] Robin: what product?
[08/06/2015 18:01:42] Robin: in what niche?
[08/06/2015 18:01:50] CCarter: and figure out what they are missing out on
[08/06/2015 18:01:52] CCarter: SERPWoo
[08/06/2015 18:01:58] Robin: what is it?
[08/06/2015 18:02:04] Robin: good thinkin
[08/06/2015 18:02:08] CCarter: http://www.SERPWoo.com
[08/06/2015 18:02:10] Robin: good to know what they are eating
[08/06/2015 18:02:12] CCarter: it’s a niche tracker
[08/06/2015 18:02:30] CCarter: monitors the top 30 and top 200 urls results for each keyword
[08/06/2015 18:02:41] CCarter: you enter, like a rank tracker on steriods
[08/06/2015 18:02:49] Vin (WordAgents): i think a lot of newbies don’t understand the power that’s being offered to them with serpwoo….and maybe might be too scared to speak up and ask
[08/06/2015 18:03:06] CCarter: added several 3rd party metrics like ahrefs, moz, majestic, social signals, and whois for each URL
[08/06/2015 18:03:15] CCarter: so you can see how strong the competition is within each SERP results
[08/06/2015 18:03:29] CCarter: yeah that’s the consensus I’m getting
[08/06/2015 18:03:34] CCarter: so I’m starting from scratch
[08/06/2015 18:03:39] CCarter: SEO 101
[08/06/2015 18:03:48] CCarter: then why each metrics is important individuals
[08/06/2015 18:03:57] CCarter: and the story it tells once you look at them as a whole
[08/06/2015 18:04:11] CCarter: and understand why XYZ keyword is more realistic to go after then ABC
[08/06/2015 18:04:22] CCarter: even though ABC might have more volume
[08/06/2015 18:04:36] CCarter: XYZ is more realistic if you don’t have the power that the other URLS in the same SERPs have
[08/06/2015 18:04:54] Robin: your site looks too high tech
[08/06/2015 18:05:17] CCarter: So my main brainstorming at the moment is too figure out how to connect with newbie users
[08/06/2015 18:05:33] CCarter: too high-tech? What do you mean? I appreciate all feedback.
[08/06/2015 18:05:41] CCarter: “too much data”?
[08/06/2015 18:06:08] Robin: yah
[08/06/2015 18:06:15] Vin (WordAgents): gotta do some hand holding webinars….backtrace your features to the reason the feature exists.
[08/06/2015 18:06:21] Robin: right
[08/06/2015 18:06:38] CCarter: yeah we did one webinar May 14th
[08/06/2015 18:06:43] CCarter: was a pretty good success
[08/06/2015 18:06:54] CCarter: now we are lying up others, and guestposts for ORM on the site
[08/06/2015 18:07:02] CCarter: as well as I’m writing all the learning-center guides
[08/06/2015 18:07:07] CCarter: @robintmoore
[08/06/2015 18:07:11] CCarter: if I showed you this: https://www.serpwoo.com/img/SERP-Archives-big.jpg
[08/06/2015 18:07:22] CCarter: would you be able to figure out what we do easier?
[08/06/2015 18:08:35] Robin: no comment
[08/06/2015 18:08:38] Robin: im not an SEO
[08/06/2015 18:08:43] CCarter: ahhh
[08/06/2015 18:08:56] Vin (WordAgents): lol
[08/06/2015 18:09:02] CCarter: alright then you aren’t my target audience 🙂
[08/06/2015 18:09:24] CCarter: no worries, thanks for the feedback though.
[08/06/2015 18:12:30] CCarter: @robin – what type of product are you working on?
[08/06/2015 18:12:41] Robin: new agey spiritual course
[08/06/2015 18:12:52] Robin: LOA / AScension
[08/06/2015 18:13:16] CCarter: what’s LOA mean?
[08/06/2015 18:16:49] Robin: law of attraction
[08/06/2015 18:21:54] CCarter: ohhh
[08/06/2015 18:22:12] CCarter: how long have you been in that business?
[08/06/2015 18:45:39] CCarter: http://www.useronboard.com/advice/ – this might help anyone that has an onboard processes for this product/service/subscription model
[08/06/2015 19:55:54] *** Brandon Feemster joined. ***
[08/06/2015 20:26:11] silentassumptions: Hey, welcome to the room CCarter, Brandon and any others I have missed.
[08/06/2015 20:28:52] Robin: Hey Chriss
[08/06/2015 20:28:54] Robin: not for long
[08/06/2015 20:29:04] Robin: i recently joined Alex Jeffreys Inner circle
[08/06/2015 20:29:14] Robin: and started creating a product
[08/06/2015 20:29:25] Robin: I’ve been in the niche as a member for ages though
[08/06/2015 20:31:47] CCarter: I see
[08/06/2015 20:32:12] silentassumptions: https://www.serpwoo.com/
[08/06/2015 20:32:17] CCarter: thanks for the welcome silentassumptions
[08/06/2015 20:32:20] CCarter: ?
[08/06/2015 20:32:21] silentassumptions: Very impressive site.
[08/06/2015 20:32:26] CCarter: thank you
[08/06/2015 20:33:53] silentassumptions: We use a combination of tools at our agency; your software seems to integrate the best from AWR & Search Metrics.
[08/06/2015 20:35:03] silentassumptions: How accurate are your results for Google UK searches?
[08/06/2015 20:35:41] silentassumptions: At the moment, we use AWR but it’s known to be pretty off with accuracy from time to time.
[08/06/2015 20:36:16] silentassumptions: We were using it’s API to build something that generates customised reports – but it’s accuracy is something to be desired.
[08/06/2015 20:37:05] silentassumptions: Their were also issues of pulling in historic ranking data from AnalyticSEO into AWR, and have had a bit of a nightmare trying to resolve it through email correspondnence.
[08/06/2015 20:37:24] CCarter: about 30% of our paying user base is UK based and we haven’t had a single indicator of inaccuracy
[08/06/2015 20:37:38] CCarter: we also neutralized personalized and universal search though
[08/06/2015 20:37:58] CCarter: and the closest thing we have to compare is http://impersonal.me
[08/06/2015 20:38:17] CCarter: and their settings, but we use a bit different variables
[08/06/2015 20:38:22] *** Zaid Wikipedia joined. ***
[08/06/2015 20:38:33 | Edited 20:38:38] CCarter: We’re
[08/06/2015 20:39:01] CCarter: still building out our API at the moment, so there isn’t a lot I can do to compliment them
[08/06/2015 20:39:19] CCarter: right now our biggest focus is creating new reports for SEOs – local SEOs mostly
[08/06/2015 20:39:30] CCarter: so they can provider fast and easy reports to their clients
[08/06/2015 20:39:44] CCarter: as well as I build out the newbie guides to help users control SERPWoo easier
[08/06/2015 20:39:47] silentassumptions: It’s funny you should mention that. I’m the Head of Search for an agency called i3MEDIA (http://i3media.net)
[08/06/2015 20:40:10] silentassumptions: At the moment, we are building something bespoke along those lines.
[08/06/2015 20:40:47] silentassumptions: For report purposes, which pulls in rankings through AWR’s API, and data from Google Analytics which is scrutinised in various ways.
[08/06/2015 20:41:35] silentassumptions: Our web development team have built custom CMS’ platforms for some of the biggest UK charities, and worked with the BBC on several occasions.
[08/06/2015 20:41:43] silentassumptions: I’m sure we’ll have some interesting conversations.
[08/06/2015 20:41:48] CCarter: nice. I’m building our reports according to some feedback from WF members. We want to be extremely flexible for our users so anything you guys like built out – if it make sense we’ll definitely consider it
[08/06/2015 20:42:05] silentassumptions: Nonetheless, the issue for us still stands of inaccurate results, so I’ll be sure to trial your software tomorrow.
[08/06/2015 20:42:10] CCarter: cool, that sounds good
[08/06/2015 20:43:29] silentassumptions: At the moment our agency is handling the best part of 40 campaigns, each campaign is made up of around 50 reporting keywords.

Would your silver package faciliate for monitoring 2,000 keywords (for both Desktop & Mobile)
[08/06/2015 20:47:19] CCarter: yeah it’s good for that
[08/06/2015 20:47:33] CCarter: actually at the moment Desktop and mobile keywords are counted as 1
[08/06/2015 20:48:14] CCarter: it might change in the future BUT we’ll do something special like double keywords capacity of that does happen so no users are effected/affected (you guys pick the one that’s correct).
[08/06/2015 20:50:11] Zaid Wikipedia: sorry to budge in the conversation – I just joined like 2 minutes ago so not sure what this thread started about
[08/06/2015 20:50:24] Zaid Wikipedia: but I have been doing analytics for over 7 years
[08/06/2015 20:50:30] New York Amir: its about getting rich
[08/06/2015 20:50:38] silentassumptions: I like that this room is drawing in so much talent. 🙂
[08/06/2015 20:50:40] Zaid Wikipedia: 🙂
[08/06/2015 20:51:07] Zaid Wikipedia: wanted to say that too much data is worse than having no data
[08/06/2015 20:51:44] Zaid Wikipedia: people ask for everything to be tracked and reported, but know one has time to sort through all that data and get meaningful insights about all of it
[08/06/2015 20:51:57] Zaid Wikipedia: so I try to focus on specific data types that are important
[08/06/2015 20:52:21] New York Amir: google analytics u wont
[08/06/2015 20:52:48] Zaid Wikipedia: for example, you mentioned mobile serp tracking – with google that is mostly localized so you will probably need to segment all that data by territory which is going to be a massive dump of data to go through
[08/06/2015 20:52:57] silentassumptions: Cheers CCarter. I still have have another couple of queries by the way, I’ll PM you about it shortly so we don’t dilute the conversation.
[08/06/2015 20:53:45] silentassumptions: Zaid, that’s relatively fast information to obtain from Google Analytics, is it not?
[08/06/2015 20:54:06] CCarter: (Y)
[08/06/2015 20:54:15] New York Amir: carter i heard u make that bank
[08/06/2015 20:54:21] New York Amir: ranking nearly 6 figures
[08/06/2015 20:54:23] New York Amir: why would anyone
[08/06/2015 20:54:25] New York Amir: be makig that much
[08/06/2015 20:54:32] New York Amir: be in a skype room?
[08/06/2015 20:54:43] Zaid Wikipedia: after the secure search update keyword tracking within Google analytics has gone to shit
[08/06/2015 20:54:43] New York Amir: boredom?
[08/06/2015 20:54:43] CCarter: How do you know how much money is in my bank account?
[08/06/2015 20:54:48] New York Amir: i have my sources
[08/06/2015 20:54:54] CCarter: LOL
[08/06/2015 20:55:03] New York Amir: im just curious
[08/06/2015 20:55:04] silentassumptions: Zaid, Googel Analytics doesn’t track keywords. Or at least, it shouldn’t be used for that purpose.
[08/06/2015 20:55:08] CCarter: Maybe I have my ear to the ground to stay up to date on what’s going on.
[08/06/2015 20:55:11] silentassumptions: It’s used for monitoring trends, not keywords.
[08/06/2015 20:55:16] New York Amir: it tracks queries of KW
[08/06/2015 20:55:19] New York Amir: which is important
[08/06/2015 20:55:20] CCarter: or maybe I’m broke and work at Burger King.
[08/06/2015 20:55:20] New York Amir: actually
[08/06/2015 20:55:29] Zaid Wikipedia: other tools like semrush – use scraped data to compile all that info
[08/06/2015 20:55:35] New York Amir: i sent u a keylogger
[08/06/2015 20:55:37] Zaid Wikipedia: yeah – that is what I am saying it doesn’t
[08/06/2015 20:55:38] New York Amir: u downloaded it
[08/06/2015 20:55:59] silentassumptions: We’ve created some bespoke Analytic dashboards at our agency, there are some pretty good free ones you can get online.
[08/06/2015 20:56:17] New York Amir: actually i seen you in fortune 500 magazine
[08/06/2015 20:56:22] Zaid Wikipedia: I do anayltics for GE (general electric)
[08/06/2015 20:56:25] New York Amir: someone mentioned you in the article
[08/06/2015 20:56:25] silentassumptions: They scrutinise the data in particular ways to give you more insight into your campaign without having to click on endless tabs to derive the data you need.
[08/06/2015 20:56:26] CCarter: On 6/8/15, at 3:55 PM, alatefi3 wrote:
> u downloaded it

I’m also a product owner, so being close to the people just makes my product better – no?
[08/06/2015 20:56:36] Zaid Wikipedia: I have a 25 page ppt presentation to do on quarterly basis
[08/06/2015 20:56:49] Zaid Wikipedia: I don’t use custom reports – they need more more granular data than that!
[08/06/2015 20:57:01] New York Amir: carter so you’re making that bank just dont know why people with lots of money would do in skype room
[08/06/2015 20:57:07] New York Amir: other then being bored i guess
[08/06/2015 20:57:11] Zaid Wikipedia: @silentassumptions
[08/06/2015 20:57:12] Zaid Wikipedia: http://supermetrics.com/
[08/06/2015 20:57:18] silentassumptions: Zaid, do you have an example of the sort of data analysis you do?
[08/06/2015 20:57:19] silentassumptions: Cheers.
[08/06/2015 20:57:23] CCarter: On 6/8/15, at 3:57 PM, alatefi3 wrote:
> carter so you’re making that bank just dont know why people with lots of money would do in skype room

What makes you think I’m making bank?
[08/06/2015 20:57:30] CCarter: I’m broke man.
[08/06/2015 20:57:31] New York Amir: i have my soures
[08/06/2015 20:57:33] New York Amir: sources
[08/06/2015 20:57:39] CCarter: I put all my eggs in the SEO basket
[08/06/2015 20:57:43] CCarter: and drop it.
[08/06/2015 20:57:45] silentassumptions: Zaid, add me to Skype.
[08/06/2015 20:57:47] CCarter: 🙂
[08/06/2015 20:57:52] New York Amir: i know you’re a master seo specilialist
[08/06/2015 20:58:04] CCarter: these are all lies
[08/06/2015 20:58:04] New York Amir: and making that bank u nearly making 7 figures
[08/06/2015 20:58:10] New York Amir: modest too he’s my idol
[08/06/2015 20:58:18] Zaid Wikipedia: @silentassumptions
[08/06/2015 20:58:22] Zaid Wikipedia: I added you on skype
[08/06/2015 20:58:31] silentassumptions: Cheers.
[08/06/2015 20:58:44] Jared: I’m making 5-figures a month if we count the area after the decimal where the change goes.
[08/06/2015 20:58:46] New York Amir: anyways carter how well versed are you in the art of copywriting?
[08/06/2015 20:58:56] New York Amir: for a landing sales pag e
[08/06/2015 20:58:57] New York Amir: page
[08/06/2015 20:58:57] silentassumptions: Is this your website, Zaid?
[08/06/2015 20:59:04] New York Amir: we’re makign direct sales
[08/06/2015 20:59:12] Zaid Wikipedia: nope – I wish. lol
[08/06/2015 20:59:23] CCarter: On 6/8/15, at 3:58 PM, alatefi3 wrote:
> and making that bank u nearly making 7 figures

[08/06/2015 20:59:36] silentassumptions: Haha.
[08/06/2015 20:59:43] CCarter: On 6/8/15, at 3:58 PM, alatefi3 wrote:
> anyways carter how well versed are you in the art of copywriting?

that’s not my strong suit
[08/06/2015 20:59:51] CCarter: I turn to Vin (WordAgents) for that stuff
[08/06/2015 20:59:58] New York Amir: ah ok
[08/06/2015 21:00:03] New York Amir: might need a consultant
[08/06/2015 21:00:05] New York Amir: later
[08/06/2015 21:00:24] New York Amir: is vin here
[08/06/2015 21:00:32] CCarter: Yeah
[08/06/2015 21:00:40] CCarter: On 6/8/15, at 1:00 PM, Vin (WordAgents) wrote:
> what are you guys working on right now?

[08/06/2015 21:00:52] New York Amir: aight nice right now we’re trying unbounce
[08/06/2015 21:00:58] New York Amir: for CR optimization
[08/06/2015 21:01:57] New York Amir: that reminds me jrod is the dynamic kw inserter available ?
[08/06/2015 21:02:02] New York Amir: for google PPC
[08/06/2015 21:06:49] Jared: I doubt anyone in here cares about our small-time ventures, A. It’s like telling somebody who’s traveled the world about your trip to Walmart.
[08/06/2015 21:07:02] Jared: It’s just no longer interesting to them.
[08/06/2015 21:07:03] New York Amir: lol
[08/06/2015 21:07:37] Jared: “I saw the local mechanic at Walmart!” “Yeah . . . I partied with Leonardo Dicaprio in Vegas.”
[08/06/2015 21:07:39] Jared: See what I mean?
[08/06/2015 21:07:45] New York Amir: actually syner has good ties with big ties to GNC
[08/06/2015 21:08:01] New York Amir: we just need to get the ads super optimal before we go
[08/06/2015 21:08:02] New York Amir: to them
[08/06/2015 21:09:13] Jared: We’ll get it, don’t worry.
[08/06/2015 21:09:37 | Edited 21:10:12] New York Amir: those offline cross promotions end in augest
[08/06/2015 21:09:48] New York Amir: we have to get it right at least before then
[08/06/2015 21:09:55] New York Amir: and all the big time companies are there
[08/06/2015 21:11:10] New York Amir: where’s potato head robin
[08/06/2015 21:19:46 | Edited 21:20:04] silentassumptions: On an unrelated note, if anyone is selling links, or wants to consider a reciprical linking relationship then please PM me seperately.

Our agency has an assortment of websites pertaining to different industries, ranging from new websites to others that have racked up exceptional authority.

Reciprical linking would happen through blogs. Most of our clients have blogs or news feeds, and it’s certainly good practise to include contextual links to other relevant websites.

That relevant website could be yours.

The content would not be tailored around your website / service but will include a contextual link back to your desired landing page (at your discretion what the anchor text is).
[08/06/2015 21:40:44] Jared: Does anyone have any book recommendations? My reading list has been wiped clean.
[08/06/2015 21:41:09] Vin (WordAgents): here ya go: http://personalmba.com/best-business-books/
[08/06/2015 21:42:06] Jared: Nice, thanks.
[08/06/2015 21:50:25] silentassumptions: Well, something I read today, which can be summarised in a couple of sentences:

Google are rolling out a new Panda update in a week – three weeks.
[08/06/2015 21:50:36] silentassumptions: And Google Webmaster Tools is now called Google Search Console.
[08/06/2015 21:53:01] Jared: As in, they’ll console you when your site gets crushed by their algorithm?
[08/06/2015 21:53:28] Jared: We’re one step closer to Google Therapy.
[08/06/2015 22:22:33] silentassumptions: LOL.
[08/06/2015 22:23:53] silentassumptions: Apparently the term webmaster wasn’t worthy anymore. Google have stripped us of our dignity.
[08/06/2015 22:39:51] *** Jasper Battjes joined. ***
[08/06/2015 23:16:30] silentassumptions: CCarter, I was looking at SERPWoo in a bit more detail. Correct me if I’m wrong, but your software is only reporting on ranking data up to #20.
[08/06/2015 23:17:55] silentassumptions: I understand what your cofounder is saying in that the top #20 positions is where the action happens, however for our agency, it’s not entirely about ranks as much as much as it is progression.
[08/06/2015 23:18:17] silentassumptions: As a result, we report up to #100 positions, so clients can see jumps over a period of time.
[08/06/2015 23:19:34] Jared: Where are you getting that it’s only the top-20?
[08/06/2015 23:19:42] Jared: From the homepage: “SERPWoo – Monitor ALL Top 100 SERP Positions For Your Keywords”
[08/06/2015 23:20:17] silentassumptions: https://www.serpwoo.com/videos/ – First video, How to Use SERP Woo.
[08/06/2015 23:22:33] silentassumptions: Ah okay, it does keyword rankings up to #100 but narrows the data down for the Top 20 in more detail.
[08/06/2015 23:22:49] silentassumptions: Neat software.
[08/06/2015 23:27:53] Jared: Silent, there’s a (I believe) freemium trial version, limited to (I think) 3 keywords. I’ve been using it for about a month now. It’ll email you any movement.
[08/06/2015 23:32:16] silentassumptions: Cheers Jared, I’ll sign up shortly. It’s been one of those days where I’m trying to get 101 smaller things done in one go.

I’m looking into time saving tools, so the conversations earlier about reporting software and keyword monitoring are of great use.

The problem is though, each time saving application needs time to research, so it’s a catch 22.
[08/06/2015 23:33:19] silentassumptions: Enter Redbull.
[08/06/2015 23:33:45] *** Varys joined. ***
[08/06/2015 23:50:43] CCarter: On 6/8/15, at 6:22 PM, silentassumptions wrote:
> Ah okay, it does keyword rankings up to #100 but narrows the data down for the Top 20 in more detail.

we got up to top 200 within the Quick Glance. So you should be able to monitor your domains within the top 200 results for all keywords you enter.
[08/06/2015 23:53:21] silentassumptions: Nice, alright. Cheers bro.
[09/06/2015 00:18:51] silentassumptions: Opportunity for members in this room.

Our agency is looking to build a PBN. We’ll be buying expired domains with authority and clean linking profiles.

The primary objective is to have these network of websites linking to intricately to their corresponding money sites (our clients’ campaigns).

Whilst some of these PBN sites will be entirely content driven, others will have a secondary objective and will look to produce revenue.

In that sense, if anyone has any money making ideas and wants the idea funded through our agency, then send me over a proposal in PM and we can discuss it in more detail.

I have Robin booked for tomorrow.
[09/06/2015 02:57:20] Jared: Has anyone tried juice fasting? I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead last night, and they made it out to have near-miraculous health benefits. I’m considering giving it a shot.
[09/06/2015 03:00:55] CCarter: actually I did nothing but vegetable and fruit juice for several weeks
[09/06/2015 03:01:02] CCarter: I’ve never had so much energy in my life
[09/06/2015 03:01:23] CCarter: Last week I switched to nothing but fruits for a week, felt great
[09/06/2015 03:01:28] CCarter: then I ate a burger
[09/06/2015 03:01:43] CCarter: jesus christ my whole body went into slow-motion mode
[09/06/2015 03:02:03] CCarter: it’s not the meat that’s the problem though it was the combination of different foods
[09/06/2015 03:02:13] CCarter: cause when I was just on fruit it would digest one at a time
[09/06/2015 03:02:29] CCarter: with a burger, you got grain, meat, vegetables and a ton of other mixed sources
[09/06/2015 03:02:37] CCarter: that each take different enzymes to break down
[09/06/2015 03:02:48] CCarter: it’s one thing reading about it
[09/06/2015 03:02:59 | Edited 03:03:02] CCarter: it’s another think feeling on-top of the world
[09/06/2015 03:03:12] CCarter: then a simple burger crashes your whole system
[09/06/2015 03:03:28] CCarter: I just ate the last meat in the house
[09/06/2015 03:03:40] CCarter: so there is nothing but fruits left, I should be good this week
[09/06/2015 03:14:10] Jared: Lol
[09/06/2015 03:14:41] Jared: Yeah, a huge boost in energy was one of the benefits they mentioned. And clearer, more focused thinking, too. So, it’s not all physical.
[09/06/2015 03:14:50] silentassumptions: You must have some pretty seedy shits bro.
[09/06/2015 03:14:57] silentassumptions: Sorry man that’s all I was thinking.
[09/06/2015 03:15:29] CCarter: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-tg6Gs5NB8G4/UcJvgZ7P6uI/AAAAAAAAAKA/f2hGJ57FpgY/s1600/but+it+do.jpg
[09/06/2015 03:15:46] silentassumptions: l-theanine – try that, Jared.
[09/06/2015 03:15:49] CCarter: Nah, my bowels are good
[09/06/2015 03:16:00] Jared: I love good food as much as the next guy, but if chugging down a few fruit and vegetable juices a day gives all of these benefits, I’m ready to wave bye-bye to it.
[09/06/2015 03:16:17] CCarter: try it for a week or so
[09/06/2015 03:16:24] CCarter: you’ll feel amazing at like 4-5 days
[09/06/2015 03:16:41] CCarter: you get to a certain point it’s like you’ve tasted all that shit before anyways
[09/06/2015 03:16:53] CCarter: so might as well just start thinking about the long game
[09/06/2015 03:17:03] CCarter: There is no long game in cheetos
[09/06/2015 03:22:52] Jared: Screw it, I’m going for it. I’ve always wanted to become a health nut. This is step one.
[09/06/2015 03:25:53] Jared: Silent, I don’t think I can redo this logo. I can’t find the font (I’ve tried What The Font . . . nothing even close), and it’s not looking too great. Someone on Fiverr could probably do it, although I might be able to blow up the original copy and then manually clean it up. I have a better chance with that then redoing it from scratch.
[09/06/2015 03:26:19] silentassumptions: Have you tried Live Tracing it through Illustrator?
[09/06/2015 03:27:29] silentassumptions: Don’t worry too much about it – I still haven’t got round to installing PS on my new laptop so if you’re not able to do it tonight, I’ll have a pop tomorrow afternoon.
[09/06/2015 03:33:36] Zaid Wikipedia: guys – try out some heifer cheese
[09/06/2015 03:33:50] Zaid Wikipedia: that shit is got some pro biotic and its good for your digestion
[09/06/2015 03:34:15] Zaid Wikipedia: I also stopped drinking sodas and started drinking juice smoothies for breakfast
[09/06/2015 03:34:19] Zaid Wikipedia: never felt better
[09/06/2015 03:34:26] Zaid Wikipedia: still eat a burger 1 – 2 a week though
[09/06/2015 03:34:42] Zaid Wikipedia: not heifer = heifer cheese
[09/06/2015 03:34:47] Zaid Wikipedia: fukin auto correct
[09/06/2015 03:35:00] Zaid Wikipedia: KEIFER CHEESE
[09/06/2015 03:35:49] silentassumptions: If I wanted to eat some smelly cheese, I’d give my ex a call.
[09/06/2015 03:35:57] Zaid Wikipedia: hahahaa
[09/06/2015 03:36:06] silentassumptions: Lol
[09/06/2015 03:36:14] Zaid Wikipedia: contrary to what is sounds – it doesn’t smell at all
[09/06/2015 09:41:54] Jared: Any recommendations on what commenting system to use? WordPress default? Facebook? Disqus? Something else?
[09/06/2015 10:26:13] Borut Udovič: wordpress, I’ve read some posts about that disqus is not that good (loading time)
[09/06/2015 10:30:02] Robin: hey wiki editor
[09/06/2015 10:30:09] Robin: thanks for the personal MBA book link
[09/06/2015 10:30:14] Robin: gonna def study it
[09/06/2015 10:30:55 | Edited 10:31:27] silentassumptions: Hey, I’m not an expert on the matter Jared, but I guess it depends on how you’re marketing your site. E.g. if the site is marketed mostly through social media, then Facebook is a good shout.

If the site is more authoritative in nature and being optimised through other channels, then maybe Disqus.
[09/06/2015 10:31:07] silentassumptions: I guess it all depends on the site and the target audience you’re trying to reach out to.
[09/06/2015 12:04:14] silentassumptions: —

Our agency launched a PPC campaign not along ago, and we’re looking to compete for a plethora of web development and SEO phrases.

The campaign is only targeting Search Network. It’s not doing that bad, we’ve certainly generated a few leads from it. However, we’re not hitting our daily budget. So, would a web / marketing agency benefit from opting in the Display network? I’ve not had much experience with it given an unsuccessful campaign for a previous client so any feedback would be appreciated.
[09/06/2015 12:05:09] silentassumptions: I know you and I briefly discussed this before, Jared, but looking to get more feedback with many more faces in the room.
[09/06/2015 14:09:37 | Edited 14:09:44] silentassumptions: Any advise regarding good PPC strategies beyond the obvious stuff published online would be appreciated too!
[09/06/2015 14:43:28] New York Amir: hello friends welcome new masterminds
[09/06/2015 14:43:42] New York Amir: just in case someone joined recently we do welcoming seminars once a day
[09/06/2015 14:45:52] New York Amir: i’ve experimented a lot with PPC actually silenstski
[09/06/2015 14:46:30] New York Amir: google stopped answering my calls after a while the support but they’re totally clueless in the end when i kept testing it out
[09/06/2015 14:46:45] New York Amir: trying tons of variations between match types negative kw
[09/06/2015 14:46:45] New York Amir: etc..
[09/06/2015 14:46:59] New York Amir: for the cheapest amount of clicks dirt cheap while trying to remain
[09/06/2015 14:47:01] New York Amir: on page 1
[09/06/2015 14:47:16] New York Amir: for search network
[09/06/2015 14:47:41] New York Amir: in the end no matter how good our quality score was we couldnt get to the top unless we up the bid
[09/06/2015 14:47:46] New York Amir: at times we had 8/10
[09/06/2015 14:48:15] New York Amir: sotimes the ad would get on page 1 sometimes it wouldnt depending competition etc.. so many variables
[09/06/2015 15:25:14] silentassumptions: Cheers Amir.
[09/06/2015 15:25:19] silentassumptions: Yeah, lots of variables indeed.
[09/06/2015 15:26:37] silentassumptions: Here’s a really good tactic I discovered.

Most websites will give you the obvious (and correct) advise of splitting your keywords into relevant ad-groups.

I go a step further.

I split each relevant ad-group into two sections. Keywords below 25 characters, keywords above 25 characters.
[09/06/2015 15:27:38] silentassumptions: I use dynamic titles for keywords under 25 characters, so their query becomes the headline. (Doesn’t work always with phrase or broad keywords, but you get to assign a default title should it go over the character limit).
[09/06/2015 15:28:49 | Edited 15:29:12] silentassumptions: Analytics also goes a long way. If you can scrutinise overall traffic data and bring it into PPC, then all the better.

Any campaign should have goal tracking, you find really great patterns that during certain times, during certain days, conversion rates are significantly higher.

You place bid modifiers around those dates.
[09/06/2015 15:29:58 | Edited 15:30:07] silentassumptions: Still my experience in Display Network is limited, but I’ve heard of some people who have success through it, but they reveal very little.
[09/06/2015 16:16:58] Zaid Wikipedia: Been doing adwords for a while and what @silentassumptions is saying is very true
[09/06/2015 16:17:08] Zaid Wikipedia: I usually seperate adgroups by QS as well
[09/06/2015 16:17:20] Zaid Wikipedia: QS higher than 6 will have its own adgroup, etc..
[09/06/2015 16:17:45] Zaid Wikipedia: I also add cross adgroup negatives and cross campaign negatives so that nothing is competing with each other
[09/06/2015 16:18:05] Zaid Wikipedia: If you are using adwords editor, check out the tools sections and find duplicate keyword finder
[09/06/2015 16:18:15] Zaid Wikipedia: that will help in adding cross adgroup/campaign negatives
[09/06/2015 16:18:28] Zaid Wikipedia: and will even show you which match types work better 🙂
[09/06/2015 16:46:49] Brandon Feemster: You can do big things with the Display Network, you just have to know how to use it.
[09/06/2015 16:47:28] Brandon Feemster: Think lead gen..list building, by offering something free.
[09/06/2015 17:04:42] silentassumptions: Cheers guys, appreciate the prompt responses.

Brandon, good idea, I know CPC’s are a lot cheaper on the Display Network so could be a good way to build up a targeted email list.
[09/06/2015 17:34:07] New York Amir: its strange depending on how much of your compeition too if theyr’e all attacking KW for example i’ll find a KW thats too much to pay for for exact match type
[09/06/2015 17:34:18] New York Amir: so the loop hole around is just mass adding negative KW
[09/06/2015 17:34:23] New York Amir: to broad match type
[09/06/2015 17:34:43] New York Amir: google ads drove me nuts but im glad i got down to the nitty gritty of it helped me learn a lot from it
[09/06/2015 17:34:53] New York Amir: right now we have some search ads going real cheap
[09/06/2015 17:34:56] New York Amir: mostly display
[09/06/2015 17:39:14] Zaid Wikipedia: anyone have experience in chat plugins – like zopim or mobichat?
[09/06/2015 17:39:32] Zaid Wikipedia: trying to figure out which one is best to use/better pricing
[09/06/2015 17:43:26] silentassumptions: Zopim’s really good. I couldn’t tell you what the best value for money is, but I’ve never had an issue with Zopim before. Before that I was using something called Comm-1000.
[09/06/2015 17:44:14] silentassumptions: Comm-1000 had issues rendering on mobile devices (they may have patched it since).
[09/06/2015 17:44:48] silentassumptions: Zopim might be a bit more expensive than some of the alternatives out there, but their live support is great so I don’t mind forking out the bit extra.
[09/06/2015 17:45:16] silentassumptions: I’ve never used Mobichat so can’t comment on that.
[09/06/2015 17:45:33] Zaid Wikipedia: k. cool. will try out zopim then
[09/06/2015 17:45:44] Borut Udovič: Zaid there’s also alternative if you’re using wordpress
[09/06/2015 17:45:46] Zaid Wikipedia: there are some free ones available for wordpress but am sure they lack support
[09/06/2015 17:45:55] Zaid Wikipedia: 🙂
[09/06/2015 17:46:07] Zaid Wikipedia: @udovicborut – wat it is?
[09/06/2015 17:46:12] Borut Udovič: http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-flat-visual-chat/8329900
[09/06/2015 17:46:27] Borut Udovič: it’s only 21$ worth the price, you can even link, pin to customer
[09/06/2015 17:46:47] Borut Udovič: I’m not sure but it’s also available for mobile
[09/06/2015 17:46:48] Zaid Wikipedia: k. will check that out as well
[09/06/2015 17:47:00] Borut Udovič: so you can answer from phone etc..
[09/06/2015 17:47:16] Zaid Wikipedia: nice
[09/06/2015 17:52:55] Zaid Wikipedia: thanks for your help guys!
[09/06/2015 17:57:03] New York Amir: zaid have u used wiki jacker
[09/06/2015 17:57:18] New York Amir: building authority links from wiki
[09/06/2015 17:57:46] *** ***
[09/06/2015 17:58:07] Zaid Wikipedia: no – but I have seen many tools for wiki links
[09/06/2015 17:58:18] Robin: are u an editor in wikipedia?
[09/06/2015 17:58:25] Zaid Wikipedia: I actually have 3 super admin accounts (work with 2 of my friends)
[09/06/2015 17:58:34] Robin: cool
[09/06/2015 17:58:39] Zaid Wikipedia: and get links normally – no need for black hat techniques
[09/06/2015 17:58:48] Zaid Wikipedia: thats why I guarantee my work for 6 months 😉
[09/06/2015 17:58:48] Robin: coolioo
[09/06/2015 17:58:56] New York Amir: im still in spam black hat city
[09/06/2015 17:58:58] *** Muhammad ilyas has left ***
[09/06/2015 17:59:06] Zaid Wikipedia: lol
[09/06/2015 17:59:08] New York Amir: who the hell is iyalas?
[09/06/2015 17:59:14] New York Amir: that person doesnt even do marketing
[09/06/2015 17:59:32] Zaid Wikipedia: sometimes you can get away with adding links with black hat methods, but once a mod checks the pages – they quickly flag stuff
[09/06/2015 17:59:40] New York Amir: just a side not if we can just prevent the people who are not doing this trade to be in here
[09/06/2015 17:59:42] New York Amir: note*
[09/06/2015 17:59:56] New York Amir: marketing/web design etc..
[09/06/2015 18:00:18] New York Amir: i think jrod accidentally added her
[09/06/2015 18:00:51] Zaid Wikipedia: I have one account with 140k+ edits, so many faking badges I can’t even count
[09/06/2015 18:01:16] New York Amir: zaids a master wiki backlinker im about to steal his tactics
[09/06/2015 18:01:17] Zaid Wikipedia: if anyone needs help with wikipedia – hit me up
[09/06/2015 18:01:47] New York Amir: your backlink profile is not all wiki links i hope
[09/06/2015 18:02:01] Zaid Wikipedia: hahahaa – nah
[09/06/2015 18:02:04] New York Amir: aight lol
[09/06/2015 18:02:15] Zaid Wikipedia: otherwise I will be 100% nofollow – weird ass linking strategy
[09/06/2015 18:02:17] silentassumptions: Pretty big announcement in the world of Internet Marketing, just in today:

You can now create and remarketing lists for search ads with Google Analytics in AdWords.

It’s referred to as RLSA (another acronym to remember).

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is a feature that lets you customise your search ads campaign for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google.

There’s apparently a caveat with this though.
[09/06/2015 18:02:45] New York Amir: nice we collected display ads
[09/06/2015 18:02:51] New York Amir: going to use them to remarket on FB ads
[09/06/2015 18:03:05] Zaid Wikipedia: guys – other than my wikipedia skills 😉
[09/06/2015 18:03:07] New York Amir: i think wiki was do follow
[09/06/2015 18:03:10] New York Amir: some wiki
[09/06/2015 18:03:26] Zaid Wikipedia: I did a course on udemy about retargeting
[09/06/2015 18:03:49] Zaid Wikipedia: if anyone is interested I can shoot you a 97% coupon for it!
[09/06/2015 18:03:54] New York Amir: retargeting is excellent we scraped all the peope who liked other nootropics which im currently doing for PPC
[09/06/2015 18:04:01] New York Amir: and targetting them who liked other pages in our niche
[09/06/2015 18:04:09] New York Amir: from FB
[09/06/2015 18:04:11] New York Amir: pages
[09/06/2015 18:04:33] New York Amir: not sure if anyones a big fan of FB but i like to run tons of test
[09/06/2015 18:04:36] New York Amir: on the algorithim
[09/06/2015 18:04:44] New York Amir: i have information i foud by my own testing
[09/06/2015 18:04:47] New York Amir: that you wont find
[09/06/2015 18:04:59] New York Amir: anywhere on the net ause i tried to look for this inof
[09/06/2015 18:05:08] New York Amir: some stuff some you’ll see that resemble some info you ifnd
[09/06/2015 18:05:10] New York Amir: find hold
[09/06/2015 18:05:15] New York Amir: im huge into smo
[09/06/2015 18:05:42] Zaid Wikipedia: yeah – had bad experience with fb so I don’t use it except in my retargeting campaigns
[09/06/2015 18:05:54] Zaid Wikipedia: here is the course I am referring to
[09/06/2015 18:05:55] Zaid Wikipedia: https://www.udemy.com/how-to-create-retargeting-remarketing-campaigns
[09/06/2015 18:05:57] *** ***
[09/06/2015 18:06:09] New York Amir: i had a pretty decent experience
[09/06/2015 18:06:16] Zaid Wikipedia: file says 0 kb
[09/06/2015 18:06:18] New York Amir: this FB is about gaining organic likes really really fast
[09/06/2015 18:06:24] New York Amir: 8kb
[09/06/2015 18:06:30] New York Amir: from your page
[09/06/2015 18:06:35] New York Amir: not from any funneling eitehr
[09/06/2015 18:06:44] New York Amir: i was about to get 20 likes almost every day from a brand new FB page
[09/06/2015 18:06:45] New York Amir: recently
[09/06/2015 18:06:54] New York Amir: i have case studies ifu want to see the SS
[09/06/2015 18:07:12] New York Amir: without any type of cross funneling its an intresting read and i’ve noticed only a few
[09/06/2015 18:07:22] New York Amir: using the same tactic to prove that organic reach
[09/06/2015 18:07:25] New York Amir: on FB is far from dead
[09/06/2015 18:07:43] New York Amir: did it download
[09/06/2015 18:08:01] Zaid Wikipedia: couldn’t download it
[09/06/2015 18:08:27] *** ***
[09/06/2015 18:08:51] New York Amir: thats the correct file location
[09/06/2015 18:08:51] Zaid Wikipedia: not sure wats up – think my Skype is messed up
[09/06/2015 18:08:59] New York Amir: your skype is ancient my dude
[09/06/2015 18:09:06] Zaid Wikipedia: hahahaa
[09/06/2015 18:09:06] New York Amir: you been using version babylon
[09/06/2015 18:28:16] Zaid Wikipedia: dood – I checked out that link jacker
[09/06/2015 18:28:37] Zaid Wikipedia: trust me that shit will not work anymore – or if it does, your links will last for 1 few weeks max
[09/06/2015 18:28:46] Zaid Wikipedia: and then the site/account will be flagged
[09/06/2015 18:28:58] Zaid Wikipedia: once the site is flagged getting it back up on Wikipedia will be a nightmare
[09/06/2015 18:29:07] Zaid Wikipedia: since there are records for everything on wikipedia
[09/06/2015 18:29:24] Zaid Wikipedia: there is literally a record for everything that anyone does
[09/06/2015 18:29:29] Zaid Wikipedia: even corrected a grammar mistake
[09/06/2015 18:30:08] Zaid Wikipedia: there are about 100 external tools and 20 internal tools that wikipedias use to monitor this stuff – not to mentioned the anal mods that have no life just roaming around and editing b.s
[09/06/2015 19:50:10] Jared: Yeah, Wikipedia is strict as hell.
[09/06/2015 19:50:34] Jared: There are pock-marked, basement-dwelling dweebs on there who guard that site as if their life depends on it.
[09/06/2015 19:52:18] Jared: I’ve suggested in the past that we (me, A, and silent) create a join account and use it to build up trust and authority for a while before we finally start sneaking our self-serving links in, camouflaged amongst legit edits.
[09/06/2015 23:11:59] Jared: That douchebag Rand Fishkin blocked me on Twitter.
[09/06/2015 23:12:22] New York Amir: lol
[09/06/2015 23:12:26] New York Amir: big fishkin
[09/06/2015 23:28:43] Zaid Wikipedia: @jaredukcb
[09/06/2015 23:28:59] Zaid Wikipedia: I started editing wikipedia before I even knew about SEO
[09/06/2015 23:29:24] Zaid Wikipedia: so I managed up to get an awesome account when everything started raving about links and SEO value
[09/06/2015 23:30:17] Zaid Wikipedia: took me 5 yrs to get a highly respectable account and wasn’t even trying to get super admin access but I guess that just came with the work I was doing
[09/06/2015 23:30:51] Zaid Wikipedia: I have 140k+ edits on one account, but I also get help from other friends I met there who have similar edits
[09/06/2015 23:32:49] Zaid Wikipedia: btw – wats up with that doods mustache – fishkin (he looks like a dooshy french chef)
[09/06/2015 23:34:49] New York Amir: he was a bum at one point cooking fisbbones off the garbage pale with a pit of fire in it
[09/06/2015 23:35:02] New York Amir: big fishkin
[09/06/2015 23:37:21] Jared: I’ve really grown to dislike most white hatters.
[09/06/2015 23:37:45] New York Amir: big deano
[09/06/2015 23:37:46] Jared: It’s like a circle jerk with them. So much ass kissing.
[09/06/2015 23:38:13] Jared: So much insincerity.
[10/06/2015 00:42:36] Jared: Is it possible to do good money (relatively speaking; I’m thinking $10K+ a month) through Amazon Associates?
[10/06/2015 00:45:03] Jared: I have an item in mind, where the average price is around $2,500 with an 8% commission — around a $200 payout per sale. Not huge search volume, around 10K, total, but the competition seems low, and there should be ample opportunity to get traffic beyond Google, as it’s a popular niche.
[10/06/2015 01:44:06] Borut Udovič: Is still fiverr popular?
[10/06/2015 01:44:10] Borut Udovič: hey guys* 🙂
[10/06/2015 01:44:23] New York Amir: big borat hello
[10/06/2015 01:44:26] New York Amir: it is
[10/06/2015 01:44:41] Borut Udovič: I made fiverr account wana check it out?
[10/06/2015 01:44:57] Borut Udovič: just to test out…
[10/06/2015 01:44:59] New York Amir: what gig are you seeling
[10/06/2015 01:45:02] New York Amir: selling
[10/06/2015 01:45:15] New York Amir: maybe i’ll have u sing happy bday to me
[10/06/2015 01:45:48] Borut Udovič: https://www.fiverr.com/spuree/help-you-with-marketing-and-engaging-your-fans-on-facebook?context=advanced_search&context_type=new&pos=9&funnel=205ae415-83c5-4568-8187-46cbe2ea77ad
[10/06/2015 01:45:50] Jared: Lol
[10/06/2015 01:46:32] Borut Udovič: haha of course I’ll just make some e-book simple… in 30 minutes for 5$ packet and for 10$ also for 15$ will be like more “advanced”
[10/06/2015 01:47:32] New York Amir: so you’ll make an ebook for me
[10/06/2015 01:47:35] New York Amir: for 5 bones?
[10/06/2015 01:47:56] Borut Udovič: this is just for marketers
[10/06/2015 01:48:25] New York Amir: thinking if i could use an ebook but i only got one niche
[10/06/2015 01:48:33] New York Amir: that could use an ebook
[10/06/2015 01:48:39] New York Amir: psychic niche
[10/06/2015 01:48:55] Borut Udovič: so you want to get an ebook how to get more facebook likes?
[10/06/2015 01:49:14] New York Amir: i wrote that e book
[10/06/2015 01:49:16] New York Amir: borut
[10/06/2015 01:49:21] Borut Udovič: yeah?
[10/06/2015 01:49:28] New York Amir: why u trying to sell me back my own stuff
[10/06/2015 01:49:34] Jared: Lol
[10/06/2015 01:49:39] Borut Udovič: what stuff? I’ll make my own
[10/06/2015 01:49:42] New York Amir: lol
[10/06/2015 01:49:50] New York Amir: i read too much stuff on facebook
[10/06/2015 01:49:51] Jared: Borut’s saying he’s going to write his own book, then sell it on Fiverr.
[10/06/2015 01:49:58] Borut Udovič: yeah
[10/06/2015 01:50:00] New York Amir: ya i see
[10/06/2015 01:50:01 | Edited 01:50:03] Jared: He’s not saying he’ll create you an ebook for $5.
[10/06/2015 01:50:09] New York Amir: damn
[10/06/2015 01:50:15] New York Amir: be nice
[10/06/2015 01:50:22] Borut Udovič: there will be different packages.
[10/06/2015 01:50:32] New York Amir: borut i spend over 50 hours a day
[10/06/2015 01:50:35] New York Amir: working on FB
[10/06/2015 01:50:42] Borut Udovič: 50 hours a day yeah 🙂
[10/06/2015 01:50:44] New York Amir: and trying to test that
[10/06/2015 01:50:49] New York Amir: thats how nuts it was
[10/06/2015 01:50:51] New York Amir: i shit u not
[10/06/2015 01:50:55] New York Amir: i almost went to the ward
[10/06/2015 01:51:00] New York Amir: they had to tranqulize me
[10/06/2015 01:51:29] New York Amir: im done with reading FB stuff just ads now
[10/06/2015 01:51:33] New York Amir: read mostly loomer
[10/06/2015 01:52:47] Borut Udovič: right…
[10/06/2015 01:55:10] silentassumptions: Borut, there are people who are making good money from Fiverr. Matthew Woodward has a good tutorial on it.

Jared and I know a case of a study of a content writer called Valarie who was making money from Fiverr, albeit nothing big time but she was working up her way up the ranks quite quickly.
[10/06/2015 01:55:59 | Edited 01:56:20] silentassumptions: With that said, I don’t think Fiverr is the best ROI out of the endless options available when it comes to making money online.
[10/06/2015 01:56:22] Borut Udovič: of course it’s not… but It’s quite easy to start, don’t you think?
[10/06/2015 01:56:33] Borut Udovič: I’ll just make 3 simple e-book
[10/06/2015 01:56:44] silentassumptions: Something that’s simple to start isn’t necessarily easy to market.
[10/06/2015 01:56:52] silentassumptions: It’s the latter part that will prove challenging.
[10/06/2015 01:57:27] Borut Udovič: 1) 5$
2) 10$
3) 15$
I know… but I think on fiverr start is hard when you get to like level 2 it’s easier
[10/06/2015 01:58:38] silentassumptions: Sure. If you’re going to do it though, make sure you’re leveraging as much resources as possible. You could try using things like Keyword Planner to get an insight into what people may be searching for on Fiverr. The correlations will still apply.
[10/06/2015 01:58:54] Borut Udovič: I get presentation in Adobe After Effects but file was like 200mb with low size! :O
[10/06/2015 01:58:55] silentassumptions: Then have a look at Google Trends to see if your desired niche is still hot and trending.
[10/06/2015 01:59:10] Borut Udovič: silent facebook marketing is in trend
[10/06/2015 01:59:39] Borut Udovič: I just don’t know how to get that video under 50mb
[10/06/2015 02:00:06] Jared: I’m giving Joomla a try.
[10/06/2015 02:00:36] Borut Udovič: @Jared what about wordpress?
[10/06/2015 02:01:12] silentassumptions: Good luck with that Jared.
[10/06/2015 02:01:15] Jared: Borut, I’m creating a membership site, and WordPress’ options were underwhelming.
[10/06/2015 02:01:31] Jared: I’ve used PHPFox, but it’s too buggy.
[10/06/2015 02:01:53] Borut Udovič: Jared I think it’s even harder with Joomla
[10/06/2015 02:02:03] Jared: Jooma EasySocial has gotten fairly positive reviews, so I’m going to give it a shot.
[10/06/2015 02:02:04] Borut Udovič: You’ve got for sure some nice premium plugins on codecanyon
[10/06/2015 02:02:35] silentassumptions: Borut does make a point. It’s a massive learning curve to learn Joomla alone. The CMS is pretty comprehensive.
[10/06/2015 02:03:01] Borut Udovič: + the are not allot of Joomla… plugins
[10/06/2015 02:03:11] Borut Udovič: http://www.mlwebco.com/ I think this is based on wordpress
[10/06/2015 02:03:12] silentassumptions: One of our clients use it on their site. It’s geared towards developers so I’m sure you’ll still hack it in no time.
[10/06/2015 02:03:16] Borut Udovič: I bought this tutorials
[10/06/2015 02:03:26] Jared: We’ll see.
[10/06/2015 02:03:27] Borut Udovič: yeah it’s in wp
[10/06/2015 02:03:50] Borut Udovič: silent should I get copywriter for my GIG?
[10/06/2015 02:04:09] silentassumptions: Nah, let them buy into your Eastern European charm.
[10/06/2015 02:04:17] silentassumptions: 😉
[10/06/2015 02:04:18] Borut Udovič: come on:)
[10/06/2015 02:04:28] Borut Udovič: yes or no?
[10/06/2015 02:04:57] silentassumptions: Well, yeah, if your want your gig to be taken seriously. I mean if you’re selling a book, regardless of the content, then prospective buyers want to be reassured that you’re coherent.
[10/06/2015 02:05:16] silentassumptions: And they can only use your gig as a benchmark for what’s in store.
[10/06/2015 02:05:40] Borut Udovič: that’s right, but getting gig from fiverr, hmm we’ll see
[10/06/2015 02:06:07] silentassumptions: Fork out an extra fiver and get a quality copywriter.
[10/06/2015 02:06:16 | Edited 02:06:24] Jared: I noticed he spelt coffee with only one E.
[10/06/2015 02:06:37] Borut Udovič: really? Jared it’s 3AM 🙂
[10/06/2015 02:07:01] silentassumptions: There’s some guy on here called Vin who runs a site called WordAgents.com
[10/06/2015 02:07:09] silentassumptions: I haven’t used his services before but his prices seem fair.
[10/06/2015 02:07:36] silentassumptions: Alternatively, I can forward you the Skype details of an exceptional content writer, she charges around $10 per 500 words.
[10/06/2015 02:08:21] silentassumptions: But she’ll leave no comma spliced, and has a good understanding of marketing so will break down and format the gig accordingly.
[10/06/2015 02:08:41] silentassumptions: Let me know if you want her details and I’ll PM them to you.
[10/06/2015 02:09:21] Borut Udovič: I’ll just get fiverr GIG… thanks anways
[10/06/2015 02:09:31] Borut Udovič: anyway…*
[10/06/2015 02:09:58] silentassumptions: No worries man, best of luck with it, let us know how it goes.
[10/06/2015 02:09:59] Borut Udovič: how can I compress Adobe After Effects video damn it’s 200 MB
[10/06/2015 02:10:18] Borut Udovič: but it’s professional
[10/06/2015 02:10:32] silentassumptions: Huh?
[10/06/2015 02:10:58] Borut Udovič: I deleted almost every frame, still from 2GB i get to 200MB
[10/06/2015 02:11:22] silentassumptions: Ah, right. Can’t help you there mate. Video editing isn’t my forte.
[10/06/2015 02:11:36] Jared: I like what I see of Joomla so far.
[10/06/2015 02:12:12] Borut Udovič: no problem, that literally suxs only 50mb
[10/06/2015 02:12:21] Borut Udovič: why don’t they allow embedin youtube video
[10/06/2015 02:12:29] Jared: It does look deeper than WordPress, but the gist seems to be about the sam.
[10/06/2015 02:12:37] New York Amir: joomla is more for developers
[10/06/2015 02:12:44] New York Amir: flexible frame
[10/06/2015 02:12:54] New York Amir: there’s a lot more freedom
[10/06/2015 02:13:17] New York Amir: u can css anything
[10/06/2015 02:13:21] New York Amir: add any script
[10/06/2015 02:19:53] Borut Udovič: I think I’ll hire this one https://www.fiverr.com/levinewman
[10/06/2015 02:33:23] Borut Udovič: silent do you have landing page?
[10/06/2015 02:42:07] silentassumptions: Sure, aside agency clients which I can’t comment too much on, I have several personal projects pertaining to different industries that are optimising countless landing pages.
[10/06/2015 02:42:38] Borut Udovič: nice silent
[10/06/2015 02:42:52] Borut Udovič: my goal for now is teespring and fiverr
[10/06/2015 02:43:02] Borut Udovič: teespring 10 sales. I failed at first try
[10/06/2015 02:43:36] Borut Udovič: but if I look back t-shirt was really bad, target for people who actually had no or just a little income.
[10/06/2015 02:45:47] silentassumptions: If you ever go back to the T-shirt business, you should look to determine the effectiveness of your designs by wearing them on a night out clubbing.
[10/06/2015 02:45:52] silentassumptions: If you end up getting laid, you know you’re good to go.
[10/06/2015 02:46:21] Borut Udovič: hehe, that’s nice trick:)
[10/06/2015 02:46:46] Borut Udovič: I think this one t-shirt will be a hot*** product
[10/06/2015 02:47:19] Borut Udovič: + I’ve got fb site with 2000 likes for sure it will help me because it’s oriented to that specific niche
[10/06/2015 03:27:02] Jared: I see why WordPress has blown past Joomla in terms of popularity.
[10/06/2015 03:27:06] Jared: It’s a jumbled mess.
[10/06/2015 03:28:14] Borut Udovič: Jared you don’t like Joomla?
[10/06/2015 03:28:44] Borut Udovič: I find WP better because of so many plugins and everything
[10/06/2015 03:47:54] Jared: Not really, Borut. I’m sure I could get use to it, but it feels like everything’s been made 5x as difficult as it should be. It’s a pain to browse and manage.
[10/06/2015 03:49:02] Borut Udovič: I tried before, but really for me wordpress was like 10x better, I was already used to wordpress… But there’s something new amm
[10/06/2015 03:49:15] Borut Udovič: Layers WP
[10/06/2015 03:49:22] Borut Udovič: have you tried that yet?
[10/06/2015 03:49:33] Jared: Slider?
[10/06/2015 03:49:44] Borut Udovič: nop
[10/06/2015 03:49:50] Borut Udovič: it’s called Layers WP
[10/06/2015 03:49:55] Jared: Not sure.
[10/06/2015 03:49:59] Borut Udovič: http://themeforest.net/attributes/framework/Layers%20WP
[10/06/2015 03:51:16] Borut Udovič: what if I buy new domain like bestthemesinstawp.com
[10/06/2015 03:51:27] Borut Udovič: and there I’ll be writing about this theme + adding affilates
[10/06/2015 03:52:33] Borut Udovič: but It can be same as other CMS system for example ghost is not popular… I think wordpress is still #1 this is just for someone for real beginners
[10/06/2015 03:54:33] Jared: Lots of people do that, Borut.
[10/06/2015 03:54:54] Jared: I’m assuming that means there’s money in it.
[10/06/2015 03:55:07] Jared: Either that or we’re surrounded by idiots.
[10/06/2015 03:55:27] Borut Udovič: I haven’t seen any post about layerswp
[10/06/2015 03:55:49] Borut Udovič: it’s just not popular
[10/06/2015 08:22:34] *** Robin has changed the conversation picture. ***
[10/06/2015 08:22:49] Robin: big A
[10/06/2015 08:22:55] Robin: whats ur conversion rate in you PPC
[10/06/2015 10:17:48] New York Amir: shut up robin
[10/06/2015 10:18:06] New York Amir: did u just learn that term CR?
[10/06/2015 10:30:05] *** M M Y added Pavel Nikolov ***
[10/06/2015 10:43:08] Robin: watch out people
[10/06/2015 10:43:12] Robin: A has an attitude problem
[10/06/2015 10:43:48] New York Amir: hello mr pavel
[10/06/2015 10:43:58] New York Amir: robin did i tell you i got the BOB
[10/06/2015 10:44:03] New York Amir: and put a purple wig on it
[10/06/2015 10:44:05] Jared: WhichTestWon.com’s Test of the Week: https://whichtestwon.com/test/does-persona-marketing-help-or-hinder-sales/
[10/06/2015 10:44:13] New York Amir: big ROB
[10/06/2015 10:44:17] Jared: Maybe I’m a dweeb, but I always enjoy these.
[10/06/2015 10:44:41] Robin: sorry amir i don’t believe you
[10/06/2015 10:44:47] Robin: u can’t afford a BOB
[10/06/2015 10:44:59] *** Pavel Nikolov has left ***
[10/06/2015 10:45:03] Robin: go do ur cartboard business
[10/06/2015 10:45:32] New York Amir: cartboard?
[10/06/2015 10:45:40] New York Amir: its going to be here today
[10/06/2015 10:45:47] New York Amir: i cant wait to knock the glitter off of it
[10/06/2015 10:46:15] Robin: Hey CCarter , this is what kind of crowd hangs out here
[10/06/2015 10:46:23] *** Robin has left ***
[10/06/2015 10:46:48] New York Amir: sensitive
[10/06/2015 11:33:40] *** silentassumptions removed New York Amir from this conversation. ***
[10/06/2015 11:34:00] silentassumptions: Bitch fights are not welcome here, regardless of who initiates it.
[10/06/2015 11:45:13 | Edited 11:45:40] silentassumptions: No guidelines have been published with regards to the nature of the conversations we would expect to materialise on here.

Keep it friendly, use full sentences where possible to avoid unnecessary notifications that deter people from wanting to participate in the room.

I can’t speak on behalf of everyone but there are some webmasters on here who are very successful and making a good living from the web, and others who are genuinely passionate about going far in lfie.

Having access to a chat room with people who are incredibly well versed in an array of skill-sets centered around the WWW is exciting and profitable. Let’s not waste the opportunity with a) Bragging. b) Bitch fights. C) Excessive socialising, take it to PM.

This room should be a hub for queries, legitimate business proposals, digital entrepreneurism and an outlet for us to share wisdom, so let’s keep it relevant and concise as much as we can.
[10/06/2015 13:06:36] Borut Udovič: (y)
[10/06/2015 16:26:40] *** JM has left ***
[10/06/2015 19:59:42] *** Alan Katz joined. ***
[10/06/2015 20:15:17] *** Sean Williams joined. ***
[10/06/2015 21:33:46] *** Oliver Kingley joined. ***
[10/06/2015 21:36:44] Borut Udovič: Silent
[10/06/2015 21:36:55] Borut Udovič: I just get my gig
[10/06/2015 21:38:29] Jared: Nice, Borut. Good luck with it.
[10/06/2015 21:41:19] Borut Udovič: thank, jo I don’t know if it’s written well
[10/06/2015 21:41:35] Borut Udovič: I told him to change little at the end
[10/06/2015 21:45:25] Borut Udovič: ooooh stupid facebook advertising
[10/06/2015 21:45:38] Borut Udovič: http://puu.sh/ijZ2W/33fac4d866.png
[10/06/2015 22:01:54] Borut Udovič: I tried everything… still it’s not working – active, but 0 reach -_-
[10/06/2015 22:31:13] Jared: I’ve barely tried Facebook Ads, Borut, so I couldn’t help you out, friend.
[10/06/2015 22:32:34] Borut Udovič: no problem, damn I’m angry
[11/06/2015 10:44:20] silentassumptions: Does anyone want to get paid to recreate the logo below:


It doesn’t need to look identical. Initials are PI in that weird format.
[11/06/2015 10:44:43] silentassumptions: This is a fiverr job all day round but will offer anyone here $10 if they can have it for me in the next 12 hours.
[11/06/2015 10:45:39] silentassumptions: Vector format preferentially, otherwise high resolution PNG is fine. 300 DPI.
[11/06/2015 11:56:03] silentassumptions: —-

Query: How do you get rid of referral spam that shows up on Google Analytics?

I’ve tried several solutions that exist online that involve.

1) Making modifications to the .htaccess file.

2) Filtering data out through Analytics itself.

We have spammy sites like 4webmasters.org showing up time and time again.
[11/06/2015 14:18:28] silentassumptions: Next Point of discussion, if anyone wants to make some money off the back of their portfolio / client sites.


Our agency is looking to buy. We have an assortment of clients in different industries so relevance isn’t an issue, just authority.

Come back to me with prices and details (where the link will be published, contextual/banner/guest post), you don’t need to include any metrics associated with the domain.
[11/06/2015 14:53:43] Zaid Wikipedia: @silentassumptions
[11/06/2015 14:53:59] Zaid Wikipedia: – you can either create a filter to stop showing traffic from the referral sources
[11/06/2015 14:54:25] Zaid Wikipedia: – there is an option under your view settings that you have to check which will tell google to remove any know bots/spiders
[11/06/2015 14:55:11] silentassumptions: Cheers Zaid, we’ve implemented that proposed fix but it didn’t rectify the issue.
[11/06/2015 14:55:21] Zaid Wikipedia: wats the specific issue?
[11/06/2015 14:55:38] silentassumptions: Just spam referral traffic showing up on Analytics for the majority of our websites.
[11/06/2015 14:55:58] Zaid Wikipedia: usually its from 1 – 4 sources so you could filter them out
[11/06/2015 14:56:03] Zaid Wikipedia: no?
[11/06/2015 14:57:07] Zaid Wikipedia: semalt.semalt is one for example – fuking annoying shit
[11/06/2015 14:57:14] Zaid Wikipedia: 100% bounce rate
[11/06/2015 15:10:11] silentassumptions: One second, Zaid.
[11/06/2015 16:13:27] Jared: I’ve been sitting on my ass too much lately. It’s depressing.
[11/06/2015 16:24:10] Run_good_Brah: Hello.
[11/06/2015 16:25:00] Run_good_Brah: Did you manage to make any significant changes to the website jared?
[11/06/2015 16:35:04] Jared: Not yet.
[11/06/2015 18:17:54] silentassumptions: Zaid, nah. I’ve tried filtering the data per your instructions and two other websites and still no luck.
[11/06/2015 21:16:14] silentassumptions: A lot of good conversations unfold in PM – I had a short conversation with Jared where we identified how you can possibly drive new SEO clients and build quality backlinks off the back of an indepth competitor analysis.
[11/06/2015 21:16:19] silentassumptions: It’s so short that I won’t bother with summarising it.
[11/06/2015 21:16:44] silentassumptions: [01:39:29] Jared: What could be incredibly powerful is if you could watch for the major movements in specific sites — up or down — and determine what the cause was.
[01:39:29] Jared: If you could study that and really decipher how Google works, then put that knowledge to use, you’d be unstoppable.
[06:18:35] Jared: http://blackhat.community/forums/
[20:10:46] silentassumptions: Hey dude.
[20:11:00] silentassumptions: That’s really good advise.
[20:12:02] silentassumptions: Following on from that, if you can determine the movement of specific sites in your industry, and realise one of them gets penalised (or takes a hit), you can approach them as an independent SEO company and have a better chance at clinching them.
[20:12:14] silentassumptions: In that sense, you’ll be optimising your own website and making money optimising your competitors.
[20:12:27] silentassumptions: Good idea, I like that, I like you. Not in gay way but you give me really good ideas.
[20:39:39] Jared: Good idea.
[20:39:56] Jared: Find a site that’s plummeted, contact them and tell them your agency can get them back to where they were.
[11/06/2015 21:17:39] silentassumptions: Ironically, Jared, I took your advise and forwarded some precise instructions onto our sales team.
[11/06/2015 21:17:46] silentassumptions: Let me see if I can find them.
[11/06/2015 21:18:35] *** ***
[11/06/2015 21:19:11 | Edited 21:19:33] silentassumptions: It’s tailored around AWR, though there are many different sorts of software that accomplishes the same thing. Including CCarters SERPWoo.
[11/06/2015 21:19:15] *** Farhan Shah has left ***
[11/06/2015 21:22:22] silentassumptions: To give an independent and honest review about the software, it does accomplish everything that AWR does plus amalgamating a lot of useful metrics within one umbrella.

The only issue with SERPWoo is that it doesn’t pull historic data, so it becomes an issue for agencies handling multiple clients who need year on year data analysis.

Regardless, I would certainly recommend it and our agency will definitely be using it for the said above, as you can work with a clean slate.
[11/06/2015 21:23:32] silentassumptions: I have been told personally that they are working on fixing the issue of being able to import historic data from elsewhere, should anyone here be representing an agency or being a freelancer with multiple clients. I guess it depends on your client expectations and what you’re reporting.
[11/06/2015 21:25:25] silentassumptions: Not to deviate so much but that’s a honest testimonial there, but also gives people here some insight and a scope of flexibility to deviate from AWR and experiment with newer and ever evolving software.
[11/06/2015 21:25:55] silentassumptions: For those that are interested, the limitation we have with an agency with AWR is the fact that ranking accuracy is pretty bad.
[11/06/2015 21:26:03] silentassumptions: It’s good for monitoring trends, but not for reporting purposes for clients.
[11/06/2015 21:26:21 | Edited 21:57:29] silentassumptions: This is only true for Google UK results so I can’t comment on the accuracy for Google US (or the other search engines it offers).
[11/06/2015 22:12:44] *** Jared added New York Amir ***
[12/06/2015 00:01:29 | Edited 00:01:31] Jared: Do we have anyone educated in the law in here?
[12/06/2015 00:01:59] Jared: I’m writing a piece on the unethical agenda of Rand Fishkin, and my hunch is it’s drifting into libel territory.
[12/06/2015 00:26:58] silentassumptions: I’m not really clued up in law, but I’d be interested to know why you think Rank Fishin has an unethical agenda.
[12/06/2015 00:27:09] silentassumptions: Rank? Rand. Lol
[12/06/2015 00:28:44] Jared: I’ve accused him of being sexist and racist, and intolerant of diversity of thought and opinion. It’s pretty damn harsh. In fact, I think I’m just going to remove any mentions of Rand by name and just make it about the marketing community as a whole.
[12/06/2015 00:41:44] silentassumptions: I don’t know much about the guy to be honest. I do know he drives a scooter. If the guy is a cock and that makes you feel compelled to write something about him on a personal level then that’s fine (I still think your efforts are better directed elsewhere).

If your attack is moreso against the Moz community and the fairy tale ‘great content and social media is all you need’ then I don’t think it’s entirely fair.

They do exaggerate and publish the same paraphrased information, but they are stressing a very important underlying point that you need white hat results to have a sustainable business that is marketed through search engines.

What they don’t mention is that you can use black hat to get there.

Even if Moz were to operate unethically, then the same critical analysis has to be applied on black hat communites, where ethics is hardly every considered.

98% of backlink packages you find on the internet are spammy bullshit sold under the guise of “50 quality edu links!” + enticing sales pitch.

More deception occurs in every day SEO. I would say that 98% of agencies tell clients they offer ‘white hat solutions’.

In conclusion, marketing is generally an unethical territory.
[12/06/2015 00:43:26] Jared: Does he really drive a scooter? Lol
[12/06/2015 00:43:59] Jared: Yeah, it was very possibly drifting into libel territory, so I’m just going to edit it and make it about the marketing community as a whole.
[12/06/2015 00:45:09] Jared: It’ll be a controversial piece posted on my blog, so it’s not all for naught.
[12/06/2015 00:48:41] silentassumptions: Dude, just remember to be very explicit about your definition of unethical.

If the definition of unethical is deceiving someone, then everyone in this room is guilty of being unethical.

I mean, who here hasn’t faked a testimonial?
[12/06/2015 00:56:16] silentassumptions: And yes at the scooter, I was told it by someone at work and just googled it now to see if it was true.
[12/06/2015 00:56:23] silentassumptions: Lol
[12/06/2015 01:07:47] New York Amir: hey friends apology for the other day
[12/06/2015 01:07:49] New York Amir: i was having pms
[12/06/2015 01:07:58 | Edited 01:17:16] CCarter: On 6/11/15, at 4:23 PM, silentassumptions wrote:
> I have been told personally that they are working on fixing the issue of being able to import historic data from elsewhere, should anyone here be representing an agency or being a freelancer with multiple clients. I guess it depends on your client expectations and what you’re reporting.

^^ Just to clarify, we are building out an API so people can mix and mash our data within their own infrastructure, but are not building an import feature from other tools. The major reason is old school rank trackers don’t hold the type of data we hold for your competitors and whole SERPs, so at best we would be able to import only domains you were tracking – sort of defeating the completeness of SERPWoo.

Back when we launched last June in our marketing propaganda we did talk and showcase a feature that allowed us to go back up to 2007 for most major terms and pull data from back then – the problem is and was – data 10 months old was useless for reverse engineering the SERPS which was our main reason and focus for creating SERPWoo.

Also, in our recent webinar and in a blogpost we talk about how you can monitor whole niches and when you see drops in domains (you do get alerts) – you can approach these websites and showcase the data and the reason they dropped. Several customers have been using this technique with a lot of success.

Link to Webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMj6y3dDlaQ
Link to blog post: https://www.serpwoo.com/blog/tutorials/win-more-clients/

I appreciate the honest review – it helps give me an understanding of what people are looking for and if we are in-line with helping them. There just are certain things that we decided early on not to do so we can concentrate on leaping ahead of competitors and in the last 11+ months we’ve done that, but at the same time some of those pains like “Reports” have to be addressed s=to round out the tool, which we are doing – but importing data from other tools not so much
[12/06/2015 01:08:02] New York Amir: hope everyone can forgive me and to look past this
[12/06/2015 01:09:01] New York Amir: anyways just want to say that i been doing web dseign for a while marketing for a year, highly passionate about allt ypes of marketig even offline love to share info
[12/06/2015 01:09:21] New York Amir: and continue to grow as i keep learning ,never stop learning
[12/06/2015 01:09:46] New York Amir: if u need help i can help u or any questions on coding programming that i can help u with to the extent of my knowledge
[12/06/2015 01:09:54] New York Amir: or marketing
[12/06/2015 11:39:58] *** Jake Austwick joined. ***
[12/06/2015 19:58:22] Jared: This room is dead.
[12/06/2015 19:58:26] Jared: Water is wet.
[12/06/2015 19:58:36] Jared: Captain Obvious
[12/06/2015 19:59:58] Bhav: So anyone here do launches?
[12/06/2015 20:00:11] Bhav: or sales copies etc
[12/06/2015 20:02:33] Jared: I’m not sure anyone in here is that advanced yet, Bhav.We’re mostly beginners to intermediate.
[12/06/2015 20:02:59] Jared: At least not full-blown product launches. I’m a decent copywriter.
[12/06/2015 20:03:01] Bhav: Ah okay, how about some programmers/coders?
[12/06/2015 20:03:10] Bhav: Always looking to hire people
[12/06/2015 20:03:37] Bhav: J you done any copywriting before and/or would you like to do some for me
[12/06/2015 20:05:32] Jared: I’ve done some, yeah. I’ve read quite a few books on it. I think I’ve got the principles down, but right now I really don’t have the time. I’ve got 4 different projects going. I don’t want to turn into one of those guys who never finishes anything.
[12/06/2015 20:07:25] Bhav: Yeah that’s fair enough, finish what you have going first
[12/06/2015 20:50:16] CCarter: On 6/12/15, at 2:59 PM, bhavkcl wrote:
> So anyone here do launches?

what do you mean by launches?
[12/06/2015 21:00:02] Jake Austwick: I’m a programmer
[12/06/2015 21:00:22] Jake Austwick: But realistically schedule is already full
[12/06/2015 21:00:26] Jake Austwick: plus you likely wouldn’t like my rates
[12/06/2015 21:14:58 | Edited 21:15:06] Jared: laptop computers by dave’s computers — would that anchor text be considered partial-match, branded, or both?
[12/06/2015 21:15:21] CCarter: I’d consider that a spammy anchor
[12/06/2015 21:15:55] CCarter: Google knows ‘laptop’ and ‘computers’ are the same thing
[12/06/2015 21:16:04] CCarter: so you potentially got 3 spammy problems there
[12/06/2015 21:16:07] Jared: I’m replicating the method here: http://diggitymarketing.com/how-you-should-start-choosing-anchor-text-starting-now/
[12/06/2015 21:17:27 | Edited 21:17:35] Jared: Basically: Find the average anchor text ratio of the top-5 sites for your targeted keyword. Replicate it as closely as possible.
[12/06/2015 21:17:45] CCarter: it’s 2015 – laptops = computers – anyone and their mother knows that, even LSI tells you that, so if you think Google at this late date doesn’t know that…
[12/06/2015 21:18:02] CCarter: Umm… that strategy doesn’t take into account if the site is ranking there cause of CTR
[12/06/2015 21:18:13] CCarter: instead of just purely backlinks
[12/06/2015 21:19:23] CCarter: You know a crazy thing I’ve seen work – (this is based off of a case study on pure blackhat)
[12/06/2015 21:19:26] Jared: Are backlinks still the biggest ranking factor? I think the gist is, if a site is ranked top-5, then Google must be, if not pleased, at least content with their anchor text.
[12/06/2015 21:19:43] Jared: So, it’s a safe distribution to copy.
[12/06/2015 21:20:14] CCarter: [Exact Anchor] -> Tier 2 -> [brand term or generic anchor] -> Tier 1 -> [brand term / generic anchor ] -> Money site
[12/06/2015 21:20:39] CCarter: they essentially remove 2 years from the exact term and were ranking for massively hard terms – spammy niche thouhg
[12/06/2015 21:21:02] CCarter: Yes. backlinks are still teh biggest ranking factor.
[12/06/2015 21:21:42] CCarter: CTR is being consider more strongly, but backlinks still matter – but authority backlinks as in TF > 40 or 50 with a close 1:1 ratio for CF are going to be more powerful
[12/06/2015 21:21:58] CCarter: then – I dunno what most people do or go after
[12/06/2015 21:22:14] New York Amir: seems weird CTR would matter more than backlinks
[12/06/2015 21:22:20] New York Amir: you easily manipulate
[12/06/2015 21:22:21] New York Amir: CTR
[12/06/2015 21:22:29] New York Amir: much easier than a backlink i would think
[12/06/2015 21:22:33] New York Amir: clicks from different IP
[12/06/2015 21:22:41] CCarter: yeah it’s happening – but I don’t see anyone saying it’s matters more.
[12/06/2015 21:22:43] New York Amir: i mean how hard is it to get a click
[12/06/2015 21:22:44] New York Amir: really?
[12/06/2015 21:22:47] New York Amir: makes noo sense
[12/06/2015 21:22:48] New York Amir: what so ever
[12/06/2015 21:22:55] New York Amir: google would hold a link over a click
[12/06/2015 21:23:02] New York Amir: not saying CTR is huge
[12/06/2015 21:23:05] New York Amir: we ssen that with PPC
[12/06/2015 21:23:11] CCarter: http://www.pandabot.net/
[12/06/2015 21:23:12] New York Amir: and see how we jumped high in the ranking
[12/06/2015 21:23:24] CCarter: Then blackhat spam operations like that wouldn’t be successful
[12/06/2015 21:23:31] CCarter: I don’t use it – but it’s working
[12/06/2015 21:23:34] Bhav: To chris: product launches on jvzoo, warriorplus, BHW etc
[12/06/2015 21:24:17] New York Amir: i mean our kw did go up so it did matter anytime ctr did go up
[12/06/2015 21:24:32] New York Amir: enough to make a dent? does the algorithim work the same
[12/06/2015 21:24:35] New York Amir: exactly
[12/06/2015 21:24:39] New York Amir: in the organiz serp
[12/06/2015 21:24:42] New York Amir: organic*
[12/06/2015 21:26:01] CCarter: We’re come out with an article about what some of our customers are seeing but here is quick tweet of it: https://twitter.com/recal1brate/status/596034771148414977
[12/06/2015 21:26:06] CCarter: https://twitter.com/recal1brate/status/596034937205104640
[12/06/2015 21:26:29] CCarter: Once a site pops up to a certain level – CTR is being consider for a single day
[12/06/2015 21:26:39] CCarter: then if it makes it past Google’s smell test
[12/06/2015 21:26:41] CCarter: it stays
[12/06/2015 21:26:43] CCarter: if not – it drops
[12/06/2015 21:27:07] New York Amir: i seen a chart were like CTR was one
[12/06/2015 21:27:10] New York Amir: i was like wth
[12/06/2015 21:27:19] New York Amir: no clue where they the case studies
[12/06/2015 21:27:26] New York Amir: and backlinks was like 5
[12/06/2015 21:27:29] CCarter: we’ve got an in-depth article about this – CTR is being consider more then it was – but I never said it was more then backlinks – and Google also stated they tried a non-backlink version of the SERPs and it sucked
[12/06/2015 21:27:42] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 21:27:46] New York Amir: makes sense
[12/06/2015 21:28:08] New York Amir: non backlink version thats weird
[12/06/2015 21:28:40] CCarter: So going back to the scenario of the top 5 – if it’s an average – hopefully, that strategy needs to take into consideration other factors like CTR – which is one of several
[12/06/2015 21:29:05] CCarter: if you use that strategy for a local term – it’s might be completely useless and might only work on a medium to hard competitor term
[12/06/2015 21:29:31] CCarter: either way ‘laptop computers by dave’s computers’ to me seems like an extremely spammy anchor
[12/06/2015 21:29:41] CCarter: even from a blackhat standpoint
[12/06/2015 21:30:06] New York Amir: cc have u ever used unbounce or know anyone that has
[12/06/2015 21:30:33] New York Amir: or anyone in here
[12/06/2015 21:30:52] CCarter: I’ve only used optimizely
[12/06/2015 21:30:58] New York Amir: i heard about them
[12/06/2015 21:31:00] Bhav: You guys seem advanced in seo (IVE never done it) or am I mistaken?
[12/06/2015 21:31:01] New York Amir: they’re expensive
[12/06/2015 21:31:04] New York Amir: arnen’t ehy
[12/06/2015 21:31:05] New York Amir: they
[12/06/2015 21:31:12] New York Amir: meh im moderate
[12/06/2015 21:31:19] New York Amir: theory wisei know a lot
[12/06/2015 21:31:25] New York Amir: execution decent
[12/06/2015 21:31:42] New York Amir: still learning everything i can marketing in general not just seo smo smm etc..
[12/06/2015 21:31:47] New York Amir: offline marketing
[12/06/2015 21:31:55] New York Amir: how abou you?
[12/06/2015 21:33:27] Bhav: Strictly online but more into social media marketing and one on one sales
[12/06/2015 21:33:34] Bhav: Within the MMO niche
[12/06/2015 21:34:16] *** ***
[12/06/2015 21:34:32] CCarter: On 6/12/15, at 4:30 PM, bhavkcl wrote:
> You guys seem advanced in seo (IVE never done it) or am I mistaken?

At the basics SEO is easy to understand but difficult to “master” – as long as you understand everything is fluid and it’s adjusting in real-time – and the competition is more of a factor then most people care to consider – you’ll be good.
[12/06/2015 21:35:02] New York Amir: took me a while to understand the mechancs of it
[12/06/2015 21:35:11] Bhav: I dont have the patience for seo lol
[12/06/2015 21:35:17] New York Amir: here bhav i have soem great smo stuff i found out with my on testing
[12/06/2015 21:35:21] *** ***
[12/06/2015 21:35:39] New York Amir: smo*
[12/06/2015 21:35:43] Bhav: Is it just me but Google having the option to kill yor biz at any moment doesn’t cut it for me
[12/06/2015 21:35:52] Bhav: Ah awesome I’ll download when I’m on my PC shortly
[12/06/2015 21:35:54] CCarter: Well any place has the option to kill your business
[12/06/2015 21:35:54] New York Amir: we ranked some spammy shitty sites
[12/06/2015 21:35:55] Jared: Yeah, Bhav, that’s by far my biggest concern.
[12/06/2015 21:35:59] CCarter: if you solely rely on it
[12/06/2015 21:36:08] New York Amir: so far our sites are stable
[12/06/2015 21:36:15] CCarter: Basci in the day the yellowpages could take your name and ads out of circulation and bam no business
[12/06/2015 21:36:31] CCarter: the key is a rounded marketing campaign that’s pro-active and re-active in generating customers
[12/06/2015 21:36:34] Jared: The idea of having my livelihood stripped away in a single night. That’s why I really want to learn the art of listbuilding; to have a safety net.
[12/06/2015 21:36:48] CCarter: if you are just doing a wait and see game for any type of marketing – you essentially are only advertising
[12/06/2015 21:36:51] New York Amir: list building big email marketing
[12/06/2015 21:36:52] Bhav: Yeah all I do is lead gen
[12/06/2015 21:36:59] New York Amir: no sales page?
[12/06/2015 21:37:13] Bhav: I have some bh methods I use lol
[12/06/2015 21:37:26] New York Amir: like jrod said once u build the list
[12/06/2015 21:37:34] New York Amir: you good to go even if they shut u down
[12/06/2015 21:37:52] Bhav: Yup exactly
[12/06/2015 21:38:09] New York Amir: like a thief in the night taking all his treasure out the vault before it goes down
[12/06/2015 21:40:41 | Edited 21:40:52] CCarter: @bhavkcl – How successful are you with warriorforum and product launches on there?
[12/06/2015 21:42:12] Bhav: I’m doing my first one as we speak lol.. I’ve been working with my products within the smaller email marketing niche but I want to expand my market so going into launching a few products
[12/06/2015 21:42:16] New York Amir: i dont do product launche on there
[12/06/2015 21:42:26] New York Amir: right now im an affilate for some psychic niche
[12/06/2015 21:42:35] New York Amir: and amazon seller and associate
[12/06/2015 21:42:43] New York Amir: doing ppc mostly right now
[12/06/2015 21:42:48] New York Amir: and seo for my other 2 sites
[12/06/2015 21:43:19] New York Amir: ppc one is the one im rally working on now cause its teh most important one
[12/06/2015 21:44:14] CCarter: On 6/12/15, at 4:42 PM, bhavkcl wrote:
> I’m doing my first one as we speak lol.. I’ve been working with my products within the smaller email marketing niche but I want to expand my market so going into launching a few products

In the last year – has there been an increase or decrease in demand?
[12/06/2015 21:45:29] Bhav: Well last year I did 20k profit, and the first 6 months this year IVE done 120k profit
[12/06/2015 21:45:34] Bhav: So it’s definitely gone up
[12/06/2015 21:45:47] Jared: uzr
[12/06/2015 21:45:53] New York Amir: 120k more than i made
[12/06/2015 21:45:54] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 21:45:59] Jared: Lol
[12/06/2015 21:46:13] New York Amir: im bareyl brinign in that goods
[12/06/2015 21:46:17] New York Amir: just enough
[12/06/2015 21:46:18] Bhav: Worked my ass off though lol
[12/06/2015 21:46:18] Jared: $20K a month . . . I don’t know about the rest of you, but I could live okay off of that.
[12/06/2015 21:46:21] New York Amir: so did i
[12/06/2015 21:46:23] New York Amir: still am
[12/06/2015 21:46:35] New York Amir: me and jrod aka jared busted our ass
[12/06/2015 21:46:43] New York Amir: day an dnight laste 2 years i had no life
[12/06/2015 21:46:54] CCarter: On 6/12/15, at 4:45 PM, bhavkcl wrote:
> Well last year I did 20k profit, and the first 6 months this year IVE done 120k profit

simply from MMO?
[12/06/2015 21:46:59] New York Amir: no summer nothing friday sat night, its a difficult trade to learn
[12/06/2015 21:47:53] Bhav: Yeah MMO email marketing
[12/06/2015 21:47:56] Bhav: Nothing else
[12/06/2015 21:48:09] Bhav: And from what I’ve found
[12/06/2015 21:48:13] Bhav: Create services
[12/06/2015 21:48:18] Bhav: They are bread and butter
[12/06/2015 21:49:55] CCarter: You are creating your first product now?
[12/06/2015 21:49:56] New York Amir: bhav how long u been in the game for
[12/06/2015 21:50:37] Bhav: well im creating my first mainstream launch, the products have been in place for the last year but just with a smaller market base
[12/06/2015 21:50:42] Bhav: and 13 years bro
[12/06/2015 21:50:45] New York Amir: jesus
[12/06/2015 21:50:46] Bhav: since I was 11 lol
[12/06/2015 21:50:48] Bhav: 24now
[12/06/2015 21:51:07] New York Amir: i would like to get into viral innotivate marketing
[12/06/2015 21:51:12] New York Amir: with ur on product
[12/06/2015 21:51:21] New York Amir: innovative creating
[12/06/2015 21:51:39] New York Amir: like that guy who had a unique idea sendyourenemiesglitter.com
[12/06/2015 21:51:52] New York Amir: dude made 120 k in orders since the 2 week launch
[12/06/2015 21:51:58] New York Amir: it was on the news or something too
[12/06/2015 21:52:09] New York Amir: people spending money on stupid stuff
[12/06/2015 21:52:21] New York Amir: here’s an amazing read on it
[12/06/2015 21:52:26] Bhav: yeah I saw that
[12/06/2015 21:52:27] New York Amir: even validate an idea
[12/06/2015 21:52:28] Bhav: fucking insane
[12/06/2015 21:52:29] New York Amir: before it even goes out
[12/06/2015 21:52:30] New York Amir: check it
[12/06/2015 21:52:50] Bhav: viral marketing is the best
[12/06/2015 21:52:57] Bhav: before you get CnD’d from fb lol
[12/06/2015 21:53:04 | Edited 21:53:06] Bhav: but that’s a different story
[12/06/2015 21:53:11] New York Amir: http://www.seanogle.com/entrepreneurship/business-ideas
[12/06/2015 21:53:23] New York Amir: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-secret-is-to-have-a-stupid-idea-2014-2
[12/06/2015 21:53:38] New York Amir: i wanted to start lend a friend a while back
[12/06/2015 21:53:45] New York Amir: rent a friend*
[12/06/2015 21:53:49] New York Amir: some douce already did it
[12/06/2015 21:54:20] New York Amir: viral innovative creative marketing ifu can do it u can make som fast cash a lot quick
[12/06/2015 21:54:24] New York Amir: method to the madness
[12/06/2015 21:56:04] Jared: Guerilla marketing
[12/06/2015 21:56:05] Bhav: Has to be
[12/06/2015 21:56:17] New York Amir: ya big guerilla
[12/06/2015 21:56:21] New York Amir: they call it
[12/06/2015 21:56:25] Bhav: finding the method is the hard part haha
[12/06/2015 21:56:32] New York Amir: actually
[12/06/2015 21:56:39] New York Amir: you just have to think like that
[12/06/2015 21:56:47] New York Amir: ifu can think in that way change yor way of thinking
[12/06/2015 21:56:56] New York Amir: train you brain im sure u can come up
[12/06/2015 21:56:58] New York Amir: with good ideas
[12/06/2015 21:57:03] Bhav: think like a retard
[12/06/2015 21:57:04] New York Amir: exadctly
[12/06/2015 21:57:04] Jared: Lol
[12/06/2015 21:57:06] Bhav: and use those ideas lol
[12/06/2015 21:57:06] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 21:57:13] New York Amir: thing dumb get rich
[12/06/2015 21:57:15] New York Amir: think
[12/06/2015 21:57:22] New York Amir: i noticed people love originality
[12/06/2015 21:57:27] New York Amir: not matter what it is
[12/06/2015 21:57:37] New York Amir: something u can hit their emotional chord
[12/06/2015 21:58:28] Jared: I was reading Glen Allsopp’s post on finding new angles. He says you just have to practice. It’s a skill that can be strengthened. Take an already-existing niche, and practice coming up with new angles and marketing techniques you could use for it.
[12/06/2015 21:58:47] New York Amir: def
[12/06/2015 21:58:56] New York Amir: thinking a certain ways take condinition
[12/06/2015 21:59:04] Bhav: seems like you guys read a lot lol
[12/06/2015 21:59:05] New York Amir: u have no clue
[12/06/2015 21:59:12] New York Amir: i read to the point of puking
[12/06/2015 21:59:23] New York Amir: its sickening just thinking about it
[12/06/2015 21:59:34] New York Amir: how u learn though
[12/06/2015 21:59:41] New York Amir: and get ahead better than the next man
[12/06/2015 22:00:52] Bhav: I just try shit
[12/06/2015 22:00:55] Bhav: don’t read a thing
[12/06/2015 22:01:22] New York Amir: to be honest if me and jrod didnt do any reading we would have been stuck
[12/06/2015 22:01:28] Jared: Gaining knowledge is like acquiring pieces of the puzzle. Experience is putting those pieces together.
[12/06/2015 22:01:31] New York Amir: we did fairly well first time around
[12/06/2015 22:01:35] New York Amir: so u dont do
[12/06/2015 22:01:36] Jared: I think we may have overdone it with the reading.
[12/06/2015 22:01:38] New York Amir: what mistakes other peoel do
[12/06/2015 22:01:47] New York Amir: we did pretty well on our first site
[12/06/2015 22:01:48] Jared: You need a good balance.
[12/06/2015 22:01:51] Bhav: what exactly do you guys do
[12/06/2015 22:01:58] Bhav: websites?
[12/06/2015 22:01:58] New York Amir: yep
[12/06/2015 22:02:19] Bhav: if I said to you analyse this keyword for me and tell me if its rankable
[12/06/2015 22:02:23] Bhav: youd be able to do that?
[12/06/2015 22:02:42] New York Amir: we been only doing this for since 2013
[12/06/2015 22:02:44] New York Amir: march
[12/06/2015 22:02:51] New York Amir: before that learning web coding
[12/06/2015 22:02:53] Jared: Right now, I’m doing SEO coupled with affiliate marketing. I’ve finally decided to listen to what everyone says and started building a list.
[12/06/2015 22:03:09] New York Amir: i wish i knew about seo 6 years ago
[12/06/2015 22:03:15] New York Amir: id be in my ferrari right now
[12/06/2015 22:03:18] Jared: Yeah, we could probably tell you.
[12/06/2015 22:03:24] New York Amir: instead im taking a skateboard everywhere
[12/06/2015 22:03:39] Bhav: hahaha yeah cantbuy experience
[12/06/2015 22:03:50] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 22:04:09] New York Amir: kw anaylis i love doing that
[12/06/2015 22:04:17] Bhav: do me some lol
[12/06/2015 22:04:18] New York Amir: backlink profile checking
[12/06/2015 22:04:21] Bhav: 2 kws
[12/06/2015 22:04:25] New York Amir: competieng of the KW
[12/06/2015 22:04:31] New York Amir: seeing if its being targetted or not
[12/06/2015 22:04:41] Bhav: and i’ll let you rank the AFFILIATE link for the kw
[12/06/2015 22:04:44] New York Amir: are u paying for the funds?
[12/06/2015 22:04:46] Bhav: as its my product anyway
[12/06/2015 22:04:52] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 22:05:07] New York Amir: right now me and jrod have our hands full
[12/06/2015 22:05:20] New York Amir: with the projects we have unless he wants to give it a try
[12/06/2015 22:05:30] New York Amir: i dont can do a quick analysis on your KW
[12/06/2015 22:05:48] Bhav: that would be nice of you lol
[12/06/2015 22:05:52] New York Amir: just 2
[12/06/2015 22:05:59] Bhav: yeah
[12/06/2015 22:06:06] Bhav: ” solo ads ” ” buy solo ads ”
[12/06/2015 22:06:08] Bhav: that’s it
[12/06/2015 22:06:13] New York Amir: let me check
[12/06/2015 22:07:08] New York Amir: seems fairly week so far
[12/06/2015 22:07:16] New York Amir: weak*
[12/06/2015 22:07:21] New York Amir: solo ads
[12/06/2015 22:08:51] New York Amir: http://www.semrush.com/info/empty/domain_organic_organic/solo%20ads
[12/06/2015 22:08:56] New York Amir: i dont see anyone attackin git
[12/06/2015 22:08:59] New York Amir: on google
[12/06/2015 22:10:16] New York Amir: hold on
[12/06/2015 22:10:23] New York Amir: havve a call
[12/06/2015 22:12:28] Bhav: What sort of monthly searches does it get
[12/06/2015 22:22:38] New York Amir:
Search terms
Avg. monthly searches
Suggested bid
Ad impr. share
Add to plan
solo ads
[12/06/2015 22:22:57] New York Amir: buy solo ads
[12/06/2015 22:23:12] Bhav: So fuck all in the Google search market
[12/06/2015 22:23:17] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 22:23:57] Bhav: This is why I hate seo lol
[12/06/2015 22:24:16] Bhav: That’d make you think this niche is dead
[12/06/2015 22:24:16] New York Amir: CPC $1.88
Competition 0.61
[12/06/2015 22:24:27] Bhav: When it’s actually not
[12/06/2015 22:24:29] New York Amir: its not a bad niceh
[12/06/2015 22:27:19] Jared: Those look like U.S.-only numbers.
[12/06/2015 22:28:29] New York Amir: solo ads
[12/06/2015 22:28:30] Jared: Worldwide, solo ads gets 4,400 searches, solo ad is at 720, and buy solo ads is at 390.
[12/06/2015 22:30:37] Jared: You could easily rank for all three of those terms on one page, plus a few closely-related and longtail keywords. Probably a total search volume of around 7,000-9,000, of which you could snatch up more than a third of you’re rankd in the top spot with a good title and persuasive meta description.
[12/06/2015 22:33:23] New York Amir: big easy kw
[12/06/2015 22:33:32] New York Amir: competing says .6`
[12/06/2015 22:33:34] New York Amir: .61
[12/06/2015 22:33:46] New York Amir: on the serp im lookng at no one is really attakcking it
[12/06/2015 22:34:05] New York Amir: and the ones that are have low PA
[12/06/2015 22:34:06] New York Amir: and DA
[12/06/2015 22:34:13] New York Amir: trust flow is low too
[12/06/2015 22:35:03] Jared: I see pretty much every site targeting it, including whole domains built around that one keyword.
[12/06/2015 22:35:18 | Edited 22:35:29] Jared: solodadsx.com is ranked #2.
[12/06/2015 22:35:28] New York Amir: same niche
[12/06/2015 22:35:32] New York Amir: but im talkign about the kw
[12/06/2015 22:35:33] New York Amir: itself
[12/06/2015 22:35:38] New York Amir: exact kw
[12/06/2015 22:36:04] Jared: Are we looking at the same thing?
[12/06/2015 22:36:04] New York Amir: not al lon page 1
[12/06/2015 22:36:07] New York Amir: for solo ads
[12/06/2015 22:36:09] Jared: Top spot . . .
[12/06/2015 22:36:11] Jared: Solo Ad Advertising Solo Ads
Send Your Mega Solo Ad To A Highly Responsive Network Of Advertising Sites Today Within Minutes From.
[12/06/2015 22:36:12] New York Amir: i see “solo directotry”
[12/06/2015 22:37:52] Bhav: It’s soloadsx number 1
[12/06/2015 22:37:55] Bhav: I think
[12/06/2015 22:37:55] New York Amir: ya most are atttacking it
[12/06/2015 22:37:59] New York Amir: except 2 i dont see
[12/06/2015 22:38:00] New York Amir: solo ads
[12/06/2015 22:38:05] New York Amir: bottom
[12/06/2015 22:38:09] New York Amir: they’re weak
[12/06/2015 22:38:17] New York Amir: i dont seen any of their KW
[12/06/2015 22:38:27] New York Amir: rest are
[12/06/2015 22:39:07] Bhav: so what does that mean
[12/06/2015 22:39:10] Bhav: easy to rank
[12/06/2015 22:39:22] New York Amir: meaning you can rank for those keywordds
[12/06/2015 22:39:30] New York Amir: on the google serp
[12/06/2015 22:39:33] New York Amir: organic
[12/06/2015 22:39:42] Bhav: hmm
[12/06/2015 22:39:46] New York Amir: “solo ads”<<< u want to rank for that KW
[12/06/2015 22:39:54] Bhav: and around 3k monthly traffic youd get from it
[12/06/2015 22:39:55] New York Amir: get to page 1
[12/06/2015 22:40:10] New York Amir: 3k for 1 spot?
[12/06/2015 22:40:16] New York Amir: id say mor elike 1000
[12/06/2015 22:40:18] Jared: If you could rank #1 for it, and closely-related keywords, yeah.
[12/06/2015 22:40:19] Bhav: yeah
[12/06/2015 22:40:20] Bhav: ah
[12/06/2015 22:40:32] Bhav: not great
[12/06/2015 22:40:33] New York Amir: you wont get all taht search volume
[12/06/2015 22:40:39] Bhav: wonder what spend would be
[12/06/2015 22:40:42] Bhav: to get it to top spot
[12/06/2015 22:40:42] Jared: solo ads, solo ad, buy solo ads, buy solod ad, etc.
[12/06/2015 22:40:51] New York Amir: spot 1 on page 1 gets abou 40 to 60 % clicks
[12/06/2015 22:40:56] New York Amir: depending on how many ads
[12/06/2015 22:40:59] New York Amir: are on that serp
[12/06/2015 22:41:02] New York Amir: and how many sites
[12/06/2015 22:41:06] New York Amir: are attackign that KW
[12/06/2015 22:41:11] Jared: 40-60% seems to bit high.
[12/06/2015 22:41:16] New York Amir: 30 lets say
[12/06/2015 22:41:19] New York Amir: least
[12/06/2015 22:41:22] New York Amir: dependin ong the KW
[12/06/2015 22:41:27] Jared: Most research I’ve read has it around 35%, give or take 8%.
[12/06/2015 22:41:29] New York Amir: and how many people are attacking it
[12/06/2015 22:41:36] New York Amir: it all depends
[12/06/2015 22:41:40] New York Amir: on ads etc.
[12/06/2015 22:41:51] Jared: Ads, title, meta description, etc.
[12/06/2015 22:42:11] Bhav: so many variables
[12/06/2015 22:42:35] Bhav: wonder how well it converts
[12/06/2015 22:42:35] Bhav: hmm
[12/06/2015 22:42:35] Jared: If you can get ranked in spot one and create a title and meta description that’s too good to pass up, you’ll get significantly more than one-third of the clicks.
[12/06/2015 22:42:36] New York Amir: a lot of variables
[12/06/2015 22:42:51] New York Amir: everyont is based on variables when rankking
[12/06/2015 22:42:57] New York Amir: everything*
[12/06/2015 22:43:15] Bhav: yeah I can tell by the wayyou guys are talking haha
[12/06/2015 22:43:31] New York Amir: ya u need acompelling meta
[12/06/2015 22:43:33] New York Amir: title
[12/06/2015 22:43:40] New York Amir: epsecially competing
[12/06/2015 22:43:47] New York Amir: that also effects CTR
[12/06/2015 22:43:48] New York Amir: def
[12/06/2015 22:44:09] New York Amir: i know my friends its a load of crap but someones got to flush it
[12/06/2015 22:44:15] New York Amir: a lot*
[12/06/2015 22:44:19] Jared: Lol
[12/06/2015 22:44:52] Jared: I’d be content with a small handful of authority sites bringing in decent monthly cash, and growing lists on them.
[12/06/2015 22:45:46] New York Amir: big black hat
[12/06/2015 22:45:55] New York Amir: i want spammy sites and authority
[12/06/2015 22:46:01] New York Amir: authirty big takes time
[12/06/2015 22:46:04] New York Amir: a bit of manpoewr
[12/06/2015 22:46:20] New York Amir: get a really good customer base
[12/06/2015 22:46:23] New York Amir: game over
[12/06/2015 22:46:35] Bhav: black hat is king lol
[12/06/2015 22:46:41] New York Amir: its good
[12/06/2015 22:46:46] New York Amir: spam will always be around
[12/06/2015 22:46:50] New York Amir: never stop
[12/06/2015 22:46:56] Bhav: any form of SEO is spam
[12/06/2015 22:46:56] Jared: Spam scares me.
[12/06/2015 22:46:58] Bhav: surely lol
[12/06/2015 22:47:00] New York Amir: google can do anything they like
[12/06/2015 22:47:05] New York Amir: to “upgrade”
[12/06/2015 22:47:05 | Edited 22:47:11] Jared: I mean, aggressive blackhat.
[12/06/2015 22:47:07] New York Amir: their SE
[12/06/2015 22:47:12] New York Amir: but there’s always peopole
[12/06/2015 22:47:16] Bhav: its just some spam is more friendly than others
[12/06/2015 22:47:16] New York Amir: comign out with tools to out do google
[12/06/2015 22:47:20] New York Amir: big gsa big gsa
[12/06/2015 22:47:33] Jared: I’d hate to have to constantly worry about whether today’s the day my site — my source of livelihood — goes down.
[12/06/2015 22:47:43] New York Amir: spamming right and effectively to bypass any google update
[12/06/2015 22:47:47] New York Amir: is difficult
[12/06/2015 22:47:57] Jared: I could probably already be rich if I had the balls to go all-out with spam, lol.
[12/06/2015 22:47:58] New York Amir: keeping stable rankings through any change they make
[12/06/2015 22:48:09] New York Amir: our sites been spammed
[12/06/2015 22:48:10] New York Amir: still up
[12/06/2015 22:48:15] New York Amir: we must have done something right
[12/06/2015 22:48:30] New York Amir: your whn is still up
[12/06/2015 22:48:33] New York Amir: since 2013
[12/06/2015 22:48:40] New York Amir: big first site
[12/06/2015 22:49:03] Jared: 2014.
[12/06/2015 22:49:13] New York Amir: 2013
[12/06/2015 22:49:13] Jared: It’s about 14-15 months old.
[12/06/2015 22:49:18] Jared: Very moderate spam.
[12/06/2015 22:49:20] New York Amir: we started it in 2013
[12/06/2015 22:49:23] Jared: Nah, 2014.
[12/06/2015 22:49:28] New York Amir: bro 2013
[12/06/2015 22:49:30] Jared: Big memory problems.
[12/06/2015 22:49:32] New York Amir: march
[12/06/2015 22:49:33] New York Amir: trust me
[12/06/2015 22:49:38] New York Amir: its just 2015 now
[12/06/2015 22:49:44] New York Amir: march of 2013
[12/06/2015 22:49:51] New York Amir: we didtn spame it last year
[12/06/2015 22:50:02] New York Amir: i remembe solely cause thats when we
[12/06/2015 22:50:03] New York Amir: stared learing
[12/06/2015 22:50:11] New York Amir: in 2013 getting in the trade
[12/06/2015 22:50:20 | Removed 22:50:50] Jared: This message has been removed.
[12/06/2015 22:50:24] Bhav: how old are you guys btw
[12/06/2015 22:50:30] Alan Katz: lol
[12/06/2015 22:50:31] Jared: Creation Date: March 24, 2014
[12/06/2015 22:50:38] New York Amir: u must hav emoved it
[12/06/2015 22:50:43] New York Amir: its not 2014
[12/06/2015 22:50:45] Jared: Nah, it was 2014.
[12/06/2015 22:50:45] New York Amir: host change
[12/06/2015 22:50:58] New York Amir: or something
[12/06/2015 22:51:07] New York Amir: in fact
[12/06/2015 22:51:12] New York Amir: let me show u on skype
[12/06/2015 22:51:13] New York Amir: history
[12/06/2015 22:51:49] Jared: Big PM’s
[12/06/2015 22:54:21] Jared: It’s a freakin’ furnace outside.
[12/06/2015 22:54:27] New York Amir: im dying
[12/06/2015 22:54:38] New York Amir: too hot got a headache
[12/06/2015 22:54:47] New York Amir: im 33 brov
[12/06/2015 22:55:01] New York Amir: biologically im 21
[12/06/2015 22:55:59] New York Amir: he’s right its a year
[12/06/2015 22:56:13] New York Amir: i filled my head with so much info and just been working on it so much
[12/06/2015 22:56:18] New York Amir: it feels like its been 2
[12/06/2015 22:56:26] Jared: Lol
[12/06/2015 22:56:30] New York Amir: big time is a peculiar thing
[12/06/2015 22:56:31] Jared: Big tmewarp
[12/06/2015 22:56:37] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 22:57:01] Jared: I’ve gotta get my grill fixed.
[12/06/2015 22:57:06] Jared: $40K.
[12/06/2015 22:57:10] New York Amir: thats expensive
[12/06/2015 22:57:11] Jared: Jesus.
[12/06/2015 22:57:12] Jared: It is.
[12/06/2015 22:57:13] New York Amir: thats so much
[12/06/2015 22:57:18] Jared: It’s goddamned highway robbery.
[12/06/2015 22:57:28] New York Amir: medical field all that
[12/06/2015 22:57:30] New York Amir: is a robbery
[12/06/2015 22:57:37] New York Amir: go to the hospital for like a blood check
[12/06/2015 22:57:38] Jared: It’s a good niche to get into.
[12/06/2015 22:57:38] New York Amir: or whatever
[12/06/2015 22:57:42] Jared: It s.
[12/06/2015 22:57:43] New York Amir: be like 2 k
[12/06/2015 22:57:44] Jared: It’s absurd.
[12/06/2015 22:57:48] New York Amir: just for a voisit
[12/06/2015 22:57:50] New York Amir: visit
[12/06/2015 22:58:00] Jared: Absulance ride . . . 2 miles . . . $5K.
[12/06/2015 22:58:04] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 22:58:11] New York Amir: medical niche
[12/06/2015 22:58:24] Jared: I was thinking of doing something in the dental niche.
[12/06/2015 22:58:30] New York Amir: i msure u can rank for local serp
[12/06/2015 22:58:44] New York Amir: does he sell seo pagse
[12/06/2015 22:58:55] New York Amir: becker was doing that
[12/06/2015 22:59:06] New York Amir: there’s some plugin for that
[12/06/2015 22:59:07] Bhav: usa sucks for medical
[12/06/2015 22:59:08] Jared: I tried looking for a good dental forum . . . there’s not much out there.
[12/06/2015 22:59:12] Bhav: uk is where its at
[12/06/2015 22:59:14] Bhav: free lol
[12/06/2015 22:59:15] New York Amir: free really?
[12/06/2015 22:59:21] Bhav: yup
[12/06/2015 22:59:22] New York Amir: i tink u can get free here too
[12/06/2015 22:59:25] New York Amir: or really real ycheapjrod
[12/06/2015 22:59:30] New York Amir: student
[12/06/2015 22:59:31] Jared: Medicaid
[12/06/2015 22:59:37] Jared: Or whatever it’s called these days.
[12/06/2015 22:59:39] New York Amir: student intern or some shit
[12/06/2015 22:59:43] New York Amir: medicaid wont do it
[12/06/2015 22:59:46] Bhav: fuck that
[12/06/2015 22:59:54] Bhav: gp free
[12/06/2015 22:59:56] New York Amir: medicaid does health and for dental
[12/06/2015 22:59:59] Bhav: hospital free
[12/06/2015 23:00:00] New York Amir: really bad with it
[12/06/2015 23:00:00] New York Amir: you need to have like something
[12/06/2015 23:00:01] Bhav: ops free
[12/06/2015 23:00:04] Bhav: dentistfree
[12/06/2015 23:00:04] Bhav: lol
[12/06/2015 23:00:13] New York Amir: medicaid probably get dentures at the most
[12/06/2015 23:00:16] Bhav: just uk has shit weather
[12/06/2015 23:00:19] New York Amir: my friend got it
[12/06/2015 23:00:29] New York Amir: dumb fool was in drugs one time for so long
[12/06/2015 23:00:35] New York Amir: didnt brush his teeth for 2 years
[12/06/2015 23:01:03] Bhav: idiot lol
[12/06/2015 23:01:12] Jared: I may have to fly to India to have my work done. They’ll do it for $20 there, although it’ll be performed with pliers in a cave. I’m not sure it’s worth the savings; I’ll have to sleep on it.
[12/06/2015 23:01:27] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 23:01:30] New York Amir: its so cheap there
[12/06/2015 23:01:41] New York Amir: my cous went to iran
[12/06/2015 23:01:47] New York Amir: get it done muchcheaper
[12/06/2015 23:01:55] New York Amir: big 6 teeth
[12/06/2015 23:01:56] Bhav: indias docs better than uk and usa lol
[12/06/2015 23:02:05] New York Amir: bhav are u indian
[12/06/2015 23:02:14] Bhav: indeed
[12/06/2015 23:02:18] New York Amir: thats why they’re better then 😛
[12/06/2015 23:02:26] New York Amir: namaste
[12/06/2015 23:02:35] Bhav: well my passport says GB lol
[12/06/2015 23:02:44] Bhav: but parents oringinally yeah
[12/06/2015 23:02:48] New York Amir: india is huge into seo
[12/06/2015 23:02:53] New York Amir: and pakistan
[12/06/2015 23:02:59] Bhav: yeah
[12/06/2015 23:03:05] Bhav: all countries are
[12/06/2015 23:03:07] Bhav: LEDC wise
[12/06/2015 23:03:10] Bhav: thiland
[12/06/2015 23:03:11] Bhav: etc
[12/06/2015 23:03:14] New York Amir: thailand girls are hot
[12/06/2015 23:03:15] Bhav: they love that shit
[12/06/2015 23:03:22] Bhav: andare also men
[12/06/2015 23:03:23] Bhav: lol
[12/06/2015 23:03:23] New York Amir: just watch out with the ones that walking around with a 3rd leg
[12/06/2015 23:03:26] New York Amir: exactly
[12/06/2015 23:03:36] Bhav: wait
[12/06/2015 23:03:37] Bhav: I got a game
[12/06/2015 23:03:53] New York Amir: i heard the guys can look like girls and u cant tell the difference
[12/06/2015 23:03:59] New York Amir: what game did u get?
[12/06/2015 23:04:29] Alan Katz: Guy or Girl Game
[12/06/2015 23:04:31] Bhav: girl or boy
[12/06/2015 23:04:40] Alan Katz: i knew it
[12/06/2015 23:04:45] Bhav: haha
[12/06/2015 23:04:48] New York Amir: guy
[12/06/2015 23:04:53] New York Amir: just cause i think it s agirl
[12/06/2015 23:05:07] Alan Katz: Guy
[12/06/2015 23:05:08] New York Amir: is it a guy?
[12/06/2015 23:05:21] New York Amir: jesus
[12/06/2015 23:05:30] New York Amir: i think im gay now guys
[12/06/2015 23:05:37] Alan Katz: Face is a little hard
[12/06/2015 23:05:50] New York Amir: borah girl or guy?
[12/06/2015 23:06:03] New York Amir: bhav*
[12/06/2015 23:06:05] Alan Katz: If you have a slight doubt automatic guy lol
[12/06/2015 23:06:10] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 23:06:14] New York Amir: i didnt
[12/06/2015 23:06:24] New York Amir: very hard to tell
[12/06/2015 23:06:27] Jared: My dick got hard, so I’m hoping it’s a girl.
[12/06/2015 23:06:31] New York Amir: LOL
[12/06/2015 23:06:36] Alan Katz: lol
[12/06/2015 23:06:51] New York Amir: is ther any ladies in here
[12/06/2015 23:06:52] Bhav: LOL
[12/06/2015 23:06:54] New York Amir: dont want to offend them
[12/06/2015 23:07:04] Bhav: I highly doubt it
[12/06/2015 23:07:09] Bhav: its a girl btw
[12/06/2015 23:07:11] New York Amir: so just a room full of hungry dogs
[12/06/2015 23:07:15] New York Amir: thank god im relieved
[12/06/2015 23:07:35] New York Amir: she lives in thailand?
[12/06/2015 23:07:36] Jared: . . . uzr?
[12/06/2015 23:07:38] Alan Katz: Just stay away from Tailand
[12/06/2015 23:07:39] Jared: Big puzzled
[12/06/2015 23:07:39] New York Amir: lol
[12/06/2015 23:07:48] New York Amir: alan knows about thailand first hand
[12/06/2015 23:07:55] New York Amir: i hope thats not true
[12/06/2015 23:08:12] New York Amir: i want to go there
[12/06/2015 23:08:13] Alan Katz: No just scared
[12/06/2015 23:08:26] New York Amir: if there are girls like that
[12/06/2015 23:08:32] Alan Katz: I have heard nothing but great things about it
[12/06/2015 23:08:39] New York Amir: one day
[12/06/2015 23:09:27] Alan Katz: I hear the Women and the food are incredible
[12/06/2015 23:10:07] New York Amir: then eating food off a woman must be exhiliarting
[12/06/2015 23:10:20] Bhav: LOOOL
[12/06/2015 23:10:24] Alan Katz: lol
[12/06/2015 23:31:06] White British Heterosexual Male: Alan Katz. Sounds Ashkenazi. As far as business is concerned, take note of what Alan says.
[12/06/2015 23:58:38] Jared: I’m ready to hire him as CEO right on the spot.
[12/06/2015 23:59:15] Jared: On a side note, does anyone know why a keyword like luxury yachts for sale would only have an AdWords suggested bid of 94 cents? What am I missing here?
[12/06/2015 23:59:49 | Edited 23:59:56] Jared: Strong buyer intent, hugely expensive item . . . seems like a no-brainer money earner.
[13/06/2015 00:04:55] New York Amir: big strong intent
[13/06/2015 00:04:57] New York Amir: big boats
[13/06/2015 00:05:06] New York Amir: good affiliate money in that
[13/06/2015 00:06:27] Jared: I’m trying to figure out why Google Keyword Planner would be giving me a suggested bid of 94 cents. Is the keyword not are monetizeable as it seems?
[13/06/2015 00:06:56] New York Amir: do i never listen to that planner i dont
[13/06/2015 00:06:59] Jared: I’m gonna go pester the guys on Wicked Fire about it. I need answers, damnit.
[13/06/2015 00:07:17] New York Amir: says this much for cpc
[13/06/2015 00:07:19] New York Amir: but then u get a totally
[13/06/2015 00:07:24] New York Amir: different nubmer sometimes
[13/06/2015 00:32:13] Zaid Wikipedia: doooods
[13/06/2015 00:32:32] Zaid Wikipedia: add 30% to the keyword planner and you should be getting more accurate numbers
[13/06/2015 00:32:38] Zaid Wikipedia: that shit is not accurate at all!!
[13/06/2015 00:32:52] Zaid Wikipedia: just add the keywords you want in the account you want to run them in and you will get the suggested CPC bids
[13/06/2015 00:33:00] Zaid Wikipedia: just use Keyword planner for keyword ideas
[13/06/2015 04:33:25] Jared: http://www.viperchill.com/seo-stock-market/
[13/06/2015 04:33:30] Jared: Interesting idea.
[13/06/2015 04:38:46] Jared: Basically: When Google smacks big companies with a strong web presence — which it does on occasions — their stock tends to plummet.
[13/06/2015 04:39:21 | Edited 04:39:56] Jared: If someone has some experience in the stock market, and has the SEO knowledge to accurately predict when a site is on the brink of being Google bitch slapper, there are ways this can be used for big profits.
[13/06/2015 04:41:06 | Edited 04:41:28] Jared: “So a more exotic alternative might be to use spread betting, which is basically where you bet on the share moving in a certain direction i.e. you never actually own the share.

So, let’s say you bet $1 per point that Ebay decreases. If you were super confident (or a bit of an idiot) you could get leverage, allowing you to effectively trade up to $10 per point on credit, but let’s say you don’t.

Ebay decreases 300 points to $48, and again you make $300 (300 points x $1).

Where that’d get interesting is if you bet $5 per point or $10 etc.

IF Ebay dropped to $41 and you had a $5 per point bet, you’d make $5,000.

The important thing to be careful of with both shorting and spread betting is that your risk exposure is unlimited. If you were wrong, and the share doubled in value, you’d not just lose money – you’d owe a lot of money.”
[14/06/2015 00:45:49] *** alexVEVO joined. ***
[14/06/2015 13:35:58] *** Boris Colovic joined. ***
[15/06/2015 01:10:07] Jared: How would you fellas go about monetizing a chat room/small social network?
[15/06/2015 01:10:35] Jared: We’re talking a memberbase of probably five figures.
[15/06/2015 01:11:46] Jared: It’s such untargeted traffic that the best I can think of is basic Adsense-style paid-per-click.
[15/06/2015 01:12:13] alexVEVO: best bet PPC or if it’s in the 5 figures you could get smaller brand display ads
[15/06/2015 01:12:23] Oliver Kingley: I was gonna say the same
[15/06/2015 01:12:48] Oliver Kingley: Ads probably. I don’t think you could get the users to pay for a chartroom these days
[15/06/2015 01:13:02] Oliver Kingley: Unless it’s something super exlcusive
[15/06/2015 01:14:17] alexVEVO: is it a local social media catering to a specific geographic area?
[15/06/2015 01:14:31] alexVEVO: approach small-medium sized businesses for display ad placements
[15/06/2015 01:16:35] silentassumptions: The right CTA could be work. There’s one chat room that forces you to watch an ad before proceeding.
[15/06/2015 01:16:45] Jared: Hmm . . . it’s not local. I have seen sites that sell minor digital products — like buying an image of a rose for $1 and sending it to a girl you’re interested in.
[15/06/2015 01:16:58] Jared: I may just have to stick with AdSense.
[15/06/2015 01:17:00] silentassumptions: You can paid per impression, per click (Adsense but not limited to), per action…
[15/06/2015 01:17:19] alexVEVO: is it a SM related to a niche?
[15/06/2015 01:17:23] alexVEVO: run CPA offers related to the niche
[15/06/2015 01:18:04] silentassumptions: If users have to watch a 15 second advert to enter the chatroom then CPAs would be a nice way to capitalise. I couldn’t tell you where to find those CPAs.
[15/06/2015 01:18:12] silentassumptions: CTA? CPA*
[15/06/2015 01:18:33] silentassumptions: Our industry is made up of too many acryonms, I sometimes get muddled up.
[15/06/2015 01:18:39 | Edited 01:19:06] Jared: It’s not niche-related, no, but it does have pretty detailed profiles. So, it may be possible to segment the memberbase enough to throw out some decent CPA offers that actually draw interest.
[15/06/2015 01:18:42] alexVEVO: are you talking about preroll ads?
[15/06/2015 01:19:03] alexVEVO: that’s a smart idea
[15/06/2015 01:19:16] alexVEVO: as long as you’re not working with too many segments
[15/06/2015 01:20:00] New York Amir: or buying a set of emoticons
[15/06/2015 01:20:17] New York Amir: the gif is the best bet
[15/06/2015 04:22:16] alexVEVO: Anyone know any good service to increase LinkedIn endorsements/connections?
[15/06/2015 20:27:31] Jared: I still don’t even have a LinkedIn account.
[15/06/2015 21:57:33] Boris Colovic: there is a good trick since reddit banned that fatpeoplehate subreddit
[15/06/2015 21:58:56] Boris Colovic: you just make a post like ‘reddit can ban us too, so we need backup plan. I don’t think it’s going to happen, at least not yet, but in preparation do feel free to sign up for our mailing list:’
[15/06/2015 21:59:41] Boris Colovic: but first you build site that is about that subreddit you are going to post in.
[15/06/2015 22:00:35] Boris Colovic: like ‘Verify your username on (your URL)
[15/06/2015 22:00:45] Boris Colovic: it worked on some smaller subreddits.
[15/06/2015 22:03:50] Boris Colovic: of course do that on subreddits that can actually get banned and have some ‘hate speech’ or smth like that.
[16/06/2015 05:32:37] Jared: “If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded.” – Tony Robbins
[16/06/2015 05:56:21] *** ***
[16/06/2015 21:16:28] Jared: http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com/income21/
[16/06/2015 21:16:58] Jared: $427,083 monthly profit for a podcast. Not too shabby.
[16/06/2015 21:17:20] Alan Katz: Wow
[17/06/2015 08:59:38] *** Jānis Kreislers joined. ***
[17/06/2015 13:55:09] Jared: “Remember, when a person brings up a logical objection you answer emotionally, and when he brings up an emotional objection you answer it logically.” — Zig Ziglar
[17/06/2015 13:55:14] Jared: Is that sound advice?
[17/06/2015 14:02:36] silentassumptions: Probably not. :/

Logic equals choice as you think about the issue in hand before jumping to a conclusion.

Answering emotionally relies on impulse.
[17/06/2015 14:02:57] silentassumptions: Logic first, if you’re not able to arrive at a conclusion, then go with impulse.
[17/06/2015 15:09:51] Borut Udovič: Hi all, but Jared $427,083 monthly profit for a podcast. Not too shabby. I think you think way too much about money
[17/06/2015 15:11:23] Borut Udovič: but their site is also really well made…
[17/06/2015 17:01:32] Jared: As opposed to thinking about what?
[17/06/2015 17:01:46] Jared: Am I suppose to do IM just for the love of it?
[17/06/2015 17:01:59] Borut Udovič: you need to change your mind first
[17/06/2015 17:02:09] Borut Udovič: priority should be quality
[17/06/2015 17:02:11] Jake Austwick: IM brings freedom
[17/06/2015 17:02:21] Jake Austwick: Can work from anywhere, in any niche you choose
[17/06/2015 17:02:32] Borut Udovič: but that just my opinion…
[17/06/2015 17:02:36] silentassumptions: Lol @ Jared.
[17/06/2015 17:03:40] Borut Udovič: silent, what’s so funny? that’s just my opinion
[17/06/2015 17:15:31] Jānis Kreislers: Hi im new on this chat group.
[17/06/2015 17:16:42] Jānis Kreislers: I have website, based of cpa offers, i promote on my website cpa offers, all is viral, but couple days ago me scamed fb ads for 650 EUR.
[17/06/2015 17:16:49] Jānis Kreislers: facebook falgged my acc
[17/06/2015 17:17:10] Jānis Kreislers: money lost, actualy all my account have deleted from fb
[17/06/2015 17:17:23] Jānis Kreislers: all been ok, when i invest 650 EUR, fb delete me
[17/06/2015 17:17:59] Jānis Kreislers: now i hate fb.
[17/06/2015 17:18:17] Jake Austwick: What was the reason they gave for banning you
[17/06/2015 17:18:22] Jake Austwick: They don’t just ban without reason
[17/06/2015 17:18:38] Jake Austwick: to steal 650EUR, there are people pushing 10’s of thousands through FB ads on a daily basis
[17/06/2015 17:19:10] Jared: http://assets.amuniversal.com/44e5a230e0680132e432005056a9545d
[17/06/2015 17:20:09] Jānis Kreislers: reason is to much activity on my account
[17/06/2015 17:20:14 | Edited 17:20:20] Jānis Kreislers: i receive email
[17/06/2015 17:21:07] Jared: Too much activity on your account?
[17/06/2015 17:21:26] Jānis Kreislers: yes, that is a reason why he ban me
[17/06/2015 17:21:34] Jake Austwick: Too much fraudulent activity is likely what they said
[17/06/2015 17:24:35] Jānis Kreislers: this is email what i receive
[17/06/2015 17:24:37] Jānis Kreislers: Ad Manager Error

Your ads account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity
[17/06/2015 17:24:52] Jānis Kreislers: contact fb bla bla blaa
[17/06/2015 17:25:21] Jake Austwick: Contact them then, if you’re not doing anything shady you’ll be fine
[17/06/2015 17:25:31] Jake Austwick: If you are, don’t fuck with FB ads. They don’t allow shady stuff
[17/06/2015 17:25:49] Jānis Kreislers: i contact, no respod
[17/06/2015 17:25:57] Borut Udovič: by -> Demian Caceres Got my account back after 12 days.

The only thing I did was to click on the link “Contact Facebook” right on the page with the Ads Manager Error notification…and do their steps.

They wrote me this email today. I guess you just have to be patient.
[17/06/2015 17:25:57] Borut Udovič: https://www.google.si/search?q=Your+ads+account+has+recently+been+flagged+because+of+unusual+activity&oq=Your+ads+account+has+recently+been+flagged+because+of+unusual+activity&aqs=chrome..69i57.583j0j1&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8
[17/06/2015 17:26:41] Jānis Kreislers: maybe need wait.
[17/06/2015 17:49:16] Run_good_Brah: hey
[17/06/2015 17:49:20] Run_good_Brah: just a quick question
[17/06/2015 17:50:16] Run_good_Brah: need some help on something.
[17/06/2015 20:32:41] Run_good_Brah: I want to make my own game with my own icons
[17/06/2015 20:32:46] Run_good_Brah: a website that does it for you
[17/06/2015 20:32:48] Run_good_Brah: anyone know any?
[17/06/2015 20:33:12] Borut Udovič: adobe illustrator
[17/06/2015 20:33:19] Run_good_Brah: a flash Orin anted game
[17/06/2015 20:33:30] Run_good_Brah: what about it borut?
[17/06/2015 20:33:49] Borut Udovič: is for making icons
[17/06/2015 20:34:05] Run_good_Brah: but I don’t need that , I have the icons already
[17/06/2015 20:34:10] Run_good_Brah: i need the build in game…
[17/06/2015 20:34:13] Run_good_Brah: pretty much..
[17/06/2015 20:34:21] Borut Udovič: what you want then?
[17/06/2015 20:34:35] Borut Udovič: you need to know programming language…
[17/06/2015 20:35:57] Run_good_Brah: no no
[17/06/2015 20:35:59] Run_good_Brah: a website
[17/06/2015 20:36:02] Run_good_Brah: lol
[17/06/2015 20:36:06] Run_good_Brah: that does it for you
[17/06/2015 20:36:14] Borut Udovič: then learn html + css
[17/06/2015 20:36:19] Borut Udovič: + php
[17/06/2015 20:36:28] Run_good_Brah: i know those
[17/06/2015 20:36:32] Run_good_Brah: i don’t want to program it..
[17/06/2015 20:36:34] Run_good_Brah: lol
[17/06/2015 20:36:39] Borut Udovič: so why would you use builder?
[17/06/2015 20:36:44] Borut Udovič: which isn’t even half optimized
[17/06/2015 20:36:53] Run_good_Brah: so its easier , its not for me its for someone that’s using the website
[17/06/2015 20:36:59] Run_good_Brah: that person does not know any codes or anything like that.
[17/06/2015 20:37:18] Run_good_Brah: i don’t need it optimized
[17/06/2015 20:37:25] Borut Udovič: I don’t know literally
[17/06/2015 20:37:34] Borut Udovič: hire a programmer then 🙂
[17/06/2015 20:37:49] Run_good_Brah: shall i hire myself
[17/06/2015 20:37:50] Run_good_Brah: lol
[17/06/2015 20:38:50] Run_good_Brah: i need to make a game that has a certain ability without putting a program init
[17/06/2015 20:38:53] Run_good_Brah: that’s all really
[17/06/2015 20:38:59] Run_good_Brah: something quick
[17/06/2015 20:39:34] Run_good_Brah: a game builder , that does it for me
[17/06/2015 20:39:46] Borut Udovič: don’t know
[17/06/2015 20:44:51] Run_good_Brah: struggling here cant even find a site builder that u can click and drag different icons
[17/06/2015 20:44:56] Run_good_Brah: madness lol
[17/06/2015 21:09:39] Borut Udovič: hehe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qR0Uke2XNI
[18/06/2015 00:44:17] Jared: Google Search Update Rolling Out, Confirmed to Not Be Panda-Related
[18/06/2015 00:45:37] Jared: Early speculation is it could be HTTPS-related.
[18/06/2015 01:16:15] alexVEVO: Fun.
[18/06/2015 01:58:18] *** Tilli joined. ***
[18/06/2015 02:00:45] *** Tilli has left ***
[18/06/2015 04:01:22] Jared: Thank you for joining us, tilliastra. We hope you enjoyed your 147-second stay.
[18/06/2015 04:27:05] *** alexVEVO lol ***
[18/06/2015 11:43:14] New York Amir: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-search-update-20456.html
[18/06/2015 11:43:27] New York Amir: Yesterday we reported about weekend chatter that was so low that I called it the Google cricket update. But starting yesterday afternoon, that chatter in the SEO community spiked significantly.
Meaning, I am seeing signs of a possible Google update based on the vast number of webmasters and SEOs saying the rankings have changed. But I honestly don’t think it is Panda. My Panda expert sources (I have a few) are telling me they see no movement, plus the forum chatter doesn’t really show Panda yet.
The folks at WebmasterWorld in two different threads and the folks at Black Hat Forums in two different threads are discussing a possible update. Some are saying Panda, but others are saying not so. Some are seeing ranking changes, some are seeing huge shifts in crawl rates.
[18/06/2015 11:44:03 | Edited 11:44:19] Jared: Interesting.
[18/06/2015 11:44:19] New York Amir: lol
[18/06/2015 11:44:49] New York Amir: little cricket
[18/06/2015 11:45:31] New York Amir: big crawling
[18/06/2015 11:48:31] New York Amir: i know one of you is a landing page expert
[18/06/2015 11:48:35] New York Amir: forget which one
[18/06/2015 11:49:14] Jared: silent?
[18/06/2015 11:50:01] New York Amir: nah it was someone CC recomendded
[18/06/2015 11:50:10] New York Amir: looking in the room
[18/06/2015 11:50:14] *** Jerry joined. ***
[18/06/2015 11:50:24] New York Amir: hey jerry
[18/06/2015 11:50:29] Jerry: yooo
[18/06/2015 11:50:35] New York Amir: are you good with landing pages?
[18/06/2015 11:50:40] Jerry: just joined from WF
[18/06/2015 11:50:49] Jerry: have some exp w/ them – why
[18/06/2015 11:50:52] Jared: WickedFire or Warrior Forum?
[18/06/2015 11:50:55] New York Amir: nice tell us something about your expreience
[18/06/2015 11:51:00] New York Amir: and a little about yourself
[18/06/2015 11:51:03] Jerry: WarriorForum
[18/06/2015 11:51:10] Jared: I posted this link on two forums. Both with the initials WF. Doh.
[18/06/2015 11:51:17] Jared: Ah, alright.
[18/06/2015 11:51:19] Jared: Welcome.
[18/06/2015 11:51:32] Jerry: I was thinking about starting my own skype group for Accnt
[18/06/2015 11:51:37] Jerry: and found this thread
[18/06/2015 11:51:51] Jerry: w/ a link to this group
[18/06/2015 11:51:55] Jerry: so I think it will be useful
[18/06/2015 11:52:02] New York Amir: u might
[18/06/2015 11:52:15] Jerry: so I can actually get some where w/ IM
[18/06/2015 11:52:37] Jerry: what about you
[18/06/2015 11:53:04] New York Amir: we started this group
[18/06/2015 11:53:09] Jerry: how long ago
[18/06/2015 11:53:13] New York Amir: me silent and jared
[18/06/2015 11:53:16] New York Amir: not too long
[18/06/2015 11:53:22] New York Amir: some big time ballers in here
[18/06/2015 11:53:28] New York Amir: everyone sharing
[18/06/2015 11:53:38] New York Amir: ideas etc… working on projects together
[18/06/2015 11:53:45] Jerry: that’s good
[18/06/2015 11:53:58] New York Amir: ya the room has been steadily growing
[18/06/2015 11:54:07] Jared: The room is dead most of the time, but it’s been growing as of late.
[18/06/2015 11:54:09] silentassumptions: And as far as literal introductions go, I’m silent.
[18/06/2015 11:54:11] silentassumptions: Welcome to the room.
[18/06/2015 11:54:27] Jerry: who is ConfusedJ from WF
[18/06/2015 11:54:31] silentassumptions: A dead room is a good room, at least we know any activity on here is worthy of monitoring.
[18/06/2015 11:54:42] silentassumptions: If this room was going off in the background all the while, I’d be more reluctant to participate.
[18/06/2015 11:55:06] Jared: Me.
[18/06/2015 11:55:36] Jerry: are you working on a landing page right now
[18/06/2015 11:55:44] New York Amir: yep
[18/06/2015 11:55:53] Jerry: u drive PPC traffic
[18/06/2015 11:55:56] New York Amir: im testing a/b goign to and just out doo
[18/06/2015 11:55:59] New York Amir: each landing page
[18/06/2015 11:56:02] New York Amir: to gain higher CR
[18/06/2015 11:56:11] New York Amir: ya display ads google
[18/06/2015 11:56:16] New York Amir: somesearch too
[18/06/2015 11:56:25] Jerry: u use the content network?
[18/06/2015 11:56:40] New York Amir: using unbounce
[18/06/2015 11:56:56] Jerry: unbounce?
[18/06/2015 11:57:00] silentassumptions: I’ll let you know how the Google algo updates effect our clients site in a short sweet summary over the course of the next couple of weeks.
[18/06/2015 11:57:04] silentassumptions: Brb.
[18/06/2015 11:57:42] Jerry: oh thats the landing page software?
[18/06/2015 11:57:44] Jared: Unbounce is a landing page SaaS
[18/06/2015 11:57:45] Jared: Yeah
[18/06/2015 11:58:00] Jerry: havnet heard of that 1
[18/06/2015 11:58:17] Jerry: I used OptimizePress back when I was using squeeze pages
[18/06/2015 11:58:19] Jared: You use it to create landing pages via premade templates and a drag-and-drop interface, and it keeps track of all of your metrics.
[18/06/2015 11:58:28] New York Amir: CCarter uses optimizepress
[18/06/2015 11:58:31] New York Amir: i heard thats mad money
[18/06/2015 11:58:40] New York Amir: but pretty good
[18/06/2015 11:59:28] Jerry: unbounce
[18/06/2015 11:59:32] Jerry: 99$/month
[18/06/2015 11:59:46] Jerry: you must be making good $$ w/ it
[18/06/2015 12:00:18] New York Amir: the client pays for it
[18/06/2015 12:00:22] New York Amir: and its free for now
[18/06/2015 12:00:24] New York Amir: trial
[18/06/2015 12:00:33] Jerry: o, u just started it
[18/06/2015 12:00:37] New York Amir: ya
[18/06/2015 12:00:41] Jerry: you are building it for a client
[18/06/2015 12:00:48] New York Amir: i have a site already up
[18/06/2015 12:00:50] New York Amir: on wordpress
[18/06/2015 12:00:52] Jerry: thought you were building it for yourself
[18/06/2015 12:01:05] New York Amir: problem is i have to look at 3 metrics too
[18/06/2015 12:01:11] New York Amir: just to get the CR
[18/06/2015 12:01:13] New York Amir: since amazon
[18/06/2015 12:01:18] New York Amir: doesnt have a place where u can put a script
[18/06/2015 12:01:24] New York Amir: to track it
[18/06/2015 12:01:34] New York Amir: and its annoying
[18/06/2015 12:01:42] New York Amir: i have to look at analytics parets even triggers
[18/06/2015 12:01:52] New York Amir: part* stat counter and amazon business reports
[18/06/2015 12:02:01] New York Amir: one of the reasons why im using unbounce now
[18/06/2015 12:02:09] New York Amir: event triggers*
[18/06/2015 12:02:21] Jared: It’s the client’s own product, but he only sells through Amazon.
[18/06/2015 12:02:28] New York Amir: ya he’s a vendor
[18/06/2015 12:02:31] New York Amir: we’re actually leaving them
[18/06/2015 12:02:32] New York Amir: soon
[18/06/2015 12:02:38] New York Amir: we got 100 bottles of our product left
[18/06/2015 12:02:46] New York Amir: they’re pieces of junk
[18/06/2015 12:02:46] Jared: We’re not sure we have what it takes to process the orders ourselves.
[18/06/2015 12:02:49] Jared: We’re scared.
[18/06/2015 12:02:53] Jerry: so you’re building a squeeze page to help him sell his product on Amazon?
[18/06/2015 12:03:00] Jared: Yeah
[18/06/2015 12:03:08] Jared: PPC => Landing Page => Amazon
[18/06/2015 12:03:11] Jerry: and then you advertise through Google ads
[18/06/2015 12:03:15] Jared: Yep
[18/06/2015 12:03:19] Jared: Facebook, too.
[18/06/2015 12:03:21] New York Amir: right now we’re trying to gain the highest CR
[18/06/2015 12:03:28] New York Amir: as posisble testing the landing pages
[18/06/2015 12:03:29] Jerry: which converts better
[18/06/2015 12:03:32] New York Amir: then scale up
[18/06/2015 12:03:33] Jerry: FB or Google
[18/06/2015 12:03:38] New York Amir: so we can make 50 k a week
[18/06/2015 12:03:44] New York Amir: google
[18/06/2015 12:04:12] Jerry: the content network converts better than search traffic?
[18/06/2015 12:04:13] Jared: Google Search Display can give you laser-targeted matches, so it converts the best.
[18/06/2015 12:04:30] Jerry: i thought so
[18/06/2015 12:04:38] Jared: Google Display Network and Facebook Ads . . . I’ve not really noticed any difference.
[18/06/2015 12:05:00] Jerry: what do you mean by G Display Network
[18/06/2015 12:05:38] Jerry: you referring to their network as a whole?
[18/06/2015 12:06:36] Jerry: A – what product do you sell on Amazon?
[18/06/2015 12:06:36] Jared: Google Display Network is where your ads show up on sites, i.e., AdSense-enabled sites.
[18/06/2015 12:06:50] Jerry: yea – aka the content network
[18/06/2015 12:07:00] Jared: Google Search Network is where your ads show up directly in the search results, where you get much more precise intent.
[18/06/2015 12:07:05] Jerry: ok
[18/06/2015 12:07:20] Jerry: So you’re saying FB ads converts about the same as Google Display?
[18/06/2015 12:07:34] Jerry: but google search is supreme?
[18/06/2015 12:08:16] Jared: Yeah, Google Search is definitely the highest-converting traffic. As for Google Display Network vs. Facebook Ads . . . I really haven’t seen enough to make any type of concluslive statement on which has worked best for us.
[18/06/2015 12:08:28] Jerry: hmm
[18/06/2015 12:08:47] Jerry: but Google search traffic is the most expensive I think
[18/06/2015 12:08:51] New York Amir: im selling nootropics
[18/06/2015 12:08:57] Jared: It is, yeah.
[18/06/2015 12:09:08] New York Amir: search is def more expensive
[18/06/2015 12:09:09] Jerry: oh cool – is it your own?
[18/06/2015 12:09:18] New York Amir: you’re getting the traffic before hand
[18/06/2015 12:09:22] New York Amir: no its a clients like i said
[18/06/2015 12:09:44 | Edited 12:10:02] Jared: We’re getting 9 cent clicks on the Google Display Network, whereas, on the Search Network they were going for around $1 — sometimes as high as $5-6.
[18/06/2015 12:10:06] Jerry: you said “our product” so I thought it was your own
[18/06/2015 12:10:49] New York Amir: my clients
[18/06/2015 12:11:01] New York Amir: some serach network u can get dirt cheap
[18/06/2015 12:11:06] New York Amir: u have to play around with the match types
[18/06/2015 12:11:16] Jerry: ya
[18/06/2015 12:11:21] New York Amir: there’s loopholes
[18/06/2015 12:11:23] Jerry: u ever try bing?
[18/06/2015 12:11:24] New York Amir: in the ads
[18/06/2015 12:11:36] New York Amir: for example if you try “exact match type” for a specific KW
[18/06/2015 12:11:41] New York Amir: you may find its too expensive
[18/06/2015 12:11:45] New York Amir: so the way to counter that
[18/06/2015 12:11:50] New York Amir: is to add tons of negative KW
[18/06/2015 12:11:53] New York Amir: and go with broad
[18/06/2015 12:11:58] New York Amir: or phrase
[18/06/2015 12:12:20] New York Amir: if that KW is too expensive per click
[18/06/2015 12:12:29] New York Amir: for exact match
[18/06/2015 12:12:42] New York Amir: i had it below the bid and i would still be on page 1
[18/06/2015 12:12:51] New York Amir: wit people bididng at like 2.00
[18/06/2015 12:12:59] New York Amir: my max at 50 cents
[18/06/2015 12:13:13] New York Amir: the QS was good it was a great learning experience
[18/06/2015 12:13:16] New York Amir: testing their algo
[18/06/2015 12:13:20] New York Amir: and googles CS is horrible
[18/06/2015 12:13:25] New York Amir: they’re clueless about what the hell is going on
[18/06/2015 12:13:55] New York Amir: never ask them about it they give u different answers
[18/06/2015 12:14:18] silentassumptions: sentence
a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation, or command, and consisting of a main clause and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses.
[18/06/2015 12:15:11] Jerry: lol – u would think google would have good CS
[18/06/2015 12:15:20 | Edited 12:15:59] silentassumptions: In other news, we have since an increase in two positions for a moderately competitive keyword having put a site onto HTTPS (no backlinks were pending to be cleared).
[18/06/2015 12:15:47] New York Amir: they blocked my number after callign them so much
[18/06/2015 12:16:02] Jerry: crazee
[18/06/2015 12:16:22] Jerry: use voip
[18/06/2015 13:17:59] Jared: I’m still unsure of how to build links efficiency.
[18/06/2015 13:18:36] Jerry: for SEO?
[18/06/2015 13:18:44] Jared: Yes.
[18/06/2015 13:18:53] Jared: The most promising method I’ve seen is here: http://www.demondemon.com/members/effective-link-building-after-penguin-2-1/
[18/06/2015 13:19:20] Jerry: do u do adsense?
[18/06/2015 13:19:27] Jared: Basically, he just searches around for link opportunities; sitres in his niche, web 2.0 sites, etc.
[18/06/2015 13:20:00] Jerry: seems outdated
[18/06/2015 13:21:51] Jared: He then manually adds quality content, and co-citation to camoflauge his self-promotion. By doing this, he builds niche-relevent links with solid CTR. Basically, it’s a combination of manual link building and CCarter’s traffic leaks methods.
[18/06/2015 13:22:14] Jared: He says, like, 60% of his sales actually come from the links he builds, not from search engine traffic.
[18/06/2015 13:26:02] Jerry: have you been doing SEO a while
[18/06/2015 13:26:11] Jared: A little over a year.
[18/06/2015 13:26:27] Jerry: u should get something more updated
[18/06/2015 13:26:31] Jared: I pretty much spend every waking hour trying to learn all facets of IM.
[18/06/2015 13:26:35] Jerry: that guide is from a couple years ago
[18/06/2015 13:27:03] Jerry: how do you monetize – affiliate / adsense?
[18/06/2015 13:28:05] Jared: It is, but he posted an article referring to it a couple of months back. He seems confident it’s still effective and will remain effective for the foreseeable future.
[18/06/2015 13:28:29] Jared: Amazon Associates for the time being, although I’ve joined other affiliate networks.
[18/06/2015 13:29:41] Jerry: it’s really just about getting backlinks onto high authority websites
[18/06/2015 13:29:42] Jared: I promote about 5 products, with my top earner selling for up to $10K with a flat commission of 8%, which is good for Amazon.
[18/06/2015 13:29:45] Jerry: if you can do that effectively
[18/06/2015 13:29:52] Jerry: it will get you up the search engines quickly
[18/06/2015 13:30:02] Jared: With Amazon, the commission rates are so low you really have to aim high to make anything worthwhile from it.
[18/06/2015 13:30:03] Jerry: + variation
[18/06/2015 13:30:36] Jerry: yea, but people buy more than one thing when they shop there
[18/06/2015 13:30:40] Jerry: and you earn commision on it all
[18/06/2015 13:30:48] Jerry: in 24 hr period
[18/06/2015 13:31:00] Jerry: i earn some from there too
[18/06/2015 13:31:17] Jerry: since i have some ref links out there on the web
[18/06/2015 13:31:54] New York Amir: big manual link building mesh
[18/06/2015 13:32:08] Jared: http://marketing.wordstream.com/PRNContentDL061715GreatestGuidesGuidesPerryBlast.html
[18/06/2015 13:32:11] New York Amir: long term bypassing udpate
[18/06/2015 13:32:30] Jared: WordStream has a lot of free guides for learning PPC.
[18/06/2015 13:33:04] New York Amir: i like their PPC info. its pretty golden stuff
[18/06/2015 13:34:51] Jerry: u ever try bing ppc A
[18/06/2015 13:35:25] New York Amir: nah
[18/06/2015 13:35:49] New York Amir: i only recently started learing ppc like a few months ago
[18/06/2015 13:35:54] New York Amir: like in jan
[18/06/2015 13:35:56] Jerry: o
[18/06/2015 13:36:31] Jerry: if you’re just starting i think it’s best to start out w/ Bing – u seemed to dive straight into adwords it seems
[18/06/2015 13:36:49] Jerry: bing is pretty good too – cheaper than adwords
[18/06/2015 13:37:10] New York Amir: ya but my client already had it set up plus i want the learning experience as well
[18/06/2015 13:37:24] New York Amir: taking it one step at a time
[18/06/2015 13:37:33] Jerry: ok
[18/06/2015 14:13:00] silentassumptions: I can’t really comment on the best way of acquiring links because there’s a lot of strategies I haven’t tried or looked into in enough detail. (inc the strategy that CCarter popularised).

I guess it’s all very industry specific. If you do realistic revenue and profit projections based around your initial keyword research, then IMO the best way to acquire links is to simply buy them.

It cuts the labour aspect out with the result you desire. The fact they’re paid means that people who rely on automation won’t be able to acquire links from the same sites in most cases.

Moreover, expired domains work with 301 redirects, or rejuvenating expired domains with some quality content and a basic website whilst taking advantage of targeted anchor text that can benefit multiple websites. (The basis of a PBN).

Inevitably, the backlink strategy you adopt depends on your projections vs capital vs industry.
[18/06/2015 14:26:43] Zaid Wikipedia: only old people use Bing in the U.S
[18/06/2015 14:27:02] Zaid Wikipedia: demo for bing is prob 45+ and non techy people
[18/06/2015 14:27:32] Zaid Wikipedia: so if your trying to sell granny panties then its perfect!
[18/06/2015 23:28:43] Jerry: ya hit the nail on the head
[18/06/2015 23:28:47] Jerry: almost
[18/06/2015 23:28:49] Jerry: http://www.aborg.com/2014/08/google-vs-bing-which-one-are-your-customers-using/
[18/06/2015 23:39:07] Borut Udovič: one question guys
[18/06/2015 23:39:49] Borut Udovič: how can be here in Slovenia #1 ranked site for (jokes)

Site who haven’t uploaded any new information and it’s hosted in free domain
[18/06/2015 23:41:08] Borut Udovič: that’s just weird 😀
[18/06/2015 23:42:44] alexVEVO: its PR2 so it’s been around for a good minute
[18/06/2015 23:43:03] alexVEVO: but that is just extremely odd
[18/06/2015 23:43:24] Borut Udovič: but it’s hosted in free domain
[18/06/2015 23:43:36] alexVEVO: I see
[18/06/2015 23:43:36] Borut Udovič: it wasn’t updated for years
[18/06/2015 23:43:55] alexVEVO: it has almost no backlinks either
[18/06/2015 23:44:32] Borut Udovič: for example #2 page they are cnostantly adding jokoes
[18/06/2015 23:45:06] Borut Udovič: kinda strange, right?
[18/06/2015 23:45:15] alexVEVO: if I were to guess, i’d say it’s a glitch within google’s algo
[18/06/2015 23:45:54] Borut Udovič: I don’t have a clue, but it’s funny:D
[18/06/2015 23:46:19] Borut Udovič: also on #5 ranked site
[18/06/2015 23:46:29] Borut Udovič: http://www.vici.com which is not even about jokes
[19/06/2015 00:04:44] khurram jamil: Its simple, google ranks those sites higher, which googlers want to see 🙂
[19/06/2015 00:21:03] Borut Udovič: not really… it’s nothing about jokes
[19/06/2015 00:26:23] alexVEVO: lol
[19/06/2015 00:28:12] Jared: Slovenia’s almost 20 years behind the rest of the world, so Google’s still in 90’s mode there.
[19/06/2015 00:30:14] Borut Udovič: yeah for sure it is… “master”
[19/06/2015 00:31:39] Borut Udovič: just joking… nah it’s not really in 90’s mode, but seems like bug – like alexVEVO said.
[19/06/2015 00:48:01] Borut Udovič: alexVevo
[19/06/2015 00:48:19] Borut Udovič: or Jared is anyone there?
[19/06/2015 01:14:46] Jared: You don’t have to call me Master, Borut. I prefer Lord or Your Royal Majesty.
[19/06/2015 01:14:59] Jared: Master seems so old fashioned.
[19/06/2015 01:17:16] Borut Udovič: hehe, Jared can you check it out something for me?
[19/06/2015 01:17:38] Borut Udovič: how hard would be to get to #1 rank for graphic design blog
[19/06/2015 01:22:31] Jared: It’s reasonably challenging with a relatively small search volume (3,600). It’d only be worth the effort if it was something you could stick to, long-term, and something you could monetize well.
[19/06/2015 01:23:46] Borut Udovič: thanks, what are some good volume search with not so challenging.
[19/06/2015 01:24:08] Borut Udovič: about graphic design blog
[19/06/2015 01:32:29] Jared: One moment, friend.
[19/06/2015 01:39:37] Borut Udovič: yeah no problem
[19/06/2015 02:16:20] Jared: It’s a very tough niche, Borut. A lot of money in it.
[19/06/2015 02:18:32] Borut Udovič: really, but there should be some alternative?
[19/06/2015 02:18:50] Borut Udovič: I mean I want to start blogging to build really good blog – long term
[19/06/2015 02:19:47] Borut Udovič: of course before searching for that crap 😀 I need to build site get domain and everything. It’ll take some time
[19/06/2015 04:42:42] *** Anthony joined. ***
[19/06/2015 04:43:02] Anthony: knock knock
[19/06/2015 04:45:13] New York Amir: hello big tony welcome
[19/06/2015 04:46:09] Anthony: hello, just an amateur seo that hasn’t made a dime here
[19/06/2015 04:47:56] Jared: This room is for multimillionaires only, Tony. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave.
[19/06/2015 04:48:23] Anthony: funny guy.
[19/06/2015 05:10:25 | Removed 05:10:45] Jerry: This message has been removed.
[19/06/2015 05:10:39] Jerry: welcome tony
[19/06/2015 05:10:48] Anthony: hiya
[19/06/2015 05:11:03] Jerry: where did u join from
[19/06/2015 05:11:12] Anthony: wickedfire
[19/06/2015 05:11:23] Jerry: cool
[19/06/2015 05:11:42] Jerry: what are you involved w/
[19/06/2015 05:12:26] Anthony: just trying to do SEO at the moment and not having a lot of success
[19/06/2015 05:12:32] Anthony: what are you involved with
[19/06/2015 05:12:45] Jerry: adsense / affiliate?
[19/06/2015 05:12:53] Anthony: affiliate at the moment
[19/06/2015 05:13:02] Jerry: amazon?
[19/06/2015 05:13:14] Anthony: nah, just trying to promote a CB product
[19/06/2015 05:13:33] Jerry: those r harder to make sales w/
[19/06/2015 05:13:56] Anthony: not if you’re targeting the review KW 😛
[19/06/2015 05:14:18] Jerry: depends
[19/06/2015 05:14:36] Anthony: but anyways i honestly don’t even give a damn about the sales
[19/06/2015 05:14:39] Jerry: if it’s really hot then you’re competeing w/ alot of IM marketers who’re doing the same
[19/06/2015 05:14:47] Anthony: if i could rank i would be more than happy
[19/06/2015 05:14:50] Jerry: use Video
[19/06/2015 05:14:53] Jerry: it’s the quickest
[19/06/2015 05:15:03] Anthony: rank a YT video?
[19/06/2015 05:15:07] Jerry: yap
[19/06/2015 05:15:38] Anthony: how would one go about that
[19/06/2015 05:16:02] Jerry: make a video about the product somehow w/ you personally or powerpoint
[19/06/2015 05:16:07] Jerry: then just name it the keyword
[19/06/2015 05:16:10] Jerry: point some backlinks
[19/06/2015 05:16:15] Jerry: and thats it
[19/06/2015 05:16:24] Jerry: you get ranked quicker than a website
[19/06/2015 05:16:52] Anthony: should you buy views or likes or anything like that?
[19/06/2015 05:16:57] Jerry: those help too
[19/06/2015 05:17:04] Jerry: in Youtube algo
[19/06/2015 05:17:15] Jerry: which in turn helps the Google algo
[19/06/2015 05:17:20] Anthony: i heard about some videos getting deleted for viewbotting
[19/06/2015 05:17:33] Jerry: you gotta be careful where u get views from
[19/06/2015 05:17:44] Jerry: gotta look legit
[19/06/2015 05:20:26] Anthony: what kind of links do you think
[19/06/2015 05:32:02] Jerry: any decent backlinks will work for youtube videos
[19/06/2015 05:32:07] Jerry: the more authority the better
[19/06/2015 05:36:54] Anthony: probably PBN links are fine. but do you know of any other ways
[19/06/2015 05:37:01] Anthony: services I could use
[19/06/2015 05:38:23] Jerry: depending on the ky
[19/06/2015 05:38:25] Jerry: kw
[19/06/2015 05:38:35] Jerry: you could just do it urself – it wont take many
[19/06/2015 15:56:10] *** Alex Cardinell (cardine) joined. ***
[20/06/2015 01:20:18] *** ***
[20/06/2015 01:20:36] Jerry: whats that
[20/06/2015 01:21:03] Zaid Wikipedia: its a zip file 🙂
[20/06/2015 01:21:41] Anthony: Its a trap
[20/06/2015 01:21:50] Jerry: virus
[20/06/2015 01:22:33] New York Amir: its the answer to your life
[20/06/2015 01:23:24] Jared: Keylogger. Gonna see what all I can steal from you fine folks.
[20/06/2015 01:23:53] Jared: Shit, I’m sorry. I mean, it’s just some blogging templates (PDF how-to’s) from Ryan Deiss.
[20/06/2015 01:24:12] New York Amir: ryan diess is one of the big time balls
[20/06/2015 01:24:14] New York Amir: ballers
[20/06/2015 01:24:17] New York Amir: in online marketing
[20/06/2015 01:24:40] New York Amir: big ryan knows how to get those high CR
[20/06/2015 01:25:11] Jared: To be more specific, it’s this here: http://www.digitalmarketer.com/lp/content-engine
[20/06/2015 01:25:37] Jared: It’s probably not something that would help those who have already made it, but let’s be honest, nobody who’s already made it would be in this room, lol
[20/06/2015 01:26:44] New York Amir: millionares are too busy getting laid while going to a club on the moon
[20/06/2015 01:26:57] New York Amir: not in they skype room with a bunch of master mind dudes
[20/06/2015 01:27:50] Anthony: hey sky zero, u there?
[20/06/2015 01:28:35] Anthony: has anybody in this room ever ranked a site before
[20/06/2015 01:30:03] alexVEVO: Lol..
[20/06/2015 01:30:09] alexVEVO: I hope so
[20/06/2015 01:30:14] Jerry: what up
[20/06/2015 01:30:44] Anthony: you said any decent back links but I’m not sure what kind u mean still
[20/06/2015 01:30:54] Anthony: the only real back link building method I really know how to do is PBNs
[20/06/2015 01:30:57] Jerry: for videos
[20/06/2015 01:31:01] Anthony: which I get thoroughly
[20/06/2015 01:31:04 | Edited 01:31:15] Jerry: you don’t have to go as hardcore
[20/06/2015 01:31:04] Anthony: but idk anything else. and yep
[20/06/2015 01:31:23] Jerry: as you would w/ a website
[20/06/2015 01:31:34] alexVEVO: anyone do SEO for clients
[20/06/2015 01:31:44] Jerry: you just find relevant sites that you can place the video link on
[20/06/2015 01:32:02] Jerry: so if you are in weight loss niche
[20/06/2015 01:32:08] Jerry: doing a weight loss video
[20/06/2015 01:32:21] Jerry: u find websites that u can put your video link on
[20/06/2015 01:32:27] Jerry: it will create link juice to the video
[20/06/2015 01:32:34] Anthony: right
[20/06/2015 01:32:51] Anthony: so… are we talking, blog comments, directory submissions…
[20/06/2015 01:32:53] alexVEVO: likes, comments and HR views help too
[20/06/2015 01:32:55] Jerry: u can try PBN too – i havent used those for videos
[20/06/2015 01:32:59] Jerry: they r good for websites
[20/06/2015 01:33:07] Anthony: whats HR?
[20/06/2015 01:33:11] alexVEVO: high retention
[20/06/2015 01:33:14] Anthony: right
[20/06/2015 01:34:53] Anthony: you say find websites but idk that’s not really a method
[20/06/2015 01:35:21] Anthony: have u ever ranked a video?
[20/06/2015 01:35:38] Jerry: yea
[20/06/2015 01:35:46] Anthony: what specifically did you do
[20/06/2015 01:35:48] Anthony: in that instance
[20/06/2015 01:35:58] Jerry: what i told you to do
[20/06/2015 01:36:10] Jerry: i just found relevant websites where i could create backlinks
[20/06/2015 01:36:31] Jerry: but videos are so good at getting ranked
[20/06/2015 01:36:34] Anthony: ok but how did you find those sites
[20/06/2015 01:36:36] Jerry: sometimes u dont even need backlinks
[20/06/2015 01:36:43] Jerry: use google
[20/06/2015 01:36:45] Jared: Anthony, I’ve ranked one site that’s bringing in mid-four-figures monthly through Amazon. It’s not gonna buy me a house in Tahiti, but it’s a decent start, and if I can move ot up a few spots and find more sources of traffic, I’m sure I could triple the monthly earnings.
[20/06/2015 01:36:54] alexVEVO: make web 2.0’s embed the video on the web2.0, link build to the web2
[20/06/2015 01:37:07] Jerry: there is no straight forward method – u just have to sift through them and don’t look like you’re spamming
[20/06/2015 01:37:23] Anthony: alex, what link building would you do to the web 2.0
[20/06/2015 01:37:26] Jerry: i would recommend seaching youtube
[20/06/2015 01:37:35] Jerry: How to create backlinks for videos
[20/06/2015 01:37:40] alexVEVO: PBNs or tiered link building
[20/06/2015 01:37:59] Anthony: if i was gonna do that i’d just link from the PBNs directly
[20/06/2015 01:38:18] alexVEVO: well yes
[20/06/2015 01:38:26] alexVEVO: but make sure they are HQ bns
[20/06/2015 01:38:34] Anthony: HQ bns?
[20/06/2015 01:38:39] alexVEVO: hq pbns*
[20/06/2015 01:38:42] Anthony: whats hq
[20/06/2015 01:38:44] Jared: There are services that will automate web 2.0 building. I use the basic version of FCS Networker ($17/month). It works with around 60 platforms. It will also automatically post content to them.
[20/06/2015 01:38:47] alexVEVO: highquality..
[20/06/2015 01:38:52] Anthony: right
[20/06/2015 01:39:04] alexVEVO: i’d rather GSA SER than FCS tbh
[20/06/2015 01:39:27] alexVEVO: but that’s just me
[20/06/2015 01:40:46] alexVEVO: I’ve had lots of success with GSA ser
[20/06/2015 01:42:19] Jared: GSA SER scares me a little.
[20/06/2015 01:42:41] alexVEVO: it definitely has a learning curve
[20/06/2015 01:42:48] Jared: The wrong setup could be disaster.
[20/06/2015 01:42:55] alexVEVO: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/link-building/713903-tutorial-how-create-tier-web-2-0s-gsa-ser.html
[20/06/2015 01:43:01] alexVEVO: I wrote that on BHW a few months back
[20/06/2015 01:43:22] alexVEVO: it goes in depth on the settings a little
[20/06/2015 02:02:50] Anthony: seo is hard
[20/06/2015 02:03:33] New York Amir: it easy
[20/06/2015 02:03:49] New York Amir: ifu know what youre doing
[20/06/2015 02:04:07] alexVEVO: Seo is a myth
[20/06/2015 02:04:11] Anthony: i have no idea what I’m doing
[20/06/2015 02:04:19] New York Amir: it is a myth
[20/06/2015 02:04:24] New York Amir: never existed
[20/06/2015 02:04:32] Anthony: the whole thing is a conspiracy
[20/06/2015 02:04:40] New York Amir: bilderberg
[20/06/2015 02:06:12] alexVEVO: its fake, created by the big dogs that want to hold us smaller folks down
[20/06/2015 02:06:26] alexVEVO: exactly, bilderbergs, rothschilds
[20/06/2015 02:06:29] alexVEVO: etc
[20/06/2015 02:06:44] New York Amir: big babylonian occult
[20/06/2015 02:06:53] New York Amir: occult of el
[20/06/2015 02:07:03] New York Amir: order of the black sun big nazi
[20/06/2015 02:07:15] Anthony: what on earth
[20/06/2015 02:07:23] New York Amir: not earth saturn
[20/06/2015 02:07:33] New York Amir: black sun
[20/06/2015 02:07:41] alexVEVO: sounds scary
[20/06/2015 02:07:49] alexVEVO: spooky :S
[20/06/2015 02:07:50] New York Amir: dont want to dive any further
[20/06/2015 02:07:57] alexVEVO: that’s enuf
[20/06/2015 02:07:58] New York Amir: might scare the socks off your feet
[20/06/2015 02:08:32] alexVEVO: yes it has to do with the reptillians
[20/06/2015 02:08:53] Jared: The socks off your thighs in Andre’s case
[20/06/2015 02:08:59] New York Amir: lol
[20/06/2015 02:09:08] New York Amir: vatican
[20/06/2015 02:09:11] New York Amir: is the worse
[20/06/2015 02:09:21] New York Amir: any roman catholics in here?
[20/06/2015 02:09:45] alexVEVO: Jesuits own all seo companies
[20/06/2015 02:10:06] New York Amir: knights of malta
[20/06/2015 02:10:11] New York Amir: templar
[20/06/2015 02:10:24] New York Amir: they are the jesuits for srue those seo companies
[20/06/2015 02:10:41] alexVEVO: not good
[20/06/2015 02:10:42] New York Amir: i spoke to a bunch 99,9 percent dont know what they’re doing
[20/06/2015 02:10:57] New York Amir: scam city for them
[20/06/2015 02:11:21] Jared: Agencies are almost always clueless from my experience.
[20/06/2015 02:11:31] alexVEVO: but I own an agency 😦
[20/06/2015 02:11:49] Jared: Almost always.
[20/06/2015 02:11:50] alexVEVO: its tru im clueless
[20/06/2015 02:12:05] New York Amir: nto all agencies onces that offer pre packaged deals
[20/06/2015 02:12:07] Jared: I’m sure you’re the exception, not the rule.
[20/06/2015 02:12:07] New York Amir: especially
[20/06/2015 02:12:12] New York Amir: alex is
[20/06/2015 02:12:16] New York Amir: he charged at least 50 k
[20/06/2015 02:12:17] New York Amir: per client
[20/06/2015 02:12:18] New York Amir: a month
[20/06/2015 02:12:23] Anthony: wtf
[20/06/2015 02:12:44] New York Amir: thats just keyword research alone anthony
[20/06/2015 02:12:45] New York Amir: 50 k
[20/06/2015 02:12:46] alexVEVO: rank any KW in 24 hours
[20/06/2015 02:12:50] New York Amir: we havent even got into backlinking
[20/06/2015 02:12:55] Anthony: LOL
[20/06/2015 02:13:08] alexVEVO: the secret is <b> the keywords 😉
[20/06/2015 02:13:09] alexVEVO: shhh
[20/06/2015 02:13:11] Anthony: y’all are a bunch of trolls
[20/06/2015 02:13:18] Anthony: what does <b> mean
[20/06/2015 02:13:26] alexVEVO: <b>bold</b>
[20/06/2015 02:13:31] New York Amir: bold or beautiful
[20/06/2015 02:13:44] New York Amir: we’re trolls trying to make money
[20/06/2015 02:13:50] New York Amir: lots of it
[20/06/2015 02:14:08] New York Amir: turn me inot half a man at leats one day
[20/06/2015 02:14:11] New York Amir: into*
[20/06/2015 02:14:21] alexVEVO: I just got a seo client today I have no clue what 2 do m8
[20/06/2015 02:14:40] alexVEVO: just bought 6 fiverr gigs for for 10,00 backlinks
[20/06/2015 02:14:41] alexVEVO: wish me luck
[20/06/2015 02:14:53] Anthony: lololololol
[20/06/2015 02:15:33] New York Amir: big alex is going in blind folded inside the seo ring
[20/06/2015 02:15:42] Anthony: fuck it
[20/06/2015 02:15:44] New York Amir: maybe he’ll get a one shot KO
[20/06/2015 02:15:46] Anthony: we’ll do it live
[20/06/2015 02:16:20] alexVEVO: ranking payday loans now
[20/06/2015 02:16:24] alexVEVO: bout 2 b rich
[20/06/2015 02:16:54] Jared: “We offer the best electronic backup massagers for sale you can find online.”
[20/06/2015 02:16:55] Anthony: “Get High Quality Payday Loans From Mr. Cutts Today”
[20/06/2015 02:17:07] Jared: Instant rankings.
[20/06/2015 02:17:37] alexVEVO: shh
[20/06/2015 02:18:25] alexVEVO: u just need 2 practice bolding
[20/06/2015 02:18:26] Anthony: i think I’m just gonna rage quit seo and make a course on how to do it
[20/06/2015 02:18:29] Anthony: and sell it for 200 dollars
[20/06/2015 02:18:36] Anthony: as a WSO
[20/06/2015 02:18:50] alexVEVO: ahh WSO 2 page ebook sell for 300$ ,, very advanced technique m8
[20/06/2015 02:19:04] Anthony: nah, ill make it a bunch of pages
[20/06/2015 02:19:41] alexVEVO: hm
[20/06/2015 02:19:55] alexVEVO: those WSO’s are the scum of humanity
[20/06/2015 02:20:50] Jared: Pure scum.
[20/06/2015 02:20:59] Jared: I hope to one day be just like them.
[20/06/2015 02:21:05] Anthony: i’ll run a FB ad for seo coaching
[20/06/2015 02:21:07] Jared: I’m not yet pure scum.
[20/06/2015 02:21:15] Jared: I’m tainted scum.
[20/06/2015 02:21:34] Anthony: do u think people would pay 500/month for SEO coaching
[20/06/2015 02:23:04] alexVEVO: of course
[20/06/2015 02:23:22] alexVEVO: there’s another SEO guy in my city that is hiring “SEO interns”
[20/06/2015 02:23:25] alexVEVO: full time
[20/06/2015 02:23:37] alexVEVO: that will “go run around and post signs up around town for him (gas included)
[20/06/2015 02:23:45] alexVEVO: real nice internship
[20/06/2015 02:23:53] Anthony: lolwut
[20/06/2015 02:24:01] alexVEVO: lrn2seo
[20/06/2015 02:24:02] Anthony: what do the signs say?
[20/06/2015 02:24:13] alexVEVO: i’m guessing they are for his SEO clients
[20/06/2015 02:24:26] alexVEVO: oh and you can write content for him too
[20/06/2015 02:24:31] Anthony: lol.
[20/06/2015 02:24:33] alexVEVO: (to learn SEO)
[20/06/2015 02:25:00] Anthony: better yet, just start an article creation business
[20/06/2015 02:25:09] Anthony: and hire 10 interns to write articles all day
[20/06/2015 02:25:12] alexVEVO: hmmm
[20/06/2015 02:25:22] Anthony: can’t be too hard to get customers for that
[20/06/2015 02:25:30] Anthony: adwords, fb, whatever
[20/06/2015 02:25:37] alexVEVO: but there’s a certain aura that comes from SEO
[20/06/2015 02:25:42] alexVEVO: everyone wants 2 b SEO too..
[20/06/2015 02:25:53] alexVEVO: so SEO interns are kind of easy to get
[20/06/2015 02:26:02] Anthony: well just tell them they’re seo interns then, lol
[20/06/2015 02:26:06] alexVEVO: because when someone hears SEO they think 100k+ a year
[20/06/2015 02:26:20] alexVEVO: ah yes
[20/06/2015 02:26:21] Anthony: yup
[20/06/2015 02:26:21] alexVEVO: that could work
[20/06/2015 02:26:48] New York Amir: 100k a year? lol
[20/06/2015 02:26:52] New York Amir: thats bullshit
[20/06/2015 02:26:58] New York Amir: more like 100k a month
[20/06/2015 02:27:01] Anthony: LOL
[20/06/2015 02:27:02] alexVEVO: tru
[20/06/2015 02:27:08] Anthony: teach me senapi
[20/06/2015 02:27:09] Anthony: senpai
[20/06/2015 02:27:25] alexVEVO: in all honesty I make maybe 4k a month from SEO clients
[20/06/2015 02:27:30] alexVEVO: but I have a full time job
[20/06/2015 02:27:37] Anthony: whats your job
[20/06/2015 02:27:45] alexVEVO: lead generation for a financial company
[20/06/2015 02:27:56] Anthony: how did u get that job
[20/06/2015 02:28:14] alexVEVO: my buddy just use to work there
[20/06/2015 02:28:47] alexVEVO: they needed inhouse lead generator
[20/06/2015 02:28:53] New York Amir: 4k ?
[20/06/2015 02:28:54] alexVEVO: so I said ahhh yes I do lead gen
[20/06/2015 02:28:59] New York Amir: thats nickels and dimes
[20/06/2015 02:29:00] New York Amir: to me
[20/06/2015 02:29:05] New York Amir: i make that while im taking a shit
[20/06/2015 02:29:09] alexVEVO: 4k is just 4-5 clients
[20/06/2015 02:29:10] New York Amir: a good 10 min
[20/06/2015 02:29:10] Anthony: how much do u make alatefi
[20/06/2015 02:29:26] New York Amir: dont know you’l have to ask my financial advisor
[20/06/2015 02:29:31] New York Amir: i can foward you to him
[20/06/2015 02:29:37] alexVEVO: ah he is big man
[20/06/2015 02:29:44] Anthony: how do u make money then
[20/06/2015 02:29:55] New York Amir: with lady luck
[20/06/2015 02:30:16] Anthony: guys
[20/06/2015 02:30:31] New York Amir: yes mr anthony
[20/06/2015 02:30:33] Anthony: is it possible to get a job for a plumbing company or something
[20/06/2015 02:30:35] Anthony: on minimum wage
[20/06/2015 02:30:37] Anthony: and work your way up
[20/06/2015 02:30:46] New York Amir: u need to be certified i think
[20/06/2015 02:30:54] New York Amir: apprentice first
[20/06/2015 02:30:57] Jared: Find something that has big money potential yet is conquerable, and focus solely on it, nothing else.
[20/06/2015 02:31:04] New York Amir: why u like to lay down pipe?
[20/06/2015 02:31:07] alexVEVO: when I worked at subway I worked my way up to manager so it is def possible
[20/06/2015 02:31:22] Jared: Make it not only your #1 priorty, but your only priority.
[20/06/2015 02:31:32] Anthony: how much does a subway manager make per month
[20/06/2015 02:32:20] alexVEVO: Make 1k month
[20/06/2015 02:32:30] alexVEVO: Very advanced job
[20/06/2015 02:32:35] Anthony: thats less than minimum wage yo
[20/06/2015 02:32:43] Jared: $1K a month?
[20/06/2015 02:32:45] Anthony: yes
[20/06/2015 02:32:51] alexVEVO: Depend wat state
[20/06/2015 02:33:05] Anthony: i worked during the summer at burger king and made 800 a month and i didn’t work that many hours
[20/06/2015 02:33:10] Jared: You could earn more than that washing windows on the freeway.
[20/06/2015 02:33:25] Anthony: how do you wash windows on the freeway
[20/06/2015 02:33:33] alexVEVO: It was 1.3k I think full time
[20/06/2015 02:33:37] alexVEVO: Florida
[20/06/2015 02:36:46] New York Amir: honestly
[20/06/2015 02:36:51] New York Amir: onc ei get the funds up
[20/06/2015 02:36:55] New York Amir: open up a TGIF
[20/06/2015 02:36:56] New York Amir: or something
[20/06/2015 02:36:57] Jared: Stand on the side of the road with a sign, flagging cars down. If, say, 20,000 cars pass by in a six-hour period, and you get a 1% conversion rate (and if your sign copywriting is stellar, you can do much better), that’s 200 conversions a day. Say you charge $1 per wash (it’s about a 1-minute job), that’s $200 a day.
[20/06/2015 02:37:04] New York Amir: my friends dad owns like 10 of them
[20/06/2015 02:37:11] New York Amir: TGIF just give them comission
[20/06/2015 02:37:21] New York Amir: big franchise
[20/06/2015 02:37:22] Jared: This is my backup plan in life.
[20/06/2015 02:37:51] Jared: Basically, you license the branding?
[20/06/2015 02:37:53] Anthony: sign copywriting
[20/06/2015 02:38:18] alexVEVO: hmm
[20/06/2015 02:39:13] alexVEVO: all good ideas
[20/06/2015 02:39:15] Jared: Yeah, Anthony. The basic hobo lifestyle is eerily similar to the basic IM lifestyle: Exposure and persuasion are key. A hobo standing in the middle of a busy city with a well-written cardboard sign can make a comfortable living.
[20/06/2015 02:39:37 | Edited 02:39:42] Jared: A hobo standing in the middle of the Montana wilderness with a shitty sign, well, he’s gonna stay a hobo for a very long time.
[20/06/2015 02:39:46] alexVEVO: add “+Vietnam Vet” to increase conversions by 5%
[20/06/2015 02:39:50] Jared: Lol
[20/06/2015 02:40:15] Jared: That’s clever. You’ve got a real mind for the begger business.
[20/06/2015 02:40:32] Anthony: LOL
[20/06/2015 02:40:40] alexVEVO: maybe because I know it too well
[20/06/2015 02:40:46] alexVEVO: everyone has a story
[20/06/2015 02:41:03] alexVEVO: I consult hobos to optimize their campaigns]
[20/06/2015 02:41:38] Jared: Play up the crazy, too, but don’t go overboard with it. A little crazy creates empathy; a lot of crazy creates fear.
[20/06/2015 02:42:07] Jared: Make them think you’re nuts, but a loveable kind of nuts, not a skin-your-entire-family-alive-and-then-eat-them kind of nuts.
[20/06/2015 02:42:27] New York Amir: just start a go fund me
[20/06/2015 02:42:29 | Edited 02:42:34] Jared: You hear voices, but they’re pleasant voices, like a warm-hearted grandmother.
[20/06/2015 02:42:39] New York Amir: didnt big r get like 1 k
[20/06/2015 02:42:46] New York Amir: in a week
[20/06/2015 02:43:00] Jared: Yeah, he begged his way to four-figures a week.
[20/06/2015 02:44:29] Jared: GoFundMe is basically 21st-century begging. In fact, that’s not a bad idea for a new site: A crowd-funding site that doesn’t hide the pathetic nature of the industry. You could play it up by making the “Donate Now” button look like a styrofoam cup, etc.
[20/06/2015 02:44:44] alexVEVO: i got my new gaming laptop from gofundme
[20/06/2015 02:44:51] alexVEVO: so i could stream me play games on YT
[20/06/2015 02:44:53] Jared: It was a good cause.
[20/06/2015 02:45:13] alexVEVO: yes, want to start my YT gaming career
[20/06/2015 02:45:49] Jared: Just remember the little people when you’re on top.
[20/06/2015 02:46:02] Jared: Stay true to who you are.
[20/06/2015 02:46:15] alexVEVO: ahhh yes
[20/06/2015 02:50:50] alexVEVO: can someone do an AMA who can teach us SEO
[20/06/2015 02:52:28 | Edited 02:52:32] Jared: The problem is, we’re all here to leech off of the knowledge of those superior to us, yet we’re all idiots.
[20/06/2015 02:52:45] Jared: It’s the blind leading the blind.
[20/06/2015 02:52:55] alexVEVO: ok
[20/06/2015 02:53:27] alexVEVO: i have ranked 20$-30$ CPC keywords
[20/06/2015 02:53:33] alexVEVO: not an expert but know my way around competitive niches
[20/06/2015 02:53:56 | Edited 02:53:57] Jared: Then be the guiding light of the room.
[20/06/2015 02:54:02] Jared: Share your wisdom.
[20/06/2015 02:54:02] Anthony: ok alex give us an overview of your average seo campaign
[20/06/2015 02:54:03] alexVEVO: mostly have been doing reputation repair lately for clients
[20/06/2015 02:54:44] alexVEVO: uh
[20/06/2015 02:55:28] alexVEVO: in competitive niches it’s 3 verticals of link building for me, i create 10-30 web2.0’s, linkbuild those web2.,0s with contextual links, and then spam those contextual links with spammy links
[20/06/2015 02:55:34] alexVEVO: ratio usually looks like 1:10:100
[20/06/2015 02:55:43] alexVEVO: keep contextual tier low but HQ
[20/06/2015 02:55:48] Anthony: do u do any pbns
[20/06/2015 02:55:51] alexVEVO: always
[20/06/2015 02:55:55] alexVEVO: I find my own expired domains
[20/06/2015 02:56:07] alexVEVO: and hire a VA to create the WP/drupal/etc
[20/06/2015 02:56:19] Anthony: drupal?
[20/06/2015 02:56:24] alexVEVO: drupal is just another CMS like WP
[20/06/2015 02:56:30] alexVEVO: you don’t want all your PBNs to be all wordpress
[20/06/2015 02:56:32] alexVEVO: that’s a redflag
[20/06/2015 02:56:45] Jared: I think I’ve seriously overestimated how advanced Google’s ranking algorithm is. I constantly see blatant spam sites — sites with 7:1 citation-to-trust-flow ratios — ranking near the top.
[20/06/2015 02:56:55] Anthony: ^
[20/06/2015 02:57:03] alexVEVO: yeah at the start i definitrely overestimated it
[20/06/2015 02:57:06] alexVEVO: definitely
[20/06/2015 02:57:19] alexVEVO: and most of the time those are churn n burn campaigns
[20/06/2015 02:57:30] alexVEVO: something i do not do at all because 100% of my SEO income comes from clients
[20/06/2015 02:57:42] Anthony: Nah if you look at the average CB review serps
[20/06/2015 02:57:49] Anthony: You see a ton of parasite pages
[20/06/2015 02:57:53] Anthony: With 100% comment spam
[20/06/2015 02:57:56] alexVEVO: CB?
[20/06/2015 02:57:58] alexVEVO: clickbank
[20/06/2015 02:57:59] alexVEVO: ?
[20/06/2015 02:58:03] Anthony: Yup
[20/06/2015 02:58:15] alexVEVO: comments work. lol
[20/06/2015 02:58:19] alexVEVO: something that a lot of people don’t believe
[20/06/2015 02:58:24] alexVEVO: if the blog comment has low OBL
[20/06/2015 02:58:26] alexVEVO: shit works
[20/06/2015 02:58:28] New York Amir: client seo
[20/06/2015 02:58:38] New York Amir: client ppc bettter
[20/06/2015 02:58:45] alexVEVO: depends their niche
[20/06/2015 02:58:51] alexVEVO: I mainly do PPC for 1 client
[20/06/2015 02:58:57] New York Amir: seo any affiliates
[20/06/2015 02:59:06] New York Amir: only*
[20/06/2015 02:59:07] Anthony: alex how many pbns do u use
[20/06/2015 02:59:29] alexVEVO: I’ve never SEO’d affiliates offers, i buy traffic to affiliate offers – PPC, PPV, popunders, display banners
[20/06/2015 02:59:46] alexVEVO: I have a small PBN network I use for clients around 35 pbns
[20/06/2015 02:59:56] alexVEVO: but then again I only have 6 clients
[20/06/2015 03:00:14] alexVEVO: and the expired domains I purchase (or at least try) have a really great backlink profile
[20/06/2015 03:01:12] Anthony: if you dont do affiliate seo
[20/06/2015 03:01:25] Anthony: What kinds of terms do you rank for then
[20/06/2015 03:01:33] alexVEVO: i have clients
[20/06/2015 03:01:40] alexVEVO: doctors, lawyers, mortgage companies
[20/06/2015 03:01:47] alexVEVO: collections agencies
[20/06/2015 03:01:48] alexVEVO: etc
[20/06/2015 03:01:52] Anthony: just local stuff?
[20/06/2015 03:02:02] alexVEVO: some state wide, some national, some city wide
[20/06/2015 03:02:24] Anthony: isnt ranking for a national term hella hard
[20/06/2015 03:02:28] Anthony: Or even a state term
[20/06/2015 03:02:32] alexVEVO: no
[20/06/2015 03:02:38] alexVEVO: I rank for [state] FHA loans
[20/06/2015 03:02:41] alexVEVO: #1-2
[20/06/2015 03:02:49] Anthony: Whats fha
[20/06/2015 03:02:53] alexVEVO: You’d go on adwords and pay 25$ CPC for that keyword
[20/06/2015 03:02:59] alexVEVO: it’s a government insured home loan
[20/06/2015 03:03:06] Anthony: Hmm
[20/06/2015 03:03:29] alexVEVO: took me 10 PBNs, 5 guest posts, and 10 web 2.0’s
[20/06/2015 03:03:35] alexVEVO: and of course perfect onsite optimization
[20/06/2015 03:04:04] Anthony: do you have any special onsite strategy
[20/06/2015 03:04:21] Anthony: besides keyword a few times on page and Lsi
[20/06/2015 03:04:36] Anthony: besides the obvious things
[20/06/2015 03:04:41] alexVEVO: umm
[20/06/2015 03:04:44] alexVEVO: on site SEO is pretty basic
[20/06/2015 03:04:48] alexVEVO: make sure your images are optimized
[20/06/2015 03:04:54] alexVEVO: alt text blah blah
[20/06/2015 03:04:58] alexVEVO: filename
[20/06/2015 03:05:06] alexVEVO: always 800+ words of content
[20/06/2015 03:06:16] Anthony: How do you do guest posts
[20/06/2015 03:06:28] alexVEVO: manual outreach
[20/06/2015 03:06:32] alexVEVO: the best kind
[20/06/2015 03:06:44] Anthony: To who..?
[20/06/2015 03:06:53] Anthony: on behalf of the company?
[20/06/2015 03:06:58] alexVEVO: I can coldcall at least 10 related websites/businesses and garauntee I get 1 HQ guestpost from 30 mins of work
[20/06/2015 03:07:05] alexVEVO: yes on behalf of them
[20/06/2015 03:07:38] alexVEVO: just make sure the quality of the guest post isn’t trash
[20/06/2015 03:07:46] Anthony: who would you call for a loans company
[20/06/2015 03:07:46] Anthony: Lol
[20/06/2015 03:08:02] Anthony: I cant imagine there is a lot of blogging
[20/06/2015 03:08:04] alexVEVO: other mortgage companies!
[20/06/2015 03:08:23] New York Amir: anyone know any hackers?
[20/06/2015 03:08:26] alexVEVO: i am hacker
[20/06/2015 03:08:29] Anthony: they dont have blogs though
[20/06/2015 03:08:31] New York Amir: honestly
[20/06/2015 03:08:41] New York Amir: alex i fyou’re a hacker then tell me the binary hack
[20/06/2015 03:08:42] New York Amir: for FB
[20/06/2015 03:08:47] New York Amir: how would u use it
[20/06/2015 03:08:49] alexVEVO: 010101 hacked
[20/06/2015 03:08:51] New York Amir: nope
[20/06/2015 03:09:00] New York Amir: so anyone know any real hackers?
[20/06/2015 03:09:05] alexVEVO: what do you need
[20/06/2015 03:09:14] New York Amir: for a friend of mine
[20/06/2015 03:09:22] New York Amir: someone keeps messing with her
[20/06/2015 03:09:28] alexVEVO: is it legal security testing or… straight hacking
[20/06/2015 03:09:29] New York Amir: got her info and sshit
[20/06/2015 03:09:31] alexVEVO: oh nevermind
[20/06/2015 03:09:40] alexVEVO: learned my lesson the hard way about that
[20/06/2015 03:09:49] New York Amir: chat site lol
[20/06/2015 03:10:30] alexVEVO: dox her and call her at 1am and say stop messing with my friend, he is my BEST friend
[20/06/2015 03:19:48] Jared: I need $30K a month.
[20/06/2015 03:20:15] alexVEVO: how do u plan this endeavor sir
[20/06/2015 03:22:36] Jared: Affiliate marketing coupled with SEO and traffic leaks, along with listbuilding. Once I start earning reasonably comfortably, I’ll reinvest and delve into paid traffic.
[20/06/2015 03:24:55] Jared: I’m going to try to limit myself to growing three sites, two I’ve already started, with one already being on the brink of success. I think any more than that would be trying to do too much at once.
[20/06/2015 03:25:39] alexVEVO: what type of affiliate offers
[20/06/2015 03:26:08] New York Amir: opt ins u wont
[20/06/2015 03:26:14] New York Amir: 100 dollar per email
[20/06/2015 03:26:24] New York Amir: adultfriendfinder
[20/06/2015 03:26:26] alexVEVO: mmmm 100 per optin
[20/06/2015 03:26:28] Jared: The site on the brink of succeeding is in the beauty market.
[20/06/2015 03:27:03] alexVEVO: brink of success
[20/06/2015 03:27:06] alexVEVO: lol
[20/06/2015 03:27:07] Jared: It’s a market I abhor, but I’m doing pretty well with it, and if I can succeed with something I hate, it’ll grow my confidence big time.
[20/06/2015 03:27:20] alexVEVO: so what is the offer bro
[20/06/2015 03:27:23] alexVEVO: wrinkles?
[20/06/2015 03:27:26] Jared: No.
[20/06/2015 03:27:52] Jared: I’d rather not get too specific.
[20/06/2015 03:28:45] Jared: But, yeah, it’s on the brink of succeeding in a major way.
[20/06/2015 03:28:47] alexVEVO: so it’s a real niche offer
[20/06/2015 03:29:43] Jared: It has a great lucrative-to-competition ratio.
[20/06/2015 03:31:15] alexVEVO: is it an affiliate offer with a network
[20/06/2015 03:32:04] Jared: Amazon Associates.
[20/06/2015 03:32:25] Jared: A flat commission rate of 8%.
[20/06/2015 03:32:33] alexVEVO: oh
[20/06/2015 03:32:35] alexVEVO: yeah, neat
[20/06/2015 03:32:40] alexVEVO: you can definitely get some good niches from amazon affiliate
[20/06/2015 03:33:20] Jared: It’s a big-money product, so even at just 8%, it pays out well.
[20/06/2015 03:33:56] alexVEVO: smart watches
[20/06/2015 03:34:27] Jared: Nah
[20/06/2015 03:35:01] alexVEVO: i’m not saying you can ‘t make 30k a month doing affiliate offers
[20/06/2015 03:35:08] alexVEVO: but i’m saying that there’s much easier ways
[20/06/2015 03:35:16] alexVEVO: but I’ve never made 30k in one month
[20/06/2015 03:35:17] alexVEVO: so what do i know
[20/06/2015 03:36:07] Jared: Yeah, I don’t expect it to be easy, but I do know it’s doable, and I do know it’ll be well worth the hard work, so I’m going for it.
[20/06/2015 03:37:25] alexVEVO: whats monthly search volume
[20/06/2015 03:37:27] alexVEVO: and competition level
[20/06/2015 03:37:28] alexVEVO: on the KW
[20/06/2015 03:38:53] Jared: For the primary keyword and the top 10 or so longtails, it’s probably around 12K on Google, with another 3K tossed in for Yahoo! and Bing, so around 15K.
[20/06/2015 03:39:31] alexVEVO: cool
[20/06/2015 03:39:41] Jared: I figure a well-written landing page can give you a broad ranking for most of the longtails.
[20/06/2015 03:40:11] alexVEVO: well no
[20/06/2015 03:40:15] alexVEVO: a well written website
[20/06/2015 03:40:29] alexVEVO: at least that’s how I do it
[20/06/2015 03:40:38] alexVEVO: multiple pages for multiple keywords/longtails
[20/06/2015 03:40:45] alexVEVO: but it just depends on the KW at the end of the day
[20/06/2015 03:41:14] Jared: Even with Amazon’s 8% commission, if I can dominate this keyword, I figure I can do $20-30K a month with it. If one could find a better payout somewhere, then they could really clean up.
[20/06/2015 03:41:56] alexVEVO: want a better payout?
[20/06/2015 03:42:03] alexVEVO: get a direct contract with the company itself
[20/06/2015 03:42:11] alexVEVO: but you’d better be doing high volume
[20/06/2015 04:03:40] Jared: [20 June 2015 03:40] alexVEVO:

<<< multiple pages for multiple keywords/longtails
From what I understand, Google’s AI has evolved to where you can now rank a broad topic (read: your primary keyword and all closely-related terms) on a single page. This is what I’m trying to do. I can see how multiple pages could be an advantage, though, in that they’re more keyword-specific, giving the page better congruency/message match.
[20/06/2015 04:04:26] alexVEVO: yeah i’m not disagreed with that
[20/06/2015 04:04:36] alexVEVO: I usually rank 4 longtails + 1 main keyword per page
[20/06/2015 04:04:46] alexVEVO: but then again it just depends on the keywords you want to target
[20/06/2015 04:54:32] Jared: Here are the sites FCS Networker can auto-create accounts for:

WEB 2.0 SITES (57)
4Shared, Academia, All4webs, Beep, Blackplanet, Blogcom, Blogigo, Bloxpl, Box, Bravenet, Calameo, DailyStrength , Diigo, Evernote, Experience Project, Exteen, Freewebsiteservice, Gaiaonline, Getjealous, Gett, Hazblog, Issuu, Jigs, Jimdo, Kiwibox, LiveJournal, Miarroba, Metroblog, Mozello, Nexopia, Overblog, Ownfreewebsite, Postbit, PureVolume, Rebelmouse, Scribd, Shutterfly, Skyrock, Slideshare, Snackwebsites, Snappages, SOSBlogs, Soup, Storify, Travelpod, Tribe, Tumblr, Unblog, Wallinside, Webgarden, Webnode, Webs, Weebly, Wikidot, WordPress, Yola, Yudu

Bitly, Bitdo, Delicious, Deviantart, Faceparty, Foursquare, Goodis, Goodreads, Googl, Imgur, Instapaper, Lastfm, Myspace, Newsvine, Plurk, Scoopit, Stumbleupon, Ttlink, Twitter, Urlorg, Youmob
[20/06/2015 04:54:49] alexVEVO: is FCSN still actively updated
[20/06/2015 04:55:41] Jared: Yep, it’s updared often it seems, as just about everytime I log in (a couple of times a week), it seems there’s an update.
[20/06/2015 04:55:53] Jared: It’s like GSA SER: Multiple updates a week.
[20/06/2015 04:55:55] alexVEVO: and you need a captcha breaker API too right
[20/06/2015 04:55:59] alexVEVO: yeah
[20/06/2015 04:56:45] Jared: Yeah, there are captchas. You can just order a captcha service. You’re only creating accounts on up to 88 sites, so $5 worth of captchas would last you a very long time.
[20/06/2015 04:58:32] alexVEVO: right
[20/06/2015 04:58:38] alexVEVO: very good for web2 creation
[20/06/2015 04:58:42] alexVEVO: cheap too
[20/06/2015 04:58:49] alexVEVO: i might go ahead and get it
[20/06/2015 04:58:58] alexVEVO: i’m use to GSA SER but GSA is trash for making web 2.0s
[20/06/2015 05:34:29] Jared: From what I’ve gathered reading the GSA forum, a lot of people use FCS Networker to build their tier 1 links, then use GSA for tier 2.
[20/06/2015 06:54:06] alexVEVO: yeah I wouldn’t doubt it
[20/06/2015 06:54:11] alexVEVO: it’s a great combiniation
[20/06/2015 06:54:25] alexVEVO: I just buy BST services or web2 services
[20/06/2015 07:41:25] Jared: MY PLAN

–Manually build your tier-1 links by creating web 2.0 sites and by finding link opportunities on preexisting sites. Make topic relevancy, trust, and authority top priorities.

–Make your content high quality. Make it intelligent, well-written posts/comments, and link out to (authority) sites beyond your own site. Make sure your content benefits not only you, but the people reading it, and the site you’re posting it on.

–Your backlink profile will look far less spammy to Google, minimizing the risk of a penalty, and maximizing long-term results. You’re providing value and a good user experience. What’s not to love from Google’s perspective?

–Your links are far more likely to be approved and to “stick,” as your content won’t be viewed as spam by webmasters. Reverse link rot is minimized.

–This method is not only a form of link-building, but also doubles as a traffic leak. Your content, being that it’s both high quality and posted on relevant sites (both your own created web 2.0’s and preexisting sites), will bring in click-through traffic. This, in turn, will increase the SEO value of the link. It’s a double win.

–Your traffic becomes diversified. Essentially, you’re putting your eggs in a lot of baskets, minimizing the effect of any single traffic source dying. If, say, Google goes full retard and slaps your site, you’ll still have your click-through traffic.

–Remember to build an email list on your site. This will lead to yet another source of traffic, a source you’re (almost) entirely in control of.

–If you can turn a profit with PPC traffic, then this is yet another excellent source of traffic.
[20/06/2015 07:42:16] alexVEVO: are you and Anthony in cahoots? because he pretty much just messaged me the exact same master plan
[20/06/2015 07:45:43] alexVEVO: but yeah from my POV pretty much in par
[20/06/2015 15:18:58] New York Amir: living la vevo loca!!
[20/06/2015 15:38:02] Anthony: Morning everyone 😀
[20/06/2015 15:38:34] New York Amir: big tony sup
[20/06/2015 16:45:25] Jared: I truly believe I’m on my way to becoming the greatest copywriter who has ever lived.
[20/06/2015 16:48:16] Jared: I’ve conquered John Caples’ magnum opus, Tested Advertising Methods, in a single sitting. I believe I may have already surpassed the legendary Caples in ability. His immense experience is no match for my superior natural gifts.
[20/06/2015 16:53:49] Anthony: lol
[20/06/2015 17:14:53] Anthony: i love this chat
[20/06/2015 22:30:46] silentassumptions: There’s some absolute killer backlinks up for sale on linksmanagement.com (They’re using PR as a benchmark for domain / page authority of the links they’re selling). If you know how to evaluate domain / URL authority properly, you can pick up some great links for next to nothing.
[20/06/2015 22:32:14] silentassumptions: Ordered under $200’s worth of links for a client competiting for moderately competitive keywords; the increase in ranks were beyond impressive.
[21/06/2015 03:34:37] alexVEVO: are you shilling for this company or nah
[21/06/2015 03:34:47] alexVEVO: sounds a bit shillish m8
[21/06/2015 03:35:54] Jared: Are you a female, Alex? If so, would it be okay if I sexually harassed you?
[21/06/2015 03:36:21] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 03:36:31] alexVEVO: no
[21/06/2015 03:36:40] New York Amir: cant find a gentleman like that these days
[21/06/2015 03:36:48] Anthony: @silentassumptions you dont work for them do you? Lol
[21/06/2015 03:36:54] New York Amir: no to both or one?
[21/06/2015 03:36:58] Anthony: Linksmanagement seems pretty sketchy to me
[21/06/2015 03:37:11] alexVEVO: either
[21/06/2015 03:37:28] *** Jared zips back up. ***
[21/06/2015 03:37:30] Jared: My apologies.
[21/06/2015 03:38:06] Jared: http://www.demondemon.com/2015/04/01/why-i-sold-my-p-b-n/
[21/06/2015 03:38:41] New York Amir: scritty mr clean shitty
[21/06/2015 03:38:48] New York Amir: the seo buddha
[21/06/2015 03:38:49] alexVEVO: lets stake a look at this
[21/06/2015 03:38:57] alexVEVO: >And Won’t Build Another Private Blog Network
[21/06/2015 03:38:59] New York Amir: did someone say steak?
[21/06/2015 03:38:59] alexVEVO: stopped here
[21/06/2015 03:39:00] Jared: His link building method intrigues me.
[21/06/2015 03:39:23] New York Amir: scritty shitty is from big big shire
[21/06/2015 03:39:34] alexVEVO: sum up his link building method
[21/06/2015 03:39:41] New York Amir: only gnome i know who does seo
[21/06/2015 03:39:41] Jared: I’m thinking of all of the good, niche-relevant sites I could post on manually, yet GSA skips right over.
[21/06/2015 03:40:27] New York Amir: it does
[21/06/2015 03:40:29] alexVEVO: but that’s not for GSA
[21/06/2015 03:40:30] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 03:40:33] New York Amir: but i thoguht u can import it
[21/06/2015 03:40:43] alexVEVO: GSA is for tiers 3 and 3
[21/06/2015 03:40:46] alexVEVO: who cares if its niche or not
[21/06/2015 03:40:54] alexVEVO: 2 and 3*
[21/06/2015 03:41:02] silentassumptions: GSA can be used for Tier 1 link building too. 🙂
[21/06/2015 03:41:09] New York Amir: yes it can
[21/06/2015 03:41:14] New York Amir: we have in fact
[21/06/2015 03:41:16] alexVEVO: yeah it can
[21/06/2015 03:41:20] New York Amir: build tier 1 and 2
[21/06/2015 03:41:20] alexVEVO: no doubt it can
[21/06/2015 03:41:22] New York Amir: and also
[21/06/2015 03:41:25] New York Amir: ranked
[21/06/2015 03:41:27] New York Amir: on page 1
[21/06/2015 03:41:37] alexVEVO: I just think there are better tools for tier 1 building than gsa ser
[21/06/2015 03:41:38] alexVEVO: that’s all
[21/06/2015 03:41:39] Jared: Alex, it’s basically aggressive manual link building. It’s GSA by hand, with a much higher success rate, and better quality control. Links that “stick.” Links that get click-through traffic. Links that build brand awareness. Links that develop relationships.
[21/06/2015 03:41:39] New York Amir: but IM sure we all knew that!
[21/06/2015 03:41:43] New York Amir: 😛
[21/06/2015 03:41:57] Jared: Slower, but better quality.
[21/06/2015 03:42:02] Jared: It’s quality over quantity.
[21/06/2015 03:42:14] New York Amir: build a small hanful of authority links
[21/06/2015 03:42:15] alexVEVO: if you want that such HQ links, put GSA SER on the backburner
[21/06/2015 03:42:24] Jared: The one thing I want is a site that will last.
[21/06/2015 03:42:31] New York Amir: bypass updates
[21/06/2015 03:42:48] Jared: I don’t want to get a lump in my throat everytime I hear about an upcoming Google update.
[21/06/2015 03:43:00] New York Amir: uzr
[21/06/2015 03:43:04] New York Amir: times gazillion
[21/06/2015 03:43:06] Jared: I want to get an erection instead.
[21/06/2015 03:43:15] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 03:43:23] alexVEVO: then be careful about your tier 1 links
[21/06/2015 03:43:23 | Edited 03:43:33] Jared: An erection over the thought of my competitors getting slapped, but knowing my site wont.
[21/06/2015 03:43:49] alexVEVO: if you wouldn’t link your mamma with that BL, don’t link ur moneysite with it
[21/06/2015 03:43:51] alexVEVO: gotme?
[21/06/2015 03:44:32] silentassumptions: Lol.
[21/06/2015 03:44:39] Jared: Seems like a bit of a crude way of determining which links to build.
[21/06/2015 03:44:47] Jared: Simple methods for simple minds . . .
[21/06/2015 03:44:51] Jared: Just kidding.
[21/06/2015 03:45:05] alexVEVO: Hmmm
[21/06/2015 03:45:47] Jared: We kid, Alex.
[21/06/2015 03:46:11] Jared: I’m going to try Scritty’s method. I’ll keep you fine people updated on how well it’s working.
[21/06/2015 03:46:16] silentassumptions: Tiered link building works and can defintiely be accomplished through GSA. As long as you know and implement the ‘quality over quantity’ approach, it’s effective in moderation.
[21/06/2015 03:46:51] silentassumptions: I wouldn’t bank on GSA getting you to the top of Google for competitive keywords, but it’s can definitely boost rankings if you know what you’re doing.
[21/06/2015 03:47:33] silentassumptions: As long as your website has a handful of decent, authoratitive links, you’d be suprised how much spam you can get away with.
[21/06/2015 03:47:48] silentassumptions: It’s more anchor text deviation that leads to penalities rather than actual spam sites penetrating.
[21/06/2015 03:47:59] alexVEVO: very good info
[21/06/2015 03:49:18] alexVEVO: I’ve always found that using SER along with some highquality links does downders
[21/06/2015 03:49:23] alexVEVO: wonders*
[21/06/2015 03:51:57] Jared: The problem is, for links you scrape (or buy) and put through GSA, they first have to be identified, then submitted to, then verified. Each step of this process takes away a significant portion of the link targets, to where you’re left with a tiny fraction of your initial list. If you’re adding in quality control filters, the list dwindles even further. Going after only niche-relevant links? That’s cutting things down further. Lastly, even when you get links verified, quite a few of them will be removed by the webmasters.
[21/06/2015 03:52:13] alexVEVO: well yes
[21/06/2015 03:52:18] Jared: Basically, by using GSA, you’re skipping out on a shit ton of quality link opportunities.
[21/06/2015 03:52:20] alexVEVO: that’s because GSA SER is mostly used to spam links
[21/06/2015 03:52:27] alexVEVO: not build highly targeted niche links
[21/06/2015 03:52:46] alexVEVO: if you want a clean, HQ 1st tier, do manual building
[21/06/2015 03:52:53] alexVEVO: spam those manual links
[21/06/2015 03:53:01] alexVEVO: at least build contextual GSA SER links to them
[21/06/2015 03:53:08] alexVEVO: and then slowly blast those contextuals
[21/06/2015 03:53:54] New York Amir: This Pyramid Consists of 4 Tiers
Tier 1 -> Everything pointing directly at the Money Site (Website that you’re trying to rank)
^ Just a few links
Tier 2 -> Links pointing at tier 1
^ More Links
Tier 3 -> Links pointing at tier 2
^ Quite a few links
Tier 4 -> Links pointing at tier 3
^ A Sh*t TON of links
We’re going to dissect each tier of backlinks individually
It’s important that you understand:
1. How many links to build for each tier
2. What kind of links to build for each tier
3. How to build the links for each tier
4. How to structure the links for each tier
So… Ladies and Gents…
Distractions aside because we are about to DIG IN
Tier 1 – Broken down in 5 Steps
Step 1. Build 10 Manual Web 2.0 Backlinks
– Create 1-2 unique articles targeting up to 2 keywords (Actually write them)
– Rewrite the above articles until you have 10 fairly unique articles
– Create a web 2.0 for each individual article
Web 2.0 Builders
[21/06/2015 03:54:38] silentassumptions: I’d be interested to see how well you can rank a website off the back of web 2.0s.
[21/06/2015 03:54:50] New York Amir: http://money-mindset.net/building-link-pyramids-that-work-in-2014-blueprint/
[21/06/2015 03:55:03] alexVEVO: honestly never really fuck with tier 4
[21/06/2015 03:55:14] alexVEVO: but some people might have better results with it
[21/06/2015 03:55:29] New York Amir: maybe for competitive kw
[21/06/2015 03:55:42] alexVEVO: yeah.
[21/06/2015 03:55:54] alexVEVO: or some churn n burning
[21/06/2015 03:56:07] silentassumptions: It seems like a lot of hard work buliding 10 web 2.0s, and creating a 4 tier strategy around it.

I’d just buy decent authorative links if I were giong to invest that much labour into it.
[21/06/2015 03:56:11] silentassumptions: Link acquisation > Link building, imo.
[21/06/2015 03:56:50] alexVEVO: the 3 tiers in GSA SER is pretty much autopilot though..
[21/06/2015 03:57:00] silentassumptions: I can’t comment on the results you’d get from building 10 solid web 2.0’s, because I haven’t tried it, but I do know that buying quality links gives you quality and also immediate SERP benefits.
[21/06/2015 03:57:36] alexVEVO: Every site I build at least 10 webs and do tiered linking. I see great results, everytime
[21/06/2015 03:57:48] alexVEVO: Pair that with some HQ links… and you’re gonna rnak
[21/06/2015 03:57:52] New York Amir: per page?
[21/06/2015 03:57:57] silentassumptions: Interesting.
[21/06/2015 03:58:10] silentassumptions: Do you update all 10 web 2.0s with regular content?
[21/06/2015 03:58:18] alexVEVO: 10 web 2’s per total site
[21/06/2015 03:58:23] alexVEVO: I update the web2.0s every 3 weeks
[21/06/2015 03:58:29] Jared: Silent, the links you bought me haven’t moved my site up any. In fact, I think it’s actually slipped a few spots, lol. Maybe I undersestimated the competition level.
[21/06/2015 03:59:03] alexVEVO: people underestimate updating web 2.0’s regularly
[21/06/2015 04:00:21] silentassumptions: Jared, most of the links we acquired for you were targetting brand and generic anchor text, as your link profile had a shocking high percentage of keyword anchors.

Your domain authority has shot up massively since we paid for links.
[21/06/2015 04:01:14] silentassumptions: Jared, I’ll buy another wave of links for you tomorrow targetted keyword anchor text, we’ll dilute your linking profile with some cheap but safe links to ensure decent generic and branded anchors.
[21/06/2015 04:01:35] silentassumptions: And I’ll source you a handful of incredibly authorative links.
[21/06/2015 04:02:33] silentassumptions: Alex, are you optimising all of your Web 2.0s just through GSA?
[21/06/2015 04:02:49] silentassumptions: Or do you rely on other link building methods too to increase their authority?
[21/06/2015 04:03:09] alexVEVO: nah, all my Web2.0s go through GSA SER, I don’t mess with them with anything else, for me at least
[21/06/2015 04:03:23] Jared: No, it’s fine. I trust you did your part. I’m gonnaj ust stick to Scritty’s method and really try to build authority and bring in click-through traffic. Click-through traffic actually strengthens links. In fact, Scritty says he does about 60% of his business through his manually-created backlinks.
[21/06/2015 04:04:14] silentassumptions: Jared, I want to see you succeed moreso than anyone in this room because I know if you make your big break, you’ll take others along with you. You’re that sort of guy.
[21/06/2015 04:05:01] silentassumptions: Jared, go to linksmanagement.com, give yourself a $100 budget and find some decent links.

Prepare the contextuals around it (you’ll work out how the site works), then just give me all the deets and I’ll order you the links on Monday.
[21/06/2015 04:07:13] alexVEVO: onsite click through traffic increases google ranks?
[21/06/2015 04:07:22] alexVEVO: eh
[21/06/2015 04:11:00] Jared: Yeah.
[21/06/2015 04:11:49] Jared: From what I gather, it’s how Google gauges link relevancy.
[21/06/2015 04:11:58] alexVEVO: if you’re on a 3rd party site and you travel to another 3rd party site, how does google know
[21/06/2015 04:12:07] silentassumptions: How would Google find out if the site doesn’t have Analytics installed?
[21/06/2015 04:12:12] alexVEVO: ^
[21/06/2015 04:17:35] Jared: People think links in niche-relevant sites are more powerful, right? They probably are. But, from what I’ve gathered reading Bill Slawski (who studies Google’s patents), it’s actually based on the CTR of the link, not the topic of the website. The two are almost always correlated, however, hence the confusion.
[21/06/2015 04:18:47] alexVEVO: niche relevant backlinks definitely matter, but still, the question remains, how does google know what the CTR is on a website
[21/06/2015 04:20:46] Jared: The idea is, the higher quality the link, and the higher quality the context of the link, and the more relevant it is based on the website’s traffic, the higher the cick-through rate. If you post a spun article on a topic completely irrelevant from the rest of the site, how many people who stumble across that article do you think will actually read it and click your link? Probably very few, hence the low CTR, hence Google being able to get a good idea that the link is shitty quality.
[21/06/2015 04:21:54] Jared: On the other hand, if you post a quality article that’s related to the topic of the website, more people are likely to read said article and click on the link, giving you a higher CTR, giving Google the impression that it’s a far less spammy link.
[21/06/2015 04:22:02] Jared: How does Google figure out CTR?
[21/06/2015 04:22:26] alexVEVO: well yes but you originally said CTR was gauged by google. but now you’re saying it’s relevant niche backlinks which is gauged, which is 100% right
[21/06/2015 04:23:34] Jared: I’m not sure. Google Analytics, Google Toolbar, Chrome users . . . whatever. They don’t need to measure everyone, they just need enough data to be statistically significant.
[21/06/2015 04:23:47] Jared: One second, I’ll find the Bill Slawski article.
[21/06/2015 04:24:09] alexVEVO: ok cool, i’d like to read it
[21/06/2015 04:27:26] alexVEVO: I just don’t think that would be a solid metric for google to anaylize and act on
[21/06/2015 04:28:21] silentassumptions: I don’t even think relevance matters much where authoratitive links are concerned. Quoting a conversation I had with Zaid with other day.
[21/06/2015 04:28:26] silentassumptions: I sent an email out to my Marketing Director the other day. We have a prospective client who wanted to see examples of some of the links we procured for our clients.

My marketing director asked for relevant links that pertained to the clients industry.

Here is my rebuttal, as I want you to appreciate that relevance is a negligible factor when authority is concerned.
One second.
The majority of relevance is determined on a URL level by the way (think backlinks from Wikipedia). To go even further, the relevance of the link is determined by the content immediately surrounding it. (Semantic Indexing)

E.g. forums & Guest Posts – a single forum could cover an entire array of topics for discussion & a guest post could include a contextual link to anything. 99% of the time, a backlink will come from an internal page and not the home page. The relevance beyond the home page of a site becomes diluted very quickly, especially where blogs are concerned.

It IS uncommon for a website to link to something completely out of the blue, but if the site has decent authority (which of all of the reported sites do), then the relevance becomes a negligible factor.

To give you an analogy, more people would be swayed to purchase SEO from us given a testimonial endorsed by President Obama, who’s never worked with i3, over say a relevant client testimonial, who has worked with us for years.

It’s exactly the same with Google.

So to conclude, relevance is irrelevant when a site has authority.
To you give you a better example, think backlinks from DMOZ.
[21/06/2015 04:28:28] Jared: I’m still looking. It’s out there, because I asked Rand Fishkin about it when I first started out, and he posted a question on his Twitter about it, and then Bill Slawski came in and schooled everyone on it.
[21/06/2015 04:29:43] alexVEVO: silent
[21/06/2015 04:30:14] alexVEVO: so as long as the surrounding content has keywords or LSI related KWs, it would produce a “related niche backlink”
[21/06/2015 04:30:22] alexVEVO: generally speaking, that would be 500~ words of content
[21/06/2015 04:31:14] alexVEVO: I’ve never tested “backlink with related content on a page” vs “backlink with related content on entire site”
[21/06/2015 04:31:16] alexVEVO: so good info to know
[21/06/2015 04:32:50] Jared: Alex, I disagree. I think it’d be one of the easiest, most accurate metrics to gauge the quality of a link. Think about it:

Link 1: Added to a shitty spintax article about motorcycles posted on a website about gardening.
Link 2: Added to a quality, handwritten article about motorcycles posted on a website about motorcycles.

How many people who come across the first article are going to actually read it and then click on Link 1? Probably very few, hence a low CTR.

How many people who come across the second article are going to actually read it and then click on Link 2? Probably comparatively many, hence a much higher CTR.
[21/06/2015 04:35:19] alexVEVO: what you’re saying makes sense, but honestly I’ve never tracked CTR on a backlink and gauged rankings from it, so I wouldn’t know. never had an issue with it
[21/06/2015 04:38:42] Jared: http://www.seobythesea.com/2010/05/googles-reasonable-surfer-how-the-value-of-a-link-may-differ-based-upon-link-and-document-features-and-user-data/
[21/06/2015 04:38:47] Jared: I think that’s it.
[21/06/2015 04:39:00] Jared: “Not every link from a page in a link-based ranking system is equal, and a search engine might look at a wide range of factors to determine how might weight each link on a page may pass along.”
[21/06/2015 04:42:52] Jared: Example:

5 Links on one page.
Link 1 gets clicked 10x more often than Links 2-5 get clicked, combined.

What he’s saying is, based on the information gained from reading Google’s patents (one of the best ways to really understand their algorithm), it’s highly possible Google is giving the majority of the “link juice” to Link 1 due to it’s CTR dwarfing the others.
[21/06/2015 04:44:04] alexVEVO: time to get some google fresh proxies and a autoclick bot and do some tests
[21/06/2015 04:44:40] Jared: It’s really deep stuff, but if you read on, it talks about how this data can be used to gain info on relevancy, etc.
[21/06/2015 04:45:21] Jared: As for your earlier question:

[21 June 2015 04:11] alexVEVO:

<<< if you’re on a 3rd party site and you travel to another 3rd party site, how does google know
“This user behavior data could be obtained from a web browser or a browser assistant program such as Google’s Toolbar. ”
[21/06/2015 04:46:05] Jared: I don’t know if it’s been verified or not, but speculation is Google tracks user behavior via Chrome.
[21/06/2015 04:46:32] alexVEVO: yeah he throw’s a lot of different variables which could determine linkjuice delegation on a page
[21/06/2015 04:47:09] Jared: A lot of the more cautious IM’s won’t even use Google products (Chrome, GMail, etc.) with their sites.
[21/06/2015 04:47:19] alexVEVO: yeah I even kill google font
[21/06/2015 04:47:42] alexVEVO: more than usually the most important factor of my backlinks is LOW OBL
[21/06/2015 04:47:57] alexVEVO: and LSI related content
[21/06/2015 04:48:12] Jared: “It does offer one broad rule of thumb that might be helpful. Which links on a page are most likely to be selected by a reasonable surfer – those are the links that probably carry the most weight. ”
[21/06/2015 04:48:27] alexVEVO: yeah exactly
[21/06/2015 04:48:31] alexVEVO: BUT he doesn’t state that means CTR
[21/06/2015 04:48:38] alexVEVO: it can be the way the onsite format is structured
[21/06/2015 04:48:47] Jared: This would explain why contextual links are considered so much more valuable than footer links, sidebar links, etc.
[21/06/2015 04:48:49] alexVEVO: bolding, anchor text, where it’s at in the page
[21/06/2015 04:48:50] alexVEVO: etc
[21/06/2015 04:49:03] alexVEVO: yep ^
[21/06/2015 04:52:37 | Edited 04:52:59] Jared: Bill Slawski has probably the most in-depth, technical stuff on Google out there. Like I said, he studies their patents and their descriptions to try to gain a better understanding of exactly what it is they’re doing. It’s complex stuff, but it’s much better than the hearsay taken as gospel that much of SEO discussion devolves into.
[21/06/2015 04:53:40] alexVEVO: Yep. Best information though is results from practice and tests tho
[21/06/2015 04:54:13] Jared: True.
[21/06/2015 04:55:08] Jared: Although, the time, effort, and budget required to do really in-depth testing for things is likely beyond most people’s limitations.
[21/06/2015 04:55:13] alexVEVO: definitely how I learned but i’m not saying I know everything but I haven’t failed in ranking a client’s site yet
[21/06/2015 04:55:40] alexVEVO: that’s true
[21/06/2015 04:56:03] alexVEVO: you can get around a good portion of the costs by doing all the work manually and not outsourcing shit
[21/06/2015 04:56:14] alexVEVO: which is how I started
[21/06/2015 04:56:23] alexVEVO: once you have the workable strategy down, you can outsource 90% of it
[21/06/2015 04:58:32] Jared: https://twitter.com/UberFacts/status/612466723401428992
[21/06/2015 04:58:50] Jared: ‏@UberFacts
Angry people produce more unique ideas faster than people in any other type of emotional state, according to a study.
[21/06/2015 04:59:12] alexVEVO: is that a fact fact
[21/06/2015 04:59:14] alexVEVO: or a psuedofact
[21/06/2015 04:59:24] alexVEVO: because honestly I wouldn’t believe that
[21/06/2015 04:59:28] Jared: Stuck in creative slump? Think of that time your girlfriend cheated on you with that 6’5″ ex-football player.
[21/06/2015 04:59:36] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 04:59:37] Jared: I don’t know
[21/06/2015 04:59:53] alexVEVO: idk man, for me anger makes me depressed and hopeless
[21/06/2015 04:59:55] alexVEVO: that’s just me though
[21/06/2015 05:00:38] Jared: Does it? It usually makes me more determined and motivated.
[21/06/2015 05:01:08] alexVEVO: yeah, depends on the person I guess
[21/06/2015 05:02:15] Alan Katz: Alex do you use grindstone’s list?
[21/06/2015 05:04:16] alexVEVO: nop
[21/06/2015 05:04:19] alexVEVO: i use SERlists
[21/06/2015 05:04:24] alexVEVO: is grindstone any good?
[21/06/2015 05:05:05 | Edited 05:05:23] Alan Katz: I dont know I hear many praises for his list and his Skype group
[21/06/2015 05:06:33] alexVEVO: honestly only heard of him once?
[21/06/2015 05:06:35] alexVEVO: is he new?
[21/06/2015 05:06:51] alexVEVO: on the GSA SER forums, SERlists has a lot of praise
[21/06/2015 05:07:45 | Edited 05:08:00] Alan Katz: No he seems to be well respected in the Blackhat Skype group
[21/06/2015 05:07:57] alexVEVO: blackhatworld?
[21/06/2015 05:08:43] Alan Katz: No Blackhat.community Todd Fosters group
[21/06/2015 05:08:48] alexVEVO: oh that shit
[21/06/2015 05:08:58] alexVEVO: not sure, try it out
[21/06/2015 05:09:01] alexVEVO: how much are his lists?
[21/06/2015 05:09:12] alexVEVO: and does he have a purchase capacity too?
[21/06/2015 05:10:27] Alan Katz: Idk I’m not a GSA person but some heavy hitters in the BH.C group swear by him and he is also in the group
[21/06/2015 05:10:47] Alan Katz: I plan to start GSA soon
[21/06/2015 05:10:48] alexVEVO: i’m reading his page now
[21/06/2015 05:10:53] alexVEVO: 70$ a month for 300k
[21/06/2015 05:11:19] alexVEVO: it’s a little pricey
[21/06/2015 05:11:28] alexVEVO: but if his contextuals are nice and unique
[21/06/2015 05:11:31] alexVEVO: might be worth it
[21/06/2015 05:11:34] Alan Katz: How much is SERlist?
[21/06/2015 05:11:56] alexVEVO: 30 bucks for 150k~
[21/06/2015 05:12:12] alexVEVO: 50$ for 300k
[21/06/2015 05:12:29] alexVEVO: but they sell out fast, usually within 2 days
[21/06/2015 05:13:14] Alan Katz: Where would you suggest to start with training on GSA I hear Jim Kelly’s course is good
[21/06/2015 05:13:58] alexVEVO: never read his stuff
[21/06/2015 05:14:09] alexVEVO: but honestly I just read a whole bunch of stuff
[21/06/2015 05:14:18] alexVEVO: Mathew woodward at the start
[21/06/2015 05:14:20] alexVEVO: and moved from there
[21/06/2015 05:14:26] Alan Katz: There seem be a lot of free stuff on it
[21/06/2015 05:14:38] alexVEVO: yeah, never buy any GSA tutorials, everything you need is free
[21/06/2015 05:14:43] alexVEVO: I wrote this a while back:
[21/06/2015 05:14:57] Alan Katz: Thanks I’ll check it out
[21/06/2015 05:15:04] alexVEVO: maybe it can help, although it’s assuming you can work your way around GSA ser a bit
[21/06/2015 05:15:32] Alan Katz: I’m pretty technical
[21/06/2015 05:15:35] alexVEVO: kk cool
[21/06/2015 05:16:39] alexVEVO: i’ll be honest, i haven’t even touched GSA SER in almost 1 month
[21/06/2015 05:16:44] Alan Katz: Wow I was reading this today
[21/06/2015 05:16:50] alexVEVO: what, my thread?
[21/06/2015 05:16:55] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 05:17:12] Alan Katz: Yes
[21/06/2015 05:17:18] alexVEVO: hehe
[21/06/2015 05:17:40] Alan Katz: BasstrackerBoats mentioned you I think in another post
[21/06/2015 05:17:42] Alan Katz: lol
[21/06/2015 05:17:45] Alan Katz: small world
[21/06/2015 05:17:52] alexVEVO: ah yeah, BTB is a good personal friend of mine
[21/06/2015 05:18:02] alexVEVO: live down the street from each other
[21/06/2015 05:18:31] Alan Katz: I am following his Build and Bank Thread
[21/06/2015 05:18:43] Alan Katz: wow
[21/06/2015 05:19:02] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 05:19:07] alexVEVO: he’s the one that taught me SEO years back, himself
[21/06/2015 05:19:22] Jared: I hope you kept your receipt
[21/06/2015 05:19:23] alexVEVO: I literally had no idea about SEO, he taught me everything
[21/06/2015 05:19:27] alexVEVO: LOLOL
[21/06/2015 05:19:31] Alan Katz: ok good to know he gives a lot of info
[21/06/2015 05:19:42] alexVEVO: he’s a great man, very helpful person
[21/06/2015 05:19:47] alexVEVO: brilliant with SEO
[21/06/2015 05:20:00] alexVEVO: and rich as shit
[21/06/2015 05:20:08] Alan Katz: lol
[21/06/2015 05:20:48] New York Amir: lucky bastard
[21/06/2015 05:20:55] New York Amir: i had to dig my way through to learn
[21/06/2015 05:20:58] Jared: Lol
[21/06/2015 05:21:11] alexVEVO: don’t get me wrong, he didn’t give me a step by step guide lol
[21/06/2015 05:21:20] New York Amir: alex no need to sugar coat it now
[21/06/2015 05:21:21] alexVEVO: regardless he was helpful as shit
[21/06/2015 05:21:21] New York Amir: my friend
[21/06/2015 05:21:23] New York Amir: its ok
[21/06/2015 05:21:23] alexVEVO: lolo
[21/06/2015 05:21:28] *** New York Amir polishes his knife ***
[21/06/2015 05:21:54] New York Amir: got to make sure the blades nice for perfect brownie slices
[21/06/2015 05:22:20] New York Amir: u sholud see my bookmarks
[21/06/2015 05:22:25] New York Amir: i think got over 40 gigs
[21/06/2015 05:22:26] New York Amir: of stuff
[21/06/2015 05:22:29] New York Amir: just pdf alone
[21/06/2015 05:22:41] New York Amir: just use them as refernce now
[21/06/2015 05:23:53] Jared: Lol
[21/06/2015 05:23:57] Jared: Big ranks
[21/06/2015 05:24:19] New York Amir: big ranks
[21/06/2015 05:24:28] New York Amir: big seo ranks
[21/06/2015 05:24:41] Jared: Anyone want a PDF copy of John Caples’ Tested Advertising Methods? Considered by many the best book on copywriting ever written. Read it, learn from it, use it, and take your sales to the next level.
[21/06/2015 05:24:51] New York Amir: i downloaded that today
[21/06/2015 05:24:54] New York Amir: big read it i might
[21/06/2015 05:24:57] alexVEVO: will u send ur affiliate link
[21/06/2015 05:25:10] Anthony: sure
[21/06/2015 05:25:13] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 05:25:34] alexVEVO: anyone manage adwords campaigns in this btch?
[21/06/2015 05:27:41] New York Amir: i
[21/06/2015 05:27:46] New York Amir: me and mr jrod
[21/06/2015 05:28:00] New York Amir: only do ppc for one client
[21/06/2015 05:28:07] New York Amir: actually we have 2 mor epeole
[21/06/2015 05:28:10] New York Amir: that want ppc
[21/06/2015 05:28:16] New York Amir: big mike
[21/06/2015 05:28:23] New York Amir: i put them on hold for now
[21/06/2015 05:28:40] New York Amir: need to experiment more with ti though
[21/06/2015 05:28:46] New York Amir: i tested the hell out of their alog
[21/06/2015 05:28:47] New York Amir: algo
[21/06/2015 05:29:12] New York Amir: now im just trying to work on my squeeze pages
[21/06/2015 05:29:13] Jared: I thought that said shitfree at first
[21/06/2015 05:29:19] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 05:30:04] *** ***
[21/06/2015 05:30:22] Jared: This is the 4th edition — considered the greatest edition.
[21/06/2015 05:30:28] alexVEVO: thanks bud, downloaded
[21/06/2015 05:30:41] New York Amir: copysales monster
[21/06/2015 05:30:47] alexVEVO: anyways, yeah I got a rather new client that’s working with 300-400$ a day in adwords, and the most I’ve worked with was 100 a day
[21/06/2015 05:30:49] Alan Katz: Thanks
[21/06/2015 05:30:56] Jared: It’s not great quality; it’s been scanned and turned into a PDF. It’s kind of crooked in places, but it’s very readable.
[21/06/2015 05:31:03] New York Amir: we’re starting low
[21/06/2015 05:31:09] alexVEVO: if you can just send me all adwords secrets id appreciate it
[21/06/2015 05:31:09] New York Amir: just testing out the landing pages
[21/06/2015 05:31:20] alexVEVO: what’s the niche if i may ask
[21/06/2015 05:31:28] alexVEVO: rather, the CPC average
[21/06/2015 05:31:39] New York Amir: supplements
[21/06/2015 05:31:45] alexVEVO: so high CPC
[21/06/2015 05:31:50] New York Amir: 2.00
[21/06/2015 05:31:53] New York Amir: depending
[21/06/2015 05:31:56] New York Amir: if i find a KW
[21/06/2015 05:32:01] New York Amir: thats being highly targetted
[21/06/2015 05:32:04] New York Amir: on the search ads
[21/06/2015 05:32:07] alexVEVO: right
[21/06/2015 05:32:13] New York Amir: for example exact
[21/06/2015 05:32:17] alexVEVO: My CPC average .60 cents, my max bid is 85 cents
[21/06/2015 05:32:19] New York Amir: sotimes the bid might be too high
[21/06/2015 05:32:23] New York Amir: so i’ll play with it f
[21/06/2015 05:32:25] New York Amir: fo a week
[21/06/2015 05:32:28] New York Amir: or u it seeems
[21/06/2015 05:32:30] New York Amir: u have to do
[21/06/2015 05:32:30] alexVEVO: yeah, that’s the way to do it
[21/06/2015 05:32:37] alexVEVO: start small and slow
[21/06/2015 05:32:40] alexVEVO: scale as needed
[21/06/2015 05:32:52] New York Amir: and for example if i find an exact matc thtats has high CPC
[21/06/2015 05:32:53] alexVEVO: yeah this campaign is for real estate lead gen
[21/06/2015 05:32:57] New York Amir: i’ll go with broad then
[21/06/2015 05:32:59] New York Amir: for the same KW
[21/06/2015 05:33:03] New York Amir: but add tons of negative
[21/06/2015 05:33:07] New York Amir: call it a loophole
[21/06/2015 05:33:09] alexVEVO: yep.
[21/06/2015 05:33:11] New York Amir: if u wwill
[21/06/2015 05:33:14] New York Amir: u know what im saying
[21/06/2015 05:33:16] alexVEVO: I don’t have a single broad keyword
[21/06/2015 05:33:32] alexVEVO: I’ve had terrible times with broad
[21/06/2015 05:33:35] Jared: Don’t you hate when you go to do something, and you end up completely forgetting what it was?
[21/06/2015 05:33:37] New York Amir: i had to use broad cause a lot of my KW the bid was too high and we couldnt afford
[21/06/2015 05:33:41] New York Amir: the CPC or the profit margin
[21/06/2015 05:33:43] New York Amir: would be too low
[21/06/2015 05:33:46] New York Amir: CR etc..
[21/06/2015 05:33:54] alexVEVO: yeah if you have a lot of longtails, go ahead broad that shit
[21/06/2015 05:33:57] New York Amir: to be honest
[21/06/2015 05:34:00] New York Amir: those match types
[21/06/2015 05:34:05] New York Amir: i test the algo
[21/06/2015 05:34:09] New York Amir: it all dpeends
[21/06/2015 05:34:13] New York Amir: on how many peolpe
[21/06/2015 05:34:17] New York Amir: are attacking that match type
[21/06/2015 05:34:21] New York Amir: those bid changes
[21/06/2015 05:34:24] New York Amir: every day u ntocie
[21/06/2015 05:34:29] New York Amir: sometines u have to go
[21/06/2015 05:34:31] New York Amir: for broad
[21/06/2015 05:34:34] New York Amir: or phrase
[21/06/2015 05:34:44] alexVEVO: hmm
[21/06/2015 05:34:49] New York Amir: trst me
[21/06/2015 05:34:52] alexVEVO: i have a 1k KW list
[21/06/2015 05:34:53] New York Amir: i tested THE SHIT
[21/06/2015 05:34:56] New York Amir: out of this
[21/06/2015 05:34:58] New York Amir: and i was able
[21/06/2015 05:35:00] alexVEVO: either phrase/exact
[21/06/2015 05:35:09] New York Amir: to get on page 1 with some kw that bidders
[21/06/2015 05:35:11] New York Amir: HWERE paying HIGH
[21/06/2015 05:35:12] New York Amir: as shit
[21/06/2015 05:35:15] New York Amir: and i was PAYING
[21/06/2015 05:35:16] alexVEVO: yeah i know for real
[21/06/2015 05:35:17] New York Amir: low as fuck
[21/06/2015 05:35:20] alexVEVO: they’ll pay 100% more
[21/06/2015 05:35:25] alexVEVO: for 1st page streamline ad
[21/06/2015 05:35:28] New York Amir: but in the end i still needed to up my bid
[21/06/2015 05:35:35] New York Amir: we still have some search ads at 20 cent sthough lol
[21/06/2015 05:35:40] New York Amir: but to be honest i learnd a shit
[21/06/2015 05:35:41] New York Amir: ton
[21/06/2015 05:35:43] Jared: Alex, our PPC campaign was for a $30 smart pill. Once expenses were accounted for, we were left with about $14 potential profit per bottle sold. The problem is, smart pill clicks on the Google Search Network bottom out at around $1, and go as high as $6, giving us a very small margin of error to turn a profit.
[21/06/2015 05:35:44] New York Amir: from PPC
[21/06/2015 05:35:55] Jared: The client’s budget is small, too.
[21/06/2015 05:35:58] New York Amir: yep
[21/06/2015 05:36:10] alexVEVO: yeah..
[21/06/2015 05:36:14] alexVEVO: it’s all about ROI on adwords
[21/06/2015 05:36:18] alexVEVO: scale when ROI is str8
[21/06/2015 05:36:37] alexVEVO: but it may take some time to drilldown that dollar amount/cent amount on your clicks
[21/06/2015 05:36:45] alexVEVO: not only clicks, but conversions as well
[21/06/2015 05:36:47] Jared: So, we turned to the Display Network instead. We used custom sites and pixel retargetting to get 8 cent clicks, which we turn a decent profit on.
[21/06/2015 05:36:58] alexVEVO: for me display network is hit or miss
[21/06/2015 05:37:02] alexVEVO: depends on niche i believe
[21/06/2015 05:37:07] alexVEVO: I’ve gotten GREAT conversions on display
[21/06/2015 05:37:11] alexVEVO: other times I’ve gotten dogshit
[21/06/2015 05:37:37] New York Amir: we’re getting the CTR
[21/06/2015 05:37:42] Jared: Big dogshit
[21/06/2015 05:37:45] New York Amir: big doggy bag
[21/06/2015 05:37:54] alexVEVO: idk
[21/06/2015 05:37:59] New York Amir: i just hope its not manipulate clicking
[21/06/2015 05:38:05] New York Amir: from adsense users
[21/06/2015 05:38:08] alexVEVO: you can tell if its manipulate clicking
[21/06/2015 05:38:13] alexVEVO: hopefully you’re tracking conversions
[21/06/2015 05:38:19] New York Amir: we put a stop on it
[21/06/2015 05:38:28] New York Amir: stop at cetain CTR
[21/06/2015 05:38:38] alexVEVO: ahh yeah that’s a good idea
[21/06/2015 05:38:52] Jared: One thing I hate is that Google considers smart pills to be pharmaceutical, so it can be a pain in the ass getting our stuff approved. I submitted 10+ new ads — all hand-crafted in Photoshop — and every single one was rejected.
[21/06/2015 05:38:55] New York Amir: too high
[21/06/2015 05:39:03] New York Amir: it does
[21/06/2015 05:39:08] alexVEVO: I had to ban certain display websites because they were converting good, but when i sent the leads into my callcenter, they had NO clue what they signed up for
[21/06/2015 05:39:19] alexVEVO: its like wtf
[21/06/2015 05:39:20] New York Amir: loolol
[21/06/2015 05:39:28] New York Amir: ya bs traffic
[21/06/2015 05:39:32] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 05:39:35] Jared: Has anyone tried to sell at no profit, or even a loss?
[21/06/2015 05:39:35] New York Amir: those werent targetteed
[21/06/2015 05:39:48] New York Amir: diess moethod
[21/06/2015 05:39:49] Jared: It’s something I learned from Ryan Deiss, but I’ve not tried it.
[21/06/2015 05:39:58] alexVEVO: wtf does that even mean
[21/06/2015 05:40:03] alexVEVO: sell at a loss profit
[21/06/2015 05:40:06] silentassumptions: Ryan Deiss spams my inbox.
[21/06/2015 05:40:18] silentassumptions: He’s relentless.
[21/06/2015 05:40:20] Jared: Basically, you draw people in with great offers, offers so good you may even lose money on them.
[21/06/2015 05:40:27] Jared: Sounds bad, right? Well, actually, it’s not.
[21/06/2015 05:40:53] alexVEVO: Sounds like profit loss
[21/06/2015 05:41:06] Jared: Once somebody buys from you, you’ve turned them into customers. Many customers become repeat customers.
[21/06/2015 05:41:26] Jared: Basically, you take a hit in the short-term in order to win big in the long-term.
[21/06/2015 05:41:34] alexVEVO: oh.. ok… but..
[21/06/2015 05:41:35] New York Amir: half your profit should be coming back
[21/06/2015 05:41:39] alexVEVO: that’s pretty much fucking rebilling
[21/06/2015 05:41:39] New York Amir: from returning customers
[21/06/2015 05:41:43] New York Amir: depending ont he niche
[21/06/2015 05:41:45] New York Amir: the
[21/06/2015 05:41:52] alexVEVO: I sell credit repair, i make no money up front, ALL the profit comes from monthly rbill
[21/06/2015 05:41:56] New York Amir: not all the time you’ll get reutring cusotmers
[21/06/2015 05:41:58] New York Amir: for certain niches
[21/06/2015 05:42:01] New York Amir: or need it
[21/06/2015 05:42:10] alexVEVO: yeah that’s pretty basic business strategy
[21/06/2015 05:42:39] Jared: By offering a can’t-miss offer — like our $30 smart pills for $15 for first-time buyers — we’re jacking up our conversion rate, and turning mildly curious visitors into customers. Growing your customer base = winning.
[21/06/2015 05:42:52] alexVEVO: smart pills? was it neutropics?
[21/06/2015 05:43:01 | Edited 05:43:07] Jared: Yeah, a big part of this method relies on your product not being shit.
[21/06/2015 05:43:12] Jared: If it’s good, they’ll come back.
[21/06/2015 05:43:16] Jared: Over and over again.
[21/06/2015 05:43:17] New York Amir: nootropics*
[21/06/2015 05:43:21] Jared: And you’ll profit big time.
[21/06/2015 05:43:22] Jared: Lol
[21/06/2015 05:43:23] alexVEVO: thx
[21/06/2015 05:43:31] alexVEVO: nootropics some BS
[21/06/2015 05:43:31] New York Amir: ya we selling it
[21/06/2015 05:43:36] New York Amir: it sells
[21/06/2015 05:43:40] New York Amir: they buy into that Bs
[21/06/2015 05:43:40] alexVEVO: yeah i’m sure
[21/06/2015 05:43:41] New York Amir: alli care
[21/06/2015 05:43:41] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 05:43:52] New York Amir: he gave me sample
[21/06/2015 05:43:54] alexVEVO: my buddy swears that nootropics works
[21/06/2015 05:43:55] New York Amir: i tried it
[21/06/2015 05:44:00] New York Amir: i was like fuck this
[21/06/2015 05:44:03] New York Amir: so i light up a blunt
[21/06/2015 05:44:05] New York Amir: lit*
[21/06/2015 05:44:07] alexVEVO: it’s something longterm
[21/06/2015 05:44:08] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 05:44:13] alexVEVO: yeha i want that instant change
[21/06/2015 05:44:18] alexVEVO: these niggas say wait 3 months
[21/06/2015 05:44:22] New York Amir: we have returnig customes
[21/06/2015 05:44:22] New York Amir: that get it like crack
[21/06/2015 05:44:25] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 05:44:27] alexVEVO: crazy
[21/06/2015 05:44:45] New York Amir: im thinking of makign video testimonals
[21/06/2015 05:44:53] alexVEVO: I have like 15 bags of nootropics in my cabinet my friend brings over for me every week
[21/06/2015 05:44:55] New York Amir: from our tweak head customers
[21/06/2015 05:44:55] Jared: It’s probably the placebo effect, lol.
[21/06/2015 05:44:59] New York Amir: probably
[21/06/2015 05:45:04] New York Amir: to be honest
[21/06/2015 05:45:07] New York Amir: though
[21/06/2015 05:45:14] New York Amir: the acetylohcholine is not bullshit
[21/06/2015 05:45:14] Jared: Give the guy some Sweet Tarts and tell them they’re smart pills and he’ll swear he feels smarter.
[21/06/2015 05:45:15] New York Amir: at all
[21/06/2015 05:45:18] New York Amir: there is huge studies
[21/06/2015 05:45:21] New York Amir: with alzheimers
[21/06/2015 05:45:25] New York Amir: its a neurotransmitter
[21/06/2015 05:45:26] alexVEVO: [21 June 2015 05:45] New York Amir:

<<< acetylohcholine
[21/06/2015 05:45:27] Jared: Smart Tarts
[21/06/2015 05:45:34] Jared: Big lightbulb over my head
[21/06/2015 05:45:36] alexVEVO: oh so it don’t get you geeked?
[21/06/2015 05:45:37] alexVEVO: nvm
[21/06/2015 05:45:37] New York Amir: i have text on this
[21/06/2015 05:45:39] Jared: New product
[21/06/2015 05:45:42] New York Amir: i studied phsyicology
[21/06/2015 05:45:53] New York Amir: and anatomy
[21/06/2015 05:45:56] alexVEVO: im tryna figure out which nootropic get me high homie
[21/06/2015 05:45:58] New York Amir: im a proud failed medical student
[21/06/2015 05:46:04] New York Amir: caue i was too busy fuckign sluts
[21/06/2015 05:46:08] New York Amir: and partying
[21/06/2015 05:46:10] alexVEVO: damn u a hunk
[21/06/2015 05:46:12] alexVEVO: fucken hunk
[21/06/2015 05:46:21] New York Amir: alex dont get any funny ideas
[21/06/2015 05:46:22] Jared: A was studying medicine in Poland.
[21/06/2015 05:46:26] New York Amir: eyes off the merchandise
[21/06/2015 05:46:31] Jared: Lol
[21/06/2015 05:46:39] alexVEVO: i studied network engineering
[21/06/2015 05:46:44] alexVEVO: sry
[21/06/2015 05:46:57] alexVEVO: never finished
[21/06/2015 05:47:10] New York Amir: its ok u can make it up to me over a backlink
[21/06/2015 05:47:11] New York Amir: or 2
[21/06/2015 05:47:17] Jared: Lol
[21/06/2015 05:47:21] alexVEVO: hmm ahh yes, has to be very HQ bl
[21/06/2015 05:47:30] New York Amir: cnn fox news
[21/06/2015 05:47:33] New York Amir: nothing that major
[21/06/2015 05:47:41] Jared: Whitehouse.gov
[21/06/2015 05:47:50] New York Amir: just obamas adminstration
[21/06/2015 05:47:52] New York Amir: thats all
[21/06/2015 05:47:58] Jared: A backlink hand-crafted by President Obama himself.
[21/06/2015 05:48:02] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 05:48:11] alexVEVO: i can do one of the redirect BLs… http://www.whitehouse.gov/exit_website.php?site=www.my_site.com
[21/06/2015 05:48:18] alexVEVO: heard of those?
[21/06/2015 05:48:35] New York Amir: 1 backlink from that put your site further above the ad spots
[21/06/2015 05:48:40] alexVEVO: lololo
[21/06/2015 05:49:33] alexVEVO: But rly I get .gov backlinks from offsite redirects
[21/06/2015 05:49:44] alexVEVO: Do u think that shit works
[21/06/2015 05:50:08] alexVEVO: U kno wat I’m talkn bout?
[21/06/2015 05:50:31] New York Amir: blue kaiser was saying sometihng about that
[21/06/2015 05:50:43] New York Amir: think my competitor has a lnk from CNN
[21/06/2015 05:50:47] New York Amir: some spammy shit
[21/06/2015 05:50:49] New York Amir: redirect
[21/06/2015 05:50:53] New York Amir: big link juice
[21/06/2015 05:51:21] alexVEVO: yeah
[21/06/2015 05:51:30] alexVEVO: never tried it, it actually is a dofollow link though
[21/06/2015 05:51:37] alexVEVO: but it’s a redirect after 5 or so seconds
[21/06/2015 05:51:38] New York Amir: ya i heard that shit works
[21/06/2015 05:51:48] alexVEVO: they get indexed too
[21/06/2015 05:52:06] alexVEVO: might have to do a test spin on that shit one day
[21/06/2015 05:52:18] New York Amir: got to test
[21/06/2015 05:52:22] New York Amir: always test
[21/06/2015 05:52:29] New York Amir: as much as ucan
[21/06/2015 05:52:38] New York Amir: so much mis inofrmation
[21/06/2015 05:52:40] New York Amir: about seo
[21/06/2015 05:53:22] alexVEVO: yes i heard the other day backlinks do not matter anymore
[21/06/2015 05:53:24] alexVEVO: i think hes right :S
[21/06/2015 05:53:37] New York Amir: they dont
[21/06/2015 05:53:40] New York Amir: CTR is number one now
[21/06/2015 05:53:42] New York Amir: backlinks is 0
[21/06/2015 05:53:46] New York Amir: 2015 charts
[21/06/2015 05:53:48] alexVEVO: hm
[21/06/2015 05:53:50] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 05:54:03] alexVEVO: i will have my mom click on my site all day then on google
[21/06/2015 05:54:07] New York Amir: backlinks will always be the number 1 factor
[21/06/2015 05:54:18] New York Amir: its just the most logical
[21/06/2015 05:54:21] New York Amir: way
[21/06/2015 05:54:42] New York Amir: tons of other factors
[21/06/2015 05:54:45] alexVEVO: also heard from another SEO agency that “any manual build backlinks will get your site penalized”
[21/06/2015 05:54:46] New York Amir: but links high up
[21/06/2015 05:54:57] New York Amir: LOL
[21/06/2015 05:54:58] alexVEVO: must be natural backlinks m8
[21/06/2015 05:55:03] New York Amir: i hage certain agencies
[21/06/2015 05:55:29] alexVEVO: dude these agencies are fucken retarded
[21/06/2015 05:55:30] Jared: All natural backlinks . . . we’ll get your site ranked on page 10 within 5 years or 10% of your money back!
[21/06/2015 05:55:33] New York Amir: i was about to dish off my friends nootropics to an seo company due to other projects we had working on
[21/06/2015 05:55:39] New York Amir: but calling them finding one
[21/06/2015 05:55:44] New York Amir: man they’re idiots
[21/06/2015 05:55:47] alexVEVO: i bet
[21/06/2015 05:55:50] New York Amir: i must have called like 20 of them
[21/06/2015 05:55:52] alexVEVO: seriously
[21/06/2015 05:55:56] New York Amir: maybe 1 kind of knew sometihng
[21/06/2015 05:56:03] New York Amir: the rest sounded like scam artist
[21/06/2015 05:56:08] New York Amir: had no clue
[21/06/2015 05:56:11] New York Amir: wth they were saying
[21/06/2015 05:56:22] alexVEVO: “yes we will bold ur keywords”
[21/06/2015 05:56:24] Jared: SEO’s are the new used car salesmen.
[21/06/2015 05:56:27] alexVEVO: “yes 2k a month thanks”
[21/06/2015 05:56:35] New York Amir: so we took it he’s a friend of mine
[21/06/2015 05:56:44] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 05:56:46] New York Amir: they are
[21/06/2015 05:56:52] New York Amir: sales man car mechanic
[21/06/2015 05:57:00] New York Amir: “that will run u about 30 k”
[21/06/2015 05:57:03] alexVEVO: It’s a huge business.
[21/06/2015 05:57:07] alexVEVO: Buying SEO leads
[21/06/2015 05:57:09] New York Amir: “for a new seat cover?”
[21/06/2015 05:57:13] alexVEVO: closing them, reselling them to Indians.
[21/06/2015 05:57:18] New York Amir: LOL
[21/06/2015 05:57:19] alexVEVO: the actual SEO company has no clue how to do SEO
[21/06/2015 05:57:24] New York Amir: package deals are the worst
[21/06/2015 05:57:29] alexVEVO: but they charge 300% more
[21/06/2015 05:57:30] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 05:57:32] New York Amir: “rank kw for 1000 k hard kw!”
[21/06/2015 05:57:45] alexVEVO: yes bro
[21/06/2015 05:57:49] alexVEVO: buying/reselling SEO leads is huge business
[21/06/2015 05:58:10] alexVEVO: that’s how a lot of the SEO agencies operate, just buying leads and outsourcing the work
[21/06/2015 05:58:16] Jared: Buy high; outsource cheap?
[21/06/2015 05:58:28] alexVEVO: yea, in USA you can sell SEO clients up to 3k a month
[21/06/2015 05:58:29] Jared: Fucking bastards.
[21/06/2015 05:58:29] alexVEVO: easy
[21/06/2015 05:58:34] Jared: I want in.
[21/06/2015 05:58:38] alexVEVO: i see it happen daily
[21/06/2015 05:58:43] alexVEVO: because i buy ORM leads
[21/06/2015 05:58:51] alexVEVO: and yes i do outsource to indians
[21/06/2015 05:58:51] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 05:59:13] alexVEVO: but only trusted Indians- nothing against Indians that is
[21/06/2015 05:59:17] alexVEVO: some of them know what they’re doing
[21/06/2015 05:59:39] alexVEVO: but in reality Indians can’t close 2k a month USA SEO deals
[21/06/2015 06:00:34] alexVEVO: funny thing is, ORM pays sometimes double was SEO clients would pay
[21/06/2015 06:00:40] alexVEVO: yet they are 10x easier to do
[21/06/2015 06:01:29] alexVEVO: I just landed an ORM client last week, 1k a month on a 4 monther
[21/06/2015 06:01:45] alexVEVO: spent 50$, 90% of the work is done already
[21/06/2015 06:03:02] Jared: What is Zapier? Is it like a more advanced IFTTT?
[21/06/2015 06:03:10] New York Amir: lets just find seo leads
[21/06/2015 06:03:14] New York Amir: and outsource them
[21/06/2015 06:03:20] New York Amir: to rajiv
[21/06/2015 06:03:23] New York Amir: in tuiruarieurerue india
[21/06/2015 06:03:29] alexVEVO: its profit profit
[21/06/2015 06:03:31] Jared: Lol
[21/06/2015 06:03:41] alexVEVO: but you need to have good callcenter
[21/06/2015 06:03:51] alexVEVO: my callcenter definitely wouldn’t work
[21/06/2015 06:04:07] Jared: Rajiv was raised in the Punjabi jungles of southern India. The wolves taught him everything he knows, including SEO.
[21/06/2015 06:04:10] alexVEVO: SEO leads cost 30$-100$
[21/06/2015 06:04:18] alexVEVO: lolo
[21/06/2015 06:04:48] alexVEVO: I think SEO agencies are paying upwards of 30$ a click now on adwords
[21/06/2015 06:05:02] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 06:05:25] New York Amir: big animal seo raised by wolves does blackhat by over seoing his competitors
[21/06/2015 06:05:27] New York Amir: site
[21/06/2015 06:05:40] New York Amir: kw his site is the only 1 left
[21/06/2015 06:05:44] New York Amir: page 1 end result 1
[21/06/2015 06:06:05] alexVEVO: im indian, this is racist
[21/06/2015 06:06:35] alexVEVO: …jk
[21/06/2015 06:06:52] New York Amir: its ok my indian friends say the same thing to me
[21/06/2015 06:06:55] alexVEVO: company for seo
[21/06/2015 06:06:58] alexVEVO: 90$ a click
[21/06/2015 06:06:59] alexVEVO: in adwords
[21/06/2015 06:06:59] New York Amir: after they call me an irani shish kebab
[21/06/2015 06:06:59] alexVEVO: lmao
[21/06/2015 06:07:16] alexVEVO: seo company los angeles
65$ a click
[21/06/2015 06:07:23] New York Amir: jesus lol
[21/06/2015 06:07:26] New York Amir: thats insane
[21/06/2015 06:07:28] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 06:07:36] alexVEVO: bruh they are selling like 3k a month SEO
[21/06/2015 06:08:01] alexVEVO: online reputation management service
[21/06/2015 06:08:03] alexVEVO: 80$ a click
[21/06/2015 06:08:15] New York Amir: jesus
[21/06/2015 06:08:19] New York Amir: thats crazy
[21/06/2015 06:08:20] New York Amir: u from usa?
[21/06/2015 06:08:23] alexVEVO: yes
[21/06/2015 06:08:25] New York Amir: where at
[21/06/2015 06:08:27] alexVEVO: florida
[21/06/2015 06:08:30] New York Amir: nice sick state
[21/06/2015 06:08:34] alexVEVO: u?
[21/06/2015 06:08:37] New York Amir: NY
[21/06/2015 06:08:41] alexVEVO: cool
[21/06/2015 06:08:49] New York Amir: mad peopole from NY go ther
[21/06/2015 06:08:51] alexVEVO: been there numerous of occasions
[21/06/2015 06:08:53] New York Amir: and i see a shit ton
[21/06/2015 06:08:58] New York Amir: of floridians
[21/06/2015 06:09:01] New York Amir: in NY in the summer
[21/06/2015 06:09:08] alexVEVO: i’m sure, it’s 110 degrees today
[21/06/2015 06:09:14] alexVEVO: fucking terrible
[21/06/2015 06:09:16] New York Amir: miami
[21/06/2015 06:09:19] New York Amir: space clube
[21/06/2015 06:09:20] Jared: I have dreams of one day moving to Florida and celebrating Christmas on the beach in 80 degree weather.
[21/06/2015 06:09:22] New York Amir: i use to go to WMC
[21/06/2015 06:09:24] New York Amir: miami
[21/06/2015 06:09:25] alexVEVO: i’m in north florida
[21/06/2015 06:09:29] New York Amir: ah ok
[21/06/2015 06:09:38] New York Amir: thats the life jrod
[21/06/2015 06:09:40] alexVEVO: have tons of buddies in Miami though
[21/06/2015 06:09:49] New York Amir: miami got some of the hottest girls
[21/06/2015 06:09:50] alexVEVO: they own fuckload of callcenters
[21/06/2015 06:10:01] Jared: The panhandle
[21/06/2015 06:10:02] alexVEVO: Miami, babe center of the world, callcenter of the world
[21/06/2015 06:10:06] New York Amir: it is
[21/06/2015 06:10:07 | Edited 06:10:11] Jared: Panhandling in the Panhandle
[21/06/2015 06:10:13] New York Amir: fuck the girls in miami are hot
[21/06/2015 06:10:21] New York Amir: lots of foriegners
[21/06/2015 06:10:30] alexVEVO: No, florida isn’t fun during the summer bro
[21/06/2015 06:10:33] alexVEVO: it’s not fun
[21/06/2015 06:10:42] alexVEVO: my lighter busted in my car today because of the heat
[21/06/2015 06:10:42] New York Amir: i go fo rwinter music conference
[21/06/2015 06:10:45] New York Amir: never summer
[21/06/2015 06:10:47] Jared: uzr
[21/06/2015 06:10:49] alexVEVO: it was 115 degrees in my car
[21/06/2015 06:10:52] New York Amir: lolll
[21/06/2015 06:11:03] alexVEVO: walk out for 10 mins, drenched in sweat
[21/06/2015 06:11:08] alexVEVO: trust me its terrible
[21/06/2015 06:11:09] Jared: A good place to get rid of an unwanted kid.
[21/06/2015 06:11:15] alexVEVO: hmm, ahh yes
[21/06/2015 06:11:18] alexVEVO: very good
[21/06/2015 06:11:22] New York Amir: wmc
[21/06/2015 06:11:24] New York Amir: it is
[21/06/2015 06:11:25] alexVEVO: what is wmc
[21/06/2015 06:11:28] Jared: WMC?
[21/06/2015 06:11:30] New York Amir: winter music conference
[21/06/2015 06:11:33] Jared: Ah
[21/06/2015 06:11:35] New York Amir: best house dj’s from the city
[21/06/2015 06:11:38] New York Amir: go to miami
[21/06/2015 06:11:38] New York Amir: 2 weeks
[21/06/2015 06:11:40] New York Amir: of hot girls
[21/06/2015 06:11:42] New York Amir: and drugs
[21/06/2015 06:11:46] Jared: Arizona might be nice.
[21/06/2015 06:11:46] New York Amir: and lots of musick
[21/06/2015 06:11:48] alexVEVO: EMD
[21/06/2015 06:11:49] New York Amir: all day all night
[21/06/2015 06:11:50] alexVEVO: and shit
[21/06/2015 06:11:53] alexVEVO: that shit be rave?
[21/06/2015 06:11:54] New York Amir: phenoix
[21/06/2015 06:12:01] New York Amir: ya house music
[21/06/2015 06:12:03] New York Amir: progressive
[21/06/2015 06:12:05] Jared: Little rain, low humidity.
[21/06/2015 06:12:08] New York Amir: for 2 weeks
[21/06/2015 06:12:10] alexVEVO: jared where r u at
[21/06/2015 06:12:15] Jared: Heat, but comfortable heat.
[21/06/2015 06:12:34] Jared: The amazing Midwest, Alex. Surrounded by corn and fat men in NASCAR t-shirts.
[21/06/2015 06:12:39] alexVEVO: what satte
[21/06/2015 06:12:41] alexVEVO: State.
[21/06/2015 06:12:43] Jared: I want out, goddamnit.
[21/06/2015 06:12:46] Jared: Indiana
[21/06/2015 06:12:50] alexVEVO: never heard of it
[21/06/2015 06:12:58] Jared: Lol
[21/06/2015 06:13:22] alexVEVO: ahh but
[21/06/2015 06:13:28] New York Amir: big indiana jones
[21/06/2015 06:13:31] alexVEVO: EXACTLY
[21/06/2015 06:13:34] alexVEVO: was about to say that
[21/06/2015 06:13:40] New York Amir: big mind reader
[21/06/2015 06:13:46] New York Amir: i am a psychic affilate
[21/06/2015 06:13:59] alexVEVO: my friend actually promotes psychic affiliate
[21/06/2015 06:14:13] New York Amir: i believe in that stuff dont quote me though
[21/06/2015 06:14:15] Jared: There’s good money in it.
[21/06/2015 06:14:20] New York Amir: i believe it as long asu pay me
[21/06/2015 06:14:24] alexVEVO: http://affiliates.oranum.com/
[21/06/2015 06:14:28] Jared: Psychics charge outrageous prices for their B.S.
[21/06/2015 06:14:29] alexVEVO: yup, legit psychic affiliate
[21/06/2015 06:14:49] Jared: Enough to make a man discover his own psychic ability
[21/06/2015 06:14:50] Alan Katz: wow again thats what i am researching
[21/06/2015 06:15:07] alexVEVO: alan ur researching psychic affilaites m8?
[21/06/2015 06:15:14] alexVEVO: very advanced niche sir
[21/06/2015 06:15:39] Alan Katz: I here there are $100 leads
[21/06/2015 06:15:42] New York Amir: i found golden kw
[21/06/2015 06:15:46] alexVEVO: maybe
[21/06/2015 06:15:50] New York Amir: shit i didtn eve have to backlink
[21/06/2015 06:15:54] New York Amir: and m page was on 50
[21/06/2015 06:15:56] New York Amir: already
[21/06/2015 06:16:07] alexVEVO: pft
[21/06/2015 06:16:15] New York Amir: try to make an authority site out of it
[21/06/2015 06:16:24] New York Amir: blogger outreach
[21/06/2015 06:16:25] New York Amir: etc..
[21/06/2015 06:16:31] alexVEVO: high search volume m8?
[21/06/2015 06:16:34] New York Amir: meh..
[21/06/2015 06:16:36] New York Amir: not worth it
[21/06/2015 06:16:41] Alan Katz: Any suggestion on any good niches to go for? 🙂
[21/06/2015 06:16:41] New York Amir: im a moron i picked kw that had world
[21/06/2015 06:16:46] New York Amir: when i went to usa
[21/06/2015 06:16:48] New York Amir: big low
[21/06/2015 06:16:51] New York Amir: not worth i
[21/06/2015 06:16:52] New York Amir: it
[21/06/2015 06:16:55] New York Amir: not for the KW i found
[21/06/2015 06:17:03] New York Amir: its low
[21/06/2015 06:17:07] alexVEVO: fk it then
[21/06/2015 06:17:10] New York Amir: some have high competing
[21/06/2015 06:17:15] alexVEVO: oh
[21/06/2015 06:17:19] New York Amir: if u want i can get a list
[21/06/2015 06:17:27] New York Amir: but the high ones
[21/06/2015 06:17:29] New York Amir: i dont fuck iwth
[21/06/2015 06:17:31] alexVEVO: high comp low volume
[21/06/2015 06:17:33] alexVEVO: ??????????
[21/06/2015 06:17:37] New York Amir: ya
[21/06/2015 06:17:44] New York Amir: not worth it
[21/06/2015 06:17:46] alexVEVO: is it finance niche
[21/06/2015 06:17:51] alexVEVO: because that’s what i mostly do
[21/06/2015 06:18:01] New York Amir: psychic
[21/06/2015 06:18:08] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 06:18:16] alexVEVO: they make tons of money
[21/06/2015 06:18:21] New York Amir: i might make my own product
[21/06/2015 06:18:23] alexVEVO: they have psychic live streamers
[21/06/2015 06:18:28] alexVEVO: u pay like 6$ a minute
[21/06/2015 06:18:31] New York Amir: do some medittatio bulllshit
[21/06/2015 06:18:32] alexVEVO: u pick ur psychic u want
[21/06/2015 06:18:32] alexVEVO: etc
[21/06/2015 06:18:41] New York Amir: or some pdf books who knows
[21/06/2015 06:18:47] New York Amir: i want to make an authrity site out of it
[21/06/2015 06:18:47] alexVEVO: publish clickbank
[21/06/2015 06:18:51] alexVEVO: u make $$$ big $$$
[21/06/2015 06:19:02] New York Amir: ya i know having affliates
[21/06/2015 06:19:06] New York Amir: do the marketing for me
[21/06/2015 06:19:21] New York Amir: but that site is on hold
[21/06/2015 06:19:23] alexVEVO: yea that too
[21/06/2015 06:19:26] New York Amir: currelcty on 2 projects
[21/06/2015 06:19:41] alexVEVO: ive never done SEO for affiliate offers
[21/06/2015 06:19:49] New York Amir: our first site was amazon
[21/06/2015 06:20:00] New York Amir: we fucked up the tier linking well we did it half right
[21/06/2015 06:20:09] New York Amir: up to tier 2 didnt back them up
[21/06/2015 06:20:10] alexVEVO: fresh domain or expired domain
[21/06/2015 06:20:13] New York Amir: fresh
[21/06/2015 06:20:15] New York Amir: ranked it
[21/06/2015 06:20:17] New York Amir: got to page 1
[21/06/2015 06:20:20] New York Amir: spammed it
[21/06/2015 06:20:25] New York Amir: still there its jrods now
[21/06/2015 06:20:37] New York Amir: cause i wanted to work on my site
[21/06/2015 06:20:42] New York Amir: so he fully took over it
[21/06/2015 06:20:44] alexVEVO: is it making cashflow
[21/06/2015 06:20:48] New York Amir: it is
[21/06/2015 06:20:51] New York Amir: sold tables
[21/06/2015 06:20:57] alexVEVO: so its not thin affiliate
[21/06/2015 06:21:01] New York Amir: from amazon
[21/06/2015 06:21:03] New York Amir: nail stuff
[21/06/2015 06:21:07] New York Amir: it is
[21/06/2015 06:21:17] alexVEVO: so it has some good amount of content
[21/06/2015 06:21:20] alexVEVO: unique content
[21/06/2015 06:21:23] New York Amir: not really
[21/06/2015 06:21:30] New York Amir: for backlining?
[21/06/2015 06:21:31] New York Amir: ya
[21/06/2015 06:21:32] New York Amir: tier 1
[21/06/2015 06:21:39] New York Amir: it was a while back our first tier project
[21/06/2015 06:21:40] New York Amir: in march
[21/06/2015 06:21:41] New York Amir: of last year
[21/06/2015 06:21:49] New York Amir: first atnying
[21/06/2015 06:21:52] alexVEVO: lol no algo penalties since?
[21/06/2015 06:21:54] New York Amir: just started learning last year
[21/06/2015 06:21:57] New York Amir: in marh
[21/06/2015 06:22:00] New York Amir: march
[21/06/2015 06:22:02] New York Amir: from scratch
[21/06/2015 06:22:05] alexVEVO: ah so u quick learner
[21/06/2015 06:22:07] New York Amir: about marketing seo
[21/06/2015 06:22:10] New York Amir: no penelaties
[21/06/2015 06:22:13] New York Amir: nah i just studied
[21/06/2015 06:22:20] New York Amir: 19 hours aday
[21/06/2015 06:22:24] alexVEVO: sounds about right
[21/06/2015 06:22:26] alexVEVO: same
[21/06/2015 06:22:29] New York Amir: gettign whatver i can get my hands on
[21/06/2015 06:22:32] New York Amir: and reading
[21/06/2015 06:22:36] New York Amir: nots just seo
[21/06/2015 06:22:38] New York Amir: smo smm
[21/06/2015 06:22:41] New York Amir: marketing in general
[21/06/2015 06:22:42] alexVEVO: yea
[21/06/2015 06:22:44] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 06:22:45] New York Amir: psychology
[21/06/2015 06:22:47] New York Amir: cosumer
[21/06/2015 06:22:51] New York Amir: social triggers
[21/06/2015 06:22:52] New York Amir: evertying
[21/06/2015 06:22:55] alexVEVO: all good
[21/06/2015 06:23:00] alexVEVO: do you do SEO for clients
[21/06/2015 06:23:00] New York Amir: its a lotof shit
[21/06/2015 06:23:04] New York Amir: still learing
[21/06/2015 06:23:09] New York Amir: never stop
[21/06/2015 06:23:14] alexVEVO: do u have SEO clients
[21/06/2015 06:23:41] New York Amir: nope
[21/06/2015 06:23:43] New York Amir: just ppc
[21/06/2015 06:23:47] alexVEVO: oh right
[21/06/2015 06:23:51] New York Amir: no seo for anyone but me own sites
[21/06/2015 06:23:53] alexVEVO: the only SEO i do is for clients
[21/06/2015 06:23:55] alexVEVO: not my own sites
[21/06/2015 06:23:56] alexVEVO: :S
[21/06/2015 06:24:04] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 06:24:07] alexVEVO: never tried for my own
[21/06/2015 06:24:09] New York Amir: oppposite
[21/06/2015 06:24:12] New York Amir: why not?
[21/06/2015 06:24:12] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 06:24:16] New York Amir: tons of affiliates
[21/06/2015 06:24:19] New York Amir: make a lot
[21/06/2015 06:24:30] alexVEVO: I know
[21/06/2015 06:24:32] New York Amir: how long u been doing seo for?
[21/06/2015 06:24:36] alexVEVO: 3 yrs
[21/06/2015 06:24:40] New York Amir: nice
[21/06/2015 06:24:40] alexVEVO: full time, 3 yrs at least
[21/06/2015 06:24:56] alexVEVO: I have 6-7 clients that pay 500-1k a month
[21/06/2015 06:25:01] New York Amir: 1 year here and 2 yeasr before that was web design and coding
[21/06/2015 06:25:06] New York Amir: before that bum city
[21/06/2015 06:25:09] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 06:25:19] alexVEVO: PHP sql?
[21/06/2015 06:25:21] alexVEVO: or programming?
[21/06/2015 06:25:32] New York Amir: very basci iw as getting into learing
[21/06/2015 06:25:37] New York Amir: but i started with PS
[21/06/2015 06:25:38] New York Amir: photoshp
[21/06/2015 06:25:44] New York Amir: then learned html
[21/06/2015 06:25:45] alexVEVO: yea
[21/06/2015 06:25:47] New York Amir: CSS a lot
[21/06/2015 06:25:49] New York Amir: that was a bitch
[21/06/2015 06:25:50] alexVEVO: ah so design
[21/06/2015 06:25:50] New York Amir: to learn
[21/06/2015 06:25:53] New York Amir: ya
[21/06/2015 06:25:57] New York Amir: jquery
[21/06/2015 06:26:00] alexVEVO: good
[21/06/2015 06:26:02] New York Amir: javascript basics
[21/06/2015 06:26:07] New York Amir: i love queury
[21/06/2015 06:26:11] New York Amir: so some programming
[21/06/2015 06:26:19] alexVEVO: yeah JS borderline programming
[21/06/2015 06:26:23] New York Amir: i still want to continue
[21/06/2015 06:26:27] alexVEVO: I was doing security penetration testing
[21/06/2015 06:26:29] New York Amir: and learn them
[21/06/2015 06:26:30] alexVEVO: on web software
[21/06/2015 06:26:38] alexVEVO: for the longest time
[21/06/2015 06:26:39] New York Amir: but last year i wanted to get into the marketing
[21/06/2015 06:26:42] New York Amir: aspects of the web
[21/06/2015 06:26:46] New York Amir: and slowly drifited away
[21/06/2015 06:26:51] New York Amir: me and jrod di web sites
[21/06/2015 06:26:52] New York Amir: for clients
[21/06/2015 06:26:55] New York Amir: built them
[21/06/2015 06:27:07] New York Amir: my sites down now lol
[21/06/2015 06:27:12] New York Amir: not sure what happened
[21/06/2015 06:27:17] alexVEVO: i ddosd it
[21/06/2015 06:27:19] New York Amir: have to call blue
[21/06/2015 06:27:34] New York Amir: web design is in the past now not doing with it so much cause of marketing
[21/06/2015 06:27:41] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 06:27:41] New York Amir: got heave into learning it etc.
[21/06/2015 06:27:44] alexVEVO: web design for plebs
[21/06/2015 06:27:45] New York Amir: and i love it
[21/06/2015 06:27:49] New York Amir: i love doding though
[21/06/2015 06:27:50] alexVEVO: marketing is fun
[21/06/2015 06:27:51] New York Amir: coding
[21/06/2015 06:27:55] New York Amir: its fun for me too
[21/06/2015 06:27:57] alexVEVO: niga coding lame and boring
[21/06/2015 06:27:59] New York Amir: but i need to get rich
[21/06/2015 06:28:01] New York Amir: fast
[21/06/2015 06:28:02] alexVEVO: i did coding for the longest
[21/06/2015 06:28:08] alexVEVO: PHP, SQL, perl python
[21/06/2015 06:28:10] alexVEVO: so boring
[21/06/2015 06:28:14] New York Amir: really?
[21/06/2015 06:28:17] New York Amir: i think they’re fun
[21/06/2015 06:28:19] alexVEVO: for me at least
[21/06/2015 06:28:26] alexVEVO: no social interaction
[21/06/2015 06:28:27] New York Amir: and i like assembly
[21/06/2015 06:28:30] New York Amir: low level programming
[21/06/2015 06:28:32] alexVEVO: never got into ASM
[21/06/2015 06:28:46] New York Amir: thats pretty fun too difficult though
[21/06/2015 06:28:51] alexVEVO: ASM if for uh
[21/06/2015 06:28:53] alexVEVO: debugging
[21/06/2015 06:28:55] New York Amir: i only learnd conceups
[21/06/2015 06:28:55] alexVEVO: and shit
[21/06/2015 06:28:58] New York Amir: and building OP
[21/06/2015 06:29:00] New York Amir: OS
[21/06/2015 06:29:04] alexVEVO: ah
[21/06/2015 06:29:04] New York Amir: oeprationg systems
[21/06/2015 06:29:18] New York Amir: u can build a low level mixed in with C++
[21/06/2015 06:29:19] alexVEVO: yeah I use to code PHP/SQL backend database software
[21/06/2015 06:29:20] New York Amir: or c
[21/06/2015 06:29:25] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 06:29:34] New York Amir: database sql ya
[21/06/2015 06:29:37] New York Amir: thast eats
[21/06/2015 06:29:40] New York Amir: PRINT ?
[21/06/2015 06:29:42] New York Amir: stuff liek that
[21/06/2015 06:29:44] New York Amir: i haven leraned it
[21/06/2015 06:29:48] New York Amir: i see some vids o it
[21/06/2015 06:29:53] alexVEVO: I made a backend DB software for a haircut small business
[21/06/2015 06:29:54] New York Amir: mysql
[21/06/2015 06:30:01] alexVEVO: manage clients, etc
[21/06/2015 06:30:08] alexVEVO: it’s kinda fun i guess
[21/06/2015 06:30:12] New York Amir: ya need that
[21/06/2015 06:30:19] New York Amir: i like the cding part
[21/06/2015 06:30:21] New York Amir: how about sercuitiy?
[21/06/2015 06:30:23] New York Amir: for ur clients sites?
[21/06/2015 06:30:27] New York Amir: security?
[21/06/2015 06:30:37] New York Amir: epsecially if u have a big time site pulling in $$$$
[21/06/2015 06:30:38] alexVEVO: yeah, because i like doing security testing, i do that shit for free
[21/06/2015 06:30:46] alexVEVO: for clients
[21/06/2015 06:30:56] New York Amir: mad hackers out there
[21/06/2015 06:31:04] New York Amir: the other side of “blackhat” seo
[21/06/2015 06:31:11] New York Amir: black hat marketing
[21/06/2015 06:31:17] alexVEVO: I DID malware removing on sites and potential security flaw testing
[21/06/2015 06:31:22] alexVEVO: no
[21/06/2015 06:31:28] alexVEVO: that shits just called black hat hackers niga
[21/06/2015 06:31:39] alexVEVO: they pull credit card databases
[21/06/2015 06:31:44] alexVEVO: resell them shits for moneymoney
[21/06/2015 06:31:56] New York Amir: ya true
[21/06/2015 06:31:59] New York Amir: big injection
[21/06/2015 06:32:00] alexVEVO: or they setup a spam mail server on ur site
[21/06/2015 06:32:03] alexVEVO: SQL injection yep
[21/06/2015 06:32:05] alexVEVO: still huge
[21/06/2015 06:32:09] New York Amir: ya of course
[21/06/2015 06:32:10] New York Amir: DB
[21/06/2015 06:32:13] New York Amir: always someone
[21/06/2015 06:32:15] New York Amir: fucking it up
[21/06/2015 06:32:16] alexVEVO: that was kinda of my main specialty
[21/06/2015 06:32:20] New York Amir: with one wrong move
[21/06/2015 06:32:20] alexVEVO: was sql injection
[21/06/2015 06:32:25] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 06:32:29] New York Amir: take mad info
[21/06/2015 06:32:38] alexVEVO: very fun
[21/06/2015 06:32:41] alexVEVO: but very end up in jail.
[21/06/2015 06:32:52] alexVEVO: learned the hard way
[21/06/2015 06:32:55] alexVEVO: but its str8
[21/06/2015 06:33:26] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 06:33:33] New York Amir: ya big serious crimes
[21/06/2015 06:33:44] alexVEVO: Yep..
[21/06/2015 06:34:52] alexVEVO: What’s a fun android game
[21/06/2015 06:34:54] New York Amir: trying to get that $$$
[21/06/2015 06:35:02] New York Amir: i been reading about offline tactics too
[21/06/2015 06:35:09] New York Amir: going to utilize them on campus marketing
[21/06/2015 06:35:15] New York Amir: get some hot girls walkign around
[21/06/2015 06:35:17] New York Amir: big tits
[21/06/2015 06:35:27] New York Amir: promotional stuff etc..
[21/06/2015 06:35:31] alexVEVO: Convert big tits
[21/06/2015 06:35:33] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 06:35:40] alexVEVO: Very nice
[21/06/2015 06:35:43] New York Amir: Big tits is a high factor when it comes to CR
[21/06/2015 06:35:51] alexVEVO: Tru…
[21/06/2015 06:36:17] alexVEVO: TBH
[21/06/2015 06:36:34] alexVEVO: I’ve used college students to write free content so they can “promote their writing career”
[21/06/2015 06:36:40] alexVEVO: just go to the local coffee shop
[21/06/2015 06:36:45] alexVEVO: find the nearest hipster
[21/06/2015 06:36:46] alexVEVO: etc
[21/06/2015 06:36:51] alexVEVO: very easy content creation
[21/06/2015 06:37:20] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 06:37:26] New York Amir: not a bad idea
[21/06/2015 06:37:32] New York Amir: big do i steal ur idea and modify it
[21/06/2015 06:37:33] New York Amir: i imght
[21/06/2015 06:37:33] alexVEVO: it works i promise
[21/06/2015 06:37:34] New York Amir: might
[21/06/2015 06:37:44] alexVEVO: do as u wish
[21/06/2015 06:37:52] alexVEVO: even highschool students
[21/06/2015 06:37:54] New York Amir: (bandit)
[21/06/2015 06:38:02] New York Amir: im 33
[21/06/2015 06:38:04] alexVEVO: no but for real
[21/06/2015 06:38:08] alexVEVO: sersly
[21/06/2015 06:38:09] New York Amir: im not going up to high school students
[21/06/2015 06:38:11] alexVEVO: u old ass sht
[21/06/2015 06:38:16] New York Amir: they might arrest my ass
[21/06/2015 06:38:19] alexVEVO: yeah u bout to get chris hasnen
[21/06/2015 06:38:23] alexVEVO: pop out of the shit
[21/06/2015 06:38:24] New York Amir: who?
[21/06/2015 06:38:32] alexVEVO: chris Hansen, to catch a predator homie
[21/06/2015 06:38:36] alexVEVO: dateline NBC
[21/06/2015 06:38:43] alexVEVO: u don’t need that
[21/06/2015 06:38:44] New York Amir: did he catch a predator?
[21/06/2015 06:38:47] New York Amir: animals
[21/06/2015 06:38:52] New York Amir: like animal planet
[21/06/2015 06:38:56] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 06:39:02] alexVEVO: different kinda predator
[21/06/2015 06:39:05] alexVEVO: :S
[21/06/2015 06:39:07] New York Amir: ya i dont need that
[21/06/2015 06:39:10] alexVEVO: no
[21/06/2015 06:39:12] New York Amir: how old are you??
[21/06/2015 06:39:14] alexVEVO: 22
[21/06/2015 06:39:21] New York Amir: young cat doing seo
[21/06/2015 06:39:26] New York Amir: u lucky bastard
[21/06/2015 06:39:30] alexVEVO: yes start early
[21/06/2015 06:39:34] New York Amir: lets switch ages
[21/06/2015 06:39:45] New York Amir: be a billinare by the time im 25
[21/06/2015 06:39:46] alexVEVO: SEO for all ages
[21/06/2015 06:40:14] New York Amir: 33 now see how far i get when i hit 35
[21/06/2015 06:40:19] New York Amir: 2 years from now
[21/06/2015 06:40:34] New York Amir: its a tough road
[21/06/2015 06:40:36] alexVEVO: most rich SEOers ive met
[21/06/2015 06:40:43] alexVEVO: are making money from clients
[21/06/2015 06:40:50] alexVEVO: but that’s just what ive seen
[21/06/2015 06:40:52] New York Amir: most of them didnt hit their mark till later
[21/06/2015 06:40:56] New York Amir: clients?
[21/06/2015 06:40:59] New York Amir: meh.
[21/06/2015 06:41:02] New York Amir: debatable i guess
[21/06/2015 06:41:03] alexVEVO: i love it
[21/06/2015 06:41:06] alexVEVO: its so easy
[21/06/2015 06:41:24] New York Amir: client seo good for scamming
[21/06/2015 06:41:31] New York Amir: clients who have no clue what they’re doing
[21/06/2015 06:41:41] alexVEVO: idk
[21/06/2015 06:41:48] New York Amir: unless you’re alegit firm
[21/06/2015 06:41:50] alexVEVO: SEO is something not many people know about
[21/06/2015 06:41:54] alexVEVO: they don’t know WTF they do
[21/06/2015 06:41:55] New York Amir: its not
[21/06/2015 06:42:07] alexVEVO: I know if I rank their site
[21/06/2015 06:42:10] New York Amir: u have to understand the mechanics first
[21/06/2015 06:42:12] alexVEVO: I’m charging 800$ a month
[21/06/2015 06:42:18] alexVEVO: i’m tracking the leads the get from my SEO
[21/06/2015 06:42:25] alexVEVO: i know for a fact they are making theirmoney back PLUS profit
[21/06/2015 06:42:43] New York Amir: 800 a month to rank?
[21/06/2015 06:42:44] New York Amir: local se?
[21/06/2015 06:42:45] New York Amir: seo?
[21/06/2015 06:42:47] New York Amir: kw?
[21/06/2015 06:42:47] alexVEVO: 800-1k
[21/06/2015 06:42:52] alexVEVO: well 500-1k
[21/06/2015 06:42:58] New York Amir: thats low
[21/06/2015 06:42:59] alexVEVO: mostly local, some statewide
[21/06/2015 06:43:03] alexVEVO: it is low, lol
[21/06/2015 06:43:04] New York Amir: ah ok
[21/06/2015 06:43:13] alexVEVO: i do charge low\
[21/06/2015 06:43:13] New York Amir: 1k for local
[21/06/2015 06:43:17] alexVEVO: no
[21/06/2015 06:43:19] New York Amir: reasonalbe
[21/06/2015 06:43:20] alexVEVO: 500 for local
[21/06/2015 06:43:21] alexVEVO: 1k for state
[21/06/2015 06:43:28] alexVEVO: generally
[21/06/2015 06:43:29] New York Amir: too cheap
[21/06/2015 06:43:31] Alan Katz: How do you get clients?
[21/06/2015 06:43:35] alexVEVO: it’s cheap A
[21/06/2015 06:43:37] alexVEVO: yes
[21/06/2015 06:43:39] alexVEVO: but listen
[21/06/2015 06:43:40] New York Amir: i get comission
[21/06/2015 06:43:42] New York Amir: 30%
[21/06/2015 06:43:45] alexVEVO: I get a shiton of referels from clients.
[21/06/2015 06:43:48] New York Amir: for local seo its easy to rank
[21/06/2015 06:43:57] alexVEVO: because i’m cheap and do a good job
[21/06/2015 06:44:06] New York Amir: you’r etrying to build ur business
[21/06/2015 06:44:06] alexVEVO: every client i have, they refer me to at least 1 person
[21/06/2015 06:44:11] alexVEVO: yea true
[21/06/2015 06:44:27] New York Amir: local i guess is good for client
[21/06/2015 06:44:30] New York Amir: i might look into that
[21/06/2015 06:44:32] alexVEVO: and Alan, i get clients from referels.
[21/06/2015 06:44:43] alexVEVO: dude it’s such easy money
[21/06/2015 06:44:44] New York Amir: just to make some quick cahs
[21/06/2015 06:44:44] Alan Katz: You use GSA PBNs?
[21/06/2015 06:44:52] alexVEVO: what the heck is a GSA pbn
[21/06/2015 06:45:03] New York Amir: think he’s if u do both
[21/06/2015 06:45:05] Alan Katz: GSA or PBNs
[21/06/2015 06:45:09] alexVEVO: oh both defintely
[21/06/2015 06:45:15] Alan Katz: lol
[21/06/2015 06:45:15] alexVEVO: web 2.0 + GSA, and PBNs
[21/06/2015 06:45:26] Alan Katz: 301s?
[21/06/2015 06:45:37] alexVEVO: spometimes i do expired domains -> 301s
[21/06/2015 06:45:40] alexVEVO: sure
[21/06/2015 06:45:45] alexVEVO: depends on the competition of the niche
[21/06/2015 06:46:06] alexVEVO: but to be honest
[21/06/2015 06:46:13] New York Amir: how about expired 2.0
[21/06/2015 06:46:14] alexVEVO: If i have a client ranking in a [city]
[21/06/2015 06:46:16] Alan Katz: How many PBN’s does it take on average for local?
[21/06/2015 06:46:19] alexVEVO: its so easy
[21/06/2015 06:46:28] New York Amir: jrods a master at finding them
[21/06/2015 06:46:33] alexVEVO: I’ve never bought expired 2.0s, ive thought about buying old tumblrs and bloggers
[21/06/2015 06:46:36] New York Amir: expired web 2.0
[21/06/2015 06:46:37] alexVEVO: never done it though
[21/06/2015 06:46:38] New York Amir: redirect link juice
[21/06/2015 06:46:46] New York Amir: no needto spend $
[21/06/2015 06:46:50] New York Amir: tumblr blogger etc..
[21/06/2015 06:46:53] alexVEVO: [21 June 2015 06:46] Alan Katz:

<<< How many PBN’s does it take on average for local?3
[21/06/2015 06:46:54] New York Amir: reactivae old url
[21/06/2015 06:46:58] alexVEVO: yeah
[21/06/2015 06:47:03] Alan Katz: Thats low
[21/06/2015 06:47:08] alexVEVO: depends what city
[21/06/2015 06:47:13] alexVEVO: [bumfuck], florida
[21/06/2015 06:47:16] alexVEVO: 3 pbns
[21/06/2015 06:47:29] alexVEVO: Orlando, florida = 15 pbns
[21/06/2015 06:47:34] alexVEVO: but it just depends on the niche bro
[21/06/2015 06:47:39] alexVEVO: no way to give any exact amount on anything
[21/06/2015 06:47:43] alexVEVO: so many variable factors
[21/06/2015 06:48:13] alexVEVO: A, I’ve tried a few methods myself to get old tumblrs
[21/06/2015 06:48:15] alexVEVO: and bloggers
[21/06/2015 06:48:20] alexVEVO: scrapebox etc
[21/06/2015 06:48:23] New York Amir: yep box
[21/06/2015 06:48:32] New York Amir: fidn the broken link checker
[21/06/2015 06:48:32] New York Amir: url
[21/06/2015 06:48:33] New York Amir: vanity
[21/06/2015 06:48:35] New York Amir: add on
[21/06/2015 06:48:36] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 06:48:39] New York Amir: oo vanity
[21/06/2015 06:48:41] alexVEVO: do u have a good amount?
[21/06/2015 06:48:46] alexVEVO: i might buy from u?
[21/06/2015 06:48:56] New York Amir: hmm we havent scraped them in a while
[21/06/2015 06:48:58] alexVEVO: cuz i can’t find any
[21/06/2015 06:48:59] alexVEVO: yeah
[21/06/2015 06:48:59] New York Amir: and we used them
[21/06/2015 06:49:06] alexVEVO: i cant find any
[21/06/2015 06:49:06] New York Amir: for one of the sites
[21/06/2015 06:49:09] New York Amir: u cant?
[21/06/2015 06:49:11] alexVEVO: i’m sure they HELP GREATLY
[21/06/2015 06:49:14] New York Amir: ya they do
[21/06/2015 06:49:20] New York Amir: they boost ur seo fast
[21/06/2015 06:49:23] alexVEVO: I find a few
[21/06/2015 06:49:24] New York Amir: consideering
[21/06/2015 06:49:28] New York Amir: they’re already indexied
[21/06/2015 06:49:29] alexVEVO: but not a lot, so time consuming
[21/06/2015 06:49:33] alexVEVO: i’d rather just buy them
[21/06/2015 06:49:35] alexVEVO: yeah i know’
[21/06/2015 06:49:39] New York Amir: ya it is time consuming
[21/06/2015 06:49:47] alexVEVO: google: intext:”This tumblr is not active”
[21/06/2015 06:49:50] alexVEVO: whatever the fuck it is
[21/06/2015 06:49:51] alexVEVO: idk
[21/06/2015 06:50:06] alexVEVO: rather just buy them
[21/06/2015 06:50:40] Alan Katz: Do you rank Google Map pack as well?
[21/06/2015 06:50:44] alexVEVO: yes
[21/06/2015 06:50:50] alexVEVO: main goal of local clients
[21/06/2015 06:50:51] alexVEVO: 8pack
[21/06/2015 06:51:17] alexVEVO: honestly 8pack is a bitch.
[21/06/2015 06:51:21] alexVEVO: so fucking annoying
[21/06/2015 06:51:31] alexVEVO: citations matter, reviews matter, G+ page matters
[21/06/2015 06:51:46] alexVEVO: onsite/backlink of site matters.
[21/06/2015 06:52:09] alexVEVO: but I’ve seen on many occasions Bullshit sites rank over my client’s site in the 8pack
[21/06/2015 06:52:19] alexVEVO: so it’s something I haven’t fully figured out yet…
[21/06/2015 06:52:52] Alan Katz: Do you build Pbns or Buy links?
[21/06/2015 06:53:10] alexVEVO: I make my own pbn.
[21/06/2015 06:53:45] New York Amir: not active?
[21/06/2015 06:53:51] New York Amir: maybe the url is gone
[21/06/2015 06:53:51] alexVEVO: ??
[21/06/2015 06:54:12] alexVEVO: I buy from expireddomains.net
[21/06/2015 06:54:19] alexVEVO: And domcop
[21/06/2015 06:55:02] New York Amir: neve started a pbn
[21/06/2015 06:55:04] alexVEVO: Or buy from trusted supplier
[21/06/2015 06:55:16] alexVEVO: Pbns are fire..
[21/06/2015 06:55:48] alexVEVO: For 15$ rank any local client u want
[21/06/2015 06:55:51] Alan Katz: You go by TF or DA?
[21/06/2015 06:55:59] alexVEVO: Neither
[21/06/2015 06:56:09] Alan Katz: links?
[21/06/2015 06:56:23] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 06:56:25] alexVEVO: always
[21/06/2015 06:56:41] alexVEVO: vigorously vet backlink profile
[21/06/2015 06:56:52] Alan Katz: I here that TF and DA are BS its about the Backlinks
[21/06/2015 06:57:02] alexVEVO: I don’t trust any BS metric
[21/06/2015 06:57:05] alexVEVO: TF maybe.
[21/06/2015 06:57:10] New York Amir: its all about the backlinksss babyyy
[21/06/2015 06:57:11] alexVEVO: everything else is BS
[21/06/2015 06:57:20] Alan Katz: TF went crazy last week
[21/06/2015 06:57:20] alexVEVO: I can manipulate the DA and PA all day
[21/06/2015 06:57:28] New York Amir: cittation flow
[21/06/2015 06:57:35] New York Amir: u need and trust
[21/06/2015 06:57:45] alexVEVO: yeah those are good metrics
[21/06/2015 06:57:49] New York Amir: very good
[21/06/2015 06:57:55] alexVEVO: but fuck metrics
[21/06/2015 06:58:05] alexVEVO: manually reviewing BL profile
[21/06/2015 06:58:06] New York Amir: ya u dont need them u can spam
[21/06/2015 06:58:08] New York Amir: it all to hell
[21/06/2015 06:58:11] New York Amir: wont matter
[21/06/2015 06:58:16] New York Amir: as long as u get to 1
[21/06/2015 06:58:18] New York Amir: and stable
[21/06/2015 06:58:19] alexVEVO: tru
[21/06/2015 06:58:36] alexVEVO: I check the backlinks.
[21/06/2015 06:58:39] Alan Katz: What do you look for in a BL profile?
[21/06/2015 06:58:40] alexVEVO: and then I look at the backlinks
[21/06/2015 06:58:49] alexVEVO: and then I look at the out bound link ratio
[21/06/2015 06:58:57] alexVEVO: the lower % the better
[21/06/2015 06:59:12] alexVEVO: I don’t care if the domain has 7 backlinks
[21/06/2015 06:59:25] alexVEVO: if it has a Wikipedia backlink and.. maybe a huffingtonpost backlink
[21/06/2015 06:59:32] alexVEVO: i’m buying it now
[21/06/2015 06:59:46] alexVEVO: ahrefs is great
[21/06/2015 06:59:47] New York Amir: check their backlinks
[21/06/2015 06:59:50] New York Amir: and steal it
[21/06/2015 07:00:02] New York Amir: webmeup.com
[21/06/2015 07:00:04] New York Amir: i love them
[21/06/2015 07:00:14] alexVEVO: yeah as long as the top backlinks of great authority
[21/06/2015 07:00:18] alexVEVO: webmeup.com
[21/06/2015 07:01:02] alexVEVO: what is that?
[21/06/2015 07:01:03] alexVEVO: free BL checker?
[21/06/2015 07:02:20] alexVEVO: freeee???
[21/06/2015 07:02:56] alexVEVO: no not free
[21/06/2015 07:04:27] alexVEVO: hmm, webmeup costs 60$ a month for 100 reports??
[21/06/2015 07:05:01] alexVEVO: ahrefs costs 80$ a month for 5 million data rows :X
[21/06/2015 07:08:36] New York Amir: i use it for a trial run
[21/06/2015 07:08:40] New York Amir: it just looks cool
[21/06/2015 07:08:45] New York Amir: the colors attract me
[21/06/2015 07:08:55] alexVEVO: how longs the trial for
[21/06/2015 07:09:53] New York Amir: few days i think amount of times u use it
[21/06/2015 07:09:57] New York Amir: it was ages ago
[21/06/2015 07:10:17] New York Amir: i haven tbeen dign so much seo
[21/06/2015 07:10:19] New York Amir: just ppc
[21/06/2015 07:10:28] New York Amir: i only have one site with seo
[21/06/2015 07:10:37] New York Amir: jrod backlined his onw product pages
[21/06/2015 07:10:37] New York Amir: on that
[21/06/2015 07:10:42] New York Amir: we seeing the ranks go up
[21/06/2015 07:10:45] alexVEVO: we need to get together and trade advanced top secret PPC strategies
[21/06/2015 07:10:48] New York Amir: but not enough tier power
[21/06/2015 07:10:51] alexVEVO: because i’m doing a lot of this
[21/06/2015 07:10:57] New York Amir: same
[21/06/2015 07:11:06] New York Amir: trying to get rich
[21/06/2015 07:11:12] New York Amir: got to master the trade frist
[21/06/2015 07:11:13] New York Amir: to be the best
[21/06/2015 07:11:14] alexVEVO: it’s not much, just 200$ a day
[21/06/2015 07:11:20] New York Amir: we need 20 k aday
[21/06/2015 07:11:22] New York Amir: think big alex
[21/06/2015 07:11:25] alexVEVO: hm yes
[21/06/2015 07:11:30] alexVEVO: add me
[21/06/2015 07:11:33] New York Amir: k
[21/06/2015 07:23:22] Jared: 33 people, and about 5 of us speak.
[21/06/2015 07:23:40] alexVEVO: that’s hwo Skype chats go
[21/06/2015 07:23:41] Jared: What are the rest doing? Oh, right. Actually succeeding. My bad.
[21/06/2015 07:24:04] alexVEVO: or copy and pasting the Skype logs
[21/06/2015 07:24:11] alexVEVO: reviewing it for later
[21/06/2015 07:24:28] Jared: I’d be flattered if someone felt my chat was worthy of being copy-and-pasted.
[21/06/2015 07:29:52] alexVEVO: lol0lol
[21/06/2015 07:30:07] alexVEVO: nah but that’s how Skype groups work
[21/06/2015 07:30:14] alexVEVO: skype groups are trash
[21/06/2015 09:28:27] *** Tim Ferris joined. ***
[21/06/2015 09:38:46] Alan Katz: 4 Hour Work Week?
[21/06/2015 09:47:55] *** John Snow joined. ***
[21/06/2015 09:48:18] John Snow: Hello everyone
[21/06/2015 09:48:21] John Snow: I’m from wickedfire
[21/06/2015 09:48:23] John Snow: I’m not gay
[21/06/2015 09:48:36] John Snow: everyone away?
[21/06/2015 10:30:07] Alan Katz: Game of Thrones?
[21/06/2015 10:30:21] John Snow: nop
[21/06/2015 10:32:55] Jānis Kreislers: Here are some SEO expert ?
[21/06/2015 10:33:08] John Snow: 😀
[21/06/2015 10:33:12] John Snow: I think everyone would call themselves
[21/06/2015 10:33:17] John Snow: SEO “EXPERT”
[21/06/2015 10:33:20] Jared: This room is comprised of only the best of the best.
[21/06/2015 10:33:31] John Snow: oh wait
[21/06/2015 10:33:42] John Snow: best of the best or the finest of the finest
[21/06/2015 10:33:53] Jared: Finet does sound more elegant.
[21/06/2015 10:33:55] Jared: Yes, that will do.
[21/06/2015 10:34:04] Jared: We are the world’s marketing elite.
[21/06/2015 10:34:23] John Snow: Master Race
[21/06/2015 10:34:50] Jānis Kreislers: funny
[21/06/2015 10:36:33] Jared: Interesting concept. Google’s algorithm does sort of mimic natural selection, leaving only the strong to survive.
[21/06/2015 10:48:36] John Snow: Where to the weak ones go? Ranking for Duckduckgo?
[21/06/2015 11:57:35] New York Amir: morning
[21/06/2015 11:58:07] John Snow: g. morning
[21/06/2015 11:58:10] John Snow: m8
[21/06/2015 11:58:11] New York Amir: what a glorious cloud gloomy day but nothing brigthens it up with new masterminds in the room
[21/06/2015 11:58:19] New York Amir: cloudy*
[21/06/2015 11:59:34] John Snow: cloud with a chance of meatballs?
[21/06/2015 11:59:39] John Snow: cloudy*
[21/06/2015 12:00:08] New York Amir: i dont think the italiain parade is today
[21/06/2015 12:00:13] New York Amir: lian*
[21/06/2015 12:03:32] John Snow: (smirk)
[21/06/2015 12:04:00] John Snow: Either masterminds are working hard or drunk asleep
[21/06/2015 12:05:23] John Snow: I’m starving. Got some peasant content “hired”. Time to exploit in am ethical way.
[21/06/2015 12:08:08] John Snow: Today I found out about Pwiko and OWA
[21/06/2015 12:08:35] John Snow: Good stuff. I wonder if OWA report back organic keywords which in analytics are hidden
[21/06/2015 12:12:53] Jared: John, I’m getting some PM complaints about you.
[21/06/2015 12:13:18] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 12:13:33] Jared: You’re blatant homosexuality is making quite a few of the guys in here feel uncomfortable. Could you maybe tone it down a little? We’re here to learn SEO, not to watch you strut around like a peacock.
[21/06/2015 12:13:42] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 12:16:30] Zaid Wikipedia: peacock boy
[21/06/2015 12:16:32] Zaid Wikipedia: read this: http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/news/2296351/goodbye-keyword-data-google-moves-entirely-to-secure-search
[21/06/2015 12:16:46] Zaid Wikipedia: you can’t see keyword in analytics since google added secure search
[21/06/2015 12:16:56] Zaid Wikipedia: most of them at lease
[21/06/2015 12:16:59] Zaid Wikipedia: least
[21/06/2015 12:17:12] Zaid Wikipedia: also I assume pwiko you meant pewit?
[21/06/2015 12:17:18] Zaid Wikipedia: piwik
[21/06/2015 12:17:36] Jared: Can you not see quite a few of the keywords bringing you traffic (along with your CTR) under the SEO => Queries tab?
[21/06/2015 12:17:50] Zaid Wikipedia: not all of them
[21/06/2015 12:18:02] Zaid Wikipedia: if you look closely there are a lot of unprovided keywords
[21/06/2015 12:18:11] Zaid Wikipedia: you can however see some in google webmaster tools
[21/06/2015 12:19:06] Zaid Wikipedia: kiss metrics is a better analytics tool than most I have used!
[21/06/2015 12:19:11] Zaid Wikipedia: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/unlock-keyword-not-provided/
[21/06/2015 12:20:48] New York Amir: lolbigzaid
[21/06/2015 12:21:31] New York Amir: mr alex are u here
[21/06/2015 12:21:34] New York Amir: i used your AI
[21/06/2015 12:21:44] New York Amir: i believe i called you some bad names on the phone
[21/06/2015 12:21:49] New York Amir: thought u were trying to scam me
[21/06/2015 12:22:10] New York Amir: you’re a honest joe
[21/06/2015 12:22:28] New York Amir: mr alex cardinell
[21/06/2015 12:22:50 | Edited 12:23:16] New York Amir: not alex vevo he dont count i just keep calling him bad names regardless 😛
[21/06/2015 12:56:03] Jared: Confession: I signed up for the WordAI trial . . . twice. :$
[21/06/2015 12:56:23] Jared: God, it feels good to get that off of my chest.
[21/06/2015 12:56:30] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 12:56:40] New York Amir: i must say that spinner does wonders
[21/06/2015 12:56:43] New York Amir: saved me hours
[21/06/2015 12:56:45] New York Amir: of spinning
[21/06/2015 13:06:51] Jared: Lol
[21/06/2015 14:02:46] New York Amir: for anyone who uses optimizpress
[21/06/2015 14:03:29] New York Amir: can it track the CR of where each type traffic is coming from like PPC SEO combination of whatever on the landing page
[21/06/2015 14:03:50] New York Amir: and plus i didnt get my login hub info anyone have this problem?
[21/06/2015 15:43:53] John Snow: Hi guise
[21/06/2015 15:44:11] John Snow: Intense marketing talk going out.
[21/06/2015 15:46:18] John Snow: Wikipedia, have your used OWA? I generally assume popular open source tools are vastly superior then proprietary.
[21/06/2015 15:49:36] John Snow: Their comparison between Google analytic and their tool is very persuasive. Down with Foogle. Hate them giving to much love to authority domain like lifehacker and shit. Their freaking job is to pump out content and buzz feed job is to rip off content. Fucking hate buzzfeed. Wanna do the same thing like scraping top rated content from tumblr reddit etc and consolidating adding some “giggly wow dick cute” context. Slap and bank
[21/06/2015 15:50:40] John Snow: I’m not a peacock boy, I’m Oliver from the village.
[21/06/2015 15:58:35] John Snow: From the article Google can still see this information, but website owners – and Analytics account holders – can’t access it.
[21/06/2015 15:58:58] John Snow: Those bloody bastards
[21/06/2015 16:00:10] John Snow: Alatefi3 which spinner you use matey
[21/06/2015 16:49:13 | Removed 16:52:53] Jared: This message has been removed.
[21/06/2015 16:50:25] John Snow: old news mate
[21/06/2015 16:50:32] John Snow: but good share. Firefox still king
[21/06/2015 16:51:08] John Snow: Top ranking parasites http://seotraffichacks.com/live-test-parasite-pages-well-google-february-2015/
[21/06/2015 17:20:50] Run_good_Brah: http://themetapicture.com/if-this-doesnt-convince-you/
[21/06/2015 17:45:57] *** VKov L joined. ***
[21/06/2015 20:39:16] John Snow: Any of you guys own an e-commerce site
[21/06/2015 20:40:07] John Snow: I don’t know if woo Commerce is the way to go or some other platform like bootstrap or something
[21/06/2015 20:40:23] John Snow: I just feel WordPress is so dated
[21/06/2015 20:56:45] Anthony: Plenty of WP sites make 10k+ a month
[21/06/2015 20:57:00] Anthony: Site doesnt really matter, traffic matters
[21/06/2015 20:57:13] Anthony: Crappy WP sites
[21/06/2015 21:00:56] Jānis Kreislers: 70k per month wich CPA 😛
[21/06/2015 21:01:47] New York Amir: johnny snow i use KM
[21/06/2015 21:01:54] New York Amir: and alex card AI
[21/06/2015 21:01:57] New York Amir: he’s in the room
[21/06/2015 21:02:10] New York Amir: word AI
[21/06/2015 21:02:50] Jānis Kreislers: It’s happening! CAPTAIN has earned $70,130.27 since the 1st of the month (EST), with 309392 clicks and 53655 conversions.
[21/06/2015 21:02:55] Jānis Kreislers: (rock)
[21/06/2015 21:03:02] Jānis Kreislers: on adgate media
[21/06/2015 21:05:22] Alan Katz: What’s CAPTAIN?
[21/06/2015 21:05:50] New York Amir: someone who’s in charge of a ship usually has a crew
[21/06/2015 21:06:18] Alan Katz: Oh thanks then what’s a FIRST MATE?
[21/06/2015 21:06:40] New York Amir: who knows
[21/06/2015 21:06:46] Alan Katz: lol
[21/06/2015 21:07:01] New York Amir: big anthony hello
[21/06/2015 21:07:04] Anthony: captain is codename for secret operation
[21/06/2015 21:07:06] New York Amir: anthony loves this room
[21/06/2015 21:07:28] New York Amir: IM skype covention in miami
[21/06/2015 21:07:31] New York Amir: dec
[21/06/2015 21:07:45] New York Amir: convention*
[21/06/2015 21:07:58] New York Amir: tickets are 300
[21/06/2015 21:08:03] New York Amir: you can preorder now for 500 though
[21/06/2015 21:08:06] New York Amir: give u a discount
[21/06/2015 21:08:22] Zaid Wikipedia: peacock boy! – haven’t used OWA so can’t comment on that!
[21/06/2015 21:08:27] New York Amir: LOL
[21/06/2015 21:08:34] New York Amir: thats not peacock boy
[21/06/2015 21:08:42] Zaid Wikipedia: @shiftree – you making that doe as an advertiser or pub?
[21/06/2015 21:08:44] New York Amir: peacock boy is john snow i think
[21/06/2015 21:08:46] Anthony: I’ll attend an IM convention for 500 as soon as i’ve made my first 500
[21/06/2015 21:09:08] New York Amir: anthony how long u been doing marketing
[21/06/2015 21:09:10] New York Amir: online or offline
[21/06/2015 21:09:10] Anthony: What? I’m not making anything, I’m a n00b
[21/06/2015 21:09:15] New York Amir: or both
[21/06/2015 21:09:18] Zaid Wikipedia: 🙂
[21/06/2015 21:09:19] Anthony: about 6 months
[21/06/2015 21:09:25] Zaid Wikipedia: sorry meant @kreislers.janis
[21/06/2015 21:09:26] New York Amir: from scratch?
[21/06/2015 21:09:31] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 21:09:46] New York Amir: i have tons of boomakrs if u want
[21/06/2015 21:09:48] New York Amir: gigs
[21/06/2015 21:09:49] New York Amir: of reads
[21/06/2015 21:09:54] New York Amir: i hope u have a strong stomch
[21/06/2015 21:10:03] New York Amir: ist going to make u puke
[21/06/2015 21:10:05] alexVEVO: zip over all gigs m8
[21/06/2015 21:10:09] alexVEVO: send here
[21/06/2015 21:10:16] New York Amir: jesus
[21/06/2015 21:10:20] New York Amir: i need emails
[21/06/2015 21:10:20] Alan Katz: Put it on Mega
[21/06/2015 21:10:27] New York Amir: or drive
[21/06/2015 21:10:29] New York Amir: u got drive
[21/06/2015 21:10:47] New York Amir: alex not sure i u need it
[21/06/2015 21:10:52] New York Amir: u been doing seo for 3 motns
[21/06/2015 21:11:02] New York Amir: but i do hae offline tactics bookmarks
[21/06/2015 21:11:09] New York Amir: and viral innovative marketing
[21/06/2015 21:11:13] New York Amir: guerila
[21/06/2015 21:11:36] New York Amir: li,e those guys who come up wiht stupid ideas
[21/06/2015 21:11:37] New York Amir: and get rich
[21/06/2015 21:11:46] New York Amir: rent a friend
[21/06/2015 21:11:50] New York Amir: snuggleme.com
[21/06/2015 21:11:59] New York Amir: my pet rock
[21/06/2015 21:11:59] Alan Katz: https://mega.co.nz
[21/06/2015 21:12:14] alexVEVO: glitterbomb
[21/06/2015 21:12:27] alexVEVO: mail ur enemies glitter
[21/06/2015 21:12:29] New York Amir: sendyourenemiesglitter.com
[21/06/2015 21:12:32] alexVEVO: ya
[21/06/2015 21:12:36] New York Amir: he made 120 k
[21/06/2015 21:12:39] New York Amir: in 2 weeks
[21/06/2015 21:12:42] New York Amir: from scatch
[21/06/2015 21:12:46] New York Amir: atualy it was about am omnth
[21/06/2015 21:12:47] alexVEVO: crazy
[21/06/2015 21:12:52] New York Amir: one mont in total
[21/06/2015 21:13:00] New York Amir: due to innovative marketing
[21/06/2015 21:13:06] New York Amir: big nuts
[21/06/2015 21:13:17] New York Amir: stupid ideas that get rich
[21/06/2015 21:13:22] Zaid Wikipedia: this guy made more $$$ http://dicksbymail.com/
[21/06/2015 21:13:30] New York Amir: LOL
[21/06/2015 21:13:33] New York Amir: theres one guy
[21/06/2015 21:13:34] New York Amir: i swear
[21/06/2015 21:13:37] New York Amir: he takes a shit ina box
[21/06/2015 21:13:40] New York Amir: and send it to you
[21/06/2015 21:13:49] New York Amir: he’s making money i think he has a crew of people
[21/06/2015 21:13:51] New York Amir: taking shits in boxes now
[21/06/2015 21:14:33] *** ***
[21/06/2015 21:17:43] *** ***
[21/06/2015 21:17:50] New York Amir: i got more shit
[21/06/2015 21:17:55] New York Amir: i’ll get thme late
[21/06/2015 21:18:10] New York Amir: there’s web stuff too coding if yoiu’re interested
[21/06/2015 21:18:19] New York Amir: in those bookmarks for all you coders in here
[21/06/2015 21:22:36] Alan Katz: Thanks for the Share
[21/06/2015 21:22:54] New York Amir: no worries
[21/06/2015 21:35:22] alexVEVO: is have an fish aquarium gay
[21/06/2015 21:35:24] alexVEVO: I think I want one
[21/06/2015 21:36:32] Alan Katz: Well does it make you want to have sex with men?
[21/06/2015 21:36:48] alexVEVO: no
[21/06/2015 21:43:49] alexVEVO: anyone use ahrefs
[21/06/2015 21:46:32] Alan Katz: It’s getting more popular because of SEMRush like search they’ve added
[21/06/2015 21:47:01] New York Amir: i used it for free
[21/06/2015 21:47:02] New York Amir: abit
[21/06/2015 21:47:05] New York Amir: i really liked it
[21/06/2015 21:47:11] New York Amir: use majestic
[21/06/2015 21:47:26] alexVEVO: yeah I used ahrefs the past few months but my sub ran out, not sure if to try majestic
[21/06/2015 21:47:28] New York Amir: sem rush is pretty cool
[21/06/2015 21:47:35] New York Amir: i love majestic
[21/06/2015 21:47:53] New York Amir: i use them as a secondary source
[21/06/2015 21:47:59] New York Amir: when i check compeiton level
[21/06/2015 21:48:11] New York Amir: otherise i just search good old fashioned way
[21/06/2015 21:48:15] New York Amir: competiton of a kw
[21/06/2015 21:49:02] alexVEVO: yea
[21/06/2015 21:49:28] New York Amir: u rent office space?
[21/06/2015 21:49:46] New York Amir: u said u have an agency
[21/06/2015 21:49:50] New York Amir: ? was it u
[21/06/2015 21:49:53] New York Amir: or was it anthong
[21/06/2015 21:49:59] New York Amir: big tony bologne
[21/06/2015 21:50:16] alexVEVO: yes
[21/06/2015 21:50:21] New York Amir: be nice to have my own seo team one day
[21/06/2015 21:50:28] alexVEVO: i have virtual office
[21/06/2015 21:50:32] New York Amir: thats what i want to do for my web design/seo company
[21/06/2015 21:50:50] New York Amir: spaceboydesign currently down now i have to call blue
[21/06/2015 21:51:13] New York Amir: i want all my projects under taht
[21/06/2015 21:51:14] New York Amir: that
[21/06/2015 21:51:20] New York Amir: eventually
[21/06/2015 21:51:26] New York Amir: build a small team
[21/06/2015 21:51:39] New York Amir: all my niches affliate and client ppc
[21/06/2015 21:52:03] New York Amir: i should have done seo ages ago
[21/06/2015 21:52:05] alexVEVO: u can do client seo too bro
[21/06/2015 21:52:09] New York Amir: meh…
[21/06/2015 21:52:11] New York Amir: for local ya
[21/06/2015 21:52:18] New York Amir: i was thinking that i was talking to jared about that
[21/06/2015 21:52:20] New York Amir: actulaly
[21/06/2015 21:52:25] alexVEVO: u can do affiliate for PPC too
[21/06/2015 21:52:28] New York Amir: maybe offering local seo
[21/06/2015 21:52:33] New York Amir: not gogole
[21/06/2015 21:52:34] New York Amir: u cant
[21/06/2015 21:52:36] New York Amir: google
[21/06/2015 21:52:38] alexVEVO: yeah you can
[21/06/2015 21:52:40] alexVEVO: as long as the LP
[21/06/2015 21:52:41] New York Amir: policy rules
[21/06/2015 21:52:45] alexVEVO: is not thin content
[21/06/2015 21:52:46] New York Amir: not fromt he site itslf
[21/06/2015 21:52:49] New York Amir: u cant
[21/06/2015 21:52:54] alexVEVO: ive done it many times
[21/06/2015 21:52:55] New York Amir: its against their policy
[21/06/2015 21:53:08] alexVEVO: if you have a 1 pager with a an affiliate offer, yea
[21/06/2015 21:53:10] New York Amir: it has to go to the landing page
[21/06/2015 21:53:12] New York Amir: off the affliate
[21/06/2015 21:53:14] New York Amir: like CB
[21/06/2015 21:53:17] New York Amir: u can i think
[21/06/2015 21:53:24] New York Amir: u cant have it going directly to your domain
[21/06/2015 21:53:32] New York Amir: but FB
[21/06/2015 21:53:33] New York Amir: u can
[21/06/2015 21:53:38] alexVEVO: FB and bing
[21/06/2015 21:53:38] alexVEVO: yes
[21/06/2015 21:53:43] New York Amir: ya not google
[21/06/2015 21:53:44] New York Amir: i hate them
[21/06/2015 21:54:06] alexVEVO: in what way do u charge ur clients for PPC?
[21/06/2015 21:54:10] alexVEVO: i do 15% of the balance
[21/06/2015 21:54:11] New York Amir: 30% comission
[21/06/2015 21:54:13] New York Amir: eff every sale
[21/06/2015 21:54:17] New York Amir: he funds the project
[21/06/2015 21:54:18] alexVEVO: that’s nice
[21/06/2015 21:54:25] New York Amir: yep and me and jared
[21/06/2015 21:54:27] New York Amir: split 15%
[21/06/2015 21:54:50] New York Amir: still haevent got my pay
[21/06/2015 21:54:53] New York Amir: double pay this week
[21/06/2015 21:55:12] Alan Katz: It that national or local clients?
[21/06/2015 21:55:16] New York Amir: national
[21/06/2015 21:55:24] New York Amir: im going world wide alan
[21/06/2015 21:55:28] New York Amir: im trying to get in GNC
[21/06/2015 21:55:30] New York Amir: i have contacts
[21/06/2015 21:55:33] New York Amir: regionl managers
[21/06/2015 21:55:45] Alan Katz: Supplements?
[21/06/2015 21:55:49] New York Amir: my friend holds cross promotions all the time
[21/06/2015 21:55:51] New York Amir: she’s a DM
[21/06/2015 21:55:54] alexVEVO: adwords is fun
[21/06/2015 21:55:55] New York Amir: for LA fitness
[21/06/2015 21:56:06] alexVEVO: so many ways to optimize and drilldown
[21/06/2015 21:56:10] New York Amir: def
[21/06/2015 21:56:15] New York Amir: i spent hours
[21/06/2015 21:56:17] New York Amir: for months
[21/06/2015 21:56:19] New York Amir: testing their algo
[21/06/2015 21:56:22] New York Amir: each day
[21/06/2015 21:56:28] alexVEVO: i have 5 campaigns based on each income demographic
[21/06/2015 21:56:32] New York Amir: i must have called custome support 10 times a day
[21/06/2015 21:56:35] New York Amir: they got sick of me
[21/06/2015 21:56:35] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 21:56:44] New York Amir: “oh you’re amir right”
[21/06/2015 21:56:50] New York Amir: “YA how u know!”
[21/06/2015 21:57:00] New York Amir: “you spoke to 1/5 of our CS already”
[21/06/2015 21:57:07] alexVEVO: i guess when u spend over 100$ a day they give u a dedicated manager?
[21/06/2015 21:57:11] alexVEVO: i don’t really use him though
[21/06/2015 21:57:25] New York Amir: nah bgi 10
[21/06/2015 21:57:26] New York Amir: big lol
[21/06/2015 21:57:33] New York Amir: i was just wanted teh expreience
[21/06/2015 21:57:34] New York Amir: of PPC
[21/06/2015 21:57:39] New York Amir: i didnt know to omuch
[21/06/2015 21:57:47] New York Amir: so in jan when and me jared too on the project
[21/06/2015 21:57:51] New York Amir: just studied and tested
[21/06/2015 21:58:03] New York Amir: last 3 years of my life
[21/06/2015 21:58:05] New York Amir: al li did all day
[21/06/2015 21:58:10] New York Amir: was study read and test
[21/06/2015 21:58:12] New York Amir: and apply
[21/06/2015 21:58:21] New York Amir: no going out no ntohing no friday nights nothing
[21/06/2015 21:58:31] New York Amir: morning till night im actually glad i did it
[21/06/2015 21:58:35] New York Amir: get me this far
[21/06/2015 21:59:12] New York Amir: silentassumptions i can thank for showing me the light if it wasnt for him id probably be in chat rooms talking shit and living like a bum working at a dead end job
[21/06/2015 21:59:15] New York Amir: for the rest of my life
[21/06/2015 21:59:42] alexVEVO: good2know this chatroom transformed lives
[21/06/2015 21:59:50] alexVEVO: i rarely go on wickedfire
[21/06/2015 21:59:53] New York Amir: it has actually a few of us
[21/06/2015 21:59:57] New York Amir: did notihng
[21/06/2015 21:59:59] New York Amir: with our lives
[21/06/2015 22:00:03] New York Amir: just woke up one day
[21/06/2015 22:00:29] New York Amir: guess some people mature just at different ages
[21/06/2015 22:00:39] New York Amir: i dont go there
[21/06/2015 22:01:48] New York Amir: time to pack a bolw
[21/06/2015 22:01:53] New York Amir: bowl big smokes
[21/06/2015 22:03:03] alexVEVO: haven’t packed no bowls in nearly 4 yrs now
[21/06/2015 22:03:16] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 22:03:22] New York Amir: why not paranoid?
[21/06/2015 22:03:27] New York Amir: anxiety ?
[21/06/2015 22:03:32] alexVEVO: legal issues
[21/06/2015 22:03:35] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 22:03:38] New York Amir: damn
[21/06/2015 22:03:45] New York Amir: u still on parole
[21/06/2015 22:03:46] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 22:03:51] New York Amir: see ur P O
[21/06/2015 22:03:51] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 22:03:56] New York Amir: all good
[21/06/2015 22:04:00] alexVEVO: 2yrs more
[21/06/2015 22:04:03] alexVEVO: its over
[21/06/2015 22:04:10] New York Amir: i have friends who were in the same position
[21/06/2015 22:04:22] New York Amir: nice then u can smoke
[21/06/2015 22:04:30] New York Amir: u going to smoke
[21/06/2015 22:04:32] New York Amir: or nah
[21/06/2015 22:04:35] New York Amir: lost the urge
[21/06/2015 22:04:43] alexVEVO: I lost the urge
[21/06/2015 22:04:50] New York Amir: ya it happens
[21/06/2015 22:04:56] alexVEVO: I use to 420 blaze all day everyday
[21/06/2015 22:05:10] New York Amir: i dont blaze too much not all day
[21/06/2015 22:05:14] New York Amir: throughout the day
[21/06/2015 22:05:22] New York Amir: i’ll start getting sick
[21/06/2015 22:05:31] New York Amir: and plus makes u mad tired
[21/06/2015 22:05:40] New York Amir: especially smoking the indica strain
[21/06/2015 22:05:41] alexVEVO: Honestly after 6 yrs it started making me anxious
[21/06/2015 22:05:50] New York Amir: ya that happens to people
[21/06/2015 22:05:51] New York Amir: not sure why
[21/06/2015 22:06:05] New York Amir: maybe medical
[21/06/2015 22:06:16] New York Amir: some physiological change
[21/06/2015 22:06:22] New York Amir: possibly
[21/06/2015 22:06:41] alexVEVO: Yea
[21/06/2015 22:06:52] alexVEVO: But all I do now is drink
[21/06/2015 22:06:58] alexVEVO: Drink too much
[21/06/2015 22:07:00] New York Amir: not a drinker
[21/06/2015 22:07:09] New York Amir: even when i go out on the wekeends
[21/06/2015 22:07:12] New York Amir: just ater
[21/06/2015 22:07:13] alexVEVO: Can’t do shit else
[21/06/2015 22:07:13] New York Amir: water*
[21/06/2015 22:07:21] New York Amir: mushrooms
[21/06/2015 22:07:27] alexVEVO: Tru
[21/06/2015 22:07:35] New York Amir: but u cant take taht all the time
[21/06/2015 22:07:37] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 22:07:44] alexVEVO: nope
[21/06/2015 22:07:45] alexVEVO: I tried
[21/06/2015 22:07:46] New York Amir: people do though
[21/06/2015 22:07:49] alexVEVO: tolerance went up the roof
[21/06/2015 22:07:50] alexVEVO: within 4 days
[21/06/2015 22:07:51] New York Amir: ya
[21/06/2015 22:07:55] alexVEVO: i started becoming delusional
[21/06/2015 22:07:57] alexVEVO: so i stopped
[21/06/2015 22:08:00] New York Amir: ya not good
[21/06/2015 22:08:07] New York Amir: lose sense of reality
[21/06/2015 22:08:11] alexVEVO: not good to IM with
[21/06/2015 22:08:19] alexVEVO: at least if im drunk i can still IM and talk with clients
[21/06/2015 22:08:52] New York Amir: here they are talking to you about the reports for the week and you’re talking about traveling to elvish land
[21/06/2015 22:09:12] alexVEVO: lololo
[21/06/2015 22:09:21] New York Amir: tahts funny IM with yoru clients tripping lol
[21/06/2015 22:09:23] New York Amir: your
[21/06/2015 22:09:53] alexVEVO: email a report of status of ur enlightment rather than status of their PPC campaign
[21/06/2015 22:10:04] alexVEVO: “nah nah.. this report better”
[21/06/2015 22:10:08] alexVEVO: “just read
[21/06/2015 22:10:08] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 22:11:48] alexVEVO: ORM is so pro tho
[21/06/2015 22:11:56] alexVEVO: these people will pay 1.5k a month for that shit
[21/06/2015 22:12:10] alexVEVO: i lowballed myself for 1k a month and still got it
[21/06/2015 22:12:27] New York Amir: u had a guru help u out
[21/06/2015 22:12:28] New York Amir: who was it/
[21/06/2015 22:12:37] New York Amir: teach u the trade
[21/06/2015 22:12:58] alexVEVO: some bigplayer on BHW
[21/06/2015 22:13:02] New York Amir: nice
[21/06/2015 22:13:19] New York Amir: my first online mentor was becker even though he doesnt know i exist
[21/06/2015 22:13:24] New York Amir: alex becker
[21/06/2015 22:13:27] alexVEVO: lol becker
[21/06/2015 22:13:28] New York Amir: he’s pretty scammy
[21/06/2015 22:13:33] New York Amir: i’ve heard
[21/06/2015 22:13:36] New York Amir: big becks
[21/06/2015 22:13:38] Bhav: gurus are bullshit
[21/06/2015 22:13:41] New York Amir: was one of the few
[21/06/2015 22:13:47] New York Amir: to get in the league
[21/06/2015 22:13:48] New York Amir: years ago
[21/06/2015 22:13:51] alexVEVO: did he charge u 90$ an hour for mentorship
[21/06/2015 22:13:54] New York Amir: for black hat
[21/06/2015 22:13:55] alexVEVO: 7$ a minute on the phone
[21/06/2015 22:14:03] New York Amir: i just read the free stuff
[21/06/2015 22:14:05] New York Amir: off his blog
[21/06/2015 22:14:09] New York Amir: i never once paid anything
[21/06/2015 22:14:09] alexVEVO: oh
[21/06/2015 22:14:12] New York Amir: for any knowledge
[21/06/2015 22:14:15] New York Amir: for marketing
[21/06/2015 22:14:18] Bhav: the internet has all the shit you need
[21/06/2015 22:14:21] Bhav: don’t need a guru
[21/06/2015 22:14:22] New York Amir: exactly
[21/06/2015 22:14:26] alexVEVO: if anyone remembers Charles Floate
[21/06/2015 22:14:27] Bhav: need to get off your arse
[21/06/2015 22:14:28] New York Amir: but it takes longer
[21/06/2015 22:14:30] New York Amir: without a teacher
[21/06/2015 22:14:30] Bhav: and fucking take action
[21/06/2015 22:14:34] alexVEVO: he was charging like 11$ a minute for SEO consultation on the phone
[21/06/2015 22:14:45] New York Amir: takes tons of self education
[21/06/2015 22:14:57] New York Amir: mr bhav how are u my friend
[21/06/2015 22:15:24] Bhav: im a busy man haha
[21/06/2015 22:15:31] Bhav: playing around with a few things
[21/06/2015 22:15:38] Bhav: amazon is bae
[21/06/2015 22:15:38] New York Amir: pretty chill nice
[21/06/2015 22:15:41] Bhav: shitload of money there
[21/06/2015 22:15:42] New York Amir: amazon?
[21/06/2015 22:15:43] New York Amir: im leaving them
[21/06/2015 22:15:48] New York Amir: as a vendor
[21/06/2015 22:15:51] New York Amir: my client
[21/06/2015 22:15:53] Bhav: im a mailer
[21/06/2015 22:15:58] Bhav: so SES is king
[21/06/2015 22:16:00] New York Amir: we’re taking oour products away form them
[21/06/2015 22:16:04] New York Amir: from*
[21/06/2015 22:17:53] Bhav: what was you selling
[21/06/2015 22:18:07] New York Amir: nootropics
[21/06/2015 22:18:14] New York Amir: brain supplements
[21/06/2015 22:18:23] Bhav: yeah
[21/06/2015 22:18:25] Bhav: I know
[21/06/2015 22:18:25] Bhav: lol
[21/06/2015 22:18:29] New York Amir: we’re leavin amazon only have 100 bottles
[21/06/2015 22:18:29] Bhav: me a pharmacist lol
[21/06/2015 22:18:44] New York Amir: me too bhav im a street pharmacist
[21/06/2015 22:18:59] Bhav: haha on the legalside me
[21/06/2015 22:19:02] Bhav: decent money
[21/06/2015 22:19:04] New York Amir: lol
[21/06/2015 22:19:16] New York Amir: bhan selling vitamin pills to the kids at the corner of the streets
[21/06/2015 22:19:27] New York Amir: “yo i got that flinstone vitamin C”
[21/06/2015 22:19:42] alexVEVO: Bhav need to send me a list of good OTC legal highs
[21/06/2015 22:19:58] New York Amir: lol big legals
[21/06/2015 22:20:05] Bhav: OTC legal highs are fucking stupid
[21/06/2015 22:20:13] Bhav: why would anyone buy or take them is beyond me
[21/06/2015 22:20:18] Bhav: safer taking the real thing
[21/06/2015 22:20:27] alexVEVO: but i cant take real thing :X
[21/06/2015 22:20:28] Bhav: all these synthetics made in china
[21/06/2015 22:20:31] Bhav: no testing
[21/06/2015 22:20:36] Bhav: scary shit
[21/06/2015 22:20:40] alexVEVO: oh the research chems
[21/06/2015 22:20:47] alexVEVO: yea ive seen some of the pics of the labs
[21/06/2015 22:21:01] Bhav: there is no research on legal highs
[21/06/2015 22:21:11] Bhav: its only legal because of the chemical structure
[21/06/2015 22:21:40] Bhav: which voids it from being illegal
[21/06/2015 22:21:42] Bhav: kinda smart
[21/06/2015 22:21:49] Bhav: but hella dangerous for the user
[21/06/2015 22:21:58] alexVEVO: yeah I need shit that don’t show up on 5panel drug tests
[21/06/2015 22:22:14] Zaid Wikipedia: sky diving brah!
[21/06/2015 22:22:15] alexVEVO: feel me
[21/06/2015 22:22:18] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 22:25:04] New York Amir: just smoke bud
[21/06/2015 22:25:09] New York Amir: all u need is that green
[21/06/2015 22:25:18] alexVEVO: i need that k2 spice spice
[21/06/2015 22:25:26] New York Amir: oh no u smoke that shit too?
[21/06/2015 22:25:29] New York Amir: shit will kill you
[21/06/2015 22:25:33] alexVEVO: no
[21/06/2015 22:25:39] alexVEVO: i did the 1st year
[21/06/2015 22:25:45] New York Amir: i keep telling my boy to stop messing with it
[21/06/2015 22:25:49] New York Amir: he odnt listen
[21/06/2015 22:25:49] New York Amir: dont
[21/06/2015 22:26:15] New York Amir: i tried it once it was disgusting gave me a headache
[21/06/2015 22:27:35] alexVEVO: not every1 can smoke real green
[21/06/2015 22:27:46] alexVEVO: so respect the bud
[21/06/2015 22:27:48] New York Amir: i wouldnt even smoke aytyig
[21/06/2015 22:27:52] New York Amir: if i couldnt smoke green
[21/06/2015 22:27:58] New York Amir: id probably just be sober to be honest
[21/06/2015 22:28:09] alexVEVO: true
[21/06/2015 22:28:22] alexVEVO: going through $3k worth of adwords data
[21/06/2015 22:28:24] alexVEVO: tryna optimize
[21/06/2015 22:28:47] New York Amir: how many clients u doing ppc for
[21/06/2015 22:29:07] alexVEVO: just 1 but shes a big spender
[21/06/2015 22:29:15] New York Amir: same just 1
[21/06/2015 22:29:17] New York Amir: i have 2 actually
[21/06/2015 22:29:18] alexVEVO: i do another but he only spends 20 a day
[21/06/2015 22:29:19] New York Amir: in line
[21/06/2015 22:29:23] New York Amir: but they’re on hold
[21/06/2015 22:29:26] New York Amir: till i master PPC
[21/06/2015 22:29:30] New York Amir: and CR
[21/06/2015 22:29:42] New York Amir: well our PPC is pretty good
[21/06/2015 22:29:44] New York Amir: for display
[21/06/2015 22:29:49] New York Amir: just need the CR
[21/06/2015 22:29:51] New York Amir: once that gets high
[21/06/2015 22:29:54] New York Amir: scale up game over
[21/06/2015 22:30:04] alexVEVO: what CR % r u at
[21/06/2015 22:30:16] New York Amir: to be honest its like a 2
[21/06/2015 22:30:24] New York Amir: i think the problem is withamazong
[21/06/2015 22:30:30] New York Amir: getting the metrics is annoying
[21/06/2015 22:30:37] alexVEVO: mine is 30%
[21/06/2015 22:30:42] alexVEVO: but its an entire different niche lol
[21/06/2015 22:30:58] New York Amir: i have to look at 3 metrics, stat counter, analtyics, and amazon business reports
[21/06/2015 22:31:11] alexVEVO: right
[21/06/2015 22:31:13] New York Amir: ya different niche def has influence
[21/06/2015 22:31:16] New York Amir: like a grocey story niche
[21/06/2015 22:31:21] New York Amir: can get like 60 %
[21/06/2015 22:31:24] alexVEVO: well im just tryna get optins
[21/06/2015 22:31:35] alexVEVO: 30% for optins is decent
[21/06/2015 22:32:48] New York Amir: plus all my CR is not coming from PPC
[21/06/2015 22:32:53] New York Amir: its coming from black hat linking
[21/06/2015 22:33:00] New York Amir: on news comment sites
[21/06/2015 22:33:15] alexVEVO: oh i thought u mean adwords
[21/06/2015 22:33:15] New York Amir: so nwo im trying to track
[21/06/2015 22:33:17] New York Amir: both
[21/06/2015 22:33:23] New York Amir: ya adwords is like 2%
[21/06/2015 22:33:33] New York Amir: all the traffic
[21/06/2015 22:33:36] New York Amir: coming to the sites
[21/06/2015 22:33:49] New York Amir: is from links left in news articles talking about nootrips
[21/06/2015 22:33:52] New York Amir: and ppc
[21/06/2015 22:33:52] alexVEVO: u need to direct traffic
[21/06/2015 22:33:58] alexVEVO: so u know where ur traffic come from
[21/06/2015 22:34:00] New York Amir: that is direct traffick
[21/06/2015 22:34:07] New York Amir: i have it on statcounter
[21/06/2015 22:34:13] New York Amir: and analtyics set up
[21/06/2015 22:34:17] New York Amir: event trigger action
[21/06/2015 22:34:21] New York Amir: use secondary
[21/06/2015 22:34:23] New York Amir: aquistion
[21/06/2015 22:34:28] New York Amir: go to source/medium
[21/06/2015 22:34:40] alexVEVO: yea
[21/06/2015 22:34:51] New York Amir: only way u can set it up though amazon
[21/06/2015 22:34:55] New York Amir: no scripts in amazon u can use
[21/06/2015 22:34:58] New York Amir: to find direect CR
[21/06/2015 22:35:04] New York Amir: i have to look at 3 metrics
[21/06/2015 22:35:08] New York Amir: like i said to get my CR
[21/06/2015 22:35:11] New York Amir: sucks
[21/06/2015 22:35:17] New York Amir: i cant wit ill im done with amazon
[21/06/2015 22:35:25] New York Amir: and i just got OP
[21/06/2015 22:35:34] New York Amir: get teh CR and the source of traffic
[21/06/2015 22:35:38] New York Amir: its annoying
[21/06/2015 22:35:43] alexVEVO: OP?
[21/06/2015 22:35:50] New York Amir: analytics was a bitch to learn
[21/06/2015 22:35:54] New York Amir: optimizepress
[21/06/2015 22:36:04] alexVEVO: ah
[21/06/2015 22:36:11] Alan Katz: Where did you guys learn adwords ppc?
[21/06/2015 22:36:15] New York Amir: online
[21/06/2015 22:36:17] New York Amir: reading
[21/06/2015 22:36:20] New York Amir: twttier
[21/06/2015 22:36:22] alexVEVO: wasting 500$ of my money
[21/06/2015 22:36:46] New York Amir: unbounce has good ppc stuff
[21/06/2015 22:36:51] New York Amir: wordstream i really like
[21/06/2015 22:36:51] alexVEVO: i talked to one of their dedicated adwords reps, he was very helpful when i first started
[21/06/2015 22:37:04] New York Amir: theyre morons
[21/06/2015 22:37:07] New York Amir: im sorry CS
[21/06/2015 22:37:10] New York Amir: are idiots
[21/06/2015 22:37:18] New York Amir: they just know what they are trained for
[21/06/2015 22:37:22] New York Amir: they dont understand the least bit
[21/06/2015 22:37:23] alexVEVO: CS?
[21/06/2015 22:37:25] New York Amir: on how to tweak
[21/06/2015 22:37:35] New York Amir: adwords for optimal
[21/06/2015 22:37:37] New York Amir: efficiency
[21/06/2015 22:37:43] New York Amir: customer service
[21/06/2015 22:37:46] alexVEVO: oh
[21/06/2015 22:37:52] alexVEVO: i never talked to CS
[21/06/2015 22:38:02] alexVEVO: they had a direct AM contact me or something
[21/06/2015 22:38:08] alexVEVO: i don’t think he was CS
[21/06/2015 22:38:12] New York Amir: ah just a rep
[21/06/2015 22:38:38] alexVEVO: ye
[21/06/2015 22:38:55] New York Amir: adwords is fun though
[21/06/2015 22:39:01] New York Amir: feel like im playing the stock market
[21/06/2015 22:39:20] New York Amir: im so close
[21/06/2015 22:39:32] New York Amir: just one more leap and its over
[21/06/2015 22:39:37] New York Amir: then i can move on the next strategy
[21/06/2015 22:39:48] alexVEVO: lol
[21/06/2015 22:39:56] alexVEVO: yeah its a frefreshing break from SEO
[21/06/2015 22:39:58] alexVEVO: refreshing*
[21/06/2015 22:40:00] New York Amir: it is
[21/06/2015 22:40:10] New York Amir: direct traffic great learning experience
[21/06/2015 22:40:18] alexVEVO: yeah I mostly use to display traffic
[21/06/2015 22:40:18] New York Amir: the experience is the most what i wanted it for
[21/06/2015 22:40:25] alexVEVO: popups, popunders, banner display
[21/06/2015 22:40:25] alexVEVO: etc
[21/06/2015 22:40:32] alexVEVO: that was my specialty
[21/06/2015 22:40:41] New York Amir: we use search
[21/06/2015 22:40:43] New York Amir: and display mostly
[21/06/2015 22:40:46] New York Amir: and remarketing
[21/06/2015 22:40:56] New York Amir: buildign a remarketing list
[21/06/2015 22:41:13] alexVEVO: yeah
[21/06/2015 22:41:17] alexVEVO: my list is getting pretty big
[21/06/2015 22:41:27] alexVEVO: but the niche i’m in, retargeting doesn’t really matter
[21/06/2015 22:41:34] New York Amir: ya it depends on the nice
[21/06/2015 22:41:35] New York Amir: niche
[21/06/2015 22:41:41] New York Amir: if u need it or not
[21/06/2015 22:41:53] New York Amir: if its a niche that requires people to coe bak
[21/06/2015 22:41:59] New York Amir: weekly
[21/06/2015 22:42:02] New York Amir: or just oone time thing
[21/06/2015 22:42:09] New York Amir: pouring out
[21/06/2015 22:42:55] alexVEVO: yep
[21/06/2015 22:43:16] alexVEVO: I hate one day where I spend 400$ and I get 400 leads
[21/06/2015 22:43:24] alexVEVO: then the next day i spend 400$ and get 200 leads
[21/06/2015 22:43:29] New York Amir: hit or miss
[21/06/2015 22:43:35] alexVEVO: i didn’t change nothing..
[21/06/2015 22:43:39] alexVEVO: sux
[21/06/2015 22:43:56] New York Amir: opt in leads are the best
[21/06/2015 22:44:01] New York Amir: easiest to convert
[21/06/2015 22:44:08] New York Amir: much easier
[21/06/2015 22:44:22] alexVEVO: for me not really, im not selling the leads, they go to our callcenter
[21/06/2015 22:44:29] New York Amir: k
[21/06/2015 22:44:54] alexVEVO: if ur selling the leads though optins easy money money
[21/06/2015 22:44:59] New York Amir: emails
[21/06/2015 22:45:24] New York Amir: adult friend finder pays 100 bucks
[21/06/2015 22:45:28] New York Amir: per email
[21/06/2015 22:45:29] New York Amir: i think
[21/06/2015 22:45:47] alexVEVO: 100 for an optin huh
[21/06/2015 22:45:49] alexVEVO: idk about that
[21/06/2015 22:46:02] New York Amir: i remember seeing it on offer vault
[21/06/2015 22:46:11] New York Amir: let me see it was a while bak
[21/06/2015 22:47:43] New York Amir: http://www.offervault.com/affiliate-offers/details/offerId/1408837/adult-friend-finder/
[21/06/2015 22:47:45] New York Amir: per lead
[21/06/2015 22:48:09] New York Amir: 120 cpa
[21/06/2015 22:48:29] New York Amir: big pay order find
[21/06/2015 22:49:11] alexVEVO: idk
[21/06/2015 22:49:18] alexVEVO: wonder what kind of order
[21/06/2015 22:49:23] alexVEVO: because theres different orders
[21/06/2015 22:49:26] New York Amir: gues snot email
[21/06/2015 22:49:29] alexVEVO: hell no
[21/06/2015 22:49:31] New York Amir: proaably have to spend $$
[21/06/2015 22:49:36] alexVEVO: of course
[21/06/2015 22:49:41] alexVEVO: AFF is a rebill
[21/06/2015 22:49:41] New York Amir: or a trial
[21/06/2015 22:49:50] alexVEVO: i doubt that’s even for trial
[21/06/2015 22:49:56] alexVEVO: its prolly for an annual purchase
[21/06/2015 22:50:29] New York Amir: checking for emails
[21/06/2015 22:51:04] New York Amir: surveys got a decent payout
[21/06/2015 22:51:34] alexVEVO: like 2 or 3$
[21/06/2015 22:52:07] New York Amir: http://www.offervault.com/affiliate-offers/details/offerId/1368182/adultfriendfinder-cpa-tier1-countries/
[21/06/2015 22:52:10] New York Amir: 40 an email
[21/06/2015 22:52:29] New York Amir: and premium
[21/06/2015 22:52:39] New York Amir: thats crap
[21/06/2015 22:52:58] New York Amir: i seen higher payout than these before
[21/06/2015 22:53:28] New York Amir: havent been on vault for a while , i only found pscyhicsource through them
[21/06/2015 22:56:45] alexVEVO: i just don’t fuck with affiliate offers
[21/06/2015 22:56:58] alexVEVO: if u wanna do lead gen, approach companies urself
[21/06/2015 22:57:42] New York Amir: my offer directly deals
[21/06/2015 22:57:45] New York Amir: with the company
[21/06/2015 22:57:52] New York Amir: there is no middle man
[21/06/2015 22:58:05] New York Amir: for the psychic one
[21/06/2015 22:58:25] New York Amir: and i am an amazon afflilate as well thats the only one who is the middle man
[21/06/2015 22:58:38] New York Amir: we were thikng at one point
[21/06/2015 22:58:43] New York Amir: just contacting the vendors
[21/06/2015 22:58:51] New York Amir: scres amazon
[21/06/2015 22:58:53] New York Amir: screw
[21/06/2015 23:22:11] alexVEVO: u know what sux
[21/06/2015 23:22:17] alexVEVO: when u have to make a landing page and ur an IMer
[21/06/2015 23:22:19] alexVEVO: not a web designer
[22/06/2015 00:06:14] New York Amir: ya then u need a team of people
[22/06/2015 00:06:27] New York Amir: i started with web design
[22/06/2015 02:58:50] silentassumptions: Jumped in this convo a little too late it seems.

Being a web designer in this day and age isn’t much of a technical challenge.

Front-end WordPress design, plus a few shifty little plugins is all you need to create robust and flexible landing pages.

And if you’re good at internet marketing, you can consider the subtleties of a good landing page that a web designer would otherwise overlook.

If you can outsource to someone who’s well versed in both fields (e.g. Jared), then win win, but nonetheless it’s a great skill to have in conjunction with IM, and doesn’t require that much of a time investment.

It also comes in handy when you have to make an urgent change to a clients’ site and you can’t seem to get hold of your web dude.
[22/06/2015 03:33:54] Jared: What would you fine people say is the most important aspect of marketing online?
[22/06/2015 03:33:57] alexVEVO: silent
[22/06/2015 03:34:06] alexVEVO: what WP theme would you suggest for lead gen capturing
[22/06/2015 03:35:00] Jared: I keep wanting to say copywriting, as that’s what hooks them in, but if you don’t have the traffic, great copy still won’t bring you big sales. Then again, if you have heavy traffic yet your copy isn’t persuading anyone, you’re not getting sales.
[22/06/2015 03:35:04] alexVEVO: I hate shelling out 75$ for a LP and then waiting 2 or 3 days
[22/06/2015 03:36:38] Jared: I think it has to be looked at like a math equation, where each input carries an equal weight in determining the output.
[22/06/2015 03:37:09] Jared: I’m trying OptimizePress right now. Let’s see how it goes.
[22/06/2015 03:37:46] New York Amir: just got the pass key
[22/06/2015 03:37:51] New York Amir: going to sen it to u in pm
[22/06/2015 03:37:54] New York Amir: send
[22/06/2015 03:38:20] alexVEVO: doesn’t optimizepress make limit the amount of UVs on the LP?
[22/06/2015 03:38:24] alexVEVO: that is straight retarded
[22/06/2015 03:41:11] Jared: What do you mean?
[22/06/2015 03:41:31] alexVEVO: nevermind
[22/06/2015 03:41:37] alexVEVO: I thought they were like Instapages
[22/06/2015 03:41:46] alexVEVO: where they cap your unique views to like 5k amonth
[22/06/2015 03:41:46] Jared: They may be.
[22/06/2015 03:41:51] Jared: Let me look.
[22/06/2015 03:41:55] alexVEVO: I’m looking at it now
[22/06/2015 03:41:57] alexVEVO: there’s not a cap
[22/06/2015 03:42:08] alexVEVO: 100$ a month
[22/06/2015 03:42:51] Jared: OptimizePress is a one-time fee of $97 for up to three sites.
[22/06/2015 03:43:00] alexVEVO: yea
[22/06/2015 03:43:09] Jared: You get updates for one year, then you have to renew for, like, $59 a year.
[22/06/2015 03:43:11] alexVEVO: oh one time fee
[22/06/2015 03:43:17] alexVEVO: man 3 sites?
[22/06/2015 03:43:19] alexVEVO: 3 LPs!?
[22/06/2015 03:43:21] alexVEVO: fukkkk that
[22/06/2015 03:54:11] Jared: Rand Fishkin is a slimeball, but this is quite fascinating: https://twitter.com/randfish/status/612691391848648704/photo/1
[22/06/2015 03:55:15] Jared: Check the near instant (70 minutes) results.
[22/06/2015 03:55:35] New York Amir: big randy i’d love to donkey punch him in the back of his head till his eyes pop out like a looney tune
[22/06/2015 03:55:44] alexVEVO: ugggh fucking fish
[22/06/2015 03:55:47] New York Amir: toon
[22/06/2015 03:55:53] alexVEVO: this man seriously has no clue about CTR effects on google?
[22/06/2015 03:56:02] alexVEVO: what a tool
[22/06/2015 03:56:25] Jared: Dude told his followers to Google a certain phrase, click the top result, then quickly bounce back to the SERP, click the fourth result, and stay on it for a while.
[22/06/2015 03:56:59] Jared: Within 70 minutes, and approximately 400-500 clicks, result four had leapfrogged up to the top position.
[22/06/2015 03:57:25] alexVEVO: dpes he really own seriouseats.com?
[22/06/2015 03:59:15] silentassumptions: silent
what WP theme would you suggest for lead gen capturingI couldn’t tell you a WP Theme from the top of my head. As long as it’s responsive and you can tailor it around your niche, it’s all you need.

I don’t think there is any winning template as such, you just need to have a winning idea of how you want the landing page to look like and customise the theme / plugins around the niche you’re targetting.

Virtually every decent ThemeForset WP theme offers that scope of flexibility to allow one to be creative.
[22/06/2015 04:02:09] Jared: Alex, my friend, just go to Theme Forest and do search and sort it by rating.
[22/06/2015 04:02:59] alexVEVO: yeah i’m there
[22/06/2015 04:03:05] alexVEVO: I realy don’t have time making themes
[22/06/2015 04:03:11] alexVEVO: or modifying themes
[22/06/2015 04:04:50] Jared: Are you just looking for a squeeze page, or a full-blown sales page?
[22/06/2015 04:05:33] alexVEVO: 1 step lead gen page
[22/06/2015 04:05:35] alexVEVO: optin
[22/06/2015 04:05:53] Jared: Right, so just a few personal details. Let me look . . .
[22/06/2015 04:22:17] Jared: Alex, WordPress themes are surprisingly limited. You’re better option is probably just an HTML theme.
[22/06/2015 04:22:39] alexVEVO: xD
[22/06/2015 04:22:46] alexVEVO: if you search for “lead generation wordpress theme”
[22/06/2015 04:22:50] alexVEVO: you will get a few themes
[22/06/2015 04:22:50] Jared: http://themeforest.net/item/layer-responsive-app-landing-page/9115418
[22/06/2015 04:23:14] alexVEVO: ahh
[22/06/2015 06:17:56] John Snow: hi guise
[22/06/2015 06:18:26] John Snow: alex you looking for one page template /landing page? I might have one in the store room. lemme find it
[22/06/2015 06:18:46] John Snow: got them like last week. Still need to use them
[22/06/2015 06:19:26] John Snow: mate I got this, http://themeforest.net/item/xone-clean-one-page-template/6770367
[22/06/2015 06:19:30] John Snow: you need it? I can upload
[22/06/2015 06:22:29] John Snow: The thing which Rand Fiskin shared is interesting. I wonder if it’s true. Need to figure out a way to do it in a black hat manner
[22/06/2015 06:22:44] New York Amir: hello mr snow my friend
[22/06/2015 06:23:44] John Snow: How you doing Mr. A
[22/06/2015 06:24:50] New York Amir: doing just a squirrel in this world trying to nut
[22/06/2015 06:24:52] New York Amir: get a nut
[22/06/2015 06:25:10] New York Amir: golden would be nice
[22/06/2015 06:25:29] John Snow: better start digging for those, won’t find that in the trees
[22/06/2015 06:25:52] New York Amir: some still look to the trees
[22/06/2015 06:26:09] New York Amir: or some even smoke them
[22/06/2015 06:27:06] New York Amir: time for big sleeps going to mess with optimize press tomorrow back to work
[22/06/2015 06:27:13] John Snow: So you do IMing fulltime or part time? Read in the chat log you own or work at a pharmacy?
[22/06/2015 06:27:28] New York Amir: ppc client
[22/06/2015 06:27:31] New York Amir: and seo
[22/06/2015 06:27:33] New York Amir: and smo
[22/06/2015 06:27:44] John Snow: man. I so want a client like this
[22/06/2015 06:27:51] New York Amir: lol
[22/06/2015 06:27:54] John Snow: optimezpress looks nice
[22/06/2015 06:28:02] New York Amir: ya im using it for a client
[22/06/2015 06:28:12] New York Amir: so close to the goal
[22/06/2015 06:28:19] New York Amir: need that CR
[22/06/2015 06:28:20] John Snow: did they have a website?
[22/06/2015 06:28:29] New York Amir: who my client?
[22/06/2015 06:28:35] John Snow: yes
[22/06/2015 06:28:41] New York Amir: ya i redid the site
[22/06/2015 06:28:46] John Snow: or you totally overhauled their site with Optimizpress
[22/06/2015 06:28:48] New York Amir: created landing page
[22/06/2015 06:28:49] John Snow: oh I see.
[22/06/2015 06:29:01] New York Amir: now im using opti mostly
[22/06/2015 06:29:03] New York Amir: for tracking
[22/06/2015 06:29:10] New York Amir: and its features
[22/06/2015 06:29:16] John Snow: does it have heatmap?
[22/06/2015 06:29:20] New York Amir: ya
[22/06/2015 06:29:27] John Snow: the feature of OWA is pretty awesome
[22/06/2015 06:29:28] New York Amir: in fact i need to look at the heat map
[22/06/2015 06:29:32] New York Amir: been a while
[22/06/2015 06:29:36] New York Amir: track those click pints
[22/06/2015 06:29:39] New York Amir: points
[22/06/2015 06:29:42] John Snow: how long have you been working for them?
[22/06/2015 06:29:50] New York Amir: one person
[22/06/2015 06:29:56] New York Amir: 3 or 4 months
[22/06/2015 06:30:00] New York Amir: his product
[22/06/2015 06:30:10] New York Amir: my frist ppc
[22/06/2015 06:30:12] New York Amir: first
[22/06/2015 06:30:14] John Snow: met through a refer or online?
[22/06/2015 06:30:18] New York Amir: friend of mine
[22/06/2015 06:30:33] John Snow: nice.. I’m thinking to get those ‘coupons’ to tryu PPC myself
[22/06/2015 06:30:41] New York Amir: ppc is good
[22/06/2015 06:30:42] John Snow: like those BingAds. CPA and Bingads
[22/06/2015 06:30:47] New York Amir: i only do google
[22/06/2015 06:30:49] John Snow: need to get fast results soons
[22/06/2015 06:31:12] John Snow: yeah but google requires 25 buck as initial deposit for additional credit to go through.
[22/06/2015 06:31:12] New York Amir: and once i optimize the CR at max
[22/06/2015 06:31:17] New York Amir: scale it up
[22/06/2015 06:31:36] John Snow: you are optimizing the the keywords and text in the ads right and not the site?
[22/06/2015 06:31:48] New York Amir: text and search ads
[22/06/2015 06:32:01] New York Amir: not optiizing really any kow
[22/06/2015 06:32:02] New York Amir: kw
[22/06/2015 06:32:03] New York Amir: no seo
[22/06/2015 06:32:17] New York Amir: ya not on the site
[22/06/2015 06:32:20] New York Amir: off the site
[22/06/2015 06:32:32] John Snow: don’t you need to do keywords for the adwords to be effective?
[22/06/2015 06:32:42] New York Amir: yes of course
[22/06/2015 06:32:49] John Snow: oh ok.
[22/06/2015 06:32:50] New York Amir: check people bidding for thme
[22/06/2015 06:32:51] New York Amir: them
[22/06/2015 06:32:56] New York Amir: competitor
[22/06/2015 06:33:05] New York Amir: u need to understand the mechanics of it
[22/06/2015 06:33:12] New York Amir: CTR bidding quality score
[22/06/2015 06:33:21] New York Amir: effected and match types
[22/06/2015 06:33:36] John Snow: yes, I read about quality score and such.
[22/06/2015 06:33:44] John Snow: just need a client to play PPC around 😛
[22/06/2015 06:33:47] New York Amir: lol
[22/06/2015 06:33:59] New York Amir: i know i pretty much dived into ppc
[22/06/2015 06:34:03] New York Amir: all i been doing past monhts lerainng that
[22/06/2015 06:34:05] New York Amir: since feb
[22/06/2015 06:34:08] New York Amir: or jan i think
[22/06/2015 06:34:16] New York Amir: i took over his adowrds campaign
[22/06/2015 06:34:19] New York Amir: his friend fucked it up
[22/06/2015 06:34:21] New York Amir: destroyed it
[22/06/2015 06:34:26] New York Amir: he was losing money
[22/06/2015 06:34:29] John Snow: lol
[22/06/2015 06:34:40] New York Amir: so jared and i took the time to study it
[22/06/2015 06:34:43] New York Amir: experiment
[22/06/2015 06:34:46] New York Amir: still working at it
[22/06/2015 06:34:53] John Snow: I wonder why don’t they do what we do. I think they don’t have the time to actually learn when they already own a product. all the information is online
[22/06/2015 06:34:54] New York Amir: we’re doing pretty good
[22/06/2015 06:34:57] New York Amir: as for as the CTR
[22/06/2015 06:35:02] New York Amir: peole clicking
[22/06/2015 06:35:05] New York Amir: now just need CR
[22/06/2015 06:35:20] New York Amir: and i get traffic from links i leave scraping news sites
[22/06/2015 06:35:21] John Snow: is your ads being showed in the top position against our bidders?
[22/06/2015 06:35:23] New York Amir: on comment section
[22/06/2015 06:35:24] John Snow: or somewhere in the middle
[22/06/2015 06:35:29] New York Amir: no dofollow but directl buys
[22/06/2015 06:35:37] New York Amir: from our product line
[22/06/2015 06:35:57] New York Amir: for display top
[22/06/2015 06:36:00] John Snow: damn. I feel like doing what oyu said with bingads
[22/06/2015 06:36:00] New York Amir: numbe 1
[22/06/2015 06:36:06] John Snow: awesome
[22/06/2015 06:36:13] New York Amir: searc the bids are too hight
[22/06/2015 06:36:21] New York Amir: even with a great qualtiy score
[22/06/2015 06:36:24] New York Amir: 8/10
[22/06/2015 06:36:31] John Snow: the position of the ads is mostly dependent on quality score and not on the bidding?
[22/06/2015 06:36:32] New York Amir: couldnt afford to bid that much
[22/06/2015 06:36:36] New York Amir: so search we have a few
[22/06/2015 06:36:39] New York Amir: low position though
[22/06/2015 06:36:43] New York Amir: and remarketing
[22/06/2015 06:36:52] New York Amir: no
[22/06/2015 06:36:56] New York Amir: it does include the bid as well
[22/06/2015 06:37:07] New York Amir: it actually includes tons of metrics
[22/06/2015 06:37:17] New York Amir: CTR is def huge
[22/06/2015 06:37:18] John Snow: I see. remarketing. Adswords has it or you use some third party tool like people talk about Adroll
[22/06/2015 06:37:18] New York Amir: i find out
[22/06/2015 06:37:21] New York Amir: testing the algo
[22/06/2015 06:37:25] New York Amir: for PPC at least
[22/06/2015 06:37:42] John Snow: yeah I heard CTR affects the position of your ad as well
[22/06/2015 06:37:45] New York Amir: 2 seperate engine or 2 segmets of teh same engine
[22/06/2015 06:37:50] New York Amir: seem to be working diffferently
[22/06/2015 06:37:55] New York Amir: for serp and inorganic serp
[22/06/2015 06:37:59] New York Amir: slightly
[22/06/2015 06:38:10] New York Amir: yes most def
[22/06/2015 06:38:11] New York Amir: for PPC
[22/06/2015 06:38:20] New York Amir: supposeldy for organic too now
[22/06/2015 06:38:24] New York Amir: a bit
[22/06/2015 06:38:38] New York Amir: but ya bidding QS the ad reveleance
[22/06/2015 06:38:40] New York Amir: is huge
[22/06/2015 06:38:47] New York Amir: not only that how well ur ad text
[22/06/2015 06:38:51] New York Amir: and your ON page seo
[22/06/2015 06:38:54] New York Amir: is huge
[22/06/2015 06:38:55] New York Amir: speed
[22/06/2015 06:38:58] New York Amir: all that
[22/06/2015 06:39:01] New York Amir: design
[22/06/2015 06:39:16] John Snow: on page seo affects ad position? interesting
[22/06/2015 06:39:18] New York Amir: and you need to mess around with matc types
[22/06/2015 06:39:21] New York Amir: it takes a week or 2
[22/06/2015 06:39:26] New York Amir: u need to collect data
[22/06/2015 06:39:29] New York Amir: yes def
[22/06/2015 06:39:34] New York Amir: 10000 percent
[22/06/2015 06:39:46] New York Amir: on page boost YOUR QS
[22/06/2015 06:39:49] New York Amir: off the roof
[22/06/2015 06:39:58] New York Amir: an the revelance to the ad
[22/06/2015 06:40:01] New York Amir: just thikn of it as seo
[22/06/2015 06:40:04] New York Amir: its the same concept
[22/06/2015 06:40:15] John Snow: basically need to SEO the shit out of everything. Possible to get into top ad position even with low budget.
[22/06/2015 06:40:15] New York Amir: on page has to be good regardless
[22/06/2015 06:40:20] New York Amir: if you’re doing ppc or seo
[22/06/2015 06:40:49] New York Amir: ya basically u dont want to attack hard kw
[22/06/2015 06:40:56] New York Amir: i find basis of good seo
[22/06/2015 06:41:01] New York Amir: is to find highly profitable
[22/06/2015 06:41:01] New York Amir: KW
[22/06/2015 06:41:06] New York Amir: that no one ideally
[22/06/2015 06:41:07] New York Amir: is attacking
[22/06/2015 06:41:10] New York Amir: long tail
[22/06/2015 06:41:12] New York Amir: product
[22/06/2015 06:41:18] John Snow: yeah those shit got too low traffic mate.
[22/06/2015 06:41:23] New York Amir: but remembe i hera that product specific KW
[22/06/2015 06:41:26] John Snow: yeah but its targeted. you are right
[22/06/2015 06:41:29] New York Amir: 50 percent or 6-
[22/06/2015 06:41:32] New York Amir: 60
[22/06/2015 06:41:38] New York Amir: get clicks from ads
[22/06/2015 06:41:44] New York Amir: the rest is organice
[22/06/2015 06:41:52] New York Amir: i guess that also depends on how many ads
[22/06/2015 06:41:53] New York Amir: are there
[22/06/2015 06:41:59] New York Amir: those type of variables
[22/06/2015 06:42:38] John Snow: Good luck in testing mate. I’m going to start small witjh BingAds before tackling the bigger animal, Foogle
[22/06/2015 06:42:42] New York Amir: i was reverse engineering bodybuilding.com
[22/06/2015 06:42:47] John Snow: you got experience with E-commerce?
[22/06/2015 06:42:47] New York Amir: silo structure
[22/06/2015 06:42:58] New York Amir: internal silo structure
[22/06/2015 06:43:02] New York Amir: to boost up the landing pages
[22/06/2015 06:43:07] John Snow: I did read a post about bodybuilding.com ranking
[22/06/2015 06:43:08] New York Amir: funnelling all the link juice
[22/06/2015 06:43:13] New York Amir: they’re a monster
[22/06/2015 06:43:17] New York Amir: u should see their set up
[22/06/2015 06:43:25] New York Amir: long tail product kw
[22/06/2015 06:43:27] New York Amir: all getting ranked
[22/06/2015 06:43:40] John Snow: i have browsed their site but never actually tried digging into the way they structured their site
[22/06/2015 06:43:43] New York Amir: best way to go depending on the KW as well commoisison pay outs
[22/06/2015 06:43:48] New York Amir: sell robotic arm parts
[22/06/2015 06:43:57] New York Amir: for example
[22/06/2015 06:44:12] New York Amir: i looked at his structure
[22/06/2015 06:44:23] New York Amir: siloing internal structure is important
[22/06/2015 06:44:31] New York Amir: make sure u send all ur link juice
[22/06/2015 06:44:36] New York Amir: to ur money pages
[22/06/2015 06:44:44] New York Amir: by contextual links
[22/06/2015 06:44:49] New York Amir: not fotter
[22/06/2015 06:44:52] New York Amir: footer or nav
[22/06/2015 06:45:01] New York Amir: inside the html main content
[22/06/2015 06:45:14] John Snow: my understanding for them ranking so well is because their domain is old and most important their forum is active as hell. tons of content being posted on it. Helps to rank even for the most remote keywords. That keyword along with LSI which Google might find on it, pushes their site top for any Longtail
[22/06/2015 06:45:39] New York Amir: u mean LSI for kw being targetted?
[22/06/2015 06:46:05] John Snow: no, for longtail which one might think “wow they are ranking for this keyword”
[22/06/2015 06:46:10] New York Amir: ah ok
[22/06/2015 06:46:17] John Snow: when in reality, their sheet content they host is the reason why they rank for long tail
[22/06/2015 06:46:19] New York Amir: ya lsi def kw beign ranked
[22/06/2015 06:46:21] John Snow: sheer*
[22/06/2015 06:46:36] New York Amir: long tail gets a lot but thhere’s tons of long tail
[22/06/2015 06:46:41] New York Amir: easily monetizable kw
[22/06/2015 06:46:43] New York Amir: no cmpetiont
[22/06/2015 06:46:49] New York Amir: u want to backlink as least amount
[22/06/2015 06:46:50] New York Amir: as possible
[22/06/2015 06:46:55] New York Amir: and get to 1 as fast as u can
[22/06/2015 06:47:12] New York Amir: without anyone targetting the kw or very low competitin with not so many targetting it
[22/06/2015 06:47:18] New York Amir: thats when the sandbox
[22/06/2015 06:47:20] New York Amir: kicks in
[22/06/2015 06:47:32] John Snow: come on mate, I’ve done quite a lot of research for selling some product. the damn SERPs are dominated by damn authority domains like amazon and pinterest. even for keywords with search volume of like 50
[22/06/2015 06:47:55] New York Amir: LOL
[22/06/2015 06:47:56] John Snow: all long tail.
[22/06/2015 06:48:04] New York Amir: u can out ramk them
[22/06/2015 06:48:06] New York Amir: that LSI
[22/06/2015 06:48:09] New York Amir: is bulshit!
[22/06/2015 06:48:13] New York Amir: that makes no sense
[22/06/2015 06:48:21] New York Amir: the whats th point of onpage/
[22/06/2015 06:48:22] New York Amir: ?
[22/06/2015 06:48:24] New York Amir: tahts why!
[22/06/2015 06:48:29] New York Amir: u see pages out rankign other ones
[22/06/2015 06:48:40] New York Amir: ive seen monster domain
[22/06/2015 06:48:42] New York Amir: get outranked
[22/06/2015 06:48:46] Jared: The default OP landing pages are pretty crummy.
[22/06/2015 06:48:48] New York Amir: if u understand how LSI works
[22/06/2015 06:48:50] John Snow: yeah. it’s true. it’s ridiculous. then I realized. Google is ranking these domains page ONYL because it can’t find any good quality ones
[22/06/2015 06:48:50] New York Amir: im telling u n ow
[22/06/2015 06:48:54] Jared: Crum city.
[22/06/2015 06:48:58] New York Amir: LSI is bullshit
[22/06/2015 06:49:04] New York Amir: that domain authority crap
[22/06/2015 06:49:09] New York Amir: if they’re not attacking the KW
[22/06/2015 06:49:14] New York Amir: imsorry no matter who they are
[22/06/2015 06:49:18] New York Amir: you can still outrank them
[22/06/2015 06:49:23] Jared: Do I turn on Darkwing Duck while I work, I do.
[22/06/2015 06:49:25] New York Amir: they have to be attacking that KW
[22/06/2015 06:49:29] New York Amir: but
[22/06/2015 06:49:38] New York Amir: the LSI only is effected if its by
[22/06/2015 06:49:41] John Snow: yes. you are right. took me quite a while to realize. they aren’t targeting the keyword
[22/06/2015 06:49:41] New York Amir: like for exmaple
[22/06/2015 06:49:50] New York Amir: “cheap psyci reading”
[22/06/2015 06:49:55] New York Amir: “psycich reading cheap”
[22/06/2015 06:49:56] New York Amir: NOW
[22/06/2015 06:49:59] John Snow: they are ranking only because there is not real site targeting the keyword. thus google thinks amazon/pinterest are the best domain to rank them
[22/06/2015 06:49:59] New York Amir: the lsi kicks IN
[22/06/2015 06:50:00] New York Amir: OR
[22/06/2015 06:50:05] New York Amir: if theres one letter off
[22/06/2015 06:50:09] New York Amir: or the word IS very very close
[22/06/2015 06:50:12] New York Amir: to your targetted kw
[22/06/2015 06:50:13] New York Amir: then ya
[22/06/2015 06:50:14] New York Amir: you’re in trouble
[22/06/2015 06:50:25] New York Amir: or if it has the KW included
[22/06/2015 06:50:30] New York Amir: and just has one letter added on
[22/06/2015 06:50:36] New York Amir: ya u ahve to worry about the LIS
[22/06/2015 06:50:37] New York Amir: LSI
[22/06/2015 06:50:38] New York Amir: then
[22/06/2015 06:50:42] New York Amir: becuse those KW
[22/06/2015 06:50:46] New York Amir: are vyer very closely related
[22/06/2015 06:50:51] New York Amir: and google will rank them above u
[22/06/2015 06:51:18] New York Amir: but the LSI has to be close like i said i mean most SEO pel think its not true
[22/06/2015 06:51:21] New York Amir: i aruged with them
[22/06/2015 06:51:28] New York Amir: especially the seo agency
[22/06/2015 06:51:30] New York Amir: who have no clue
[22/06/2015 06:51:33] New York Amir: wtf they’re talking about
[22/06/2015 06:51:37] New York Amir: they think literally
[22/06/2015 06:51:41] New York Amir: everyone on page 1
[22/06/2015 06:51:44] New York Amir: is your competition
[22/06/2015 06:51:46] New York Amir: its not..
[22/06/2015 06:52:04] John Snow: mate, isn’t LSI to do with the actual meaning of the keyword rather then spelling mistake?
[22/06/2015 06:52:21] John Snow: for example
[22/06/2015 06:52:26] John Snow: when you search “receive sms online”
[22/06/2015 06:52:28] New York Amir: latent synomns
[22/06/2015 06:52:32] John Snow: and “receive text online”
[22/06/2015 06:52:37] John Snow: they show up the same results
[22/06/2015 06:52:43] New York Amir: sms will out rank it
[22/06/2015 06:52:48] New York Amir: that cause wotn work
[22/06/2015 06:52:54] New York Amir: like text or TEXTS
[22/06/2015 06:53:03] New York Amir: ya of course thats competiotn
[22/06/2015 06:53:08] New York Amir: or if u have
[22/06/2015 06:53:14] New York Amir: “online psycchi readings”
[22/06/2015 06:53:21] New York Amir: “psychich readings online”
[22/06/2015 06:53:24] New York Amir: kw varitaon as well
[22/06/2015 06:53:37] New York Amir: u know that LSI i seen shitty sites
[22/06/2015 06:53:41] New York Amir: out ranking
[22/06/2015 06:53:48] New York Amir: big time authoirity sites
[22/06/2015 06:53:50] New York Amir: so its not really true
[22/06/2015 06:54:10] New York Amir: i have seen a few xamples though if the word trying to think
[22/06/2015 06:54:21] New York Amir: like u said text sms but it has to be a synom
[22/06/2015 06:54:29] New York Amir: synonmm thats even close
[22/06/2015 06:54:36] New York Amir: cause text and sms…
[22/06/2015 06:54:42] New York Amir: can mean just text u know?
[22/06/2015 06:54:44] New York Amir: waht im saying?
[22/06/2015 06:55:04] New York Amir: text is taken differntly
[22/06/2015 06:55:08] New York Amir: book text
[22/06/2015 06:55:49] *** Jānis Kreislers has left ***
[22/06/2015 06:56:06] John Snow: im following you.,
[22/06/2015 06:56:06] New York Amir: jonis was overhwhelmed
[22/06/2015 06:56:11] New York Amir: he’s like fuck this
[22/06/2015 06:56:18] John Snow: just need to go through it again what you said 😛
[22/06/2015 06:56:19] New York Amir: lol
[22/06/2015 06:56:31] New York Amir: keep it simple the LSI i see not a huge facotr
[22/06/2015 06:56:42] New York Amir: like if an authority site has “sms” but u ranking fo r”text”
[22/06/2015 06:56:45] New York Amir: u will outrank them
[22/06/2015 06:56:52] New York Amir: even its a big time site
[22/06/2015 06:56:54] New York Amir: well u can
[22/06/2015 06:56:56] New York Amir: outrank them
[22/06/2015 06:57:26] New York Amir: that LSI would just mess evertying up
[22/06/2015 06:57:38] New York Amir: i wonder if it will be like that
[22/06/2015 06:57:51] New York Amir: supposedly its slowly going towards that way i heard
[22/06/2015 06:57:52] John Snow: thanks dude. gave me some confidence in going against he big dogs ranking for long tails
[22/06/2015 06:58:02] New York Amir: but i woulnd make sense
[22/06/2015 06:58:04] New York Amir: thats the problem
[22/06/2015 06:58:07] New York Amir: if the use LSI
[22/06/2015 06:58:08] John Snow: got pretty pissed at all the serps were dominated by pitneerest, etsy, amazon
[22/06/2015 06:58:10] New York Amir: it woudl destroy
[22/06/2015 06:58:12] New York Amir: the whole algo
[22/06/2015 06:58:17] New York Amir: u need to target KW
[22/06/2015 06:58:19] New York Amir: so peole
[22/06/2015 06:58:24] New York Amir: can get very good serarches
[22/06/2015 06:58:37] New York Amir: if they put that LSI in effect make the searches real bad
[22/06/2015 06:58:40] New York Amir: and confusing
[22/06/2015 06:59:00] New York Amir: ya big dogs u can take out
[22/06/2015 06:59:08] New York Amir: cause not everyone is rankin for tha KW on page 2
[22/06/2015 06:59:09] New York Amir: 1
[22/06/2015 06:59:13] New York Amir: they just might happen to rank for it
[22/06/2015 06:59:26] New York Amir: and even if they traing u need on page
[22/06/2015 06:59:30] New York Amir: great onpage
[22/06/2015 06:59:52] New York Amir: tahts the part takes above them on page
[22/06/2015 06:59:53] New York Amir: 2
[22/06/2015 06:59:54] New York Amir: 1
[22/06/2015 06:59:59] New York Amir: rest is baclklinks
[22/06/2015 07:00:05] New York Amir: and other factros
[22/06/2015 07:00:24] John Snow: internal linking plays a big role
[22/06/2015 07:00:28] New York Amir: most def
[22/06/2015 07:00:34] New York Amir: contexutal linking
[22/06/2015 07:00:39] New York Amir: funneling your link juice
[22/06/2015 07:00:50] New York Amir: also cut off any link juice
[22/06/2015 07:00:56] New York Amir: u dont want it going out
[22/06/2015 07:00:58] John Snow: funneling link juice to ONE page of your site which hold like most content and is the money making site
[22/06/2015 07:01:08] John Snow: is that what you meant by funneling link juice?
[22/06/2015 07:01:10] New York Amir: not sure but i think that boost ur page
[22/06/2015 07:01:40] New York Amir: like i made a blog page wanted to get link juice added no follow tags
[22/06/2015 07:01:48] New York Amir: so no link juice was going out
[22/06/2015 07:01:52] New York Amir: just going ot the money page
[22/06/2015 07:02:02] John Snow: like oyu make one page/post/homepage with say 2000 word article. The reast of blog post you make are like 400 page but are not money page. but they link back to your money site. is this the internal structure?
[22/06/2015 07:02:07] New York Amir: internal structure
[22/06/2015 07:02:21] New York Amir: for example u can leave contextual links to ur money pages
[22/06/2015 07:02:24] New York Amir: internal structure
[22/06/2015 07:02:26] New York Amir: of ur site
[22/06/2015 07:02:34] New York Amir: lets say
[22/06/2015 07:02:38] New York Amir: for example
[22/06/2015 07:02:44] New York Amir: u had a blog
[22/06/2015 07:02:55] New York Amir: and u have a landinag page with ur product
[22/06/2015 07:03:03] New York Amir: well for white hat
[22/06/2015 07:03:16] New York Amir: or grey hat purposes u want to rank ur produc page
[22/06/2015 07:03:32] New York Amir: no one wants to link to an ecommerce page
[22/06/2015 07:03:41] New York Amir: that why blog marketing is huge
[22/06/2015 07:03:43] New York Amir: affliate
[22/06/2015 07:03:50] New York Amir: create blog pages
[22/06/2015 07:04:00] New York Amir: and leave contextual links to ur money page
[22/06/2015 07:04:10] New York Amir: i seen a few ways peopel monetize a site authority blog
[22/06/2015 07:04:23] New York Amir: best i heard is to have not a bunch of ads but ur own product
[22/06/2015 07:04:24] New York Amir: on ur page
[22/06/2015 07:04:31] New York Amir: they get good CR
[22/06/2015 07:04:38] New York Amir: after u build trust among ur traffic
[22/06/2015 07:04:41] John Snow: wait, doesn’t that lead to the blog which is hosting the affiliate product get ranked and not this money site?
[22/06/2015 07:05:29] New York Amir: money page gets ranked
[22/06/2015 07:05:32] John Snow: I’m not sure what is the conversion or CTR rate when a visitor visits their blog post they made
[22/06/2015 07:05:43] New York Amir: u need to track that
[22/06/2015 07:06:08] John Snow: like lets take an example of Lifehacker. that site gets ranked often in many keywords and is seen almost everywhere. the sheet amount of content they have..
[22/06/2015 07:06:18] New York Amir: ya they got a lot
[22/06/2015 07:06:25] New York Amir: lifhacker is liek growth hackr ight?
[22/06/2015 07:06:33] New York Amir: community of marketers
[22/06/2015 07:06:34] John Snow: it’s a blog
[22/06/2015 07:06:39] John Snow: no no growth hacker is different
[22/06/2015 07:06:41] John Snow: which is more awesome
[22/06/2015 07:06:49] New York Amir: growth hack i use to go on
[22/06/2015 07:06:50] John Snow: lifehacker could be what you call ‘blog marketing’
[22/06/2015 07:06:58] New York Amir: think i’ve seen it
[22/06/2015 07:07:23] John Snow: it’s nice but lots of bullshit being shared on growthhacker website. some of it might not even constitute as growth hacking lol
[22/06/2015 07:07:29] New York Amir: lol
[22/06/2015 07:07:38] New York Amir: theres a lot of bullcrap info out there
[22/06/2015 07:07:45] New York Amir: i find by testing and just reading works well
[22/06/2015 07:07:55] New York Amir: just read as much as u can
[22/06/2015 07:08:01] New York Amir: there’s a book mark in the room
[22/06/2015 07:08:03] New York Amir: i sent
[22/06/2015 07:08:08] New York Amir: let msee iif i have have
[22/06/2015 07:08:10] New York Amir: it
[22/06/2015 07:08:20] *** ***
[22/06/2015 07:08:23] John Snow: yes i saw it going through the chat log
[22/06/2015 07:08:33] John Snow: not sure if it downloaded
[22/06/2015 07:08:35] John Snow: mate, you said this a while back
[22/06/2015 07:08:37] John Snow: internal structure
for example u can leave contextual links to ur money pages
internal structure
of ur site
lets say
for example
u had a blog
and u have a landinag page with ur product
well for white hat
or grey hat purposes u want to rank ur produc page
[22/06/2015 07:08:50] John Snow: why wouldn’t one want to link their product page of their e-commerce
[22/06/2015 07:08:56] John Snow: in the ned of their blogpost
[22/06/2015 07:09:17] New York Amir: nah im talking about people
[22/06/2015 07:09:18] New York Amir: linking to you
[22/06/2015 07:09:22] John Snow: did you mean say I owned amazon. I wouldn’t link amazon.com but instead amazon.com/product?
[22/06/2015 07:09:23] New York Amir: to ur money page
[22/06/2015 07:09:30] New York Amir: let tehm link to your blog post
[22/06/2015 07:09:38] New York Amir: your awesome content
[22/06/2015 07:09:47] New York Amir: then insie your aweosome conten blog post
[22/06/2015 07:09:57] New York Amir: u have a contextual link goin gto ur landing page
[22/06/2015 07:10:00] John Snow: oh man. it’s far too hard these days for peole to link to you. it’s mostly guest blogging
[22/06/2015 07:10:06] New York Amir: big more like blogger outreac style
[22/06/2015 07:10:10] New York Amir: ya thats what im saying
[22/06/2015 07:10:21] John Snow: oh so guest blogging
[22/06/2015 07:10:22] New York Amir: no its not
[22/06/2015 07:10:35] John Snow: where you go on big blogs like Lifehacker and tell them, “i got content to share with you”
[22/06/2015 07:10:38] John Snow: they allow you
[22/06/2015 07:10:40] New York Amir: not for tier 2 or 3 sites
[22/06/2015 07:10:59] New York Amir: get a link right to the site it gets high quality links
[22/06/2015 07:11:14] New York Amir: like i said its for grey u can use buzzbundle
[22/06/2015 07:11:18] New York Amir: send out to ur tier 2 sites
[22/06/2015 07:11:26] New York Amir: peope with DA 30
[22/06/2015 07:11:31] New York Amir: easier to get links
[22/06/2015 07:11:41] New York Amir: tier 1 sites much harder of course u need to engage
[22/06/2015 07:11:47] New York Amir: on social media etc..
[22/06/2015 07:11:52] New York Amir: get int their commmunity
[22/06/2015 07:12:00] John Snow: is it true a brand new domains takes 3 month to even rank on Google? like 3 month is the grace perod?
[22/06/2015 07:12:09] alexVEVO: No
[22/06/2015 07:12:09] New York Amir: from what im hearing
[22/06/2015 07:12:13] alexVEVO: False
[22/06/2015 07:12:14] New York Amir: we been discussing this
[22/06/2015 07:12:22] New York Amir: i remember u can still rank
[22/06/2015 07:12:36] New York Amir: new domains rank asapp
[22/06/2015 07:12:38] New York Amir: bro
[22/06/2015 07:12:39] New York Amir: u can rank a KW
[22/06/2015 07:12:42] New York Amir: in one second
[22/06/2015 07:12:43] John Snow: because i really want to buy a domain but the 3 month grace period is like ‘fuck no, that’s too long”
[22/06/2015 07:12:43] New York Amir: right now
[22/06/2015 07:12:45] New York Amir: litereally
[22/06/2015 07:12:56] alexVEVO: 24 hr rabk any kw
[22/06/2015 07:12:58] John Snow: yes. i can confirm, site can rank in seconds more like pages
[22/06/2015 07:12:59] New York Amir: yep
[22/06/2015 07:13:00] alexVEVO: Rank
[22/06/2015 07:13:05] John Snow: on authority site like Reddit
[22/06/2015 07:13:07] New York Amir: u can as long as its not targetted
[22/06/2015 07:13:10] New York Amir: i tested it out
[22/06/2015 07:13:17] John Snow: i made a reddit post and it was showing up in google after like 10 seconds
[22/06/2015 07:13:26] New York Amir: nice
[22/06/2015 07:13:26] alexVEVO: Just bold kw onsite
[22/06/2015 07:13:31] New York Amir: LOL
[22/06/2015 07:13:31] John Snow: not so sure about fresh domain
[22/06/2015 07:13:39] John Snow: 😀
[22/06/2015 07:13:50] John Snow: font 72?
[22/06/2015 07:13:56] New York Amir: fun stuff
[22/06/2015 07:14:01] John Snow: bold and font size 72. make sense
[22/06/2015 07:14:05] New York Amir: its a pretty good room onlyskype room thats been alive
[22/06/2015 07:14:54] alexVEVO: Just keep strategy on the downlow
[22/06/2015 07:14:58] alexVEVO: Shh shh
[22/06/2015 07:15:03] alexVEVO: 😉
[22/06/2015 07:15:35] alexVEVO: Ur welcome
[22/06/2015 07:15:53] John Snow: btw thanks for sharing the bookmarks A
[22/06/2015 07:15:57] John Snow: going to check them out soon
[22/06/2015 07:17:14] John Snow: any of you guys focus on Schema?
[22/06/2015 07:17:31] John Snow: structured data
[22/06/2015 07:40:02] Jared: Is there anything anyone needs? I’m in a charitable mood.
[22/06/2015 07:41:43] John Snow: what good fortune happened to your Jared
[22/06/2015 07:42:03] John Snow: lame. thunderbird ain’t showing yahoo mail inbox folder -.-
[22/06/2015 08:12:16] Jared: http://demo.whoathemes.com/bivio/
[22/06/2015 08:12:28] Jared: Clean squeeze page.
[22/06/2015 08:13:15] John Snow: I have bivio
[22/06/2015 08:13:31] John Snow: you wanted it? i got it for free. free as in freedom, not free beer
[22/06/2015 08:13:56] John Snow: that calve muscles tho, middle picture
[22/06/2015 08:15:07] *** ***
[22/06/2015 08:15:12] Jared: Nah, I don’t need it. I’m just looking around and came across it.
[22/06/2015 08:15:20] Jared: Thanks anyway, pal.
[22/06/2015 08:15:23] John Snow: there you go anyway
[22/06/2015 08:18:55] John Snow: Any of you guys buy or run some gig on fiverr?
[22/06/2015 08:19:47] John Snow: in my latest venture to make some moneiz. I hired some local peasant to do writing for me. i don’t know what to do with them now. like make an account on fiverr and get fiverr trades? these guys can write well
[22/06/2015 12:13:23] *** Anthony Flatt joined. ***
[22/06/2015 12:21:06] Anthony Flatt: Hello fellow IM’ers. I saw this Skype Group on the WF and thought I would check it out. I am always looking for like minded people to kick around ideas and see what is working and not working. Reach out to me if have any questions on anything I could help you with and I will do the same. Right now my focus is on my Podcast. I launch it just about two months ago. I just did my 60th daily Podcast. I think that Podcasts are going to be big in the next couple of years so I am figuring it out now. I have also created lots of Digital products over the years and I continue to work on new products. You can learn more about me at anthonyflatt.com businessatthespeedofsell.com or just google my name. I am in Atlanta Georgia. Let me know what’s up. Cheers!!
[22/06/2015 12:22:38] Jared: Hello
[22/06/2015 12:24:13] Anthony Flatt: Hi Jared!
[22/06/2015 12:25:08] Jared: You’re excited to be here. Nice. We need some positivity and enthusiasm.
[22/06/2015 12:27:00] New York Amir: morning u fine specimen
[22/06/2015 12:27:14] New York Amir: dot get the wrong idea john! 😛
[22/06/2015 12:27:17] New York Amir: dont*
[22/06/2015 12:27:27] New York Amir: mr tony hello
[22/06/2015 12:27:34] New York Amir: so what do u exactly do
[22/06/2015 12:27:45] New York Amir: online marketing offline inbound outboud etc?
[22/06/2015 12:28:45] Jared: Hobobound marketing
[22/06/2015 12:28:57] New York Amir: big hobo
[22/06/2015 12:32:28 | Removed 12:32:33] New York Amir: This message has been removed.
[22/06/2015 12:36:30 | Edited 12:36:36] Jared: Nice site, Anthony. You look like you’re more advanced than most of the people in here. Most of us are fairly new to it all.
[22/06/2015 12:40:57] Anthony Flatt: I have been in corporate higtech sales for the last 20 or so years. I have been studing Internet Marketing for the last 10 years and applying IM techniques to Corporate sales. I have been killing it with Offline Webinars for the last 3 or 4 years. I have been dabbling with my own Digital Products for the last few years and I have had a couple WSO that did well and a couple that did not. I make a good giving with the day job but would like to move fulltime to creating Digital Media Publishing.
[22/06/2015 12:42:43] Anthony Flatt: I am always looking for win-win relationships.
[22/06/2015 12:43:45] Anthony Flatt: What are you guys working on?
[22/06/2015 12:45:14] New York Amir: do SEM for google and SEO just about it
[22/06/2015 12:45:23] New York Amir: create our onw landing pages coprywrite
[22/06/2015 12:45:30] New York Amir: affilate marketing
[22/06/2015 12:45:33] New York Amir: and client PPC
[22/06/2015 12:45:40] New York Amir: only do affliate seo
[22/06/2015 12:46:04] New York Amir: been doing marketing in general now for a year about with my associate jared in here and so fart its been pretty good
[22/06/2015 12:46:19] New York Amir: online marketing started back in march made smoney from it
[22/06/2015 12:46:27] New York Amir: now we trying to make more
[22/06/2015 12:46:36] New York Amir: and ya we’re constnatly lerainng too
[22/06/2015 12:57:14] Anthony Flatt: Cool. I am not much into SEO and PPC probable should do more. I have serveral people a day offer to do SEO for me. But as I ask questions and ask fro examples of the results they have produced I find that theyhave not done anything. Or that I know more than they do (and I only know a little) or theyhave produced results but it cost more that the customer was able to make as an Amazon affiliate, etc. So I am not big on SEO (right now).
[22/06/2015 12:57:47] Anthony Flatt: I have mainly been creating products and then giving affiliates most of the commission if not all the commission to build my email list. But even that I have not been doing as much or as well as I would like. I just created a product http://www.acceleratedproductcreation.com with Chris Waddell aka Chris Rok. We launched it on JVZoo and it did not take off so we created a WSO and that did not take off so we are re-thinking what we are going to do next. I think we are going to pull it from JvZoo and WF and launch it on Clickbank.
[22/06/2015 12:57:53] New York Amir: they do seo for you
[22/06/2015 12:58:50] Anthony Flatt: I do almost no SEO. I add a few things here and there on my WordPress sites but that is about it.
[22/06/2015 12:59:32] New York Amir: wso huh
[22/06/2015 12:59:36] New York Amir: dotn mess with that
[22/06/2015 12:59:49] New York Amir: are they effectively ranking ur site?
[22/06/2015 12:59:52] New York Amir: for any KW
[22/06/2015 12:59:55] New York Amir: so u do offline marketing?
[22/06/2015 13:00:10] New York Amir: help create products? innovative marketing
[22/06/2015 13:00:23] New York Amir: for your customers and build relationships
[22/06/2015 13:00:28] Anthony Flatt: I think what I need to do is get more fishing poles in the water. I have a bunch of prodcuts I have created and other things like coaching that I want to offer. BUT, I don’t have very many offers out there. Day Job pays the bills so I cannot focus fulltime on it.
[22/06/2015 13:00:36] Jared: He’s saying he created his own product, and it flopped on both JVZoo and Warrior Forum.
[22/06/2015 13:00:50] New York Amir: big wso
[22/06/2015 13:00:59] New York Amir: peolpe always trying to create products
[22/06/2015 13:01:05] New York Amir: or services
[22/06/2015 13:01:14] Jared: Do you think the lack of interest was because it’s just not a product people want/need, or was it underwhelming marketing?
[22/06/2015 13:02:48] Anthony Flatt: Jared for APC it flopped. My Offline Webianr Formula was a WSO hit as was my Webinar Success Templates. My Udemy Webinar Success Templates course has over 650 students but most of them were free. I have two Kindle books that sell one or two here and there.
[22/06/2015 13:04:04] New York Amir: offline webinar formula huh
[22/06/2015 13:04:48] New York Amir: wso has been abused so much
[22/06/2015 13:05:15] Anthony Flatt: Offline i.e. the Corporate day job has been where most of my success has been. I have sold over 100 Millions Dollars worth of products and services. I still today sell $3M to $5M each year in products and services. So I make a pretty good living doing that. I have been using IM techniques to keep the Day Job going well in an ever increasingly competitive market.
[22/06/2015 13:05:42] New York Amir: u must be ranking in that big figures then
[22/06/2015 13:05:50] New York Amir: profit wise
[22/06/2015 13:06:04] Anthony Flatt: I think WF WSO and even JVZoo might be less lucrative than they once were.
[22/06/2015 13:06:47] New York Amir: any type of market place in the beginnin is good
[22/06/2015 13:06:49] New York Amir: online
[22/06/2015 13:07:01] New York Amir: but thats more like a forum based thats been abused
[22/06/2015 13:07:02] New York Amir: to hell
[22/06/2015 13:07:14] New York Amir: crazy how some peole buy that shit
[22/06/2015 13:07:20] New York Amir: i never bough any of that big free stuff
[22/06/2015 13:07:21] New York Amir: online
[22/06/2015 13:07:45] New York Amir: feels like sunday
[22/06/2015 13:08:33] *** ***
[22/06/2015 13:08:46] New York Amir: u got to be careful with peolewho do “seo”
[22/06/2015 13:09:24] New York Amir: u need to know what is it theu’re doing
[22/06/2015 13:09:26] Anthony Flatt: I make a good living in the Day Job. I got my start in Corporate sales by kicking the shit out of the old guys. I looked in the mirror the other day and I am now one of the old guys! I turn 48 next month and I work really hard to keep winning in the day job. Harder and harder evey month. So I want to move my income to doing something I really enjoy.
[22/06/2015 13:09:32] New York Amir: or otherwise you jus paying some scammers
[22/06/2015 13:09:35] New York Amir: who know noething about seo
[22/06/2015 13:09:43] Jared: SEO’s are 21st-century used car salesmen.
[22/06/2015 13:09:49] New York Amir: lol
[22/06/2015 13:09:51] New York Amir: they are
[22/06/2015 13:09:53] Anthony Flatt: I don’t know how old you guys are or what income level you guys are at so let me level set a little bit.
[22/06/2015 13:09:54] New York Amir: tehy really are
[22/06/2015 13:09:56] New York Amir: web design and seo
[22/06/2015 13:10:04] New York Amir: is proalby one of the biggest scams out there
[22/06/2015 13:10:06] New York Amir: right now
[22/06/2015 13:10:14] New York Amir: its like going to a car mechanic or sales men
[22/06/2015 13:10:16] New York Amir: fucking up yoru ride
[22/06/2015 13:10:21] New York Amir: and charging you mad money
[22/06/2015 13:10:25] New York Amir: “btw u need this too”
[22/06/2015 13:10:53] Jared: I’ve seen agencies who have gotten their clients’ sites slapped by Google.
[22/06/2015 13:11:14] New York Amir: we only like honest markteers in here only honest ones by th way jared i created 10 female profiles to manipulate google for rankings
[22/06/2015 13:11:20] Jared: And then they dump the client and block all contact with them.
[22/06/2015 13:11:33] Jared: lol
[22/06/2015 13:11:50] Jared: I’ve been pretending to be a female in one niche for almost two years now.
[22/06/2015 13:12:00] Jared: I have no plans on stopping anytime soon.
[22/06/2015 13:13:15] Anthony Flatt: When I say my WSO flopped it is because it only made a few hundred bucks. My other WSO’s did well but still only make $10k or so. I have several businesses and partnerships. I make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each week. So I am making money in IM but no where near what I need to. I am in it for the long term.
[22/06/2015 13:16:29] New York Amir: ya u need to make millions
[22/06/2015 13:16:34] New York Amir: u been inthe game for a while
[22/06/2015 13:16:38] Anthony Flatt: For niche markets I think you need to do that. You need the right type of person for the market your selling to. I don’t know that I could build a whole business on that but niche marketing is where a lot of money is. Because so many people are focused on the make money online market. Any kind of addiction, selfhelp, weightloss or any market talking about personal issues would be good I would guess.
[22/06/2015 13:16:41] New York Amir: thing is u really really to self education
[22/06/2015 13:16:43] New York Amir: the more knowledge u have
[22/06/2015 13:16:52] New York Amir: the better chances you’ll make it to the top
[22/06/2015 13:16:55] New York Amir: u got to really really
[22/06/2015 13:16:57] New York Amir: master the trade
[22/06/2015 13:17:00] New York Amir: inside out
[22/06/2015 13:17:04] New York Amir: to make those big$$$$
[22/06/2015 13:17:20] Jared: I spent the first 18 months studying 10+ hours a day.
[22/06/2015 13:17:30] New York Amir: more than that we ddi
[22/06/2015 13:17:32] New York Amir: at least 10 hours
[22/06/2015 13:17:46] New York Amir: last 3 years of my life me and jared were literlally locked up in our rooms studying
[22/06/2015 13:17:53] New York Amir: no going our no partying friday night
[22/06/2015 13:17:53] Anthony Flatt: You have to be a learner befroe and earner.
[22/06/2015 13:17:56] Jared: I was determined not only to be a part of the 1% who succeed, but in the top 1% of those who succeed.
[22/06/2015 13:18:04] New York Amir: yep
[22/06/2015 13:18:11] New York Amir: we’re actualy getitng there
[22/06/2015 13:18:15] New York Amir: and we’re getting close
[22/06/2015 13:18:26] Anthony Flatt: I actually beleave 97% of the people will fail at everything.
[22/06/2015 13:18:30] New York Amir: they do
[22/06/2015 13:18:39] New York Amir: 3% are the ones who are extgremely dedication
[22/06/2015 13:18:41] New York Amir: passionate
[22/06/2015 13:18:44] New York Amir: and take risks
[22/06/2015 13:18:56] New York Amir: those obviusly are the ones who are makeing
[22/06/2015 13:18:58] New York Amir: a shit ton
[22/06/2015 13:19:08] Anthony Flatt: I have a whole product planning call “Being the other 3%”
[22/06/2015 13:19:20] New York Amir: trying to get there myfriend
[22/06/2015 13:19:26] New York Amir: i think in here most of are
[22/06/2015 13:19:33] New York Amir: some mabe just contemp
[22/06/2015 13:19:39] New York Amir: cotempt with medicoare marketing
[22/06/2015 13:19:44] New York Amir: medicore*
[22/06/2015 13:19:49] Anthony Flatt: I beleive you need 1+1=3 relationships.
[22/06/2015 13:20:13] New York Amir: ya u do netowrking thats a given and consumer based relationhips
[22/06/2015 13:20:17] New York Amir: it depend on the niche too though
[22/06/2015 13:20:23] New York Amir: but regarldes u need trust
[22/06/2015 13:20:26] New York Amir: from your consumer
[22/06/2015 13:20:47] New York Amir: exposure and gaining trust building a list of customers or what not
[22/06/2015 13:21:28] Anthony Flatt: It is also about taking massive action (Anthony Robbins). I planned my Podcast for 2 years. But then launched it from start to finish in less than 30 days. I just burnt the bridges and committed to it.
[22/06/2015 13:22:16] New York Amir: ya i havent got into create your own product yet i’ve been looking at creating stupid ideas
[22/06/2015 13:22:18] New York Amir: that get viral
[22/06/2015 13:22:19] New York Amir: and rich
[22/06/2015 13:22:28] New York Amir: once im to that level im a dive into that
[22/06/2015 13:22:33] New York Amir: its in my bookmarks btw guys
[22/06/2015 13:22:39] New York Amir: tons of innovative viral marketing
[22/06/2015 13:22:47] New York Amir: cretaing ur own product service..
[22/06/2015 13:22:53] New York Amir: valdiation techniques
[22/06/2015 13:23:12] New York Amir: i do have one stie actually
[22/06/2015 13:23:15] New York Amir: thats viral potention
[22/06/2015 13:23:21] New York Amir: i just havent marketed yet
[22/06/2015 13:23:23] Jared: I have about 10 Tony Robbins books.
[22/06/2015 13:23:25] New York Amir: i want to get PR
[22/06/2015 13:23:30] New York Amir: press releases for it
[22/06/2015 13:23:34] New York Amir: public relations online
[22/06/2015 13:23:38] Jared: He’s got life all figured out.
[22/06/2015 13:23:39] New York Amir: through blog etc..
[22/06/2015 13:23:55] New York Amir: big tony
[22/06/2015 13:24:49] New York Amir: u should make sure anyone ranking for you knows what the’yre doing
[22/06/2015 13:24:51] Anthony Flatt: Ok well it was good chatting with you guys. Sounds like you guys are into so things that I am not and I have done some things you guys have not. Lets keep the conversation going and see what we can do to help each other. Got to get ready for two conference calls.
[22/06/2015 13:25:01] New York Amir: k
[22/06/2015 13:26:11] Anthony Flatt: I am on Skype all the time however I don’t look at it all the time. So ping me and I will respond when I get back.
[22/06/2015 13:26:23] New York Amir: k
[22/06/2015 13:29:32] *** ***
[22/06/2015 13:29:42] Anthony Flatt: Happy Downloading!!
[22/06/2015 13:30:05] Anthony Flatt: The is a lot of good stuff in there. Not sure how long the links will continue to be active.
[22/06/2015 13:31:29] New York Amir: good looks
[22/06/2015 13:43:32] New York Amir: who’s good with analytics
[22/06/2015 13:43:36] New York Amir: expert
[22/06/2015 13:43:46] New York Amir: googles
[22/06/2015 13:44:29] New York Amir: Total Events Unique Events Event Value Avg. Value

% of Total: 26.47% (34)
% of Total: 26.47% (34)
% of Total: 0.00% (0)
[22/06/2015 13:44:39] New York Amir: just ttryin go figure out how to track the CR
[22/06/2015 13:44:41] New York Amir: of an amzon buy
[22/06/2015 13:45:02] New York Amir: uniq event we got it tracked for the click through of the CPA on the landing page
[22/06/2015 13:45:12] New York Amir: but to see how many actually convert into sales
[22/06/2015 13:45:25] New York Amir: once they reach the money page on amazon
[22/06/2015 13:45:37] New York Amir: cause some might just want to see the reviews
[22/06/2015 13:46:19] New York Amir: trying to see if if the CTR of the CPA on the landing page matches the CR
[22/06/2015 13:59:56] Zaid Wikipedia: sup – need analytics help – am your main man! Big A
[22/06/2015 14:00:46] John Snow: hello guise
[22/06/2015 14:04:43] New York Amir: all good i think i got it
[22/06/2015 14:04:48] New York Amir: sup big jon and zaid
[22/06/2015 14:05:03] New York Amir: please my friends call me Amir
[22/06/2015 14:05:13] New York Amir: u can call me A
[22/06/2015 14:05:24] New York Amir: 😛
[22/06/2015 14:05:36] John Snow: Amir, which country you from
[22/06/2015 14:05:41] Zaid Wikipedia: your name says A which is why I said A
[22/06/2015 14:05:44] Zaid Wikipedia: big Amir
[22/06/2015 14:05:46] Zaid Wikipedia: 🙂
[22/06/2015 14:05:48] New York Amir: johns already interrogating me i have no affliation with ISIS if that’s why you’re thinking
[22/06/2015 14:05:56] New York Amir: left them last week
[22/06/2015 14:05:59] New York Amir: pay wasnt good
[22/06/2015 14:06:02] John Snow: 😀
[22/06/2015 14:06:18] John Snow: LOL…they were hiring some oil director for 220K
[22/06/2015 14:06:20] John Snow: very tempting
[22/06/2015 14:06:22] New York Amir: iran originally usa currently
[22/06/2015 14:06:53] John Snow: i too wnat to move to usa oneday
[22/06/2015 14:06:55] John Snow: the land of the riches
[22/06/2015 14:06:55] New York Amir: moved here when i was 4
[22/06/2015 14:06:59] New York Amir: stayed since
[22/06/2015 14:07:37] New York Amir: online is the land of the riches beauty of marketing inbound online
[22/06/2015 14:07:40] New York Amir: work comes with you
[22/06/2015 14:07:55] New York Amir: no location restricted
[22/06/2015 14:07:58] New York Amir: no gas money
[22/06/2015 14:08:28] John Snow: yeah but all the rich client for IMing are in the west
[22/06/2015 14:08:35] John Snow: client = $$$
[22/06/2015 14:09:07] New York Amir: u dont have to do client u can do affiliate
[22/06/2015 14:09:14] New York Amir: people are killing it making milllions
[22/06/2015 14:09:16] New York Amir: with affliate
[22/06/2015 14:10:00] New York Amir: but it can be annoying doing client work
[22/06/2015 14:10:08] New York Amir: working for yourself is always better
[22/06/2015 14:10:12] New York Amir: no answer to no one
[22/06/2015 14:10:13] John Snow: yes i know but affiliate is just so hate to say it but ‘saturated’ unlike having client who usually work in much less saturated online field
[22/06/2015 14:10:31] New York Amir: its not satutrated at all
[22/06/2015 14:10:37] John Snow: i met a dude who was getting paid 4000 usd per month just for yelp optimzation
[22/06/2015 14:10:40] John Snow: i was LOL
[22/06/2015 14:10:44] New York Amir: there’s millions of offers with KW that no one is attacking
[22/06/2015 14:10:52] New York Amir: ifu can seo them covert traffick
[22/06/2015 14:10:54] New York Amir: know the process
[22/06/2015 14:10:58] New York Amir: going ot make a killing
[22/06/2015 14:11:04] New York Amir: i find tons of KW
[22/06/2015 14:11:14] New York Amir: not touched that are buyer intent KW
[22/06/2015 14:11:21] New York Amir: targeted
[22/06/2015 14:11:34] New York Amir: first basis of seo is finding those hidden gem KW
[22/06/2015 14:11:38] New York Amir: u dont want to waste time
[22/06/2015 14:11:45] New York Amir: in a saturated competition
[22/06/2015 14:11:53] New York Amir: least amount of backlinking possible
[22/06/2015 14:12:23] New York Amir: i’ve found KW fore xample in the web designing niche
[22/06/2015 14:12:26] John Snow: i do have a list of keywords all researched and grouped. did check through the top url listed. none of them had major backlinking
[22/06/2015 14:12:28] New York Amir: highly saturated
[22/06/2015 14:12:30] John Snow: had like 0 to 10
[22/06/2015 14:12:33] New York Amir: but convertable KW
[22/06/2015 14:12:45] New York Amir: funny some people missing these KW
[22/06/2015 14:12:47] John Snow: but authoritve domais 😦
[22/06/2015 14:12:55] New York Amir: right under their nose
[22/06/2015 14:13:11] New York Amir: while everyoes using a metal detector we use xrays vision
[22/06/2015 14:13:23] New York Amir: lol
[22/06/2015 14:13:27] John Snow: i use Gamma
[22/06/2015 14:26:12] *** Marcus Klinge joined. ***
[22/06/2015 14:26:37] *** Marcus Klinge has left ***
[22/06/2015 14:34:50] *** Marcus Klinge joined. ***
[22/06/2015 14:35:08] *** Marcus Klinge has left ***
[22/06/2015 14:36:01] *** emp joined. ***
[22/06/2015 14:41:23] John Snow: emp
[22/06/2015 14:41:25] John Snow: the real emp
[22/06/2015 14:41:27] John Snow: or imposter
[22/06/2015 14:41:33] John Snow: ::emp::
[22/06/2015 14:43:05] emp: the real one
[22/06/2015 14:43:11] emp: sitting here all tired like
[22/06/2015 14:43:29] John Snow: are these the real goo roos or all just fluff?
[22/06/2015 14:43:30] John Snow: http://feinternational.com/blog/how-to-grow-your-e-commerce-business-experts-reveal-secrets/
[22/06/2015 14:44:38] John Snow: Switzerland
[22/06/2015 14:44:48] John Snow: one rich ass country
[22/06/2015 14:44:57] emp: Yeah it is
[22/06/2015 14:45:17] John Snow: you native or moved there?
[22/06/2015 14:45:22] John Snow: hawt http://gyazo.com/9adc601f2b34511e2177746179d88832
[22/06/2015 14:45:22] emp: moved there from Germany
[22/06/2015 14:45:42] John Snow: from which city in Germany. I’ve lived in munich
[22/06/2015 14:45:54] John Snow: many of my palls went to munich for masters. I stayed back.
[22/06/2015 14:46:03] emp: Born in Berlin (West), but before I moved here I lived in Hamburg
[22/06/2015 14:46:04] John Snow: IM dream (mm)
[22/06/2015 14:46:25] emp: where you at?
[22/06/2015 14:46:43] John Snow: peasant country
[22/06/2015 14:47:36] emp: LOL
[22/06/2015 14:47:51] emp: dude, Switzerland is rich… doesn’t mean everyone here is
[22/06/2015 14:48:06] John Snow: “As soon as you can, start to delegate the busy work so that you can focus on the creative, big picture stuff that really helps your business grow. (And it’s always a leap when you first decide to hire someone — we’ve never felt 100% ready, but we’ve always had a gut feeling it was time and have never regretted it!)” OH MAN SO DAMN USEFUL IN GROWING E-COMMERCE like ooh ma gawd
[22/06/2015 14:48:33] John Snow: you got social welfare
[22/06/2015 14:48:39] John Snow: makes everyone pretty well off, even the lazy
[22/06/2015 14:48:46] emp: nah, not really
[22/06/2015 14:48:59] emp: WOrked in a soup kitchen here (community / charity work)
[22/06/2015 14:49:00] emp: and nope
[22/06/2015 14:49:05] emp: the poor are poor
[22/06/2015 14:49:36] emp: and Switzeland without money SUCKS
[22/06/2015 14:49:44] emp: everything is extremely expensive here
[22/06/2015 14:49:59] emp: and we are just about to enter a nice recession
[22/06/2015 14:50:11] John Snow: but if you are employee in an industry in swiss, you get paid pretty well no?
[22/06/2015 14:50:20] emp: well, I am doing fine
[22/06/2015 14:50:26] emp: but I am in academia
[22/06/2015 14:50:41] John Snow: Oh, like professor?
[22/06/2015 14:50:47] John Snow: or ‘lecturer”
[22/06/2015 14:50:51 | Edited 14:50:53] emp: Thing is… you get paid a lot, but things are really expensive
[22/06/2015 14:51:01] John Snow: oh
[22/06/2015 14:51:03] John Snow: lets say
[22/06/2015 14:51:04] emp: nope, heading the IT team for a project at ETH Zurich
[22/06/2015 14:51:08] emp: http://www.ethz.ch
[22/06/2015 14:51:10] John Snow: how much does 1 liter milk cost
[22/06/2015 14:51:18] John Snow: or 1 kg chicken
[22/06/2015 14:51:27] emp: go here
[22/06/2015 14:51:28] emp: http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/comparison.jsp
[22/06/2015 14:51:34] emp: and enter your city and Zurich, Switzerland
[22/06/2015 14:51:36] emp: – cry
[22/06/2015 14:51:37] John Snow: man those stats are outdated
[22/06/2015 14:51:42] John Snow: better to discuss one living there
[22/06/2015 14:51:52] John Snow: 1 liter milk 1.3 usd
[22/06/2015 14:51:58] John Snow: petrol, .8usd per liter
[22/06/2015 14:52:11] John Snow: beef, .8 usd per kilo
[22/06/2015 14:52:16] emp: that wehat it days for Zurioch?
[22/06/2015 14:52:50] John Snow: Zurich is 89.25% more expensive than Hamburg
[22/06/2015 14:52:54] John Snow: did you do that?:P
[22/06/2015 14:53:06] New York Amir: you guys are comparing the size of your meats
[22/06/2015 14:53:12] emp: Zuriuch is one of the most expensive cities in the world
[22/06/2015 14:53:21] John Snow: definitly
[22/06/2015 14:53:30] emp: so yeah.. If I told you I make (not the real number) 10K per month
[22/06/2015 14:53:34] emp: you’d go whoooaaaaa
[22/06/2015 14:53:46] John Snow: bro im talking about how much do goods cost there
[22/06/2015 14:53:56] John Snow: here things are quite expensive for the average salary men
[22/06/2015 14:53:58] John Snow: it’s insane
[22/06/2015 14:53:59] emp: but then I tell you I pay near 2K for rent (4 room apartment) and 3K for daycare
[22/06/2015 14:54:11] New York Amir: johnny boy where do you live again
[22/06/2015 14:54:19] emp: and even groceries are expensive, especially meat
[22/06/2015 14:54:20] John Snow: and the land prices, don’t even think about buying home any where in the city with local salary. it’s pretty f’ed up mate
[22/06/2015 14:54:23] emp: Zurich, Switzerland
[22/06/2015 14:54:38] emp: ah.. no buying any house or apartment here
[22/06/2015 14:54:46] emp: banks want 30% deposit
[22/06/2015 14:55:01] emp: and a 4 bedroom apartment will run you 1.2 million (NOT in the city, suburbs)
[22/06/2015 14:55:26] John Snow: @A I border your country of origin 😉
[22/06/2015 14:55:34] John Snow: 1.2 million euro?
[22/06/2015 14:55:44] emp: Swiss Francs, but it is almost the same right now
[22/06/2015 14:55:50] John Snow: d.a.y.u.m.
[22/06/2015 14:55:55] John Snow: actually
[22/06/2015 14:55:57] New York Amir: im guessing afghan?
[22/06/2015 14:56:05] emp: Bordering Germany?
[22/06/2015 14:56:09] emp: ah oops
[22/06/2015 14:56:20] New York Amir: hello mr emp welcome to masterminds
[22/06/2015 14:56:27] emp: yo
[22/06/2015 14:56:28] emp: 🙂
[22/06/2015 14:56:32] John Snow: funny thing is, even homes in a peasant country can cost 800,000 USD for 500 sq feet house!
[22/06/2015 14:57:01] John Snow: like few block from my house, a brand new house 600 ftq are priced around 900,000 USD
[22/06/2015 14:57:03] John Snow: insane mate
[22/06/2015 14:57:25] John Snow: there is not way guy who worked all his life here can afford it
[22/06/2015 14:57:36] John Snow: only way possible it to work abroad and come back with enough $$$
[22/06/2015 14:57:50] New York Amir: realty is a good business to get in with i might be workign with someone who is fully certified and can hire realtors
[22/06/2015 14:57:54] New York Amir: to do the ditry work
[22/06/2015 14:57:58] John Snow: but whatever, I don’t need to worry about it
[22/06/2015 14:57:58] emp: yeah… fun thing (eh..) Switzerland is gonna go down harshly the next years
[22/06/2015 14:57:59] New York Amir: while he collects
[22/06/2015 14:58:28] emp: The strong Swiss Franc means no one buys the Swiss exports anymore… and people don’t come here for Vacations
[22/06/2015 14:58:30] John Snow: no not afghan but close, Pakistan
[22/06/2015 14:58:43] emp: For servcies (for example, programming) it is better than ever to outsource
[22/06/2015 14:58:52] emp: so even that industry is going down the drain
[22/06/2015 14:58:53] John Snow: bro, Swiss are dominating the PR and banking business of Africa
[22/06/2015 14:59:02] New York Amir: paki and internet marketing especially seo go hand in hand
[22/06/2015 14:59:11] emp: Banking has got huuuge hits … because of all the scandals
[22/06/2015 14:59:54] John Snow: they say Afirca is the next big thing, all the European companies are setting up office there. Like freaking tourism of Kenya pays some Swiss compny 2.5 million dollar annually
[22/06/2015 14:59:55] emp: added to all that is the “Immigrantionsinitiative” trying to put a cap oin people entering Switzerland
[22/06/2015 15:00:01] emp: whihc has a lot of companies leaving
[22/06/2015 15:00:26] John Snow: companies are leaving?
[22/06/2015 15:00:40] emp: Africa wold be the next big thing IF a rule of law can be established
[22/06/2015 15:00:55] John Snow: all that untapped resources
[22/06/2015 15:00:55] emp: John especially multi-nationals
[22/06/2015 15:01:12] emp: because if they don’t know if they can actually get the talent they need
[22/06/2015 15:01:22] emp: or if it will be barred from entering Switzerlands
[22/06/2015 15:01:29] John Snow: talent. You mean they want dirt cheap labor
[22/06/2015 15:01:36] emp: they just set up shop elsewhere in Europe
[22/06/2015 15:01:45] emp: ah no.. people working in CH get paid like CH
[22/06/2015 15:01:46] John Snow: im sure there is no shortage of talent in Swiss or anywhere in europe
[22/06/2015 15:01:51] emp: LOL
[22/06/2015 15:02:06] emp: there is 25% of foreigners in Switzerland .. and almost no unemployment
[22/06/2015 15:02:17] emp: you really think we don’t NEED talent fro other contries?
[22/06/2015 15:02:30] John Snow: no[e
[22/06/2015 15:02:32] John Snow: nope
[22/06/2015 15:02:34] emp: ?
[22/06/2015 15:02:43] emp: dude, we employ EVERY foreigner here
[22/06/2015 15:02:49] emp: and we are still looking for workers
[22/06/2015 15:02:52] John Snow: oh
[22/06/2015 15:03:00] John Snow: that’s interesting
[22/06/2015 15:03:11] John Snow: never knew
[22/06/2015 15:03:12] emp: the new law means even Europeans can’t come in anymore above a cap
[22/06/2015 15:03:27] John Snow: has the cap been established?
[22/06/2015 15:03:36] emp: and that means industry was thinking of leaving even BEFORE the strong Swiss Franc makes everything too expensive anyway
[22/06/2015 15:03:38] John Snow: or is there time. cuz if there is. im coming tomorrow 😛
[22/06/2015 15:03:57] emp: still not established… whihc is bad… because it leaves the industry hanging
[22/06/2015 15:04:21] emp: so they don’t know whihc way it’ll go
[22/06/2015 15:04:26] John Snow: how is the situation in germany
[22/06/2015 15:04:33] emp: also the contracts between Switzerland and the EU are in danger
[22/06/2015 15:04:36] John Snow: same as swiss, doom and gloom or better
[22/06/2015 15:04:49] emp: I am living here now for almost 10 years
[22/06/2015 15:04:50] emp: so….
[22/06/2015 15:04:58] emp: As a whole, Germany is doing fine
[22/06/2015 15:05:02] John Snow: lol isn’t EU going down, Greece entire country is failing AFAIK
[22/06/2015 15:05:08] emp: but the whole Eurozone is kinda ARGH right now
[22/06/2015 15:05:12] John Snow: oh yea, I read a somewhere like article
[22/06/2015 15:05:28] John Snow: Germany is only doing good at the cost of Eastern Europe
[22/06/2015 15:05:37] emp: Well…
[22/06/2015 15:05:45] John Snow: don’t remember the details
[22/06/2015 15:05:46] emp: kinda painting it with a broad brush
[22/06/2015 15:05:53] John Snow: true
[22/06/2015 15:06:03] John Snow: I think it was on the economist
[22/06/2015 15:06:07] emp: rightz now, Germany and France are the only real powerhouses left in the EU
[22/06/2015 15:06:09] John Snow: might try finding it. interested now
[22/06/2015 15:06:22 | Edited 15:06:24] emp: and they are pumping billions to Greece, etc
[22/06/2015 15:08:56] emp: but…SEO?
[22/06/2015 15:09:23] John Snow: hope Greece sort their shit out
[22/06/2015 15:09:33] emp: no fucking chance
[22/06/2015 15:09:36] John Snow: they were in the news, 4 billion Euro pulled out in a day
[22/06/2015 15:09:45] John Snow: dunno the hell is going on
[22/06/2015 15:09:47 | Edited 15:09:49] emp: Just saw a report.. and that country is fucked beyond belief
[22/06/2015 15:09:57] emp: too much free shit and no one cared for decades
[22/06/2015 15:10:00] emp: ok.. story time
[22/06/2015 15:10:14 | Edited 15:10:17] emp: they showed the department where land records are being kept (like – who owns what)
[22/06/2015 15:10:40] emp: and it was a library with reeeeaaaly old books.. some so old, they literally crubled to dust when opened
[22/06/2015 15:10:49] emp: so the dept head told the reporters
[22/06/2015 15:10:54] John Snow: LOL
[22/06/2015 15:11:05] emp: “The greek government does not even KNOW what it owns”
[22/06/2015 15:11:14] emp: and it looks like that everywhere
[22/06/2015 15:11:48] emp: that country was run into the ground the last 50 years – handouts everywhere, no one cared where the money comes from
[22/06/2015 15:11:53] emp: and now… oooops
[22/06/2015 15:12:01] emp: the BAD Germans want money?
[22/06/2015 15:12:04] emp: Fuck you
[22/06/2015 15:13:51] John Snow: holy shit
[22/06/2015 15:14:06] John Snow: Greece seems to more fucked then my country lol
[22/06/2015 15:14:19] emp: it would be funny if not so saD
[22/06/2015 15:14:19] John Snow: they better start digging a way out
[22/06/2015 15:14:49] emp: Thing is, I agree that all debts should be canceled
[22/06/2015 15:14:50] Jared: Greetings, chums.
[22/06/2015 15:14:58] emp: but I don’t see a way forward
[22/06/2015 15:15:09] emp: not with those idiots in the government at the moment
[22/06/2015 15:17:13] emp: hi Jared
[22/06/2015 15:18:58] Jared: Hello, freund.
[22/06/2015 15:20:10] emp: Guten Tag
[22/06/2015 16:23:54] John Snow: any of you guys work with website made on boostrap?
[22/06/2015 16:24:04] John Snow: bootstrap 3, the modern one
[22/06/2015 16:24:36] John Snow: the themes they have are gorgeous. they run so well on mobile
[22/06/2015 16:25:12] *** The Prince has left ***
[22/06/2015 16:33:22] Jared: Not I, my Pakistani amigo.
[22/06/2015 16:33:56] emp: not me
[22/06/2015 16:34:18 | Edited 16:34:26] emp: but wanna get into that.. trying to decide between bootstrap and foundation, tho
[22/06/2015 16:34:48] John Snow: https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/bootclassified-classified-theme-WB0TF1117
[22/06/2015 16:35:10] John Snow: https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/bushido-premium-e-commerce-template-WB02DSGPS nom nom nom
[22/06/2015 18:11:03] New York Amir: bootstrap bill
[22/06/2015 18:11:36] alexVEVO: any CL posters?
[22/06/2015 18:11:49] New York Amir: big alex sup
[22/06/2015 18:11:53] New York Amir: hows work going
[22/06/2015 18:12:07] alexVEVO: office boring
[22/06/2015 18:12:20] alexVEVO: just watching analytics
[22/06/2015 18:12:23] New York Amir: am i show u the my campaign
[22/06/2015 18:12:26] New York Amir: later on
[22/06/2015 18:12:29] alexVEVO: sure
[22/06/2015 18:12:38] New York Amir: which analytics
[22/06/2015 18:12:42] New York Amir: googles?
[22/06/2015 18:12:43] alexVEVO: G
[22/06/2015 18:12:50] alexVEVO: like watching in realtime
[22/06/2015 18:13:00] Jared: uzr
[22/06/2015 18:13:01] New York Amir: big google
[22/06/2015 18:13:03] New York Amir: LOL
[22/06/2015 18:13:29] alexVEVO: spent 10$ , 7 leads so fire
[22/06/2015 18:13:31] alexVEVO: on fire
[22/06/2015 18:13:39] alexVEVO: so far*
[22/06/2015 18:14:38] New York Amir: this OP sucks
[22/06/2015 18:14:44] New York Amir: dont know why i bought it
[22/06/2015 18:15:07] New York Amir: Hi Amir,

I’m sorry to hear that you’d like a refund for OptimizePress. Do you mind me asking if there was something in particular you weren’t happy with, or a particular issue you had that you couldn’t get past?

I’m happy to help if there was a particular issue, but also your feedback helps us improve the product for the future.

If there’s anything that you were struggling with that we can help with please let me know, and if not just let me know and we’ll happily action your refund

Best regards,
[22/06/2015 18:15:27] alexVEVO: that’s their retention team
[22/06/2015 18:15:35] alexVEVO: Cris gets commission for every client saved
[22/06/2015 18:15:44] New York Amir: cris can lick balls
[22/06/2015 18:15:47] New York Amir: he’s not gettig shi today
[22/06/2015 18:17:37] Jared: Cris will suck your taint if you stay onboard
[22/06/2015 18:17:41] Jared: He needs that loot
[22/06/2015 18:17:48] New York Amir: lol
[22/06/2015 18:17:48] Jared: He’s got a family to feed
[22/06/2015 18:17:55] alexVEVO: So no one knows a craigslist poster
[22/06/2015 18:18:31 | Edited 18:18:42] New York Amir: hey man i has 4 kids to feed arnold: what happened to number 4? benny: shittt man u caught me i lieedd
[22/06/2015 18:19:05] New York Amir: nah sorry big al
[22/06/2015 18:19:36] alexVEVO: dam
[22/06/2015 18:19:42] New York Amir: i think only 5 % of the room in here contributes to the conversation who are these other people?
[22/06/2015 18:19:59] alexVEVO: idk
[22/06/2015 18:20:04 | Edited 18:20:20] New York Amir: dont worry gents or ladies if present we wont bite just nibble
[22/06/2015 18:44:13] Jared: http://marketinginc.com/six-figures/
[22/06/2015 18:44:55] Jared: It’s always amusing when you finally see/hear people you’ve been reading for months, if not years.
[22/06/2015 18:45:20] Jared: I never expected Diggy to be so gay.
[22/06/2015 18:45:59 | Removed 18:46:14] Jared: This message has been removed.
[22/06/2015 18:46:08] New York Amir: lolol
[22/06/2015 18:46:15] New York Amir: big diggy ziggy quantum leap
[22/06/2015 18:46:31] Bhav: who is this joker
[22/06/2015 18:47:22] alexVEVO: Glen Allsopp
[22/06/2015 18:47:49] alexVEVO: he looks like a 12 year old
[22/06/2015 18:48:15] alexVEVO: http://www.stayonsearch.com/httpdocs/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/glen-allsopp-twitter.png
[22/06/2015 18:48:15] alexVEVO: LOL
[22/06/2015 18:48:29] alexVEVO: whoever buys that shit buying “marketing” from hits 10 year old
[22/06/2015 18:48:35] alexVEVO: this
[22/06/2015 18:48:42] Bhav: $265k this year
[22/06/2015 18:48:43] Bhav: yeah
[22/06/2015 18:49:18] Jared: He looks like someone who might shot up a school or a church.
[22/06/2015 18:49:59] alexVEVO: yea
[22/06/2015 18:50:11] Jared: http://i.imgur.com/1GZ8czF.jpg
[22/06/2015 18:50:29] Jared: http://www.gopusa.com/freshink/wp-content/blogs.dir/5/files/2013/02/adam_lanza.jpg
[22/06/2015 18:50:32] Jared: Triplets.
[22/06/2015 18:50:50] alexVEVO: yes
[22/06/2015 18:50:59] alexVEVO: fucking teenage SEO gurus
[22/06/2015 18:53:48] Jared: Glen is actually quite talented.
[22/06/2015 18:53:56] Jared: Highly respected, highly successful.
[22/06/2015 18:54:10] Jared: Smart kid.
[22/06/2015 18:54:19] Jared: Ugly as sin, but smart.
[22/06/2015 18:56:10] alexVEVO: At 17 I was making thousands of dollars per month offering internet marketing services
[22/06/2015 18:56:43] alexVEVO: selling SEO services/classes/seminars
[22/06/2015 18:56:51] alexVEVO: is so dang profitable, all you have to do is brand yourself
[22/06/2015 20:43:55] Jared: The Internet is truly the land of opportunity.
[22/06/2015 20:44:12] Jared: It’s full of rainbows with pots of gold at the end of them.
[23/06/2015 02:24:02] New York Amir: Google’s AI Can Dream, and Here’s What it Looks Like

[23/06/2015 02:24:22] New York Amir: Software engineers at Google have been analyzing the ‘dreams’ of their computers. And it turns out that androids do dream of electric sheep… and also pig-snails, camel-birds and dog-fish.

This conclusion has been made after testing the ability of Google’s servers to recognize and create images of commonplace objects – for example, bananas and measuring cups. The result of this experiment is some tessellating Escher-esque artwork with Dali-like quirks.
[23/06/2015 05:40:50 | Edited 06:03:25] Jared: “If all of my possessions and powers were taken from me with one exception, I would choose to keep the power of words, because by them I would recover the rest.”
— Daniel Webster
[23/06/2015 06:35:29] Jared: Has anyone had any good wins lately to motivate the room with?
[23/06/2015 06:59:35] John Snow: hi guise
[23/06/2015 06:59:44] Jerry: hola
[23/06/2015 07:00:12] Jared: Hello, my beautiful, charming, intelligent friends.
[23/06/2015 07:02:09] John Snow: dayum viperchill is one popular blog
[23/06/2015 07:02:45] Jared: Yep, kid’s making money, hand over fist.
[23/06/2015 07:04:10] John Snow: wait, ”
No Ads. No Affiliate Links. Ever.”
[23/06/2015 07:04:37 | Edited 07:04:42] Jared: He doesn’t need ads or affiliate links. He has his own products.
[23/06/2015 07:04:51] Jared: He’s at the top of the IM food chain.
[23/06/2015 07:05:24] John Snow: trying to find his product…
[23/06/2015 07:06:23] John Snow: what about John Chow
[23/06/2015 07:06:33] Jerry: what about him
[23/06/2015 07:06:45] John Snow: IM food chain
[23/06/2015 07:07:07] John Snow: I can’t find the guys product
[23/06/2015 07:08:10] Jared: A couple of his products . . .

[23/06/2015 07:08:58] Jared: I just did a search on BestBlackhatForum.com, and apparently the each course sells for around $1K. He’s done quite a few other things, too, including lower-priced products.
[23/06/2015 07:09:16 | Edited 07:09:23] Jared: John Chow always comes across as being on the sleazy side to me.
[23/06/2015 07:10:07] Jared: I can’t trust a man with eyes that slanty and teeth that big. He’s like a living, breathing evil Asian stereotype.
[23/06/2015 07:10:42] Jerry: those products are John Chow’s?
[23/06/2015 07:10:59] John Snow: Viperchill
[23/06/2015 07:11:02] Jared: No, those are Glen Alsopps (ViperChill).
[23/06/2015 07:11:11] Jerry: oo ok
[23/06/2015 07:11:28] John Snow: has any of you guys ever bought these “products” “classes”
[23/06/2015 07:11:43] John Snow: so much money
[23/06/2015 07:11:46] Jared: Not me.
[23/06/2015 07:12:36] John Snow: he’s ballin
[23/06/2015 07:12:40] Jared: I’ve watched and read quite a few, but I download them from blackhat forums, torrent sites, etc. I just don’t have the money to invest in them.
[23/06/2015 07:13:00] John Snow: Jared, how long have you been IMing
[23/06/2015 07:13:06] Jared: Maybe once I start earning a lot I’ll pay it forward.
[23/06/2015 07:13:24] John Snow: same, I’ve downloaded them but never found t